IRC log of #harmattan for Thursday, 2012-09-13

Jake9xxpiggz: maybe you need to tell that application is debuggable in Qt Creator ?00:01
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timmayabout to flash my phone for the first time. don't know which release to choose. anyone help?00:20
timmayi'm in the US00:20
rashm2kyeah qml debugging is crap00:21
rashm2kprofiling shoukd work though00:21
rashm2kyou need to change the settings in both the build and run options00:21
djszapi_actually it is far easier than native code.00:21
rashm2kqml debugging has never worked for me00:22
rashm2kit's just way too slow00:22
befordtimmay: follow itsnotabigtruck's guide00:23
djszapi_what is too slow?00:26
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timmaybedford: that's the one i'm on00:27
rashm2kconsole.log isnt quite the same as stepping through code00:27
djszapi_it is the same00:28
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djszapi_ -> there is really no variable for this? :o00:31
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Sniper_swe_need help finding the app that lets u change top sites in browser00:54
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djszapi_Sniper_swe_: QChuckNorris :-)01:00
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Sniper_swe_made search store:p01:05
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ZogG_laptoptimmay, did u fix?01:36
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ZogG_laptopkevin_b, ping01:37
ZogG_laptopkevin_b, btw it was mistake to flash 009, as you can't flash 001 now , i just remembered it01:37
timmaynot yet. got 2 *.bin files downloaded finally and just about ready to start.01:37
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timmayZogG_laptop: a little confused as to which command to use. i'm thinking 'flasher -f -F DFL61_HARMATTAN_10.2011.31-'   correct?01:39
paZogG_laptop, do you have N9 and N950?01:42
befordwhat are you going to flash? the last thing ZogG_laptop said is important01:45
befordis better to flash a 001 variant01:45
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befordin case a new firmware appear you will not have to wait01:45
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befordusually 001 variants get new firmware first01:45
infobotrumour has it, flashing is
ZogG_laptoptimmay, ^01:46
ZogG_laptoptimmay, be sure to get global 00101:46
timmayi didn't get global01:47
ZogG_laptopthan get it before too late01:48
ZogG_laptopas it has 001 it the end it thinks 009 is newer01:48
ZogG_laptopand u can't downgrade01:48
ZogG_laptopas well with global u'll get updates first01:48
ZogG_laptopthere would be no updates though01:49
timmayi'm using NaviFirm Plus....01:50
timmayin the Product: section, i chose 'Nokia N9 (RM-696)...01:51
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timmayin the Releases section, this is where i'm confused as to which one to pick01:52
befordlet me see if I have navi firm01:52
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beford40.2012.21.3 = PR 1.301:54
befordyou donwloaded 10.2011 I see from your file name01:55
befordthat's an old firmware, you can't probably flash it anyway as downgrade is not allowed01:56
befordtimmay: I think you are running PR1.3 already, right?01:57
befordcare to indicate the whole string that appears on the About product screen?01:57
befordin the Settings app01:57
timmayhave to turn it back on. hold on a sec...01:57
befordbecause if your phone already has a bigger than 001 release you can't flash 001 global variant01:57
befordeven if its PR13 too01:58
timmayPR1.3 (40.201221.21-3.262.3_PR_262)02:00
befordPR 26202:01
beford2xx, 3xx, 4xx - "Country Variant" and carrier-branded images02:01
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beforddamn I dont know what can you flash02:07
befordaccording to what I understand only same version can be flashed02:07
befordsame or upper02:07
befordis it from singapore?02:08
timmaysame would be fine. as long as i'll be able to install apps02:08
befordcare to read the code that is on the simtray02:08
befordah good02:10
befordafter you select 40.2012.21.302:10
befordtype that number on the Variants list02:10
timmaycan't 'type' anything in02:11
befordon the bottom?02:11
befordInsert Text Here02:11
timmayhave to pick a release first02:11
befordjust to filter the results02:11
timmayah...i see it02:11
beford<beford> after you select 40.2012.21.302:11
beford <- related02:12
befordsince you updated over the air you cant just flash 001 variant and have you use the same one02:12
befordbut yea, that one should work02:12
befordit should be the same that is running now on your phone02:13
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befordgotta go02:13
timmaythanx for your time/help02:14
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ZogG_laptoptimmay, no need for navit02:34
ZogG_laptoptimmay, ^02:36
ZogG_laptopi think that's one ihave02:37
ZogG_laptopitsnotabigtruck, pr1.5 is out :P where are you?02:37
timmayi'm back02:41
timmayso stop the other download and get that one?02:42
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ZogG_laptopif it's not the same02:43
ZogG_laptopchem|st, check that out . it's gui for mplayer.02:43
befordtimmay: dont stop02:54
befordZogG_laptop: he cant flash that one because he upgraded to PR13 with OTA02:54
ZogG_laptopwhat area number?02:55
befordcarrier branded02:57
ZogG_laptopi meean pr00102:57
ZogG_laptopand so on02:57
ZogG_laptopit was a mistake02:57
beford2xx, 3xx, 4xx - "Country Variant" and carrier-branded images02:57
ZogG_laptopwhat country and carrier02:57
befordah I dont know :P02:57
ZogG_laptopi switched to 001 with pr1.202:58
ZogG_laptopby hand02:58
befordfrom the 059L3P7 unmber it seems to be from Singapore02:58
ZogG_laptopfrom 005 to 001 with apt-get :P02:58
ZogG_laptopit was tricky02:58
ZogG_laptopin the middle noghting worked except terminal :P02:59
ZogG_laptopas i deleted metapackage itself02:59
befordI switched with PR1.2 too02:59
ZogG_laptopwe need keys for bootloader :P02:59
ZogG_laptopbeford, you just wanted to be cool like me02:59
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befordI was cool already03:01
befordjust bought the power adapter for the N9 charger :D I will be finally able to use it :P03:02
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GeneralAntillesIs there a simple way of sharing text and/or clipboards between phones and PCs yet. . . .03:18
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ZogG_laptopbeford, i have it, i want EU one with 2 pins03:19
timmayi'm back. luckily i scrolled back and read before i tried to continue with flashing03:19
ZogG_laptopor 3 but round ones03:19
timmayi see there's a problem?03:19
ZogG_laptopGeneralAntilles, not like in movies when u just swipe it to laptop :P03:19
ZogG_laptoptimmay, there is always a problem03:19
GeneralAntillesZogG_laptop, yes, that's something like what I want.03:20
timmayZogG_laptop: anything that can be corrected?03:21
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ZogG_laptopGeneralAntilles, i think first who gonna do it would be apple03:22
GeneralAntillesZogG_laptop, yeah, the beauty of an integrated ecosystem.03:22
ZogG_laptopbut it would send you post to house you need to sign that they can use all the data u send and u need to post it back03:22
* Dante_J greets the room03:28
timmayso it seems i'm stuck with a phone that i can't  download any apps to or flash, is that correct?03:30
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ZogG_laptopDante_J, hello03:31
ZogG_laptopDante_J, today is later than usaual03:31
Dante_JHi ZogG_laptop, nice to see you again03:31
ZogG_laptopwe never talked actually03:31
ZogG_laptoptimmay, u can flash03:32
ZogG_laptoptimmay, but with same version u have03:32
Dante_Jwe exchanged greetings - that's always a good start :)03:32
ZogG_laptoptimmay, what is in about in setting says about version?03:32
ZogG_laptopDante_J, agreed03:32
ZogG_laptopDante_J, so sup?03:32
* Dante_J dips his hat in respect to ZogG_laptop :)03:32
timmayZogG_laptop: i've been trying with no luck so far.03:33
Dante_JI'm ok I guess03:33
Dante_Jwork interruption03:33
ZogG_laptoptimmay, u are doing it wrong03:33
ZogG_laptopwhat is the version u have?03:33
ZogG_laptopand what OS?03:33
timmayeverytime i get a version, i'm told i have the wrong one and to get another one03:34
ZogG_laptopwaht version is on your phone03:34
ZogG_laptopsettings -> about product03:35
ZogG_laptopwhat does it says under version03:35
ZogG_laptopincluding ()03:35
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timmayPR1.3 (40.2012.21.21-3.262.3_PR_262)03:36
ZogG_laptopwhat os u run?03:37
ZogG_laptopthere is tool from nokia to flash03:37
ZogG_laptopnsu or something03:37
befordhey timmay03:38
beforddid you get that one already from navifirm+ ?03:38
befordemmc and bin?03:38
ZogG_laptophey beford03:38
befordhi ZogG_laptop03:38
timmaybeford: was told it won't work03:38
ZogG_laptophi timmay03:38
ZogG_laptoptimmay, it would work if it's same verision u have03:39
befordwho said it?03:39
befordI think I said that the one recommended by ZogG_laptop wouldnt work03:39
ZogG_laptopu can flash global but u can flash same ersion u have03:39
befordbecause is 00103:39
befordbut the one I told you to download is ok03:39
ZogG_laptopbeford, u are making mess and chaos03:39
ZogG_laptopGeneralAntilles, did u get metawatch?03:39
GeneralAntillesZogG_laptop, had one for a year now.03:40
GeneralAntillesMy STRATA should be shipping in November.03:40
GeneralAntillesI got one of the gray ones.03:40
ZogG_laptopi mean new one03:40
ZogG_laptopi think blue was cool03:40
GeneralAntillesToo flashy for my taste.03:40
ZogG_laptopbut would wait till it would be more public and userfriendly (batteries)03:41
GeneralAntillesI don't get your fixation on battery life. :P03:41
ZogG_laptopthere was one with like pixel art i think or i'm mistken03:41
befordZogG_laptop: you are the one confusing timmay03:41
ZogG_laptopGeneralAntilles, want it to last at least 2-3 weeks03:41
GeneralAntillesTo what end?03:42
GeneralAntillesIt costs very little to put it on a charger once every few days.03:42
ZogG_laptoptimmay, don't listen to me, listen to beford :P03:42
befordtimmay: but as ZogG_laptop said, you can also use NSU from Nokia to flash it its just point and click next03:42
ZogG_laptopbeford, no, i'm saying bad things :P03:42
befordthat was good03:43
ZogG_laptopGeneralAntilles, true, but i want to wait will we have more companies and new technologies03:43
befordI prefer manual flashing, so what are you going to do timmay?03:43
ZogG_laptopbeford, i too but on linux as well :P03:43
timmayi can switch to a linux box if it'll get this phone working03:44
ZogG_laptopfirst of all it would get your Pc working :P03:44
befordnot needed timmay03:44
befordjust follow instructions03:45
beforddid you get both emmc and main firmware already?03:45
beforddid you get flasher for windows 7=03:45
* timmay hates windows...would rather use HIS Gentoo box03:45
ZogG_laptoptimmay, u made one mistake03:45
ZogG_laptoptimmay, it should be funtoo :P03:45
ZogG_laptopgentoo is yesterday, funtoo is today :P03:46
ZogG_laptopi bet i finish to update world while u still sync :p03:46
timmayi got an extra box in the corner. i'll install it tonight03:47
ZogG_laptoptimmay, it's pretty the same03:47
ZogG_laptopexcept tasty things like git for portage, and not monolit profile03:47
ZogG_laptopthey split profile :P03:47
ZogG_laptopand boot-update is nice :P03:47
ZogG_laptopand things here and there, and not talking about drobbins and nicer community :P03:48
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*** orfix has joined #harmattan03:49
befordtimmay: did you get the stuff already?03:49
timmayif the N9 wasn't my latest toy i would be installing it right now03:49
timmaybeford: gotta download the bin's again.03:50
beforddid you cancel the download? :P03:50
ZogG_laptoptimmay, btw it would be easier for you on win as for gentoo you may need to recompile kernel as i did :P03:50
timmayhad too many lying around. didn't wanna get confused.03:51
ZogG_laptopget the same image as your version03:51
befordyep that's the one I told him to get03:51
ZogG_laptopbut next update (not really would happen) flash the 001 version03:51
timmayit doesn't give me a choice03:52
befordwhat choice? when?03:52
ZogG_laptopi mean if pr1.3.1 or 1.4 happens03:52
befordyes, ZogG_laptop means "system wide" update03:52
ZogG_laptopok timmay as you use gentoo i assume u are tech and smart guy :P03:53
timmayyou're talking about the *.bin files...correct?03:53
ZogG_laptopu can flash only the same version or greater one03:53
timmayi got the same one03:54
ZogG_laptopin our case for example  if we take 40.2012.21.21-3.262.3_PR_262 would think PR_262 as part of version03:54
ZogG_laptopand it means 40.2012.21.21-3.262.3_PR_001 < 40.2012.21.21-3.262.3_PR_26203:54
ZogG_laptopso basically it means downgrade for flasher03:54
ZogG_laptopso it includes the area version inside the version of image03:55
timmaywhat's the difference between SEAP and LEGACY03:55
ZogG_laptopwhile the global is 00103:55
ZogG_laptoplegacy/global is PR_00103:55
ZogG_laptopbut stupid flasher would think it's downgrade and wouldn't allow u03:56
ZogG_laptopthat PR_XXX is region/carrier part and is not realted to version03:56
ZogG_laptopexcept flasher does think it is03:57
ZogG_laptopso coz of carrier versions are always greater than global it would fail03:57
ZogG_laptoptimmay, the differnce is that carrier/brand/area version may have changes and not include specific apps03:58
ZogG_laptoplike for china skype is unavilable03:58
ZogG_laptopbtw it's interesting if we can maunally change repo to 001 and install meta package manually with inception03:59
ZogG_laptopbut it's risky03:59
ZogG_laptopneed to ping jonni tomorrow to ask :P03:59
ZogG_laptopSpeedEvil, sup03:59
ZogG_laptopSpeedEvil, how is your tablet doing?03:59
ZogG_laptopSpeedEvil, i'm thinking of playbook :P04:00
SpeedEvilZogG_laptop: dropped it on a rock. oops.04:00
ZogG_laptopSpeedEvil, really?04:00
timmaydownload is gonna take 5hrs this time :-/04:00
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ZogG_laptoptimmay, install funtoo meanwhile04:01
SpeedEvilwaiting till I can source a screen, and selling. got a replacement04:01
timmayi guess so04:01
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ZogG_laptopSpeedEvil, how u can do it :P there are people without tablets here while u keep dropping yours on rocks :P04:02
ZogG_laptopmounir, shalom04:02
SpeedEvilbecause I was feeling like shit, as I often am.04:03
SpeedEviland hence I wrecked something worth a couple of weeks income.04:03
*** orfix has quit IRC04:04
ZogG_laptopu did it on purpose?04:04
ZogG_laptop"because I was feeling like shi"04:05
ZogG_laptopSpeedEvil, money come and go and gadgets what makes us "kids" happy so fuck it :P04:05
ZogG_laptopdon't take it too hard04:05
SpeedEvilI have chronic fatigue syndrome. I am often extremely tires and illogical, for no good reason.04:05
ZogG_laptopSpeedEvil, :(04:06
ZogG_laptopzx2c4 ....04:08
*** zx2c4 has joined #harmattan04:08
ZogG_laptopi predict future04:09
ZogG_laptopzx2c4, C guys are serious ones :P04:09
ZogG_laptopzx2c4, zogg at is my jabber04:09
Dante_JAnyone know how i might get log data from sshd on harmattan on an N9?04:10
ZogG_laptopor zogg at :P but i barely login on this one :P04:10
ZogG_laptopDante_J, log data?04:10
ZogG_laptoplike what?04:10
Dante_Jthere is none04:10
befordDante_J: check the chat logs from some days ago04:10
Dante_Jbut I do see that sshd is using -D04:10
befordsomebody was looking for the same an I think he said it here how to do it04:11
ZogG_laptopDante_J, i think it's the samd ssh after all you need to config it the way u want04:11
ZogG_laptopbut i might be wrong04:11
ZogG_laptopzx2c4, the second one is good, isn't it?04:11
Dante_Jbeford, are the IRC logs on freenode somewhere?04:11
ZogG_laptopDante_J, topic04:11
infobotAll conversations are logged to Lines starting with spaces are not logged. Logs are updated daily.04:11
ZogG_laptop haha this line is unloged04:12
Dante_Jcool, thanks04:12
ZogG_laptop Elop - i hate you :P04:12
Dante_JSo say we all ZogG_laptop04:12
ZogG_laptopDante_J, shhh no space it means it logged :P04:13
ZogG_laptop~seen Elop04:13
infobotelop <> was last seen on IRC in channel #meego, 132d 21h 55m 42s ago, saying: 'I still keep in touch with engineers at Espoo'.04:13
ZogG_laptopbe careful :P04:13
ZogG_laptopiLumia5 :P04:13
befordMsquaredI changed "SyslogFacility AUTH" to "SyslogFacility USER" in /etc/ssh/sshd_config and rebooted, and presto!  sshd log entries started showing up in /var/log/syslog <-04:15
Dante_Jbeford, Perfect! Thank you :)04:16
Dante_JI'm suffering a problem with pub key auth, and it's not permission based.04:16
befordare you sure? :P04:16
Dante_JAlso the keys are perfect.04:16
Dante_Jvery sure04:16
befordMsquared thought it wasnt permission based too04:16
ZogG_laptopzx2c4, oops wrong chan(c) - so what else we have in common04:16
befordcheck the /home/user folder ?04:17
Dante_Jas it's identical to multiple systems running ssh pub-key auth just fine, including my N90004:17
ZogG_laptopDante_J, for user?04:17
befordcheck the /home/user folder permissions* that was wrong for msquared04:17
Dante_Jfor user04:17
ZogG_laptopuser was turned off04:17
Dante_Juser is on04:17
Dante_Jwith it's own passwd04:17
ZogG_laptopyou need to config to enable it afaik04:17
Dante_JI checked passwd04:17
ZogG_laptopi use developer04:18
Dante_Jno !04:18
Dante_Jand here's the real source of confusion04:18
Dante_Jit was all working just fine on my N9 before I flashed it. Now not04:18
Dante_JI've been using ssh -v & ssh -vv04:18
Dante_Jand all is cool04:19
Dante_Jnow I need to see what sshd on the N9 is saying04:19
Dante_Jso thanks again for the syslog config option :)04:19
ZogG_laptopDante_J, it say "you can't pass" (c) LOTR04:19
*** Khertan_Work has quit IRC04:19
Dante_Jheh, you're a funny guy ZogG_laptop :d04:20
Dante_JSo I can auth as user using a password04:20
befordbut not with the keys04:20
Dante_Jbut I much prefer pub keys and normally disable passowrd auth all together.04:21
ZogG_laptopuse developer to login04:21
ZogG_laptopand switch to user04:21
Dante_Jindeed beford04:21
Dante_JZogG_laptop, to what end?04:21
Dante_Ji can auth04:21
befordDante_J: check that log Dante_J, it turned out to be a permission problem in the /home/user folder (not the .ssh folder)04:21
Dante_Jpermissions are fine04:21
Dante_Jthey are identical to systems that are key authing just fine04:22
Dante_JSo do people suggest using this to restart ssh: kill -HUP `cat /var/run/`04:26
Dante_Jor might there be a better way?04:26
ZogG_laptopkillall sshd04:26
*** timmay has quit IRC04:26
Dante_Jrather drastic - but fair enough04:26
ZogG_laptoppgrep :P04:27
Dante_JDoes this look normal to people relative to sshd in syslog: "error: Could not get shadow information for user"04:46
Dante_Jdoes the N9 use a shadow file?04:46
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*** imunsie has joined #harmattan04:59
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Dante_Janyone about?05:53
beforddid you check permissions?05:54
befordI mean, hi05:54
Dante_Jhi beford05:54
befordwas kidding05:55
Dante_Jfor example05:55
Dante_Jdrwx------    2 user     users         4096 Sep 13 12:52 /home/user/.ssh/05:55
Dante_J-rw-------    1 user     users          826 Sep 12 19:50 authorized_keys05:57
Dante_JI've also played with making authorized_keys read only for user.05:57
befordand for /home/user folder ?05:59
Dante_Jdrwxrwxrwx   47 user     users         4096 Sep 13 12:52 /home/user05:59
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan06:01
Dante_Jwb ZogG_laptop06:01
befordchmod 755 /home/user Dante_J06:02
befordI just change my /home/develoepr to 777 and keys stopped working06:02
befordreverted them to 755 and passwordless login works06:03
* Dante_J kisses beford on both cheeks06:04
Dante_Jchmod 755 /home/user was it06:04
befordi've been telling you since the beginning it was about permissions06:04
befordgood you got it working06:04
Dante_JI've been checking perms on .ssh and the authorized_keys file06:05
Dante_Jtook for granted that the defaults on the /home/user would be correct.06:06
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC06:06
Dante_JI thought that StrictModes yes in the sshd conf file was worried about changing the .ssh & keys file.06:07
Dante_J 755 for /home/user is better anyway.06:08
* Dante_J sighs relief.06:08
Dante_JI was worried that Aegis might be doing some funny stuff06:08
* Dante_J hands beford a block of chocolate06:09
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Dante_JThis may seem a silly question. Apologies06:48
Dante_JI have not enabled "Allow installations from non-Store sources" on the phone, but just seemed to successfully install a package with dpkg -i as root06:50
Dante_JI noticed this line during installation: aegis-installing06:50
Dante_Jwill this cause a conflict? Make aegis sad or unhappy?06:51
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befordwhat would be the "best"  way to call a function from a running application?09:43
*** gabriel9|work has joined #harmattan09:43
befordI suppose dbus should be used somehow but I'm not sure09:44
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djszapi_beford: yeah you need IPC for that10:03
djszapi_or you could create an entry on the fs10:03
djszapi_what the other application periodically checks.10:03
*** trx has quit IRC10:04
beforddjszapi_: I'll explain the case use maybe you know something better, I want to be able to handle .torrent filetypes when double touched from filebox/TransferUI10:04
*** Dante_J has quit IRC10:05
befordthe main app is already running using Invoker, so I should somehow call a method to process it when a file is opened10:06
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jabissup guise - which navifirm emmc is closest to northern europe?10:52
*** aquarius has joined #harmattan10:54
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jabistried about every trick I know to solve a non-syncing issue - but it seems it's to do with the datastore, not the sync* itself10:56
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ZogG_laptopElleo, ping15:12
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jabisretry - sup guise - which navifirm emmc is closest to northern europe?15:53
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pai read something about caching the output of the paint() call of a qdeclarativeitem, so that it does not have to be redrawn every time, but i lost the link..16:44
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Sfiet_Konstantinlol ? rumors said that iP5 will get NFC17:40
Sfiet_Konstantini'm dissapointed Apple17:40
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Sfiet_Konstantinvery very17:40
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paany idea why my  signature does not show up on tmo?18:13
pa(on old posts)18:14
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ElleoZogG_laptop: pong?18:47
*** Jucato has quit IRC18:47
ZogG_laptopElleo: ping me if the guy pays you 1000$ for torrent app. i want him to pay u or beford, and not gonna leave it18:48
*** jaywink has joined #harmattan18:49
ElleoZogG_laptop: I wouldn't worry about it18:50
Elleothanks for the offer, but its really not reasonable for you to pay if he's being slightly less than truthful18:51
Elleomisread your sentence18:51
Elleosure, I'll let you know if he ever sends anything my way18:51
befordi want ZogG_laptop to pay me18:52
paElleo, did you push eyrie to ovi?18:52
Elleofor some reason my brain skipped out the "him" in ZogG_laptop's last sentence, so it became "i want to pay u or beford, and not gonna leave it"18:52
Elleopa: yeah, quite a while back18:52
paah great18:52
pagonna install it :)18:52
Elleothe database is still tiny, so its more of a proof of concept than anything useful though18:53
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pabut it will grow independently from the app, right?18:53
Elleoonce echoprint sort out their server changes they're going to start fingerprinting a lot more of the echonest music collection (~30 million tracks)18:54
Elleoand allow for users to submit fingerprints18:54
*** IcanCU has quit IRC18:55
pabtw does it support "record and check later"?18:55
Elleonot at the moment18:55
Elleothat's something I plan to add in the future18:55
Elleobut I don't have time to work on anything much until october18:55
ZogG_laptopElleo: if i had those money to throw it would go with giving it to coding competition18:57
paok, is it by chance open source then? i could submit a patch :)18:58
Elleopa: yep, pretty much everything I do is open source:
Elleopa: you'll need to build the echoprint-codegen library too which it depends on18:59
ZogG_laptopElleo: new version with signing?19:00
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan19:00
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ElleoZogG_laptop: new version of what?19:00
Elleonah, I haven't made any changes to eyrie in a few months19:00
Elleopa was just interested in looking at it19:01
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paZogG_laptop, by the way,  i recharged the phone for 3-4 times when it was fuller than 60-70%, and now it seems it managed to get down to 10% still without jumping to 4%19:05
ZogG_laptoppa: good19:09
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louisdkSome of my friends wants to buy the new Lumias :/19:26
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louisdkThis channel is quite silent. Is everyone playing with their new iPhone 5?21:01
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rZrlouisdk: is it jailbreaked already ?21:22
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khertanlouisdk, does it accept python as app language ?21:29
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louisdkrZr, khertan: Don't think so :) I was just kidding ;)21:39
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khertanlouisdk, me too :)22:08
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louisdkkhertan: So you can write python apps for iOS? Huh ;)22:18
*** ybit2 has joined #harmattan22:19
khertanlouisdk, yep, it s just not accepted by apple22:19
khertanbut you can22:19
djszapiN9beford, hi22:21
djszapiN9beford, the orientation issue is due to not building orientation plugin. :)22:21
louisdkBut still OSX isn't that locked down - yet...22:23
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akreuzkamphi, is there any known workaround for
*** jreznik_ has quit IRC22:27
befordwell that makes sense22:27
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paZogG_laptop, cool, this time it jumped only from 8% to 4% .. itùs an improvement :)22:36
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louisdkI get so mad when i hear people talk about the new Lumia-phones and Nokias *great comeback*.23:15
rashm2kwe shall see23:16
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louisdkrashm2k: Still these people think Lumia as great phones and dosen't know anything about N9. I would really hate if any of my friends brought Lumia phones.23:17
*** tonyoy has joined #harmattan23:18
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rashm2kAm I insterested in a Win 8 tablet?23:24
rashm2kWin 8 phone?23:24
*** ybit2 has quit IRC23:24
rashm2kWp8 doesn't offer anything we have already got23:24
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djszapi_so where are the people who got N9s for working on Qt5?23:37
djszapi_I am the only one and I have not even received any devices!23:37
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ZogG_laptoppa: i hope it would jump from 1% to 4% and like that for 30days :P23:56
*** lizardo has quit IRC23:57
rashm2kMaybe the devices were sent to me?23:57
djszapi_well, I would like to have a device for my work23:58
djszapi_but this is even worse the people do not help with this project who got a device for this.23:59

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