IRC log of #harmattan for Tuesday, 2012-10-02

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heymasterhello. just saw contest result. as i though haven't win. thank you all for help in this channel :)00:31
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ZogG_laptopDocScrutinizer05: wanted to ask you about cooling systems of PC assuming you know  a lot about it, but going to sleep soon. so maybe tomorrow01:00
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DocScrutinizer05ice cubes?01:01
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SpeedEvilice cubes are the best solution.01:23
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merlin1991 ice cubes directly on the cpu02:36
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Dante_JHi all03:37
* Dante_J greets the room03:37
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djszapi_beford: heyo05:06
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Dante_Jhi djszapi_05:09
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Dante_JJust wanted to thank all the awesome people developing for Harmattan, and for the help provided in my migration from N900 to N905:12
Dante_Jthe fcam app called 'rawcam' looks very similar to Bless, minus HDR. I'll be buying it as I appreciate the developers work.05:13
Dante_JDeep down I do hope that CSSU can one day come to Harmattan05:14
Dante_JAny way to Switch wifi on/off while not impacting on phone reception, similar to this app on Maemo?
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Dante_JHow difficult is it to port Maemo apps to Harmattan? I'm thinking specifically of Orrery : :
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ladogais qmltube/cutetube-qml still being developed??09:33
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ladogaI am asking because playing/downloading youtube videos hasn't worked on my device for last few days09:36
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ladogaprobably something changed on youtube's side09:36
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ladogaor maybe if here are others using qmltube they can confirm if youtube works or not09:40
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ladogaDante_J: yes, rawcam is very nice. I guess I will buy it too09:45
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Dante_Jladoga, sorry I can't be of assistance re: qmltube. i don't have it installed09:45
ladogaonly issue with rawcam that I have is the video overlay bug09:47
ladogaand it doesnt matter that much as there's a workaround09:48
Dante_Jladoga, have you done any development of apps for Harmattan?09:51
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djszapirzr: heyo13:08
djszapiit would be nice to get a package for a cli based pastebin engine util13:08
djszapiwgetpaste, curlpaste, etc what not13:08
djszapiat least one13:08
djszapiit would be quite handy from scratchbox!13:09
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lbtdjszapi: yes, cobs accounts still 'on-demand'13:21
djszapilbt: is there any precondition like meego account somewhere else?13:22
lbtyes - register an account on www.meeego.com13:22
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rzrdjszapi, hi14:45
rzri just mv libxcursor14:46
rzrto h:r:unstable14:46
rzrthey're overlap builders ones14:46
rzrthis is trigered some rebuild14:46
rzrlets hope no regression will happend14:46
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rzrdjszapi, i am unsure now15:03
rzrreverted xcursor15:05
rzrbut mv pixman15:05
rzrbut mv pixmap15:05
rzri wait for now...15:06
djszapiok :-)15:08
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djszapirzr: seems you have triggered a lot of rebuilds..15:39
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vladestis there is a way to deploy my own qt components for harmattan with my app?16:39
djszapiwhy wouldn't be?16:39
djszapiit is the usual way of shipping your feature with your bundled package :-)16:41
vladestok, thanks16:43
djszapivladest: what components do you have?16:45
djszapiif I may ask; perhaps it is reusable for others.16:45
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vladestdjszapi: I want to bundle latest components from harmattan-qt-components repo16:46
vladestit looks freshier16:46
vladestsince I have some issues with one, bundled with PR1.316:46
djszapivladest: oh, that is my fork. :p16:47
djszapiit only works with Qt5.16:47
vladestdjszapi: but there is version 1.3 of meego components, while its lover on device16:49
CissWita/win zu16:50
CissWitsorry, i keep failing today16:50
djszapivladest: I do not know much about the original repository and its branches.16:51
djszapiwhen I forked the project into the harmattan-qt-components project, my intention was that to bring the components to qtquick2.16:51
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rzrdjszapi: gtk will build now17:06
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djszapirzr: great17:11
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rzrwas hard to solve17:12
rzrbut i think i managed to17:12
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djszapirzr: we are screwed.18:11
djszapiqt5 does not build anymore on the c-obs.18:11
djszapiand it will not do so until a qemu upgrade.18:11
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rzrdjszapi: how comes ?18:18
djszapirzr: the google v8 (qt5-jsbackend) stuff crashes18:19
djszapiit is a valid jit arm code, but qemu is buggy; that is all.18:19
rzrno known workaround ?18:21
djszapithere is ... slowing down the qt applications.18:21
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djszapias the jit is disabled and will not speed up the qt applications runtime.18:22
djszapiwhich I imagine almost everybody would hate.18:22
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rzrthis sucks18:22
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djszapiyes because we do not control our build farm18:24
djszapisame problem again, again, and again...18:24
djszapiwhen we need to change things, we are incapable of...18:25
rzrthis should be mentionned in next meeting18:27
djszapiI mentioned tons of problems zillion times18:28
djszapiI am tired of it.18:28
djszapiI will just give the contribution now for this.18:28
djszapithere will be no qt5 from side proceeding.18:28
lbthey djszapi, rzr18:28
rzrhi lbt18:28
lbtback now18:28
lbtjust catching some backlog18:29
lbtyou know all of this is under your control18:29
rzrqemu versions ?18:29
rzrsavior saves18:29
djszapiwell, x-fade told me previously when he updated the qemu versions on the server18:30
djszapiwhich I was not able to do myself back then as it was always done by x-fade18:30
djszapithere must be a log somewhere for that.18:30
rzrthis mean we can setup our target w/ a regular account ?18:30
lbtrzr: yes, for sure - *especially* with sb218:30
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lbtusing the very old cross approach (mer 0.17 time) needed server access18:31
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rzrand it will build on the current workers , or can it be expended with ours ?18:32
djszapiplease no sb2 on Harmattan...18:32
admiral0djszapi: wanna lol?18:33
djszapiit is a different way of how we are building packages and what the official supported way is/was.18:33
djszapiadmiral0: yes :)18:33
admiral0echo 1 > /sys/devices/omapdss/display0/lpm18:33
djszapiadmiral0: only Windows XP 2002 in front of me, and I am not a psftp guru :)18:33
djszapiwill check this evening.18:33
admiral0echo 0 > /sys/devices/omapdss/display0/lpm # to disable18:34
djszapior I can try on the console if it does not break?18:34
admiral0it's on the n918:34
admiral0i figured out how the low power mode is enabled18:34
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admiral0Sfiet_Konstantin: ping18:36
Sfiet_Konstantinadmiral0: pong18:36
admiral0Sfiet_Konstantin: i've seen your lockscreen for the N9/N95018:37
admiral0and had a "crazy" idea18:37
Sfiet_Konstantinsay it to me (or as a bug report on the sourceforge), but sorry, I don't have that much time these days18:37
admiral0want to unify lpsmagic and the lockscreen18:37
admiral0so users can have fully customizeable lockscreen widgets + low power screen18:38
admiral0i figured how to enable 8bit mode on the device18:38
Sfiet_Konstantinyeah, indeed a good crazy idea18:39
Sfiet_Konstantinlike all maemo folks have18:39
Sfiet_KonstantinI love it18:39
djszapirzr: have you understood how to update qemu from the above discussion?18:39
Sfiet_Konstantinif you have code on the 8 bits, push it on a git repo18:39
Sfiet_KonstantinI'm open to look at it18:39
admiral0it's more difficult18:39
rzrdjszapi: not really did you ?18:39
Sfiet_Konstantinor take the code from widgets and look at it18:39
admiral0i'll clone on my github and try to unify with lpsmagic 2 alpha18:40
Sfiet_KonstantinI'm just a bit nervous about my semester now18:40
djszapino, and it would be nice if it was a "I wanna update qemu with a command" effort.18:40
admiral0Sfiet_Konstantin: don't tell me18:40
djszapijust like when you update this in your environment.18:40
djszapirzr: but in short, the Qt5 Harmattan project is now blocked until a qemu update.18:40
admiral0i have to migrate everything back to qmake -.-18:41
djszapiand this is nothing we can do upstream in the Qt Project18:41
djszapiwe can make the build work with losing lots of performance18:41
admiral0Sfiet_Konstantin: latest code is on gitorious?18:42
rzr17:40 < djszapi> we can make the build work with losing lots of performance18:42
rzrtoday that's what we should do18:42
djszapinot really.18:42
Sfiet_Konstantinyep, I think that latest code of widgets is in master branch18:42
rzrbefore we learn how to upgrade qemu18:42
djszapinobody will use a tad slow Qt5.18:42
Sfiet_KonstantinI push often18:42
Sfiet_Konstantinyou might want to clone 1.1 instead18:42
rzror setup a new infra ...18:42
Sfiet_Konstantinor use 1.1 tag and work on it18:42
Elleoadmiral0: nice, its a shame there isn't a service for handling the low power screen switch that doesn't require root access though18:43
djszapiwell one would need to learn 1) qemu version 2) how to identify "I am building now on Qemu" 3) How to change configure in the Qt Project 4) Long bikeshed discussion18:43
Elleoit'd be nice to make erudite, fbreader, etc. able to use the low power display for reading books18:43
djszapi5) Finally having a tad slow Qt518:43
djszapiin comparison with that, we can update qemu and it will jsut work.18:43
admiral0Elleo: look at /etc/init/xsession/sysuid.conf18:43
rzrit's up to you18:43
djszapiI will not work on any of t hose18:44
djszapithe council got me lost my interest improving this project anyway :)18:44
rzrthis is not in my plan today18:44
djszapipeople need to stand up for this role.18:44
admiral0thanks Sfiet_Konstantin for the awesome project18:44
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piggzmeh, i didnt come close to winning the comp (tho i didnt really expect to, its quite niche) ... will have to start adding features now21:18
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bjoernfanSo... is this a good place for newbie dev questions? :)22:50
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bjoernfanI've just installed scratchbox and the Harmattan SDK. I've got Xephyr running and all. Found an app on github I wanted to check out as a sample before I make any app of my own, MeegoSMSBackupRestore. Looks got, got it installed and everything, but um... I can't find any messaging app... at all...22:53
bjoernfanIt feels like I'm missing something obvious.22:53
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bjoernfanI've got Mail, Contacts, Gallery and stuff.22:53
bjoernfanFor the record I'm getting my N9 tomorrow.22:53
bjoernfanSo... what's it called? Can I get it from apt?22:54
bjoernfanI'm finding a few meegotouch packages, but no sms app, what I can tell.22:55
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