IRC log of #harmattan for Wednesday, 2012-09-19

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rashm2kcontrol the view from the Pagestack rather than the ListView item delegate00:00
rashm2kI do have anothe issue though - I'm sure you can help me with this one00:01
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rashm2kThis item here00:01
rashm2kThe dash between BLUETOOTH and 2 MP is not ASCII00:01
rashm2kAnd is not displaying correctly on my page, any pointers as to how I deal with this?00:02
rashm2kI am getting this text from a std::string object from C++00:02
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djszapi_why would you use std::string ever?00:03
djszapi_use QString; you will love it.00:03
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An_T_EileanHi, I'm back.00:21
rashm2kThe Web service framework uses std::string so I have NO control over this00:24
rzru need wstring or qstring00:24
rzrto store unicode00:25
djszapi_rashm2k: of course you have.00:27
djszapi_like said, use QString, and you will have no more problems.00:27
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rzrdjszapi_: how was qt day1 ?00:30
djszapi_rzr: pardon?00:30
rzrdigia published an article as qt day 100:31
rzr1st day out of nokia hands00:31
rashm2kCan I extract the raw bytes from the std::string the read them in and set the encoding?00:31
djszapi_rzr: do not care00:31
djszapi_rashm2k: I would suggest you to get familiar with one of the basic classes in Qt: QString.00:32
djszapi_you will love it.00:32
rzrdjszapi_: what do u care then ? kde00:32
djszapi_there is nothing magical, and everything is well documented.00:32
djszapi_rzr: music00:32
rzrwhat kind?00:33
djszapi_rzr: indian00:33
rzrlet me guess japanpop00:33
djszapi_rashm2k: -> I have written you exactly more than one and half months ago what to do :-)00:34
rzrclassical indian ragga are ok00:34
rzrbut out of topic00:35
rashm2kChanging the web service framework to use Qstring is beyond my abilities.00:35
rashm2kPlus I don't have the time00:36
djszapi_have you actually read what I wrote?00:36
rashm2kyes - I now use QString::fromStdString(xxxxx)00:38
rashm2kBut still not displayed correctly00:38
djszapi_blame your webservice.00:38
djszapi_if you feed QString with correct raw data, it just works.00:39
rashm2kI'm not so sure00:39
djszapi_we are sure.00:39
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rashm2keven code that is pure Qt causes issues00:40
djszapi_then you are doing it wrong.00:40
rashm2koh no it's because of this bug:00:41
djszapi_except that, this is not the problem of QString itself.00:43
djszapi_and you have never mentioned qml in this scenario00:43
djszapi_so I kinda wasted my time again because the person asking, did not know what he is asking, and what he would like to know.00:43
* djszapi_ sometimes wonders why people filter out important information randomly00:44
rashm2kno the web service returns the correct encoding00:50
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ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: maybe u are the one filtering the important information and really randomly?01:10
ZogG_laptopthe smarter questions you are asking yourself?01:10
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befordI'll ask w00t if he gets errors on the console, it seems to run ok for him02:15
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An_T_EileanI have a Harmattan N9 that when playing back audio over bluetooth there are intermittent gaps in the playback.  The decode of the audio track continues as the sound is picked up moments later.  I've been researching this problem but I can't find anything definitive, would anyone here be able to offer any pointers?02:26
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ZogG_laptopAn_T_Eilean: try other headseti think it's signal related02:54
An_T_Eilean@ZogG_laptop It's not the headset, I'm using it with a Nokia Bluetooth Headset, a QED Bluetooth Receiver and a car hands free kit.  Each exhibit the same problem.  At first like you I suspected the signal strength especially in the car you don't know what kind of noise source you could be coming into proximity to but with both the headset and the QED I'm able to place the phone directly in contact with the receiving d03:10
An_T_Eileanproblem.  Also with noise there would at least be exhibited some form signal degradation as error correcting codes come into play.03:10
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befordsup ZogG_laptop03:21
befordgot your first BB application ready?03:21
befordI've not received any answer from Ash :/03:21
befordor whatever his name is03:21
An_T_EileanI heard a bleep which means my time is up.  I'm going to wish you all an enjoy time of day relevant to your locality.03:27
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djszapi_beford: well, orientation is not resolved.05:01
djszapi_in addition touch is not used either.05:02
djszapi_plus it is a bit obsolete version.05:02
djszapi_there were changes since June.05:02
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djszapi_also, do not forget: they use qt4 for nemo so they do not quite test it.05:06
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Sazpaimon_ this page warms my heart06:20
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djszapi_Sazpaimon_: and makes me a tad sad panda.06:29
befordThe Qt development framework was created in 1994 by a company called Trolltech. In 2008, Trolltech sold the Qt development framework to Nokia.06:35
befordI thought they bought the whole trolltech06:36
djszapi_yes, they are not contradictory.06:36
befordwell trolltech did not sell Qt to NOK06:37
djszapi_yes, they did.06:37
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Arkenoihey, does anyone has twitter .deb for n950? seems that mine is broken and i need to replace it..11:28
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RandomGuyOnBedHey guys, i'm running Meego Harmattan PR 1.3 on my N9 device, i want to forward my internet connection from my pc to my n9 via usb. I can ping my computer via ssh, but i cannot ping websites. Any reason for that?11:30
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djszapi_RandomGuyOnBed: have you followed the usb networking wiki?11:35
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RandomGuyOnBeddjszapi_: I guess so, if you mean this one:
RandomGuyOnBedHaven't found one for harmatten especially11:38
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mschlensRandomGuyOnBed: you want to use your PC's network connection through your N9?11:43
mschlensFor that you'll have forwarding enabled on your PC.11:43
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RandomGuyOnBedmschlens: No. I want to forward my internet connection from my pc to my n9. I don't have wlan here and a limited 3g connection :/11:44
mschlensN9 -> PC -> Internet?11:44
mschlensYeah, you'll need forwarding on your PC>11:45
mschlensBasically the steps on the PC should be the same as for the N90011:45
mschlens iptables -A POSTROUTING -t nat -s -j MASQUERADE11:46
mschlens echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward11:46
mschlensare the important steps in the doc11:46
mschlensyou'll obviously have to replace the IP with your PC's IP.11:46
djszapi_RandomGuyOnBed: yes, just follow those instructions. Should be working.11:47
djszapi_if it does not, start clearly from the beginning.11:47
RandomGuyOnBedWell i'm running windows here, so there is already a driver which handles the whole routing. At least it should ..11:47
djszapi_oh windows ...11:47
RandomGuyOnBedDon't hate me, hate my company :) I'd happier with arch11:48
mschlensRandomGuyOnBed: Windows 7 or XP?11:49
RandomGuyOnBedmschlens: 711:49
RandomGuyOnBedOf course i installed the nokia linux RNDIS driver. I'm not that kind of newbie :)11:50
mschlensDoes that help?11:51
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Arkenoi <- any ideas? could anyone please share working .deb for me?11:55
RandomGuyOnBedmschlens: Regedit? Seriously.. god damn windows. Rebooting now, brb :D11:55
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MFaro-TusinoArkenoi: You need pr 1.312:05
ArkenoiMFaro-Tusino, already installed. may be updating from n9 repository was a mistake, but how can i roll back without reflash?12:05
Arkenoii need .deb of oirginal twitter i guess12:06
Arkenoican anyone make one for me?12:06
MFaro-TusinoDid you flash 1.3, or was apt-get distro upgrade?12:09
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MFaro-Tusinoeasiest way is remove n9 repo12:10
MFaro-Tusinoapt-get update12:10
MFaro-Tusinoapt-get --reinstall12:10
*** niwakame|away is now known as niwakame12:11
MFaro-Tusinoapt-get --reinstall install12:11
MFaro-Tusinofollowed by the package names12:11
MFaro-Tusinomake sense?12:11
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RandomGuyOnBedmschlens: well .. and again, nothing. Does it matter that my internet connection goes through a domain?12:20
mschlensNo idea. I don't know windows :)12:23
RandomGuyOnBedLooks like i don't know it either ..12:24
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niwakameRandomGuyOnBed: having problems with what?12:43
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RandomGuyOnBedniwakame: I want to share my internet connection from my pc onto my n9 device via usb12:46
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RandomGuyOnBedI can ping my computer and the gateway, but not the internet12:46
ZogG_laptopniwakame: sup my dudele12:46
niwakameYou have enabled ICS?12:47
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niwakameOr tried "bridge connections" via right mouse klick?12:48
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niwakameZogG_laptop: fine, trashing my nexus 7 with apps B-)12:49
ZogG_laptopniwakame: i want playbook12:49
*** rigo is now known as rigo_12:50
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niwakameZogG_laptop: then buy one? It's cheap12:51
*** rigo_ is now known as rigo12:51
ArkenoiMFaro-Tusino, if i remove n9 repo, it cannot update twitter, says package is not available :-/12:51
RandomGuyOnBedniwakame: i tried bridging the connections, didn't help. What is ICS?12:51
Lava_Croftnexus7 is nice, apart from its os12:51
MFaro-Tusinowell apt-get remove12:52
Lava_CroftRandomGuyOnBed: Internet Connection Sharing12:52
MFaro-Tusinothen install12:52
niwakameInternet connection sharing. There should be something in properties of connection12:52
Lava_Croftall these abbreviations are confusing12:52
Lava_CroftIce Connection Sandwich?12:53
Lava_CroftInternet Cream Sharing? what?12:53
ArkenoiMFaro-Tusino, and i cannot apt-get remove because it says it depends on PR package :-/12:53
niwakameLava_Croft, being server admin. Tend to speak in abbrevs. Sorry ^^12:54
MFaro-Tusinouse N9 quick tweak to remove it then12:54
Lava_Croftniwakame: its not your fault at all, its the abbreviations fault!12:54
niwakameArkenoi: what are you doing there?12:54
niwakameLava_Croft: :-)12:54
Arkenoi(pr packege depends on it, actually)12:55
MFaro-TusinoTrust me12:55
MFaro-TusinoN9 Quick Tweak can remove it12:55
RandomGuyOnBedI tried sharing my connection, but sometimes i lost my internet connection on my pc then :/12:56
MFaro-TusinoI dont have stock twitter anymore12:56
*** DrGrov has joined #harmattan12:56
Arkenoi"Reinstallation of twitter-meego is not possible, it cannot be downloaded"12:56
Lava_Croftuh oh12:56
MFaro-Tusinomsg Arkenoi12:56
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niwakameRandomGuyOnBed: jep that's the downside. You don't have WiFi on your computer, huh?12:57
Arkenoihmm, will try to remove. but how can i reinstall then?12:57
niwakameUse tweetian12:57
RandomGuyOnBedniwakame: Nope, just my usb cable. ... well and a shitty 3g connection limited to 30kb ..12:57
Lava_Crofttwitter client wars! Qneptunea!12:58
Arkenoiniwakame, no pictures inline and no home screen feed :-(12:58
*** rigo is now known as rigo_12:58
niwakameBattle mode on12:58
niwakameQneptunea is also good. I think it's preference. But stock client is not that good for me12:59
Arkenoiwhich option of quicktweak should i use to remove it? QQ or AA?12:59
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RandomGuyOnBedniwakame: "PING (2a00:1450:4016:800::1018): 56 data bytes" C:13:01
RandomGuyOnBedatleast this works now .. thank you guys :)13:01
ZogG_laptopniwakame: it's not cheap here :(13:10
ZogG_laptopMFaro-Tusino: i didn't find browser related stuff :(13:10
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MFaro-Tusinoall good mate13:30
MFaro-Tusinothx for looking13:30
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djszapiso Digia plans to lay off 88 people...14:08
djszapiand 89 got switched from Berlin and Oslo.14:08
djszapinot too unexpected, not too unexpected.14:08
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RandomGuyOnBedniwakame: Well.. the connection works. apt-get fetches the packets pretty quick, but everything else like the browser still want to use an other connection. It shows me the select connection dialog .. any idea how to switch to usb0 ?14:13
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niwakameRandomGuyOnBed you could maybe do some fancy iptables routing...but then no. Search at tmo14:19
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lucidodid anyone have any issues with n9 pr1.3 and nfc detection?14:23
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rzrCan u please exec14:27
*** phikz has quit IRC14:27
rzrls -l /etc/resolv.conf14:28
rzron device ?14:28
rzrand tell  me result14:28
djszapirzr: 64414:29
djszapirw r r root:root14:29
rzrisnt a symlink14:30
rzrmy dns is screwed14:32
rzror it may be the privider it s odd14:32
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lucidohow can I downgrade to pr1.2 (nfc detection stopped working)14:41
RandomGuyOnBedniwakame: creating an ad-hoc connection did it :)14:42
niwakameRandomGuyOnBed congrats :-)14:42
*** niwakame is now known as niwakame|away14:44
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ZogG_laptoplucido: u can't downgrade15:19
*** Rantwolf has quit IRC15:19
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djszapi_interesting, so Tizen will be useful for something15:25
MFaro-Tusinoyou can downgrade15:28
MFaro-Tusinomethod isnt public yet15:28
MFaro-Tusinobut i know it CAN be done15:28
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ZogG_laptopMFaro-Tusino: you can't downgrade till you have keys16:35
*** Shaan7 has joined #harmattan16:35
MFaro-TusinoI know, and there is one who apparently has them16:36
*** MFaro-Tusino has left #harmattan16:37
ZogG_laptopand he left16:37
ZogG_laptopwho has the keys16:37
ZogG_laptoprzr: ^16:37
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thetetjoin #N917:11
* Arkenoi successfully "downgraded" twitter (reinstalled from n950 repo) but it still does not work :-(17:13
ZogG_laptopArkenoi: mwahaha :P17:16
ArkenoiZogG_laptop, any better ideas what can i do?17:17
fralswhy are you downgrading twitter?17:20
*** pawky has quit IRC17:21
Arkenoifrails it failed quite a strange way17:21
ZogG_laptopArkenoi: frals is twitter maintainer and probably dev :P17:21
Arkenoixsession/mtwitter main process terminated with status 117:21
Arkenoithen he might have a clue on what that means :-)17:22
fralswhat happens if you run /usr/bin/twitter-qml from the terminal?17:22
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ArkenoiReferenceError: Can't find variable: messageview_refresh_after_sending17:23
fralsyeah thats fine17:24
*** Arie has joined #harmattan17:24
ArkenoiCRITICL: nnot found XDG_CACHE_HOME environment variable17:24
Arkenoioops sorry for typos17:24
fralsthats pretty cool17:24
Arkenoii cannot C&P because my wifi network has no direct connectivity to wired one17:24
fralswonder why you unset XDG_CACHE_HOME17:25
fralsand why we dont have a fallback in twitter17:26
fralsanyway export XDG_CACHE_HOME=/home/user/.cache/17:26
fralsexport XDG_CACHE_HOME=/home/user/.cache17:26
*** e-yes has quit IRC17:26
ZogG_laptopinteresting if it solves17:26
ZogG_laptopfrals: found new job?17:27
fralsnot started looking yet17:27
fralsnot sure what i wanna do next ;(17:27
fralskinda hard to beat what i was doing at nokia17:27
ZogG_laptopfrals: jolla?17:28
*** Shaan7 has joined #harmattan17:28
Arkenoinot valid JSON data: blablabla .. Host not found17:28
Arkenoiwonder how could it be possible17:28
Ariefrals: can you tell us what you did at nokia?17:28
fralsZogG_laptop: yeah maybe that, not sure if i want to work from home any longer though17:28
fralsArie: software stuff :D17:28
ZogG_laptopfrals: aren't you in Finland?17:29
fralsZogG_laptop: because finland sucks and im swedish :D17:29
ZogG_laptopfrals: my ex swedish :P17:29
fralsproblem is nokia was such a great place to work and you had access to all kinds of supercool shit17:29
ZogG_laptopfrals: but you cann contribute a lot17:29
fralsbasically a geeks dream ;D17:29
ZogG_laptopi think jolla should be like that17:30
fralsyeah, but then i dont want to work from home in stockholm, but i dont want to move from stockholm either... :D17:31
*** e-yes has joined #harmattan17:31
ZogG_laptopyou have to make your mind17:31
ZogG_laptopbtw i still failed to use oauth lib from harmattan17:32
ZogG_laptopi made account17:32
ZogG_laptopbut no ide how to get token of it17:32
Arkenoino, it was a temporary glitch17:32
Arkenoiso XDG_CACHE_HOME appears to be the root of the problem17:33
ZogG_laptopfrals: so my request of simple examples fro those things if you have time still relevant :P17:33
Arkenoionce i set it everything works17:33
ZogG_laptopArkenoi: good :P17:33
Arkenoibut -- where is the point it could be missing from environment?17:33
Arkenoihow do I set it system-wide?17:33
ZogG_laptopyou made something wrong/ one of apps you use did it17:33
fralsyou must have installed something/messed with something to remove it :)17:33
ZogG_laptopexport sets it system wide17:33
ZogG_laptopi think there is some file that has those env settings17:34
ZogG_laptopand i think it's somewhere on TMO17:34
ArkenoiZogG_laptop, export sets it in current shell and everything that is spawned from it17:34
ZogG_laptoptry to search "tracker bug gallery" or something17:34
Arkenoiok will try to find17:34
ZogG_laptopArkenoi: you can set it in bash or what it is used on N917:34
ZogG_laptopbut again there is file with those settings and it reads it i guess at boot or something17:35
Arkenoibut i need to set it in some profile script that is loaded on startup17:35
ZogG_laptopArkenoi: i think script is there, you need to find this file and check if it's correct there17:36
*** tom__ has joined #harmattan17:37
Arkenoitrying to find17:39
Arkenoican you grep your common locations for this variable?17:39
Arkenoilike, say grep -r XDG_CACHE_HOME /etc17:39
fralsArkenoi: /etc/skel/.profile:export XDG_CACHE_HOME="$HOME/.cache"17:40
Arkenoii thought skel just gets copied to new users homes17:42
Arkenoiand not being used directly17:43
Arkenoilike /etc/profile17:43
fralsonly place in etc it is, and then i have exact copy of it in ~/.profile17:43
fralsso /home/user/.profile should have it as well17:43
Arkenoiseems that I do not have ~/.profile at all17:44
Arkenoicould you please pastebin it?17:44
ZogG_laptopArkenoi: i bet it would be same as /etc/profile17:44
fralsyeah give me a sec, need to tunnel shits to c/p17:44
fralshmm actually17:45
fralsim using RD image17:45
fralsbut i guess it should be same as in sales17:45
Arkenoimore likely to be copy of /etc/skel/.profile that /etc/profile because /etc/profile is system-wide and there is no need to copy it17:45
Arkenoiyes, exactly the one in skel17:46
Arkenoiok, will try to reboot now and see if it gets fixed17:46
fralsworking again ye?17:49
Arkenoiwill now see if n9 repository has newer one and if it is any better than this :-)17:49
* Arkenoi still wonders why Nokia locked harmattan in portrait mode.. Nearly all application work perfectly in landscape..17:50
Arieyes, they do17:50
*** tom__ has quit IRC17:51
*** Pali has joined #harmattan17:52
kimjuArkenoi, nearly all, nearly perfectly.17:55
ZogG_laptopfrals: oh btw wanted to ask about ur headsets17:56
ZogG_laptopthe nokia ones17:57
ZogG_laptopi saw ur tweetes17:57
Arkenoikimju, any glitches worth noticing?17:57
ZogG_laptophow they are with n9?17:57
fralsZogG_laptop: which ones? :D17:57
fralsbh-905i or the monster purity whatever they are called?17:57
* Arkenoi wonders what could kill my ~/.profile17:57
ZogG_laptopfrals: i think first ones17:57
ZogG_laptopwhat are the second17:58
fralsbluetooth ones with active noise cancellation?17:58
fralswired headphones that were released with lumia iirc17:58
kimjuArkenoi, at least few programs don't fit the whole ui in landscape mode and lack scrolling.17:58
fralsthe bluetooth ones works great17:58
ZogG_laptopnot wired17:58
fralsonly issue is sometimes (as with all bt) it buffers if there is lots of io going on in device17:58
ZogG_laptopfrals: no lags/glitches? how is battery life of both17:59
fralslike for example when mfe decides to sync everything17:59
ZogG_laptopso buffers are laggs?17:59
fralsyeah lags/glitches17:59
kimjuArkenoi, and minor glitcher here and there. facebook app, the weather app etc..17:59
fralsbut not that bad imo, only got it when i had a huge mfe sync starting in the morning17:59
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan17:59
*** rm_work has quit IRC17:59
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan17:59
fralsdunno, it lasted for calls without problems for me (not a big talker thou) and i could go a couple of day with a few hours of music without charging them18:00
fralsdidnt really notice any diff on device as i was charging it daily anyway when i used them18:00
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC18:00
fralssince im mostly at home now i dont need to use them anymore :D18:00
fralsbut i wouldnt buy them now thou, the huge draw back for me is they are not covering the ears18:00
fralsso they are not that comfortable for extended use18:01
ZogG_laptopnot comfy on the go?18:01
ZogG_laptoppitty we don't have those here as we don't have nokia shops18:01
kimjuArkenoi, nothing really major after they fixed the launcher icons not getting drawn in landscape mode (that fix got released with pr1.1, iirc)18:01
fralsi tried the new monster ones nokia is releasing which are bt and active noise cancellation and over-ear18:01
ZogG_laptopand it would be too expensivve to me to order as well as not trying them on before and chanse of getting not nokia ones but nokla's :)18:02
fralsthey seemed awesome, but they are prolly expensive as fuck18:02
ZogG_laptopfrals: aren't 950i noise cancelling?18:02
fralsthey are18:02
ZogG_laptopi lost track of which one u talk about :P18:02
fralsi was talking about the 905i until the last 2 lines ;)18:02
ZogG_laptopso they are not monster ones which one are than?18:03
Arkenoifrals, there is still no way to manually associate a twitter person to a contact card? there seems to be some kind of heuristics but it does not always work properly18:03
phakono manual way18:03
ArkenoiI also have several persons with similar names in my phone book and they get associated incorrectly18:03
fralsZogG_laptop: the ones i tried today is i think18:04
ZogG_laptopdon't like look18:04
*** elldekaa has joined #harmattan18:04
ZogG_laptopand no idea of that firm18:05
fralsthey sell expensive cables to retards iirc18:05
ZogG_laptopcables like as addition option?18:06
ZogG_laptopto plug in when mfe is going to sync18:07
*** e-yes has quit IRC18:09
Ariefrals: youre saying monster is overpriced?18:11
*** Shaan7 has quit IRC18:12
fralsArie: yeah :P18:16
ZogG_laptopfrals: how are new lumias?18:17
Ariefrals: so dont buy them?18:18
*** lucido has quit IRC18:18
*** snowpong has quit IRC18:20
*** imunsie has quit IRC18:20
*** Arie has quit IRC18:24
*** Shaan7 has joined #harmattan18:24
fralsarie: im not :p18:28
fralsZogG_laptop: 920 hw is really nice at least18:29
*** danielcbit has quit IRC18:31
*** lucido has joined #harmattan18:31
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valdur55djszapi_, how it's going ?19:53
djszapi_valdur55: sorry very busy atm19:53
valdur55djszapi_, no problem19:53
befordvery busy doing what djszapi_19:56
befordvoting for coding contest just started !19:56
*** felipexil_ has quit IRC19:56
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djszapi_beford: satisfying the demanding need of the customer ...19:57
*** felipexil_ has quit IRC19:57
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*** Arie has joined #harmattan20:02
Ariedoes anyone know how to start the music player from terminal?20:03
Arieto debug it?20:03
*** jaywink has quit IRC20:11
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*** piggz has joined #harmattan20:30
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Lava_CroftChris Weber ‏@CWeberatNokia20:35
Lava_CroftInstead of changing a product name, we’re changing the game with benefits like PureView, nav & wireless charging #Lumia92020:35
* Lava_Croft facepalms20:35
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rzrnitdroid ?20:48
*** rigo has quit IRC20:51
*** rigo has joined #harmattan20:52
*** danielcbit has quit IRC20:54 to make a heart rate monitor using only the camera and flash ....20:55
*** elldekaa has joined #harmattan20:57
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lucidodoes pr1.3 have the google protocol buffer library?21:47
*** ced117 has quit IRC21:49
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lucidorzr, what repo has the protobuf library?21:56
djszapi_lucido: there is a search field on the c-obs21:57
lucidoonly for harmattan 1.221:58
djszapi_not only for harmattan 1.222:01
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