IRC log of #harmattan for Monday, 2012-09-17

djszapi_rzrmob: what shall I look at there?00:21
rzrmobsorry i was on tog.ie00:22
rzrmobnice projects over there00:22
pais n950 display much worse than n9 amoled display?00:25
rzri prefer n950 to n9 one00:26
paah.. why?00:26
paok :)00:27
rzru can see the pixels on n900:27
rzr950 is blurier so better00:27
palol hehe00:28
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djszapi_depends on the definition of "worse"00:35
djszapi_in what sense exactly?00:35
djszapi_amoled is definitely a cool technology.00:35
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pawell, ok, lets put it this way: besides the blurriness (which can be seen as an advantage or not), in which other aspects n950 display is better than n9 one?00:37
rzrdifferent colors spaces00:39
rzrmobboths are fine anyway00:40
rzrmobbbl guys00:41
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teleshoeshas anyone ever got arrow keys working in the sms app on the n9?01:00
teleshoessendkeysequence="Left" always just inserts a [] character01:01
teleshoesfor me01:01
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louisdkHas anyone tried this battery on thier N950: ?03:53
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* Dante_J greets the room09:44
Dante_JNot sure who may be awake at the moment.09:45
Dante_JHi beford !09:45
Dante_JI've been attempting to open the Harmattan Music app, but it has said that its been "Updating library" for the past 3 days09:46
Dante_JI looked up talk.maemo.org09:46
Dante_Jand read about tracker-control -S09:47
Dante_Jand  tracker-control -s to restart09:47
Dante_J tracker-control -S shows crosses (x) against the Applications Userguides and File System plugins09:48
Dante_JUltimately I'd like for it to play my music :)09:49
Venemo_N9Dante_J, tried rebooting?09:50
Dante_Jseems a bit win XP09:50
Dante_Jbut sure, I'll try that now09:50
Venemo_N9might or might not help09:50
Dante_JI guess it's worth a try.09:51
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Dante_J"Updating library" message still there after reboot09:54
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Dante_JIs this a common problem?09:57
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Venemo_N9Dante_J, never happened to me10:00
Dante_Jneed to go,10:00
Dante_Jback later10:00
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* Dante_J is back & greets the room10:23
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Dante_Jhi rigo10:26
rigoHi Dante_J10:26
Dante_Jhow are you doing?10:28
rigoHow is your N9 today?10:31
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Dante_Jhaving problems with Music app always showing "Updating library"10:36
*** bef0rd has joined #harmattan10:36
Dante_Jhas been that way for 3days10:36
Dante_Jhey bef0rd10:37
Arkenoiah. my replacement n950 is finally here, need to pick it up10:38
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Dante_JI'm referring to this page but wondered if anyone could advise me what to do?10:45
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phakoDante_J: did you check tracker-control -S output?10:52
Dante_Jyes, Store has a tick10:56
Dante_JApplications, User guided & file systems have a cross10:57
Dante_JI've also tried tracker-control -s10:58
rigoDante_J: more or less the same as with KDE and Gnome applications. The databases created are not really resilient, break, mess up the entire system11:04
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rigoit is like starting/maintaining a steam engine from 130 years ago. Very sensitive those databases11:05
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rigoDante_J: have you verified that you have still enough disk-space for your database?11:06
*** rZr is now known as rzr11:06
rigojust open a terminal and type "df"11:06
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phakoDante_J: and tracker-control -F11:07
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Dante_Jrigo, i did a df -h11:26
Dante_Jmost full partition is 49% full11:26
Dante_Ja virtual partition that seems to be related to private11:27
bef0rdmm can anyone tell me if this site loads or you are redirected? www.beford.org11:28
Dante_Jphako, tracker-control -F gives same info as -S11:30
phakohm, so tracker isn't stuck11:30
phakoI suppose you've tried to replug USB?11:30
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Dante_Jphako, tracker shows 311:34
Dante_J... miners not running11:34
phakooh, sorry, missed that11:34
phakocan you - as user !! - run /usr/lib/tracker/tracker-miner-fs -v 3 -n 2>&1 | tee tracker.log and see if that yields anything helpful?11:36
Dante_Jtracker-control -F or -S show 3 miners not running11:36
Dante_Jphako, will try that. Give me a moment11:40
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Dante_J_ok, I'm back12:36
Dante_J_phako, if you're still about I'll see if I can get an answer to your question12:36
phakoDante_J_: yep12:36
Dante_J_how long should I let it write to the log before I should interrupt it and read it?12:44
Dante_J_it seg faulted12:46
phakocan you identify the last file it worked on before segfaulting?12:47
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Dante_J_-rw-r--r--    1 user     users     265.4K Sep 17 19:43 tracker-miner-fs.log12:48
*** vladest1 has quit IRC12:48
Dante_J_quite large for the shot amount of time it was working12:49
* Dante_J_ looks inside tracker-miner-fs.log12:49
phakowell -v3 is quite verbose12:49
Dante_J_I like it that way, thank you :)12:50
Dante_J_lots of errors like this:12:50
Dante_J_Tracker-Warning **:   Got extraction DBus error on 'file:///home/user/MyDocs/ ...  : GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus)12:51
Dante_J_for many different files12:51
Dante_J_at different times12:51
* Dante_J_ still looking12:51
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phakoyeah, that happens sometimes12:52
Dante_J_maybe I should start at the bottom?12:52
phakoDante_J_: yep12:52
phakoPDF is quite tricky12:52
phakomainly because of the used version of libpoppler IIRC which isn't really behaving nicely sometimes12:53
Dante_J_I use the PDFs for handy reference12:54
Dante_J_last message in log:12:55
Dante_J_17 Sep 2012, 19:43:33: GLib-Critical **: g_variant_new_string: assertion `g_utf8_validate (string, -1, NULL)' failed12:55
phakocan you paste the last couple (~20) of lines to or something equivalent?12:55
Dante_J_10 lines in here ok?12:57
Dante_J_or might I get booted for flooding?12:57
phakoDante_J_: probably in a query12:59
Dante_J_I can see some queries13:02
* Dante_J_ is being called away13:02
Dante_J_17 Sep 2012, 19:43:32: Tracker: Processed 1055/1672, estimated 21s left, 37s elapsed13:02
Dante_J_17 Sep 2012, 19:43:32: Tracker: tracker-backend.vala:84: Tracker.Sparql.Backend.query_async(): 'SELECT ?s WHERE { ?s nie:url "file:///home/user/MyDocs/Documents/Reference/TCP-IP"}'13:02
Dante_J_as an example13:02
Dante_J_This is the last query:13:03
Dante_J_17 Sep 2012, 19:43:33: Tracker: tracker-backend.vala:84: Tracker.Sparql.Backend.query_async(): 'SELECT ?s WHERE { ?s nie:url "file:///home/user/MyDocs/Documents/Reference/TCP-IP/TCP_Header.pdf"}'13:03
Dante_J_17 Sep 2012, 19:43:33: Tracker:   Extraction succeeded the second time13:03
Dante_J_back in a bit13:03
phakook, the issue is that the FS Miner dies and gallery can't query its status. We just need to find the reason why it dies13:03
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Dante_J_thanks phako13:33
Dante_J_any pointers? it seems to be spending all the time in the log on the pdfs13:34
Dante_J_it won't be the last file in the log will it?13:37
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan13:37
Dante_J_Hi ZogG_laptop13:37
phakoworth a try, but I don't think so. Can you change /home/user/.config/tracker/tracker-extract.cfg and set verbosity to 3 and then re-run the miner?13:37
Dante_J_I think it already is:13:38
Dante_J_17 Sep 2012, 19:43:33: Tracker: tracker-backend.vala:84: Tracker.Sparql.Backend.query_async(): 'SELECT ?s WHERE { ?s nie:url "file:///home/user/MyDocs/Documents/Reference/TCP-IP/TCP_Header.pdf"}'13:38
Dante_J_17 Sep 2012, 19:43:33: Tracker:   Extraction succeeded the second time13:38
Dante_J_17 Sep 2012, 19:42:53: Tracker: tracker-miner-fs 0.10.3713:38
Dante_J_17 Sep 2012, 19:42:53: Tracker: General options:13:38
Dante_J_17 Sep 2012, 19:42:53: Tracker:   Verbosity  ............................  313:38
Dante_J_17 Sep 2012, 19:42:53: Tracker:   Initial Sleep  ........................  013:38
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC13:38
phakoyeah, the miner :) check tracker-extract.log13:39
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan13:39
ZogG_laptopDante_J_, HEY13:39
Dante_J_Nice to see you ZogG_laptop13:39
Dante_J_phako, did you mean check tracker-extract.cfg?13:40
Dante_J_that excerpt was from the log13:40
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC13:40
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan13:40
phakoyes, modify that, rerun the miner and after that check tracker-extract.log13:40
phakonot tracker-miner-fs.log13:40
ZogG_laptopDante_J_, :P13:40
ZogG_laptoptracker is a mess13:40
* Dante_J_ modifying the config file13:41
phakoZogG_laptop: not really.13:41
Dante_J_phako, here's an idea13:42
Dante_J_why index the pdfs in the first place?13:42
Dante_J_could I ask it via the config file not to index them anyway?13:42
phakoDante_J_: yes. but how do you read them?13:43
Dante_J_what would be the ramification of that?13:43
Dante_J_I could use the file manager to "double click them"13:43
Dante_J_I don't recall these kinds of issues on the N900. The Pdf viewer just viewed them13:43
Dante_J_is that suggestion crazy talk?13:44
phakoDante_J_: I suspect they won'T show up if you launch "Documents" but accessing via file manager should work13:45
Dante_J_I could almost live with that.13:45
phakojust try to remove &DOCUMENTS from IndexRecursiveDirectories in tracker-miner-fs.cfg13:45
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC13:45
Dante_J_1st thing 1st13:45
phakoDante_J_: or you could just move the PDFs to a directory not monitored by tracker13:46
Dante_J_I'll change verbosity to 3 first13:46
phakoMyDocs/Reference eg, MyDocs isn't monitored recursively13:46
Dante_J_out of MyDocs ?13:46
*** lizardo has joined #harmattan13:47
Dante_J_phako, tracker-control -s to restart?13:48
phakojust launch the miner by hand again13:48
*** HtheB has joined #harmattan13:48
*** tonyoy has quit IRC13:48
Dante_J_eh phako?13:49
phako/usr/lib/tracker/tracker-miner-fs -v 3 -n13:49
Dante_J_of course13:49
Dante_J_with a tee to a log file?13:50
phakoDante_J_: no, I forgot that this ends up in the log file anyway13:50
Dante_J_Initializing tracker-miner-fs...13:51
Dante_J_Starting log:13:51
Dante_J_  File:'/home/user/.local/share/tracker/tracker-miner-fs.log'13:51
Dante_J_Segmentation fault13:51
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan13:51
* Dante_J_ looks at logfile anew13:52
Dante_J_Tracker: Performing failsafe extraction on  ... a few files13:54
Dante_J_at the end of the log13:54
HtheBZogG_laptop, sup13:54
Dante_J_phako, I'll kill those last files mentioned and try again.13:55
ZogG_laptopphako, and traker is buggy shit :)13:55
Dante_J_btw - you're a legend phako, thanks for your time & patience. Much appreciated!13:55
Dante_J_bbl (killing pdfs)13:56
phakoZogG_laptop: no.13:56
ZogG_laptopphako, yeeeeees13:56
phakoin this case, libpoppler is ehm handicapped13:56
ZogG_laptopthere is no one person who hadn't problems with tracker13:57
ZogG_laptopi think it was shitty at n9000 as well13:57
phakothose are two different worlds of tracker13:59
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rigophako, if I can just grab a little tracker-know how. I made a backup before an experiment that bricked my N9. After recovery, playing back the tracker databases yielded no result. Question: Is there a viewer for the tracker db so I can extract the small number of deltas to my addressbook?15:12
*** vladest_ has joined #harmattan15:18
jonnirigo: databases are sqlite3 format, so any sqlite3 viewer&editor will work.15:20
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rigothanks jonni15:32
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan15:34
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rigojonni: SQLiteManager: Error in opening file tracker - either the file is encrypted or corrupt15:40
*** khertan has joined #harmattan15:40
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jonnirigo: well works for me, here is example for dumping backup and running sqlite3 query against database   so maybe you corrupted your db15:55
rigojonni, I did not run a backup from phone, but did rsync -av from /home/user15:56
rigoand if I go there and try to load the file "tracker" into the database viewer, it gives me that error message15:56
jonniso your basicly trying to view a binary, so your out of luck then15:58
phakorigo: uh, I think you should rather have done a tracker-control -b15:59
jonnior even used backup from ui since that stored contacts aswell :)16:00
phakoI think that does something equivalent to tracker-control -b16:01
phakobut, yes16:01
jonniofcourse you can still run strings-command against .contacts/tracker and look the differences, but other than that your screwed if you only did rsync backup16:02
DocScrutinizer05jonni: why would a rsync'ed copy of db not load into sqlite-frontend?16:03
phakoDocScrutinizer05: tracker uses a special format to avoid data loss16:03
jonniDocScrutinizer05: because that binary is not in sqlite format, its only in sqlite3 format if you do -b16:04
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan16:04
DocScrutinizer05yay :-S16:04
jonniheh, although you should have kept your contacts in google backend in the 1st place, and just synced them to your device over mfe :)16:05
* DocScrutinizer05 asks google what to get for lunch16:05
phakohm, wait16:06
phakorigo: what file are you trying to open?16:06
*** Hurrian has joined #harmattan16:06
DocScrutinizer05I rather think the root culprit is aegisfs (as usual)16:07
DocScrutinizer05(ambiguity intended)16:07
phakorigo: there should be a meta.db that should be a perfectly valid sqlite3 db16:08
rigophako: where should that be for contacts? Where for messages?16:09
rigoI looked in .contacts16:09
phakorigo: no16:09
* rigo goes looking16:10
jonniah yes, there is .cache/tracker/meta.db which your rsync -av should have backed up too.16:10
phako.contacts/tracker is the cache of the contacts application16:10
rigouh oh, there are already 5 scrutinizers, it starts getting hard for the bugs16:11
rigocould not enter folder... looking at it in a shell now16:12
DocScrutinizer51only 216:12
phakorigo: develsh16:12
rigonaah, on the backup on my linux box :)16:13
rigoDocScrutinizer51: the count is revealing see www.pastis51.fr16:13
rigowow, the permissions for .cache/tracker are d---rwx--- what's that?16:14
rigohey, stop making us jealous :)16:15
pinheiro_pinheiro: ping16:16
DocScrutinizer05500 = 0.5k16:16
phakorigo: only group metadata may access it16:17
rigoyep, and that's why the backup failed16:17
rigoif someone from jolla is seeing this discussion, they should make the device so that the usual backup habits work16:18
rigook, I did not lose a lot of data ...16:18
rigoand thanks jonni & phako for the insight. Now I know how to backup16:18
phakosorry, but the ususal backup habit for an end user is to use the provided backup facilities of the device16:18
phakonot using some random tool that happens to run on the os16:19
rigoexcept that this backup is on the device itself, which was bricked16:19
rigoI had the backups, but that fails if you brick your phone and have to flash it16:19
*** elldekaa has joined #harmattan16:20
rigoNow I know that I have to backup with the device backup tool and then backup that backup with some backup-rsync. And please don't tell me rsync is exotic :)16:20
jonniflashing doesnt nuke home/user/MyDocs, so usually backups are safe16:20
jonniunless you also flash mmc16:21
rigoand I did16:21
jonni(and 99% of devices can even be unbricked without a reflash)16:22
rigoand I commited a crime by trying to export the X in the first place, so this all is entirely my fault16:22
rigoand commented the export Display in .profile so that I could not enter my pin anymore :)16:23
rigoand missed to uncomment it before restarting the device16:23
rigo -> head => Desk => lesson learned :)16:23
*** Hurrian has quit IRC16:25
rigohey, just found a backup of my backup16:25
vladest_how to setup incremental build fo harmattan? each time when I've changed qml, I've to rebuild, otherwise new qml code doesnt included into deploy package16:30
*** tom__ has joined #harmattan16:34
jonnivladest_: if your using .qrc for your qml code, then its a feature that you need to rebuild.16:39
vladest_jonni: yes, but it worked before16:40
jonnivladest_: afaik it has never worked. atleast for the last 18 months16:41
jonnialthough I havent updated to latest qtcreator beta yet.16:42
vladest_hmm, ok/ may be it worked for other platform than harmattan16:43
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khertani'm trying to build libmeegotouch on my desktop17:41
khertanand i got the following error : animation/scene/msnapshotitem.cpp:27:32: fatal error: QGLFramebufferObject: no file or folder of this type17:41
khertansomeone already try to build libmeegotouch on desktop ?17:42
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pinheiro_pinheiro_: pong17:54
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khertancore/mapplication.cpp: In static member function ‘static void MApplicationPrivate::stdExit(int)’:18:13
khertancore/mapplication.cpp:588:19: error: ‘_exit’ was not declared in this scope18:13
khertanmake[2]: *** [.obj/mapplication.o] Erreur 118:13
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khertanitsnotabigtruck, did you were able to build libmeegotouch from git ? i got errors18:22
*** Hurrian has joined #harmattan18:24
khertanitsnotabigtruck, there is error everywhere things not declared, diff of args type from .h and .cpp18:29
khertanitsnotabigtruck, it s a joke ? or did they put source elsewere than
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*** djszapi has joined #harmattan21:04
djszapianybody interested in fixing 2-3 broken packages in the community repository?21:04
djszapican mentor, but cannot do myself due to time lack.21:05
rzri can also help21:07
rzrwho has a cobs account here?21:07
djszapiI found one person qtwebkit at least21:08
djszapithat is already a great help21:08
djszapibut portaudio19 would need to be fixed asap.21:08
rzrbtw is snowshow easy to rebuild?21:08
djszapiyou mean snowshoe?21:09
rzrsorry yes21:09
djszapiwe would need a successful qtwebkit build first.21:09
rzrbtw did u notice i built qtgstreamer21:10
rzris SS development still active ?21:10
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #harmattan21:12
*** rashm2k has joined #harmattan21:12
djszapibeford: do not suppose you wanna help with packaging? :P21:12
djszapirzr: you are the tmo reader and writer, perhaps you can call for help?21:13
*** piggz has quit IRC21:13
rzri did already21:13
djszapishow me21:13
rzrnot specific to pa21:14
rzrbut in general21:14
rzru can also post there21:14
*** djszapi has left #harmattan21:16
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djszapi_beford: hi22:29
befordoh hey djszapi_, just saw your offer to package stuff22:32
befordI guess I could do it, need to see some documentation first though22:33
djszapi_beford: would be appreciated. :)22:33
*** piggz has joined #harmattan22:34
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ZogG_laptopbeford: can u package my bags22:48
*** wirwe has quit IRC22:48
befordI will package you22:48
*** wirwe has joined #harmattan22:48
befordin a couple of hours, gotta go, work to do :P22:48
*** beford has quit IRC22:48
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rashm2kI'm having problem showing the euro and pound symbol in qml22:57
*** wirwe has quit IRC22:57
rashm2kI have a qhash which maps country code to symbol22:57
rashm2kthe symbol comes up with funny characters which is a endoding issue in qml22:58
djszapi_works for me22:59
*** snowpong has quit IRC22:59
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rashm2kany ideas?23:04
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djszapi_rzr: when do you leave Dublin?23:36
djszapi_I am arriving in there on Friday.23:36
*** rashm2k has quit IRC23:37
rzrtomorow morning23:38
rzrfriday i will be back in fr23:38
djszapi_ah k.23:38
djszapi_hmm, tomorrow morning, that is unfortunate.23:38
djszapi_you will miss the Open Tuesdays.23:38
djszapi_the hacker meetup.23:39
*** rashm2k has joined #harmattan23:40
ZogG_laptoprzr: sup23:41
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