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DocScrutinizer05last order for self-nominations for council/board elections!00:31
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vladesthow to make qtcreator 2.6 recognize qnx includes?11:11
vladestI've added includepath but it doesnt works it seems11:11
vladestor any includes?11:11
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rzrdjszapi, hi saw my email in qtonpi list ?12:38
djszapirzr: yes, but you did not send it to the list12:42
djszapialso, I am busy with an amazon offline coding test task :)12:42
djszapirzr: I have just forwarded your email to the list.12:43
rzrok mistake12:47
rzrtoday I'll try to rebuild your packages12:48
rzrare they stable now ?12:48
djszapiwhich packages?12:48
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rzrqt5 along respian ones12:51
rzrthere is not specific harmattan stuff in it , isnt it ?12:51
djszapithere is of course12:52
rzrin your patches ?12:52
djszapiQt has different plugins for different platforms obviously.12:53
djszapiso you need to build qt with different profiles.12:53
djszapiharmattan one is built with N9 device profile.12:53
djszapione needs to add a huge switch stuff12:53
rzrwhere to tune that ?12:53
djszapito branch according to the detected platform12:53
djszapirzr: qt5-base/debian/rules12:53
rzrthat was where i planned to look12:54
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djszapirzr: but I am planning to update those packages tomorrow anyways12:56
djszapirzr: and those packages will only work with scratchbox12:56
rzrthen tell me once it;s ok12:56
djszapior native builds.12:56
djszapiyou can already experiment today with if/elseif stuff12:57
djszapibut there is a bug in qmake12:57
djszapior missing feature12:57
djszapidepends on the point of view12:57
djszapiwhich does not allow us to make cross-build packages anymore12:57
rzri am testing on current sources12:57
djszapiit will only work with non cross-compilation, but native build or emulation.12:57
rzrwhat a regression12:57
djszapinot a regression12:57
djszapiit has never worked12:58
rzranyway who is cross compiling now ?12:58
djszapiwell all the application developers using MADDE and/or QtCreator.12:58
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djszapibut I have to focus on this coding test12:59
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Hurrianquick question, does the N9 regenerate its /etc/fstab?13:37
HurrianI'd like to test performance with data=writeback enabled.13:37
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Hurriananyone able to scan chipped passports with their N9s?16:13
TronicI think I was able to activate levels on Angry Birds with that but NFC apps don't react in any way.16:18
TronicQuite possibly this has changed with OS upgrades.16:19
TronicBecause I was playing with NFC only on PR1.1 or so, and noticed after a long while of not doing it that I cannot read tags with PR1.3.16:20
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jonniHurrian: my N9 detects nfc on passport just fine. But passport tag is encrypted so you cannot 'read' it a such, but you can open angry birds levels with your passport.17:29
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Hurrianjonni, meh, my N9 doesn't even do the NFC beep.17:30
jonniHurrian: have you enabled nfc from the settings? :) by default its disabled17:30
jonniand N9 opens my self created url tags on PR1.3 just fine :)17:31
Hurrianyeah, enabled it. Haven't checked with anything else, I have not found any NFC/RFID tags to tap on.17:32
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jonniheh, maybe you should order some empty ones from ebay, they are like 1e a piece.17:33
jonnincf is quite useless anyways, after playing with url tags for few days, I didnt find any use for it, and now I have bunch of unused tags lying in my desk drawer.17:34
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rashm2kwhats the max size of a shared libraries18:11
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vladestnice. harmattan the only target, doesnt rebuilds qrc in case of changing qml, stored in resorces19:01
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merlin1991vladest: i noticed that while hacking on the sdk conectivity tool19:03
merlin1991you need to touch at least one *code* file so that it rebuilds the qrc19:04
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vladestmerlin1991: well, this is not very useful19:06
merlin1991vladest: it's enough to simply run "touch somecodefile" for the build process to rebuild the qrc19:07
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vladestyes, this is w/o19:14
vladestany1 knows why qtcreator doesnt parses includes from INCLUDEPATH?19:15
rashm2kdo you set INCLUDEPATH +=19:16
rashm2kand not just =19:16
vladestyes, I've set +19:16
vladestyes, I've set +=19:16
vladestits qtcreator 2.619:17
rashm2kit should do then - try Build -> run qmake19:17
rashm2kand try clean - close qt creator and then re-open19:17
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rashm2klol it takes me 30mins to compile one library it's nuts20:06
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merlin1991rashm2k: try compiling qt4 ;)20:07
merlin1991or openssl20:08
shanttudamn our device. yesterday i saved a .txt file to dropbox and downloaded it to n9. had to read that on nano =)20:08
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arceanshanttu: you could always end up with cat file.txt :D20:32
shanttuarcean, yep =)20:37
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rashm2kthere IS a txt reader20:52
rashm2kpersonally I think the N9 is a step back from my N900 - the N900 just had something that the N9 simply doesnt20:52
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valdur55N9 document viewer can open with Document Viewer21:00
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vladestrashm2k: did not help21:09
rashm2kwhat header files are you trying to include?21:15
rashm2kincludepath normally just works - never had any issues with it21:15
rashm2kyou just need to make sure that the path is relative to where the .pro file is21:16
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mschrany1 else having problems with pop mail client?21:24
vladest_rashm2k: its absolute path of bb ndk21:27
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teleshoescan anyone send me the md5sum of the best firmware and emmc images?21:27
teleshoespr1.3, global, unbranded, wifi hotspot not crippled, no maps, etc21:28
teleshoesi had been using the malaysian 005 variant like a good boy {my dear departed n9 was from malaysian}21:30
teleshoesand now i have a new device and want to do it right21:30
teleshoesoh yea, 64gb21:31
teleshoestheres 64GB Global Black Swap21:31
teleshoesand 64GB Row Black21:32
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teleshoeshello zogg21:38
teleshoesdo you happen to know whether 'global' or 'row' is the variant i want?21:38
ZogG_laptopon what version you have21:39
teleshoesthis is what i want: n9, 64gb, pr1.3, unbranded, 001, nomaps21:39
ZogG_laptopwhat country and what you want21:39
ZogG_laptopi would prefer global21:39
teleshoesme too21:39
ZogG_laptopbut it depends on what FW u currently on21:40
teleshoesyea i know; i used to use my country code {malaysia}, and delete the maps21:40
teleshoesbut this is a new device!21:40
ZogG_laptopteleshoes: what FW are you on?21:41
teleshoesi THINK21:41
teleshoespr1.3 00121:41
ZogG_laptopjust check it21:41
ZogG_laptopnot sure if it's in info21:41
teleshoesi dont know where it is, or how i would check i21:42
teleshoesflasher might tell me21:42
ZogG_laptopbut if you have 001 it should be meta package harmattan-001 or something as well as repos21:42
teleshoesah good point!21:42
ZogG_laptoplemme check for you in few mins21:42
ZogG_laptopjust got home from weekend on the sea :)21:42
teleshoesoh nice21:42
teleshoesbut it looks like both "row" and "global" are variant code 00121:44
teleshoesall the rest in navifirm are obviously crippled, branded, or country-mapped21:44
ZogG_laptopi'm not sure what is row21:44
teleshoesme either21:44
ZogG_laptopwhere did you get this labeling?21:44
teleshoeswhich is why i got deathly afraid and freaked out21:44
ZogG_laptopsomeone told you or something/21:44
ZogG_laptopnot usre21:45
ZogG_laptopglobal is 001 that's what you need to know21:45
teleshoesi dl'd both21:45
teleshoesboth are 00121:45
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teleshoesthese are the ones that say "RM-696 64G GLOBAL BLACK SWAP (059K3S0)"21:53
djszapi_rzr: now I am back. Coding test submitted. :)21:53
teleshoes37883898bd9140fa3e909c5385d3f0ca  DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.13-7.NOMAPS_EMMC_NOMAPS.bin21:53
teleshoes53fcefc0033875661c19160e16999b3e  DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_LEGACY_001-OEM1-958_ARM.bin21:53
djszapi_rzr: so if you can get a server for the ubild farm, that would be awesome.21:53
teleshoesdjszapi, do you know whether 'global' or 'row' firmwares are right for n9 64gb unbranded nomaps? both are variant code 00121:54
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teleshoesoh snap, theyre the same21:55
teleshoesi just md5sum'd them21:55
teleshoesZogG_laptop, nevermind, i downloaded both, md5sum'd them, and they are the same, both emmc and firmware21:55
djszapi_teleshoes: do not have time, sorry.21:55
teleshoessok thx21:55
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teleshoesif anyone has a chance, could you verify that those md5sums are the right firmware/emmc to use for a generic flash?22:00
teleshoesi couldnt imagine what else would be22:00
teleshoesbut i still fell lingering paranoia22:00
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rashm2koh vladest_22:18
rashm2kgonna setup the b ndk myself as well soon22:19
rashm2khavig a few issues with new qt creator though + meego22:19
ieatlintthe bb10 stuff looks interesting..22:20
ieatlintwas handed one of the dev alpha b phones wednesday.. nicer than i expected to be honest, and both cascades and regular qt were rather simple22:21
rashm2kyeah it looks really nice22:21
rashm2kwhich version of qt creator are you using?22:22
ieatlinthaven't had time to try it actually, i sat through a demo where they had an unintentionally humorous slide saying qtcreator 2.6 was needed though22:22
ieatlintwasn't clear why though.. the remote deployment tools they showed exist on 2.522:23
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rashm2kone thing does puzzle me though22:24
ieatlint is the slide in question22:25
ieatlinti just liked that it said "Get this! (Not yet released)"22:25
rashm2kBB10 SDK and Cascades SDK is exactly the same!22:25
rashm2kvery confusing!22:25
ieatlintthat's unsurprising22:26
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rashm2kyes - but on their website they make it appear that they are somehow two different downloads/packages/setups22:26
vladest_rashm2k: what?22:27
ieatlintthe downloads page clearly just labels it "blackberry 10 sdk"22:27
* ieatlint shrugs22:27
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vladest_rashm2k: just download ndk22:28
rashm2kyes - but it seems the NDK is different from Cascades22:28
rashm2keven though it is not22:28
vladest_ndk its cascades+native22:28
* ieatlint shrugs22:29
rashm2khave a look at the link above22:29
ieatlinti'll write a simple app or two for it if it's indeed as simple as it looked22:29
ieatlintas much to get another notch on my belt than anything else :P22:29
rashm2kfilename for Cascades = Native SDK22:29
rashm2kI'll be looking to port my app over to BB1022:30
ieatlinti'll be very excited if they get the qt mobility nfc stuff working, complete with lower level access22:30
ieatlintwhich nokia was never able to get working on any device22:30
rashm2kI doubt it22:30
rashm2kthey need to release the devices ASAP22:30
rashm2kmaybe in the future22:31
rashm2kthey seem FAR more committed to this than Nokia22:31
ieatlintyeah, nokia seemed much more like a "let's put 500 people on this and schedule daily meetings"22:31
ieatlintand rim seems to be just "ok, here's 50 people, get shit done"22:31
ieatlint(and tizen is "we have 5 guys working on that,  i think")22:32
rashm2kI don't think Samsungs Tizen is going to amount to aything22:33
rashm2knot sure about Jolla either22:33
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rashm2kFor the next 6 months my bets are on RIM22:33
ieatlinti've been burned too many times... my collection of dead phones grows, and i stopped making bets22:34
ieatlinti need to get like a display case here22:34
rashm2kAn N950 will be worth quite a bit - in a few years time22:35
rashm2kIt oozes class22:35
ieatlintwhich is why i keep mine in a padded carrying case in a drawer22:35
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