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befordZogG_laptop: hah, that pomodoro app was posted yesterday01:13
ZogG_laptopyeah i saw on twitter01:13
ZogG_laptopthought it was yours first01:13
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befordhe probably stole my idea, i should have patented it01:19
sneakyc4_hello 'nities01:30
sneakyc4_what 's the status of dspbridge driver on harmattan? available?01:31
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gabriel9|N9is there a way to update python version to 2.7?01:50
M4rtinKPython 2.7 should be buildable for Harmattan01:53
gabriel9|N9is there a repo for it?01:54
gabriel9|N9i'm starting web server on N9 :)01:55
djszapi_gabriel9|N9: check the landing page, please.01:56
djszapi_you will love it.01:56
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djszapi_M4rtinK: have you tested the gtk stuff?01:57
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gabriel9|N9_sorry, connection issues01:58
gabriel9|N9_anyone know to add py2.7 on N901:59
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M4rtinKdjszapi: on Harmattan ?02:01
M4rtinKdjszapi: not recently, but rzr was working on it IIRC02:02
M4rtinKdjszapi: it now at least builds02:02
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djszapi_M4rtinK: no, it does not.02:03
djszapi_qemu segfaults.02:04
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chris__anyone familiar herewith the built-in screen phone lock? What I'm looking for is how does it prevent incoming calls and other events changing the active view, or in other words what's to mechanism for denying access to the phone?02:09
chris__in my phone lock app I disable swipe, but it it doesn't lock the device since some events will re-enable/change view02:10
chris__also this is not for an app just experimental so I can use inception I guess to gain access to the same functions that the built-in lock uses02:12
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M4rtinKdjszapi: thats the same immodules error I was having in one of my repos02:21
M4rtinKdjszapi: will have to ask rzr about it02:21
gabriel9|N9_cant install django on N9, even when i sevel-su02:22
gabriel9|N9_error: build/scripts-2.6/ Operation not permitted02:23
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paim almost there!02:45
pa: )02:45
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* Dante_J Greets the room03:15
ZogG_laptopDante_J, good you came03:26
* ZogG_laptop gives his post to Dante_J and goes to sleep03:26
Dante_Jgoodnight ZogG_laptop03:28
Dante_JThanks for the post?03:28
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pacan a page that contains a flickable be always shown as if it is all raised up?04:18
pawhen i open it for the first time, it looks so, but hten when i push something else and go back at it, it comes back that is half scrolled down04:18
befordthere is a property for that04:20
befordcan't remember the name though04:20
befordYou should be able to set Flickable's contentY property to 004:21
pai see thanks!04:24
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jonnibeford: pretty interesting, I have to check how his kernel differs from my private version :)07:43
befordwell I bet you can help him out :P07:51
befordhe seems to have backported some stuff07:51
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ZogG_laptophome dev root bin media mnt var tmp08:19
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tonberry_hi, is that anyway to apt-get the facebook client? I screw up :(13:13
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SqRt7744I just noticed that qtglobal doesn't have a q_os_harmattan or similar. What's the best way to programmatically determine if the code is running on harmattan for a cross platform app?16:01
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jonniSqRt7744: well multiple ways, you can forexample check if sysinfoclient binary exists on the system and read output of /usr/bin/sysinfoclient -g /component/product16:11
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SqRt7744jonni: ok, i'll try that I guess, thanks16:13
jonniSqRt7744: or do "uname -n"16:13
SqRt7744it just seems like a bit of a hack to have rely on external calls, but I'm not going to philosophize about it :-)16:14
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jonniSqRt7744: ah, you can also use  QSystemDeviceInfo::model()16:16
jonnithat way you dont have to rely on external calls16:16
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SqRt7744jonni: that sounds better :-)16:17
jonnisame class also has productName function, whichever you prefer.16:19
tommaSqRt7744, qplatformdefs.h has MEEGO_EDITION_HARMATTAN defined16:25
SqRt7744tomma, brilliant that seems like the best way16:28
tommaand for qmake contains(MEEGO_EDITION,harmattan)16:29
jonnithat doenst help on runtime16:32
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SqRt7744jonni: true, but actually that doesn't matter for me, I guess my question wasn't clear. I'm packaging for different systems, I just want to make sure that the right UI is being used, depending on the system16:45
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sneakyc4_i'm building & creating deb from pr1.3 kernel sources, is it supposed to install on on scratchbox harmattan sdk?17:10
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sneakyc4_Anyone who haz omap3-dsp-libraries-ti  package?18:25
sneakyc4_and other omap3-dsp-baseimage-ti  and such18:26
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arceannice, libmngfclient-dev is not available in the SDK repo :/19:02
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sneakyc4_I'm looking for the harmattan ones19:10
sneakyc4_jonni : not sure about it, but binaries for maemo or use soft float precision19:10
sneakyc4_whereas harmattan uses hard float19:10
sneakyc4_but well let's try thanks jonni19:11
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sneakyc4_i guess because it needs a aegis enabled and authenticated device19:25
pathat looks like an interesting package, tho :)19:26
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MohammadAGI hate signon19:33
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jonnisneakyc4_: there is no harmattan versions avail.19:42
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jonnisneakyc4_: or actually there are, but I'm not sure if they are public or not.19:43
sneakyc4_they might be public19:43
MohammadAGthe facebook app can show the internal camera-ui in a capture mode19:44
sneakyc4_anyway they re present on device19:44
MohammadAGbut it's not documented19:44
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sneakyc4_anyway 2 : doesnt allow to access the package19:45
jonniwell you can always say apt-get --download-only --reinstall install  on device to get them19:46
sneakyc4_:) <319:47
jonnijust checked that they are in nokia-closed dir, so sources not publicly avail.19:47
jonniactually the question is what do you need them for?19:48
sneakyc4_get a dsp sdk in my scratchbox19:49
sneakyc4_i'm interested in porting openmax for harmattan19:49
sneakyc4_I know gst-dsp already use dsp  directly, but actually really want openmax il19:50
jonnithere is no -dev packages for those, so even if you apt-get install them your not getting any headers19:51
sneakyc4_ok ill work around this19:52
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jonni(you can just add repoes from N9 to sb, and say apt-get update & and then install19:52
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MohammadAGyay, figured out how20:19
MohammadAGwill put up an example app20:19
sneakyc4_i really have trouble getting binaries20:20
sneakyc4_it's totally closed20:20
sneakyc4_need a token of some sort20:20
paanyone familiar with coding competition rules? would it be ok to submit a package today, and an update tomorrow, possibly?20:21
sneakyc4_I cant get binaries from scratchbox :' help20:26
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Sazpaimon_has anyone attepted to replace the body of an N9 with one of a lumia 8/900?20:59
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Sfiet_KonstantinSazpaimon_ WTF ? :S21:00
Sfiet_Konstantinwhy would you do that ?21:00
Sfiet_Konstantinthey won't be compatible (flash hole)21:00
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Sazpaimon_is the flash part of the lens assembly?21:00
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njsfdoes anybody know where the Maps app keeps its "list of maps to download" info ?21:05
njsfI have 3 downloads pending because of a restore (ie I backed up with the dls pending, but now I already have the maps) and I can't cancel them21:05
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Sazpaimon_okay just checked the service manuals21:15
Sazpaimon_not possible21:15
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rashm2khow do I make a horizontal scrollable listview behave correctly22:16
befordis there an easy way to rename a qtcreator project/package?22:16
rashm2kthere is no bounce when an item is moved22:16
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mike7b4_homehi, anyone know how to flush tracker db on harmattan? got bug#113 on my n9 today :(22:22
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Oni^how to get n9 start more than one terminal22:31
jaywinkOni^, click upper right corner and new window I think?22:35
jaywinkin terminal22:35
djszapi_beford: so what exactly did you change to eliminate the white screen?22:39
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Oni^jaywink: thanks22:56
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pano svg icons for blanco theme?23:42
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beforddjszapi_: hi23:48
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