IRC log of #harmattan for Monday, 2012-09-24

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rzrdjszapi, i'll get the rpi tomorow ....00:04
rzrdjszapi, neighbour came back00:04
djszapi|windowsrzr: gz :)00:05
djszapi|windowsrzr: I am writing a blog post again.00:05
rzrqt related ?00:06
djszapi|windowsrzr: yes00:07
rzrkde ?00:07
djszapi|windowsrzr: yes00:07
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djszapi|windowsrzr: I have made an installer for rekonq.00:12
rzrusable ?00:13
djszapi|windowsyes, for Windows.00:13
djszapi|windowsI have been using this daily.00:13
djszapi|windowsand I have stepped up for maintaining the kde windows rekonq package.00:13
rzrbtw where did kde cygwin go ?00:13
djszapi|windowswhat is kde cygwin?00:14
rzrthis was a project to support kde for cygwin00:14
rzri used some kde tools in cygwin a decade ago00:14
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rzrbut it looks the project gave up00:14
djszapi|windowsrzr: have not ever heard of any kde cygwin project.00:14
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djszapi|windowshuh, that is quite ancient. ;)00:15
djszapi|windowswe have not used this for kde4 windows.00:16
rzrnot that old00:17
djszapi|windowswe use emerge for KDE Windows (not the Gentoo stuff)00:17
djszapi|windowsit is old :)00:17
rzrbut does it support unix path etc ?00:18
djszapi|windowsunsure what you mean.00:18
ZogG_laptopthey stoled it00:18
rzrcygwin has the unix root ...00:18
ZogG_laptopeven chromeOs00:18
djszapi|windowsrzr: windows does not use linux paths.00:18
rzrwindows is not00:18
djszapi|windowslike said, we do not use cygwin.00:19
ZogG_laptopcit is based on portage00:19
djszapi|windowswe have not been using for eons. :-)00:19
rzrcygwin is generally the 1st stuff i am installing once i am forced to use a windows box00:21
djszapi|windowshave not used cygwin for a decade00:21
djszapi|windowsI do not bother.00:22
djszapi|windowskde emerge is just so powerful.00:22
djszapi|windowsI even develop qt stuff with the kde system on Windows.00:22
djszapi|windowsI have even made "vim" working out of the box with it in the default cmd!00:22
rzrdo you have konsole ?00:22
djszapi|windowsjust cmd00:22
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befordlets see how well the necessitas SDK work01:12
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rzrbeford, qml ?01:13
befordqt on android yea01:13
rzrtell me if symbian componnents are ok01:13
rzrbeen told they're supported partially01:13
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lpappbeford: it does not.01:25
lpappthey do not have components01:25
lpappand there is lots of lack unfortunately.01:25
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lpapprzr: symbian components on Android sounds like a very weird idea to me01:33
rzrunless you create ur own :)01:35
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rzrsymbian+meego component was a weird idea too01:36
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lpapprzr: we do not need nemo or/and mer.01:40
rzr#define we ?01:45
lpapprzr: people preferring mature solutions instead of immature.01:47
rzrevery mature solution was once immature ...01:48
lpappso what?01:48
lpapppeople will prefer immature over mature then?01:48
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lpapprzr: have you ported redak to qtquick2?02:14
rzrnot yet02:14
rzri plan too02:15
rzrshould be fast as you said ... but i use some qtlabs import02:15
lpappjust version update, yes.02:15
rzri'll do that tomorow on rpi :)02:16
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lpappwell rpi is just a stupid board.02:16
lpappyou will need the very minimum a display.02:16
rzri will judge myself02:17
lpappand if that display is not touch friendly, you are screwed02:17
lpappyou will also need then inputs etc02:17
lpappit is not like a phonon just to dismiss the misconceptions....02:17
lpappyou need to get things done which are done by default for target systems02:18
rzrtell me which platform support qtquick2 by default ?02:19
lpappI was not actually referring qtquick2, but for way lower level things02:20
lpappI dislike spending (wasting) my time to take care of even the hardware.02:21
lpappI usually do not even have time for the software...02:21
rzri can understand02:22
lpappand a hardware I make will never be so good like on done by famous vendor as Nokia.02:23
lpappused by bunch of people etc.02:23
rzrso there is no future ...02:23
lpappback to your your slightly different question: raspbian does support qtqucik2 out of the box.02:23
rzri dont even think they have components02:24
lpappqtquick2 != components.02:24
rzrno but redak use them02:24
lpapphmm I apparently missed the deadline for the Qt Conference Day.02:27
lpappI had no time to submit a talk proposal. :/02:27
rzrnext one will be better :)02:28
lpapptoo many events, too less time unfortunately.02:30
lpappcannot be everywhere.02:30
rzrthis is old02:35
lpappvery old, yeah.02:36
lpappthis webkit a cruel beast project XD02:38
lpappI wonder if there is anybody here with decent boost experience?02:41
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anthony_devguys, I'm still not sure how actual work steps must be to make app in nokia n9 style. All that UI stuff ( buttons, labels, edit fields etc) isnt present in QT creator. any links\help?09:34
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anthony_devZogG_laptop: maybe you will help me? t_t10:51
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ZogG_laptopanthony_dev, depends if i can10:52
anthony_devguys, I'm still not sure how actual work steps must be to make app in nokia n9 style. All that UI stuff ( buttons, labels, edit fields etc) isnt present in QT creator. any links\help?10:52
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phakojust code.10:56
phakono designer help available10:56
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anthony_devphako: and another thing: these nokia n9 style buttons, how you implement them? is it downloadable? or it is already in QTsdk?10:58
anthony_dev*buttons/edit fields/etc10:58
phakoit's in the SDK10:59
anthony_devwhen I compile anything from examples\demos folder it doesnt look like n9 apps11:00
ZogG_laptopdepends on what u try to develop and how11:00
ZogG_laptopif u use MTF qml or other11:00
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phakoanthony_dev: I don't think the examples use the N9 style11:09
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anthony_devZogG_laptop: thank you :O11:20
anthony_devphako: oh, ok11:20
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khertan anthony_dev if you want example that have n9 style look at thoose that import 1.0 (it s harmattan qt quick components=12:35
lpapp__would suggest 2.012:36
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Hurriananyone else run their N9 sans swap?12:49
Hurrianpeople are talking about having mtdswap on their N9s, but meh, even on ~10 days uptime, free -m only shows ~830 MB used.12:50
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Hurrianalso: I've noticed that the ramzswap device created by the N9 is encrypted12:51
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Hurrian...which is puzzling.12:51
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lpapp__rZr: got your rpi? :)13:10
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abHurrian: what's puzzling?13:11
Hurrianab, the fact that the zram device is encrypted with AES13:11
abHurrian: this is in order to get around mlock() in many apps to reduce amount of pinned and always in memory pages13:13
Hurrianbasically, forcing encryption forces the kernel to refresh and flush cached data?13:13
abif third-party app would like to keep passwords protected, it would need to mlock() the pages where sensitive information is stored13:14
abso that this sensitive info does not go to swap unprotected13:14
abwhen memory pressure is high13:14
abencrypting swap gives you chance to extend this protection to memory pages which were pushed to it13:15
abcompressed-in-memory swap is a cheap replacement to mtd swap and AES encryption of it is within 1% of performance13:15
abthanks to HW acceleration13:15
abI remember we had huge concern about this solution but actual tests showed it is quite performant13:17
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ZogG_laptopHurrian: there is howto jonni wrote on TMO13:37
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HurrianZogG_laptop, I saw it.13:38
ZogG_laptopHurrian: i saw you13:38
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Hurrianpersonally, I don't use my N9 as a mobile workstation like N900, so filling up RAM and having kernel kill processes is not a problem for me.13:38
ZogG_laptopthere is up to clean ram i think13:39
ZogG_laptopdropcache or something13:39
phakowasn't there some howto on tmo how to save packages downloaded from the store?13:40
rzrdpkg-repack ?13:41
phakoor that13:41
rzri havent tested13:41
rzrbut it built13:41
ZogG_laptopor you can copy them from cache when installing13:42
ZogG_laptopthey are downloaded there13:42
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ZogG_laptoprzr: or raspbarian or qtonpi or wait fr funtoo stagess :P14:35
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djszapiN9rzr, raspbian14:36
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djszapiN9or arch/ubuntu-arm.14:36
rzrlinaro ?14:37
djszapiN9rzr, have you read my blog post?14:37
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rzrwhy focus on windows?14:38
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djszapiN9rzr, qt is run on Linux as it is a fundamental decision for many.14:46
djszapiN9we would not like to discriminate among our users.14:46
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djszapiN9I am mostly the guy working on the platform supports other do not or cannot do.14:47
lucidohow can I detect (in qt) that an app is running or not?14:48
rzrqtest ?14:48
lpapp__lucido: sorry?14:48
rzryou mean if somes process exists ?14:48
lpapp__lucido: you mean IPC (dbus)?14:48
lpapp__or just simply pid query with the posix api?14:49
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lpapp__or if your QCoreApplication singleton is still up14:49
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lucidoI mean I have daemon and an app part, the aplication is sometimes started from my daemon by QProcess and it can also be started from the app launcher. so to avoid starting it twice I want to check from my daemon if its running or not14:50
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lpapp__lucido: use invoker14:51
lpapp__singleinstance option14:52
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lpapp__just like how you should have already done for the desktop file entry14:52
lucidolpapp__, invoker? from qt, how?14:53
lucido ?14:53
lpapp__check the other desktop files. You will love it.14:53
lucidothe other desktop files?14:54
lpapp__you are not the only one in the world who wanna have this feature. ;)14:54
lucidodesktop files are for the app launcher14:55
lpapp__except that invoker is not app launcher specific.14:56
lucidolpapp__, wheres the api doc?14:56
lpapp__this is not api ...14:56
lpapp__invoker is a binary14:56
lucidoI need to start this programmatically14:56
lpapp__and in fact in your case, you will just be fine with the singleinstance binary unless you need to proxy the creds.14:56
lpapp__well, you already used QProcess, so I do not see the problem ...14:57
lucidono creds involved14:57
lucidoah, right14:57
lucidonot very cross platform14:57
lucidojust saying14:58
lpapp__you would like to reinvent the invoker/singleinstance functionality?14:58
lpapp__go ahead if you wish :-)14:58
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lpapp__mind you, you may not be able to get the same creds for your replication as those applications already have.14:58
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lucidothat's fine at this point, I jsut need to have access to files in /home/user15:00
lpapp__except that your daemon is runn?ing as root most likely15:01
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lucidoit's launched from /etc/init/apps15:02
lpapp__yes, as root.15:02
lucidoexec /usr/bin/aegis-exec -l -s -u user /opt/digimedaemon/bin/digimedaemon15:02
lpapp__uhh, that is a dirty hack...15:03
lpapp__you should never use it that way ;)15:03
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lucidowhats the path of the invoker?15:04
lpapp__"which invoker" will let you know.15:04
lpapp__if you are behind ssh.15:05
lpapp__and I am sure other desktop files may also have abolute paths for that.15:05
lucidoany other solutions?15:05
lucidoI mean I could use dbus15:05
lpapp__huh why?15:05
lucidoI son't know, because of the creds?15:06
lpapp__I wonder if you know how invoker works.15:07
lpapp__it is important to understand as a basic step for application developers15:07
lpapp__as it is also needed for handling the desktop file.15:07
lpapp__Perhaps you could look up the documentation15:07
lpapp__it has an option for single instance (iirc -s)15:08
lpapp__which calls the /usr/bin/singleinstance or similarly named functionality.15:08
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lucidoI wrote this app a year ago, forgot all about that15:12
lucidoit says: Exec=/usr/bin/invoker --type=d -s /opt/digimeapp/bin/digimeapp15:12
lucidoI guess I have to use the same option when launching from QProcess15:12
lucidoI need to revrite it because with the new firmware it became uninstallable (had a hidden declarativeview in my daemon) and people were telling me to f*** myself in the app review15:16
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lpapp__it is not a rocket science :)15:16
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lucidowell, thanks lpapp15:21
lpapp__cheers :-)15:21
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ZogG_laptopbeford: hey18:28
ZogG_laptoprzr: ping18:36
ZogG_laptoprzr: , tell djszapiN9 :P18:37
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befordnot much, doing work stuff18:37
befordZogG_laptop: and you? did you already vote for cc?18:37
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ZogG_laptopbeford: a long time ago :P18:40
befordit makes no sense that with qt5 his devices feels faster18:40
befordsince all apps are still using qt418:41
befordInstalling Qt5 libraries will not make the device faster. Those libraries are not used unless there are newly ported and compiled applications that make use of those libraries. None of the software on N9 uses qt5 libraries, they would need to be recompiled to use qt5 libraries.18:41
ZogG_laptopwhere do you read this18:42
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lucidowhat's an efficient implementation of a function call between two of my apps when the argument passed is about 2kb?19:15
*** lbt has joined #harmattan19:15
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djszapi_lucido: IPC19:22
*** jaywink has quit IRC19:22
lucidodjszapi, yes, which implementation would you recommend?19:22
lucidoI have been using gconf for rudimentary ipc but for complex and large data types it's not suitable19:23
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ablucido: unix domain socket19:32
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djszapiN9lucido, dbus?19:37
lucidodjszapiN9, looking for something simple, dbus seems complicated19:38
djszapiN9lucido, why would it?19:39
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lucidodjszapiN9, you have to register your app first with the os with some config files19:40
lucidomight be wrong19:40
lucidoabout that19:40
djszapiN9lucido, I would personally go for dbus, but up to you19:41
*** pinheiro has joined #harmattan19:41
djszapiN9I do not unfortunately know any good and nonhack alternative.19:41
djszapiN9what is that 2 mb by the way?19:41
lucidoI see, I'll give it a try19:41
*** qwazix has joined #harmattan19:44
lucido2-200kb, it's a finger trace for, authentication19:45
lucidoI dont want to load up the classifier every time the lockscreen is activated19:45
lucidoso I want to store the classifier in the memory in the daemon19:46
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rashm2kdoes anyone have any experience with Axis2C?21:11
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rashm2kmy .so file is 187mb21:50
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rashm2kis noone about22:34
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