IRC log of #harmattan for Thursday, 2012-08-30

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djszapi_rzr: can you please disable the gtk stuff?00:00
djszapi_I am up to building qt5 now again in stable.00:00
djszapi_I would need all the bandwidth and the gtk should be in testing anyways00:01
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rzrdjszapi, sure hold on00:13
rzrdjszapi, u're not alone
rzrno gtk00:14
rzrupload in :unstable please00:14
djszapi_nope, sorry00:14
djszapi_I do not have time to follow two repositories.00:15
djszapi_I already wasted enough with a one liner patch00:15
rzrx ar ?00:15
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djszapi_ -> fingers crossed.00:20
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djszapi_javispedro: hey, you were collecting the obs isses00:25
djszapi_there are two further.00:25
djszapi_or perhaps three00:26
javispedroyeah, but they are hard to diagnose properly00:26
djszapi_1) make[4]: arm-linux-gnueabi-ar: Command not found00:28
djszapi_2) Instance unmaintained00:28
djszapi_3) Instance inaccessible.00:29
javispedroar is indeed supposed to be ther...00:30
djszapi_we have been trying to reach x-fade, but irc, email, and bugzilla were not enough.00:31
djszapi_so the community is unfortunately stuck.00:31
djszapi_I wonder if we can just set up a new instance elsewhere.00:31
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jesuschrist_is the source code you are hositing00:39
jesuschrist_on doc.javispredo etc etc00:39
jesuschrist_of the 1.3 kernel correct ?00:39
javispedrojesuschrist_: to the best of my knowledge yes, but it's best if you compare version strings00:40
jesuschrist_never tested it ? im experincing hell cross compiling it00:40
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Elleois there some way of disabling the internet connection dialog pop up when network requests are made in an app without setting a qnetworkmanager explicitly to offline mode?00:56
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rzrdjszapi, ar cqs libbootstrap.a .obj/release-static/qlatincodec.o .obj/release-static/qtextcodec.o .obj/release-static/qutfcodec.o .obj/release-static/qglobal.o .obj/release-static/qlogging.o .obj/release-static/qmalloc.o .obj/release-static/qnumeric.o .obj/release-static/qabstractfileengine.o .obj/release-static/qbuffer.o .obj/release-static/qdatastream.o .obj/release-static/qdir.o .obj/release-static/qdiriterator.o .obj/release-static/qfile.o .obj/release-static02:16
rzr/qfileinfo.o .obj/release-static/qfilesystementry.o .obj/release-static/qfilesystemengine.o .obj/release-static/qfsfileengine.o .obj/release-static/qfsfileengine_iterator.o .obj/release-static/qiodevice.o .obj/release-static/qfiledevice.o .obj/release-static/qtemporaryfile.o .obj/release-static/qtextstream.o .obj/release-static/qcoreglobaldata.o .obj/release-static/qmetatype.o .obj/release-static/qvariant.o .obj/release-static/qsystemerror.o .obj/release-static/q02:16
rzruuid.o .obj/release-static/qbitarray.o .obj/release-static/qbytearray.o .obj/release-static/qarraydata.o .obj/release-static/qbytearraymatcher.o .obj/release-static/qdatetime.o .obj/release-static/qhash.o .obj/release-static/qlist.o .obj/release-static/qlocale.o .obj/release-static/qlocale_tools.o .obj/release-static/qmap.o .obj/release-static/qregexp.o .obj/release-static/qpoint.o .obj/release-static/qrect.o .obj/release-static/qsize.o .obj/release-static/qline.02:16
rzro .obj/release-static/qstring.o .obj/release-static/qstringlist.o .obj/release-static/qvector.o .obj/release-static/qvsnprintf.o .obj/release-static/qxmlutils.o .obj/release-static/qxmlstream.o .obj/release-static/qjson.o .obj/release-static/qjsondocument.o .obj/release-static/qjsonobject.o .obj/release-static/qjsonarray.o .obj/release-static/qjsonvalue.o .obj/release-static/qjsonparser.o .obj/release-static/qjsonwriter.o .obj/release-static/qfilesystemengine_uni02:16
rzrx.o .obj/release-static/qfilesystemiterator_unix.o .obj/release-static/qfsfileengine_unix.o02:16
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djszapi__interesting that, it is simpler to clean up in scratchbox for package with a total folder removal and then unpack again than running make distclean.04:55
djszapi__this is due to the fact, command execution is very slow in scratchbox.04:55
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djszapi_rzr: yeah, I missed one dependency.05:04
djszapi_it is easy to do when you have a full fledged scratchbox with almost everything installed. :005:04
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ZogG_N9beford, ping09:16
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djszapi_rzr: qt5 built \o/09:23
djszapi_rzr: feel free to hype Qt5 on tmo.09:23
djszapi_I will also blog about it soon in a different form.09:24
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ZogG_N9X-Fade, ping09:31
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djszapi_rzr: next target is qtdeclarative09:41
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rzrdjszapi, congratz09:50
djszapi_:) it takes a while though to show up in the repository.09:52
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djszapi_Venemo_N9: adapter is not so simple.10:08
djszapi_Venemo_N9: do you know the difference between the adapter and wrapper patterns?10:08
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* khertan enter OVI STORE QA TEAM geo coordinates in targetting system10:13
ZogG_laptopmorning everyone10:13
* khertan push the nuclear launch red button10:13
khertanmorning all10:14
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ZogG_laptopkhertan, sup :P10:14
ZogG_laptopthp, sup10:14
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* khertan will probably close his Nokia Store account ... tired by their stupid QA10:14
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ZogG_laptopheymaster, did you submit your app?10:17
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thpZogG_laptop: hoho10:27
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ZogG_laptopthp, i wanted to ask you about github group10:28
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ZogG_laptopis there a way to communicate, i saw few people uploaded apps with no readme or description10:28
ZogG_laptopno idea what are those and if they work and where are site of support10:28
thpif the people developed the things themselves, I guess you could look at the commit history and then contact the people directly10:29
thpor use the forum thread (not sure if all are reading it, though)10:29
thpZogG_laptop: anything in particular that you don't know what it is?10:29
phakoa website checker and a synchronisation tool10:30
phakoah, no that was htcheck10:30
thpZogG_laptop: httrack is a "offline reader" thingie i think10:31
phakono idea what httrack is10:31
thpZogG_laptop: unison is two-way file sync iirc10:31
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thp +
thpeasy to google ;)10:31
ZogG_laptopyeah i saw unison thread, but if there are any screenshots, states of building and so on10:32
phakoZogG_laptop: unison is commandline10:32
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phakoat least last I tried it10:32
ZogG_laptopas it's community git repo it would be nice to have as much info as possible10:32
ZogG_laptophmm, someone switched memory chip on n9 :P10:33
ZogG_laptopDocScrutinizer05, ^10:33
phakoZogG_laptop: uh10:33
phakowith soldering and everything?10:33
DocScrutinizer05ZogG_laptop: that's a completely differnet story though i'd say10:34
DocScrutinizer05it's like replacing eMMC of N90010:34
DocScrutinizer05not related to changing PoPt10:34
ZogG_laptopphako, gonna read now, i can link you, but it's in russian10:35
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phakodoes it have images?10:35
ZogG_laptopDocScrutinizer05, i'm noob10:35
ZogG_laptopphako, just a sec10:35
ZogG_laptopDocScrutinizer05, he switched emmc, as you said10:36
DocScrutinizer05meh, change N9-16 to N9-64, no rocket science10:37
ZogG_laptophe used one fron n9710:37
ZogG_laptophe is thinking of trying 128 gibs :)10:37
ZogG_laptopso he did 32gib10:38
djszapi_rzr: do you know why apt-cache search qt5-base does not show anything yet?10:39
djszapi_it is already distributed:
ZogG_laptopphako, no pictures10:40
phakooh well10:41
ZogG_laptopphako, just picture of something he used (scheme related to n900)10:41
ZogG_laptopdjszapi, btw what about qt5 repo that was installed with that qt5 based browser that as most things was just prove of concept and was never/would be never released10:42
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ZogG_laptopanyone knows if there is track (for packages via dhl/ups and so on) app for n9, i think i saw one10:45
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djszapi_that is a pity that the sgx opengl es 2 implementation is broken. :(11:07
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rzrdjszapi_: wtf
djszapi_rzr: in what sense?11:23
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djszapi_rzr: my friend is getting the qt5-base in the cache after the update.11:29
djszapi_how can I fix this?11:29
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sledgeshi rzr, you mean iPAQ h1930 ? :)12:02
sledgesgood morning! :)12:02
ZogG_laptopfaenil_away, you are away :(12:04
ZogG_laptopdjszapi, ping12:07
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ZogG_laptopany one knows who is Ash_blackberry on twitter? is he just fan or one who part of bbdev team?12:09
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ZogG_laptopgri, sup12:09
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Sfiet_KonstantinZogG_laptop: seems to be part of BB team12:10
Sfiet_KonstantinZogG_laptop: since you can ask him for help porting Qt apps on BB12:11
ZogG_laptophe followed me12:11
djszapi_ZogG_laptop: he is BlackBerry Developer Evangelist at Research In Motion12:11
ZogG_laptopthinking to ask what are the chances to get dev device12:11
ZogG_laptopdjszapi, like quim was at maemo?12:11
djszapi_so no12:11
djszapi_you cannot ask him for help porting Qt apps on BB12:11
djszapi_since he is not a techie guy.12:11
ZogG_laptopSfiet_Konstantin, he followed me, not me followed him. and i don't have BB device12:11
Sfiet_Konstantindjszapi_: you have to go to bbjam12:11
djszapi_he was the meegoexpert if that rings a bell.12:11
ZogG_laptopnot for me12:12
Sfiet_Konstantindjszapi_: wow, he was the meegoexpert ?12:12
djszapi_then qtexpert12:12
djszapi_Sfiet_Konstantin: no, I do not have to.12:13
djszapi_Sfiet_Konstantin: why should I..12:13
Sfiet_Konstantindjszapi_: because they are only given to those who go to bbjam12:13
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djszapi_Sfiet_Konstantin: no12:13
djszapi_that is incorrect12:13
djszapi_I have just launched a contributor device program this morning12:14
djszapi_without any blackberry jam event.12:14
Sfiet_Konstantindjszapi_: that's what I heard :(12:14
Sfiet_Konstantinhum :)12:14
Sfiet_Konstantininteresting, tell me more12:14
ZogG_laptopthat's what she said12:14
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ZogG_laptopfaenil, Sfiet_Konstantin what emails you are all tweeting about?12:45
Sfiet_KonstantinZogG_laptop: ??12:47
ZogG_laptop all got the email and I missed out again!..12:50
ZogG_laptopnever mind :P12:53
ZogG_laptopi was stalking you12:53
faenildid I tweet that? :/12:53
ZogG_laptopnever mind13:01
ZogG_laptopi still didn't wake up13:01
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ZogG_laptopfaenil, is there blackberry sdk on linux? and does it support qt/qml as well or better to go with qtcreator? as well no nokia components there right?13:03
ZogG_laptopLinux (Cascades Beta does currently not support Linux. A Linux version will be added in an upcoming release.)       :(13:05
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*** lbt_ is now known as lbt13:29
faenilZogG_laptop, it works but it is not supported13:35
faenilso they don't give you the download link13:35
faenilanyway, I haven't tried it13:35
ZogG_laptopso if there is no download link, how can i download it?13:36
*** arcean_ has joined #harmattan13:39
ZogG_laptopxarcass, 64bit?13:40
faenilthere is no qml preview if you need that13:40
ZogG_laptopno emulator there?13:40
xarcassZogG_laptop: no idea13:40
ZogG_laptopi have no device13:40
xarcassZogG_laptop: i don't know about simulator, i've got a device. but i believe i've seen simulator link on some other download page13:41
ZogG_laptopand qml elements?13:41
xarcassZogG_laptop: but you'll have to install vmware-<something> in order to use the simulator13:41
faenilZogG_laptop, simulator, it's another tool13:42
faenilyeah requires vm otols13:42
ZogG_laptopi'll ask faenil to test :P13:42
*** adlan has quit IRC13:42
faenilyou're unlucky, as I'm starting to study today, won't be available that much from today till 6th13:43
ZogG_laptopfaenil, i'll get you. trust me :P13:43
*** arcean has quit IRC13:43
ZogG_laptopi have tattoo of your address13:43
rzr<xarcass> ZogG_laptop: but you'll have to install vmware-<something> in order to use the simulator13:49
rzrwe i booted it13:49
rzrbut failed to deploy anything13:49
rzri gave up13:49
xarcassrZr: i've installed previous version and deployment worked ok. i've deployed onto the device, though13:49
*** sahib_ has joined #harmattan13:52
rzri am talking about deploy on sim13:56
ZogG_laptopsimulator :P13:57
ZogG_laptopbut what about qml elements?13:57
ZogG_laptopif use nokian's in my app, i need to switch or how it goes?13:58
xarcassZogG_laptop: do you mean qml components? - no way14:03
ZogG_laptopqml components14:05
xarcassZogG_laptop: there's no even QtQuick facility. There's some QML, but it differs from Nokia's.
ZogG_laptopso basically port is re-writte?14:07
ZogG_laptopbtw any freenode chan?14:07
xarcassZogG_laptop: you may try #qt-qnx14:08
xarcassZogG_laptop: but there a mostly Qt developers discussing Qt-qnx port, not cascades14:09
ZogG_laptopxarcass, did you get device on jam?14:12
xarcassthere's no other way to get these devices14:12
ZogG_laptopthere was no jam in my country or in area :(14:13
rzri missed mine14:14
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djszapiN9xarcass, you are wrong14:21
djszapiN9there are other ways to get devices14:21
xarcassdjszapiN9: well, that's what i've been told. we're speaking about BB10 Dev Alpha devices, btw14:22
djszapiN9and as faenil said, the linux variant also works to a certain extent.14:22
djszapiN9I have been using that.14:22
djszapiN9xarcass, no you were not14:23
djszapiN9I did not see that mentioning anywhere14:23
djszapiN9also, I would recommend playbook either way.14:23
djszapiN9People keep saying, it is much less painy.14:23
xarcassdjszapiN9: i believe, that was even in the BB FAQ. or on the jam session itself, can't remember now..14:24
djszapiN9and you could not use the dev alpha for daily use anyways.14:24
djszapiN9xarcass, you got me wrong14:24
xarcassdjszapiN9: there's no need, N9 works perfectly :)14:24
djszapiN9I did not see the dev alpha mentioning anywhere in the previous posts14:25
faenilQt5 beta just released, peeps14:25
djszapiN9so I am not a mind reader. :)14:25
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xarcassZogG_laptop: xarcass, did you get device on jam?14:25
xarcassdjszapiN9: ^^^14:25
djszapiN9xarcass, many people dislike having a couple of phones including me14:25
djszapiN9xarcass, playbook is also distributed at jams...14:26
djszapiN9so which device....14:26
xarcassdjszapiN9: never knew this, on that session i was attending were only dev-alphas14:26
djszapiN9xarcass, now you know ;)14:27
djszapiN9faenil, yep14:28
djszapiN9faenil, finally :)14:28
*** Lava_C is now known as Lava_Croft14:28
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faenilI haven't given a look at qt5 yet :/14:29
djszapiN9faenil, it is available in the community repository14:29
djszapiN9on harmattan14:29
faenilyeah seen that14:29
djszapiN9have not blogged yet about it14:29
djszapiN9i will put a simple helloworld example today14:30
djszapiN9and then blog14:30
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djszapiN9xarcass, which have you attended to?14:36
ZogG_laptopdjszapiN9, stop being smart ass. we understood each other with xarcass14:36
ZogG_laptopi would like playbook more, but i want at least bb1014:37
faenilZogG_laptop, xsacha has DevAlpha's FW on PB ;)14:40
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan14:43
xarcassdjszapiN9: I've attended jam that was in moscow14:44
*** djszapiN9 has quit IRC14:45
djszapiah yes, you told that.14:45
djszapiI will repackage qt5 today from the beta.14:47
djszapifaenil: apparently there are some issues with the release already...14:49
djszapiI think I will just keep doing the snapshot releases either way14:50
djszapievery two weeks or so.14:50
rzrplease do that in a separate project14:52
rzr:unstable is the place for that14:52
djszapiI do not have time for that14:53
djszapiit is already a hassle, and I am not paid for this after all.14:53
djszapiif you package the whole Qt5 stack, and I can concentrate on something else; that is all the better.14:53
djszapiand I do not really see any improvements with unstable.14:54
djszapiin this case.14:54
rzrwell then push the successed build to :testing before overiding it14:54
djszapiI do not see how that is different14:55
djszapithe thing is that, it is unpleasant to sit there and wait 5-6 hours twice14:55
djszapiin two separate places14:55
djszapidebugging the quirks of two separate places etc14:55
djszapipeople did not have time for even one place.14:55
rzrwell i will not touch anything those comming weeks14:55
djszapiintroducing two places makes no sense to me.14:55
rzrthis is not for pple14:56
rzrthis is for us14:56
djszapinot to mention, you would be queued up for waiting at times for two repositories14:56
djszapino way.14:56
rzrthere should be one place at the end14:56
djszapipeople are packagers in this case14:56
djszapiand yes, they did not have time for even one place.14:56
rzri did follow this workflow to avoid repo breakage14:56
djszapiI do not really see why you would make the entry level for them even more difficult14:57
djszapiyou would kindly kill all the sake for any contributions :)14:57
rzrexperience :)14:57
djszapiwell not any, but for the most.14:57
djszapiif you wanna experiment, you can always do that in your home repository14:57
rzri am purging it14:57
rzrhome:rzr is moved to :testing14:58
djszapiplease do not move anything anywhere14:58
djszapiwhen I suggested the community repository idea I did not suggest to take decisions on your own14:58
djszapiif it comes, it should come from the maintainer's decision.14:58
djszapiI have not done any own decision either.14:58
rzri am sorting out this gtk issue14:58
rzrsince no one do14:58
djszapithen you do this in your local stuff14:59
djszapiwithout touching the community repository14:59
djszapithat is many did including me14:59
djszapibut you do not need to make the contribution more difficult to people14:59
djszapiwe should warmly welcome those instead.14:59
ZogG_laptopfaenil, yes, my friend too. he works at company porting games to different platforms15:00
djszapiit is not possible to do with two people what you propose.15:01
ZogG_laptopyo! UPS called. raspberry on it's way. i'll get it in half hour :)15:01
djszapiso it does not make sense for Harmattan, even if it is good for debian.15:01
ZogG_laptopxarcass, are you from russia?15:01
faenildjszapi, where did you read about the problems with qt5 beta'15:01
djszapiif we had ~1000 developers, it would make sense15:01
djszapifaenil: mailing list15:01
faenildjszapi, ok thanks15:01
djszapilemme give you a link15:01
rzri wont do anything next couple of weeks15:01
xarcassZogG_laptop: yes, but i've no idea now have you guessed that15:02
djszapirzr: I understand yoru quality gate concerns.15:02
djszapiI would like to have in an ideal world, what you are doing.15:02
djszapibut it is practically not possible.15:02
djszapibecause we lack the manpower for doing a quality work for a huge repository15:02
*** tom___ has quit IRC15:03
djszapiso we either drop most of the packages15:03
djszapiand we do this for few packages15:03
djszapior, we do not do this for the whole repository15:03
djszapidropping now many packages would scare off many people.15:03
rzri didnt touch the home:rzr:harmattan repo15:03
rzrso now we have best of both world15:03
rzri just want to rebuild gtk and exif on it15:03
rzrsome packages need to be rm , but i have no idea which ones15:04
djszapiyep, that is a good intention.15:04
djszapibut requesting me to build qt5 twice15:04
djszapiand one build is 5-6 hours15:04
djszapiand sometimes issues are at the end.15:04
djszapithat will either scare me off15:04
rzri wanted to keep the version that built15:04
djszapior it will consume a lot of energy and time from me.15:04
rzrin case you overide one that break15:05
djszapibut that results what I said above.15:05
djszapiwe can always revert versions15:05
djszapiif it does not work out15:05
djszapiosc is capable of doing that.15:05
djszapiso we do not lose what we have overriden.15:05
rzrunless the repo has been broken15:05
djszapiunsure what you mean by repo is broken.15:06
rzrsome new package can cause regression15:06
rzrlike for exiv15:06
djszapiyou can revert15:07
djszapito the old package by using osc15:07
djszapiwhat is the problem?15:07
rzrat a date ?15:07
rzrwell then tell me how to revert to a configuration where kde built correclty ?15:07
djszapiwell someone broke automoc15:08
rzrno this is exif not automoc15:08
rzri am gine15:09
*** rzr is now known as rZr15:09
Lava_Croftanyone here using CP-571 for the N9?15:09
djszapirZr: I do not see the problem.15:09
djszapirZr: the kdelibs packages are still available.15:09
Lava_CroftI already ordered it, but im wondering if its any good :P15:09
djszapiso users will not recognize the internal issues.15:09
ZogG_laptopxarcass, u was at moscow jam?15:11
djszapiso it would be issue for internally, but this is not so frequent and worthy than forcing everybody going through 2-3 builds15:11
djszapieven if it is trivial.15:11
ZogG_laptopxarcass, than u are russian :P15:11
ZogG_laptopso it's not hard to guess15:12
ZogG_laptopxarcass, маленький мир15:12
djszapiQt5 and kdelibs are not trivial.15:12
djszapiit took a couple of months to go through one successful build just for kdelibs.15:12
khertansh: /var/lib/dpkg/info/khtnotes.postinst: Operation not permitted15:12
khertanany idea ?15:12
khertan+x mod is set15:12
djszapikhertan: even with dpkg -i?15:13
khertanmostly with dpkg -i15:13
khertanusing sh /var/lib/dpkg/info/khtnotes.postinst15:13
* djszapi suspects mispackaging15:13
khertangive no problems15:13
khertandirectly give error15:14
khertandjszapi, probably15:14
djszapikhertan: can yo ushow the hasbang?15:14
the-boss`khertan: Error: "!/bin/sh" is not a valid command.15:14
djszapilooks good. Then I do not have any ideas off-hand15:14
djszapiwhat does it do?15:14
djszapianything special?15:14
khertansetting the +x on a script :)15:15
valdur55maybe /usr/bin/sh is ok?15:15
djszapivaldur55: he said sh was ok15:15
djszapidpkg -i was not15:15
djszapikhertan: that might be the reason15:15
valdur55ok lol15:15
djszapiyou need to request a cred for that15:15
djszapihave you requested?15:15
valdur55i looked the-boss error15:15
djszapivaldur55: hehe15:16
khertandjszapi, what ?15:16
khertana cred ?15:16
djszapikhertan: what what ? :)15:16
khertanfor a postinstall script ?15:16
the-boss`valdur55: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.15:16
khertanthis is new ?15:16
djszapiyou need to request that15:16
khertanarf didn't know ... will take a look at the doc :)15:16
djszapiI was doing this long ago15:16
djszapiand I pasted a solution for this problem on this channel a couple of times15:17
djszapibut cannot recall it off-hand :)15:17
khertandon't bother this should be documented somewhere, i ll found15:17
khertanthx for your help15:17
djszapiso what you need to do15:17
djszapiis basically requesting cred for the maintainer scripts iirc15:17
djszapiinstall context to be precise15:17
khertandjszapi, this wasn't here for pr1.1 right ?15:17
djszapioh sorry15:18
djszapithat was chown15:18
djszapinot chmod15:18
*** suy has quit IRC15:18
djszapikhertan: please paste the chmod +x command15:20
ZogG_laptopkhertan, what ya trying to set where? i set +x on script in post-intall15:20
djszapiI have the impression you are doing this for a user content15:20
djszapiand that is why it is operation permitted15:20
djszapi<request context="INSTALL"> <credential name="UID::user"/> </request> -> this should help in that case15:21
djszapiprovided you do not mix up root and user users actions.15:21
chem|stMohammadAG: is a NFC toggle for mt-toggles in the pipes?15:22
chem|stis powerconsumption noticable if left on?15:23
*** khertan has quit IRC15:23
*** djszapi has left #harmattan15:23
chem|stI mean if "active" in settings, not active in terms of "used by program"15:23
MohammadAGchem|st: Aegis is a bitch, the only way I found to toggle it was denied15:24
*** khertan has joined #harmattan15:25
khertansorry ... crash the graphic card15:25
chem|stMohammadAG: thought so15:26
chem|stMohammadAG: so just leave it on?15:26
*** beta4 has joined #harmattan15:29
MohammadAGIf you don't care about the vulnerability sure15:29
*** lucido has quit IRC15:30
khertandjszapi, nope it s not for user content15:31
Lava_CroftI have yet to find any use for NFC15:31
Lava_CroftIt doesnt work with my Nexus7 :<15:31
MohammadAGI have no other NFC devices15:32
faenilLava_Croft, short opinion about nexus7?15:32
Lava_Croftfaenil: the best tablet on the market, considering its 150euro (imported from the USA) price15:33
Lava_Crofteven with shit android15:33
faenilI heard JB is still not  very responsive15:33
Lava_Croftit isnt15:33
faenilthat's why I sold my Archos G915:33
Lava_Croftand the Nexus7 has monster hardware15:33
faenilok thanks, I'm not going to buy it then ;)15:33
Lava_Croftits the fastest android device i ever used15:33
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG, got raspberry :P15:33
Lava_Croftipads are too big and their OS too shit for me15:34
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG, come to Qt meeting u'll see other nfc devices :P15:34
Lava_Croftnot even mentioning the price15:34
faenilLava_Croft, but they're smooth and responsive...15:34
Lava_Croftnexus7 is too15:34
Lava_Croftbut thats because it has beast hardware15:34
faenilyou just said it's not very responsive :D15:34
Lava_Crofti compare to my n915:34
Lava_Croftwhich has lol hardware15:34
Lava_Croftits more responsive than the galaxy nexus i had15:35
Lava_Croftbut overall android just feels a bit weird to me15:35
faenilyeah :/15:35
faenilArchos G9 (Omap4430) with 4.0.3 wasn't responsive enough, I sold it15:35
Lava_Croftlets put it this way15:35
ZogG_laptopfaenil, dual core one?15:36
Lava_Croft150euros for a tablet of this hardware quality and it just doesnt matter what OS15:36
ZogG_laptopfaenil, how is playbook?15:36
faenilZogG_laptop, ofc, A915:36
faenilZogG_laptop, PB is the best tablet I've's a pity for some lag in the settings app, and the Store app is slow as hell15:36
ZogG_laptopfaenil, so A9 or g9? coz i think i saw today at their site g9 is dual core15:36
ZogG_laptopfaenil, ido want 4g :P15:36
faenilZogG_laptop, G9 is the tablet, A9 is the Cortex CPU it uses :P15:37
faenilLava_Croft, true, though PB is 179€ here :) 16gb15:37
faenildual-core, but if Android wastes resources :P15:37
Lava_Croftnexus7 is quad core:)15:38
Lava_Croftand it has some ridiculous gpu15:38
Lava_Crofti always test it with minecraft pocket and i have yet to see any other device be faster with it:)15:38
sledgesLava_Croft, which android are you running?15:39
Lava_Croftgalaxy s3 maybe, no idea15:39
Lava_Croftstock JB15:39
faenilLava_Croft, it is quad-core, but if you run android on top of it :P15:39
Lava_Croftfaenil: well, yeah15:39
Lava_Croftbut ios just doesnt work for me, i get irritated by it15:39
Lava_Croftwith android, i just shrug and go 'well its android'15:39
Lava_Croftkind of like with windows9515:39
sledgesso Lava_Croft, JB is not well responsive, but nexus7 is by far most responsive android device youve ever used?15:40
faenilLava_Croft, I have never owned an Apple product yet...though I envy how smooth and responsive they are...only WindowsPhone has now got close to that degree of UX quality...15:40
Lava_Croftand according to my brother, who writes for OSnews, JB really is more responsive than older versions15:40
faenilthough I feel like trolling in here, let's stop it here :D15:40
Lava_Croftfaenil: my wife is an iphone-lady:)15:40
khertanoups ! device reboot15:40
faenilGoogle is trapped in its own shit :D15:41
*** suy has joined #harmattan15:41
*** lucido has joined #harmattan15:42
*** beta4 has quit IRC15:43
khertanZogG_laptop, and you didn't need aegis cred for postinstall script ?15:43
ZogG_laptopnot that i know, i think it depends on what dir15:44
khertanhere even with nothing in the script15:44
khertanlook like the postinstall script execution is denied15:44
ZogG_laptopkhertan, how do you build it?15:45
ZogG_laptopkhertan, ^15:45
ZogG_laptophere is aegis and postinstall script15:45
ZogG_laptopneed to reboot15:46
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC15:46
*** n9appscom has joined #harmattan15:47
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan15:52
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC15:52
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan15:52
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan15:53
*** n9appscom has quit IRC15:53
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC15:57
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan15:57
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC15:57
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan15:57
khertanZogG_laptop, you know what ... that fucking postinstall need to have a digisum too ... Mouahahaha15:57
ZogG_laptopkhertan: i dunno about what you are talking, mine works fine :P15:59
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC15:59
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan15:59
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC15:59
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan15:59
khertanZogG_laptop, but you use standard tools,15:59
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan16:00
rZrkhertan: hi i am going in vac next week , do u want to baby sit obs along djz16:00
khertanrZr, i ll be busy16:00
rZri can understand16:00
khertanpyconfr, selling house, demo of viet vo dao :)16:01
rZrkhertan: are u in ?16:01
ZogG_laptopkhertan: i use qtcreator and magic phako's script for obs :P16:01
khertanZogG_laptop, i use pypackager which didn't sig the post/pre install/rm script16:01
khertanthat is the problem16:01
rZrkhertan: yes u are16:02
khertanrZr, i think i ve received an email about it :)16:02
ZogG_laptopi'm not on gitorious but i didn't recieve email :(16:07
ZogG_laptopor am i on gitorious16:07
ZogG_laptopi am on gitorious :P16:10
pahowever, seriously, the battery bug is impossible. it cant go from 23% to 4%. It gives one no way to predict when the phone will die. Not fixing it would be total lost of credibility16:18
ZogG_laptopthey don't care16:19
ZogG_laptopTHEY don't16:19
ZogG_laptopi bet you go to care they'll give u lumia phone :P16:19
*** MFaroTusino has joined #harmattan16:19
*** MFaroTusino has left #harmattan16:20
*** xarcass has quit IRC16:29
*** tonyoy has quit IRC16:31
paahah nice one :)16:31
*** tom__ has joined #harmattan16:31
pabut i read more people now want Flop fired, now more important ppl than before16:32
*** sugnan has joined #harmattan16:38
*** niqt has quit IRC16:39
*** arcean has joined #harmattan16:39
sugnanHi, I have written hello world app, have cross compiled using the arm-tool-chain and have copied it to n9 phone. Now when I try to run it from terminal, the gui components looks wierd, I remember that i had faced same issue with n900 too but using run-standalone use to fix it. So can some one please tell what is the workaround for meego16:41
mgedmindoes your app use QML?16:42
sugnanno, Its just a normal hello world app16:42
mgedminthen it's not normal for the platform :)16:43
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC16:43
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #harmattan16:44
mgedminAFAIU either you use Qt with QML, or you use libmeegotouch (deprecated but many of the bundled apps are built with it), or you live with non-standard/weird GUI controls and nonfunctional landscape/portrait rotation etc.16:44
sugnanmgedmin, I just run the app from terminal as ./app16:44
mgedminbasically, unless you're writing a fullscreen game, you have to use QML16:44
mgedminthe method of execution is irrelevant16:44
*** arcean has quit IRC16:45
sugnanok thanks, I thought there might be some workaround just like n900 where I use to use ./app16:46
*** vladest has quit IRC16:51
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC16:51
*** hardaker has quit IRC16:52
*** tom__ has quit IRC16:53
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #harmattan16:54
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan16:56
*** niqt has joined #harmattan17:02
sugnanmgedmin, I have copied the error message to, actually I tried to run a different app which uses the webkit from Qt SDK17:07
Kozziam I suppose to edit only those strings inside  <message id> when I want to create a translation ?17:07
Kozzimust anything else be edited ?17:08
*** MFaro-Tusino has joined #harmattan17:10
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC17:11
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan17:12
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC17:17
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan17:17
*** Luke-Jr has quit IRC17:17
*** Luke-Jr has joined #harmattan17:17
sugnanmgedmin, sorry got your point now, I just want to write an application which can be run across all the platforms. So if I want to deploy anything on N9, QML is the way to go, thanks for the inputs17:20
ZogG_laptopsugnan, all platforms like?17:23
sugnanZogG_laptop: windows, linux, symbian17:23
ZogG_laptopnot sure if you'll find same components for all of those17:24
khertanlet s start for a other week to read the reason of an nokia store qa failed17:24
khertansugnan, good luck17:25
sugnanBut I have written an application which is running fine on all the platform without much changes, but today when I tried on N9 I got to know17:25
khertansugnan, harmattan component are available only on harmattan17:25
khertansugnan, desktop components need to be self compiled for windows17:26
sugnankhertan, am not using any harmattan components on my app17:26
khertansugnan, and most linux distros didn't have desktop components in there repository17:26
khertansugnan, it s the solution, even if it s require a lot of works17:26
khertansugnan, it s faster to write in qml for harmattan17:27
khertanand plain qwidget for other target17:27
khertanspecially if you use textedit :)17:27
sugnankhertan, I had never tried to write anything using QML, its time to get some hands on QML :)17:28
khertanqml without components is mostly rect, image, and mouse area ...17:28
khertanso require a lot of works to be able to do something usefull17:28
khertanfor example, textedit lack copy/paste17:29
khertanimplement yourself17:29
*** jussi01 is now known as jussi17:29
*** niqt has quit IRC17:29
khertanthis is full of details like that which make components usefull17:29
sugnanHo, but I  just need couple of text boxes and button is all I need17:30
khertan(even if sometimes there is no way to fix some strange behavior without forking it)17:30
khertansugnan, if you don't need editable text box with scrolling feature ... it s ok :)17:31
khertansugnan, try and do your self thought17:32
sugnanAll these days, inorder to deploy the application on windows, I just use to compile the Qt app with Qt static libraries, so that the users need not have the libraries installed. Will I be able to do the same for QML?17:32
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan17:36
djszapirZr: when are you off to the traveling?17:36
djszapiPlease let us know, so we do not try to poke you etc.17:36
sugnanAFAIK, we need a QML viewer kind of a thing to run the QML app on any platform, so if I just compile the QML app with static libraries and try to run on the other windows PC having none of the Qt libraries, will it run?17:37
*** djszapiN9 has joined #harmattan17:41
rZrdjszapi: consider me dead in a few hours...17:45
djszapirZr: we will write Harmattan on onto your pall :D17:48
djszapiHarmattan onto*17:48
djszapiright, then I will try to navigate the effort when I have time..17:48
djszapiat least with qt5.17:48
ZogG_laptopkhertan, btw do you share components somewhere if you wrote those?17:50
ZogG_laptopkhertan, maybe we should add them to github/harmattan?17:50
ZogG_laptoprZr, :(17:50
khertanZogG_laptop, i rewrite some part of TextArea for khtsimpletext to fix ensureVisible horizontally and fix horizontal scrolling problem17:51
djszapikhertan: worked what I wrote?17:51
khertanit s part of KhtSimpleText source code17:51
djszapiyou have not pasted the chmod line though.17:51
khertandjszapi, the problem was the packaging :)17:51
djszapiok, that was my first tip.17:51
djszapiwhat exactly?17:51
khertandjszapi, postinstall file was not present in digsigsum :)17:51
djszapiusually such issues happens when:17:52
djszapi1) hashbang is incorrect17:52
djszapi2) needs to be repackaged cleanly17:52
djszapi3) manifest issues.17:52
khertanor tools is incorrect :)17:52
*** MFaro-Tusino has left #harmattan17:53
khertani made my package with pypackager :) so the problem was pypackager17:53
khertanand as i'm the author17:53
khertani fix it :)17:53
djszapiwell, that is 2)17:53
djszapiyou do not have a clean and proper packaging.17:53
khertanno i ve :)17:53
khertanpypackager fixed :)17:54
djszapiso in case 2) one needs to investigate why a clean packaging does not work17:54
khertandpkg-buildpackage not available on device :)17:54
djszapiif it is a custom tool, it needs to be involved into the investigation as well17:54
khertanthis is the main reason of pypackager17:54
djszapicould not say other reasons for not working like that.17:54
khertan4/ Keyboard Chair user interface error17:55
djszapiof course it is available.17:55
djszapiyou can just install this.17:56
djszapiinstead of reinventing ;)17:56
*** DocScrutinizer05 has quit IRC17:57
djszapior aegis-install17:57
*** gri_ has quit IRC17:57
*** gri has joined #harmattan17:57
*** eeanm has joined #harmattan17:58
djszapiwhich is not free, but should be gotten as a nokia binary.17:58
*** DocScrutinizer05 has joined #harmattan17:58
* djszapi needs to leave for now18:00
*** djszapi has left #harmattan18:00
*** lildeimos has joined #harmattan18:00
*** eean has quit IRC18:01
khertandjszapiN9, you didn't test it ... it s available but didn't work due to missing tar option in busybox :)18:02
*** tom___ has joined #harmattan18:02
djszapiN9khertan, that is a no issue.18:03
djszapiN9but you said it is not available, meanwhile it is.18:04
djszapiN9fwiw, ping was also overriden by users from iputils.18:05
djszapiN9do not see how this could be different.18:05
*** jussi has quit IRC18:05
*** jussi has joined #harmattan18:06
ZogG_laptopkhertan, i mean to collect all qml custom components so we can use it on different systems as well :P18:07
*** sledges has left #harmattan18:13
*** djszapiN9 has quit IRC18:18
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan18:19
djszapikhertan: also you can solve the tar option yourself, and let dpkg-buildpackage do the other stages.18:20
djszapireinventing dpkg-buildpackage is just weird :)18:20
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC18:29
*** vladest has joined #harmattan18:32
ZogG_laptopSfiet_Konstantin, sup18:34
ZogG_laptopSfiet_Konstantin, there is thread on TMO where they do pretty icons18:34
ZogG_laptopfor harmattan18:35
Sfiet_Konstantinwhat thread ?18:35
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ZogG_laptopSfiet_Konstantin, icons something18:37
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Sfiet_Konstantinyeah but this guy is replacing icons18:41
Sfiet_Konstantinnot making them18:41
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djszapirZr: are you still here for a brief question?19:12
djszapi5.0.0~beta1 is accepted in the changelog19:12
djszapibut 5.0.0-beta1 is not.19:12
djszapishall I just use '~' then?19:12
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djszapiah ok, 5.0.0~beta1 should be alright since 5.0.0 > 5.0.0~beta119:34
*** djszapi has left #harmattan19:34
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rashm2kplatformEnableEditBubble on TextArea - what does this do?21:38
*** tbf has quit IRC21:39
*** tbf has joined #harmattan21:51
rashm2kanyone around?21:53
*** npm_ has quit IRC21:56
*** npm_ has joined #harmattan21:57
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trxrashm2k i think that if platformEnableEditBubble is disabled, you wont get eg. copy, paste, bold, italic, etc on text selection22:01
trxit wont appear22:01
*** furikku has quit IRC22:03
rashm2kgetting undefined reference to gconf stuff22:04
rashm2kdo i need to add some library?22:04
rashm2kin qmake file?22:04
*** orfix has quit IRC22:07
*** elldekaa has quit IRC22:09
rashm2kor rather how do I reference libgq-conf22:10
*** trx has quit IRC22:11
*** trx has joined #harmattan22:12
rashm2kPKGCONFIG += gq-gconf22:17
rashm2kis all i needed22:17
*** orfix has joined #harmattan22:20
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ZogG_laptopthp, why didn't u say anything about gpodder3 needing ru translation :P22:35
ZogG_laptopis it the one on harmattan. as i would like to see it on device before release.22:36
*** lordross has joined #harmattan22:38
*** djszapi_ has joined #harmattan22:40
Kozzithere is new version of coderus status bar extensions, anyone tried ?22:41
Kozziaccording to google translate, inception or open mode needed22:42
Kozzithe last one didnt :(22:42
*** e-yes has joined #harmattan22:43
rZris opensource ?22:47
*** Enforcer has quit IRC22:49
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ZogG_laptoprZr, i don't think so23:19
*** DrGrov has joined #harmattan23:19
djszapi_rZr: qt5-base has been building for more than three hours23:19
djszapi_I presume, it is going to be at least 4 hours23:19
djszapi_and this is just the base.23:20
*** DrGrov has left #harmattan23:21
rZrit will finish before qt6 release23:21
djszapi_even before qt5.23:21
djszapi_rZr: do you have any ideas how to fix the repository "visibility" locally?23:21
ZogG_laptoprZr, i asked him on twitter23:25
ZogG_laptoprZr, i got raspberry pi23:25
rZri saw that23:26
*** rashm2k has quit IRC23:26
ZogG_laptoprZr, :P23:26
ZogG_laptopfound out i can use microsd with adapter one from n90023:26
ZogG_laptopbut i have no usb keyboard at home23:26
ZogG_laptopso used ssh to turn X on23:26
*** rashm2k has joined #harmattan23:27
ZogG_laptopand i need to change it to awesome :P23:27
djszapi_rZr: I explained the problem this morning23:27
djszapi_apt-cache search qt5 did not show the package.23:27
*** shanttu has joined #harmattan23:27
ZogG_laptop - lol ie adv :P23:28
rZr~ # apt-cache search qt523:30
rZrqt5-base - Qt Base modules.23:30
rZrnext question23:30
djszapi_that is not run on my machine...23:33
ZogG_laptopaptget update  *troll face*23:34
*** lucido has quit IRC23:35
*** javispedro has quit IRC23:35
djszapi_anybody having any ideas why the repository database may not get updated properly for "(fakeroot) apt-get update"?23:37
djszapi_inside scratchbox.23:37
rZrdjszapi_, on my n95023:39
djszapi_I wonder why it takes at least four hours on the c-obs to build.23:40
djszapi_and about 30-40 minutes maximum locally.23:40
djszapi_I do not see any repetitive iteration in the c-obs build log.23:40
djszapi_perhaps, it build with more cores locally as no parallel is not explicitely specified.23:41
rZrcobs is running on a n923:41
*** shanttu has quit IRC23:50
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