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ZogG_laptoprashm2k, i would like to take my dvd out and put another ssd there :P00:20
rashm2kI've already done that!00:21
rashm2kI have 2x 750gb HD00:21
rashm2kand 16GB of RAM00:21
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Milhousei don't suppose anyone could provide a link for the default N9/N950 wallpaper? I've just flashed my N950 and have lost it...00:27
Milhousenever mind, found a copy I'd stashed away on my pc...00:30
rashm2ksend me the n950 and i'll send you the wallpapers :-)00:32
Milhousea tempting offer... not :)00:33
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rzrI should have that file00:39
arceanMilhouse: apt-get install content-wallpaper-files00:39
rzrMilhouse, btw show us your art :
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rashm2kI hate qml00:49
befordi like it01:08
rzrbeford, you like to hate it ?01:10
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louisdkDamn. When you compare Nokia N9 & N950 side by side. It easy to see that the screen on N9 is much better. Damn I would have loved the Lauta device.01:16
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odinho_I want to run "unison" (a offline, distributed dropbox like file sync) on my phone when: I'm connected to a WLAN, AND the phone has mains power (and potentially only once per day, but maybe not restricted to a time).  I don't want it to drain battery.01:19
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odinho_What is the best way to go about?01:19
odinho_I was thinking of maybe doing a small script that I could run in cron at 10, 12, 14, 16 -- which would check for power and wlan connection. But haven't found a good way to check when I'm connected to wlan. There is no iwconfig -- unless I install wireless-tools maybe, and I'd need cron as well.01:21
odinho_But then I guess there might be something nice that already exists?01:21
rashm2kperhaps combine rsync with a script + profileomatic01:21
rzrodinho_, i built it on n901:22
odinho_unison is the same as rsync, only better :-) looking at profileomatic now.01:22
rashm2kifconfig wlan001:22
rashm2k"/sbin/ifconfig wlan0"01:23
odinho_rzr: Ah, I already have unsion on my phone, I just got the debian package, -- I just run it manually now, but it gets tiring :P01:23
rzrthe armel package ?01:24
odinho_rashm2k: Ah, that's true. It won't have an IP if it's not connected.01:24
odinho_rzr: Yep.01:24
rzrwhere did u get it M01:24
odinho_rzr: I guess.01:24
odinho_I had no computer at the time, so I just googled around, found it and installed it :-)01:25
rzrthis is risky act  ...01:25
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rashm2kset up a single folder to sync to your PC01:27
rashm2kor setup a udev rule - not sure if you can do this01:27
Kozzihi, any idea for this: :-1: error: Packaging Error: Command 'd:/qtsdk/madde/bin/mad dpkg-buildpackage -nc -uc -us' failed.Exit code: 25501:37
Kozziit worked fine last time I tried to build something, now after replacing the icons in project folder and modifying Package details in Build, this error occurs01:39
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Kozzinvm, there was an extra word with space  in packagename in changelog01:44
rashm2kvoting almost over!01:45
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djszapibeford: morning02:25
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djszapiM4rtinK: how is the gtk stuff building? :)03:16
M4rtinKdjszapi: not really sure - too preoccupied with other stuff at the moment (school, competitions, modRana/Mieru, etc.) :)03:21
M4rtinKdjszapi: oh and the Fedora 18 X Test-days :)03:22
M4rtinKdjszapi: but I've installed the latest Nemo on my N900 and will soon check out the GTK packages I've somehow built for Nemo on OBS :)03:23
djszapiit is not for nemo03:24
djszapiit is for Harmattan03:24
M4rtinKdjszapi: I have a separate Nemo GTK build:
M4rtinKcombined from packages on the Nemo OBS & OpenSUSE OBS03:27
M4rtinKs/Nemo OBS/MeeGo OBS/03:28
infobotM4rtinK meant: combined from packages on the MeeGo OBS & OpenSUSE OBS03:28
djszapiM4rtinK: harmattan != nemo03:34
djszapiit has different packaging, different platform, different policies etc03:35
djszapiit does not really too much.03:35
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M4rtinKyeah, I know - its probably also a different version03:47
M4rtinKI've just mentioned it for the sake of completeness03:47
M4rtinKI wonder if a less antiquated version might help the Harmattan build problems03:48
M4rtinKbut that means compiling Gobject Introspection, which also failed last time I've tried it03:48
M4rtinKit might also even require a newer glib, which is of course also a no-go03:49
djszapiI have just created the following page for collecting the list of people for undelivered gadgets: Anybody, feel free to add yourself in that case, so it helps the communication with the people trying to help us.03:51
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vladestdjszapi: this only for education program? I've ordered mine for money10:52
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djszapivladest: nope, it is for KDE as a whole if you mean the Contributor Device Program.11:11
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louisdkwhat is the harmattan browser stores saved files. it's on in MyDocs or myDocs/Downloads as I can see.14:20
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HurrianMyDocs/.downloads and MyDocs/Downloads14:21
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Hurrianhow it decides to store crap in .downloads, I do not know14:21
Hurrianalso, does anyone know how to disable Harmattan deleting files when I press "Clear" in the Downloads dropdown?14:21
Hurrianit's incredibly annoying14:21
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chem|stHurrian: if you find out share!14:25
chem|stHurrian: do you know how I get gallery to show stuff not in DCIM or pictures, like Panorama and stuff?14:26
Hurrianchem|st, check the other tabs?14:32
Hurriantracker picks all the *.jpgs up for me14:32
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chem|stHurrian: tracker knows about panorama pictures, but gallery does only show pictures from "Pictures;.images;DCIM", not even .wallpapers or stuff14:35
chem|stand movies taken with the n9 are in the gallery and not in the videoplayer...14:36
louisdkthx hurrian. btw i really hate when using my n9(50) in landscape mode and swipe to the side is close and when it decides that swipe down is close.14:36
Hurrianchem|st, uhh, just index all of MyDocs if you want to14:37
chem|stHurrian: again, tracker knows the files...14:37
chem|stHurrian: AGAIN, tracker knows the files!14:38
Hurrianlemme check14:38
Hurrianalright, edit .config/user-dirs.dirs14:39
Hurrianedit XDG_PICTURES_DIR as you please14:40
Hurriansince tracker scans this recursively for pictures, this should work nicely14:40
Hurrianlouisdk, you need to really put device in landscape mode14:41
Hurrianit's kinda related to the erratic switching between landscape and portrait14:42
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louis_Hurrian, I'm holdning it in landscape and using landscape apps, even then swiping to the side sometimes means close instead of minimize. Maybe I just need this patch:
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louisdkI want to sync a N9 and N950. Both running PR1.3. First time i should confirm code on both device, but after than cancelled because it would use N9 as fallback device. I would use the N950 as fallback. After that sync does ask for confirm code, just dailling after some times. Have tried to delete the devices in sync manager and rebooting. Nothing helps.15:54
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louisdkunchecked "SMS" sand It worked.16:02
chem|stHurrian: pictures dir is $HOME...16:14
Hurriandefault, it is $HOME/MyDocs/Pictures16:15
chem|stHurrian: I think I did not alter it16:15
chem|stwell I did not flash home, so I might end up with stuff this meego error handler guy had set16:16
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kralorhey guys do you know how I can play a simple "beep" sound? Preferably in python, C++ otherwise19:54
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