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ZogG_laptopLava_Croft: morning to you too10:11
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lucidoI ran into the 4mb /tmp limit with my app11:14
lucidocan't deploy it11:14
lucidointernet says it's fixed in creator 2.5 but the maintenance tool doesn't show any available updates11:15
djszapi_use /var/tmp and getenv11:17
djszapi_do not hardcode to /tmp11:17
lucidowhat is hardcoding>?11:17
lucidoand where do I set the tmp path11:18
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djszapi_but better to use QDesktopServices in a Qt application.11:19
djszapi_or QStandardPaths with Qt5.11:20
djszapi_provided they have Harmattan support. If not, I can add upstream.11:20
lucidooh no the problem is when deploying my app from qtcreator11:20
lucidoit uploads the packages to /tmp because it tries to install from there11:21
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djszapi_it does not matter who is the culsprit11:22
djszapi_that should be done is what I said.11:22
djszapi_report that to whomever making it wrong.11:22
djszapi_you can perhaps make the tmp as a symlink to /var/tmp manually for now as a hackaround.11:24
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* djszapi_ is off to work, have a nice day11:24
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lucidoit's fixed in qtcreator2.5 jsut that it doesn't come in an sdk only as a standalone app11:25
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phakoyou can use 2.6 beta stand-alone, it will pick up the SDK. ok, you'll have stuff installed twice, but well.11:26
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ArkenoiHmm, my n950 is  40.212.17-2 which is obviously older than leaked 21-312:05
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Arkenoioops. seems that i broke twitter somehow15:29
ZogG_laptopArkenoi: older is not newer right?15:35
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Arkenoidunno, i get xsession/mtwitter man process terminated with status 115:39
Arkenoiand that's it15:39
Arkenoiknown problem?15:39
Arkenoiupdated it from n9 repository, it worked fine before15:39
Arkenoithough.. no, i doubt it was from n9 repository15:40
Arkenoiiirc it is part of PR metapackage15:40
Arkenoibut it asked me if I want to update it.. strange.15:40
valdur55clear twitter cache ?15:42
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ZogG_laptopdeleted database15:53
ZogG_laptopsearch for .twitter dir in home or something15:53
Arkenoiwill try now15:59
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Arkenoicannot find it16:02
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lucidonfc stopped working after I upgraded to pr1.3, what did they change?16:18
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lucidono nfc detection as it seems16:26
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lucidonfc detection stopped working since update to pr1.317:31
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ZogG_laptoplucido: haha :P did you turn it on at lest?18:10
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lucidoZogG_laptop, i DID18:19
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lucidoI'm trying a type 1 tag18:32
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rigotags are lowercase, aren't they? Or is it HTML 3.0? :)18:34
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lucidorigo, srsly tags work?19:26
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djszapi_Venemo: hey19:30
djszapi_Venemo: how is  your Qt5 work going for N9?19:36
Venemodjszapi_, it's not.19:36
djszapi_Venemo: why?19:38
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ZogG_laptoplack of time?19:42
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Arkenoiwhat is the recommended version of skype plugin for 40.2012.21-3 on n950? the one from n9 repository apparently fails to fetch contact list from the server19:44
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ZogG_laptopArkenoi: there is bug in skype i think search at tmo20:08
ZogG_laptopit's on n9 as well i think20:08
ZogG_laptopand related to skype changes on servers side20:08
ZogG_laptopbut i didn't read carefully and might be wrong20:08
Arkenoihmm can you find a specific link?20:09
Arkenoi this one?20:10
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Arkenoitried as they suggested, did not work20:20
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ArkenoiUPD: worked finally20:25
Arkenoidamn it's stupid20:25
Arkenoii wonder if my twitter problem may be fixed like that20:25
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rashm2ksomething wierd is going on with my QML code23:27
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ZogG_laptoprashm2k: the truth is out there23:37
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An_T_EileanI guess you're probably aware of the sound issues of the N9 when using bluetooth playback.  I'm just looking for a solution and thus far have not been able to find a definitive answer.  Would anyone here be able to point me in the right direction?23:41
ZogG_laptopwhat problem excatly23:42
ZogG_laptoplags or noise or what?23:42
rashm2kWhen I load my QML using javascript the whole screen is none-responsive23:42
ZogG_laptoplags can be due bluetooth device or bluetooth being week on n923:42
ZogG_laptoprashm2k: check the log23:42
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djszapi_rashm2k: because it does not load in a different thread.23:43
djszapi_rashm2k: how long qml file do you have?23:43
An_T_EileanThe sound just drops out momentarily and then again a moment later and playback resumes for an indefinite period of time.23:44
rashm2kits about 330 lines23:44
rashm2knothing obvious in the log23:44
rashm2kthe Page loads I can see it display properly - but no interactoin is possible23:45
rashm2keven the toolbar is non-responsive23:45
djszapi_you are doing something wrong.23:45
djszapi_loading 330 lines should be inrecognizable.23:45
An_T_Eileanafk bbl.23:50
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rashm2kinrecognizable??? What do you mean?23:55
djszapi_typo, but do you seriously think it takes ages a computer nowadays to parse 330 lines in only just for your application?23:57
rashm2kNo - it's done in micro seconds23:59
rashm2kI'm not sure what i was doing wrong23:59
rashm2kbut I've decided to take a different approach23:59
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