IRC log of #harmattan for Thursday, 2012-09-27

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djszapi_gtx: you would need to try I guess.00:01
gtxdjszapi_: dont know... Win8RT doesn't like screen resolutions < HD00:02
gtxand N9 is only 480, right?00:02
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djszapi_rashm2k: I do not understand your problem.00:10
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rashm2kI have a custom QAbstractListModel with some roles00:19
rashm2kLets say I have a role called RoleA00:20
rashm2kIn my ListDelegate each time I call RoleA it returns the same value - but00:20
rashm2kRoleA needs to do some calculation EACH time it is called00:20
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rashm2kThe ListDelegate caches the result of RoleA - and does not call the underlying C++ each time00:21
rashm2kI need to somehow FORCE the QML to call the underlying C++ data(...) method00:22
rashm2kotherwise I just get the same value for RoleA each time00:22
djszapi_not entirely sure what you mean.00:22
rashm2kwhich bit is unclear?00:22
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rashm2kdjszapi_ have you had a chance to read my comments again? I can explain bits that are unclear00:27
rashm2kI just need to force a call to the data(....) method each time I access a particular role00:30
rashm2kI have sort of solved it - but it's not the proper way of doing it00:31
djszapi_anybody fixed a windows partition issue on Linux?00:32
djszapi_seems ntfsfix is not enough.00:32
rashm2kwhats the issue?00:32
djszapi_my Windows 7 froze on the airplane.00:32
djszapi_I have tried the hard reboot.00:32
djszapi_and it does not boot anymore.00:32
djszapi_and I left my windows 7 CD 3000 kms away.00:33
rashm2kany error message? blue screen?00:33
djszapi_or dvd00:33
djszapi_black screen00:33
rashm2ktried safe mode?00:33
djszapi_nothing loads00:33
djszapi_so cannot try separete modes.00:33
rashm2kYou can enter the bios though? All that works?00:34
djszapi_is it legal to use my colleague's Windows 7 CD/DVD for repairing?00:34
djszapi_while keeping my license.00:34
djszapi_or it is only legal to repair with the CD you have license to?00:34
rashm2kI have a win 7 DVD with all version of windows00:34
djszapi_or it is probably not tied to CD/DVD.00:34
rashm2kI install the version I need for diff people00:35
rashm2kor on my own laptop00:35
rashm2kthats how manufactueres do it00:35
rashm2ksingle DVD - multiple license keys00:35
rashm2kyou can download and 'unlock' a dvd from Amaxon00:36
djszapi_hopefully the windows 7 install cd/dvd will repair this.00:36
djszapi_I am kinda blocked with my projects this way. :/00:37
rashm2kBoot a Linux distro and mount windows parition?00:37
rashm2kWhy are you working in Windows world anyway?00:37
djszapi_because I like it.00:37
djszapi_currently working on the KDE Edu Windows installer.00:38
rashm2kI find it very restictive00:38
djszapi_this would be very useful for kids and teachers.00:38
djszapi_mount will not help IMO.00:38
djszapi_since mount has been a no issue so far.00:38
djszapi_but that does not mean I can boot.00:38
rashm2kThen unlock for all versions00:39
rashm2kand use license key00:40
rashm2kyour license key of course00:40
rashm2kwill repair as well00:40
djszapi_well, I do not have cd/dvd around to write out.00:41
djszapi_I have not actually done cd/dvd writing in the last 5-6 years00:41
rashm2kno worries - dd to USB stick00:42
rashm2kthats how I install windows 700:42
rashm2kvery quick00:42
rashm2kor even better wipe win7 install Linux - and run Win 7 as VM?00:42
rashm2kI run openSUSE 12.200:43
rashm2kpretty good00:43
djszapi_none of those is an option.00:44
djszapi_I will just ask for the repair CD/DVD from my colleague.00:44
djszapi_I kinda hoped for this not being a problem to repair a corrupted ntfs partition.00:45
djszapi_perhaps the boot record is also corrupted00:45
rashm2kno it doesn't seem right00:45
rashm2kjust a black screen?00:45
rashm2kpress F8 just before you normally see the windows 7 screen - might at least get you into safe mode00:46
befordcd repair also fixes boot record00:46
djszapi_beford: I would need for the cd until tomorrow00:46
rashm2kyes it does00:47
rashm2kfixmbr is the command you need00:47
djszapi_rashm2k: so essentially what happens, is I see the grub entry00:47
djszapi_but nothing afterwards.00:47
djszapi_so I do not see the windows logo and all that jazz.00:47
djszapi_but the partitions can be mounted on Linux just fine.00:47
rashm2kwhat happens if you press enter then straight away press F8?00:48
rashm2kon grub00:48
djszapi_let me try00:48
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rashm2kseems like djszapi_ is having some luck01:05
befordor he broke his linux installation too01:07
rashm2klol don't be cruel01:07
rashm2kgot the damn ountdown working01:08
rashm2kfor my app that is01:09
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rashm2kmy compiled lib is 37mb!01:11
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rashm2kcan you have return statements in qml OnXXXXX code?01:16
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djszapibeford: hi10:23
djszapinot much really.10:24
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beforddid you fix windows using the F8 boot menu?10:25
djszapiF8 did nothing for me.10:26
djszapiaside from getting me felt asleep. :-)10:26
befordit should have allowed to boot in "safe mode" and other things10:26
djszapiperhaps, but it did not.10:27
djszapiI will try with a Windows 7 CD/DVD today.10:27
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djszapioh btw, I should not care about qt5 anymore10:27
djszapilet others do the hefty job.10:27
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djszapiwell, I wrote an email to the council.10:28
djszapiwell, I lost my intereset after seeing so many people getting the devices, and doing nothing.10:29
djszapikinda freeriding.10:29
djszapiI do not honestly think this is healthy.10:29
befordyea makes sense10:29
djszapiI am thinking of getting rid of that.10:30
djszapifor my Playbook Contributor Device Program.10:30
djszapiperhaps I should write a typical form that the contributors have to agree about.10:30
djszapisomething like if they do not achieve something, they have to send back or something like that.10:30
djszapitoo bad there are such people because of whom one needs to consider this. :/10:31
befordyea, well the thing is the qt5 program was not about porting qt5 to harmattan10:31
befordit was about porting existing apps to Qt5, but yea, not sure if I have seen any of those appear10:32
djszapiwell it is implicit.10:32
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befordand it makes sense to get qt5 on harmattan and test those apps there10:32
djszapiyou have to get your app working with qt510:32
djszapiif qt5 is not there, you have to port it first.10:32
djszapiif you do not get your app working with qt5, you are a free rider.10:33
djszapiand potentially the people who actually care may lose the option to get devices.10:33
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djszapioopsie, I accidentally removed the qt5 stuff10:34
djszapiinstead of downloading from the c-obs10:34
djszapiI hope osc can revert it10:34
befordwell that's just mean10:34
djszapipressed the wrong button10:34
djszapitoo bad they are so close to each other10:34
djszapiand there is no accept dialog.10:34
djszapiand the problem is that the qtbase debian package is the heftiest.10:35
djszapithis means I now totally lost my interest. :)10:35
beforddamn it, got sparks from this macbook charger ..10:35
befordits not charging anymore10:36
befordwell gotta sleep I'll see tomorrow, have a good day djszapi !10:36
djszapibeford: oh :)10:36
djszapigood night!10:36
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bindiso, my friend has got a n9, latest software and all that, all of a sudden google talk stopped working, he can send messages to me but he can't see mine11:44
bindime sending from the gmail talk app or from my android phone, doesnt matter11:45
bindiit works for him if he's on his pc, in the gmail app11:45
bindihe tried restarting the phone, removing the account and adding it again11:45
bindiit works fine between my mum and I though, she has the same software versions and all that11:45
bindiwell, it started working now11:49
bindihe tried to connect to his wlan, couldnt remember the password, went back to 3g and tada it works11:50
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ZogG_laptopfaenil: ping12:29
faenilZogG_laptop, pong12:29
ZogG_laptopfaenil: i'll ask you on other chan :P12:29
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infobotTo build Debian packages from source code: first, add a deb-src line to your sources.list file.  Then "apt-get build-dep _pkg_" and "apt-get -b source _pkg_" to retrieve the build-dependencies, and the source.  The resulting .deb files will be in `pwd`.14:12
DocScrutinizer05~listvalues javis14:13
infobotFactoid search of 'javis' by value (1): aegis-forbids.14:13
DocScrutinizer05what's javispedro's 1.3 kernel repo?14:13
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ZogG_laptopnew simulator of bb10 looks even more like harmattan :P14:31
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djszapi_has anybody used qt3d for a harmattan application here?15:22
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Arkenoiwhich of mohammagAG ui tweaks serves next alarm notification in menu?15:38
Arkenoiah, it is mt-toggles itself15:42
Arkenoiand how do i remove that ugly notification without affecting anything other?15:42
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ZogG_laptopArkenoi: mv it15:53
ZogG_laptopit's all in MohammadAG's announcment thread15:53
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Arkenoion unrestricted system ui?15:54
Arkenoicannot find it :-(15:55
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Arkenoimust be some statusindicatormenu desktop file, right?15:57
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ZogG_laptopit's in the topic and it was discussed few tiems there15:59
Arkenoiah, found it15:59
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Arkenoibut orientation lock works stange, once activated it does not go back to free mode16:05
ZogG_laptoplong press16:05
ZogG_laptopit was discussed as well :P16:05
ZogG_laptopfew toggles have long press16:05
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ZogG_laptopto make it optional for 3 options16:06
ZogG_laptopArkenoi: ^16:06
Arkenoiah, really. thanks16:06
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ZogG_laptopArkenoi: 20$ :P16:09
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lucidowhat api can disable the lock screen or incoming calls16:23
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* Arkenoi tries to understand why rotation sometimes works for twitter and sometimes not, no visible pattern16:38
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Arkenoiand when it does not even orientation lock does not help16:39
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shanttuWhat do you think about FasterN9? Is it like SpeedPatch for Maemo (ie, don't install, don't know how to completely remove)17:36
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djszapiqmake is broken for Harmattan :(21:56
djszapifrom the 19th of September21:56
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mf2hdbah, installed cron from and now i can't remove it because deleting of /etc/crontab is "permission denied" even with root... help, any1? :)22:25
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djszapijonni: do you plan to give a try to the maemo council election as a nominated person?22:36
*** Corsac has quit IRC22:37
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djszapirashm2k: the windows dvd does not even boot.22:50
rashm2khow did you boot?22:53
rashm2kcd or usb?22:53
rashm2kyou did select doot frlm dvd in bios didnt you?22:54
rashm2kboot from22:54
*** macmaN has joined #harmattan22:54
djszapinot really.22:54
djszapibecause I did not have any chance to get into the bios in the first place.22:54
djszapibeford: heyo22:55
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan22:55
rashm2kit will never boot if you cant set it to boot from dvd!22:55
rashm2kif you can get to the grub screen you should be able to get to bios22:56
djszapino, I do not get to the grub screen22:56
rashm2kon a sidenote i am getting this error cannot find variale rootWindow22:57
djszapiand no, it should boot from dvd already22:57
djszapias that is the preference of course if it is bootable.22:57
rashm2kcan you hear the dvd spin?22:57
djszapinot sure22:59
djszapiperhaps a little bit.22:59
djszapieither way, it does not boot.22:59
djszapiso I am kinda clueless.22:59
djszapiBIE  autorun.inf  boot  bootmgr  efi  setup.exe  sources  support  upgrade23:00
djszapiat least I see the files on my Linux after mounting.23:00
djszapifile setup.exe23:00
djszapisetup.exe: PE32+ executable (GUI) x86-64, for MS Windows23:00
rashm2kDoes the DVD look genuine?23:01
djszapino, it is a copy.23:01
djszapibeford: how is stuff?23:02
rashm2kokay in that case the only possible error could be the boot order23:03
djszapior hardware failure23:03
djszapieither my laptop or the disc23:03
djszapithe boot screen got stuck at the first step23:03
djszapiif the dvd is in.23:03
rashm2kcan you press escape and select dvd/cd drive in the post screen23:04
djszapidoes not go futher23:04
beforddjszapi: boring, working on java/glassfish stuff23:04
djszapiwhen I eject the drive, it is going to the grub screen though.23:04
djszapibeford: you do not like java?23:04
*** lucido has quit IRC23:04
djszapintfsfix -b /dev/sda3 -> this did not help either fwiw.23:05
djszapibeford: why not23:05
befordbut i'm a certified "java secure programmer", and there are only two at my work so I must do this23:05
djszapiimplement aegis in java :-)23:06
rashm2kseems like the dvd might be faulty then?23:06
rashm2kdo you have a memoery stick?23:06
djszapirashm2k: if you mean usb pendrive, then nope.23:06
rashm2kI'm out of ideas....23:07
djszapiI left all my pendrives 3000 kms aay23:07
djszapibut I really do not think a pendrive would help.23:07
djszapi -> I will try the lilo thingie in here.23:07
danielcbitHi everyone. Did some one tried to load /usr/libasound using dlopen in harmattan? I always get null pointer from dlopen call23:07
djszapidanielcbit: does it work for other dlls?23:09
danielcbitdjszapi: have not tried yet.23:11
djszapirashm2k: if optical drive did not have a priority then the grub menu would come asap23:11
danielcbitdjszapi:  I was thinking of some aegis problem23:11
djszapiinstead of getting blocked by the dvd thingie.23:11
djszapidanielcbit: then you have something to try.23:12
danielcbitdjszapi: linking with static libraries may have something to do with this? Some 3rdparty libraries I use on my project are linked statically23:14
djszapiwell hard to say; this is not localized enough issue for me at least. No syslog checks, alternatives if it works elsewhere, etc.23:15
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*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan23:24
danielcbitdjszapi: Tried to load other libs as suggested, and it worked. But this time I used directly a char string stead of a define to a char string as I was using before. Thanks!23:25
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rashm2kmaybe give the dvd some time to spin up and get started - how long did you leave the dvd in the drive when trying to boot?23:31
djszapi2 minutes23:32
djszapior perhaps a little bit more23:32
rashm2knothing happened?23:33
rashm2kvery strange23:34
rashm2kwhich laptop do you have23:34
djszapilenovo thinkpad 51023:34
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC23:35
rashm2knot a cheap brand23:35
djszapiit is quite old23:36
djszapimore than two years ago.23:36
rashm2kyes but lenovo are known for good quality stuff23:36
djszapiso it is probably a crap one by today.23:36
rashm2kme thinks the dvd is duff23:38
*** faenil has joined #harmattan23:48
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