IRC log of #harmattan for Sunday, 2012-09-02

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njsf1Anyone using CODeRUS System UI from N9QTweaks ?00:57
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Hurrianalright, building for the N9 now.01:54
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Hurriananyone want to test this? I don't feel like putting my device in Openmode yet.02:03
ZogG_laptopHurrian: i can test it on funtoo02:08
ZogG_laptopdid you apply all patches?02:08
ZogG_laptopbut i wouldn't be able to try battery and things like that02:08
ZogG_laptoponly if it boots02:08
HurrianZogG_laptop, updated nokia's tree to .5902:12
Hurrianno problems.02:12
Hurrianwould you like one with Aegis disabled in the kernel?02:12
ZogG_laptopi'll compile it myself02:13
ZogG_laptopjust sources needed02:13
ZogG_laptopor aegis is not an option in kernel after all?02:14
Hurrianit's an option in kernel02:15
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HurrianZogG_laptop, doing a sanity build02:18
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Hurrianah, there, found the call where the .rej failed02:26
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ZogG_laptopHurrian: ping me tomorrow02:32
ZogG_laptopor zogg at noicq org02:32
ZogG_laptopjabber ^02:33
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louisdkFirst boot after updating my N950 to PR1.3 by leaked "ROM". Seems like everything is right :)03:06
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Hurrianlouisdk, whoa, looks like a real PR1.3 similar to N9's.03:19
louisdkHurrian: Yes :) Thnx på Pirate Bay :)03:34
louisdkHome screen sittings not free anymore. Well. Then'll just ssh to my phone and hack it myself :P03:36
Hurrianit's probably an unhappy Nokia employee at the buildmachine, it seems.03:37
louisdkMost Harmattan devs got fired to I understand them. It not fair not to update a dev phone IMO.03:39
louisdk*so I03:39
Hurrianalso, regarding HSS being paid, a lot of popular Harmattan apps are too, so I'm not too surprised03:40
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louisdkThis page is pretty helpful: :)03:49
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Hurrianwow, the Nokia patches to amount to ~16MB06:43
Hurrianthat's a LOT of patches06:44
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thedead1440hi could someone advice on how to get tar-gnu on the n9?07:22
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thedead1440reason i needed tar-gnu was due to this error when building deb on the n9 itself:07:29
thedead1440 tar: unrecognized option '--format=gnu'07:29
thedead1440BusyBox v1.20.0.git (MeeGo 3:1.20-0.2+0m8) multi-call binary.07:29
thedead1440Usage: tar -[cxtzjhmvO] [-X FILE] [-T FILE] [-f TARFILE] [-C DIR] [FILE]...07:29
thedead1440dpkg-deb: subprocess tar -cf returned error exit status 107:29
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thedead1440hi i posted this in #harmattan but maybe this is the right channel to post it :D:08:01
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RzRdjszapi, add u to testing10:38
RzRdjszapi, but please also request :unstable this is the prefered place to upload stuff10:39
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infoboti heard aegis-no-thanks is, or, or
HurrianDoes anyone know if there are any UBIFS or JFFS2 filesystems on the N9/50?11:16
HurrianI think we can take those out of the kernel config11:16
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ZogG_laptopHurrian: saw ur post :)12:00
HurrianZogG_laptop, you gotta flash it from flasher-3.1212:12
ZogG_laptopnope i'm not12:13
Hurrianit seems that something restricts flashing it from MeeGo12:13
ZogG_laptopasi told you i can check on funtoo12:13
ZogG_laptopon n95012:13
ZogG_laptopno on main system12:13
ZogG_laptopHurrian: not something but system12:13
ZogG_laptopafaik there are way u need to sign kernel to be able to flash it12:14
ZogG_laptopHurrian: did you try to flash on device yourself12:14
HurrianZogG_laptop, yeah, flashed it using the open mode kernel method12:14
Hurrianalso, the kernel sources are there, apply it to from kernel.org12:15
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djszapi_RzR: you uselessly post to djszapi12:17
djszapi_that is running on the server, I do not check at home.12:18
djszapi_also, unstable was already accepted, so I did not have to request that.12:18
djszapi_Moreover, how do you plan to fix the bugs in the community repository that cannot be reproduced in testing?12:18
ZogG_laptopHurrian: didn't u upload patched source already?12:19
ZogG_laptopI'm compiling it on device12:19
HurrianZogG_laptop, too big to post12:19
Hurrianit's going to take me hours to upload a patched tree12:19
ZogG_laptopput it on dropbox or something12:19 .54 -> harmattan .54 -> kernel-plus .5912:20
ZogG_laptopthat's what i tried12:20
ZogG_laptopHurrian: what about OTG?12:20
djszapi_RzR: need to leave the noise here :)12:20
djszapi_feel free to ping me in private12:21
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HurrianZogG_laptop, USB OTG?12:23
Hurrianno clue about it being supported12:23
Hurrianlemme check the config for what USB chip it uses12:23
Hurrianwe're still going to be missing ID pins and the like12:23
ZogG_laptopjonni told that he tried something once, not sure if he finished it12:24
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RzRdjszapi, lpapp   is your regular email ?12:51
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jpnurmiis there any way to debug why dh_builddeb (dpkg-deb --build) takes so long for a certain project?13:34
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merlin1991jpnurmi: DH_VERBOSE=1 and then read13:54
jpnurmimerlin1991: the problem is, when i export DH_VERBOSE=1, i can only see the 'dpkg-deb --build ..' command and nothing else13:54
jpnurmiactually, when i run dpkg-deb --build alone from command line, it seems to be almost instant13:55
merlin1991huge amount of data to compress maybe?13:55
jpnurmion the other hand, when i run the whole "QtSDK/Madde/bin/mad dpkg-buildpackage -nc -uc -us" from command line, the dpkg-deb --build step takes very long as in minutes13:55
jpnurmibtw, this is on mac if it makes any difference13:56
jpnurmihmm, looks like it's stuck at objdump13:58
djszapiN9jpnurmi, have you tried to cross compile for the raspberry pi on mac?13:58
jpnurmidjszapi: nope13:58
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djszapi_RzR: I think I figured out why all those things are broken15:22
djszapi_this is most likely due to the introduction for other targets.15:23
djszapi_They do not see each other.15:23
djszapi_please do not do that.15:23
djszapi_remove the useless and breakage-leading targets.15:23
djszapi_the life will be much simpler and lovely.15:23
djszapi_and that is exactly the problem for the exiv stuff as well15:25
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djszapi_Venemo: sup Qt5 hacker :D15:42
louisdkHi. The N950 does not have the wallpapers of the N9. Does anyone know where I can find it? :)15:43
mankelidownload emmc firmware with navifirm, and extract them15:44
louisdkmankell: Are you talking to me?15:49
mankeliwell, of course easiest would be to ask someone with n9 to tar them up for you, but you can also do it like that15:51
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louisdkmankell: Do you have an N9?15:56
louisdkWill you tar the wallpapers for me? You can ex. put them up on zippyshare.com15:59
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mankelihmm i wonder where they are16:06
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mankelioho, louisdk16:11
mankeliplease tell me when you have fetched those16:11
louisdkmankell: thnx16:11
louisdkgot it :)16:12
louisdkI really wondered why I loved the N900 and later the N959 until someone one day said, it's just like a little computer.16:20
mankeliwell i always get this funny feeling when i ssh into my phone via wifi, but i have no idea where the phone _physically_ is located16:21
louisdkhe he :)16:28
valdur55same here :D16:28
louisdkwell. You can also enable ssh on Android and iOS but they don't feel like "real *nix" :p16:34
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louisdkAm I the only one that think the touch kb on Harmattan is not that responsive and not so good?16:36
valdur55I use drovak keyboard layout16:39
mankeliwell if you have n950, i'm suprised since you don't have to use that16:40
mankelioops, i meant that i'm not suprised16:40
mankelisince if you have to use the vkb, you'll get used to it16:41
faenillouisdk, yeahs it's not good and not responsive, I agree16:41
faenil(compared to WP's)16:41
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louisdkI have used an N9 as my main phone for 3-4 and ever get used to it. A lot of mistyping. I think the Android vkb is better and then the iOS vkb is best.16:52
valdur55you can customize your vkb layout16:53
louisdkthe Harmattan vkb feels like something made in the last minute.16:54
louisdki only use the vkb when I'm searching in my adress book.16:54
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louisdkenabled the  n9 repo, installed the wallpaper package and disabled the repo again.17:13
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djszapi_Hey guys! Which one do you think more important: Qt5 and the KDE stack or gtk on Harmattan?17:37
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louisdknow with N9 skypeplugin working on my N950.17:39
rzrdjszapi, u're cheating17:40
virtualddon't use skype17:40
rzrboth are important,but  i agrea qt has a higher priority17:40
Venemohey rzr17:44
Venemowho the F*** cares about gtk anymore anyway?17:44
Venemome wants Qt 517:44
rzri do too17:44
Venemoso, rm -rf everything that is gtk17:45
VenemoI mean, gtk wasn't even designed to work in an environment like this17:45
Venemothere is a reason why even the gnome people are starting to do things in javascript17:45
rzrdont we do the same w/ qml ?17:46
rzrdjszapi, dont import it all17:46
Venemomy point exactly17:46
rzri can delete that repo17:46
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rzrdjszapi, i deleted that side target as requested
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rzrdjszapi, now u can do that qt5 job17:47
rzrdjszapi, no need to fork it17:48
rzrdjszapi, i also rm gtk17:48
rzrdjszapi, Package 'gtk+2.0' was removed successfully from project 'home:rzr:harmattan'17:48
Venemogtk3 or raw clutter api with gobject introspection _might_ be up to making a good UI on mobiles, but gtk2 definitely isn't17:49
Venemothat's why nokia did hildon, remember? and even they failed miserably17:49
Venemoso anyway17:50
VenemoI'll stop ranting now17:50
rzri am gone later....17:51
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louisdkI prefer Jabber and only use msn and skype fro contacts that do prefer this. The chatting on my mainly text and nothing personal. Lucky some of my contacts do have GTalk :)17:53
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Venemowhat I talked about has nothing to do with that17:55
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ZogG_laptopKozzi: ping18:12
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louisdkHi again. I wad disconnected.18:39
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ZogG_laptoplouisdk: hey18:39
ZogG_laptoparcean: hey18:39
arceanZogG_laptop, hi18:39
ZogG_laptoprZr: still had no time for the pckgs but i didn't forget18:40
ZogG_laptoparcean: sup, what was the last thing u was hacking, remind me18:40
louisdkMy N950 needs a new battery. Would you recommand BV-5JW 1450 mAh  (for N9) BV-4D 1400 mAh (or 808) or another? Is there a 1600 mAh? :)18:41
louisdk*1500 MAh18:41
arceanlouisdk, buy the one for 808 PV18:41
ZogG_laptoparcean: oh, right, setting thing :P18:42
ZogG_laptoplouisdk: why would it need new one? how old is your phone?18:42
arceanyes, landscape mode built on top of the master branch18:42
ZogG_laptopjonni: ping18:43
KozziZogG_laptop: pong18:43
louisdkZogG_laptop: The battery life is pretty bad. It last about 8-10 hours, just using it at home. No 3G connection enabled.18:43
louisdkarcean: It has 50 mAh less than the one for N9. Why is it better to buy the one for 808?18:44
ZogG_laptopKozzi: did you make those icons u posted?18:44
arceanlouisdk, original N950 battery has only 1200mAh18:44
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ZogG_laptopKozzi: maybe you can help with icon for widgets lock screen?18:45
ZogG_laptope-yes: privet18:45
louisdkarcean: I know. The battery for the N9 has 1450mAh and the one for 808 has 1400mAh- right?18:45
arceanlouisdk, the one for N9 doesn't fit to the N95018:46
KozziZogG_laptop: I think the author wanted svg18:46
ZogG_laptopKozzi: and you can't do it as svg?18:46
Kozziand I suck with illustrator18:47
jonniZogG_laptop: pong18:47
jonniarcean: your wrong, original n950 battery is BV-4D and its 1320mAh18:47
ZogG_laptopjonni: is it bootloader itself prevent for kernel update on N9? i mean if it's open mode, or is it aegis?18:48
ZogG_laptopjonni: lemme try to rephrase it in proper way18:48
rZrdjszapi, rebuilding agani ?18:48
ZogG_laptopjonni: what does prevent the kernel update/changes on n9?18:48
jonniZogG_laptop: nothing is preventing kernel update in N9 on openmode.18:48
ZogG_laptopjonni: i mean if i don't want openmode18:49
arceanjonni, Nokia sent N950 to us with BL-4D :D18:49
rZrwhats that ?18:50
jonniarcean: heh, well I'm using BV-4D's on my :)18:50
louisdkOkay thx. I have another N9 that I'm repairing and then selling. According to Wikipedia Nokia 808 has battery BV-4D and if i search on ebay BV-4D does also fits in N9. Is that true?18:50
ZogG_laptopjonni: is it the signing in like package signing(where we can use inception) or it's other level signing?18:50
arceanjonni, me too, from 808 :)18:50
rZrhow can u check which  battery is inside w/out opening ?18:50
jonniZogG_laptop: well yes its bootloaded that triggers open mode bit if signature does not match in cert.18:50
ZogG_laptoprZr: rengen sight ?18:50
ZogG_laptopjonni: so it's on bootloader level?18:51
jonniZogG_laptop: yes18:51
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ZogG_laptopjonni: so basicaly to "jailbreak" it we need to switch/change bootloader, right?18:51
jonniZogG_laptop: or get master key so you can sign valid firmwares18:52
ZogG_laptopjonni: i think it's not a proper way18:52
arceanrZr, 'lshal | grep'18:53
jonniZogG_laptop: but you need a valid signed firmware in order to switch bootloader, as that area is readonly otherwise ;)18:54
jonniZogG_laptop: in reality if you want to update kernel, you need to be in openmode, and then just deal with the issues that it causes.18:55
louisdkDoes BV-4D fits in the Nokia N9? When I search for it on Ebay it says battery for the N9.18:56
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ZogG_laptopjonni: so even to turn of bootloader you need signed bootloader ? :P18:57
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jonniZogG_laptop: yes :). Only downside afaik of beeing in openmode is the locked CAL, and internally there are devicelock packages available that uses aegisfs to store the lockcode instead of CAL, nobody just have leaked them to public. If someone would leak them, then one would have full phone functionality even on open mode side.19:03
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infobotextra, extra, read all about it, cal is a calendar. try $(cal 1752)19:04
ZogG_laptopjonni: cal is?19:05
jonniCAL == /dev/mtd119:06
ZogG_laptopso actually it can be replaced19:07
ZogG_laptopaegis is opensource, isn't it?19:07
jonniand now time for disclaimers: dont f*ck with mtd1, if you screw things in there, you can really brick your device, (even full reflash with -c, wont recover your device in booting order) :)19:09
jonnieven nokia care wont be able to recover your device :)19:09
jonniI've destroyed on device accidentally (tm) :)19:10
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ZogG_laptopjonni: :(19:13
louisdkI'm really confuse. Many sites says that the BV-4D is for the N9 but it does have that lille cable. It can't be right xD19:13
arceanlouisdk, just buy the battery for the Nokia 808 PureView :)19:14
ZogG_laptoplouisdk: buy dinamo and hammster19:15
ZogG_laptopbe a hipster19:15
louisdkarcean: Which is a BV-4D. But I also need a new battery for my N9 which I want to sell.19:16
arceanlouisdk, the BV-4D for 808 should have 1400mAh19:17
jonnilouisdk:  ebay search "Nokia BV-5JW" if you want N9 battery19:17
ZogG_laptoplouisdk: why u want to sell n9?19:17
jonnilouisdk: BV-4D is not for N919:18
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louisdkjonni: Then is website must be wrong:
louisdk*Then this19:19
arceanlong time ago N950 was known as N919:19
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jonnilouisdk: quite many websites are wrong19:19
louisdkjonni: I know. I'm aware of that batteries to buy :)19:20
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njsfAny news on when apps.formeego will return ?19:33
njsfI have to restore from backup today, but with apps for meego down I'll miss a lot of stuff that I installed from there19:34
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djszapi_rZr: I have cleaned up both repositories: and They look way better now after a few hours cleaning...20:41
njsfI hate N9's backup/restore20:43
njsfWhy didn't Nokia just stick with the N900 way... so much better, you could choose what to restore... *sigh*20:44
njsfand it also made for faster app list backups :/20:44
njsfsorry for the rant20:44
djszapi_anybody willing to test the installation at least of the qt5 packages?20:44
djszapi_qt5 beta 1.20:44
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louisdkThe power button on my Nokia N9 became stock, so I disassembled the device, and there's the chassis: As you can see there's a missing orange dot at the right. I found the little orange dot but it seems pretty impossible to get back on...21:10
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zx2c4itsnotabigtruck, inception site is down?22:05 dns failing22:05
djszapi_zx2c4: you can use tmo22:06
zx2c4djszapi_, whats that22:07
*** harbaum has quit IRC22:09 forums, which acknowledges the site is down and has a mirror on the inception thread22:09
piggz__i really gotta try inception + this new system-ui stuff22:12
djszapi_haha jonni said: "It also makes you rich and stops kittens to be killed." :)22:13
njsfwhat is the main difference between openmode and inception ?22:14
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC22:14
djszapi_fwiw, we have done a better job with aegis than what is available on blackberry. I am biased after all. :-)22:14
ieatlintlocal journalism is awesome
ZogG_laptopzx2c4: its on obs22:29
ZogG_laptopzx2c4: u are rare guest here :P22:29
zx2c4ZogG_laptop, translate what? obs? also, which forum post22:29
zx2c4ZogG_laptop, i should hang out here more often indeed :-D22:29
ZogG_laptopzx2c4: is TMO22:29
ZogG_laptopobs is or something like that22:29
infobotit has been said that obs is opensuse build service, used around MeeGo
ZogG_laptopzx2c4: i used to use your vaio driver22:30
zx2c4ooo gotcha22:31
zx2c4ZogG_laptop, used to use it?22:31
zx2c4ZogG_laptop, my vaio actually broke, so that projects dead for me :-\22:31
ZogG_laptopzx2c4: i didn't like the idea it's bound with brightness22:31
ZogG_laptopif you could pull only the key lit part to sony-vaio module in kernel :P22:32
ZogG_laptopzx2c4: what gt broken?22:32
louisdkWow. Fn + Backspace on N950. Haven seen that before :p22:32
ZogG_laptoplouisdk: what does it do?22:32
zx2c4ZogG_laptop, backlight flickered out22:33
ZogG_laptopzx2c4: lcd?22:34
ZogG_laptopzx2c4: how many years, what u bought instead?22:35
louisdksends you to the view of all open apps  similar to a function on the N900 :)22:36
ZogG_laptoplouisdk: nice22:36
njsfif only TMO was in .it or something22:36
njsfthen it would be TMI :)22:37
njsfI know, bad joke22:37
ZogG_laptopTMI stand for?22:38
njsfToo Much Information22:38
louisdkThe only thing I miss on my N950 is that when you click on a conversation in massages that it open in a new window. That way it would be easier to have muliple conversations without having to open messages more than one time.22:39
ZogG_laptoplouisdk: real life friends are better :P22:40
ZogG_laptopreal communication22:40
louisdkAnd the other thing would be to have the topbar visible when you're in landscape mode and have opened a program.22:41
ZogG_laptopand that it makes u a coffee22:41
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louisdkZogG_laptop: I have real friends but likes to stay in touch when I'm on the go ;)22:42
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