IRC log of #harmattan for Tuesday, 2012-12-04

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evil_corewhat advantages got Nemo over Harmattan?00:24
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rZrevil_core, 1 its alive00:27
rZr2 its fully open00:27
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rZrenough said00:27
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evil_coreopen is not always advantage00:47
evil_corewill maps work on it?00:47
evil_coreso I can install Harmattan, Nemo and Nitdroid SBS?00:48
evil_corewhat with interchangeability of user data(especially contacts, messages and calendar) between Nemo and Harmattan?00:51
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rZrevil_core, SBS ?00:57
evil_coreside by side00:57
rZryes triple boot it00:58
evil_coreI am also wondering why not chroot?00:58
rZryes I thought about that too00:58
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evil_coreNemo and Harmattan uses X11 and Pulseaudio, right?00:58
evil_coreI don't know Android internals, but the problem is display server, right?00:59
rZrthere is that vnc hack01:00
rZrevil_core, is nitdroid still active ?
evil_corebut you could run Android over X11 under X86 in QtDevelop, cannot you do that under Harmattan?01:01
evil_coreI don't know01:01
evil_coreI am waitong for N9, will got it in few days01:01
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evil_corebut I want to collect all info I need, download everything, and when it arrive, Install what I need and start using it01:03
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rZrevil_core, do u have some devel skills ?01:07
evil_coreI hate OOP, but I am linux distro dev01:08
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evil_coreI like writing shell scripts01:12
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evil_coreIts easy to brick N9 in unrecoverable state?01:16
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rZrevil_core, because i am hiring some packagers fools01:17
evil_corerZr: I worked on rpm packages and don't like ubuntu, but switching shouldn't be problem probably01:18
rZri rebuilt over 700 packages for n901:19
evil_coreI downloaded Fedora(because mine PLD distro switched from rpm4 to unsupported rpm5 and database broken totally)01:19
evil_coreI hoped only Harmattan was .deb based, and MeeGo/Tizen will be rpm-based01:20
rZrthat's it01:24
evil_corerZr: but you want to hire .deb packagers, not .rpm ones, right?01:25
rZrmostly yes01:25
evil_corewhy do you need old gtk+2, to run old maemo blobs?01:26
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rZryes trying to make an inclusive plaform01:28
rZranyway we have gtk2 already01:28
evil_coreits leading to catastrophe, we will need to rewrite everything as SPEC files when switching to Nemo from Harmattan01:28
evil_corebut gtk+2 is X11 only, while Qt4, Qt5, EFL and GTK+3 can run under wayland01:29
rZrso far01:29
evil_coreCan I install nokia apps under Nemo Mobile?01:29
rZri doubt today01:30
evil_corelike NFS, facebook, Skype and Maps?01:30
evil_coreand what about  bricking mine phone, its possible to bring it to unbrickable(w/o desoldering PROM) state?01:31
rZronly maps will be useful for me01:31
rZri donno anyone who briked it , but double check in the forum01:31
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evil_corerZr: but Maps couldn't be run because of DRM, or simply there simple porting of dependencies is needed?01:36
rZrin a chroot it could work01:38
evil_core1st thing I should do is switching to open kernel mode?01:40
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evil_corerZr: you wnat to tell me to not install PR1.3?01:44
rZrjust pasting some amazing informations in case of01:46
evil_coreit sucks, I hate blanking of address bar after typo :/01:50
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evil_corerZr: webbrowser is closed source and cannot be patched?01:54
evil_coreIs there a list with harmattan components, when I can find if its open/patchable?02:00
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evil_coreMass Storage Memory02:12
evil_core    16 GB[1]02:12
evil_coreROM Memory02:12
evil_core    512 MB02:12
evil_coreIt means that it has 512 FPROM for booloader/kernel and additional 64GB?02:13
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* rZr working on packaging an alt camera app : CameraPlus for #n9 #n950club wanna test @detkodave @AllBoutN9 #HarmattanDev03:17
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panot a news i guess12:46
pabut harmattan-dev seems to be up now12:46
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khertanpa, now the question is : for how much time ...13:09
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khertanapps for meego request aren't review since a month13:12
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cos-hi, does anyone know about status?13:16
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rigokhertan, do you also have problems to switch from Wifi to 3G and back? I have particularly problems with SFR13:29
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rigokhertan, as there is no big corp behind anymore, community has to organize. Unfortunately, I'm not a programmer. But would you review stuff (that is not your own)?13:31
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suosaaskirigo: my n9 seems to have problems when switching between 3g and wifi (for example, from wifi to 3g it seems that facebook chat does not want to log in unless I open a web page with my browser...)13:47
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Lava_Croftsuosaaski: I have that problem too, concerning switching connections and logging in to FB chat17:06
Lava_CroftI haven't found any solution yet, besides ditching FB chat like that altogether and just use Bitlbee17:06
Lava_Croftsuosaaski: another way of getting it to login is to open the menu and do All Online and then All Offline17:07
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Lava_Croft(and then All Online again, heh)17:07
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Khertan_n9rigo, i got many problem with sfr, they didn't implement completely the gsm protocol, example no date time sync17:21
Khertan_n9and there is strange protocol error too that make my n950 losing network17:22
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Khertan_n9i leave that sucky isp17:23
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Khertan_n9now everything works like a charm with free17:23
arceanKhertan_n9: your n950 has cellmo firmware from PR 1.3?17:27
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Khertan_n9arcean that happen since beta 2 firmware, and i ve tried all, 1.3 included17:34
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arceando you remember what syslog says?17:35
arceanKhertan_n9: it might be the same issue as with N900, when cellmo-related 'thing' tries to separate from the motherboard17:48
arceanit often happens to devices that get dropped17:49
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Khertan_n9didn't remember well, but unknow modem error , simatk error, csd failed,17:50
rigoarcean: I would have to look that up17:51
Khertan_n9same device works well with an other ISP17:51
Khertan_n9and other n9 owner report same problem with that ISP17:51
* rigo too, no prob on vodafone in roaming17:51
arceanto be honest I don't have any problems with n950 and cellmo17:52
arceanbut then my n9 sometimes goes foobar17:52
Khertan_n9didn't have any since i change ISP17:52
* rigo is N9 and on certain cells 3G hangs and on others it works17:53
trxmy n950 can't send sms, does anyone have any experience with that?17:53
arceanrigo: yeah that's what happens to me17:53
trxit can receive them tho17:53
Khertan_n9but n9 reception is far better (i live in an area with poor coverage)17:54
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arceanlet me check17:54
*** elldekaa_ has joined #harmattan17:54
arceann900/n950/n5: 5/4/417:54
arceanthe same SIP17:55
arceanerr ISP17:55
Khertan_n9i thinks it s depends of the bands frequency used17:55
arceanKhertan_n9: when I'm in train my n9 is almost useless17:56
Khertan_n9n900/n950/n9 : 1/0/317:56
arceanit keeps dropping signal for the whole time17:56
Khertan_n9lol it's the opposite for me17:56
Khertan_n9where did u live ?17:57
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arceansometimes I think the cellmo firmware is screwed :)17:57
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arceanKhertan_n9: Wroclaw, Poland17:57
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Khertan_n9Paris, France17:59
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Khertan_n93g in France is on 900 bands, while in Poland it's 210018:01
Khertan_n9different antennas, different results ;)18:01
arceanmight be :)18:02
arceanhere 900MHz is used for GSM18:02
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Khertan_n9mostly 1800 here18:03
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lpapprZr: going to FOSDEM next year?19:16
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rZrlpapp, donno yet20:19
rZri wish yes20:19
lpapprZr: I am thinking of proposing a talk to the mobile and embedded room20:19
lpappbut not sure out of which idea :)20:19
lpappI have 4-5 ideas at least.20:19
rZrsee the openmoko communities20:20
rZrthey're active20:20
rZrwell i can talk about harmattan but who cares ?20:20
rZrand off course sides projects you're all aware...20:20
rZror maybe I can talk of other work related stuff ... have to talk w/ boss20:21
lpapptalk about cute women20:23
lpappwith nacked slides :D20:23
lpappok, I stop joking.20:25
lpappI do not think it makes sense about Harmattan.20:25
lpappto talk*20:25
lpappbut you could about Android stuff.20:25
lpappor Tizen, whatever.20:25
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Khertan_n9Nemo mobile, tizen is born dead20:42
lpappand nemo mobile is not20:44
lpappahaha :D :D :D20:44
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rubdoslpapp, interesting, let me know if you do talk about something like that; I live in Belgium and coming to FOSDEM20:53
rubdos(With my N9 ;p probably loaded with sailfishos by then)20:53
lpapprubdos: :)20:53
lpappI have such random ideas like:20:53
lpapp1) Why is opensource education important?20:54
lpapp2) What is going on with BB around Qt/KDE20:54
lpapp3) Qt got into Automotive??20:54
lpapp4) Where are we now with KDE Mobile20:54
lpappetc :)20:54
lpapp5) Future of Qt3D20:55
lpapprubdos: BB = Blackberry.20:55
lpapp6) How to utilize the qt graphics power in industrial projects?20:56
*** jpwhiting_ has joined #harmattan20:56
rubdosSounds interesting20:57
rubdosWhat about BB, do they use an Qt OS? I only know  Android and Harmattan ;p20:57
*** Morpog has quit IRC20:58
lpappthey use cascades20:58
rubdoshowhowhow. Is the OS open?20:59
lpappunfortunately not.20:59
leinirNot quite, they're using QNX under the hood20:59
lpappthey actually made QNX close. >_<20:59
rubdosWell, I hope SailFish will be as open as possible...21:00
lpappyeah, QNX is a very nice kernel. It is very sad for the QNX community.21:00
lpappbut that is apparently the best we can get as of now.21:00
leinirwell, that's the funny thing - with the Qt project having a very big foot in the door in RIM now, the concept of the dual license is already starting to filter in :)21:01
leinirSo... there is hope :)21:01
rubdosGreat! :D21:01
rubdosbtw, anyone knows how I can install g++ compiler on my N9 default Harmattan? Dev mode is enabled and I'm a linux/debian/ubuntu/arch/fedora/... guru ;)21:02
lpappwe can always fork the last qnx version, too. :p21:03
leinir*cough* a guru would not ask that question ;)21:03
rubdosI'm not an Harmattan guru :D21:03
rubdosI'm on PR1.3 and there's something going wrong when I apt-get install g++-...21:03
lpappwhat is wrong?21:04
lpappwhat do you get?21:04
rubdosLet me test ...21:04
*** Pat_o_ has joined #harmattan21:05
lpapprubdos: where do you live in Belgium? Leuven is quite a nice place.21:06
rubdoslpapp, Hemiksem, south of Antwerp21:07
*** tonyoy has quit IRC21:07
rubdosMy phone 's in Dutch, shall I translate?21:07
rubdosapt-get install g++-4.421:07
lpappit is ok, people can drop it into google translator. :)21:08
rubdosSommige pakketten konden niet geinstalleerd worden. Dit kan beteken dat u een onmogelijke situatie gevraagd hebt of dat u de 'unstable'distributie gebruik en sommige benodigde pakketten nog vastzitten in 'incoming'.21:08
rubdosDe volgende informatie help u mogelijk verder:21:09
rubdosDe volgende pakketten hebben niet-voldane vereisten:21:09
rZrarcean, hi21:09
lpappand then the important part?21:09
rubdosg++-4.4: Vereisten: libstdc++6-4.4-dev (= 4.4.1-0maemo14+0m6) maar het zal niet geinstalleerd worden21:09
rZrarcean, I built that cam app , but i have some fixes to be done , wanna help ?21:09
rubdosI think libstdc++6-4.4-dev isn't in harmattan repos? I'll apt-cache search, have a sec21:10
rubdosow, it IS in the repos21:10
lpapphave you tried to install that separately?21:11
rubdosjep, it requires libc6-dev21:11
rubdosI'll try that one too21:11
rubdosokay, got it:21:12
rubdosrequires libc6 (= 2.10-0maemo18.1+0m6) but 2.10-0maemo20+0m7 zal geinstalleerd worden21:13
rubdosso, the needed version should be lower... Do I've got too much repositories activated? ;)21:13
lpappthat is weird.21:13
lpappwhat is in the Harmattan repository?21:13
rubdosHow shall I check? :p21:14
rubdoscat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* gives21:14
*** elldekaa_ has quit IRC21:14
rubdosdefault,,,, for syncml21:15
lpappunfortunately I need to leave now.21:16
*** Martix has joined #harmattan21:16
lpappbut perhaps rzr can help?21:16
*** snowpong has quit IRC21:16
rubdoslpapp, okay, thanks. Cy another time!21:16
*** lpapp has quit IRC21:18
rubdosrzr, could  you help? I'm trying to install g++ on my N9 Harmattan21:18
*** Pat_o_ has quit IRC21:19
rZrhurry i wont stay long21:20
rZrlet me suggest to search on tmo21:20
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan21:21
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rubdosrZr, then I'l let you go, it's not urgent in any way :)21:22
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arceanrZr: right now I'm trying to build and package the camplus in QtCreator21:47
rZrarcean, I forked it21:48
rZrarcean, It builts on obs21:48
arceanoh, then wow :)21:48
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rZrarcean, working on packaging an alt camera app : CameraPlus for #n9 #n950club wanna test @detkodave @AllBoutN9 #HarmattanDev21:54
*** e-yes_ has joined #harmattan21:55
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arceanrZr: in my free time I'll add support for N950 (12 and 9 MPix)21:55
rZrmay you merge my patches21:56
arceanis it me or the actual package is empty? :D21:56
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rZrarcean, it's empty now22:19
*** Milhouse has quit IRC22:19
rZrbuit it built22:19
arceanok, I have it almost working under scratchbox22:20
*** Milhouse has joined #harmattan22:20
rZryou can fork me and merge that
rZrthen i will merge22:20
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evil_corearcean: so n9 got some problems with polish operators?23:47
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djszapi_faenil: hey there23:57
djszapi_you were asking me about the qt5 stuff on harmattan at the wrong time.23:57
djszapi_so try again.23:58
faenildjszapi_, just wanted to know the status of harmattan components port to Qt523:58
faenilI mean, components which fully use QtQuick2.023:58
faenilnot just like Qt4 compatible with Qt5 :)23:58

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