IRC log of #harmattan for Wednesday, 2012-10-03

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timmayconnected my N9 to my laptop and transferred a few folders containing pics (all jpegs). i put the folders into the 'Pictures' folder but when i go to 'Gallery' there are no pics? i also copied the same folders to the 'DCIM' folder, but no luck there either. what am i doing wrong?00:18
rashm2kyou need to give it some time to read the files and build the thumbnails I guess?00:26
rashm2krestart phone00:26
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timmayboth folders (DCIM and Pictures) should see and display the pics, correct?00:29
timmayjust restarted phone. Gallery show's 'No items'00:30
rashm2kI noticed my video doesn't show in the gallery even if I dump it in the dcim folder00:32
rashm2knot sure then00:33
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djszapi_rzr: do you know how to update qemu?02:07
djszapi_I did not get it understood during the daytime.02:08
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Dante_JGreetings all02:08
Dante_JI found this of interest: Jolla’s MeeGo revival plans shape up with $260m ecosystem alliance :
Dante_JAnd for those who would like to do a Meego / Harmattan presentation in Canberra in January, submit something to this:
djszapi_Dante_J: do they support the traveling costs for the speakers?02:16
Elleodjszapi_: from what I can tell its a sub-conference at, which does have a travel fund for speakers (don't know if that extends to speakers at sub-conferences like mobilefoss though)02:19
djszapi_I would like to talk about KDE Mobile.02:20
djszapi_it would be good to have at least someone to represent KDE.02:20
djszapi_unsure if my company can support me.02:21
djszapi_It is fairly costly to fly there from Europe, but I would love it if I can find supporters.02:21
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djszapi_Elleo: Dante_J I will submit a talk this weekend.02:26
djszapi_what is the deadline?02:26
djszapi_and when can I get a notification about the accept/reject decision?02:26
Dante_Jdjszapi - That's a miniconf as part of lca201302:26
Dante_JI suspect they don't have a travel budget, but ask them02:26
djszapi_that is bad, but ok.02:27
djszapi_I think it would  be ~2000 EUR for me to fly there and back.02:27
Dante_Jindeed, but there will be lots of people from Europe and the US there.
djszapi_perhaps could get along with ~1500 EUR.02:27
Dante_JBut be sure to ask djszapi02:28
djszapi_sure, I mean I cannot pay this myself.02:28
djszapi_if they wish the have a representative from KDE Mobile, I am all for it.02:28
Dante_JI can imagine02:28
djszapi_and I think KDE is not something negligible :)02:28
djszapi_so I have some hope this is a sellable idea.02:28
djszapi_win-win for both of us.02:29
djszapi_will ask them.02:29
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djszapi_I can send them aKademy and FOSDEM reference talks about KDE Mobile et al :)02:29
Dante_JThe miniconfs are on the Monday & Tuesday. Conf proper starts Wednesday and goes till Friday02:29
djszapi_it is ok.02:29
Dante_Jplease do djszapi02:29
djszapi_I would be there for the whole week.02:29
djszapi_apartment payment can be covered by my company02:30
djszapi_that is not a problem.02:30
djszapi_I just need to get there and back. :)02:30
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Dante_Jso djszapi, would you be willing to assist a Maemo developer get started in Meego so as to port his exiting app across?02:31
Dante_JI suspect you're most familiar with QT and related dev environment02:32
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djszapi_if it is KDE, yes.02:35
djszapi_if not, not much, I am afraid.02:35
djszapi_I am mostly focused on KDE needs.02:35
djszapi_that is already a very huge area for me to cover. :)02:36
djszapi_I can give some general hints if there are troubles.02:36
djszapi_but I cannot guarantee a full mentoring along the way.02:37
Dante_JWhere should he start? Which dev kit?02:37
djszapi_if it is just an application, probably QtCreator is the best way to go.02:38
djszapi_Dante_J: will you be at this conference?02:41
Dante_Jdjszapi I expect so, yes02:41
djszapi_are you from that area?02:44
djszapi_Dante_J: abstract length is not specified02:48
djszapi_oh the conference entrance is not for free either? :)02:49
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Dante_Jdjszapi, I live in Australia. Canberra is over 1000km from me02:51
djszapi_I can make it as a volunteer though.02:51
befordhi djszapi_02:51
djszapi_beford: heyo02:51
Dante_Jyes lca is not free, but speakers can attend at no cost. Send all your questions to this fellow, who is running that Miniconf:
djszapi_ok, great, but I can also volunteer.02:53
Dante_Jindeed, that's a good idea02:53
djszapi_I have been a volunteer for two aKademies.02:53
djszapi_I am familiar with the activities ongoing.02:54
djszapi_unsure if they have more people for volunteering as work though.02:54
Dante_JFrom the horses mouth :
djszapi_I have to say that there are other miniconfs as well02:55
djszapi_which I find interesting, not just the mobile section.02:55
Dante_Jthe whole conference is very interesting02:55
Dante_JI've been to each one since 200202:55
Dante_JIts one of the best FOSS conferences on the planet. Tech, not commercial02:56
djszapi_yes, that is where I realized it is not for free.03:00
djszapi_I have just submitted a volunteering form.03:00
djszapi_not sure how long stuff I should submit for the talk.03:01
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djszapi_ -> is it something like that enough?03:01
djszapi_ -> or like this?03:02
Dante_Jdjszapi ask purserj that question in twitter, or in here on Freenode03:02
djszapi_do not use twitter :-)03:02
djszapi_I think social media kills privacy. :)03:02
Dante_Jthen it is :)03:02
befordhey djszapi_, do you know if its possible to use onPressAndHold on an empty ListView? seems like I always need to have an item in the list03:13
ieatlintdjszapi, that's a reason to use twitter to monitor others, but not say anything03:20
ieatlintit makes people forget your reading03:20
ieatlint... i'll get back to you on why this is a good thing03:20
djszapi_except that you get the spams ...03:23
djszapi_and when it is not a spam, it can also be too much after quite a few mailing lists :)03:26
ieatlinti've got not spam03:27
ieatlintand i use google mail, so it covers 99% of spam issues for me03:27
ieatlintalso, heat waves where my office gets up to 33c in october just suck03:29
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djszapi_ieatlint: well to me facebook, twitter and so forth are not any different.03:37
djszapi_time waste most of the time, and I would not like to lose my privacy either.03:37
djszapi_Dante_J: talk proposal submitted.03:38
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djszapi_beford: I presume you can do such an action with at least one item.03:38
djszapi_otherwise it would be hard. :-)03:38
beforddjszapi_: yea :/ I was trying to use the onpressandhold to show a menu and "filter" the list, sometimes it gets empty so the menu can't be shown again03:39
befordI guess i'll have to add another button to the Toolbar03:39
djszapi_good night03:39
Dante_Jdjszapi - I hope your talk is accepted!03:42
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Dante_Jhi admiral009:47
Sfiet_Konstantinhi admiral009:52
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rzrdjszapi, hi rebuilt is finished10:10
rzrdjszapi, one free Nokia Windows Phone as soon as they become available10:10
rzrdjszapi, did u get one ?10:10
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djszapirzr: yeah, but I sold it.10:50
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anthony_devguys, how I can use multitouch? it seems that qml widgets doesnt work in multitouch mode. any suggestion?11:32
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thedead1440_Hi all,11:43
thedead1440_I've an issue with the Documents app on the n9! It opens PDF and Office 2003 formats fine but trying to open a Office 2007 format file makes the splash screen appear and dis-appear...I've reinstalled libkok, calligrameego, calligra-kchart and office-tools but to no avail. Anybody has any tips on what else can be re-installed to fix this issue? I've started a thread at TMO too at http://talk.maemo.11:43
thedead1440_org/showthread.php?p=1275728 however no note-worthy response so far.11:44
thedead1440_Thanks in advance for help!11:44
vladestonTextChanged in TextField component works only when press enter on harmattan. sucks11:44
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khertanvladest: do not try to force emit it, it ll mess swype keyboard :)11:59
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Lava_CroftAnyone here using latest version of Billboard in conjuction with Meecast?12:12
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Lava_Croftoh, OVI Store still down?12:26
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anthony_devI'll ask again: guys, how I can use multitouch? it seems that qml widgets doesnt work in multitouch mode. any suggestion?13:39
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djszapirzr: updated qemu?17:16
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djszapirzr: I think we could establish a rapsberry group on gitorious17:24
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djszapirzr: created, wanna join for maintainance?17:28
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djszapijpnurmi: ping18:45
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heymasterany reason to buy used N9?19:32
heymasteror wait for 5th edition iPod touch ? :P19:33
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jpnurmidjszapi: pong19:36
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Tronicheymaster: Should I buy a motor cycle or a van?19:37
djszapijpnurmi: I would need a harmattan relevant change for review in the qt project19:37
TronicDepends on what you need and quite possibly you need both or neither. They do not really perform the same function.19:37
djszapijpnurmi: -> is it something acceptable?19:38
djszapijpnurmi: qt5-jsbackend does not currently build on the community obs and in sb2 as those environments do not have the _SBOX_DIR defined.19:38
heymasterTronic: to try something to develop..19:38
jpnurmidjszapi: looks like something for ossi ;)19:39
Tronicheymaster: Why would you develop for the N9? It's a dead platform.19:39
djszapijpnurmi: he does not care about harmattan19:39
Tronic(well, okay, there are people who still develop software for the Commodore 64)19:39
djszapiin addition, he is on vacation now.19:39
djszapiand this is a build blocker type issue.19:39
ladogaplatform isn't dead as long as someone is using it:)19:40
djszapiladoga: +119:40
TronicI don't consider it sensible to develop software for platforms for which you can no longer buy new devices.19:40
njsfAnd can even ressurect19:40
djszapiTronic: except that some people have these devices.19:40
TronicThe ones in use will die.19:40
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ladogaTronic: yes, each has his own reasons19:41
TronicI have these devices and yes, I might even do some small fixes and I appreciate it when people still publish software for this but still I don't really see the sense in that.19:41
djszapiwho cares?19:41
djszapiif you do not see?19:41
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djszapiit is enough if they see, and it makes them happy.19:41
djszapilike me.19:41
djszapifwiw, there are still Symbian and Fremantle contributors. I am actually happy they do something they enjoy.19:42
heymasterCan i run Linux apps on N9?19:45
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heymasterMy friend showed NetBeans on N900 .. on N9 it's possible?19:46
ladogaheymaster: n9 is a linux computer, no?19:46
djszapiladoga: no19:46
djszapiheymaster: you can port it if you wish, but why would you run that directly on n9?19:46
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heymasterdon't know but it's impressive to see NetBeans on phone.because platform has full Linux not like Android19:48
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ladogadjszapi: it has linux kernel and userland so why do you say no?19:49
djszapiheymaster: it is not "full linux" if you mean full as vanilla.19:49
djszapiladoga: because it does not actually have linux, but a forked version?19:49
djszapiin addition, it is not like a linux computer, but actually quite the opposite in terms of security.19:49
ladoga~ $ uname -a19:50
ladogaLinux rm696 #1 PREEMPT Mon Apr 2 14:14:32 EEST 2012 armv7l GNU/Linux19:50
ladogaseem linux to me19:50
djszapiok, you know better than we who worked on the kernel xD19:51
ladogasure it's noy vanilla kernel19:51
ladogai guess we just differ on definition19:51
djszapiit is not linux, it is harmattan.19:51
heymasterlol :)19:52
djszapias android is not linux, but android.19:52
ladogaandroid runs it's its own vm, right?19:53
ladogain it's19:53
heymastermaybe you talking about whole distribution, not kernel. so you i need to write gnu/linux :p19:53
djszapitry to report Harmattan kernel issues to the linux kernel mailing list19:53
ladogaok ok19:53
djszapibut do not be surprise if you get quite off topic :D19:53
ladogai give up19:53
djszapiand they will tell it to you.19:54
ladogaanyway i can use lots of software that i use on my desktop (debian) on my n9 too19:54
djszapithe harmattan kernel is not linux, not maintained by Linus by any possible means and so forth.19:54
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heymasterso they forked linux ... :)19:54
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djszapiyes, we did.19:54
ladogai can take deb packages from debian, rebuild them in scratchbox and it works19:54
njsfLike Android and most other embedded vendors19:55
djszapiyes, and there are packages which do not work ...19:55
djszapiso what?19:55
njsfeventually they may sync up19:55
djszapiheymaster: anyways, I do not think there is too much interest in netbeans as the practice shows, but sure, do not get depressed, go ahead and port :D19:55
njsfbut rarely the shipped bits are stock kernel19:55
heymasterdjszapi: cool :)19:55
djszapino, we have not sync'ed up.19:56
djszapiwe may have backported 1-2 patches but a sync'up is a royal pita.19:56
*** snowpong has quit IRC19:57
njsfbut it is FOSS civics 101 ;)19:57
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ladogawhat would be disadvantage of using vanilla kernel in a smartphone? i mean wouldn't it be smarter to send patches upstream if needed20:01
*** Sniper_swe has joined #harmattan20:03
djszapiof course not.20:03
djszapiif you are a company, you do not have time to fight with upstream.20:03
djszapiwhen you have strict deadlines.20:03
djszapiyou really do not ever wanna pay the penalties because few folks toughts it is not a cool idea in their projects.20:05
ladogaI'm not a developer so I'm quite clueless about these things20:05
ladogai would just want to have a computer that works as a smart phone :)20:05
djszapiso in short: you wanna dictate what your product is when the customer needs the features.20:06
ladogai guess that would be possible if hardware was in PCs20:06
djszapiand you do not wanna get dictated by upstream how your product should look like.20:06
ladogaand i could just install whatever OS I chose to the phone20:06
djszapicomplain to your debian folks they did not make up a useful system for Harmattan yet.20:07
ladoga :)20:07
*** piggz has quit IRC20:07
ladogaI'm not complaining here20:07
djszapiuseful system for N9/N950 yet*20:08
ladogavery happy with N9 actually20:08
djszapisince that it would not obviously be Haramttan.20:08
ladogaas it is20:08
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ZogG_laptopDocScrutinizer51: ping21:10
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djszapirzr: I have a patch for stuff22:33
djszapijust need to find someone in the Qt Project to approve it.22:33
djszapiossi is still on vacation.22:33
rashm2kany idea how to setup n9 'kit' on qt creator 2.5 beta?22:44
rzrdjszapi, great22:47
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