IRC log of #harmattan for Monday, 2012-09-03

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njsfIs there any N9 backup program that backs up daily the list of installed .debs, sources and files changed from stock on rootfs ?00:11
njsfIs there a desire for such a program ?00:11
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rZrnjsf, dpkg-repack does that00:13
njsfis it in stock, devel-mode, apps-for-meego, tmo ?00:14
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paTMO down?01:02
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gabriel9it works01:08
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paso this has been asked before, but.. any way to do ssh -X to the phone and export phone app windows on the desktop?11:03
pa(to avoid vnc, which is slow, and which doesnt let the screen go off)11:04
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ZogG_laptopwhat for?11:04
pato export phone app windows to the desktop11:05
ZogG_laptopi got it, but why?11:06
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pafor debugging, for example11:08
paor if you want to send sms and you have your phone somewhere else11:09
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ZogG_laptopkhertan: morning \o12:33
ZogG_laptopkhertan: gonna try to port apps to bb?12:33
khertanZogG_laptop, probably12:33
ZogG_laptoptell me how it goes :P12:34
khertanfirst i need an emulator or a device12:34
khertanand for the moment ... i got none12:34
khertandoesn't run on linux :)12:34
ZogG_laptopkhertan: join #qt-qnx btw12:34
khertanso i m creating a virtual box image12:35
ZogG_laptopkhertan: cascad does work on linux12:35
khertanhow ?12:35
ZogG_laptopit's not off supported yet12:35
khertanwhere to get it ?12:35
ZogG_laptopbut it has linux version12:35
ZogG_laptoplemme grep the log12:35
ZogG_laptopbut u would still need emulator/simulator/agregator/whateverator12:37
khertanZogG_laptop, ll be more difficult to test specially because i use python12:44
ZogG_laptopkhertan: i think if you port few apps u may get device from Ash12:47
Kozzihow is the compability of apps written for harmattan with bb?12:47
Kozziis it straight forward to port apps from har->bb or bb->har?12:48
ZogG_laptopKozzi: i don't think so as they don't share same qml components as well Qtmobility and stuff can be different12:48
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ZogG_laptopgonna download linux version12:49
ZogG_laptopafter all, all i need is to re-write qml part12:50
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khertanZogG_laptop, he ask me if i ll port app to bb10 so i'm looking at it :)13:03
khertanZogG_laptop, should not be complicated are api of cascade look similar to qt components use for maemo13:03
ZogG_laptopkhertan: i hope it would be easy to me to start developing for it :P13:04
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djszapijonni: do you have a harmattan environment at hand?13:27
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jonnidjszapi: yes13:30
djszapijonni: mind testing fakeroot apt-get install qt5-*13:30
djszapifrom the community repository.13:30
djszapijust for installation now.13:30
jonnisure I can test if you tell what lines to add to sources.list for community repo13:31
djszapijonni: echo 'deb ./' >>/etc/apt/sources.list.d/nicks.list13:32
djszapijonni: you do not seem to have been the user of our community repository ;-)13:33
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jonnihavent needed community repo in my sb env :)13:33
djszapijonni: wow13:34
djszapijonni: the harmattan development repository was always enough for your purposes, like apps in ovi?13:34
jonnidjszapi: well I cheat, and use fully signed pr1.3 repo ;)13:35
ZogG_laptopjonni: leak the keys :)13:35
djszapijonni: but they do not contain everything either13:36
djszapiI mean the community repository has 650+ packages.13:36
djszapiI am sure most of them are unavailable under the nokia umbrella since they have not needed those mostly.13:36
jonnidjszapi: just tested fakeroot apt-get install qt5-* and runned into million depency errors like cmake-qt-gui: Depends: cmake-data but it is not going to be installed13:37
djszapiyay :)13:37
djszapijonni: for which package?13:38
djszapiqt5 should not ideally depend on cmake.13:38
djszapiI had the impression, that should be optional if any.13:39
djszapiit was not needed for the c-obs build either.13:39
jonniwell I just did fakeroot apt-get install qt5-* and and that depency error came up, so some qt5-* package depends on it.13:39
djszapihow about apt-get if install13:40
djszapiand then apt-get install qt5-base13:40
djszapisee if the base at least works.13:40
jonniyes base installs fine.13:41
jonniand that installs fine too13:42
djszapithen what didn't install fine?13:42
jonnilets see if I install one by one....13:43
djszapik :)13:43
djszapi-nomake tests -nomake examples -nomake demos -nomake translations -> so you cannot run a demo off-hand.13:46
jonniwierd, everything went fine when installing one by one. so maybe it was just some wierd problem on 1st time13:46
djszapior example, unfortunately.13:46
djszapiwhat does apt-cache search qt5- return ?13:46
djszapiperhaps, it tries to install other packages as well.13:46
djszapiwhich cause issues.13:46
djszapiperhaps we could have a qt5 metapackage for all qt5 related modules13:47
djszapijonni: ^13:48
jonni[sbox-HARMATTAN_ARMEL: ~] > apt-cache search qt5-| cut -f1 -d' '|xargs13:48
jonniqt5-3d qt5-base qt5-declarative qt5-jsbackend qt5-location qt5-multimedia qt5-script qt5-sensors qt5-xmlpatterns13:48
djszapithis needs some investigation then13:49
djszapiI wanted to update my blog post about the coming qt5 beta 1 for harmatan13:49
djszapiand I wished to write apt-get install qt5-*13:49
djszapiperhaps I should just then produce a qt5 metapackage.13:49
djszapifor being correct and precise about this.13:49
jonnior get someone else to test, if my system was just having a bad hair day.13:50
djszapithat would mean, anybody could have that in the future :)13:50
jonniyeah, meta package might be better solution13:50
djszapiso the next task is qt-components and qtquick2 branch13:51
djszapiI wonder if this qt5 application development workflow would be supported by QtCreator.13:51
djszapijonni: it is ok I can do my application in scratchbox without any problems, but unfortunately that would not hit many application developers here. :)13:52
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jonnidjszapi: I remember seeing in tmo qt5 thread that someone did already integration with qtcreator... but I didnt read any further...14:00
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jonnimight have been ajalkane or someone who did qt5 example project for qtcreator... my memory is bad with names though14:01
djszapiajalkane was mentioning that previously, he has already read something like that.14:02
djszapinow I recall that.14:02
djszapiI believe, most people use QtCreator unfortunately, so without a tight integration, it may be suboptimal to just have the qt5 packages themselves.14:03
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djszapijonni: do you have a link at hand by any chance?14:15
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ZogG_laptopdjszapi: do u use qtcreator?14:45
ZogG_laptopwhat is the latest version?14:45
djszapino, I do not.14:46
ZogG_laptopwhy the f than update manager says there is nothing to update :(14:49
djszapijonni: need to leave the noise here, but feel free to send me the link in private, if you find that.14:51
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jpnurmiSignOn::AuthService::queryIdentities() throws an error: "Client has insuficient permissions to access the service.Method:queryIdentities"16:01
jpnurmii've tried requesting "TrackerReadAccess" via aegis manifest:
ZogG_laptopjpnurmi: i think it's not realted16:02
jpnurmiany tips?16:02
ZogG_laptopwhat are u trying to write?16:02
jpnurmii'm trying to get some account credentials... i've been playing around with both, libaccounts-qt and libsignon-qt16:04
jpnurminot much success so far :)16:04
jpnurmiAccounts::Manager lists all sharing services and providers fine, but no accounts at all. then i started messing with SignOn::AuthService as it also provides some identities16:06
ZogG_laptopjpnurmi: and u try to get credentials for what accounts? not yours? if so u can't get i think that's the whole point of it16:07
jpnurmiZogG_laptop: right, makes sense... i wanted to get the evernote credentials to avoid requiring the user to register two evernote accounts on the system16:08
ZogG_laptopjpnurmi: i didn't succeed to use accounts at all16:09
ZogG_laptopwith oauth216:09
ZogG_laptopit creates account16:09
ZogG_laptopbut i have no idea how to use it to get the token16:10
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heymasterwhere to store data what after app remove data will be removed?16:36
ZogG_laptopi think you should keep it on ~/.app16:36
ZogG_laptopbut not sure how to remove it after16:37
heymasterI'm using QString known_host_dir  = QDesktopServices::storageLocation(QDesktopServices::DataLocation)16:37
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ZogG_laptopno idea16:41
*** suy has joined #harmattan16:41
ZogG_laptopi'm noob :P16:41
ZogG_laptopniwakame|away: but you are still around, aren't you?16:42
heymasteri'm too :)16:42
ZogG_laptopi think i'm more noob than you :P16:42
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kevin_bany resource on how to list media url tracked on the phone?17:55
kevin_bon the the c/c++ side17:55
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djszapimf2hd: hi, you were looking for an owncloud sync service, right?18:00
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mf2hddjszapi: yeah, it would be nice18:04
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djszapimf2hd: I have just put one into the community repository.18:07
mf2hdoh, nice!18:10
mf2hdgoing to install it later today for sure =)18:11
djszapicheers =)18:11
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mf2hdat last i can get proper sync to n918:13
*** DocScrutinizer06 has joined #harmattan18:13
mf2hdwith encryption and nice webui =)18:13
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mf2hdat least once in a lifetime it payed of to ask something in irc :D18:13
valdur55what package?18:17
khertanthere is KhtNotes also which use ownCloud to sync his notes :)18:18
djszapiwe have soon 700 packages in the community repository, yay18:21
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djszapiI mean successfully built.18:22
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djszapihow many packages were available in maemo extra back then?18:26
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djszapimerlin1991: do you know that? ^18:30
jpnurmihmm, the accounts i create with Accounts::Manager are accessible to any other app?18:32
jpnurmii made some test accounts and was a bit surprised to see them in accounts-qml-example18:33
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jpnurmimardy: ping?18:44
djszapijpnurmi: are you going to be part of the Nokia to Digia transition?18:45
jpnurmidjszapi: yes18:45
mardyjpnurmi: pong18:47
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mardyjpnurmi: yes, the accounts DB is shared (in ~/.accounts/accounts.db, IIRC)18:48
jpnurmimardy: is there any way to create private accounts?18:49
mardyjpnurmi: I'm not sure if the libaccounts in Harmattan supports it, but at least in Ubuntu you can specify the DB location with an environemnt variable18:52
mardyjpnurmi: but why do you need a private one? what kind of account is it?18:52
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jpnurmimardy: i thought about using accounts-qt for storing evernote credentials18:55
jpnurmii'm confused... there's an evernote account on my system, yet i cannot access it in my app. if i create my own account, anyone else can access it19:02
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jpnurmistoring the password in cleartext and readable by anyone is not acceptable.. even the evernote api license agreement mentions that19:05
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valdur55Omg. i can't install quake2. Issues with  ~/.quake dir premissions19:16
valdur55chown: /home/user/.quake2/baseq2/config.cfg: Operation not permitted19:16
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jonnijust got my Nexus7 from post... Now I'm looking if I should patch wpa_supplicant on android side, or to get hostapd working on harmattan....20:45
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sneakyc4when building Qt3D deb package I got dpkg-shlibdeps: error: no dependency information found for /lib/ (used by debian/libqt4-3d/usr/lib/qt4/imports/Qt3D/
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djszapiThe harmattan target does not seem to support Qt5 :(21:00
djszapithe harmattan plugin would need some modification, I guess.21:00
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D_Centhi, i've got a question about aegis ... some people said they were not able to reboot their N9s because of "your device is malfunctioning" messages after uninstalling wazapp - can this be true? i'm actually aware of rebooting my phone now because i don't want to flash21:21
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Sfiet_KonstantinD_Cent: I have never seen this21:27
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D_CentSfiet_Konstantin: ok thanks, i will give it a try then21:32
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djszapianybody willing to contribute to the community repository?21:55
djszapithe task is simple: going through stable and testing21:55
djszapiremove the entries from testing that are in stable.21:56
djszapiand submit the ones which are not, from testing to stable.21:56
djszapiI can give access rights for the task, but I do not have time to do this myself.21:56
djszapiprobably 30-40 minutes job.21:56
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djszapi_if anybody is willing to contribute to the qtquick2 components for harmattan:
djszapi_valdur55: you do not know how to use aegis, do you22:29
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djszapi_jonni: ping23:11
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pais there some way to assign a property with a context property? example : in the main i do rootContext()->setContextPropert("myCoolClass", &myCoolClass);23:15
pain qml i would like to be able to do if(something) { obj = myCoolClass } else {obj= anotherObject }23:16
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ZogG_laptoppa, u can, as well js can help :P but i think u can without js23:25
ZogG_laptoppa, the better way is to make to functions, one for X and other for Y23:26
* djszapi_ has just fixed one issue in the harmattan components for qt523:26
djszapi_-1 blocker towards the world domination23:26
ZogG_laptopor for matter you can just pass var in function and if 1 than do that and return x if 2 than do this and return Y23:26
ZogG_laptopdjszapi, lol23:27
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paZogG_laptop, ah thanks :) well in my case the object to use can come from two different sources, so that's why i wanted to do that23:31
ZogG_laptoppa, make void function23:31
ZogG_laptoppointer to function even23:31
ZogG_laptopi meant void*23:31
pabut can i use it in qml?23:32
pathat would be perfect23:32
ZogG_laptopyou do it in Qt side23:32
ZogG_laptopand u pass parameter to Qt from qml with var23:32
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ZogG_laptopand depending on that var you choice23:32
ZogG_laptopi think something like that23:32
ZogG_laptopbut i'm noob so maybe there are better solutions :P23:33
pawell im noober probably :)23:33
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ZogG_laptoppa, don't think saw23:35
ZogG_laptopfor example i know of void* functions but never used those :P23:35
payou mean function pointers? well they are easy, once you get around the weird syntax c++ requires for them : )23:38
ZogG_laptoppa, i met them at C :)23:40
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