IRC log of #harmattan for Wednesday, 2012-09-26

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djszapi__Sfiet_Konstantin: right01:13
djszapi__Sfiet_Konstantin: Randa was fun :)01:13
djszapi__Ryanair was tricky in Milan though01:13
djszapi__they did not accept the boarding pass on my n9.01:14
djszapi__-> +60 EUR. :)01:14
Sfiet_Konstantinwhat the hell seriously01:15
djszapi__yeah, you have to print out.01:15
djszapi__no excuse.01:15
Sfiet_Konstantinthat's so retard01:15
djszapi__I usually travel 1-2 a month01:15
djszapi__never had an issue along the years.01:15
Sfiet_Konstantinsorry for ryanair01:15
djszapi__oh btw01:16
Sfiet_Konstantinbut they are not doing it right01:16
djszapi__I did have the printed stuff in Dublin01:16
djszapi__but at the checkin01:16
djszapi__a woman took my paper :D01:16
djszapi__and she left her there.01:16
djszapi__and I asked the staff if the boarding pass on my N9 is a good fallback01:16
djszapi__because then we do not need to go through the crap procedure01:16
djszapi__and they said all fine, so I did not bother.01:16
djszapi__so just carefully with ryanair.01:17
Sfiet_KonstantinI know to be careful with those lowcost stuff01:17
Sfiet_Konstantinthey will charge you whenever they can01:17
djszapi__yes the webchecking is tricky.01:17
djszapi__at least for me, it was not intuitive to avoid the check-in fee, 20 EUR.01:18
djszapi__it was done the way, it is unintuitive to choose the right button. :)01:18
djszapi__do not think it is a mistake.01:18
Sfiet_Konstantinlike the torrent download websites01:18
djszapi__more like an intentional action.01:18
Sfiet_Konstantinwhere you have the choice between 4 download buttons ?01:18
djszapi__but Switzerland is awesome01:19
djszapi__very very awesome01:19
Sfiet_Konstantinquite a nice country01:19
Sfiet_Konstantinnice photo01:19
djszapi__even the glacier!01:19
Sfiet_Konstantinand the problem is that, the landscape is awesome everywhere in switzerland01:19
Sfiet_KonstantinI'm studying near Leman lake, with views on french alps :P01:20
Sfiet_Konstantinyear, and the "eternal snow" (neiges éternelles in french)01:20
Sfiet_Konstantinthose that do not melt in supper01:20
Sfiet_Konstantinawesome photo :)01:20
rashm2khey people whats cracking01:26
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rashm2kbb10 is looking pretty good01:32
befordnice picture djszapi__01:33
befordrashm2k: hey, yea, alpha B devices looks nice01:33
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djszapi__beford: thanks :)01:33
djszapi__beford: there is another picture btw.01:33
djszapi__with the whole group.01:33
djszapi__this picture was about the KDE Edu team except one person who already left (Kalzium maintainer).01:34
Sfiet_Konstantinrashm2k: well, nothing "new" with bb1001:34
Sfiet_Konstantinmultitask view, launcher and notification center01:34
Sfiet_Konstantininvocation is different01:34
rashm2klooks very similar to meego01:34
Sfiet_Konstantinanything else is a sort of mix between meego and palm01:34
rashm2kperhaps they can give it a decent processor01:35
befordwhich is good Sfiet_Konstantin :p01:35
rashm2kn9 has a measly cpu01:35
Sfiet_KonstantinBBalpha seems a bit laggy01:35
Sfiet_Konstantinbut soft is in beta01:35
Sfiet_Konstantinso ...01:35
befordI like both, never used webos though but it looked nice01:35
Sfiet_Konstantinnot as intuitive as N901:36
djszapi__Switzerland is an awesome place, period.01:36
Sfiet_Konstantinthe swipe do not follow the finger01:36
Sfiet_Konstantinand the notification panel invocation is a mess01:36
djszapi__I would go there for living if English was the first official language.01:36
Sfiet_Konstantinmultitask seems rather limited01:36
Sfiet_Konstantin(i have heard that only 9 apps can be launched)01:36
Sfiet_Konstantindjszapi__: it "is"01:37
djszapi__although Switzerland has the trouble of having too much money.01:37
djszapi__iow, schools do not care about "free os" as Linux because they can pay MS just fine.01:37
Sfiet_Konstantinin Lausanne, I'm speaking english all the time01:37
Sfiet_Konstantindjszapi__: well, at least in math section, we need linux01:37
Sfiet_Konstantinlapack, mpi and stuff don't run well under windows01:37
Sfiet_Konstantina lot of macs here although01:37
djszapi__Sfiet_Konstantin: well, most of the people did not speak in English. :)01:38
djszapi__neither in Visp.01:38
djszapi__Finns can also speak English...01:38
djszapi__but it is not the first official language.01:38
djszapi__can definitely see the difference between living in Finland and Ireland.01:38
Sfiet_Konstantindjszapi__: i see01:38
djszapi__well, matlab is way better than any linux stuff01:38
djszapi__and there are pro math softwares on Windows.01:38
Sfiet_Konstantinin Lausanne, and even worse, in Geneva, english is often heared01:38
djszapi__the problem is that Switzerland has too much money01:38
Sfiet_Konstantinparallel ?01:39
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djszapi__so "free os" is not really a factor.01:39
Sfiet_Konstantinrunning on pc clusters ?01:39
befordI can go there and spend that money to help the linux growth01:39
Sfiet_Konstantinmatlab ? you are joking01:39
Sfiet_Konstantinwell, and in my university, they are spending money on OSS tools as well01:39
djszapi__beford: lolz01:39
Sfiet_Konstantinso money is not a problem01:39
rashm2kI think you are trying to find too many flaws01:39
Sfiet_Konstantinit is what it is done with the money01:39
djszapi__it really is the problem01:39
djszapi__spoke to people in education in Switzerland01:39
djszapi__I am not speaking out of the thin air.01:40
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djszapibeford: heyo11:17
djszapiso did you get the money from the swisses? :p11:17
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djszapiSfiet_Konstantin: morning sir11:20
Sfiet_Konstantinmorning djszapi :)11:20
djszapiSfiet_Konstantin: so I was disconnected on the bus last night.11:20
djszapiI talked to Thomas Thym.11:20
djszapiand Mario Fux.11:20
djszapiboth are trustworthy with children and close to teaching etc in Switzerland.11:21
djszapiand I have been told like that by them. I fully trust their words.11:21
djszapiMario was organizing this sprint for instance.11:21
djszapiSfiet_Konstantin: you can ask him as unormal in #randa11:21
djszapiif you need more information.11:21
djszapibut I am  doing the kde edu stack installer for Windows.11:22
Sfiet_Konstantinthat's good to know :)11:22
djszapiso it should not matter after all.11:22
djszapithey will be able to use the educational KDE applications on Windows.11:22
* Arkenoi has to admit that android (being frequently blamed for battry drains) can stay noticeably longer in "active standby" (online with skype, icq and gtalk and two email accounts in "instant sync" mode)11:22
Sfiet_KonstantinArkenoi: true11:23
Arkenoijust bought droid4, no, it is not quite ready to replace n950 as my main phone, but some things in harmattan now disappoint me11:24
djszapiArkenoi: every phone has pro and cons. ;)11:25
Arkenoiyes, but it is likely that my next phone will be android, not jolla -- the only thing that could change it is if jolla makes big  top-specs phone with qwerty11:27
Arkenoithough "not quite real linux" in android is damn sick thing11:27
djszapiArkenoi: I take you dislike blackberry?11:27
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Arkenoiyes, keyboard should be big. n900 was the smallest one i could tolerate and it was quite pain (though n900 was real smartphone revolution so i had no choice :-)11:29
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djszapiArkenoi: hmm, I am afraid you will be disappointed in the future...11:30
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djszapias the phones lean towards the virtual keyboard approach.11:30
Arkenoivirtual keyboards suck, but when you type something that is not a natural language text and correction cannot work it not just "sucks", it is real hell11:30
djszapido you really use a hardware keyboard for tablets as well?11:31
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Arkenoino, but tablets can give you a different pattern: say, when you travel, you buy a cheapo $10 USB keyboard in a local store and drop it in a hotel when it is no longer needed11:33
Arkenoialso tablet screen is bigger so it is less painful to use soft keyboard11:33
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djszapiArkenoi: well, do you always carry a hardware keyboard with you?12:26
djszapiI personally would not like.12:26
djszapithat is why it is a mobile device to me.12:27
djszapiI do not have to have the same set up as for a desktop stuff.12:27
Arkenoidjszapi, no. but i do not always carry a tablet either12:28
djszapiArkenoi: that is how people use mobile devices.12:29
djszapiit is a mobile device, and they can carry with them to pretty almost everywhere.12:29
djszapiand they are as small as possible.12:29
Arkenoiyes, so it is the phone and it has a keyboard12:29
djszapiotherwise one could just use a laptop.12:30
Arkenoiand it works that way since my first smartphone in 199812:30
djszapifrankly, I do not see it working like that anymore.12:30
djszapiios, anroid, n9, etc12:30
djszapithey all use software keyboards I used so far.12:31
Arkenoii tried. it sucks. it fits good most people usage patterns because people generally do not type on the phone much12:32
Arkenoii do12:32
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djszapiactually I think people type more and more.12:32
djszapisms, new im frontends, etc12:32
Arkenoiot anything longer than tweet or checkin comment12:33
Arkenoinot even12:33
djszapithey are not just typing for sms anymore, but because of other things as well.12:33
Arkenoiand they type in natural languages only12:33
Arkenoiso auto correction is ok for them12:33
djszapiI do not understand how the natural language is relevant to a hardware keyboard or not question?12:34
djszapiadmittedly, I do not even know what a "natural language" is.12:34
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Arkenoidjszapi, languages people use to communicate to each other. and yes, it does matter having a hardware kyoboard if you frequently type something that is not likely to be in any dictionary12:35
djszapiI do not understand why.12:36
djszapiyou would not have completion in neither of those cases.12:36
djszapimeans, you would have type out in both cvases.12:36
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lpappSfietKonstantin: btw, you know that dragon on the picture?13:28
SfietKonstantinKDE mascot ?13:29
SfietKonstantinyeah, I see it sometimes, while checking KDE version :)13:29
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lucidowhat sort of creds do I need to install dbus service files and will the invoker start them as root or can I specify (I need it to be user)?19:23
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phakouhm - why can't I find helium in apps.formeego client?19:47
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lucidorainisto, hmm, it doesn't say anything about dbus startup creds20:33
lucidowhat is executing the EXEC line?20:33
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djszapijpnurmi: ping20:49
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djszapijpnurmi: could you stage these? and
djszapiwow rpi as an own cloud server:
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djszapibeford: elloz :)21:32
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djszapibeford: seems the orientation issue got fixed upstream.21:34
ZogG_laptopbeford: sup21:36
djszapibeford: means, if I update the qt5 stack once integrated, the qtquick2 components are finally working as expected.21:38
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beforddjszapi: good :) too bad the qt5 compile takes a lot :P21:42
befordZogG_laptop: hey21:42
djszapibeford: hopefully, it will be okay by the end of the week.21:42
befordZogG_laptop: how is it going? did you see the bb10 alpha b device? it looks nice :P21:42
ZogG_laptopbeford: i'm going to JAm with MohammadAG :P21:43
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befordZogG_laptop: I know that's why I told you :P21:53
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ZogG_laptopi watched in videos and not sure if i'll get one21:55
rashm2kgot a wierd issue where in a list delegate the timer is only triggered the first time then is not triggered22:05
rainistofinally had time to boot up my pi, upgraded wheezy, installed qt50 daily snapshot, configured on portrait mode etc. Now I'm building buildroot env for fast crosscompilation.22:05
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jonnioops, more familiar nick :)22:05
ZogG_laptopjonni: what do you use as monitor?22:07
djszapiOwnCloud server on the raspberry pi:
*** Shaan7 has joined #harmattan22:08
*** tom___ has joined #harmattan22:08
jonniZogG_laptop: Acer B235HLBbidr 23" IPS LE22:08
infobotjonni meant: ZogG_laptop: Acer B235HLBbidr 23" IPS LED22:09
jonnipretty nice has dvi and hdmi input, will 1920x resolution and can swivel 90' portrait.22:10
*** tom___ has quit IRC22:16
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*** Octal_ has joined #harmattan22:17
*** rantom has joined #harmattan22:18
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rantomHi. I'm having random reboots with my N9. I have no idea what's causing it. Is there a log on the device that I could read, perhaps?22:19
ZogG_laptopjonni: it's separete monitor you bought for it?22:22
ZogG_laptoprantom: /var/log/22:22
jonniZogG_laptop: heh, not really usually its the 3rd monitor for my desktop (dvi) and I just use the hdmi port for pi for testing.22:24
lucidorantom, /var/log/syslog or syslog.old  not dev related btw22:24
rantomZogG_laptop: Thanks22:24
rantomlucido: Ok, thanks. I tried to ask from #n9 but got "did you read the topic?"22:25
rantomOddly though the syslog is not there22:25
lucidodf -h22:26
ZogG_laptopjonni: i barely has one monitor :( btw i moved to laptop now, mostly use only it22:26
lucidocheck available space22:26
jonniheh my 7.5$ ultra mini wlan usb adapter seems to work on r-pi out of the box...  so I can make it wireless :)22:26
lucidocan I disable the power button? If yes, then what creds an api?22:26
rantomlucido: Ok, seems to be fine22:27
jonnilucido: yes you can disable powerbutton if you are root (by editing mce conf), but there is no api for disabling. For controlling devicelock you need devicelock::DeviceLockControl  mce::TKLockControl22:30
*** ced117 has quit IRC22:31
deramjonni: even long press on power button?22:36
jonnideram: it disables short press and long press, but it cannot disable the long-long-press.22:36
deramjonni: ok22:37
deramthat would be somewhat scary to disable22:37
djszapijonni: do not suppose you have approver rights in the Qt Project?22:38
*** tom__ has joined #harmattan22:39
rashm2kanyone have any ideas why the QML timer only runs once inside a ListDelegate?22:42
jonnidjszapi: I'm not sure, I havent checked my rights on gerrit for a while.22:44
djszapijonni: I think you are not. At least, you do not seem to be in the list.22:47
djszapiI would need someone to stage few harmattan changes again. It seems the Qt Project CI is going haywire.22:48
*** elldekaa has joined #harmattan22:51
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rashm2khas no-one any idea - this is driving me crazy23:20
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rashm2kok how do I force re-evaluatin of a listmodel role?23:39
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*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan23:44
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gtxHi everyone. I was wondering: if someone (*sigh*) got the Win8 RT (ARM version) image, could we put it into N9?23:48
*** teo- has joined #harmattan23:49
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gtxI dont know if there's interop between A8 and Tegra3 (in which works perfectly)23:50
*** NIN101 has quit IRC23:52
gtxsounds stupid? haha23:53
djszapi_gtx: hm?23:53
gtx"Hi everyone. I was wondering: if someone (*sigh*) got the Win8 RT (ARM version) image, could we put it into N9?"23:54
gtxdjszapi_: you missed that one ;)23:54
djszapi_I have not.23:55
djszapi_the other nick was here, but did not understand the stupid thing. :D23:56
gtxdjszapi_: Is it stupid to think that we could fit any ARM OS into N9 just because it's ARM too?23:56
ZogG_laptoplet's recompile 3.11 for n9 :P23:57
djszapi_gtx: why would it?23:58
djszapi_check the nitroid thingie23:58
gtxZogG_laptop: LoL23:58
*** liar has quit IRC23:59
djszapi_gtx: only thing would be a problem for Windows may be the bootloader.23:59
gtxdjszapi_: Yes, I know. But you see, there's a lot of incompat., like hw issues23:59

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