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piggzworking out how to port from qtquick1 to 2...the later not inheriting from qgraphicsitem is a problem02:51
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bigotesare you testing qt5/qtquick2 from comunity repo?02:52
piggzno...this is currently for a blackberry, but will use it on harmattan when its ready02:53
bigotesthere is a build for quick2 on the repo, by djszapi02:54
bigotesit still has some rough edges though02:54
piggzif there was a qquickitem::collidingItems() it would build :/02:55
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rzrhi itsnotabigtruck sitll alive ?15:46
djszapi_rzr: no15:46
djszapi_I killed him15:46
rzrhere i can reconize your diplomatic skills15:46
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ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: aegis fix in real life when it failed on harmattan? :P17:31
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lucidohow can I create a folder from qt?17:37
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djszapi_lucido: mkdir17:38
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djszapi_rzr: wanna update phonon?18:12
djszapi_to debian testing?18:12
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rzr # Wanna join !n950club for only +2500 EUR ?  #MeeGo #HarmattaN #n950 #MerProject18:29
lucidoare they really worth that much?18:32
lucidotoo bad mine has a defective display18:32
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lucidowhats that deb-exec line in my osa.list file?19:00
lucidoshould I add bigtrucks repo line to that file?19:00
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Lava_Crofthaha, what19:07
rashm2kBB10 is looking pretty good:19:11
bindiwtb hw qwerty phone19:14
rashm2k10 phones they say19:16
rashm2ksome with keyboard19:16
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rashm2kanyone here good with C++ namespaces?19:56
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rzrrashm2k, ask20:05
rashm2kmy question20:08
rashm2kits a nicer format than this chat20:08
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jpnurmirashm2k: first of all, qt is a c++ framework. there is no such thing as "qt linker". you can use qt with various toolchains on various platforms20:12
jpnurmirashm2k: secondly, don't you think you forgot something relevant?20:12
rashm2ksuch as?20:12
jpnurmishould people try to build those things themselves to see the error?20:13
rashm2ktell me and I will add it20:13
rashm2kprobably not20:13
jpnurmithen pastebin the error :)20:13
rashm2kdoing that now20:13
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jpnurmipreferably including the compiler command that is followed by the rror20:14
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jpnurmirashm2k: are those the full files or is there something missing? the indentation looks funky20:16
rashm2kno it's full files20:17
rashm2kits the code generation20:17
jpnurmijust pastebin the full error and we'll take a look20:19
rashm2kthe log file is about 3mb20:19
rashm2kcutting it down now20:19
rashm2kthe code takes 20min to complie20:19
rashm2kwith 50k+ warnings20:20
jpnurmiwhat about going backwards from the error message to the last compiler command?20:20
jpnurmii hope that's not 3mb :)20:21
rashm2ksee this:
rashm2kI've missed out the bits in the middle20:22
rashm2kso it should hopefully be enough for you to work with20:22
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rashm2kcan you still access the thread>20:26
rashm2kI think I accidently clicked the deelte button????20:26
jpnurmii can see lots of "warning: overriding recipe for target `AbstractRequestType.o'"20:28
jpnurmiare you sure you don't simply have those multiple times in your .pro file?20:28
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rashm2kI saw those but wasn't sure what they were20:29
jpnurmi"SOURCES += AbstractRequestType.cpp" twice would do that20:30
rashm2kThey are only included once in my pro file20:30
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rashm2kI used an online tool to remove duplicates20:30
rashm2kthere are no duplicates20:31
jpnurmian online tool to remove duplicates from your .pro file? :o20:31
rashm2ksorry please ignore that comment20:31
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rashm2kI used it for something else20:31
jpnurmii'm afraid the make tool doesn't agree with you20:32
rashm2kI copied the file paths using the KDE filemanage20:32
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rashm2klet me dump my pro file to pasein so you check it out20:33
jpnurmiis it all defined in the same .pro file? or do you have .pri files you could include twice by accident or so?20:33
jpnurmior perhaps the same files in two different .pri files?20:33
jpnurmidoes it also happen if you do a clean rebuild. ditch all intermediate files, re-run qmake and build again from a clean table20:34
jpnurmiif make throws those warnings, you can cancel the build there20:34
rashm2kwhat does that warning mean?20:35
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rashm2kI tried goggling it but it didnt make much sense to me20:35
jpnurmirashm2k: there are duplicate building rules for the same file20:36
jpnurmiactually, for a file with the same name, to be more correct20:36
jpnurmi"SOURCES += foo/test.cpp bar/test.cpp" would cause the same problem20:37
jpnurmianyway, can you try cleaning up that commented out stuff in the middle of the SOURCES list?20:37
jpnurmimaybe it confuses qmake20:37
rashm2kits not that20:38
rashm2kthe comments were just me trying to fix it manually20:38
jpnurmiperhaps splitting that in .pri files makes it easier to handle. it's painful to read :)20:39
rashm2kyes - that was going to be my next task20:39
rashm2kit was easy to read until now20:39
rashm2kthe WSDL file generates 2.5k files!20:40
jpnurmiwell, commenting stuff out in the middle of a list that is escaped to continue on the next line is probably not a good idea anyway20:40
rashm2kI will remove that20:40
rashm2kOther than that can you spot anything else?20:40
jpnurmicreate separate .pri files for each service: finding, trading, shopping20:41
rashm2kwhat if I just create a seperate library - would that be enough?20:41
rashm2kcompiling all these files is painful - it takes 20min+20:42
jpnurmithat's even better20:42
rashm2kwhat does that recipe warning mean?20:43
jpnurmi<jpnurmi> "SOURCES += foo/test.cpp bar/test.cpp" would cause the same problem20:43
rashm2kso it can't tell the difference between the generated .o files?20:43
jpnurmimakefile contains recipes for building each object file20:44
jpnurmifoo.obj: <dependencies>20:45
jpnurmi<how to build>20:45
jpnurmiyou have those recipes twice, which confuses make20:45
rashm2kwhat if I upload the Makefile in the build folder?20:46
rashm2kwould you be able to check it and be 100% sure of the issue?20:46
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jpnurmiyou have the warning with line numbers, you can check it yourself ;)20:47
jpnurmiMakefile:20079: warning: overriding recipe for target `AbstractRequestType.o'20:47
jpnurmiMakefile:5419: warning: ignoring old recipe for target `AbstractRequestType.o'20:47
jpnurmietc etc20:47
rashm2kyes yes20:50
rashm2kthere are two definitions for AbstractRequestType.o20:50
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rashm2klooks like it's going to have to be library files then20:51
rashm2kthanks dude20:51
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rashm2kat least I know now what I've got to do - rather than just randomly trying random stuff!20:52
rashm2kwhat if both libraries use the same namespace?20:52
rashm2kAbstractRequestType is defined twice - once in trading and once in shopping, the WSDL generation tool uses the same namespace for both - they need to be indifferent namespaces?20:53
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jpnurmiyeah, libraries won't solve that21:02
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* djszapi__ is updating phonon21:34
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djszapi__beford: greez from Switzerland. :-)21:51
befordhey djszapi__21:52
befordi'm still at Colombia :<21:52
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jesuschrist_colombia coca is the best, they say21:53
befordcoca cola21:53
befordsome prefer pepsi21:53
jesuschrist_and some cocaine21:53
befordwhy not21:56
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djszapi_rzr: ping22:51
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rzrdjszapi__, back23:22
djszapi__rzr: Can't locate object method "load" via package "Dpkg::Substvars" at /usr/bin/dh_sameversiondep line 204.23:22
djszapi__what is this?23:23
djszapi__trying to update phonon23:23
rzrbroken dpkg ?23:23
djszapi__no clue...23:23
djszapi__I recall such issues last time...23:23
djszapi__not sure how I fixed those last time...23:23
rzr#dh_sameversiondep ?23:23
djszapi__rzr: there is no such a line in the rules file.23:24
djszapi__./debian/control:33:         ${sameVersionDep:libqt4-dev:libphonon4},23:24
djszapi__./debian/control:58:         ${sameVersionDep:libqt4-dev:libphononexperimental4}23:24
rzrthen add overide_dh_sameversiondep23:24
rzrthat one is anoying...23:25
djszapi__but I did not override last time...23:25
djszapi__and it worked...23:25
djszapi__did not comment sameVersionDep either23:25
rzrbtw i am confused u dont need phonom4 for qt5 ?23:25
djszapi__what the heck is this btw?23:25
djszapi__I need it for kde frameworks23:25
djszapi__or anybody else can need it.23:25
rzrthat one was ok what went wrong ?23:25
rzrwe had kdelibs etc23:26
djszapi__kde frameworks != kdelibs23:26
rzri though that one was built23:27
rzrbut u must be right23:27
djszapi__no, kde frameworks was never built23:28
djszapi__it is a fairly new stuff23:28
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djszapi__override did not help btw23:28
djszapi__any other ideas?23:28
*** njsf has joined #harmattan23:28
djszapi__well I commented the sameVerionDep for now, but it is a very dirty hack.23:30
rzrbest would be to report the bug , but to who ?23:31
rzrworkarounds will create a monster :)23:31
djszapi__there is no such a problem on the c-obs23:31
djszapi__just in scratchbox...23:31
djszapi__then I do not care.23:32
djszapi__I will just install from c-obs.23:32
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djszapi__rzr: it is a mess if you ask me.23:43
djszapi__rzr: have you known that c-obs uses sb2 even for Harmattan?23:43
djszapi__rzr: could you please package funkeysynth?23:44
*** rzr is now known as rZr23:45
rZrnot now23:45
*** DrGrov has joined #harmattan23:45
djszapi__rZr: then I will do it I guess.23:45
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