IRC log of #harmattan for Wednesday, 2012-08-29

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rashm2khow do I cast back to the actual class once I do QVariant::fromValue(xxxxx)00:13
djszapi_rashm2k: toFoobar00:15
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djszapi_or just simply qvariant_cast00:16
djszapi_or just simply the templatized .value<Foobar>()00:17
djszapi_there are a couple of ways. ;)00:17
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rashm2k .value<Foobar>() does not work00:27
rashm2kno matching function call to value00:29
djszapi_well you need to call that on a QVariant instance for sure.00:30
djszapi_so .value<Foobar>() is a syntax error00:30
djszapi_you need to use:00:30
djszapi_QVariant myVariant;00:31
djszapi_int i = myVariant.value<int>(); // For instance00:31
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rashm2kFYI exposing a QList<Object*> to a ListView will cause issues!!!!!!00:43
rashm2kalways use QVariant::fromValue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!00:43
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djszapi_rashm2k: I would recommend not to do so.00:49
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rashm2kthats what the example shows on the page00:58
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rashm2kwhat does unsupported dbus type 0 mean?01:18
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rzrhi M4rtinK03:07
rzrgot some gtk's times for upcoming week03:07
rzrM4rtinK, remind me your gitorious id03:08
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M4rtinKrzr: looks like the gitorious id is martink (
M4rtinKrzr: I'm mostly using the (evil and not open source :) ) Github at the moment :)03:54
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rzrM4rtinK, added u . please also bookmark
rzrM4rtinK, and let me add you to shared repo unstable branch if you want to work on gtk04:05
M4rtinKrzr: ok :)04:07
rzrM4rtinK, any idea for
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M4rtinKrzr: looks like it can't find GTK04:19
M4rtinKrzr: I remember there were some errors with -dev packages for GTK - this might be related04:22
rzrwell i wont have a look at it soon04:22
rzrgtk rely on you now :)04:22
M4rtinKrzr: well, I'm really overloaded right now :)04:22
rzrtake your time04:23
M4rtinKso no promises :)04:23
rzrgood luck04:23
M4rtinKhh, thanks :)04:23
rzru welcome04:23
rzrbut we moved one step04:23
rzrnow it is building04:23
M4rtinKbtw, any changes you did on the packages I should know about ? :)04:23
M4rtinKnice - or they just finally fixed something in COBS :)04:24
rzrthere is a side effect with some other package i havent figured out04:24
rzrmy changes are very minor04:24
rzri tagged to maemo version so easy diff04:24
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M4rtinKrzr: ok, thanks :)04:29
M4rtinKrzr: time to hit the deck - good night ! :)04:29
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Sazpaimon_ some shots of the philadelphia skyline from the top floor of the comcast center, the tallest bulding in the city05:40
Sazpaimon_youre not allowed past the lobby unless you work there or know someone (i knew someone that works at the 55th floor)05:41
ieatlintah, the city of brothery love and setting for an awesome tv show05:43
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niwakameeither pnatd is cocky, or I'm doing something wrong :(09:23
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niwakameanyone tried on using AT commands?09:27
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niwakamejonni: Yeah that basically gives access to some info10:09
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niwakamejonni: But there's no info about the indicator10:09
jonniniwakame: which indicator?10:11
ZogG_laptophmm wazapp was blocked after all :P10:11
niwakameI'm trying to get the Operator SIM Cipher Indicator10:11
niwakameIt basically tells to supress the cipher indicator10:11
niwakame(which isn't present anyways as it seems in N9)10:12
jonniand the question is why are you tring to get it? :)10:12
niwakameYou know Netmon for n900?10:12
niwakameBasically a rewrite for N910:13
niwakameand this would be a good addition10:13
niwakameSo the user knows his operator is supressing the indicator10:13
niwakameIt would be even better to get the active cipher suite, but that's closed baseband stuff, I think10:14
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jonnihavent used N900 that much lately, but all the same info should be avail afaik. have you looked n900 sources to see how it fetches the date?10:15
niwakameNetmon stuff can be done using the QSystemNetworkInfo10:15
niwakame(Except neighbour cells, I think)10:16
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niwakamewhen I try I get Error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.AccessDenied on N910:20
niwakameso seems like it's there (neighbour cells)10:20
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jonniwell that error comes if you try the commands without right aegis capas.10:21
niwakameYeah this was commandline anyways...10:23
jonniyep you need the capas in commandline too10:23
niwakameBut I can't set them for terminal, right?10:24
rzrhi jonni , can i add u to ? tell me your id10:24
jonnirzr: "rainisto"10:25
jonniniwakame: well you can, if you have right tools ;)10:26
rzrok done10:26
niwakameincepting, that is, huh?10:26
niwakamewell I just could write a proxy application that executes the dbus commands and has aegis manifest10:27
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jonniniwakame: maybe your looking something like this, I've just tested in my N9....
jonniit uses dbus to fetch cell neighbors10:32
niwakamejup exactly10:33
niwakamemind to share the dbus command? :)10:33
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jonniits just calls GetNeighbors method, nothing fancy in there.10:42
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jonniactually you can get the same info without using dbus at all10:44
jonniits just more complicated to use isi commands directly10:46
niwakameah ok10:47
jonniniwakame: thats kind of nokia propriatary way to talk to csnet side directly.10:48
jonnior might even be that libcsnet headers are public, havent checked lately10:49
jonni(or libisi.h)10:49
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niwakameAt least I can't find any info on that10:53
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TheBootroohow can i use QtMobility Publish&Subscribe to get the Sound volume and the Missed Calls count, on nokia N9 ?10:54
Sfiet_KonstantinTheBootroo: about sound volume, isn't it better to use DBus ?10:56
Sfiet_Konstantin(just a suggestion, don't know anything about it)10:56
TheBootrooSfiet_Konstantin: why not but i can't find which api to call...10:56
TheBootrooSfiet_Konstantin: for missed calls neithers10:56
Sfiet_Konstantingimme a sec10:57
Sfiet_Konstantinfor missed calls, you will need specific apis10:57
TheBootrooSfiet_Konstantin: it's not exposed on dbus by CSD daemon or Telepathy ?10:57
Sfiet_KonstantinI kjust got this, dunno if it is useful qdbus /com/nokia/CommHistory10:58
djszapi_1anybody particularly good at design patterns (OOP)? :)10:58
TheBootrooSfiet_Konstantin: where can i find the DBUS def file with methods and signals list ? for
Sfiet_Konstantinuse qdbus10:59
Sfiet_Konstantinit is one of the best dbus tool i have ever seen :)11:00
Sfiet_Konstantinentering qdbus gives a list of all interfaces11:00
Sfiet_Konstantinqdbus gives the list of objects11:00
TheBootrooSfiet_Konstantin: can't get it to work on N9, and it won't be really usable since its qwidgets and not meant for mobile11:00
Sfiet_Konstantinqdbus /org/freedesktop/Telepathy/Client/CommHistory gives the list of methods11:00
Sfiet_Konstantinwell, what are you trying to do ?11:01
Sfiet_Konstantinyou are trying to get info from the N9 and push it to desktop ?11:01
TheBootrooSfiet_Konstantin: i found
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TheBootrooSfiet_Konstantin: yes for a client of my company, i have to develop an info tracker for N9 -> PC11:02
TheBootrooSfiet_Konstantin: i have almost all i want through QTM, but i lack missed calls count and general sound volume11:02
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Sfiet_Konstantinwoow :)11:03
Venemo_N9good morning11:03
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Sfiet_Konstantinwell TheBootroo if you want to write something that is a bridge between a n9 and a pc, be sure to have at least a n9 to test on11:03
Sfiet_Konstantinssh to it and play with qdbus11:04
Sfiet_Konstantinmorning Venemo_N9 :)11:04
TheBootrooSfiet_Konstantin: i have a N911:04
TheBootrooSfiet_Konstantin: but how can i use QDbus on ssh ? (ps : so bad, i'm using windows at work)11:04
niwakamejonni: btw TY :)11:05
Sfiet_Konstantincan you SSH on your N911:05
Sfiet_Konstantinif you can, you are done11:05
Sfiet_Konstantinyou can use "qdbus" command line11:05
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djszapi_1Venemo_N9: good morning Sir Venemo_N9.11:07
Sfiet_KonstantinTheBootroo: dbus-send --type=method_call --print-reply /com/nokia/profiled string:"general"11:12
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Venemo_N9hi, sir djszapi and djszapi_1 :)11:15
Venemo_N9how are you today?11:15
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djszapi_1Venemo_N9: trying to understand the adapter pattern through a Java example.11:16
djszapi_1Venemo_N9: -> I am not getting this part: A further form of runtime Adapter pattern11:16
djszapi_1Venemo_N9: once, I understand, I will extend the wiki with a C++ example. :-)11:17
TheBootrooSfiet_Konstantin: i need a doc like this one i found for bluez
Venemo_N9djszapi, :)11:19
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Venemo_N9djszapi, that is a very simple thing11:20
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rzrVenemo_N9: dont u understand ?11:53
rzrthis pattern is a bit like function overload but with manual forward ...11:54
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djszapi_rzr: read my sentence carefully.12:02
djszapi_my problem was not with the image you pasted.12:02
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djszapi_now I got that12:14
djszapi_first case: factory second case: adapter + factory (more complex, should not be on that wikipage imo).12:14
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rzrdjszapi_: ok12:14
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whatsahey, who knows when did N950 PR1.3 leak?13:10
whatsatoday or earlier?13:10
faenilnot today afaik13:11
Arkenoibtw i am seeding if anyone is still interested13:11
faenilbut I did not follow the event...13:11
faenildoes that mean we can flash 1.3 on n950?13:11
Arkenoiyes, but i did not try yet, my n950 is at Nokia for repair13:12
Arkenoii also asked if they have newer firmware, will see13:12
SummeliArkenoi: how did you get that into repair?13:12
Arkenoiasked politely13:12
SummeliI have broken LCD screen :(13:12
Arkenoimine too13:12
Summeliwho did you ask for it?13:12
SummeliI should also try to get mine fixed :)13:13
Arkenoilocal guys, they just have broken n950 with good screen by accident13:13
Arkenoiso i am lucky with that13:13
ArkenoiSummeli, what happened with your screen?13:13
SummeliI'm not sure13:13
Arkenoimine had rotten13:14
Summelimaybe it got bit by cold13:14
Summeliit just has quite many black pixels13:14
Arkenoiblack stripes started to appear where mechanical connectors are on the reverse side13:14
Arkenoiand then it did grow13:15
Summeliyeah, black stripes13:15
Summelibut they are not filling the whole screen13:15
ArkenoiSummeli, same position?13:15
Arkenoithey did not but quite annoying still13:15
SummeliIt's kind like big spot13:15
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chem|stis rsync 3.0.9-1ubuntu1.0~rzr1 save to istall?14:23
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djszapijreznik: wow, thanks for the dancing house link :-)14:32
jreznikdjszapi: :)14:33
mgedminchem|st, I've installed rzr's rsync on my n9, it didn't explode or anything14:34
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chem|stmgedmin: yeah syncing... ;)14:35
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chem|stI love fast internet14:36
chem|stand now I may setup backup with profilematic... hope that doesn't explode in my face...14:37
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rzrmgedmin: wanna test unison15:02
rzri just rebuilt it15:02
mgedminnever used unison, don't have time to learn it now15:02
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rzrany one ?15:03
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jreznikhmm, I hit a problem with mfe sync... as in PR 1.3 client certificates works finally, I asked for one, got one - but now - no plain text messages are shown in Fenix... only HTML... checking activesync logs and seems like the message is correctly downloaded... any hint where should I take a look?15:10
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djszapirzr: can you package the arm ar for the time being?15:13
djszapito workaround the Qt5 build issue?15:13
djszapiquite messy workaround, I know, but still. :)15:16
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chem|strzr: cli or gui?15:20
khertanhow can i know which libs are available in ovi store repository ? qa team say that install file, after looking at apps, look like python-gconf isn't in their repositories15:20
djszapikhertan: it is from the apps "repository"15:20
khertandjszapi, thx ... it s in the app repository15:21
khertannokia qa ... grrr15:21
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sledgesjust received facebook app update on N9: 1.4.0-1+0m7 - wonder if they fixed those annoying image-not-showing-up or cant-click/view-images-posted-by-a-group/page bugs15:30
chem|stsledges: I'd love to have my mobileuploads folder back in use...15:31
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tomyriit would also be nice to see comments on event page15:39
djszapiis apps4meego also more or less unmaintained or just the Harmattan target on c-obs?15:39
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sledgesapparently none of the annoying bugs were addressed in a 1.3.2 -> 1.4.0 version bump! chem|st tomyri :|15:44
sledgeslooks like I will more and more end up using the browser, which is improving (and it's only thanks to facebook guys finding ways how to achieve good web UI on a low-end browser like Nokia's)15:45
sledgeshence -- it's not the web browser that it improving :D15:46
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GeneralAntillesDoes anybody remember that Jolla picture with the dinghy of MeeGons paddling away from Nokia's burning platforms?16:03
GeneralAntillesLooked a lot like this:
rzri have that one16:04
rzrlinked at16:04
DocScrutinizer51only in opera16:06
GeneralAntillesrzr, I don't see it under the Jolla links.16:07
Wntdo you mean this
DocScrutinizer51at bottom of very page16:07
rzrbottom of the page16:07
GeneralAntillesWnt, ah, bingo!16:07
Wnt(it was on rzr's page)16:07
GeneralAntillesDon't see it on the page I've got loaded here.16:07
GeneralAntillesEvidently it doesn't like WebKit.16:08
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DocScrutinizer51doesn't like opera too16:08
DocScrutinizer51"not reachable from this server" on opera16:09
GeneralAntillesWorld's most unsearchable image. Thanks, rzr.16:10
rzrwell opera is not opensource you cant fix it :)16:10
rzrGeneralAntilles: btw do u have a gitourious id ?16:10
GeneralAntillesrzr, if I do, it's generalantilles.16:11
GeneralAntillesDon't recall off-hand, though.16:11
rzrlet me ad u16:11
faenilso did anyone flash leaked 1.3 on n950?16:14
rzrnot me16:15
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DocScrutinizer51I stopped flashing anything to N950 when I had to learn you can't rollback/downgrade16:16
DocScrutinizer51so I guess my N950 is the only one in this universe still running original firmware it shipped with16:17
rzrthis is a good idea16:18
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ZogG_laptopDocScrutinizer51, lol, but what's the point?16:20
ZogG_laptopDocScrutinizer51, mine was shiped with pre-1.0 btw :P16:20
rzrbtw are there known hacks to force downgrade ?16:20
ZogG_laptopwhat deos prevent?16:21
DocScrutinizer51version check in bootloader16:22
rzrsome if to byepass somewhere16:22
* Arkenoi uses my old n900 while n950 is being repaired.. it sloooow, but browser starts almost instantly on click -- unlike n95016:22
djszapirzr: there are.16:22
ZogG_laptopad what if i just change the version?16:22
ZogG_laptopi mean i''ll force it to think it's 1.416:22
djszapibut 1) I would not like to talk about such things 2) I believe those things were addressed in the stable releases lately.16:23
ZogG_laptopArkenoi, i loved n900 browser, but one thing both are missing are tabs16:23
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ZogG_laptoprzr, my rpi got to israel today :P hopefully would get it till weekend16:25
*** arcean has joined #harmattan16:25
ZogG_laptoparcean, sup :P16:26
rzris any of you booting nemo on 950 ?16:28
djszapirzr: faenil maybe?16:28
faenilrzr, me16:29
Lava_Croftupdate for N9 stock FB client16:29
rzrfaenil: i plan to use it soon but what are the major issue so far ? i guess nokia maps will be unsupported right ?16:30
*** lamikr has quit IRC16:30
djszapirzr: browser is also unmaintained.16:32
djszapithere are tons of applications not created ever yet.16:32
faenilrzr, it's not ready for everyday use16:32
rzri saw there are mozilla binaries for mer16:32
djszapiyou mean for arm?16:33
rzri have to double check16:33
djszapithat is not quite mer specific.16:33
jonnirzr: I have dual boot to nemo setup on one of my n950's, but usually I boot it to harmattan side.16:33
djszapiyou would most likely use the same arm on Harmattan as well.16:33
rzri may try to rebuild/port harmattan's deb to rpm some day16:33
djszapijust like with Java, I presume.16:33
rzrjonni: i am wondering what's next deb based mobile distro ?16:34
rzrin the hope all i've done for harmattan will not be lost forveer :)16:35
jonniharmattan will live forever ;)16:35
faenilrzr, nemo has rpm16:36
faeniloh ok misread sorry16:36
jonnirzr: well, iPhone (Cydia) uses .deb files ;)16:37
jonniso answer would be iPhone and Ipod :)16:37
djszapido we have an rpi on the c-obs?16:37
djszapior any another OBS instance?16:38
djszapirpi target, that.16:38
*** Surbiks has quit IRC16:38
djszapirzr: you can continue with debian on the raspberry pi.16:38
djszapior eventually on any ubuntu-arm...16:38
djszapipandaboard, beagleboard, pandaboard es, what not.16:39
rzri dont think i will put the rpi in my front pocket16:39
jonnirpiPhone :)16:39
djszapithing is, you could actually.16:39
djszapiit is very cheap and small.16:39
WntrpiPhone would be pretty funny project16:40
jonniheh, if we ever will receive rpi, the free one hasnt even been shipped, and the one which I have ordered has been delayed for 5 months already.16:41
djszapirpiPhone would probably be an issue for Apple in fact.16:41
djszapijonni: normal16:41
djszapido not feel alone :-)16:41
djszapimany went down that way.16:41
jonniwe will get it in 2013, and by that time rpi2 has been released :)16:42
djszapiI do not know what to do with the raspberry pi :)16:43
djszapiprobably not much16:43
djszapiapart from testing projects on arm simply.16:43
djszapilike QtSerialPort, QtAudio3D, kdelibs, etc I work on.16:43
jonnijust for media player for tv16:43
djszapiI will not build a system around the board to be able to write an application.16:43
djszapitoo much work16:44
djszapiI have platforms where I can write applications right away.16:44
djszapiwith bigger userbase.16:44
djszapiso I can get more money out of that.16:44
*** xarcass has quit IRC16:44
rzranyway i feel the harmattan community is not really affected by the fact it is doomed :)16:45
djszapiwhat is doomed?16:45
rzrthe burning platforms16:46
djszapiI do not know what could currently kick Harmattan off.16:46
djszapiit has been a while after the dead announcement.16:47
djszapiand it is still here, still works nice.16:47
djszapicannot mention any platform this year, or even in the beginning of next year, kicking this off.16:47
djszapifor Qt developers, that.16:47
rzri am curious how what it will be in upcoming years16:48
rzrprobally less active that n900 scene16:48
djszapihopefully RIM succeeds.16:48
*** djszapiN9 has joined #harmattan16:48
djszapiwith their Qt empowered platform.16:48
rzrif they release bbx devices16:49
*** lucido has joined #harmattan16:49
rzrelse no way16:49
djszapithat is what "succeeds" means./16:49
rzri didnt even manage to use the sdk sim16:49
*** lamikr has joined #harmattan16:51
djszapiN9Qt is much more advanced on BB than Android.16:52
djszapiN9It is also officially supported there, and not maintained by 2-3 hobbyists.16:52
rzrwell this could change...16:53
Lava_CroftRIM is awful16:53
rzrwill wp8+ a decent target for qt too ?16:53
Lava_Croftthey advertise to use 2 different display resolutions for BBX apps16:53
Lava_Croftbut apparently their own device doesnt use any of those16:53
*** lucido has quit IRC16:53
djszapiN9rzr w8 does not use opengl es in the first place.16:54
rzrconfirmed ?16:54
*** lucido has joined #harmattan16:54
djszapiN9they have some diret3d mobile api.16:54
djszapiN9that is one reason I think they will not suceeed.16:54
kevin_bbut they talked about opengl available for w8 x8616:55
kevin_bso why not arm16:55
Lava_Croftits a new platform for them, its a business decision most likely16:56
Lava_Croftwhy bother with opengles when you can lock in people to your own directx16:56
djszapiN9kevin_b, have you ever seen wince?16:56
kevin_byea once I guess16:56
djszapiN9MS is weird when it comes to mobile.16:56
djszapiN9we have this wince support in QtSerialPort16:57
kevin_bI dunno I just heard about a common w8 kernel for arm and x86, that would allow native code16:57
kevin_bso why not16:57
djszapiN9it is practically a brand new backend16:57
djszapiN9almost nothing to share with win32.16:57
pawhats the most efficient way to play a looped sound effect in qt (not qml)?16:57
palike the most cpu-friendly way16:58
djszapiN9openal is an overkill for 2d audio16:58
pakevin_b, i actually need a simple bip16:58
djszapiN9pa why not qml?16:59
pawell, coz my logic is in qt, and coz i want to be able to regulate the frequency16:59
pa(of the loop)17:00
djszapiN9QtMultiMedia or Phonon is your friend.17:00
paand apparently soundeffect in qml does not let me specify how frequently17:00
paah ok thanks17:00
djszapiN9well you can use the backend.17:01
fluxhmm, does phonon do looping natively? if not, it might not be the best option17:01
djszapiN9where this can all be set.17:01
fluxbut QtMultimedia is the step below it, should do that with relative ease17:01
djszapiN9flux, no17:01
djszapiN9flux, but phonon backends do17:01
fluxand then there's pa_simple :)17:02
djszapiN9so yes.17:02
rzrbtw i built qt-gstreamer17:06
pawhat about QSound?17:07
djszapido not use it17:07
pais it deprecated/sycucks?17:07
djszapiit is dropped in Qt.17:07
*** djszapiN9 has quit IRC17:07
payou mean Qt5?17:07
djszapiyes for a good reason.17:07
paah.. which is?17:07
djszapioopsie, sorry :)17:08
*** danielcbit has joined #harmattan17:08
*** cvaldemar has quit IRC17:08
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC17:09
*** TheBootroo has joined #harmattan17:09
padjszapi, i agree with those who said it shouldnt have been dropped. rather reimplemented to use qtmultimedia behind the scene..17:11
paafter all it doesnt seem an overly complicated interface17:11
djszapiit does not matter what you think :)17:11
pai know17:11
djszapior what I think.17:13
padifferent question: do you think it's more efficient to have a short beep, and to have a qtimer that invoke the player for every single beep, or to have a recorded short loop, and have fewer invokations to the play slot ?17:14
chem|stdoes anyone have a quick inception guide at hand? website seems down17:15
rzri am wondering where truck is ?17:16
chem|strzr: is 0.2.5 in community repo fine?17:17
chem|stthread in tmo had no update since 07/2217:17
*** rnovacek has quit IRC17:17
rzrdonno i use open kernel17:17
rzr Last Activity: 13th Aug 2012 22:2317:18
chem|stvacation it seems17:18
*** djszapi has left #harmattan17:19
*** niqt has quit IRC17:23
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan17:31
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC17:31
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan17:31
*** tom__ has joined #harmattan17:42
*** lamikr has quit IRC17:44
*** snowpong has quit IRC17:50
*** DocScrutinizer05 has quit IRC17:53
*** DocScrutinizer05 has joined #harmattan17:53
*** pinheiro has joined #harmattan17:56
*** hardaker has quit IRC18:02
*** niqt has joined #harmattan18:05
*** e-yes has quit IRC18:11
chem|strzr: incepted -> unrestricted-sysui -> happy!18:15
*** beford has joined #harmattan18:16
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC18:17
chem|stMohammadAG: good job there! apart of orientation lock toogle all seem fine! (that is locking anytime for me and does not release the lock)18:17
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC18:21
*** MohammadAG has joined #harmattan18:21
*** Shaan7 has joined #harmattan18:21
MohammadAGchem|st: Tap and hold18:22
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG, sup18:24
chem|stMohammadAG: to deactivate?!18:26
chem|stwas looking for instructions...18:26
*** arcean has quit IRC18:27
MohammadAGchem|st: Yes, to auto oriebt18:27
MohammadAG10 quid? Thanks!18:28
MohammadAG(i know, jk)18:28
chem|stMohammadAG: how do I sort mt-toggle's items?18:31
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC18:33
MohammadAGchem|st: You can't, not yet at least18:34
*** jreznik_ has joined #harmattan18:35
*** jreznik has quit IRC18:36
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC18:38
*** Surbiks has joined #harmattan18:40
*** niqt has quit IRC18:42
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG, can't u sort by names?18:46
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG, my RPI at Lod already :P18:48
*** eean has quit IRC18:51
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC18:51
*** eean has joined #harmattan18:52
*** vladest has quit IRC18:55
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan19:04
*** jreznik_ is now known as jreznik19:04
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sledgeshave a good evening everyone!19:24
*** piggz has joined #harmattan19:29
*** Surbiks has quit IRC19:30
*** khertan has quit IRC19:32
*** Surbiks has joined #harmattan19:32
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*** djszapi has left #harmattan19:36
*** eean has quit IRC19:37
*** eean has joined #harmattan19:38
*** jreznik_ has joined #harmattan19:42
*** jreznik has quit IRC19:43
rzrhi sledges still hacking on s103t ?19:45
*** jreznik_ is now known as jreznik19:47
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan19:58
*** jreznik_ has joined #harmattan20:00
*** jreznik_ has joined #harmattan20:01
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*** jreznik_ is now known as jreznik20:04
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*** GAN950 is now known as GeneralAntilles20:08
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*** elldekaa has joined #harmattan20:54
*** messerting has joined #harmattan20:58
*** beta4 has quit IRC20:59
*** djszapiN9 has joined #harmattan21:04
djszapiN9anybody using openal on Harmattan?21:09
*** jreznik has quit IRC21:12
*** jreznik has joined #harmattan21:12
*** beford has quit IRC21:13
*** rashm2k has joined #harmattan21:13
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*** mschlens has joined #harmattan21:17
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*** jaywink has joined #harmattan21:30
*** TheBootroo has quit IRC21:31
rzrX-Fade, hi please can you ping us while arround21:32
*** lordross has quit IRC21:34
djszapidoes anybody know if c-obs uses scratchbox 1 for the Harmattan target to build packages?21:39
djszapijonni: you always know everything :) You should know ;) ^21:39
jonniheh, dont know anything about c-obs, but I would assume that it would use.21:41
*** lbt is now known as lbt_away21:41
*** piggz has quit IRC21:41
*** Surbiks has joined #harmattan21:43
djszapijonni: is it normal to build with the gnueabi linux g++ stuff?21:44
djszapiI mean for Qt5.21:44
djszapiwouldn't this be unneccesary inside scratchbox in the first place?21:44
djszapi -> openal-soft for one, builds with /usr/bin/gcc21:44
djszapiI am having the impression the gnueabi linux g++ stuff is forced by the maemo mkspecs when I pass -platform maemo...21:44
djszapiI just really do not see the point of cross-compilation inside scratchbox21:45
djszapithat is the purpose of that, it does not need to be cross-compiled.21:45
djszapiI really do not know.21:45
djszapi# modifications to linux.conf21:46
the-boss`djszapi: Error: "modifications" is not a valid command.21:46
djszapiQMAKE_AR                = arm-linux-gnueabi-ar cqs21:46
djszapiyeah, this stuff forces that.21:46
djszapibut if I do not pass the -platform maemo, then the conditions inside the qmake build system does not match..21:47
*** orfix has quit IRC21:52
djszapiquassel2go is not built with the arm toolchain either21:53
*** orfix has joined #harmattan21:53
djszapiI believe, this would only be needed when you have two targets in scratchbox, like x86 and arm21:53
djszapiand you would like to build for arm inside the x8621:53
djszapimeans, I do not think -platform maemo needs to be passed21:53
djszapimeans, I may get qtbase working tonight.21:53
*** tom__ has quit IRC21:54
*** arcean has joined #harmattan21:55
*** Surbiks has quit IRC21:55
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*** Surbiks has joined #harmattan21:58
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*** drdanz has joined #harmattan22:06
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*** AndrewX192 has joined #harmattan22:07
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*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan22:07
*** orfix has quit IRC22:07
*** drdanz has joined #harmattan22:08
*** drdanz has quit IRC22:09
ZogG_laptopfirst wp8 smartphone is even not from nokia22:13
*** arcean has quit IRC22:15
*** arcean has joined #harmattan22:16
*** piggz has joined #harmattan22:19
*** beta4 has joined #harmattan22:20
*** jreznik has quit IRC22:20
*** iDont has joined #harmattan22:21
*** orfix has joined #harmattan22:21
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*** elldekaa has joined #harmattan22:23
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*** jaywink has joined #harmattan22:24
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*** djszapi_ has joined #harmattan22:29
rzrZogG_laptop, not good for samsung22:31
rzrZogG_laptop, not good for samsung's tizen22:31
*** messerting has quit IRC22:32
*** Surbiks has joined #harmattan22:38
*** lordross has joined #harmattan22:39
djszapi_rzr: do you know how to simply add a patch on top of qt5-base?22:40
djszapi_I mean into the debian folder with quilt.22:40
rzrjust add it in debian/patches/22:40
rzrand add it in debian/patches/series22:40
djszapi_isn't there a debhelper for this?22:40
rzri use git-build-package22:40
djszapi_it has nothing to do with git.22:40
rzrwhere did you grab the qt5 sources22:41
djszapi_it does not matter22:41
rzrplz cat  debian/source/format22:41
djszapi_I do not package from git.22:41
rzri do22:41
djszapi_I would packge dummy .git stuff that way22:42
djszapi_and that is a complete no go.22:42
djszapi_git archive --format=tar --prefix=qt5-base/ master | bzip2 -9 > qt5-base_5.0.0~20120829.orig.tar.bz222:42
djszapi_the format is the usual "3.0 (quilt)".22:42
djszapi_I would like to unpack the tarball22:42
djszapi_I would like to modify the stuff22:42
djszapi_and I would like to invoke a deb helper which generates the patch for me22:43
djszapi_behind the scene22:43
rzris debian in in the git tree ?22:43
djszapi_I would not even like to know where it is generated.22:43
djszapi_forget git22:43
djszapi_a software can come from anywhere22:43
djszapi_I need a generic deb helper for this22:43
djszapi_to generate the debian patches after the manual modifications.22:43
djszapi_I recall there was a tool for this22:44
rzrdpkg-source -commit22:44
djszapi_but I do not recall the command exactly.22:44
djszapi_ah, yes, that may be22:44
djszapi_does not work22:45
djszapi_you meant --commit, I presume, but still22:45
djszapi_dpkg-source: need -x or -b22:46
djszapi_I need -b, I presume22:46
djszapi_ok, I do not know22:47
djszapi_I need a deb helper command which can generate the patch for the debian folder behind the scenes.22:47
djszapi_since it is the same work for each packagers patching the upstream software.22:47
*** NIN102 has joined #harmattan22:48
rzrdpkg-source -i -I --include-binaries -isession --auto-commit --before-build22:48
*** saeed has joined #harmattan22:49
*** natunen has quit IRC22:49
djszapi_why would one need more than a binary or a generic binary with one option for this?22:50
*** saeed has quit IRC22:50
*** natunen has joined #harmattan22:50
*** NIN101 has quit IRC22:50
*** Surbiks has quit IRC22:53
*** lordross has quit IRC22:53
*** lordross has joined #harmattan22:54
*** NIN102 has quit IRC22:55
ZogG_laptoprzr, i don't like samsung anyway23:00
djszapi_rzr: that command asserts the help output23:01
rzrman man23:03
*** harbaum has quit IRC23:06
*** tbf has quit IRC23:08
*** lucido has quit IRC23:08
djszapi_I really dislike the whole patching ceremony for debian packaging23:08
djszapi_it is overly complicated.23:09
*** diverse_izzue has joined #harmattan23:09
rashm2kin a c++ switch statement can i have case( xxxx || xxxx || xxxx)?????23:09
djszapi_that does not make too much sense23:10
djszapi_you know?23:10
djszapi_you can, but really makes no sense23:11
djszapi_people usually leave the break; out and they chain the cases on separate lines23:11
djszapi_although certain code analyzers will assert.23:11
piggzrashm2k: you can, but you write;23:12
piggzcase 1:23:12
piggzcase 2:23:12
piggzcase 3:23:12
rashm2kI'll still need another case statement inside so I don't think it's worth it23:13
rashm2kit was more to reduce code duplication23:13
djszapi_also, you can really test such simple things23:13
djszapi_when I say, you can, it means you can chain them in your mind23:13
djszapi_and write the final calculation after the case state23:13
djszapi_but that does not make too much sense due to its implicit meaning23:14
ZogG_laptoprashm2k, what you need it for?23:14
ZogG_laptopit's hard to say what to use whiout whole picture23:14
rashm2ka few functions all check if something is null before they can proceed23:15
rashm2kmeant a few case statements all check if something is null23:15
rashm2kif the top level root element is null23:16
rashm2kif not they can proceed23:16
rashm2kthus i have isXXXXNil in quite a few statements which I wanted to reduce23:16
djszapi_you need to have an integer for the case statement either way23:16
djszapi_you are doing it wrong23:18
djszapi_echo "int main() { int i = 0; int j = 1; int k = 2; switch (i) { case (j||0): break; default: break; } return 0;}" > main.c && gcc main.c23:19
djszapi_few seconds to write a simple test case23:20
djszapi_if you do not wish to look up the standard.23:20
djszapi_but generally speaking, you are doing it wrong.23:20
*** lucido has joined #harmattan23:21
djszapi_anybody knowing how to generate debian patches out of the box from local modification?23:24
rzrdebuild -S will generate the patch afaik23:26
djszapi_there is no debuild in scratchbox23:27
rzrapt-get install devscripts23:28
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan23:31
*** iDont has quit IRC23:31
*** thetet has joined #harmattan23:32
* djszapi_ hates the debian packaging when it comes to patching23:37
djszapi_I have spent one hour with a one liner patch, and still no clue23:38
djszapi_this is utterly suboptimal for each packager needing any patching.23:38
rzri dont see the problem23:39
djszapi_then why don't you help?23:39
rzris your tree in scm /23:39
djszapi_like I said many times: No.23:39
djszapi_debian packaging has really nothing to do with vcs.23:39
djszapi_orange and apple.23:40
rzrshow the sources :)23:40
djszapi_it does not really matter23:41
djszapi_it is not about the sources23:41
djszapi_it is about the patching procedure23:41
djszapi_finally, I figured out the cumbersome process, so sharing for future reference:23:42
djszapi_quilt new myPatch.diff23:42
djszapi_quilt add foobar23:42
djszapi_quilt refresh23:42
djszapi_quilt pop -a23:42
djszapi_mv ./patches ./debian/23:42
djszapi_6 steps at least.23:42
rzru're rinventing the wheel23:43
djszapi_instead of ideally two: 1) edit 2) run helper23:43
djszapi_no, that is what the official debian page writes23:43
Corsacthe last step could be switch to export QUILT_PATCHES=debian/patches first :)23:43
djszapi_yes, but you do not spare any steps with that23:43
rzrone thing to know also is to rm -rf .pc when you're lost23:43
djszapi_with my idea, you do.23:43
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC23:44
Corsacbut you could just edit your sources in place and let the diff in .diff.gz23:44
djszapi_with my idea, you would spare 4 steps.23:44
djszapi_out of the 6.23:44
rzrCorsac, he is using format 3.023:44
djszapi_indeed, .diff.gz is history.23:44
Corsacoh, then fine, just put the patch in debian/patches and series, and you're done23:44
djszapi_It is not fine at all to run 6 steps instead of two.23:45
rzrare you using iodine ?23:45
djszapi_or one instead 5.23:45
djszapi_if I separate the editing.23:45
Corsacwell, then do like you want23:45
djszapi_it is quite unfine.23:45
djszapi_I really do not believe the debian packagers followed that cumbersome procedure without making any no brainer helper.23:47
djszapi_if they had done, they are quite inefficient.23:47
djszapi_and to be honest23:48
Corsacthat's because we are disturbed by random trolls on random irc channels :)23:48
rzrthat's because we are random23:48
djszapi_I recall some issues in the past in scratchbox when I modified the unpacked source, and the dpkg-buildpackage output was asserting me to run something like dpkg-source --commit23:48
djszapi_and that simply managed everything23:49
DocScrutinizer51/join #random23:49
djszapi_this is the very first step I would do, to automate the process.23:50
djszapi_when facing such issues23:50
* rzr is a fan of git-buildpackage23:50
djszapi_no way, each packager needs to recall 6 steps instead of two, making patches which are quite often the case.23:50
Corsacyeah, but as we are super-heros, we are able to recall 6 steps and not just 2!23:51
djszapi_ah yes, certainly, I enjoyed spending more than an hour with it.23:51
Corsacthat's because you're not one23:51
djszapi_I would not have enjoyed to talk to my mother on the phone instead.23:51
* DocScrutinizer51 usually just recalls he made a bashscript for it, but not the name of it23:51
djszapi_dpkg should not be silly23:52
djszapi_if the source is modified, it should automatically run a patch generation, done.23:53
djszapi_with a dedicated binary, but maximum an option for that.23:53
djszapi_it is not quite a rocket science to realize.23:53
* DocScrutinizer51 thought make been made for that?23:54
* djszapi_ is blogging about this silly situation23:54
*** lizardo has quit IRC23:58

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