IRC log of #harmattan for Sunday, 2012-09-30

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DocScrutinizer05ieatlint: sounds about correct. and we all know maemo originated from a incredible achivement in setting up a whole new OS with ~50 people, in a time nobody else would've thought this was possible with 500 people00:25
DocScrutinizer05scratch the /page5, sorry00:28
DocScrutinizer05here you are:
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ZogG_laptopDocScrutinizer05: btw good that you are comming to board :P00:59
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DocScrutinizer05I'm not sure I will01:16
DocScrutinizer05I still have hope they find better candidates than me01:16
DocScrutinizer05I'd honestly recommend to vote almost anybody else who's running before you consider voting for me01:17
DocScrutinizer05I'm sort on time, lazy, and grumpy01:17
ZogG_laptopDocScrutinizer05: yeah grumpy01:21
ZogG_laptopDocScrutinizer05: but i think you know how to talk and you most times logical and you know what is responsobilities01:22
DocScrutinizer05that's why I suggest to get somebody who maybe is capable to fulfill the responsibilities better than I'll be able to01:23
DocScrutinizer05my estimated time to assign to $maemo* stuff per week is less than 2h01:24
DocScrutinizer05which is clearly an insult to the position and its responsibilities01:25
DocScrutinizer05probably I'll just configure council/board email account the same week my term ends ;-)01:26
DocScrutinizer05or should I s/term/sentence/ ? ;-P01:27
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ieatlinthaha, that's about how much time i'd have as well :/01:46
ieatlintthis whole employment thing is oddly time consuming01:46
* merlin1991 flashes n9 for the 4th time01:53
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DocScrutinizer05probably you'll have used up your free shots soon02:05
DocScrutinizer05definitely you'll have used up your allowed number of installations on any ovi-store sold software02:06
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ksolowoniukI'm looking at installing QtSDK on windows, would anyone be able to tell me if I have all the components that I need selected:
ksolowoniukI'm a little confused with the different versions of qt. 4.7.4, 4.8.0, 4.8.1 etc04:11
ksolowoniukalso the harmattan emulator only goes up to PR1.2 I'm runnig PR1.304:12
befordit looks ok04:13
ksolowoniukI deselected the Symbian stuff.04:13
ieatlintthe qt versions you see in your screenshot that are checked are exclusively for your desktop machine (not the phone)04:13
befordyou can always add missing components after it has been installed04:13
ieatlintthe "harmattan target" contains the qt libs and cross compile toolchain for the phone04:13
ieatlintand don't worry about the pr1.2 vs pr1.3 thing..04:14
ksolowoniukieatlint: so, I wouldn't need anything from desktop Qt04:14
befordif you are not developing for desktop, you don't need them yea04:14
ieatlintnot unless you want to do any qt dev on your desktop04:14
ksolowoniukcool thanks04:14
ieatlintthe docs can also be trimmed a bit if you're looking to save space04:15
ksolowoniukwhat about the Qt simulator?04:17
ieatlinti do believe that can be used for the phone dev, but it's still optional.. it's a simulated environment to run the app in (whereas the emulator is a full emulator)04:18
ieatlintstrictly speaking you don't need either, as long as you only do testing on the device04:18
ksolowoniukthe emulator is extremely slow right?04:18
ieatlintnever really used it myself.. have just used the simulator and the device itself04:19
ksolowoniukDo you develop using QtQuick or just straight QML?04:20
ieatlintthose are different names for the same thing04:22
ieatlintqtdeclarative == qtquick == qml04:22
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ksolowoniukI swear I have the crappiest connection04:28
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djszapican anybody watch youtube with youtube clients or use youtube-dl?12:11
djszapithe server always returns forbidden or error to me for some reason.12:11
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vladest_anybody knows how to add QtSimulator kit to QtCreator 2.6 ?12:53
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vladest_ieatlint: you wrong. declarative != qml12:54
djszapivladest_: that is true in qt5.12:57
djszapiit is not true in qt412:57
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Hurrianalright, it seems that my openmode setup is not complete - positioningd is still "locked" by Aegis.14:17
Hurrianwhat apscli stores should I know of and reset?14:18
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Hurrianoh, looks like you can just rm -r the directories, mkdir -p .{storname}/private, and reboot.14:44
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rashm2kWINE is brilliant15:08
rashm2kcomannd line is all good - but nothing beats notepad++ for just getting sutff done!15:09
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rashm2klibs must be all lowercase otherwise the build process cannot find them!15:32
trxnot lowercase but case sensitive15:33
trxjust plain lowercase?15:34
rashm2kyes -15:34
rashm2kmy lib was called TradingService.so15:34
rashm2kso of course I had -lTradingService15:34
rashm2kbut not15:34
rashm2kbut no15:35
rashm2kI need to have it all lowercase in the pro file and the file itself15:35
djszapirashm2k: that is weird15:38
djszapi-lQtCore works for me fine.15:38
djszapiplease provide a simple test case that I can check.15:38
rashm2kit could have been me screwing something up15:40
djszapiIMO, trx was right with the case sensitivity.15:41
rashm2kor the fact that I'm working in a VM - and my source code it on a network share15:41
rashm2kit could be the network - my source code is outside the VM15:41
rashm2kwtf does g packet reply too long mean on the debuggeR?15:46
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rashm2kanyone know how to setup qt creator 2.5 beta with N9?15:55
rashm2knot sure what the correct way to setup a kit is15:55
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rzrdjszapi, do u use git to track your qt5 files ?16:11
djszapirzr: no16:12
rzrwhat do you think to work along qtbase_5.0-release~beta+20120831-1ubuntu19.dsc ?16:13
djszapiit is a bad idea.16:14
rzr#define bad16:15
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djszapirzr: cause I spent a lot of time with the current packages, and they work fine for Harmattan now.16:28
djszapiso there is no problem to solve.16:28
djszapion the other hand, you would introduce problems with the ubuntu packaging.16:28
djszapiin fact, what we should do, is probably to carry the harmattan package forward to rpi as they are very similar.16:28
rzrthis is on my plans16:28
rzri am checkout out qt5 current tree ...16:29
djszapiI presume the ubuntu package is optimized for perfectness16:29
rzri plan to reuse your work over it16:29
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djszapithe harmattan package is optimized for working and the least maintainance.16:29
rzrbtw do u know pple using your qt5 harm packages ?16:29
djszapiajalkane for instance16:30
djszapiand the webkit guys for snowshoe.16:30
rzrbecause some complained incompabitlities w/ snowshoe's qt5 packaging ...16:30
djszapihave not heard of any other Qt5 users for Harmattan.16:30
djszapithere is no snowshoe packaging anymore.16:30
djszapiand my packages had better quality IMO16:30
rzrso they're using ours ?16:30
djszapipeople complained about the "snowshoe" packages non-working16:31
djszapiand I also found quite a few mistakes in them.16:31
djszapiso I made it better IMO, and I talked to them.16:31
djszapiand they seem to have accepted that.16:31
rzrand does it makes sense to rebuilt it ?16:31
djszapionly thing I was unable to get work with c-obs is qt5-webkit16:31
djszapiI disabled that this morning16:31
djszapialways memory exhausted16:31
rzri is building now iicr16:31
djszapic-obs does not enough kraft to build that16:31
rzrit is ...16:31
djszapinothing I can do about that.16:31
djszapior anybody16:32
rzrtoo bad16:32
rzrand building qt5 for rpi on rpi ... is it doable ?16:32
djszapiyeah, lbt even tagged that as powerpackage16:32
djszapiso it should have a lot of memory available, but it is still broken.16:32
djszapiso unsure how to get it work.16:32
djszapiI do not have an ubuntu/debian machine locally to test16:32
djszapiwith osc build.16:33
djszapiit is definitely doable.16:33
djszapiI built QtSerialPort on the pandaboard back then.16:33
djszapias for qtbase, qtjsbackend, etc16:33
djszapiwould be a very long job.16:33
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djszapiqt5-base has just built with a tarball from this morning \o/16:34
djszapiit means, once the harmattan components package is rebuilt, we will finally have orientation as well.16:34
rzrhow do you checkout a specific package using osc ?16:35
rzri started osc up16:35
rzrbut it break soon or later16:35
djszapiosc co16:39
djszapirzr: we should get a machine for the rpi obs16:45
djszapishall I blog about this in order to make a call for help?16:45
djszapiand then we could refer to that blog post on the forum and so forth.16:45
djszapiFor sure, it is unnecessary if we can already have a machine.16:45
djszapiI could also ask ICS.16:46
rzryes this could be a good idea16:47
rzrbut please hold on16:47
rzrbecause i want to know where maemo will go next16:47
rzrthen a common infrastructure would be possible16:47
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rzrfreemantle rpi etc16:47
djszapirzr: I disagree16:47
admiral0hi djszapi16:48
djszapithis is the problem with the current infrastructure16:48
djszapiadmiral0: hi16:48
djszapirzr: we have mer, harmattan, what not16:48
djszapirzr: and one forces the other for decisions.16:48
djszapirzr: I would like to have clear separation.16:48
rzrand i'd like to have tizen builders too16:48
djszapiand every platform can do his own way.16:48
rzri have a friend who has a build farm16:49
rzri need to met him16:49
djszapidifferent communities, different rules, different accesses etc.16:49
rzrand tell him what we could requiere ...16:49
djszapiI do not think it is good to have shared machines.16:49
rzrhis infrastructure is all virtualized16:49
rzrwell i'd like to met him in person soon or later16:49
djszapirzr: I dislike the company doing this.16:49
djszapiI mean I appreciate their help.16:49
djszapibut it may get a burden as well16:49
rzrmaybe this november16:50
djszapiif they set up the infrastructure it may be hard to change later.16:50
djszapiI think we should write to ICS that I can do.16:50
djszapiand I can also write a short blog post.16:50
djszapiand then we can spread the word.16:50
rzru can do that16:51
rzrbut dont do stuff too fast16:51
rzri am not hurry16:51
djszapiwell, I still do not have rpi :)16:51
rzrand i can connect several pple in doing a such thing16:51
rzrand i'd like to be transparent to maemo guys ...16:52
rzrsomething inclusive and open will be awsome16:52
djszapistill at least 13 people not received the kit:
djszapiI do not careabout the maemo council guys :D16:52
djszapimy opinion is that they ignore Harmattan almost entirely.16:52
djszapiI would not like to do the rpi project that way.16:53
djszapicare about*16:53
rzri can understand your position16:53
rzrbut i will like to try one time at least16:53
djszapinone of the council members that I have seen here.16:53
djszapito contribute to harmattan here which is sort of fine, not much, but ok.16:54
djszapibut when I asked them to make steps ahead for Harmattan16:54
djszapithey wrote me they decided that they do not do (care?) and I can do my self.16:54
rzri know the story16:54
djszapiif I can do myself, why do they represent us? :D16:54
rzrbut this is a past16:54
rzrmaemo will have to behave differently soon or later16:54
rzri fell i am part of maemo16:55
djszapiI do not know what the maemo council does for Harmattan aside from getting the server out of the sandbox for /eons/.16:55
djszapialso, I am leaning towards more onto blackberry than rpi to be fair.16:57
djszapiit is less time to deal with as you do not have to build your own system.16:57
djszapiit is already built.16:57
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djszapiI can focus on the application development right away.16:57
djszapirpi is a low-cost pandaboard for making prototypes.16:58
djszapibut I also have a pandaboard which is more powerful, so ... :-)16:58
djszapirzr: most people will use TV or usual monitor to the rpi.17:00
djszapithey will not design a system for a custom display; only the minority perhaps.17:00
djszapiand some will not even use display, just like a server service.17:01
djszapibut that part is not the main point behind Qt, albeit Qt is not a gui framework anymore only imo.17:01
rzri fell i am also dispersing into too much different activities ....17:06
djszapiI believe, the basic problemis that there is no proper substitute for Harmattan.17:09
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djszapisoon one and half a years passed without any potential substitute.17:10
djszapilet us hope bb will be a good one.17:10
djszapirzr: btw, it would be nice if you can test qt5-webkit locally with osc build.17:11
djszapiosc does not work on arch unfortunately :(17:11
djszapiI mean properly for the build.17:11
djszapiother operations work, but not that.17:11
djszapithe problem is that there will be no snowshoe in the repository until qt5-webkit gets in.17:11
djszapibut snowshoe would be really awesome to have in the repository as it seems to be a promising browser.17:11
djszapirzr: I should probably write a blog about the one liner porting effort needed to port away from qtquick1 on Harmattan.17:14
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rzr<djszapi> rzr: btw, it would be nice if you can test qt5-webkit locally with osc build.17:15
rzron rpi ?17:15
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djszapirzr: harmattan17:15
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djszapiperhaps the harmattan/meego components should be revamped as it is very slow for launch.17:16
djszapiit would be nice to have volunteers for that, but we unfortunately do not.17:17
rzrwell i am trying to fetch your qt5 files ... it takes forever17:19
djszapiyou have a bad internet connection?17:20
rzrcd home:rzr:harmattan ; osc up17:20
rzr700 pkg17:20
djszapiwhy are you doing that?17:20
djszapiosc co would be faster17:21
rzrthat's what i am doing now17:21
djszapiyes, please. osc up is unnecessary for this.17:24
admiral0kdevelop git custom buildsystem doesn't work T.T17:25
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djszapirzr: how much physical memory do you have?17:40
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admiral0just great...
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rzrdjszapi, 126MB *217:54
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njsfis there a way to restore the home screen defaults without reflashing ?20:16
njsfN9QTweaks just made a change there that caused reboot cycle20:17
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ladogadefault rss reader has gone mad20:29
ladogamy subscribed feeds have disappeared from it20:32
ladogayet events view shows 4 feeds being just stays forever and nothing happens20:32
ladogai even resorted to reboot, but no help20:33
ladogadoes anyone happen to know where settings file for feed reader is located?20:34
ladogaor config file whatever so i could try to clean it manually20:35
Sfiet_Konstantinladoga: no, it is something stored in tracker20:36
ladogahmm. so i guess i know the reason then. i had some problems with tracker using 99% cpu and cured it with running tracker-control -r20:38
ladogaso can i access that data stored in tracker or maybe purge it somehow?20:40
lucidojonni, where can you buy type 2 tags?20:41
lucidoall I can fins is mifair chips20:41
ladogaor do i need to reflash the device to fix the rss reader? :)20:42
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njsfladoga: did you try to clear the feeds by holding an entry ?20:43
njsfthe homescreen keeps a cache of the entries20:43
admiral0djszapi: remember the bug i raged about?20:44
admiral0the one in lpsmagic20:44
admiral0it was a missing "-l" in aegis-exec parameters20:44
ladoganjfs, seems like it has also lost all my contacts20:45
ladogaphone and messages20:46
*** nid0 has joined #harmattan20:48
ladogaseems like they are there by not shown by apps20:49
ladogaso it did not actually remove them20:56
ladogawhatever...i think I'll just reflash20:56
ladogashould have used the -e flag instead i guess20:57
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djszapiN9anybody knows why it takes 2-3 hours to run a startup repair with a windows 7 dvd, and then it does not actually repair to boot?21:26
*** lucido has joined #harmattan21:27
rzrdjszapi, my win8 install died today too21:33
djszapiN9it does not boot, or?21:33
rzrno it does not21:34
rzrthat's what i got once i tried to "repair"21:35
djszapiN9rzr, unfortunate21:37
djszapiN9rzr, do you like windows 8 better than windows 7?21:38
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djszapiN9 admiral0, I do not recall any bugs about lpsmagic. :p21:41
admiral0remember the upstart one?21:42
AppiahdjszapiN9: tried using USB?21:42
djszapiN9admiral0, ah that I recall now.21:44
admiral0it was aegis-exec lacking -l21:44
admiral0lpsmagic  couldn't connect to X1121:44
djszapiN9Appiah, for the windows 7 repair?21:44
djszapiN9admiral0, great you figured out. :)21:45
djszapiN9Appiah, do not have working usb pendrive here.21:45
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rzrdjszapi, i never used both21:49
djszapiN9rzr, interesting, the Qt packages failed for some reason.21:49
rzrjust installed them i case of21:49
*** Natunen has joined #harmattan21:49
rzrin case of21:49
djszapiN9except qt5-base.21:49
rzri am working on qt5-base21:49
rzron rpi21:49
rzri have minor patches to merge for you21:50
djszapiN9that is a different topic. :p21:50
*** djszapiN9_ has joined #harmattan21:52
*** messerting has quit IRC21:53
lucidois it possible to "fake" using inception? I'd like to use th eMCE::TKLockControl token for my demo application (not for the OVI)21:54
*** djszapiN9 has quit IRC21:54
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ZogG_laptopbeford: ping21:59
befordlucido: thats what inception does21:59
ZogG_laptopbeford: Y U GIVE PEOPLE DONATE?21:59
lucidobeford, oh yeah?22:00
ZogG_laptopbeford: U DON't GIVE22:00
ZogG_laptopbeford: people asked you for a donate button in signature22:00
ZogG_laptopput it there22:00
ZogG_laptopi wrote it wrong way :P22:00
ZogG_laptopbeford: Y U NO DONATE BUTTON?22:01
befordyea I got a pm from the guy that was going to donate 100, havent answered him though22:01
*** tonyoy has quit IRC22:01
beford(not 1000)22:01
befordbut I dont know I don't feel right asking for donations22:02
ZogG_laptopbeford: we'll get second one too22:02
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valdur55rzr, nice link!22:18
*** pinheiro has quit IRC22:23
*** djszapi_ has joined #harmattan22:31
njsfUfff, good news for me22:38
njsfthe N9QTweak messup with the homescreen and the reboot loop22:38
njsfleft the N9 up long enough to allow me to ssh into it and do enough of the N9QT restore to defaults for me NOT to need to reflash22:39
* njsf is a happy camper nwo22:39
*** pinheiro has joined #harmattan22:39
rashm2kHe is absolutley right22:40
rashm2kthe n9 is a pleasure to hold in the hand!22:40
rashm2ksometimes i get carried away with the swiping and just swipe around the screens for the hell of it!22:41
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*** vladest_ is now known as vladest22:57
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globetrotterdkN9 user looking for re-alpine version for harmattan.23:15
*** vladest_ has quit IRC23:16
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