IRC log of #harmattan for Wednesday, 2012-09-12

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teleshoeshey, im looking to write a qt app for the n9, and i dont wanna reinvent the wheel. if anyone has heard of an app with a feature like the one im going to write, please let me know02:40
teleshoesa large-print text viewer, that adjusts the typeface's point size so that all the text fits, but is as large as possible02:41
teleshoesview "a" would show a giant letter a02:41
teleshoesview "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam  nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat  volutpat. Ut wisi enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exerci tation  ullamcorper suscipit lobortis nisl ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.  Duis autem vel eum iriure dolor in hendrerit in vulputate velit esse  molestie consequat, vel illum dolore eu feugiat nulla facilisis at vero02:42
teleshoeswould show all that text02:42
teleshoesthe phone app does something quite similar with numbers02:43
teleshoesthis sounds like it should exist, but it doesnt seem to02:43
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teleshoesthe use case i have in mind is showing other people arbitrary text on my phone, e.g.: my deaf and visually impaired grandmother, and the bus employee who checks confirmation numbers02:47
teleshoesif i write it, im going to use a monospace typeface and restrict it to a subset of unicode that prints predictably in it02:49
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teleshoesanyone know how to install inconsolatas?04:59
teleshoescan i just stick it in /usr/share/fonts?05:01
teleshoesits an otf05:02
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louisdkSleepless. Love my N950. Fullbrown pocket PC :D05:20
teleshoesheh sounds like you could use sleep05:20
teleshoesim a member of the super-jealous-of-the-n950-despite-everyone-assuring-me-it-sucks05:21
louisdkhe he. are you a nember of the n950club on facebook? :)05:26
teleshoesif i had an n950, tho, everyone would know about it05:27
teleshoesid tell every single person i met until someone strangled me05:27
ieatlintmy guess is they'd just rob you pretty soon05:27
louisdkwell. i was at locale  fross camp this summer and at  least ten people said that they would steal my phone while i was asleep, but nothing  happened :p05:29
ieatlinti keep mine at home so it's safe :P05:29
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louisdkwell. i've brought a E7 cover for it.05:30
ieatlinti can't imagine that fits too well05:30
louisdki meant a case.05:30
louisdkand it does.05:31
ieatlintyeah, i can see it fitting in a case05:31
louisdka nice rubber case  on ebay.05:31
ieatlintbut a cover.. the monitor on the e7 is recessed from the top/bottom, whereas the n950 goes to the edges05:32
louisdki cover for e7 woun't feet i agree. i saw a cover for n950 on a uk spare part side, but it was quite expensive. i guess because it custom made.05:33
louisdkbtw i saw the launta prototype device. the design doesn't look like an upgrade compaired to the n950. the back-over is not flat and it's difficault to change things like the battery as on the n9.05:35
ieatlinteh, would still have preferred nfc05:38
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ieatlintand despite the issues with the pentile display, the amoled aspect gives the n9 one of my favourite unique features.. the standby screen05:39
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louisdkwell i miss the standby screen too.05:39
louisdki have a broken n9 that i want to repair and then sell. i need a new middle chasis, but i can't find one without having to buy a new back cover.05:41
teleshoesoh yea05:41
teleshoesthats my only solace05:41
teleshoesi LOVE the standby screen05:42
teleshoesespecially with lpsmagic and n9-button-monitor05:42
louisdkteleshoes: I still prefers a full qwerty keyboard over the standby screen :)05:43
teleshoesi would too05:43
teleshoesbut standby screen is real real nice05:43
ieatlinti wonder if nokia patented it05:44
ieatlintand why it's not made an appearance on their windows phones05:45
teleshoesi dont think anyone really cared about it05:45
teleshoesand im sure they did05:45
ieatlintit's also on several symbian phones, and was well reviewed05:45
teleshoesoh, didnt know thta05:45
ieatlintit's actually probably the most common feature others see and like on my n905:46
teleshoesi bet lotsa phones will have them soon05:46
teleshoesi always have trouble showing off how awesome my phone is05:46
ieatlintyeah, i believe all the symbian belle phones with amoled screens have it.. my n8 and c7 have it, and i know the 700, 701 at least do too05:46
ieatlintthe double tap to unlock is a feature i've seen no where else, and would love to see again05:47
teleshoesi hate that shit05:47
teleshoesi turned that off after about 3 days05:47
ieatlintthe n9 is the most ambidextrous phone i've ever seen05:47
teleshoestrue dat homes05:48
louisdkthe n9 has many oniqure features ignored by the greater public do to lack of marketing and focus on it. and i really don't see why the 808 could'nt be a meego phone.05:48
teleshoesthe greater public says mysterious phrases like 'no apps'05:49
louisdkelop just don't want linux or nokia to success. wp is more importent05:49
teleshoesenough elop bashing05:49
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louisdkteleshoes: it has quite a good handfull of usefull apps. even my local broacasters have apps for meego. but if harmattan was released on more phones many more apps would be ported.05:51
ieatlintmeh, dreams of what could have been are pointless05:51
ieatlinti'm just hoping that the features i really like that are unique to harmattan appear again elsewhere05:52
teleshoesi dont understand what people are talking about when they say apps05:52
ieatlintthen again, apple will probably just use them and then claim they invented them :P05:52
ieatlinttis a shame no one thought of creating a device with rounded corners before apple05:53
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louisdki just hope that jolla would release a qwerty phone in the next year. i don't just want an open os. i want a full-brown linux pocket pc that either run x or wayland.05:57
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teleshoesyour n950 runs X05:58
louisdkteleshoes: i know. x forwarding over ssh works. but i hope that jolla would be a great successor, so i can get a new phone when this is old.06:02
teleshoesi hope they make a phone and not a tablet06:04
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teleshoescan someone whos not using openmode tell me if this package works?06:37
teleshoesworks for me06:38
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louisdkextra fonts?06:53
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Dante_JAnyone aware of conky being available for the N9?07:36
jonniDante_J: yes,
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Dante_Jthank you jonni - beautiful!07:56
Dante_JHow about a Wifi information app like this: WifiInfo ?07:58
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ieatlintthere's an app called "MeeWiMan" similar to that08:02
ieatlintit's in the app store08:02
Dante_Jthanks ieatlint - did'nt see it when I was searching for an equivalent. Cheers08:03
djszapi_ieatlint: heyo sup sir08:05
ieatlinthow goes?08:06
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djszapi_trying to play with snowshoe :)08:07
djszapi_qt5/webkit2 based qml browser08:07
djszapi_entirely open source :)08:07
djszapi_looks much better than grob altogether.08:08
ieatlintyeah, i've seen it08:08
ieatlintit didn't seem to offer too much of an advantage08:09
djszapi_well, it is open source for starter.08:10
djszapi_so there is no situation of "oh grob fails again, let us fix it.. oh wait, it is closed".08:11
ieatlintyeah.. it's a good demo08:11
djszapi_or "hmm, I would need a functionality that grob has... oopsie it is not open, so we cannot actually check".08:12
djszapi_in addition, grob is not based on qml08:12
djszapi_means, it is hard to extend.08:12
djszapi_it has a huge list of bugreports.08:12
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susundbe1gGood morning everyone -- my N9 does not mount /home/user/MyDocs on boot. Sofar i have fixed this by doing manual mount with opensh -- i though fixing this my modifying /etc/fstab but what would be the proper solution?10:21
susundbe1g(oh should i be at #N9?)10:21
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susundbe1gAnd what do you think -- is that file safe to edit as 'cat /var/lib/aegis/refhashlist |grep fstab' shows nothing but lib/udev/fstab_import10:24
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divanhi all. does anyone use pyside-assistant in MacOS X?11:42
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payou shouldnt use pyside-assistant first of all :) it generates packages that are not optified11:50
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divanpa, I've seen a hack for creating optified debs. But, is there any tool or way to create proper debs?13:58
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pathere was a nice howto14:02
pai used it, it works very well14:03
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djszapi_jonni: can you try qt5-components again?14:16
djszapi_and run the example?14:16
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susundbe1gI dont get it: script 'init/mount-home.conf' that might be launched at boot (at least its protected by aegis) should mount tmpfs at MyDocs if something goes wrong with the normal mounting but after reboot mount|grep MyDocs shows nothing14:36
susundbe1g(The original problem beeing that after reboot my N9 doesnt have MyDocs properly mounted)14:37
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susundbe1gAnyone? Any tips what to look for would be appriciated, or any tips that this is know and unfixable bug or similar?14:47
djszapi_anybody feels like trying my qt5-components package in the community repository?14:56
djszapi_It would be a nice help :-)14:56
djszapi_just install and run the example.14:56
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susundbe1gthis: ?15:01
djszapi_susundbe1g: just "fakeroot apt-get install qt5-components"15:02
divanpa, awesome. Thanks a lot. I guess this method should also work on the device itself, right?15:02
djszapi_once you have the community repository in your sources list on the device15:02
djszapi_along with the harmattan repository.15:02
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padivan, hm probably, never tried tho :)15:05
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susundbe1gsorry djszapi_, without futher instructions i cannot do anything: like what would be the community repository location, and i would rather also read something like 'it doesnt fuck up your package manager' or 'suitable for N9 pr1.3'.15:06
susundbe1gor is the community repository maybe intendent only for developer-platforms -- not for daily use ?15:07
djszapi_susundbe1g: check the landing page15:07
djszapi_it is all documented15:07
djszapi_also, it installs the files into /opt/qt5 so it cannot break your system15:07
djszapi_nobody reported that15:07
djszapi_only reports so far is runtime issues15:07
djszapi_which I am trying to fix, but I need testers from the community ...15:08
susundbe1g( ) -- this one?15:08
djszapi_echo 'deb ./' >>/etc/apt/sources.list.d/nicks.list15:08
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djszapi_please also add this one: deb harmattan/sdk free non-free15:08
djszapi_and then just "fakeroot apt-get update && apt-get install qt5-components"15:08
djszapi_and then /opt./qt5/bin/QmlComponentsGallery15:08
djszapi_or how the example is called :-)15:09
djszapi_perhaps I should upload all this to Ovi.15:10
payea, meeTrainer 0.2.2 available on the store, eventuallly15:10
padjszapi, ofc u should15:10
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susundbe1gor why not ?15:11
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susundbe1gmm, adding those repos gives me updates that didn't exists before .. i am bit afraid of them ..15:19
djszapi_susundbe1g: because app for meego sucks.15:20
susundbe1gk, good enough reason :)15:20
susundbe1g"libgpg-error0 libogg0 libpixman-1-0 lzop15:21
djszapi_pa: you are aware of that you are not talking to me when you talk to djszapi?15:21
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paups.. i missed the _15:21
djszapi_pa: well I would not like to submit until the orientation and touch issues are fixed.15:22
paah i see15:23
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pawhat does qt5-components exactly include?15:23
pai guess no qtmobility, right?15:24
djszapi_in Qt5?15:24
djszapi_not really, no.15:24
djszapi_why would you?15:24
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djszapi_There are QtSensors15:24
djszapi_you do not really have a good reason fro that15:24
pabut so what is qtmobility for?15:24
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pawell ok, contacts i guess are not in stock qt15:25
djszapi_it is15:25
djszapi_good test example will be the new Qt5 and Webkit2 based open source browser, called snowshoe15:25
djszapi_written mostly in qml15:26
djszapi_aside from some glue15:26
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heymasterSo Symbian is not dead? I will get update for my Nokia 50015:27
paheh, if it is not , it will be soon :)15:27
heymasteri though it's dead when i bought my phone :)15:30
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djszapi_this browser is actually seems quite impressive.15:34
heymasterjust thinking does Jolla platform will have appstore ?15:34
djszapi_browser actually*15:34
susundbe1gdjszapi_: installing that package requires ~75M of other stuff required and the community repo has 6 updates, i think i am too afraid to proceed with my only phone ..15:34
djszapi_susundbe1g: 75 MB on a flash with 16 GB?15:34
djszapi_perhaps you should listen to the old Deep Purple song? :)15:35
djszapi_well it is up to you. I would not like to demand.15:35
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susundbe1goh, i will just do purge later and cross my fingers .. the home mounting is not working anyway so re-flash might do good ..15:37
susundbe1gbtw any ideas if somebody has mirrored:
djszapi_so why speculate :)15:38
djszapi_heymaster: what is this hype around Jolla? There are no Jolla devices :)15:38
djszapi_just because it has a lot of hype, it does not mean, it has anything usable for us :)15:38
djszapi_communication is heaven, reality is nothing pretty much so far for us :)15:38
djszapi_also, afaik, they do not use Qt5 anyways15:38
djszapi_so not much interest for me.15:38
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heymasterdjszapi_: yes, you right15:40
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heymasterso which platform to use?15:41
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*** piggz has joined #harmattan15:42
djszapi_heymaster: as for me harmattan seems only capable for Qt515:43
djszapi_that is why I have been working on this recently.15:43
djszapi_no other platforms aside desktop15:43
djszapi_RIM is getting there, but not there15:43
djszapi_raspberry pi is a hype15:43
djszapi_no devices to the community15:43
djszapi_and of course not a target system15:43
djszapi_android is stuck with 4.815:43
djszapi_jolla qt415:43
djszapi_Symbian is unsupported in Qt5.15:43
djszapi_I do not see any other option for Harmattan to be honest.15:44
heymasteri have rasberrypi that can i do with it ? Program with Qt?15:45
suydjszapi_: isn't a bit early to expect many things having Qt5? The beta is just some days old.15:45
*** e-yes has quit IRC15:45
suyI mean, I guess that necessitas will have Qt5, no?15:45
djszapi_suy: yes in 1-2 years?15:46
djszapi_or more?15:46
paby the way, guys, anyone owning rpi?15:46
djszapi_they have been doing Qt4.8 for about 2 years15:46
djszapi_I do not wanna wait 2 years15:46
djszapi_if I can do this right away15:46
pado you know whether accelerated codec are available?15:46
pathe soc is supposed to be great at encoding h264 realtime15:47
*** aslani has quit IRC15:47
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heymasterpa: you can buy license15:47
paand then i get the codecs?15:48
paso i assume they will be available via unofficial ways too, right?15:48
susundbe1gdependecies seems to fail:
pa(and i dont care, coz i'd use those only for myself)15:48
heymasterpa: don't know15:49
djszapi_heymaster: can you get libxcb in other way?15:49
paah thanks!15:49
pabut hw mpeg2 decoding is useless..15:49
susundbe1goh, seems like: 'Aegis rejecting /var/cache/apt/archives/libxcb-atom1_0.3.6-2+0m6_armel.deb: package 'libxcb-atom1' origin cannot be determined  -- signature check failed'15:50
djszapi_susundbe1g: yeah, I saw.15:50
djszapi_that is a common issue with the Nokia repository15:50
djszapi_unsure what the solution was.15:50
*** aslani has joined #harmattan15:50
djszapi_perhaps we should repackage those things in the community repostiory15:50
djszapi_although that will not help with stuff15:50
*** pawky has joined #harmattan15:51
djszapi_I do not understand why apps4meego got rights15:51
paah i see it doesnt need licenses for h26415:51
paas decoding is free15:51
djszapi_the community repository should also have gained those.15:51
heymasterpa: :)15:51
susundbe1gi guess the inception tools can get past those but i am again feeling like i am one step closer to flashing the phone ..15:51
paheymaster, actually it seems the encoding is included without license, according to wikipedia (news of 31 august)15:52
pa24 sorry15:52
djszapi_susundbe1g: no15:53
djszapi_just read the channel log15:53
djszapi_I recommended the solutions back then15:53
djszapi_but I forgot that15:53
heymasterpa: ok :)15:53
djszapi_I also had a bureport for this with a workaround15:53
djszapi_maybe, but unsure.15:53
djszapi_heymaster: either way, try to manually wget the package15:53
heymasterpa: cool :)15:55
djszapi_susundbe1g: ^15:55
*** ecloud has quit IRC15:56
djszapi_susundbe1g: -> from here.15:56
djszapi_also make sure you use fakeroot and develsh + devel-su15:56
djszapi_please do not try this in any other ways.15:56
djszapi_anybody else can try to install qt5-components?15:57
djszapi_and run the example?15:57
suydjszapi_: I'm no expert, but (WRT Qt on Android), I thought the whole point was basing the port on QPA and the integration with Creator, and the deployment (ministro). If that is more or less done, I don't see why it should be hard to port to Qt5. Besides, I think that Digia is somewhat interested.15:58
*** ecloud has joined #harmattan15:59
djszapi_suy: well15:59
djszapi_the whole port is not too hard15:59
djszapi_but still nowhere after two years15:59
*** xarcass has quit IRC15:59
djszapi_Quim expressed this quite well at QtCS: There is a lot of hype, but not much actually done15:59
djszapi_this was the point15:59
djszapi_the communication and reality are a bit far away. :)15:59
pabut now with digia, it should happen, right?16:00
djszapi_ah yeah Digia will be savior, sure.16:00
djszapi_no marketing pitch at all.16:00
suyOk. I haven't read the necessitas list since some months. As I said, I'm no expert. :)16:00
pawell they claimed they want to officially port it to android.. i assume they want to, so that they can make money out of it16:00
djszapi_Digia will make a better flourishing on iStuff than it was at the Athen times!16:01
djszapi_so will they for Android!16:01
djszapi_There are so many business use cases!16:01
djszapi_and google will turn upside down with their thinking now asap!16:01
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan16:06
djszapi_oh yeah, and forgot the fact Apple will also open up their strategy for Qt collaboration16:08
djszapi_ahahaha :D16:08
susundbe1gdjszapi_: i have no idea about fakeroot but changing from opensh to develsh + devel-su allowed me to do dpkg -i that library16:08
djszapi_Digia had to say something hypey :)16:08
djszapi_otherwise the situation would not look any different on the communication level as the accenture shift.16:08
djszapi_susundbe1g: uh16:09
djszapi_please never use opensh for this16:09
djszapi_use the recommended workflow16:09
djszapi_nice, run the example?16:09
djszapi_orientation does not work I presume?16:09
susundbe1gthat is described in?16:09
djszapi_how about the touch input all over the screen?16:09
susundbe1gjust a moment, still installing :)16:09
djszapi_susundbe1g: on my blog16:09
djszapi_and iirc it is also linked on tmo16:09
susundbe1g ?16:10
djszapi_but it is not Qt5 specific16:10
djszapi_if you are doing opensh, you are on your own16:10
djszapi_do not expect stuff16:10
*** Aard has quit IRC16:11
djszapi_my device is getting more and more broken XD16:11
*** djszapiN9 has joined #harmattan16:11
*** e-yes has joined #harmattan16:12
*** Aard has joined #harmattan16:12
susundbe1gorientation seems to be landskape no matter how much i shake the phone (N9 pr1.3)16:12
djszapiN9yep, expected16:12
*** tbf has joined #harmattan16:13
djszapiN9touch input?16:13
susundbe1gdjszapi_: oh, actually, the orientation changed after swipe exit from the app16:13
djszapiN9yep, known16:13
djszapiN9because that is handled differently.16:14
susundbe1gtouch input seems to work at some buttons16:14
susundbe1gdont know if its just my bad aim,16:14
susundbe1gtoggle statusbar works now, imho it didnt work in the beginning16:14
djszapiN9it does not work on the right in landscape, right?16:14
djszapiN9and bottom in portrait?16:15
susundbe1gwhat should toggle toolbar do?16:15
susundbe1gnow it only changes color .. (portrait)16:15
djszapiN9no clue16:15
djszapiN9try to check the input touch bug please...16:16
susundbe1git exited somehow, here is output if needed:
*** snowpong has joined #harmattan16:16
susundbe1gso bug would be that touch-input not working?16:16
djszapiN9in half part of the screen...16:16
susundbe1gmy guess is that as there is no button pressed animation i might just missed what it should do16:16
djszapiN9like I described above...16:16
susundbe1gso device portrait -> launch from ssh console -> app in landscape16:17
susundbe1gthe touch input seems to work at whole right side of the screen on landmode, where right side is near to 'nokia' sign and buttons are pointing 'up'16:19
susundbe1gbut if the arrows on the left side are suppose to be input sensitive then those are not working16:19
susundbe1gNo you are right, right side touch input is not working, easy to see with 'buttons'16:20
djszapiN9you are holding your device wrong :)16:20
djszapiN9but ok.16:20
susundbe1g(at least on landscape mode)16:21
djszapiN9so the bug persists. cli output?16:21
susundbe1gmeaning the terminal output (as pastebinned before) or ?16:22
*** mschlens has quit IRC16:22
djszapiN9output of the application.16:23
djszapiN9so not the install output..16:23
*** mzanetti_ has joined #harmattan16:24
susundbe1git doesnt seem that usefull to me:
*** jaywink has quit IRC16:24
susundbe1gthis is launch -> landscape -> buttons -> clicking the invert theme button to see that it works on other half of the display16:25
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan16:25
*** rm_work has quit IRC16:25
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan16:25
susundbe1gdjszapi_: anythine else you want me to test with?16:27
*** mschlens has joined #harmattan16:28
djszapi_it is actually very useful16:28
djszapi_"Module '' does not contain a module identifier directive - it cannot be protected from external registrations."16:28
djszapi_I wonder why it is still there...16:28
djszapi_"file:///opt/qt5/imports/com/nokia/meego/ScrollDecorator.qml:84: Error: Cannot assign JavaScript function to bool"16:29
djszapi_paste that line please?16:29
susundbe1geah.. wait ..16:30
susundbe1gmy i was to eager to purge ..16:30
*** mschlens_ has joined #harmattan16:31
*** mschlens has quit IRC16:32
*** tom__ has joined #harmattan16:32
susundbe1gdjszapi_: -- line 84 separated at the end16:34
djszapi_susundbe1g: duh....16:35
susundbe1gyea, good luck16:35
djszapi_my new pushes did not affect for some reason... :(16:35
djszapi_this is an obsolete code16:35
susundbe1goh, thats kind of bad testing then16:35
*** mschlens has joined #harmattan16:38
*** mschlens_ has quit IRC16:38
djszapi_susundbe1g: indeed16:39
*** mzanetti_ has quit IRC16:39
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC16:41
*** danielcbit has joined #harmattan16:43
*** Shaan7 has quit IRC16:49
*** Shaan7 has joined #harmattan16:50
*** cockroach has joined #harmattan16:51
cockroachhi! small question, if i may: i'm trying to get the SDK working and the installation seems to have finished just fine. however, when I "meego-sb-session start" in scratchbox, "nothing happens" in the Xephyr window16:52
cockroachdoes anyone have an idea about what I might be doing wrong?16:52
cockroachit seems to start just fine btw,
*** DrGrov has joined #harmattan16:53
*** DrGrov has left #harmattan16:53
leinirBefore continuing (and sorry, i can't help you with that one), do you have any particularly good reason for using scratchbox? :)16:54
cockroachhmm no, it's just what the user guide told me to do :)16:54
leinirYeah, thought that might be the case ;)16:54
cockroachheh. is there a better way to do things then?16:54
leinirA much easier one, at any rate, if you don't actually have a need for the gritty details of scratchbox :)16:55
cockroachah nice, thanks, i'll try that!16:56
leinirYou're welcome :)16:56
cockroachout of ignorance i first tried the meego SDK which seems to be based on qt creator, that one failed horribly :) - let's hope this works better16:57
leiniryeah, that one never reeeally got finished... bit sad, really :)16:57
cockroachyup, it looks rather ... out of date & unmaintained.16:58
*** jaywink has joined #harmattan16:58
djszapi_susundbe1g: I will chop the documentation off17:04
djszapi_that will save you some megabytes, but just after it is all working, not now.17:04
*** tonyoy has joined #harmattan17:05
*** e-yes has quit IRC17:12
*** e-yes has joined #harmattan17:17
*** jkingok has joined #harmattan17:27
*** e-yes has quit IRC17:38
*** tonyoy has quit IRC17:43
cockroachok, back again. now, i seem to have the qt sdk up & running (installed from debian's repo) but there doesn't seem to be a harmattan target. do i need to install the sdk from source or is there a way to just add harmattan support?17:46
*** e-yes has joined #harmattan17:50
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC17:56
thpcockroach: you can install the harmattan target via the "qt sdk maintenance" utility17:57
thp"Maintain Qt SDK" or something like that17:58
cockroachthp: ah, sounds good, i'll try that. thanks!17:58
cockroachhmm, can't seem to find it. any idea whether i need to add some specific debian package to get the maintenance utility?18:05
*** lordross has quit IRC18:08
merlin1991cockroach: the qt sdk inside the official debian pacakges is too old18:08
cockroachmerlin1991: aww. even the one in wheezy?18:08
merlin1991you'll have to grab a more recent version from here:
cockroachmerlin1991: ok, thank. sounds like a project for tomorrow :)18:09
merlin1991hm actually according to the debian page wheezy ships 2.4.018:10
merlin1991which is fairly new18:10
cockroachmine says "qt creator 2.5.0", but it doesn't seem to have the management/update option in the help menu18:11
merlin1991cockroach: the management update is a different program18:11
merlin1991(has it's own .desktop file)18:11
cockroach(ok, back)18:20
cockroachmerlin1991: you wouldn't happen to know what the .desktop file is called?18:20
merlin1991also I don't know if the debian package even ships it, I guess it doesn't18:21
susundbe1gsorry for repeating myself, but this is annoying mee too much: anyone tips how to/where to look for/fix N9 not mounting /home/user/MyDocs after reboot -- actually nothing is seems to be mounted at that point, even though 'init/mount-home.conf' script should mount some temp there if the real mounting fails.18:21
cockroachmerlin1991: maybe not :(18:21
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC18:21
merlin1991susundbe1g: check if you even have a proper filesystem on the respective partition18:21
dm8tbrand force-fsck it from a PC18:22
susundbe1gmerlin1991: thanks for the reply -- i can mount the partition properly manually and everthing works fine after that, but its not mounted at boot18:22
susundbe1g(i mean mount /home/user/MyDocs goes ok and everthing that should be there works fine)18:23
merlin1991susundbe1g: which dev node does it actually mount?18:23
*** mschlens_ has joined #harmattan18:24
*** djszapi|vb has joined #harmattan18:26
*** mschlens has quit IRC18:26
djszapi|vbM4rtinK: hey18:26
djszapi|vbM4rtinK: could you please help with the gtk2 build?18:26
djszapi|vbapparently Qt accessibility depends on that18:26
susundbe1gmerlin1991: sorry, i dont know how to produce that, here is mount and ls -lah /dev/mmcblk0p1 :
*** mschlens_ is now known as mschlens18:28
susundbe1g(oh is it the one listed in ls, 179)18:29
*** beford has joined #harmattan18:29
merlin1991susundbe1g: hm your system seems to be fine, anything in the syslog maybe?18:29
djszapi_beford: heyo18:29
susundbe1gno, nothing that would seem related, tried grepping 'mount' 'MyDocs', 'Failed' or 'Error'18:31
susundbe1gwhat i am pondering is the script /etc/init/mount-home.conf -- that (at least) does mount that MyDocs -- could it be that its for reason or another not executed or it fails before it goes to the part where that partition should be mouned18:32
*** mschlens_ has joined #harmattan18:32
*** mschlens has quit IRC18:34
*** jreznik_ has joined #harmattan18:34
*** jreznik has quit IRC18:35
*** e-yes has quit IRC18:36
*** cockroach has quit IRC18:40
*** djszapi|vb has quit IRC18:43
*** mschlens_ is now known as mschlens18:47
*** e-yes has joined #harmattan18:49
djszapiN9M4rtinK, weirdly enough, it is building in testing.18:49
M4rtinKin another repo ?18:52
*** djszapiN9 has quit IRC18:52
M4rtinKdjszapi: I see the same behaviour - it builds in home:MartinK:gtk but not in home:MartinK:harmattan :)18:53
*** jreznik_ is now known as jreznik18:53
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan18:59
*** natunen has quit IRC19:00
*** xmlich02 has quit IRC19:01
*** thek has quit IRC19:02
*** jreznik has quit IRC19:03
*** lucido has quit IRC19:03
*** jreznik has joined #harmattan19:03
*** ced117 has joined #harmattan19:04
djszapi_M4rtinK: really?19:04
*** Natunen has joined #harmattan19:04
djszapi_M4rtinK: what error are you facing?19:04
M4rtinKthe same as you are - the immodule one19:09
djszapi_looks weird, doesn't it? :)19:10
M4rtinKit IS weird - as it really hapens in one repo and not in other :)19:10
*** ced117 has quit IRC19:11
djszapi_yes, but do not tell this to the gnome guy19:13
djszapi_on the other irc19:13
djszapi_otherwise they will instantly ignore c-obs19:14
djszapi_and blame you19:14
djszapi_ask what can cause it19:14
djszapi_and how this can be solved or worked around19:14
M4rtinKrZr mentioned that ho found some way to build it19:14
*** thek has joined #harmattan19:15
M4rtinKbut he might have meant some other issue, not this one19:15
djszapi_and he is off anyways19:15
djszapi_I need the solution now19:15
djszapi_to build qt5 with accessibility :)19:15
M4rtinKBTW, why are you building: "A set of language and system independant CORBA interfaces."19:16
M4rtinK? :)19:16
*** lucido has joined #harmattan19:16
djszapi_M4rtinK: needed for atspi19:16
djszapi_which is needed for Qt Accessibility.19:17
M4rtinKCORBA, srsly ? :)19:17
djszapi_yes :-)19:17
M4rtinKhave you tried to just drop the dependency ?19:17
djszapi_because it built locally in no time19:17
M4rtinKdo it :)19:17
djszapi_so no hack needed to upstream debian19:17
djszapi_I do not wanna differ from upstream debian19:17
djszapi_if possible.19:18
djszapi_otherwise keeping the sync is a royal pita...19:18
djszapi_if we also get 1000 packagers we can go our way :)19:18
*** jreznik has quit IRC19:19
djszapi_let us just get gtk and that one fixed19:19
*** jreznik has joined #harmattan19:19
*** ced117 has joined #harmattan19:20
*** ced117 has quit IRC19:20
*** ced117 has joined #harmattan19:20
*** shanttu has joined #harmattan19:20
djszapi_M4rtinK: gtk is more tricky19:23
djszapi_I can fix bonobo by dropping the gtk doc dependency19:23
djszapi_as the worst case scenario19:23
M4rtinKthe gtk-doc dependency is horrendous19:23
M4rtinKI've tried to satisfy it, but dropped is when I got to docbook & latex19:24
djszapi_it works for other things19:27
djszapi_also locally.19:27
djszapi_usnure about that deletion thingie19:27
*** jreznik_ has joined #harmattan19:36
*** jreznik has quit IRC19:39
djszapi_M4rtinK: so what did they say?19:40
*** jaywink has quit IRC19:41
*** e-yes has quit IRC19:45
*** djszapi_ has quit IRC19:50
*** jreznik_ is now known as jreznik19:50
*** Jake9xx_ is now known as Jake9xx19:51
M4rtinKdjszapi: just asked why we are building bonobo19:52
M4rtinKdjszapi: and I've answered that because of Debian sync19:53
M4rtinKthats all so far19:53
*** djszapi__ has joined #harmattan20:02
djszapi__I have added the description I wrote more than a year ago here: Any feedback is welcome.20:02
infobotdjszapi__ meant: I have updated the description I wrote more than a year ago here: Any feedback is welcome.20:02
*** jreznik_ has joined #harmattan20:02
*** jreznik_ has quit IRC20:03
*** jreznik_ has joined #harmattan20:04
*** jreznik has quit IRC20:04
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan20:06
*** jreznik_ is now known as jreznik20:07
*** rcg-work has quit IRC20:10
*** aquarius has quit IRC20:10
*** aquarius has joined #harmattan20:12
pamay i ask a nasty question about the coding competition?20:20
pait says "from 11 june for 3 months"20:20
panow.. what should i think of an application that got its first comment on the store the 15th of june? was it developed within the competition time frame?20:20
*** suy has quit IRC20:22
ZogG_laptoppa, you can't say anything20:24
ZogG_laptopit's community one and you can't check everyone20:24
ZogG_laptopit's on people's responsobility to be honest :P20:24
paoh you can20:25
pakojaker asked explicitly for that20:25
ZogG_laptopno man20:26
ZogG_laptopthere are things that disturbed me, but i just said it as advice for next one20:26
ZogG_laptopi don't think it's good idea to start now all the mess20:27
paZogG_laptop, Kojaker asked the participants on the planning thread to check the others if their entries were ok. yes he asked to do that earlier than this..20:27
paand i wont start anything, probably20:28
*** timmay has joined #harmattan20:28
ZogG_laptoppa, what app is it btw20:29
timmayhow do i uninstall a device update?20:29
befordif it was published to the store before the date then they should move it to the updates category20:29
paactually it seems to me it is even older than june20:29
ZogG_laptopfirst time i hear about it20:29
paafaik i tried it on may20:29
ZogG_laptopbut anyway i think you can matter with vote :P20:29
ZogG_laptopjust don't want20:29
ZogG_laptopoh i have it20:29
ZogG_laptoppa, it was port/update20:30
ZogG_laptopas it was on n90020:30
ZogG_laptopand as far as i know dev is a good guy who provide free apps20:30
pawell in the thread its under location/navigation20:30
paso it should be moved to port/update then20:30
ZogG_laptopyeah geeps2 i know didn't know other name20:30
djszapi__"Free for limited time."20:31
ZogG_laptopit was rewritten i think20:31
ZogG_laptopi don't know20:31
ZogG_laptopi don't really care :P20:31
pai do :p20:31
paits in my category :)20:31
ZogG_laptopdjszapi, that app was free for n900 and afaik open source20:31
djszapi__we are not discussing N900 here.20:31
djszapi__this is only free for limited time.20:31
djszapi__which sucks.20:31
ZogG_laptopdjszapi__, stop being grumpy20:31
djszapi__pa: try to discuss with the author first20:32
ZogG_laptoppa, it's about competition and not politics20:32
djszapi__if that clarification does not help with your worries,  bring the topic up.20:32
ZogG_laptopi know you want to win but still20:32
djszapi__honest is not politics.20:32
ZogG_laptopdon't bring dirt in it20:32
djszapi__and honest is before winning.20:32
ZogG_laptopdjszapi, and yes n900 is related to competiton20:32
ZogG_laptopdjszapi__, i don't think he did it on purpose, you accuse without knowing20:33
ZogG_laptopthat's my point20:33
timmayseveral of the apps that i've tried to uninstall give me the message: Can't delete   Unable to uninstall application Twitter because it is used by the following installations. To complete uninstallation, listed applications need to be uninstalled first.   Device update   how do i uninstall device update?20:33
djszapi__pa: try to ask the author20:33
djszapi__pa: perhaps there is something you do not know20:33
djszapi__and the author can clarify20:33
ZogG_laptoptimmay, you can't delete some of stock apps20:34
ZogG_laptopthey connected to other apps20:34
djszapi__if he still sounds fishy, bring it up without hesitation.20:34
djszapi__timmay: the platform apps bundled into a metapackage20:34
djszapi__which if you manage to remove, you break the platform.20:34
paok i try20:34
timmayso how do i complete or remove the update?20:35
ZogG_laptoptimmay, what excatly u want to delete?20:35
djszapi__timmay: I do not think you can nicely remove ("revert") an update20:35
timmayi can't install anything anymore20:35
paanother one20:35
djszapi__timmay: if it is an ovi store application update, feel free to remove the application, but I do not think you can do more.20:35
pajune 1020:35
papeople really...20:36
timmaynor can i remove anything20:36
djszapi__pa: same story20:36
djszapi__try to clarify20:36
ZogG_laptoptimmay, show exact msg20:37
padjszapi__, but it seems i cant PM people on tmo..20:38
pai tried to send a pm, but it looks it has not been sent20:38
timmaythat was the exact msg of me trying to uninstall twitter20:38
djszapi__pa: google for their contacts20:38
timmayCan't delete   Unable to uninstall application Twitter because it is used by the following installations. To complete uninstallation, listed applications need to be uninstalled first.   Device update   how do i uninstall device update?20:38
ZogG_laptoptimmay, i mena of not able to update install stuff20:38
djszapi__timmay: you cannot uninstall twitter20:39
ZogG_laptoptimmay, you can't uninstall twitter, again there are apps in system that depend on it20:39
djszapi__please accept it.20:39
djszapi__timmay: like I said above, it is a platform package.20:39
djszapi__if you remove it, you break the platform.20:39
djszapi__timmay: if it bothers you, place the icon away your eyes.20:40
piggzatleast my conscious is clear about the timeframe developping my app ;)20:40
ZogG_laptoptimmay, there are few stock apps yo ucan delete with some hack that was described on TMO, but again it's not all apps20:40
ZogG_laptopas some apps too integrated and it can break things20:41
ZogG_laptoppiggz, you do not do opensource right?20:41
piggzZogG_laptop: rubbish20:41
ZogG_laptoppiggz, ?20:41
ZogG_laptoppiggz, just wondering20:41
valdur55timmay, you can disable service icon from accounts page20:42
timmayjust tried to install 'Front Camera' got msg: Can't install   Application incompatible with other installed applications20:42
ZogG_laptoppiggz, i think it would be fair to have app in apps4meego for free. but again would respect if you don't :P20:42
ZogG_laptoptimmay, and those are?20:42
*** rcg has joined #harmattan20:42
timmaythat's usually what i get when i try to install something20:42
djszapi__timmay: you mean from Ovi?20:43
ZogG_laptoptimmay, open terminal and do dpkg -i package.deb20:43
djszapi__ZogG_laptop: will not work20:43
djszapi__that requires more privileges...20:43
djszapi__timmay: I would suggest to grab a user package, and try using the pkgmgr on the console20:43
*** chouchoune has quit IRC20:43
djszapi__timmay: if you have terminal (developer mode).20:43
ZogG_laptoprock and dizel fighting - it's awesome20:44
timmayno term :-(20:44
ZogG_laptoptimmay, ssh?20:44
djszapi__timmay: do you have meecatalog?20:44
piggzZogG_laptop: i have no objection to publishing in apps-for-meego, atleast for some of my apps20:44
timmayno ssh, don't know how :-(20:44
piggzi have a bit of a mixture20:45
*** tom__ has quit IRC20:45
djszapi__timmay: have you enabled the developer mode?20:45
piggzi dont mind any of my free apps being o/s, but i also like to make a few pennies to buy toys :)20:45
*** cityLights has quit IRC20:45
ZogG_laptoppiggz, harmattan is small and i think ovi - paid and apps4meego free is good thing20:45
timmaydjszapi__: how?20:46
ZogG_laptoppiggz, but it needs to be opensource for apps for meego :)20:46
djszapi__timmay: settings20:46
ZogG_laptopi don't think it would work20:46
kevin_bjust a note : I installed foreign PR1.3 image firmware, cause my device has not any available20:46
ZogG_laptopas it would need to install apps as well20:46
ZogG_laptopkevin_b, which one excatly?20:47
djszapi__except that, that is not ovi20:47
djszapi__but the matching version with the firmware on...20:47
kevin_band when usb plugs, none of touch input are taken into account20:47
timmaydjszapi__: it was on20:47
djszapi__timmay: great, so you should see the terminal on the app grid. Do you see that?20:47
ZogG_laptopkevin_b, not sure if related but image again and did you check md5sum?20:48
kevin_bI didn't, how can I get the image codename from device?20:48
djszapi__timmay: developer mode is on, and you do not see the terminal icon on the application launcher?20:48
djszapi__timmay: not even meecatalog?20:48
djszapi__that is quite beefy...20:49
djszapi__timmay: can you install developer softwares?20:49
ZogG_laptoptimmay, do you have SDK connective icon?20:49
kevin_bZogG_laptop : I tested it twice the same image20:49
ZogG_laptopkevin_b, what is the image region? 001?20:49
djszapi__no what?20:49
kevin_bZogG_laptop : do you know how can I get the image codename from device?20:49
ZogG_laptopkevin_b, get the 001 and flash with it20:50
djszapi__kevin_b: check settings about20:50
ZogG_laptopsearch google for link in logs20:50
timmayno sdk connective icons20:50
ZogG_laptopit was here when it was out20:50
kevin_bhoo thanks a lot for the advice20:50
djszapi__timmay: can you install developer softwares?20:50
ZogG_laptoptimmay, try to turn it off and on again20:50
timmayturning off...20:51
timmayturning on20:51
ZogG_laptopwhen u turn on it shuld install terminal and sdk connective20:51
ZogG_laptopfirst will give u option to use terminal on device second for ssh20:52
*** djszapi__ has left #harmattan20:53
timmaynope. showed all the icons and then went black showing the time with the little starthub at the bottom20:54
ZogG_laptoptimmay, chek all icons, maybe u put it in folder icon?20:55
ZogG_laptoptimmay, as well backup and reflash would solve20:55
ZogG_laptopbut it's the last choice20:55
timmaycan flashing be done on windows 7? my n900 had to be done on an XP box.20:57
timmayi just got the phone the other day. all icons were just like this.20:59
piggzanyone tried the new QtCreator yet?21:01
*** akreuzkamp has joined #harmattan21:04
ZogG_laptoppiggz, not yet21:05
piggzZogG_laptop: was wondering if anyone knew how to make it auto-detect the exisiting compilers/toolchains as kits21:06
ZogG_laptoppiggz, i'm waiting till SDK is updated21:06
ZogG_laptopbut i think it might be not21:06
akreuzkamphi, there. I have a problem connecting to an https-server using a self-signed certificate. The problem is that I get the NetworkError SslHandshakeFailedError, but sslErrors is not emitted. Using the QtSimulator everything works, just on the device it fails.Any ideas, what the problem could be?21:07
*** jkingok has quit IRC21:07
ZogG_laptoppiggz, u can check all setting inside creator21:07
ZogG_laptopi mean in qtcreator in sdk21:07
ZogG_laptopafter all it's almost the same21:07
Kozziwill replacing *64.png and *80.png enough for the app icon in a project or must there be a .svg also?21:08
piggzZogG_laptop: they have changed to something called Kits now, if youve seen the announcement...21:08
ZogG_laptopKozzi, i think best way to use svg and the begining21:08
piggzbrb, kids to pick up!21:08
ZogG_laptoppiggz, nope, link me after u come back21:08
ZogG_laptopdamn C21:08
ZogG_laptopdjszapi, are you good wtih C ?21:09
KozziI'm using Illustrator to save the svgm for some reason it looks different than the png one21:11
Kozziany idea ?21:11
*** chouchoune1 has joined #harmattan21:11
*** chouchoune1 is now known as chouchoune21:11
beforduse Inkscape?21:12
ZogG_laptopuse beford21:12
Kozzibeford: can inkscape open .ai files ?21:12
ZogG_laptopKozzi, it's ugly anyway :P21:12
befordKozzi: mm no, but you have the SVG already no?21:12
Kozziwell it's the logo of the site21:12
Kozzibeford: yes21:12
befordKozzi: well I dont know if it supports it to be honest21:13
befordKozzi: what is the problem? I mean, which one is correct the SVG or PNG? :P21:13
Kozzibeford: png is how I want the icon to look like :)21:13
*** jaywink has joined #harmattan21:15
befordKozzi: well there is a layer with the glossy effect on the SVG21:15
befordKozzi: did you use javispedro icon maker site?21:15
befordor Nokia templates21:16
Kozzinokia template21:16
befordKozzi: and you dont want/like the shadow effect? just edit the SVG and remove it21:16
Kozziyeah probably have to, I just find it weird that the png and svg look so different even though they are made from a same file21:18
Kozzithe gradient is much stronger with the svg version21:18
befordI have not used the nokia templates though21:18
KozziI'm too lazy to make my own template and color modes21:19
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*** tom__ has joined #harmattan22:53
fralsJaffa: regarding the screen swap, surprisingly easy if you have the right tools... be careful when undoing the screws thou, one of mine was way too tight so it broke when i tried to unscrew it22:55
fralsluckily the top broke off clean and it was one of like 9 screws for battery holder so it didnt matter much22:55
*** tonyoy has joined #harmattan22:56
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Jake9xxJaffa: +1 on the tools like frals said. You need decent torx key for it23:07
fralsyeah, make sure its a t4 instead of t5 like some guides suggest23:07
*** tbf has quit IRC23:09
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*** tbf has joined #harmattan23:22
*** lucido has joined #harmattan23:27
Jake9xxfrals: true, t4 it has to be. And careful when re-assembling it. One screw too tight ruins your device23:28
piggzargh, how to do QML profiling?23:37
djszapi_with the qml profiler?23:40
piggzdjszapi_: yes, i got that far, ive compiled the libs, enabled it in the make settings, but it keeps saying the application is not enabled for qml/js debugging23:45
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