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StecKmanis it me, or there is no app to control all the things like gps, bt, wifi, 2g/3g, etc? it also seems that rhwre is no API to control those, only to get info on them. tell me I'm wrong :-p00:03
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rashm2kselling my n900 - almost abiut to cry00:11
StecKmanrashm2k, my condolences :-(00:12
rashm2kTruly the best phone i have ever used00:14
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bef0rddont sell it00:25
rashm2kWhat am i going to do with it00:27
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rashm2kNot even using it may as well sell it00:27
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GeneralAntillesDamn. N950 wont boot. I get 10-15 seconds of Nokia logo and it turns off.00:49
RzRpower outage ?00:51
GeneralAntillesReflashed it's booting now.00:53
GeneralAntillesI turned it off because Rocket had stopped updating the feed and the I was having network weirdness00:54
GeneralAntillesdidn't turn back on00:54
GeneralAntillesI think Nokia Store may have been "Waiting" to install an application. Wonder if it was an Aegis issue.00:54
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DocScrutinizer05yeah, isn't it great how aegis plus nokia store can enforce total security on your device? :-S03:21
* DocScrutinizer05 waits for the day when some fool decides to publish a kill pill to shut down permanently all N9 out there during one day03:23
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SpeedEvilcan does not mean effectively does.04:27
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zezazezoeny body here05:29
zezazezoi want install tango or viber or eny program free call05:31
zezazezocan you help me05:31
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ieatlinthah, there's an n950 on ebay going for $510 right now06:27
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cityLightscan I use the n9 gps with my laptop?12:26
cityLightscan I connect to the n9 with wifi and access the gps12:26
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jake9xxcityLights: is this question "is there an app" or "is there API for it?"12:29
cityLightsis there an application?12:30
cityLightsis there a gps service that I can run and then use the socket?12:30
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cityLightsgpsd , I think12:30
StyXmanyeah, that should do it, but I don't see it in the store12:35
suosaaskiIs anyone using whatsapp on n9? From what I've read, it seems to break every 2 weeks?12:44
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trigpoint_n9__cityLights: Try extgps, i think this question should be in the n9 channel13:17
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thedead1440suosaaski: you have read wrongly; nobody in the past few months has made any such complaint and since v0.9.17 i've not seen anyone questioning stability on the thread like before14:25
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suosaaskithedead1440: I must admit I have not read about in a few months at all. I just started reconsidering using it :)15:32
thedead1440suosaaski: ah :) I don't use it much personally but the thread seems to have no stability issues anymore. I had installed v0.9.17 and just fired it up and it still works so its been a few months :D15:33
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suosaaskinot yet in store I guess, though?15:37
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phakosuosaaski, never in store. get it from the website15:37
phako0.19.7 works quite well15:37
suosaaskiwhat website has the download?15:39
suosaaskihow about registering whatsapp? Still need another phone to register and then use N9?15:40
phakothough the SMS took quite a bit to arrive15:45
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suosaaskiphako: yes, it seems so... been waiting for the sms for an hour now... :)16:47
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thedead1440suosaaski: did you have Wazapp previously? It should never take an hour for the verification code imo...16:49
suosaaskino, I did not16:51
suosaaskiI wonder, though, as it asked for the phone number without the countrycode... I entered it, but now I wonder if I should have left out the first "0"16:52
thedead1440strange; not seen people having to wait for it this long in this version16:52
thedead1440it should have a field to select your country code16:52
thedead1440you just enter your number16:52
suosaaskiYes, it had the country code and it was correct, and I entered the number.16:53
thedead1440i think that extra 0 you are referring to may be the cause16:53
thedead1440you may want to try it without that 016:53
suosaaskiI just wonder that at least in finland numbers are for example like 0401234567 and the country code is +358, and the complete number is +35840123456716:54
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thedead1440ah then you would have to get rid of that 0 its that way almost everywhere ;)16:54
suosaaskiAnd I just wonder if I should have entered 401234567 instead (if it tries to use +3580401234567)16:54
thedead1440yup you should have entered 401234567 ;)16:55
suosaaskiso... the sms worked now.16:57
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suosaaskiKinda obvious now, as I should have just read more closely what it sayd on the "next" page where it showed the extra 0 in there16:58
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suosaaskiSo, the next question about wazapp... do I have to keep it open all the time or does it work if I close it, too?17:02
thedead1440you can swipe down and it will run in the background but if you want to quit it click quit on the right context menu17:04
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suosaaskiSo... is there always an ugly red square as the notification icon or does this perhaps require a reboot? :)17:09
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thedead1440yup reboot required ;)17:10
thedead1440i think a refresh would do too17:11
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suosaaskiYeah well, at least a reboot fixed them :)17:19
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Jonnibtw Sailfish OS SDK has now been released ->
thedead1440Jonni: the server seems to be getting hammered :p ~20KBs here17:31
GeneralAntilles5.5MB/sec here17:33
suosaaskiJonni: still waiting for sailfish image for my n9 :)17:33
thedead1440GeneralAntilles: guess you must be hogging the bandwidth :p17:35
Jonnior your isp just sucks :)17:35
thedead1440Jonni: yeah thought so but i put it on my server in the other part of the world still similar speeds :D17:35
thedead1440although nearly double at ~34KBs17:36
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ZogG_laptopJonni: so are we going to see images for n950 or not :) (if you can tell us)19:58
liari want to use the vibrate function of my n9 in an application, how can i do that?20:05
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ZogG_laptopliar: buy a real vibrator :)20:07
ZogG_laptoparcean: sup20:07
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liarZogG_laptop: :D20:07
arceanZogG_laptop: installing sailfish sdk ;D20:07
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liarZogG_laptop: how did you know?20:08
ZogG_laptoparcean: i'll pass20:08
liarZogG_laptop: actually it's for
ZogG_laptoparcean: i don't like how silent jolla is and i think they mainly aim for asia20:08
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ZogG_laptopbef0rd: hey20:09
ZogG_laptopliar: nice. link?20:10
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bef0rdseems nice20:10
bef0rdbut emumaster supports n64?20:10
liarbef0rd: i thought it does not?20:10
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bef0rdnot sure just asking20:11
ZogG_laptopliar: i mena is it link there? :)20:11
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ZogG_laptopin video20:11
liarZogG_laptop: i think i do not understand the question^^20:11
liarit is legend of zelda ocarina of time if that is your question :)20:11
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ZogG_laptopJolla as a company can't release Sailfish SW image for another company's product.20:13
ZogG_laptopJonni: legal matters?20:13
bef0rdI think they can but they don't have to20:14
bef0rdthey have enough work already20:14
ZogG_laptopJonni: but still don't get how ubuntu releases for nexus as firefox then20:14
ZogG_laptopbef0rd: they have it on n9 and n95020:14
ZogG_laptopthey used n950 as dev kit as i understand as it was shown on n950 :)20:15
arceanmaybe it's also about hw adaptation quality20:15
GeneralAntillesProbably some Big Reveal stuff in there20:15
GeneralAntilleswho knows what sort of contracts they've got with Nokia20:16
GeneralAntillesNot a lot of extra manpower to take an internal prototype and release it20:16
ZogG_laptopthat what i thought20:16
GeneralAntillesThen Engadget gets ahold of it and writes a review20:16
Jonninothing prevents for community to try to create image at some point, but most likely Jolla as company wants to sell you a working phone instead :)20:17
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ZogG_laptopJonni: true, but you know what felling we have about buying "linux\hack" phone after maemo and harmattan history20:18
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Jonniharmattan devices are also getting old, batterylife soon diying etc :)20:21
suosaaskiby harmattan device do you mean also n9? :)20:21
bef0rdmine is intact20:21
suosaaskiAs not all N9s are that old.20:21
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ZogG_laptopand it's not about old or not20:23
ZogG_laptopit's about to buy device for 6 months for that money20:23
ZogG_laptopso they ditch you and starting something "better"20:23
bef0rdmm sailfish is qt4? :/ ubuntu started with qt520:24
ZogG_laptopbef0rd: there was something at forum about it20:25
bef0rdyep I read it there20:25
suosaaskiZogG_laptop: what do you mean?20:25
bef0rdthere is no SDK for OSX, that's what i'm using at the moment20:25
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suosaaskiMy N9 is working just fine and been using it for 1 year and... umm... 3 months.20:26
ZogG_laptopbef0rd: you sold your soul? :)20:26
suosaaskiAnd I bought it knowing Nokia was about to ditch Meego for less features and boxy ui.20:27
bef0rdI think I'm getting a thinkpad to put linux on it :)20:27
wmaronesuosaaski: ha! I bought mine less than 2 full months ago :D20:28
suosaaskiwmarone: :) My wife bought hers last June.20:28
suosaaskiso... that about 8 months old then.20:28
wmaroneand it's gonna go with me later this week to India and Japan20:28
wmaronethat pentaband radio is worth it20:28
suosaaskibef0rd: what thinkpad and what linux? :|20:29
wmaroneyes, the 3.5G radio supports 5 bands20:29
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ZogG_laptopsuosaaski: thinkpad carbon and exherbo :)20:30
bef0rdsuosaaski: heh, thinkpad laptop, I was offered one for 350 USD, 1600x900, 8gb ram, core i5, 14" I think its a good price, any distro that works out of the box20:30
suosaaskiah, ok.20:31
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suosaaskiI instantly thought about Thinkpad Tablet 2...20:31
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jesuschrist_so anyone managed to get pptp modules work with the stock kernel ?22:49
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