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ZogG_laptopbeford, NEW t RUNS AS DEMIN?01:26
befordhey ZogG_laptop01:27
befordno, I'm including the daemon and you can start/stop it from the client01:27
beforddid you install the new one?01:27
ZogG_laptopit keep connecting01:28
ZogG_laptopclosed it with swype01:28
ZogG_laptopre-opened and it' same state01:28
beforduhm but did you start it?01:28
befordform the menu, Start local daemon?01:28
ZogG_laptopdeamon on desktop01:28
ZogG_laptopi'm trying to connect to remote01:28
ZogG_laptopoh finally01:28
befordwell I did not change anything01:28
ZogG_laptopand active only shows more than webgui01:29
ZogG_laptopliked the control01:29
ZogG_laptopwanna still your code :P01:30
ZogG_laptopthe one for buttons in torrent01:30
ZogG_laptopthe top ones01:30
befordsince its python you already have it :P01:30
ZogG_laptopi mean for my apps :P01:30
ZogG_laptopwhere do you get icons?01:30
ZogG_laptopsystem or outside?01:30
befordthose are from system, and the bottom ones are from transmission webui01:31
befordwhich is also included01:31
ZogG_laptophack of the work you did there i see01:31
befordyea I added more information on the Detail Page for torrents01:31
befordheh I did not do it for the bounty, just for the coding competition :P01:35
befordif at least half of that money gets donated to the competition it will be great01:35
ZogG_laptopi know01:35
ZogG_laptopit's not about it01:35
ZogG_laptopit's about people lying and whinning when they start those threads01:36
ZogG_laptoplike tricking devs just to get an app with doing nothing themselves and for free01:36
ZogG_laptoplike saying 'whatsapp port the version we would pay for it" but who would boo if wazapp would paid.01:37
ZogG_laptoplike wht's the difference for them01:37
befordhah yea01:39
befordthere was this thread of people complaining about the new home screen settings paid app01:40
ZogG_laptopyeah and other thread he sais he saiving for xbox01:41
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befordhah nokia unlisted the video01:59
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kstarHi. I'm trying to read the accelerometers in the N9.03:57
kstarI'm using QtMobility's QRotationReading.03:58
kstarUnfortunately, I don't seem to be able to get better accuracy than 1 degree...03:58
kstarIs it possible to get better accuracy, or is it a hardware limitation?03:58
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DocScrutinizer05rotaton is a derived value, accelerometer doesn't deliver rotation values04:31
DocScrutinizer05IOW it's quite probably a limitation in the API definition of QRotationReading04:32
DocScrutinizer05try QAccelerometer04:35
DocScrutinizer05those should be genuine accelerometer values, with max available precision04:36
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kstarDocScrutinizer05: Hmm04:50
kstarBut the API is supposed to return qreal.04:51
kstarIn any case, I'll just try QAccelerometer to see what it says04:51
SpeedEvilthe hw can't do much better - from memory05:05
SpeedEvilhowever, averaging sequential readings may beat it05:05
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djszapi_archlinux breaking the system while updating, yay08:20
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lucidohello, how can I send an sms from qt code in the background (without is opening a messaging application)?11:49
dm8tbrwhile I do not know the answer, I'd suspect, that this is not easily allowed for security reasons11:51
lucidodm8tbr, how about an email?11:52
dm8tbrneither the answer to that is known to me11:53
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jonnilucido: hidden sms sending is only allowed by signed bins, so that API is not avail for 3rd party.12:24
lucidojonni, and email? I'm trying to send a backup password to some predefined account in case the user forgets his password12:25
lucidojonni, what if I disable aegis, can I send a hidden sms then?12:27
mankelilucido: well you can just install your software with inception12:28
jonnilucido: you cant disable aegis, but if you exploit aegis capabilities and know what api's to use then yes. But unfortunately I'm not allowed to help you on that since the API isnt really public :)12:28
lucidojonni, I'll just send the code in an email then, but the link you gave uses Qt.openUrlExternally, that would open up a messaging app and reveil the secret code to the attacker, right?12:31
jonnilucido: oh yes, if you want really to be hidden then just use QSocket and compose the email SMTP port 25 ;), but thats a bit low level :)12:32
jonnior have somekind of web server running on internet, and just use http query and let the server do the email sending.12:33
pahow do i stuff formatted text in a dialog?12:36
djszapi_using richtext as usual?12:36
pabut the message is a "string".. and html tags do not seem to work there12:37
pahm maybe i got it12:39
djszapi_<b> and so forth are totally accepted12:42
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qwazix_what #ifdef identifies harmattan?14:06
mankeliMEEGO_EDITION i'd say14:07
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qwazixhm, qtCreator doesn't seem to like it. Is anywhere that I should define that (pro file maybe?)14:08
qwazixI found it #if defined(MEEGO_EDITION_HARMATTAN)14:10
qwazixweird thing is that #ifdef MEEGO_EDITION_HARMATTAN doesn't work14:10
qwazixscratch that, it does, just qtcreator doesn't autocomplete it14:11
djszapi_qwazix: no ifdef identifies harmattan14:14
djszapi_and your code will be unusable outside qtcreator14:15
djszapi_so please do not use it.14:15
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qwazixdjszapi_, so, what is the recommended approach? test for maemo and put harmattan stuff in else?14:20
djszapi_harmattan is maemo14:21
djszapi_from qmake point of view.14:21
qwazixI mean Q_WS_maemo_514:21
djszapi_like I said, there is no global definition for harmattan14:22
qwazixwhat can I do then?14:22
djszapi_try to select the relevant units at makefile generation time.14:23
qwazixI have no idea how to do that. I suppose i'll just make a define of my own and just set it when I need to build for one or the other.14:25
qwazixOr make two git branches and get over with it14:25
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pahow do i find my karma on tmo?14:52
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rashm2kqml preview says not found - how do i fix this?15:31
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jpnurmirashm2k: qml preview?15:49
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rashm2kTools -> External -> Qt Quick -> Qml Preview16:03
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djszapi__one thing, I learned today while breaking my system totally: you do not need the executable flag set for a binary to actually run the binary.18:05
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rashm2khaving some issues with qml webview18:44
rashm2kdoesn't render the web page for some pages when I set the html property directly18:44
rashm2kany ideas what I may be doing wrong?18:45
djszapi_Venemo_N9: hey sir speaker :D18:45
Venemo_N9what's up?18:45
djszapi_Venemo_N9: could ask the same :)18:46
djszapi_how was your talk going?18:46
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Venemo_N9djszapi_, it was okay18:51
Venemo_N9djszapi_, one slight issue was that I had very little amount of sleep before, so it could've been better18:52
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Venemo_N9djszapi_, there were many who said they liked it, so maybe it really was okay18:55
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djszapi_Venemo_N9: video? :)19:19
Venemo_N9djszapi_, dunno, not yet i think19:20
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djszapi_Venemo_N9: was it worthy?19:26
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rashm2kanyone around?21:15
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ZogG_laptopfrals, long time21:36
ZogG_laptopdropbox is asking me to change my password(actually forcing me)21:36
ZogG_laptopwas it hacked?21:36
ZogG_laptopit would be idiotic feature to ask to change password on all device, if you consider it as a cloud service :(21:37
rZritsnotabigtruck: hi i updated mosh21:38
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rashm2kI really need some help now21:43
rashm2khopefully someon can shed some light on this21:46
rashm2kthe above is a QML WebView21:46
rashm2kHowever is DOES NOT show this HTML below - I just get a blank screen21:47
rashm2kOther bits of HTML seem to work fine21:47
rashm2kSome fail some don't21:47
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djszapi_beford: how are you :)22:55
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befordhello djszapi_, good, you? still at Ireland?22:58
djszapi_yeah :)22:59
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ZogG_laptopTMO got crazy with all announcements :P23:49
ZogG_laptopdjszapi_, canu drink beer for me there? btw u didn't answer regarding Qt meetups, i wanted to hook the guy organizing it here with you23:50
djszapi_sorry, busy now.23:51
djszapi_no, I usually do not drink alcohol.23:51
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