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evil_corehi all01:13
evil_corewhat does it mean ~aegis-no-thanks, you don't like DRM or its forbidden to talk about breaking it?01:16
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M4rtinK2evil_core: that's a trigger for the bot to sit out some Aegis related info01:51
infobotrumour has it, aegis-no-thanks is, or, or
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evil_corebtw, whats the problem to compile dalvik and run it next to Harmattan? Linux are so much differently patched, or userspace daemons conflicts?01:53
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ronitarronitarare you thare ?16:24
ronitarronitarI want people to cooperate with me in the hack16:25
mgedminwhispers the wincd16:25
ronitarronitarI want people to cooperate with me in the hack16:26
ronitarronitarcan you this16:26
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ronitarronitarwhare fine someone help this ?16:27
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ronitarronitarI want people to cooperate with me in the hack16:35
ronitarronitarI want people to cooperate with me in the hack16:35
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zommeratohello to all!! my name is ame from there anyone who could help me?17:13
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zommeratohi xenGi, could you help me for one small issue in QMessage service??17:21
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XenGisry haven't used that yet17:24
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zommeratook thank you... who can kindly help me for QMessage service??17:28
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zommeratoi have a problem with libqtcontacts-tracker (not cleaning up obsolete resource for nao...)17:31
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zommeratothere anyone who can help me?18:06
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niklausI got a problem: I changed the device lock code on My Nokia N9 and forgot it. That's a bit of a problem! though! I still have SSH access to the device (via the developer account) and can gain root access. Does anyone know how I can reset/disable the device lock from ssh?20:17
niklausnevermind. It crashed when I executed while true; do killall devicelockd; done as user20:25
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arceanrZr: nice camera application for N950
arceantakes much much much better photos than default Camera app20:30
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niklauswill resetting the device get rid of the device lock?20:43
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niklausmhm. thought that20:45
arceanor maybe there's a hope20:47
arceanflasher --erase-user-data=secure -fF image.bin -R20:47
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niklausarcean: can't I make it join the wlan during bootup so I could login via ssh again?20:48
arceanduring bootup? I don't think so20:49
ladogahey, stock music player is stuck on updating the database20:50
ladogai added no music20:51
ladogaany ideas how to solve this. or should i just wait?20:51
ladogait's been "updating" for 10minutes20:51
ladogaand there's only 2 albums20:51
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niklausarcean: that actually worked!20:55
niklausarcean: you're my hero! ;)20:55
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niklausarcean: will you be at the 29c3?20:56
arceanhmm, no ;)20:57
niklauswould've bought you a drink... maybe another time20:58
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ladogarebooted and it's now fine21:04
ladogai guess tracker just got stuck for reason or another21:05
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ladogais soft resetting the tracker safe?21:06
ladogahard reset loses all contact info...learned that hard way:)21:06
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Lava_Croftas did i!21:34
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rZrarcean, wanna me to build it ?23:14
arceanrZr, i you have time, why not :)23:14
arceanit's really nice replacement for Camera app23:14
rZrhave you ?23:14
arceani do not even know to build a package in obs :D23:15
rZrjust try to build it on scratchbox23:15
arceanhmm, ok. I'll try tomorrow :)23:16
arceanbtw N950 >> N9 camera23:17
rZrare you sure ?23:17
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rZrarcean, 3 << 623:17
arceanin default app, Nokia's algo are bluring N950 photos23:18
arceanthat's why the final picture is blurry23:18
rZrsome arent23:19
arceanyes not always, but in most cases23:19
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rZrI will have to try this out23:21
rZrare u involved into this project ?23:21
arceanaccording to my tests, the N950 takes photos which have brighter colors and are sharper23:22
rZrgreat news23:22
arceanhmm, maybe not brighter colors, but more natural23:22
* rZr is trying to rebuild it asap :)23:22
arceanrZr, no, but jasselmm (who have just left) is the author of the cameraplus :D23:23
arceandamn typo, hasselmm :)23:23
arceanrZr, do you have N9?23:24
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rZrarcean, I had one23:26
arceanI was wondering if you could also compare photos from N9 & N95023:28
rZri can do that23:28
rZryou make make same picture w/ both devices ?23:28
arceanusing cameraplus on both devices?23:28
rZrI will try to do that ...23:29
rZrwhat kind of picts ? (no jokes please)23:29
arceanie. something to test camera focus, so we will be able to compare the ones taken by camera plus and the default app23:31
rZrsomething that all pple can reproduce23:32
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arceanoh btw, you can tweak qtcamera.ini to add support for 12MPix23:35
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rZrhi Khertan_n923:40
rZrgot n9 and n950 ?23:40
Khertan_n9hi rzr23:40
Khertan_n9rZr indeed ;)23:40
Khertan_n9one running harmattan, one running Nemo mobile23:41
rZrare there camera apps on nemo ?23:41
Khertan_n9did it works with n950 ?23:42
arceanKhertan_n9, we are demotivating N9 camera using N950 and cameraplus app :)23:42
Khertan_n9but i haven't test it more than taking more23:42
Khertan_n9than 2 or 3 picture23:43
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rZrbtw last pict won a prize :
rZri submitted it to a liltle contest in my place23:44
rZrtheme was fall23:45
arceanindeed, really nice picture :)23:45
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rZri think i have a couple others that worth to be shared23:45
rZrbut this does not compare to our n9 photo expert23:46
arceanI was thinking about doing a comparison between N9 and N950, unfortunately the weather is terrible23:47
Khertan_n9the quality of n9/n950 cam didn't help me ... a bad photographer made bad picture even with good product ... ;)23:48
arceanhehe, sad but true :)23:48
Khertan_n9i can't make good picture even with a true camera ..23:48
arceananyway I have to go, bbl23:48
Khertan_n9the best i can do is with auto focus with all settings set to auto23:49
Khertan_n9is there any ftp client with gui for harmattan ?23:51
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