IRC log of #harmattan for Wednesday, 2012-12-12

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aschhello guys, can you help me with my nokia N9? i have flashed rom with 1.3 with the variant 340 and the rom has sim-lock... is there any rom with higher number than 340 without simlock? or is there a way how to flash rom with lower variant?00:22
Lava_Croftwhy that specific variant?00:23
aschLava_Croft: because I'm stupid00:23
aschLava_Croft: mistake, didn't know the stuff about variants00:24
Lava_CroftYeah, it's a bit tricky00:24
aschis there any chance?00:24
Lava_CroftYou can't flash it with 001 variant?00:25
Lava_CroftLet's hope somebody knows how to solve that. I don' :<00:25
Lava_Croftmeh, whatever, typos00:25
aschflasher -f -F DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_LEGACY_001-OEM1-958_ARM.bin00:26
aschDowngrade disallowed (1341314261)00:26
aschdamn it00:26
bluefoxgoing from say 001 to 005 is allowed but not the other way around00:27
Lava_Croftpatience, someone here might know, but just not be around00:27
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bluefoxeven within the same's silly00:27
aschi have 340 :-(00:27
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Lava_Croftasch: saw this?
Lava_Croft(no idea if it works)00:30
aschLava_Croft: how does it solve bad rom?00:30
bluefoxdon't think that will do it00:30
bluefoxsince it's the actual flasher program that throws the error00:31
Lava_Croftbut i presume it does so based on info it gets out of the n900:31
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aschLava_Croft: you think that changing product code will help to flash?00:34
Lava_CroftI honestly have no idea, and my nature is always inclined to say 'it won't work'00:34
aschthus I bricked my N9, great00:35
Lava_CroftYou could try Nokia Care00:35
bluefoxnot necessarily00:35
Lava_CroftAnd I'm fairly sure there must be some solution to this00:35
bluefoxthere are other carrier branded revisions that are higher than yours...they might not be SIM locked00:35
aschbluefox: oh, you have some?00:36
bluefoxalso, not possible to unlock? every locked phone has just asked for an unlock code when i put in a different SIM00:36
bluefoxi do not, but reading the rest of the thread that was linked, some people have posted higher version numbers00:36
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bluefoxmight just be easier to pay someone off the internet $5 to generate an unlock code than dealing with nokia00:37
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aschok, need to try some non-sim-locked rom with higher variant than 34000:40
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aschhope that some branded rom will be unlocked00:46
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bluefoxtrying to unlock it not an option?00:57
aschcannot figure out how00:59
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bluefoxno option to put in an unlock code when you put the SIM card in?01:02
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aschtrying variant 365 :)01:08
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bluefoxwell, before you keep flashing them, i'd try finding out first01:10
bluefoxsince it's a one way process after all01:10
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aschtry finding out what?01:12
bluefoxif they're SIM locked01:13
aschbut how01:13
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bluefoxmaybe others have reported on it?01:14
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iniestai hav a little problem01:17
iniestamy gps is cannot located my current position01:18
iniestaany hint to solve it01:18
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aschiniesta: go out01:21
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befordasch there were some recent posts on TMO about downgrading01:22
aschbeford: TMO?01:23
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infobothmm... tmo is, or, or It's *not* T-MO (see ~T-MO) or trolls, morons, oxen.01:23
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befordbut jonni claimed its not safe as you can brick it completly01:23
befordso if you can find a bigger variant sim unlocked should be safer01:24
aschi tried 5 roms already and all were locked01:24
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aschdamn, nothing works01:36
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aschis there any chance to fix it by Nokia Care?02:05
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aschyes! fixed!02:48
befordhow? :P02:48
bluefoxwhat was the solution?02:48
aschsome portuguese rom :)02:49
bluefoxgot lucky then02:49
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aschguys, see ya, hope you will figure out how to downgrade N9 rom because of portugese app are pain…03:13
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befordmuito obrigado03:14
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Sazpaimongot freeswitch working on my N9 locally to get google voice calling inbound/outbound working08:40
Sazpaimonuses a lot less cpu than yate08:40
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evil_corehi all14:56
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MohammadAGQuick note, /sbin/reboot is modified by Nokia15:54
MohammadAG  -w, --nsu-update            reboot to NSU udpate mode15:54
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MohammadAGvaldur55, Nokia Software Updater16:33
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valdur55Already got it :D16:44
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lpapppa: check your scroll down list, hah18:39
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lpappZogG_laptop: sup18:53
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ZogG_laptopdjszapi__: hey18:54
ZogG_laptopdjszapi__: not that good, but not bad18:54
ZogG_laptopdjszapi__: you?18:54
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shanttuwhat do you think about n9 sound quality? Was thinking about getting spotify premium but i find my rockboxed sansa clip's sound quality better22:23
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djszapi_M4rtinK2: sup23:13
M4rtinK2djszapi_: got accepted to that BB10 porting program23:17
djszapi_M4rtinK2: gz :-)23:17
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djszapi_M4rtinK2: pyglet does not seem to be ported to python3. :/23:17
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M4rtinK2djszapi_: maybe there are some alternatives ?23:21
M4rtinK2djszapi_: IIRC, you can do Open GL through PyGame23:22
M4rtinK2djszapi_: and also: "pyglet 1.2 alpha released. The major 1.2alpha1 release brings pyglet to Python 3"23:22
djszapi_M4rtinK2: there is PyOpenGL, but that is also just experimental.23:22
djszapi_yeah, but I would need to see it right now. :p23:23
djszapi_have not heard of pygame.23:23
djszapi_but I am not that much into games.23:23
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M4rtinK2djszapi_: its basically Python bindings for SDL23:33
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djszapi_does mesa work properly on harmattan?23:40
djszapi_do they have some working driver port to the sgx?23:40
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M4rtinK2no idea23:49
M4rtinK2I just remember that I got stuck on something related when trying to build Clutter23:50
M4rtinK2I suppose low level 3D must be quite a mess due to all the SGX stuff23:50
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djszapi_M4rtinK2: HUH?!23:51
M4rtinK2djszapi_: simply that 3D is IMHO quite a mess on Harmattan23:53
djszapi_M4rtinK2: why would it..23:53
M4rtinK2IIRC Javispedro also had some issue when building SDL23:53
djszapi_why would 3d be mess on harmattan?23:57
djszapi_it is using the same it sgx drivers, cores as other well-known platforms, etc.23:57

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