IRC log of #harmattan for Thursday, 2012-12-13

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gabriel9anyone here who knows QML really good?00:37
djszapi_gabriel9: I do not, but shoot. =)00:38
gabriel9can Column have Item element which contains other elements00:38
gabriel9Item is container00:39
gabriel9in my case it does not work00:39
djszapi_yes, of course.00:41
gabriel9it does not work :/00:43
djszapi_what doesn't work?00:44
gabriel9did you try it?00:44
djszapi_yes, of course.00:45
djszapi_using in my code.00:45
gabriel9public code?00:45
gabriel9can i see it?00:45
gabriel9also i must say that column is inside flickable element00:45
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juicemeRun into something which propably is known to lots of people but news to me... at least I did not find any mentioning about it.01:07
juicemeWhen I load a new kernel with flasher, just booting it and not really flashing it to device, I cannot run full Harmattan on the kernel01:08
juicemeEven if it is not a rescue kernel but identical to the one flashed on the device01:09
juicemeIt seems that N9 goes to some kind of PLAY-DEAD-mode...?01:09
juicemeThe boot goes OK until init phase, then it won't boot futhrer with Harmattan, but if you boot it to forex. Nitdroid it will boot OK.01:11
juicemeIs that a delibrate safety feature?01:11
juicemeI take a wild guess that it must depend on the kernel command line, for example bootmode=normal has to be true or it will not boot up...01:14
juicemefrom syslog I found this:01:16
juicemeDec 12 12:07:54 (2012) DSME: BOOTSTATE: 'ACT_DEAD'01:16
juicemeDec 12 12:07:54 (2012) DSME: Actdead (charger: off(?), alarm: not set)01:16
juicemeDec 12 12:07:54 (2012) DSME: state change request: NOT_SET -> ACTDEAD01:16
juicemeDec 12 12:07:54 (2012) DSME: new state: ACTDEAD01:16
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juicemeand then again, when booted normally:01:17
juicemeDec 12 12:09:17 (2012) DSME: powerup request received from pid 672: /sbin/mce01:17
juicemeDec 12 12:09:17 (2012) DSME: state change request: ACTDEAD -> USER01:17
juicemeDec 12 12:09:17 (2012) DSME: User in 2 seconds01:17
juicemeDec 12 12:09:17 (2012) DSME: new state: USER01:17
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gabriel9what is wrong with this code:
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gabriel9item is not inflated :/02:31
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rZrRecently we are going to deploy an upgrade of store billing to improve the billing in China, but unfortunately as a side effect of this, we will lose billing support on N9, which means content on N9 can’t be billed in China anymore.07:25
SpeedEvilhave sales there?07:27
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befordyea, got the mail a couple hours ago07:32
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rZr Nokia Ovi Store will lose billing support on N9, which means content on N9 can’t be billed in China anymore07:33
befordI think its odd07:34
SpeedEvilI wonder of it's firewall related07:35
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suosaaskirZr: seems Nokia is really keeping it's word about supporting MeeGo until 2015 (or was it 2016...)07:48
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kallelagabriel9|work: did you find a solution to your QML problem?10:11
gabriel9|worki fall to sleap :/10:11
gabriel9|worki did not10:11
kallelagabriel9|work: I think you have to define height and width to your Item, otherwise it will be zero10:12
gabriel9|workfor some reason it does not inflate :D10:13
gabriel9|worki will try it when i come home10:13
kallelaI have very similar layout in my app and I think I struggled with the same problem. now it works fine for me10:14
kallelaso for your Item, you have to have something like: height: name0.height and so on ;)10:16
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gabriel9will try it10:35
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juicemeHi Hurrian.... Do you know how to change the "root=/dev/mmcblk0p2" value that NOLO sets as kernel command line when booting it?14:49
Hurrianjuiceme: it's in the kernel config14:49
Hurrianyou need to rebuild the kernel to change it14:49
juicemeAre you sure?14:49
juicemehave to check it14:49
HurrianYes, I'm sure.14:51
juicemeahh, you are correct!14:52
juiceme./arch/arm/configs/ezx_defconfig:CONFIG_CMDLINE="console=tty1 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootfstype=ext2 rootdelay=1 ip= debug"14:52
juicemeNow why did I not think of that myself?14:53
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juicemeBecause the command line is at least a mile long I somehow thought all of it comes from NOLO or other pre-boot parts...14:54
juicemeO it happens NOLO just appends a lot of stuff there... beautiful!14:54
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juicemeThanks a lot!14:54
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thedead1440hi could anyone assist on how to get the value of context-listen Presence.State? I tried context-ls Presence.State but it gives out "Presence.State" not the actual state. Using -v flag with context-listen doesn't seem to help. Thanks!15:58
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thedead1440ok it seems like context-listen Presence.State prints it as Presence.State = QString:"status"16:06
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thedead1440now that gives another issue; when called from terminal, context-listen Presence.State does print the status but when called from a sh script as foo(){ context-listen Presence.State } the status isn't printed but only Available commands is printed...16:13
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xaijanhello can anyone help me run fsck on n9's terminal19:09
xaijansomeone in #n9 told me its  on /sbin/fsck but i cant cd there and when i try fsck alone it says not found19:10
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Sfiet_Konstantinxaijan: tried to devel-su ?19:20
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xaijan yeah19:27
xaijanstill not foun19:27
ajalkaneWhat are the permissions for the directory? ls -ld /sbin19:27
xaijani dunno19:29
xaijanhow do i check that19:29
ajalkane ls -ld /sbin19:29
xaijanit says root19:30
ajalkaneBy your responses I gather you have tried entering it with "cd sbin". I recommend trying once more with "cd /sbin"19:30
xaijanno i entered it with cd /sbin/fcsk19:30
ajalkaneThat is wrong19:31
ajalkanefcsk is a binary, not a directory19:31
ajalkanels /home/developer $ ls /sbin/fsck*19:31
ajalkane/sbin/fsck.ext2     /sbin/fsck.ext4     /sbin/fsck.msdos19:31
ajalkane/sbin/fsck.ext3     /sbin/fsck.ext4dev  /sbin/fsck.vfat19:31
xaijanthats what i get when i ls that,so i thought its directory19:32
ajalkaneNo, those are the binaries19:33
xaijani thought those files are on fsck dir19:33
xaijanit still wont run19:33
ajalkaneWhich one?19:33
xaijanshould i use extenstion19:33
ajalkaneyes. For the correct filesystem you want to investigate19:34
xaijanim trying fsck -af19:35
xaijani was just following that one posted in forum for phone memory corrupt19:36
xaijanwhat filesystem is used for the mydoc ?19:39
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bluesleeping DocScrutinizer0520:34
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lpappajalkane: sup21:55
lpappajalkane: so is there true life outside Lumia?21:58
ajalkanelpapp: Not much. It's a pretty barren wasteland without lumia shining hope upon our lives :(22:00
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kaalethtesting :)23:17
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