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djszapi_jpnurmi: ping00:36
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HtheBanybody has a solution for my flashing problem?01:53
HtheBcant flash a N901:53
HtheBalthough I flashed some other n9's01:54
HtheBcant flash one particulair one01:54
HtheBit just stays stuck on01:54
HtheBhope someone can help me01:55
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befordwhat firmware are you trying to flash01:57
befordfull name01:57
HtheBflasher.exe -F DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_LE GACY_006-OEM1-958_ARM.bin -f --erase-mmc01:58
HtheBpsaed the command :p01:58
HtheBignore the space bewetten LE GACY (pasting issue over here)01:59
befordyea, but I thought that version was the current one on the phone01:59
beforddo you know what is the current version of the flashed image?01:59
njsfHtheB: the other N9s you flashed was on the same computer ?01:59
HtheBto be honest02:00
HtheBI try to help a friend (from Teamviewer)02:00
HtheBand somehow, it didnt work on his laptop02:00
HtheBtold me that he also tried a different pc02:00
HtheBsame problem02:00
njsfok. does the n9 show the usb symbol on boot when connected ?02:01
HtheBIt shows the "nokia n9 update rom" just for a second (windows tries to install the drivers) but then it says device unplugged02:01
HtheBwhich means afaik that the device already went to boot harmattan02:01
njsfHmmm Windows x64 ?02:02
HtheBbut I also use w7 x64 myself02:02
HtheBand it just work02:02
djszapi_the sgx stuff is from Imagination Technologies?02:03
djszapi_ah indeed02:04
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HtheBany advice on how to solve this problem guys?02:04
HtheBI even disabled the automatic online driver lookup02:05
djszapi_rzr: heading soon to Dublin02:05
djszapi_and then Milano02:05
djszapi_and the Swiss mountains finally :-02:05
njsfHtheB: try with -v see if it logs any clues on a new attempt ?02:06
HtheBlet me try02:06
HtheBhang on02:06
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HtheBnjsf: nope, nothing new at all02:10
njsfwhat does flasher -i show ?02:10
njsfit seems like somehow that N9 has unstable USB02:11
njsfdoes it boot normally in his current image and you can access the data there ?02:11
HtheBit boots normally at the moment02:12
HtheBlet me get the info with 0i02:13
njsfthis is just to see if the USB connection with flasher is working...02:13
njsfyou may want to reinstall flasher then reboot windows ?02:13
HtheBSuitable USB interface (bootloader/phonet) not found, waiting... Found device RM-696, hardware revision 1603 NOLO version 2.3.6 Version of 'sw-release': DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_006 Success02:13
HtheBjust as before02:13
njsfthat looks a bit different02:14
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njsfah no, then after ape-algo it doesn't find it anymore...02:14
njsfdid you try with -F ..  -f -R too ?02:14
njsfjust for kicks02:14
HtheBlet me try again though :P02:15
HtheBaltought that should be only adding a reboot at the end02:15
njsfyes, I know02:15
njsfdid you always try with the --erase-mmc ? or you get same behavior without?02:17
HtheBno luck02:17
njsfok, I'm out of ideas sorry02:18
HtheBsame as without --erase-mmc02:18
njsfmaybe searching and re-reading flashing threads on TMO might help ?02:18
njsfsometimes there are hidden nuggets there02:18
HtheBI shuold try it myself on a different laptop02:18
njsfOr start a new thread there02:19
njsfOr a different cable02:19
HtheBthe only idea left02:19
njsfjust to eliminate all the variables possible02:19
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djszapi_jonni: if I try to extract the zip files into the MyDocs/cities, it does not work10:30
djszapi_shall I create subfolders for each because the second extraction tries to overwrite the first.10:30
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lucidocan you have multiple qdeclarativeviews in one app?13:06
Vesuridoes anyone happen to know what's the way to toggle bluetooth on and off programmatically in harmattan? I know there are apps already which do that, but I have a use case that would make it nice to have in my own application13:11
lucidoVesuri, I think it's void QBluetoothLocalDevice::powerOn ()13:20
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suylucido: afaik, yes, you can have many declarative instances13:24
Vesurilucido: ah, of course. thanks, I'll try it out13:25
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lucidosuy, question is is that the best way to do it: my app has two UIs implemented in QML, that's why I need it13:26
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suyI think than in general no, because in general you don't have "two UIs". You have one UI, that might have different blocks, normally way more than two. Then your app changes from block to block, or uses some container to group, alternate, etc. between groups.13:28
lucidoit's a sceen lock app and one UI is for the lockscreen and the rest is handled by the other UI13:30
lucidoI guess it could be done with only one view but it's easyer to use two13:31
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lucido"tag-type specific access as described above is not supported on MeeGo Harmattan."13:35
lucidois this still the case?13:35
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suylucido: then two views make sense, IMHO14:14
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rzr my rpi's arrived it is just behind my neighboor wall15:59
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kevin_bis there any known efficient workaround for the software downgrade disallowed flashing problem?16:53
rzrnot i am aware of16:53
kevin_bso I'm stucck with 3 mobile image :'(16:54
kevin_b28x smth16:54
admiral0i'm stuck with danish firmware....16:54
kevin_badmiral0 : quite my situation16:55
admiral0i know16:55
admiral0kevin_b: :D16:56
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merlin1991hm how would I display simple banner from a console (qt) application17:54
merlin1991MBanner needs a QGraphicsScenen ...17:55
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gambitrexGreetings. What's an acceptable average idle consumption (in mA)?18:00
gambitrexIs there a general rule? e.g. there's something wrong if more than 50mA,18:00
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arceanmerlin1991: maybe MNotification?18:02
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merlin1991ooops segfault :D18:03
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merlin1991hm now i need to make sure that the binary always runs as user :/18:10
bigotesaegis-exec ?18:10
merlin1991that would only help with executing from a desktop file18:11
merlin1991or when I type it18:11
bigotesfrom daemons it work too18:11
merlin1991but I want it do be like that implicitely18:11
merlin1991hm I could do a shellscript wrapper with aegis-exec18:11
merlin1991do I need any tokens for aegis-exec?18:12
Vesurimerlin1991: MNotification is the way to do it. usage is pretty much as in (except just use MNotification instead of MNotificationToolNotification). to define the properties of your notification you may want to install a new event type in /usr/share/meegotouchs/notifications/eventtypes, like x-merlin.myapp.notificationtype.conf18:12
bigotesmerlin1991: there is also a thread on the forum  about using dbus to send notification18:12
Vesuriyou can define the icon etc. there - look at other .conf files for examples18:12
merlin1991is there a predefined MNotification type that does not contain an icon?18:14
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Vesurimerlin1991: what is your notification for? is it something that should stay on the notification area (like "you have received an SMS") or something that should just be displayed briefly (like "battery low")?18:15
merlin1991something that has to be displayed briefly18:15
Vesuriokay, then you could try for example using MNotification::DeviceEvent  as the eventType parameter in MNotification18:16
Vesuriand then you don't need to create an event type definition file18:16
merlin1991yeah, but it has the device icon :/18:16
Vesuriyou can try grep class=system /usr/share/meegotouch/notifications/eventtypes/*.conf and see if there's one that doesn't have iconId set :) ... or you can just create your own .conf which just says class=system18:18
Vesurix-nokia.internet doesn't seem to have an iconId set18:19
Vesuribut it does play a warning sound18:19
Vesurithe best thing would be to provide your own event type18:19
merlin1991hm suddenly it segfaults (I added the setuid and setgid lines)
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merlin1991hm aegis-exec shell wrapper it is then18:29
Vesuridoes it work if you su - user and then run it?18:29
bigotessetuid / setgid require aegis capabilities18:30
bigotesmerlin1991: is this for a daemon that should be started on boot?18:31
merlin1991no it should be started whenever the user feels like18:31
merlin1991it's a run once thing18:31
merlin1991about the aegis capabilities, I think I#ve got them covered (from my restok.conf)
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merlin1991hm even with aegis-exec -luuser I get sethwtime" Failed to connect to remote themedaemon. Retrying in one second18:54
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Pirucareful when buying N9 display assembly from ebay19:26
PiruI was sent N800 display assembly not N9 (they're incompatible)19:26
Piruseller: digital-home12319:27
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SpeedEvilare they refunding you?19:42
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piggzdamn blackberry rleleasing so many classic games, thats 3 bought now!23:06
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