IRC log of #harmattan for Saturday, 2012-09-08

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rashm2khow do I show some html stored in a string00:13
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befordin a label?00:21
djszapi_beford: what did you change?00:22
djszapi_rashm2k: with ui elements00:22
djszapi_or qDebug on console.00:22
beforddjszapi_: changed all 1.0 and 1.1 references to 2.0 on QmlComponentGallery00:23
djszapi_beford: LOLZ00:23
beford%s// ftw00:23
djszapi_yeah, and you will modify things like this: color: Qt.rgba(1.0, 0.5, 0.5, 1.0)00:24
djszapi_btw, there is no 1.0 in my binary00:24
befordah no00:24
djszapi_perhaps, you only meant 1.100:24
befordI used the whole import line00:25
beford:P00:25 1.100:25
befordQtQuick and
beforddjszapi_: did you modify the qmldir by hand or automatically?00:25
djszapi_beford: I have not touched qmldir yet.00:26
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befordwell its wrong00:27
befordI mean the one you are distributing in the package now00:27
befordbut I checked your repo and it was ok, however it says 1.0 and 1.100:27
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djszapi_beford: you are confused I believe.00:29
djszapi_I do distribute that repository.00:29
befordwhere is your repo?00:29
djszapi_perhaps you have checked the wrong branch00:29
befordyea maybe00:29
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djszapi_have you checked the qtquick2 branch?00:29
djszapi_beford: ah yeah, 1.0 is there my branch00:35
djszapi_which becomes 1.1 presumably after the bump in the build system00:36
befordthis one right?00:36
djszapi_although the installed should be 2.000:37
djszapi_so the bump should increase the major, not the minor00:37
befordthat is ok and works, however the deployed file says 2.0  instead of 1.1 and 1.000:38
befordthat's why the error about ToolItem 2.0 registered twice appears00:38
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djszapi_unsure what you mean00:39
djszapi_2.0 is intentional for a build.00:39
befordcan you check that file from your package?00:39
djszapi_I did check that00:40
djszapi_and they are all 2.000:40
djszapi_which looks alright00:40
befordit doesnt00:40
djszapi_yes, it does.00:40
befordI mean, yes, they say 2.0 but it is wrong because there are items that are repeated as I said you00:40
befordToolIcon 1.0 ToolIcon.qml00:41
befordToolIcon 1.1 ToolIcon.qml00:41
befordin your file it becomes ToolIcon 2.0 and ToolIcon 2.000:41
befordunless you fixed that already00:41
djszapi_well, it is not a rocket science00:43
djszapi_that should be 2.0 without duplication, and it is like that here.00:43
djszapi_I will check later, if I have uncommitted changes.00:43
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befordit was wrong when I tested it00:45
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jpnurmianyone managed to use SignOn::AuthService? the docs tell me to request the keychain-access credential, but aegis ignores it: "request 'keychain-access' ignored -- credential is not defined"01:54
jpnurmihmm aha... Package evern9: denied 'signond::keychain-access' for '/opt/EverN9/bin/EverN9' -- origin '' does not allow it01:58
jpnurmimardy: any tips? ^01:59
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djszapi_what do you guys think the best way is to have an updated cmake for Harmattan?11:37
djszapi_shall I just call it cmake2.8.9?11:37
djszapi_and it installs file where the harmattan sdk would?11:38
djszapi_jonni: ^11:38
djszapi_we need to find a general term for such package updates.11:40
djszapi_like cmake-community or so11:40
djszapi_perhaps m7 or something like that could also work11:41
djszapi_of course default packages available on the device could not be upgraded anyways11:42
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cyrus-n9hey guys. what happened with skype accounts on n9? M$ do that because of all meego-community said that their presentation about 920 is one big fail? :p12:35
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piggzlo, since adding the maemo5 support to qtsdk, it has lost the qt versions and tool chains for desktop and harmattan.  They are still there, but not autodetected.  How does the auto detection work?12:40
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rashm2kpiggz can you not just instal the maemo target using the qt updater?13:21
piggzrashm2k: thats what i did...reinstalling the other targets now .... turns out, i prefer my scratchbox vm for maemo5 compiling anyway13:23
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sneakyc4_where the f*** is that DSP_STATUS macro13:30
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sneakyc4_typedef Int32 DSP_STATUS14:09
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rashm2khaving a few issues with performance in QML16:15
rashm2kCode in a Page {} element is being evaluated as I scroll16:16
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rashm2kbut that Page is not yet on the stack16:16
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rZrHi from ireland18:05
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jpnurmirashm2k: keep it inside a Component until you need it18:20
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djszapi_beford: install the package now and check the example.18:21
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rashm2kI just set enabled to false18:35
rashm2kis emiting a signal done in a seperate thread?18:37
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beforddjszapi_: you havent published the update, its not rocket science19:30
djszapi_beford: sorry?19:31
befordapt-get update && apt-get install qt5-components19:31
befordno newer version available19:31
djszapi_like said before :D19:31
beforddamn it! :P19:32
befordok downloading19:33
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beforddjszapi_: works now19:35
beforddjszapi_: same behavior as the one I "fixed" manually19:35
befordlandscape and touch events only on some part of the screen19:36
pai have a flickable with a listview inside that goes really slow19:36
djszapi_now it is up to the community to fix.19:36
paany idea to speed it up?19:36
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Ariebedford: are you on tmo?19:40
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paby the way, where to buy N9 in the US?19:51
djszapi_pa: in China19:53
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djszapi_beford: there are some errors on the console.19:55
djszapi_perhaps fixing those would be a good start19:55
djszapi_I am just a bit tired of fixing issues.19:55
djszapi_I have already put 20-25 patches into the project after the fork19:56
djszapi_someone also needs to put a few :D19:56
djszapi_and then it is gonna be fine19:56
beforddjszapi_: yes there are errors on the console20:00
beforddjszapi_: my question is, are these the same QML components running on top of qml5?20:00
befordor new components on top of a new qt20:01
djszapi_there is no qml520:01
djszapi_well, unless you are working on such a project :D20:01
beforder sorry I mean qt520:01
djszapi_what do you mean by same?20:01
djszapi_label is a label :D20:02
befordwell the same source code for Harmattan Components20:02
djszapi_of course not.20:02
djszapi_it is using qt520:02
djszapi_and scenegraph20:02
befordI see  so the changes must be done on the QmlComponentsGallery right?20:02
djszapi_not that the dead harmattan components do not use opengles 220:02
djszapi_not necessarily, no.20:03
djszapi_can be anywhere.20:03
djszapi_rotation must be fixed20:03
djszapi_but it is a bit different with qt520:03
djszapi_in qt5, it is done by contextkit which is written in qt420:03
djszapi_in qt5, there was a decision to not use that20:03
djszapi_but add an internal plugin, so the feature would be in qt20:03
djszapi_that is apparently not working right so far.20:04
djszapi_unsure about the input detection issue.20:04
djszapi_other than that, it looks alright20:04
djszapi_in qt4, it is done by...*20:05
befordI see, so you have the input issue too right?20:06
djszapi_it is rotation independent though20:06
djszapi_it is always the same half part of the screen20:06
djszapi_so it is an issue in physical size20:06
djszapi_not software rotation wise20:07
djszapi_so in portrait, it only works of the top part20:07
djszapi_in landscape for the same, but correspondingly left.20:07
pa400$ on amazon..20:08
panot bad20:08
pabut maybe it's not wise to buy n9 now..20:08
paim broke anyway :)20:09
befordpa: well you can win one in the coding competition .p20:13
pawell that is what i was hoping too :) but i was preparing myself to the "worst" :)20:15
djszapi_beford: when is the deadline for such a content?20:16
befordin a couple of hours20:16
befordwell around 24 hours20:17
djszapi_I should port app my qt5 fast then20:17
djszapi_my app*20:17
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befordCompetition entries must be submitted by 12 midnight on Sunday 9th September (UTC time).20:19
djszapi_well, I am a lazy bugger anyways. I will miss it.20:19
djszapi_what happened with the N9 contest?20:20
djszapi_Harmattan Qt5 contest*20:20
befordaround 32 hours still20:20
beforddevelopers have been selected already20:20
befordI've no idea what are they doing though20:20
befordthey have been sent the devices already20:21
djszapi_well nobody has worked on qt5 visibly.20:21
djszapi_except me. :D20:21
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befordand me20:22
djszapi_it would be nice to get an N920:23
djszapi_it may still remain around for a while.20:23
befordI thought you had several of them20:24
befordalso n950s20:24
djszapi_not really, no.20:24
djszapi_I only have a broken N9 now with me.20:24
paand i had an n9 that was stolen :(20:30
djszapi_yeah, you told that. Unfortunate.20:33
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palet see.. of course for development n950 is better due to the removable battery20:38
TronicIs the battery on N9 soldered on or what?20:43
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qwazix_anybody knows where the fcam sources for harmattan are? they are missing from the fcam garage account...20:49
*** faenil has joined #harmattan20:49
pano, but to change it you have to dismount the phone20:52
qwazix_There are nowhere to be found... I think I have to file a source code request20:52
paand since  i'd keep a dev device almost always on psu..20:52
befordqwazix_: did you check javispedro src repo?20:54
qwazix_beford, where to look for that? meego obs?20:54
rZritsnotabigtruck: hi can u update mosh or anyone here ?20:56
qwazix_unfortunately it doesn't seem to be included...20:57
qwazix_I sent a mail to sourcecode request anyway, let's hope...20:59
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teleshoeshey, how do i display a message to the user in harmattan?21:00
teleshoesim looking for something similar to dbus-send org.freedesktop.Notifications in fremantle21:01
teleshoesi could use the notifications system, but that leaves a notification to be cleared21:01
djszapi_why not qml?21:04
teleshoesim looking for something to run from, say, a shell script21:05
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teleshoesalong the lines of libnotify and notify-send21:07
teleshoesi think i can do this with: com.meego.core.MNotificationManager.addNotification  and then com.meego.core.MNotificationManager.removeNotification21:14
djszapi_why shell script?21:18
djszapi_it is a ui-less application?21:18
teleshoesfor example, for a nightly backup script21:19
teleshoesbut i want this for several things21:19
teleshoeslike testing if a daemon is running as frequently as it should21:20
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teleshoesor showing the name of the current song briefly in my music server21:21
djszapi_I would check out what the infobanner does.21:23
teleshoesyea i was just looking at that, but it requires a qt process21:23
teleshoesno ui server is running in the background ready to print it21:23
teleshoesnot really for headless apps21:23
teleshoesesp since it takes a solid 1s to start a qt app21:24
djszapi_qprocess is not headless?21:24
djszapi_in which book?21:24
teleshoeseh, perhaps im missing something21:25
teleshoesi think it needs qt application instance21:25
teleshoessince its a qml element21:25
djszapi_what I meant is that, check what it does in the background.,21:26
djszapi_and you can mimic that.21:26
teleshoesmm, yea21:26
djszapi_make sense?21:26
teleshoesah no it doesnt21:26
djszapi_or perhaps you could also use a meegotouchwrapper21:26
djszapi_but that may be an overkill.21:26
teleshoesinfobanner is just an in process qml element, like a qtextbox21:26
teleshoesi want to communicate with an already-running system ui process21:27
teleshoeslike libnotify21:27
teleshoesand the only one, it seems, is mnotifications21:27
teleshoesso ill just see if i can get that to work21:27
djszapi_you need a ui element.21:27
djszapi_to show up.21:27
djszapi_unless you write into a log file.21:27
teleshoesyea, but in a process thats already running21:27
teleshoeswaiting to display a message21:27
djszapi_you just need to use exec/ve21:28
djszapi_and you can do in the same process as the already running daemon.21:28
teleshoesis the daemon im talking about21:29
*** nix-cyrus has joined #harmattan21:29
djszapi_I do not understand the problem.21:29
teleshoesyou see what i mean? im really bad at communicating what im getting at21:29
teleshoesi dont want to make a ui application21:29
teleshoesi want to communicate to one thats already running21:29
teleshoesand have it do the ui stuff, because its faster than starting up my own ui app21:30
teleshoesi want a shell script that merely tells sysui to show me some text21:30
djszapi_I do not think so.21:30
djszapi_an infobanner like ui element must be fired up anyways21:30
djszapi_how would you spare that out?21:30
teleshoesthat you wouldnt21:30
teleshoesbut just starting a qt app21:30
teleshoestakes like ~1s21:31
djszapi_I still do not follow21:31
djszapi_you already have an application21:31
djszapi_which is the daemon21:31
djszapi_why would you run another one?21:32
teleshoeswhich daemon?21:32
teleshoesim talking about running this from the shell21:32
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djszapi_I am really having hard time to understand what you are trying to do. :D21:32
djszapi_perhaps others understand better21:32
djszapi_you would like to do something21:32
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rashm2k1Maybe you could look at how the fully charged info banner works?21:32
djszapi_so you need a rocess21:32
djszapi_why would you launch another process?21:33
djszapi_you could just well use the same process to show up the information.21:33
teleshoesfirst and foremost: i want a shell script21:33
teleshoesthat i can call anywhere21:33
teleshoesgeneric and reusable21:33
djszapi_that is actually not generic21:33
teleshoesthat simply pops up some text ephemerally21:33
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djszapi_since each platform may have the preferred interpreter separately.21:33
teleshoesany platform i use21:34
teleshoeswill have bash21:34
teleshoesbut thats beside the point21:34
teleshoesi only want it generic on harmattan21:34
teleshoesgeneric to all the problems i solve, on my n921:34
djszapi_actually launching a script is slower than a simple application..21:34
teleshoesi want this script to run extremely quickly21:34
teleshoesbut i want a script, in the end21:35
teleshoesthis is the goal21:35
djszapi_you do not solve a problem by focusing on the otol21:35
djszapi_you try to solve the problem with an approach, and then you choose tool.21:35
teleshoesim attempting to make a tool, actually21:36
teleshoesthe problem is that i want to have a notification appear in several places21:36
teleshoesone of which is a daemon-launcher thing written in python21:36
teleshoesone of which is a perl script {backup}21:36
rashm2k1I have a question21:36
rashm2k1I can pass properties via pageStack.Push(page, props) to a page21:37
teleshoesi wouldnt mind making a thick app to do this, as long as it processed commandline args21:37
teleshoesand printed them to the infobanner21:37
rashm2k1but how do I do this from a Javascript function?21:37
*** e-yes has joined #harmattan21:38
teleshoeseh, by script i meant something i can run from the commandline, with an argument21:38
teleshoesim ok with it being a compiled c++ binary21:38
djszapi_then what is the problem?21:38
teleshoesit needs to be fast21:39
djszapi_then what is the problem?21:39
*** leio has joined #harmattan21:39
teleshoeswhen i write a qt ui-less process with pyside, for instance,21:39
teleshoesit takes a full second for it do anything at all21:40
djszapi_well, pyside is a script21:40
teleshoesits not the python compilation that takes 1s21:40
djszapi_how do you know?21:40
teleshoesdebug printing21:41
teleshoesits the initialization of the QApplication() object21:41
djszapi_show me the benchmark with concrete data that I can also reproduce.21:41
teleshoesso perhaps there is something wrong with my qt app-21:42
teleshoesyou are saying this is atypical?21:42
teleshoesi thought it just took that long to initialize a qt app21:42
teleshoessince literally none of the apps on my n9 start in under 1s21:42
djszapi_I do not think it has much overhead over a main, really.21:43
djszapi_but you can provide benchmark data.21:43
teleshoesoh cool, so then i have a bug to file under my own app21:44
teleshoesand so i will make a simple infobanner wrapper in python21:44
djszapi_qml launch is bad, yes.21:44
djszapi_but you could do this with meegotouch.21:44
teleshoesuh what is qml launch21:44
teleshoesoh ok so thats not what im doing21:44
djszapi_it is not hard to make a MTF application21:44
djszapi_and see.21:45
djszapi_if it is slow, you can try to hack the system around21:45
teleshoesare there python bindings?21:45
djszapi_doubt that21:45
teleshoesi dont really like breaking out scratchbox all the time to compile shit21:46
teleshoesi miss the good old pr1.1 days when i could compile stuff on the n921:46
djszapi_you do not need scratchbox for this.21:47
djszapi_you can use QtCreator/Madde.21:48
teleshoesive never used it so i have no idea what it is; i thought it was just a c++ api21:48
teleshoesis that a gui?21:49
djszapi_to be honest, QApplication would suck by definition if it was much slower than a script run.21:50
djszapi_it does some static initialization as such, but still.21:50
djszapi_it should not be too significant.21:50
teleshoescool, i was under a misapprehension21:51
teleshoesthat did indeed lead me to believe qapplication sucked21:51
djszapi_I am just speaking about this ideally.21:51
teleshoesthe thing i hate most about qapplication, tho21:51
teleshoesis how stateful it is21:51
djszapi_it is really simple to test21:52
djszapi_I will test this now on my PC/.21:52
djszapi_#include <QtGui/QApplication>21:58
djszapi_int main(){QApplication application();return 0;}21:58
djszapi_g++ main.cpp -lQtGui -I/usr/include/qt421:58
djszapi_I am doing this in sb since my host is currently broken21:59
djszapi_try it on your host and then:21:59
djszapi_nice a.out21:59
teleshoesroot:~$ time nice ./a.out22:01
djszapi_yeah, sorry I meant time22:02
djszapi_not nice22:02
djszapi_that is not quite 1s.22:02
djszapi_not even any close.22:02
teleshoesno, no it is not22:02
teleshoesill try the same with pyside later on22:02
teleshoesand make sure that its not python overhead thats killing22:02
teleshoesthx for the help22:03
*** teleshoes has quit IRC22:03
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*** janpod has joined #harmattan22:19
djszapi_hmm, seems the system upgrade will take me for ages with my mobile internet connection. :/22:20
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC22:20
qwazix_God, it's awfully difficult to implement exposure compensation with fcam...22:21
*** mardy has quit IRC22:22
rashm2k1anyone know how I can search for a value in a QHash rather than the key?22:25
*** f15h has quit IRC22:26
djszapi_sorry, key()22:26
*** njsf has quit IRC22:30
*** jaywink has joined #harmattan22:31
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*** e-yes has quit IRC22:44
rashm2k1yes ofcourse duh, thanks!22:55
*** furikku has quit IRC23:00
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*** piggz has quit IRC23:20
djszapi_The following packages have unmet dependencies: libxcursor-dev: Depends: libxcursor1 (= 1:1.1.10-1) but 1:1.1.10-2 is to be installed23:25
djszapi_E: Broken packages23:25
djszapi_anyone knows how to solve this?23:25
djszapi_I would like to get libxcursor-dev installed.23:26
rZrdjszapi_: please revert testing repo23:26
rZri had lot of stuff there23:26
djszapi_sorry, but I do not make insane thing23:27
rZrwho del it ?23:27
rZri want my work back23:28
djszapi_and I do not wanna since it made no sense23:28
djszapi_to duplicate 200+ packages which are built fine in the community repository.23:29
rZrthis was my stuff23:29
rZri have reason to23:29
rZri am furious23:29
djszapi_no, it was not23:29
djszapi_it is testing repository for the community23:30
djszapi_and duplicating 200+ packages with all their maintenance just makes no sense.23:30
rZrthere were many built nowhere else23:30
djszapi_not really...23:31
rZru didnt even asdked me23:31
djszapi_actually you should have cleaned up after yourself.23:31
rZrwell revert ur del23:31
djszapi_there is really nothing to revert23:31
djszapi_90% of the packages were useless duplication23:31
rZri needed them23:31
rZru screewd a week of my work23:32
djszapi_for the sake of arguing?23:32
rZri wont argue anymore23:32
*** Guest40462 has quit IRC23:32
rZrrevert or die23:32
djszapi_no, actually you caused me a LOT of work23:32
djszapi_to clean up23:32
djszapi_it took me hours23:32
*** npm has joined #harmattan23:32
djszapi_to clean up the terrible mess23:32
rZrwork ur side23:32
rZrdont screw my house23:32
djszapi_it is NOT your house23:32
djszapi_it is the community repository23:33
djszapi_and its branches23:33
djszapi_I did not mean the community repository proposal into "your house".23:33
rZri am part of the community23:33
djszapi_when I proposed the whole community repository.23:33
rZrwell u del my stuff without even asking me23:34
djszapi_you waste our time.23:34
rZru did23:34
djszapi_you have put a LOT of duplication in there without asking.23:34
rZri am enaough23:34
rZrsorry pple23:34
djszapi_this terrible mess caused me hours to clean up23:34
rZri am leaving in the hope it will be reverted when i am back23:35
djszapi_no, it will not be.23:35
djszapi_it needs a community agreement before insane stuff can be done23:35
djszapi_but community will not agree about insane stuff.23:35
djszapi_means, I will not accept any change in comparison how it was.23:36
djszapi_unless makes sense, but unnecessary duplication does not.23:36
djszapi_you need to argue with valid reasons for duplicating packages for which I do not see any so far.23:39
*** lucido has quit IRC23:39
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #harmattan23:41
*** elldekaa has joined #harmattan23:42
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