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arcean_bef0rd: nicely done :)01:41
* arcean_ likes Chemical Elements01:41
bef0rdhey o/ thanks :)01:41
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teleshoeshey encountering something a bit weird19:58
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teleshoesmy n9 keeps identifying the same wifi network as a new one19:59
teleshoesit prompts me to enter the wpa psk each time i connect19:59
teleshoesbut it saves the connections each time, in the Edit Networks menu19:59
teleshoesand all of those connections work if i connect to them from the edit networks menu19:59
teleshoesthe ap's wlan mac address is not changing20:00
teleshoesmy question is; does anyone know where are the wifi networks stored so i can debug this?20:01
teleshoesor better yet, does anyone happen to have a good guess as to why it the connection wont persist?20:04
teleshoesmore info: its a 5ghz 802.11n network, on a buffalo wzr-600dhp router. the 2.4ghz radio is being used as a client bridge.20:05
teleshoes20/40/2040 channel bonding doesnt fix the problem, but setting it to WEP does fix it20:06
teleshoesforcing the router to only use wpa2 psk aes doesnt fix it20:07
valdur55Maybe  you don't have write premissions to connections database.20:07
valdur55Have you inserted correct password?20:07
teleshoesinteresting! first, where is this connections db?20:08
teleshoesand second, i do have write perms because it shows up in Edit Networks20:08
teleshoesand the connection is successful20:08
teleshoesthe wifi connects properly, but the next time i connect, it prompts for the wpa key again, even though the network is in Edit Networks, and is set to automatically connect20:09
teleshoesconnecting manually using the saved connection also works20:09
valdur55So. you don't have write premissions to secret passwrod database :P . Maybe  aegis is corrupted20:09
teleshoesthats it20:09
teleshoessigh, so many open mode troubles20:09
teleshoesbut wait20:10
teleshoesthis only shows up for the one wpa network20:10
teleshoesnot others20:10
valdur55OK. yo uuse OPEN mone.20:10
valdur55wpa connection uses wpa-supplicant or something...20:11
teleshoesi deleted all my connections, ran 'rm -rf .aegis/' and rebooted, and the problem persists20:12
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teleshoesso do you happen to know where the persisted connections live?20:14
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valdur55not in MyDocs folder20:15
teleshoesno, and not in ~/.cache or ~/.local or anywhere else i can see20:15
valdur55and not in /home/user folder .20:15
teleshoesits not in the tracker db20:16
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teleshoescant find it in /opt or /etc or /usr20:17
teleshoesanywhere but in ~/ makes no sense20:18
valdur55more /etc/osso-cud-scripts/maemo-wlan-network-settings-cud.sh20:20
valdur55This script resets network settings to defaults20:20
teleshoesoh of course, gconf20:21
valdur55and it is showing right path :)20:22
teleshoesit leaves the wpa in plaintext20:22
valdur55really ?20:22
teleshoesif you wanna steal all of someones wpa keys, just run:20:23
teleshoesgconftool -R /system/osso/connectivity/IAP20:23
teleshoessometimes i hate nokia so much20:23
teleshoeshmm, im still not seeing anything in here that should make it fail to recognize the network20:24
teleshoesits nice to know that i can backup/restore my wifi networks before reflashing, tho20:24
teleshoesit doesnt seem to even store the access points mac at all20:25
teleshoesjust SSID20:25
teleshoesand security settings20:25
valdur55is your password stored?20:26
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teleshoesand it works too, if i connect from the Edit Networks menu20:26
teleshoesbut if i click Connect to Internet, the ssid shows up as a new network20:26
teleshoesand prompts me for the password, then stores it AGAIN as a second network with the same ssid20:27
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valdur55Oh. i can change wlan tx power :D20:29
teleshoesso i just connected to another very similar network20:31
teleshoesand the gconf settings are exactly the same, except for 'name', 'ssid', and 'EAP_wpa_preshared_key'20:32
teleshoesbut THIS one works20:32
teleshoesand THAT one doesnt20:32
teleshoesonly difference i can think of is 2.4ghz vs 5ghz20:33
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teleshoesugh this is fucked up20:38
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teleshoesit would be so helpful if i could glance at their code and see how they check if a network exists or not20:38
teleshoeshonestly i have no idea how they can even tell, since the mac address isnt in there20:39
teleshoesdo they really just use ssid+encryption mode?20:39
valdur55Closed source is not for geeks .20:39
teleshoesor for anyone!20:40
teleshoesif someone else was having this problem20:40
teleshoesand they asked me for help20:40
teleshoesid be able to just look it up and solve it20:40
teleshoesif there was source available, that is20:40
valdur55Yep. that is a good point.20:41
valdur55Mabe you should  play with router 5Ghz settings20:41
valdur55Maybe there are different 5Ghz modes20:41
teleshoesi tried setting the freq, setting the channel bandwidth, adjusting the tx power20:42
teleshoesthousands of other things20:42
teleshoeswpa+wpa2 vs wpa2-only20:42
teleshoestkip+aes vs aes-only20:42
teleshoesonly thing that fixes it20:42
teleshoesis setting it to WEP20:42
teleshoeswhich forcibly reduces speed to 54mbps as per the 802.11n specifications20:43
valdur55Maybe you can use command line script for connecting ?20:45
teleshoesi havent found a package for wpa_supplicant yet20:45
teleshoesi actually use a nice set of scripts for all my other computers20:45
teleshoesso it would be nice, actually20:46
teleshoesi might have to compile wpa_supplicant, whcih would be a pita20:46
teleshoesthen again,20:47
teleshoestheres SO MUCH integration with the network manager20:47
teleshoesit would probably break things20:47
valdur55Ok. why you don't use 2.4Ghz ?20:47
teleshoesi need to use 2.4ghz to bridge20:48
teleshoestheres free wifi in my apartment, but no cables to connect to20:48
teleshoesi need a fast local network20:49
teleshoesso i have dual band router, where one band is connecting to the free wifi, and the other band is my fast local network20:49
teleshoesthe free wifi is 2.4ghz20:49
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teleshoesi use my local wifi network for backing up my phone nightly, sending movies and music to my raspberrypi, etc20:51
valdur55free wifi and local wifi have different names?20:52
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teleshoesthe free wifi is "CDKY5"20:54
teleshoesmy ddwrt has 2.4GHz set to "CDKY5" to handle the bridging20:54
teleshoesand 5GHz set to "DA5ID", which is what i actually connect my laptop and stuff to20:55
valdur55interesting bug20:56
teleshoesits so weird20:56
teleshoesanother thing that fixes it20:59
teleshoesif i make it 802.11a+n20:59
teleshoesmy laptop can connect at 802.11n, and the n9 connects at 802.11a21:00
teleshoesand then it works and remembers the psk21:00
teleshoesi dont get it21:00
teleshoesmakes no sense at all21:00
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teleshoesalso, why does the n9 connect at 802.11a instead of n when its set to mixed21:03
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valdur55Interesting: /etc # cat /etc/debian_version22:12
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freemangordonhi guys, how to ssh into n950? (developermode enable, I just need user/password22:27
freemangordonwhat are the defaults?22:27
teleshoespasswd user22:27
freemangordonaah, ok :)22:27
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Brownoutteleshoes: at least you've been able to connect over 5GHz, my N9 won't stay associated for more 5 seconds23:24
Brownoutand as I read on forums it's a common problem23:24
teleshoesis it?23:26
teleshoesi thought just the n95023:26
teleshoesive never had any trouble connecting to 5ghz networks with my n9s23:26
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