IRC log of #harmattan for Tuesday, 2012-08-28

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jesuschrist_ok for your knowledge00:04
jesuschrist_seems like pptp wont work unless module is loaded00:04
DavidTalmageI asked about headers for libnfnetlink.  I found them in
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jesuschrist_imma build the modules tomorrow00:12
jesuschrist_where to find the 1.3 kernel source ?00:12
SpeedEvilbuilding it may be fun though00:12
bef0rdyou wont be able to load it on stock kernel anyway afaik00:12
jesuschrist_bef0rd : how so ?00:12
jesuschrist_didnt they do that for the "optimizer"00:13
jesuschrist_of creamy goddess ?00:13
jesuschrist_obviously you would need inception and stuff, but no kernel change00:13
bef0rdmm right but I read something from jonni about it, he knows more :p00:13
jesuschrist_jonni : if you come back, could you point out the 1.3 kernel source code pl0x00:14
jesuschrist_ill just build the ones they used on maemo, hopefully it will be enough00:14
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jesuschrist_oh thanks :p00:17
jesuschrist_seems the one00:19
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piggzcan i interest anyone in alpha testing my coding competition game?00:21
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ZogG_laptopbeford: so what's the plans?01:05
befordsell it for a thrilion of dollars01:08
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ZogG_laptopi have 3.2012.02-602:27
ZogG_laptopbeta pr.1202:27
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jesuschrist_i made the modules for pptp03:26
jesuschrist_need help incepting them03:26
infobotn950-firmware is probably The latest OneClickFlasher for the Nokia N950 is available from
befordit's forme03:31
jesuschrist_soon my darling, you will have pptp03:32
befordwhat? I mean, I needed the OCF link :P03:33
ZogG_laptopbeford: you like to click yourself do you?03:35
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ZogG_laptopdamn bended sim tray03:41
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befordouch, on n9 ZogG_laptop?03:45
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ZogG_laptopyeap, n950 doesn't have one03:50
ZogG_laptopstraighted it but it's little bit bend still and if i bend back more it will break it03:50
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jktany idea where one can find libqtcore4-dbg 4.7.4~git20120112-0maemo1+0m7 ?04:08
jkt contains only the m6, but my N950 with PR1.2 unfortunately has m7 versions of the Qt packages04:08
djszapi_jkt: if apt-get source does not help either, I am afraid, that is tough luck.04:19
jktdjszapi_: how do I enable a source repository?04:21
djszapi_jkt: the same as non-source04:24
djszapi_but you use dpkg-source04:24
ZogG_laptopwouldn't add whole repo, if it's not a lot of deps you need from there, just try to get dep and install it manually04:25
jktwell, I'm not exactly familiar with deb's package management; it's just that I'm looking for "fresh enough" debug packages for Qt on N95004:26
djszapi_well, you need to learn deb package management on Harmattan for deb package management related issues.04:27
ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: captain?04:27
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jktdjszapi_: could you tell me what version of libqtcore4-dbg and libqtcore4 you have on your N950?04:31
djszapi_jkt: I do not have my N950 with me here. It is in Finland, unfortunately.04:32
ZogG_laptopnot sure if he has n95004:32
jktdjszapi_: somehow I assumed you have one of N9/N950.04:34
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djszapi_I do own, but the N950 is not with me in this country.04:35
djszapi_it is about 3200-3300 kms away now :-004:37
ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: be more exact with kms :p04:39
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befordwhere are you now djszapi_?04:51
djszapi_beford: still in Ireland.04:52
jktso because the phone comes with a newer Qt than the version I have debug symbols for, I'm trying to force it to run against older Qt04:56
jktI've downloaded the .debs from harmattan-dev, extracted their .so into /home/developer/, but it seems like specifying LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. has no effect on that application04:57
jktwhat am I doing wrong?04:57
jktI'm abit confused as simply calling `ldd /path/to/my/executable` doesn't show anything04:58
jktthat's very different from how my desktop works04:58
djszapi_LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. -> you dropped the system libs with that step04:58
djszapi_this is most likely not what you want.04:58
jktdjszapi_: that's not how it works on desktop. By default, that env var is not even set, and if set, it will not cause the linker to skip the /usr/lib and similar directories05:00
jktis harmattan different?05:00
djszapi_it will not skip, just not prioritize system-wide.05:06
djszapi_which is again, not what you want most likely.05:06
djszapi_you wanna export that variable only for that process.05:06
jktwhich is what I've done05:07
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jktcalling it through `LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/developer DISPLAY=:0 gdb trojita-tp` from a prompt I got after I ssh-ed into developer@n95005:08
jktdjszapi_: where do I learn about the source repositories for deb on harmattan? I assume that various generic, Debian-based instructions cannot really work in this case05:08
djszapi_it is exactly the same as Debian-based instructions.05:10
djszapi_not quite a rocket science :)05:10
djszapi_it is just that you add them as you add binary repositories, except that s/dpkg/dpkg-source/05:10
jktdjszapi_: you mean just "deb-src" instead of "deb" in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/something?05:11
djszapi_either way, you may reall not wanna have different debug versions than release.05:12
jktdjszapi_: because when I started with /etc/apt/sources.list.d/aegis.ssu-keyring-dadd.list, it doesn't make any effect afaik05:12
djszapi_that may just be the issue of serious and very time consuming issues.05:12
jktthat was the very first question I asked -- where do I get the *fresh* debug package05:12
djszapi_you got the very first answer for that which is still the same.05:13
jktI really wonder whether I'm overly sensitive at 4am, or whether you're just playing a smartass :)05:14
djszapi_good night05:16
ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: sometimes if you don't really want to help, just don't answer :P05:16
ZogG_laptopnight everyone05:16
djszapi_rZr: I will probably not use cobs tonight after all.05:18
djszapi_the patch is still pending on gerrit for Qt5 that I would need.05:18
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mf2hdso, any1 porting owncloud sync service to n9?10:11
mf2hdi was going to try it my self, but i lack time... :(10:13
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djszapi_mf2hd: that would be great10:13
djszapi_Frank's project is impressive! :)10:13
mf2hdi like it too, it would be great that i could stop syncing my phonenumbers to my employer, start syncin my photos to my own owncloud, etc etc etc10:16
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djszapi_rZr: could you please disable the gtk build for now in the community repository?11:10
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Elleodoes anyone have any idea why textboxes in a qgraphicswebview need to be clicked twice to bring up the keyboard?11:17
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chem|stElleo: sometimes it takes a while... probably the time you consider to be being tapped twice11:28
chem|stif it doesn't do anything and does not highlight I tap again...11:28
Elleochem|st: no, it's not a matter of timing; you have to click twice every time, regardless of the time between taps11:28
Elleoand it's confusing some of the users of my app in to thinking they can't get the keyboard up (because they only press once)11:29
chem|stElleo: yes what I noticed it that some websites need one tap to get you there and another to open the vkb but that is depending on the website so it might be not only depending on your device's browser11:29
Elleochem|st: this isn't the device browser, this is a custom app using a qgraphicswebview directly; visiting the same page in grob it comes up on the first click11:32
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chem|stElleo: ouch12:17
Elleoyeah :/12:20
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rigokhertan: thanks for the update :)12:31
khertanrigo, which one ?12:31
djszapiI wonder if anybody is using scratchbox directly on arch.12:31
* rigo not12:32
khertanrigo, np your welcome12:32
khertani 'm happy that there is at least one user :)12:32
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nwokihi guys, i was looking for a way to acctivate the n9's back led but can't seem to find anything useful (apart from fcam, but it's a mess)12:59
nwokiany ideas on how to activate ONLY the led for a specific number of milisecs?12:59
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djszapirzr: ahh, build failure.12:59
djszapiI can only fix this tonight since I do not have scratchbox access in here. :/13:00
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djszapinwoki: I do not know, but have you tried the linux kernel interface?13:01
djszapi-> /sys/devices/platform/i2c_omap.2/i2c-2/2-0032/leds/13:01
djszapiunfortunately, I do not have the opportunity to test myself, but I would take a look.13:02
nwokidjszapi: the led i'm talking about is the camera led. Isn't it supposed to be under QCamera or something like that?13:02
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djszapiI would expect permission issues, but someone was mentioning it works for the front led.13:02
nwokithe flash of the camera13:02
nwoki(nokia n9)13:02
djszapinwoki: cannot you use milisecs accurate timer for that after the start?13:11
jussiarent there flashlight apps that you can copy?13:13
djszapiyou also need to request the credentials most likely, if they are not automatically detected.13:14
djszapijussi: when I tried to check few of those, they were unfortunately closed.13:14
djszapihopefully, the situation has changed since then.13:15
nwokijussi: djszapi no flashlight apps found that are open13:15
nwokigot any links?13:15
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paquestion: does anybody here create test programs for the various components of an app? and if so, how? separate pro file for each test program?13:19
djszapipa: it is called TDD or BDD13:23
djszapinad it usually means unit tests.13:23
djszapinwoki: I am afraid, I cannot. :/13:24
nwokidjszapi: thanks anyway13:24
MohammadAGI hate MTF's fast scroll13:24
payes that, unit testing13:25
pahow do i do that on a qt project?13:25
djszapipa: check the repository please for my kde games in Ovi.13:25
djszapioopsie, that is actually a wrong example... :P13:25
payes an example would be great13:25
djszapiI have only cmake examples.13:25
djszapibut you can always take a look at the Qt codebase how the test framework is built up.13:26
djszapiwith qmake.13:26
djszapithis is how I and my students have done in this project.13:26
pathanks i check it out13:26
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djszapihere you can find my test macros that I prefer to use throughout the codebase.13:27
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rZrhi e-yes , how is  gps support ?14:20
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e-yesrZr, nokia opened their proprietary protocol already?14:22
*** mschlens has joined #harmattan14:22
rZrnot i am aware off14:22
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padjszapiN9, so for the moment i made my poor man unit testing not to mess up with the project.. essentially another project from where i import the sources of my app i want to test. Yes, it is ugly..14:46
pait seems to work tho14:46
ZogG_laptopn9appscom: all of the sudden the app worked (breeze)14:46
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n9appscomZogG_laptop: great :)14:47
ZogG_laptopn9appscom: yeap :P14:47
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rZre-yes, let add u to +harmattan team14:49
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djszapipa: is your application publicly available?14:50
ZogG_laptopdjszapi: meeTrainer? it's in ovi.14:51
n9appscomZogG_laptop: Did you do anything specific? Restarted phone? Or it just suddenly worked when you press 'install on phone'?14:52
ZogG_laptopsuddenly worked14:52
djszapipa: perhaps you could host the code in the harmattan group on gitorious, if you already host the code there?14:52
djszapiunsure, if you do that already. :)14:52
djszapiit would be nice to collect the Harmattan projects under this umbrella, so easier to find.14:53
ZogG_laptopdjszapi: he chosed dark side with closed source14:53
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n9appscomok, I'm trying to figure out why it doesn't work for everyone.. I don't have much clues14:53
ZogG_laptopdjszapi: there is github group btw14:53
n9appscomMaybe threre's something fishy in the notification system itself...14:53
rZrpa, hi what is your gitorious id ?14:53
*** denism has joined #harmattan14:53
ZogG_laptopn9appscom: maybe add more debuging there to syslog or something?14:53
rZranyone tell me your id for :
n9appscomyep, I might add in more debugging14:54
lucidohello, how can I add this repo to my n9? harmattan/sdk/free Packages14:55
djszapilucido: it is on the landing page14:55
djszapisee the topic14:55
djszapideb harmattan/sdk free non-free14:55
lucidodjszapi, whats the landing page? which .list file should I put it in?14:57
djszapilucido: the landing page is the entry point for all the wikis.14:58
djszapisee the bottom of the page: /etc/apt/sources.list.d/nicks.list14:58
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lucidodjszapi, no such file on my system15:02
parZr, djszapi, no im not on gitorius15:03
pai use my own git/svn servers at home15:03
paand i have everything set up15:03
paso im too lazy to move to gitorius15:03
lucidogit remote push15:04
* rZr Any developer for #MeeGo can relocate orphaned projects to +#HarmattaN gitorious collab team , tell git id 15:04
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lucidowhat wiki is djsazapi talking about?15:05
*** suy has quit IRC15:05
rZrlucido, meego.com15:06
ZogG_laptoplucido: on maemo.org15:07
infobotThe webos-internals source code repositories are hosted at and
ZogG_laptop~wiki maemo15:08
infobotAt (URL), Wikipedia explains: "{{Use dmy dates|date=July 2012}} {{Infobox OS | name = Maemo | logo = | screenshot = | caption = Screenshot of Maemo 5 | website = [] | developer = Nokia and Maemo Community | family = Linux | source_model = Largely open source with mandatory proprietary components | latest_release_version = 5.0 PR 1.3.1 | latest_release_date = {{Start date and ...15:08
lucidoI is confuse15:09
lucidowhere should I put this line: deb harmattan/sdk free non-free ?15:11
lucido/etc/apt/sources.list.d/harmattan-dev.list ?15:12
lucidolibboost1.42-dev: Depends: libstdc++6-4.4-dev but it is not going to be installed15:15
ZogG_laptoplucido: what are you trying to do?15:16
lucidoinstall boost15:16
ZogG_laptopi mean in general?15:16
lucidoinstall armadillo15:16
lucidolinear algebra lib15:16
ZogG_laptopArmadillo: C++ linear algebra library15:17
ZogG_laptopyeah i see15:17
lucidowel I dont really want to install armadillo, I can statically link it, but boost is too big for that15:22
TheBootroois there a way to use QTM Publish&Subscribe to get missed calls count, instead of using MeeGo API C++ ?15:22
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faenilis there anyway to check if qml's destroy() has been successful?15:23
djszapilucido: create it obviously.15:23
djszapias mentioned at the bottom of the page.15:24
djszapifaenil: use case?15:24
lucidodjszapi, what page exactly?15:24
faenildjszapi, I'm changing filters of
faenilbut I have to do it dynamically, so I build the filter with createQmlObject using a parametric string15:25
faeniland do filter = dynamicallyCreatedFilter15:25
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djszapilucido: landing page15:25
faenilwhen I change that filter, I have to destroy the filter I have previously created15:25
lucidodjszapi, landing page of what wiki?15:25
faenilso, when I change the filter, I call destroy() on the current filter, then assign the freshly created filter15:25
djszapi12:55 < djszapi> see the topic15:26
faenilbut that doesn't work15:26
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faenilit seems the new filter is never assigned (onFilterChanged isn't called) after I destroy() the previous one15:27
faenilthe only way to make it work is to15:27
faenilvar oldFilter = gallery.filter; gallery.filter = newDynamicallyCreatedFilter(); oldFilter.destroy()15:27
faenilbut it sounds a bit fishy15:27
faenildjszapi, there you have it ^ :D15:28
faenilif anyone else has an idea, feel free to write :)15:29
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djszapifaenil: busy, sorry15:30
djszapiwill get back to you later :)15:30
faenilok ;)15:30
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ZogG_laptopfaenil: have you seen tilf filter for gallery on n9?15:40
susundbergwhat is that commercial non-nokia platform for closed-source programs?15:45
*** niqt has quit IRC15:46
faenilmakes a picture look like a minature? XD15:46
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susundbergi mean: why not the nokia apps or the apps for meego (if doing open source)15:47
susundbergappgs for meego is giving me 502 - bad gateway now :/15:48
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*** Sazpaimon_ has quit IRC15:55
*** Sazpaimon_ has joined #harmattan15:55
*** Sazpaimon_ is now known as Sazpaimon15:55
rZrMohammadAG: hi whats your g id ?15:57
rZrkhertan: same15:57
rZritsnotabigtruck: same15:57
lizardodoes anyone have the kernel source tarballs for 2.6.32-20121301+0m8 ?15:58
*** MikaT has quit IRC15:58
ZogG_laptoplizardo: for harmattan?16:00
lizardoZogG_laptop: yep, found it in :
*** MikaT has joined #harmattan16:00
*** Rantwolf_ has quit IRC16:00
ZogG_laptoplizardo: what ya wanna do with it if it's not a big secret?16:00
*** arcean has joined #harmattan16:00
lizardolooks like was not updated in a long time, so I had to look for the open source ISO dumps people request from nokia16:00
*** Rantwolf has joined #harmattan16:01
Corsacor you could have requested it yourself ;p16:01
ZogG_laptopCorsac: what's the point?16:01
lizardoZogG_laptop: I work on bluetooth stuff, and I need to update my backport for bluetooth modules :)16:02
ZogG_laptopas someone get it it's online16:02
CorsacZogG_laptop: resilience!16:02
Corsacor at least redundancy16:02
Corsacif my server goes down, what happens!16:02
ZogG_laptopCorsac: there are few copies online actually16:02
lizardoCorsac: not worthy :) besides , I'm happy people share this on a public URL, so I can refer to it from build instructions etc. (although I would prefer that was updated)16:03
lizardoCorsac: anyway, I really appreciate you are sharing these on your server :)16:03
lizardoZogG_laptop: google only found the extracted files in Corsac's server, do you know of any other places ?16:05
ZogG_laptopdoc has iso itself16:05
*** xarcass has quit IRC16:06
ZogG_laptopand i don't remember who has packages built or something like that as well16:06
ZogG_laptopDoc knows16:06
*** arcean_ has joined #harmattan16:07
*** niqt has quit IRC16:08
*** arcean has quit IRC16:11
*** Surbiks has quit IRC16:15
*** Surbiks has joined #harmattan16:16
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan16:17
*** tom___ has joined #harmattan16:23
*** IcanCU has quit IRC16:23
*** Surbiks has quit IRC16:25
ZogG_laptopfaenil: tell bbdevs i'm willing to port my app for dev device :P16:30
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan16:31
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan16:31
ElleoZogG_laptop: heh, basically seem to work in exchange for random bit of hardware now too ;)16:32
ElleoI basically*16:32
ZogG_laptopElleo: it would be hard to try to dev and port something if you don't have device16:33
faenilZogG_laptop, man I was fainting...receive a call from Canada, I was upset...16:33
faenilit's not like I speak english on a daily basis16:33
faeniland it's yet more difficult via phone16:33
ElleoZogG_laptop: yeah :/ I've been trying to port firestarter to symbian, but it's a pain without a phone16:33
Elleobeen using Nokia/Digia's remote device access system, but that's very flakey16:34
ZogG_laptopfaenil: i speak terrible on phone when it's official call, english or hebrew(hebrew is daily use as i live in israel, but it's not native)16:34
*** djszapi has left #harmattan16:34
*** beford has joined #harmattan16:38
Sazpaimonrawcam is pretty awesome16:47
ZogG_laptopbtw dev disappeare16:48
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan16:49
djszapijonni: you were using the scratchbox inside squeeze?16:49
*** danielcbit has joined #harmattan16:50
jonnidjszapi: yes Im currently using 11.1016:51
djszapiI have been using lenny at home.16:52
djszapiwas wondering, if I should set up lenny at the company or squeeze16:53
djszapithe best would be of course, if it works on arch, but I presume nobody went down that way here.16:53
*** tom___ has quit IRC16:53
*** Rantwolf has quit IRC16:58
*** Rantwolf has joined #harmattan16:58
ZogG_laptopdjszapi: i don't understand why people over rate arch so much16:59
paarch linux?16:59
padunno :)16:59
befordarch <316:59
* ZogG_laptop ♥ funtoo17:00
pabut i will never use debian again, after having used sid for 5 years, and breaking the system at every upgrade17:00
*** mschlens has quit IRC17:00
pait was so terrible.. upgrade, and then fix the n-packages that stopped working..17:00
chem|stpa: you sound quiet idiotic...17:01
pachem|st, i probably am :)17:01
pabut debian sid was terrible17:01
chem|stusing "unstable" and complaining about breaking your system every upgrade...17:01
*** mschlens has joined #harmattan17:02
chem|stpa: use testing and you do not have that problem17:02
pachem|st, what should i use then? testing? with software 2 years old?17:02
befordyou should use arch17:02
chem|st??? stable is software 2 years old17:02
ZogG_laptopuse funtoo17:02
panow i am on ubuntu and happy17:02
ZogG_laptopcurrent is stable and current17:02
*** e-yes has quit IRC17:02
pano system breaking, and updated software17:02
chem|stZogG_laptop: depends...17:02
ZogG_laptopubuntu, right. and you reinstall every update17:02
*** vladest_ has quit IRC17:02
ZogG_laptopchem|st: talking about funtoo/gentoo17:03
djszapipa: install Harmattan on your desktop.17:03
paZogG_laptop, well, normally you can do one distribution upgrade with only minor problems :)17:03
pasure i dont advice to upgrade all the way17:04
KozziElleo, does firestarter support local prc/mobi files ? possible for total offline solution ?17:04
chem|stdebian testing has the sweetness of not having a distribution upgrade ever...17:04
chem|stbut having debian17:05
ElleoKozzi: nope, it's based around the amazon cloud reader; the next version of it can be used completely offline (except for needing to be online to download books in the first place) though17:05
pachem|st, and by the way, testing was terrible too. yes no broken dependencies, but most of the times the packages were just packaged correctly. meaning that if the software had a bug, you would wait years until the next version with the bug fixed would be in testing17:05
ElleoKozzi: I'd suggest fbreader for just general non-DRM'd mobi files17:05
chem|stpa: if you aren't happy with breaking your system from time to time you should use windows... that breaks itself from time to time...17:06
Elleoand there are some handy calibre plugins for removing DRM from encumbered ones too17:06
ZogG_laptoppa: funtoo/gentoo doesn't have releases :)17:06
pachem|st, im happy with ubuntu for now17:06
ZogG_laptopit's rolling one :P17:06
KozziElleo, yeah I'm using fbreader but the file manager isn't really reliable, sometimes show the folder I want sometimes it doesn't17:06
chem|stpa: you will do good with ubuntu then17:06
paZogG_laptop, gentoo is being masochistic too, but in a different way :)17:07
ZogG_laptoppa: why so?17:07
ElleoKozzi: yeah, I might see about making some patches to the meego fbreader port at some point, been meaning to fix some of its little quirks for a while17:07
paand also you probably dont pay electricity yourself ;)17:07
Elleoit hasn't had any upstream love for nearly a year now17:07
ZogG_laptoppeople have it on routers and n900 and other embedded17:07
KozziElleo, Great, I have been emailing fbreader's developers about some of the problems but to replies. IMo the most ennoying is still the inability to hide statusbar to prevent burn-in17:09
ZogG_laptoppa: i pay electricity and rent by myself for a long time now. actually we split with roomate.17:10
Kozzibtw, If I decide to make a theme myself and apply it using Theme Settings, when things goes wrong and I end up in a boot-loop, will I be able to somehow revert to Blanco without flashing the device ?17:10
ZogG_laptopKozzi: not sure, but better to backup17:12
*** suy has quit IRC17:12
ElleoKozzi: yeah, I much prefer not being constantly reminded of how far I am in a book17:13
Elleothe last time I hacked on fbreader was for the openmoko port back in 2009 so it may take me a little while to get back up to speed on it though17:13
Elleoso don't expect anything too soon (especially since I'm pretty short on free time until October)17:13
Kozziyeah, reinstalling everything after flashing kind of suck17:13
ZogG_laptopjonni: btw what about your backup app?17:14
KozziElleo, no hurry with fbreader. Kindle 3 is working fine wit Duokan17:15
Kozzifbreader just mostly because there is no other way of reading prc on N917:16
Kozzijust noticed that works great with N9 now, with image uploading and gallery17:17
ZogG_laptopKozzi: ?17:17
jonniZogG_laptop: works quite nicely, just tested it a week ago, when one of my friend wanted to backup his old N9 and transfer backup to new N9 and restored the data in there successfully. I just don't know if I have time to make nice package out of it.17:17
*** rigo has quit IRC17:17
ZogG_laptopKozzi: it didn't wrok before?17:17
Kozziit didn't work before, not able to select pictures from the phone's memory17:17
ZogG_laptopjonni: i really hope u'll find time :P17:17
ZogG_laptopKozzi: hmmm. you mean imgrup app right?17:18
KozziZogG_laptop: the website :)17:18
ZogG_laptopi thought u was talking about my app :P17:18
KozziZogG_laptop: still can't view some gifs in the app, mostly static and then some do work17:18
ZogG_laptopgif in gallery or on phone?17:19
Kozziin imgur gallery using the app17:19
ZogG_laptopi think i fixed gif thing17:20
ZogG_laptopit was qml component problem17:20
*** djszapi has left #harmattan17:20
Kozziyeah, after that it worked with some but not all gifs, dunno why17:20
ZogG_laptopit would be nice if you can send me broken urls17:21
Kozzido you have link to download the app ? a4m doesnt work17:22
Kozzinvm found in the store17:23
ZogG_laptopit's same version17:24
ZogG_laptopand apps4meego works via web17:24
*** rnovacek has quit IRC17:25
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan17:28
Kozziok, there must be some black magic here. I'm so sure that this morning before finding out uploading works, I tried the app and some of gifs didn't work17:28
Kozzinot they all work :|17:28
Kozzi*not = now17:28
ZogG_laptopKozzi: i fixed it on one of the releases17:29
ladogachem|st: true about testing, also it's nice as you can mix it with packages from unstable when necessary17:29
ZogG_laptopKozzi: btw voting for QA on apps4meego would be nice :P17:30
Kozziyeah I remember, I tested with spiderman gif and it worked then... until this morning17:30
ZogG_laptopKozzi: no idea17:30
Kozzithere is few apps I would like to vote in apps4m but not able to login17:30
Kozziwill wait till then :)17:31
ZogG_laptopKozzi: u can do it via web17:31
djszapirZr: I need an url ending with .deb...17:31
djszapi -> Just like this, but for the sgx dev package.17:32
Kozzi 502 Bad Gateway17:32
ZogG_laptopX-Fade: piiiing :) ^17:34
rZrdjszapi: hold on17:34
rZris that what u want ?17:37
rZrdjszapi: !17:37
djszapirZr: yes, thank you.17:37
rZrdjszapi: now time to remove automoc !17:45
djszapirZr: k17:46
djszapirZr: do you have scratchbox around?17:48
djszapior anybody else?17:49
rZri have17:49
djszapiI would need the output of this: "dpkg -S ${which arm-linux-gnueabi-ar}"17:50
djszapiit is probably some build essential, like binutils.17:50
*** DocScrutinizer05 has joined #harmattan17:50
djszapiI should really get scratchbox up and running and my workplace, but I do not unfortunately have time at the moment for that. :/17:50
rZr[sbox-HARMATTAN_ARMEL: ~] > dpkg -S $(which arm-linux-gnueabi-ar)17:51
rZrdpkg: /scratchbox/compilers/bin/arm-linux-gnueabi-ar not found.17:51
rZrmine is fucked17:51
djszapisame on c-obs17:51
djszapinot the same in my scratchbox though17:51
*** thetet has joined #harmattan17:51
djszapimake[4]: arm-linux-gnueabi-ar: Command not found17:51
djszapijonni: clue? ^17:52
djszapiI had no such issues while building Qt5 locally.17:52
djszapiI presume it is either a missing dependency or wrong c-obs setup with the toolchain.17:52
djszapidepends on that if this comes from out- or inside.17:52
djszapitoo bad I cannot simply check this now :/17:53
*** thetet has quit IRC17:53
*** DocScrutinizer06 has quit IRC17:53
* djszapi is debootstrapping squeeze...17:54
*** thetet has joined #harmattan17:54
chem|stladoga: exactly!17:55
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC17:57
djszapirZr: can you supply me with a squeeze url for this debootstrap procedure?
djszapiperhaps debootstrap squeeze just works17:59
rZrdjszapi: what is the question ?18:00
* djszapi is trying debootstrap squeeze /media/devel/debian-chroot/
rZron which arch ?18:01
rZrtime sudo debootstrap --arch=$ARCH $DISTRO rootfs-$DISTRO-$ARCH # 2min18:02
djszapii686 to be precise.18:02
pafor backupping it would be nice to have a qml port of luckybackup :)18:06
djszapi./ admininstall18:14
djszapiHost kernel module binfmt_misc is required for the CPU transparency18:14
djszapibinfmt_misc is loaded on my arch though18:15
djszapiwhat am I doing wrong?18:15
djszapioh I know18:16
djszapiI need to mount the arch proc fs into the squeeze proc fs18:16
*** jreznik has quit IRC18:19
*** crevetor_ has joined #harmattan18:22
rZryes basic chroot18:23
djszapimerlin1991: ping18:25
djszapithe harmattan platform sdk python installer seems to be crashing:
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #harmattan18:28
djszapiI had to run it as a user18:29
*** Venemo_N9 has joined #harmattan18:34
*** mschlens has quit IRC18:34
*** mschlens has joined #harmattan18:36
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC18:38
*** vladest has joined #harmattan18:39
djszapijonni: do you have an idea for this?
*** niqt has joined #harmattan18:42
djszapirZr: what does your /etc/apt/sources.list contain?18:42
Sazpaimoncleaning out the N9's speaker holes is probably the most annoying task ever18:43
*** TheBootroo has quit IRC18:45
*** pinheiro has quit IRC18:45
*** pinheiro has joined #harmattan18:46
faenilSazpaimon, vacuum isn't enough? :D18:48
Sazpaimonevidently not18:48
djszapianybody who can give the scratchbox content in the sources.list file?18:48
Sazpaimoni had to use sticky tape to get out some bits18:48
djszapiideally for squeeze.18:49
rZrdjszapi: on harmattan ?18:49
*** djszapiN9 has quit IRC18:49
djszapirZr: no, on Windows phone.18:49
djszapiwhat else :D18:49
rZrmy desktop18:49
*** Surbiks has joined #harmattan18:49
djszapiI really do not see scratchbox url there...18:50
djszapiputting into the sources.list...18:50
rZrok my sb install then ?18:50
rZri have the std ones18:51
rZr[sbox-HARMATTAN_ARMEL: ~] > cat /etc/apt/sources.list18:52
rZrdeb harmattan/sdk free non-free18:52
rZrdeb-src harmattan/sdk free18:52
rZrdeb harmattan/41667a5bd857be02f487c2ce806fbf85 nokia-binaries18:52
djszapideb stable main -> this is what I had to get.18:52
*** lucido has quit IRC18:56
djszapisb-conf st HARMATTAN_ARMEL -c cs2009q3-eglibc2.10-armv7-hard -d qemu:perl:debian-squeeze:hashutils-squeeze-sdk -t qemu-arm-sb19:05
djszapisb-conf: No such compiler: cs2009q3-eglibc2.10-armv7-hard19:05
djszapiwhich compiler is used nowadays?19:05
djszapithis is from here:
*** Venemo_N9 has quit IRC19:10
*** jaywink has joined #harmattan19:13
rZrdjszapi, do you want me to tar my whole sb install ?19:15
djszapirZr: already figured out19:15
djszapibut thank you.19:15
rZryou welcome19:16
rZrdjszapi, have u visite ie ?19:16
*** lucido has joined #harmattan19:16
djszapirZr: what exactly do you mean?19:17
djszapiif I had some sightseeing over here?19:17
rZryes i plan do stay into the south/west area19:18
djszapinot really19:19
djszapirZr: are you planning to have a camping trip?19:23
rZryes if it is not raining too much19:24
*** niqt has quit IRC19:25
rZrare u living alone over there ?19:25
*** lordross has quit IRC19:26
rZrso i want to join us for weekend or so it will be cool19:26
rZranyway this is completly out of topic :)19:27
the-boss`rZr: Error: "h" is not a valid command.19:27
djszapiouch, I am running out of the space in scratchbox while unpacking the rootfs...19:27
rZr #h19:27
djszapiwhat happens if it is run out totally?19:27
djszapican I safely unpack later again from scratch with the increased available space?19:27
rZrthere is only one way to know19:28
djszapidpkg -S /scratchbox/compilers/bin/arm-linux-gnueabi-ar19:29
djszapidpkg: /scratchbox/compilers/bin/arm-linux-gnueabi-ar not found.19:29
djszapisame here.19:29
djszapiX-Fade: ping19:29
djszapilbt X-Fade: can you fix the harmattan target for c-obs?19:29
djszapiQt5 is not quite building due to that issue above ^^19:30
rZrdpkg wont find that one19:30
djszapiyes, sure.19:30
djszapihowever this is available.19:30
djszapionce the scratchbox installation is fine19:30
djszapiit should also be available on the Community OBS.19:30
djszapiwithout fixing the c-obs, qt5 will not build :(19:30
rZrbtw do u know where maemo5 obs is hosted ?19:31
djszapidpkg -S /scratchbox/compilers/bin/arm-linux-gnueabi-ar19:31
djszapiscratchbox-libs: /scratchbox/compilers/bin/arm-linux-gnueabi-ar19:31
rZrmy mistake19:32
djszapirZr: I wonder why it is not using the internal ar.19:32
rZrthe arm one ?19:33
djszapimost liekly this is due to the maemo mkspecs file in Qt.19:33
djszapiit could work with the internal ar19:33
Lava_Croftwait, Nokia DC-16 external battery is advertised as "up to 500 charges and discharges"19:33
Lava_Croftthats pretty damn shite!19:33
djszapidpkg -S /scratchbox/compilers/bin/ar19:34
djszapiscratchbox-libs: /scratchbox/compilers/bin/ar19:34
djszapiinteresting, it is from the same package.19:34
rZrfunny vid
djszapirZr: do you know if anybody fixes bugs like this in c-obs nowadays?19:35
rZrseems noone do19:36
djszapithen we will not have qt5 package apparently.19:36
rZrwhen is qt5 expected ?19:37
rZrcant we hack to make it work ?19:37
djszapigood luck19:38
djszapiI do now wish to spend too much time with packaging.19:38
djszapidpkg -S /scratchbox/compilers/bin/arm-linux-gnueabi-g++19:38
djszapiscratchbox-libs: /scratchbox/compilers/bin/arm-linux-gnueabi-g++19:38
djszapithis is coming from the same package in case of scratchbox19:38
djszapiunsure in case of c-obs.19:38
djszapiwhere that toolchain is coming from.19:38
rZri think someone said19:39
rZrit is not a customized of obs and sb19:39
rZrso setting one up should worl19:39
rZrso setting one up should work19:39
rZri can ask some one i know19:39
djszapiyeah, we should get control over our build tool.19:40
*** jaywink has quit IRC19:41
rZrisnt this job of hildonfundation ?19:42
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC19:44
*** messerting has joined #harmattan19:45
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan19:49
djszapirZr: perhaps you could grab the maintenance from X-Fade?19:52
djszapior share with him?19:52
djszapiwithout a working obs instance like the Harmattan, the life is just painful.19:52
djszapirZr: since you seem active about c-obs, you could fix caveats yourself that way.19:55
rZrwont have time19:56
rZrno inet in my tent19:56
djszapiit is ok later.19:57
Lava_Croftuse 3g! :D19:57
Lava_Croft(or 2g)19:57
rZror no-g19:58
djszapior unstable?19:58
djszapirZr: can you put the qt5 package into testing?19:58
djszapijust to see if it builds there?19:58
rZrwill it break anything ?20:00
rZrjust request the push20:00
*** tom__ has joined #harmattan20:00
djszapirZr: sorry, I do not know how to request, and I do not have time to figure out20:01
djszapijust copy, and see20:01
djszapiI do not see this would break anything20:01
djszapinothing depends on qt5 yet.20:01
rZrurl of your package plz20:01
rZr Submit package20:03
rZrthen fill : home:rzr:harmattan:instable20:03
rZrthats all20:03
rZrLava_Croft, yes the repo is getting big , i am splitting it20:04
djszapirZr: done20:04
Lava_Crofti mean, you typed instable20:04
Lava_Croftyou sure its not unstable?>20:04
djszapiLava_Croft: of course unstable20:04
djszapido not worry ;)20:04
Lava_Crofthey, you never know!20:04
rZrthen fill : home:rzr:harmattan:unstable20:04
Lava_Croftrzr isnt native english iirc?20:04
rZrLasarus, i am not even from planet earth20:04
*** piggz has joined #harmattan20:04
djszapiLava_Croft: but he has been a debian developer for a while20:04
djszapiwhere the unstable is a defacto term.20:04
djszapiin addition i is close to u on the english keyboard at least.20:05
rZrbtw unstable.eng = instable.fre20:05
Lava_Croftoh my20:05
Lava_Croftthats why i mentioned it:)20:05
Lava_Croftsorry for interrupting!20:06
rZrno problem it's good to keep the chan active20:06
rZrnot like next door #tizen :)20:06
djszapirZr: let us see if it builds there.20:06
Lava_Croftsigh, tizen20:06
djszapiif not, it is most likely a generic c-obs issue :/20:06
djszapiin which case I will go to my dark corner with my dark thoughs, and will be loudly crying :P20:07
piggzcan i interest anyone in being an alpha tester tonight?  should have a working (ish) build of my 2 player game ready shortly20:07
djszapithouhgts, even20:07
*** antero has quit IRC20:07
djszapirZr: btw, I am reporting the issue anyway20:08
djszapithey cannot say later we did not report it20:08
rZr#define they20:08
the-boss`rZr: Error: "define" is not a valid command.20:09
djszapithe current maintainers20:09
djszapiwe really need to the control over our stuff20:09
djszapiif they do not have time.20:09
djszapiit is not good for anybody.20:09
*** jreznik has joined #harmattan20:14
rZrmakes sense but most of pkgs are raw import20:14
rZrthey are sources maintainers noone complained so far20:14
djszapiaye, please guys vote for this20:17
djszapiin order to have a feedback to the maintainers how important Qt5 would be for us. :)20:17
djszapirZr: there are tons of unresolved dependencies in unstable for qt5-base.20:19
rZrdjszapi, i am building a couple of stuff to get rid of them20:19
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC20:20
djszapibut then you will end up having a lot of packages in unstable as well.20:20
rZrthey will need to be tested once before entering testing20:22
rZrbut second repo depends on testing20:23
rZrso no need to add them all20:23
djszapiI am giving up the Qt5 packaging for now.20:25
djszapiI will come back to that once again, if there are any updates about the c-obs fixes wrt that.20:26
rZrhold on it is about to start20:26
djszapirZr: you also need libpam0g-dev20:27
rZrit's in testing already20:28
djszapianyways, I am off.20:28
djszapiI will check later its build status in unstable.20:28
djszapiit would be nice to have an unstable or/and testing with much less packages.20:28
djszapithat way we could have a first iteration with less complexity.20:29
djszapiis that viable?20:29
djszapior you also need tons of packages there?20:29
rZrfor now I put all broken pkgs into unstable20:29
rZrin the hope someone fix them20:29
djszapisounds like a plan.20:29
rZrbefore importing them into :testing20:29
djszapiwe should ideally only be having working packages in stable.20:30
rZrand once tested they'll move to stable20:30
rZrthat's the idea20:30
djszapionce that is done, we could make the separation20:30
djszapiinto several smaller repositories.20:30
djszapistarting with the highest layers.20:30
rZri dont think it's a good idea to split the stable one20:30
djszapiI think it is.20:31
djszapibecause you work with less complexity20:31
rZri would prefer to follow debian workflow20:31
djszapiwhen you are updating base packages, for instance.20:31
djszapiless chance to break.20:31
djszapiless risk, which is great.20:31
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan20:31
djszapiwell, debian has 1000+ packages20:31
djszapiwe have ... 2?20:31
djszapiyou and me?20:31
rZrwe're soon to 100020:31
djszapiand I am inactive nowadays as well.20:31
djszapiso do not think we can have that complexity.20:31
djszapidebian can have.20:32
djszapisince they have tons of packagers.20:32
rZrwell i bet they wish to have more20:32
djszapithey make it more complex than could be to be nice for the end users.20:32
djszapiwe cannot unfortunately do this with proper quality.20:32
rZrdjszapi, wait
rZrwe have to wait some jobs20:33
djszapiso more repositories for the end user, but less complexity for the packagers.20:33
djszapirZr: there are still tons of unresolvable and disabled in stable.20:34
rZrstable ?20:34
rZryou mean home:rzr:harmattan20:34
djszapiyes, that is meant for being stable.20:34
rZrwell that one is having an issue20:34
rZri am trying to resolve how to rebuild gtk repo20:35
rZrit builds into home:rzr:harmattan:testing20:35
rZrwe have to import all home:rzr:harmattan into home:rzr:harmattan:testing untill it break gtk20:36
djszapiwell, drop me an email about the qt5 build once it gets there.20:36
rZrthis is a tough job20:36
djszapithat is exactly the problem with the current stable20:36
djszapithat is why I mentioned the separation20:36
djszapiyou could eliminate a lot of submodules with a modularized approach.20:36
djszapifor instance the qt and kde stacks, etc20:37
djszapiyou do not need that for gtk20:37
djszapithe life would be much simpler.20:37
djszapifor the packagers.20:37
djszapinot for the end users, of course.20:37
djszapibut we cannot please them with a goliath and qualified repository.20:37
djszapiwe would need a harmattan packager army for that.20:38
rZrwell we'll talk about that once i return home20:38
djszapiincluding proper c-obs maintenance.20:38
rZrif we setup a new obs host it would be nice to know20:39
*** elldekaa has quit IRC20:39
rZrdjszapi, bookmark
rZrand check in a few hours20:40
djszapiI will check this tomorrow.20:40
djszapiperhaps I should just make qt5-base depend on build essentials.20:41
djszapithat may grab the "ar" binary with itself explicitely.20:41
djszapilet me extract this one20:41
djszapiyep, that has an "ar" version, although not really the arm-linux-gnueabi-ar20:42
djszapiI do not honestly know how the c-obs grabs devkit tools, like this.20:43
djszapiX-Fade should document the whole procedure20:43
djszapiso we can all understand.20:44
rZri have some resources on obslite too20:44
rZrbut where to host it ?20:44
*** sahib_ has quit IRC20:45
rZri see20:45
rZrwell compare later20:46
rZrdjszapi, exif break into home:rzr:harmattan too , we need to unblock this too20:47
djszapirZr: you need to import the base-files as well into unstable, apparently.20:58
merlin1991rZr: I just noticed you added me to +harmattan on gitorious, thus I looked at the repos and noticed, that in the "meta-harmattan" repo there are all the example files in the debian/ folder20:58
merlin1991djszapi: pong, but I guess the issue is resolved?20:59
djszapimerlin1991: yeah, but thank you anyway.20:59
*** mschlens has quit IRC20:59
*** mschlens has joined #harmattan20:59
*** mounir has joined #harmattan21:06
*** mschlens_ has joined #harmattan21:06
*** elldekaa has joined #harmattan21:07
*** mschlens has quit IRC21:07
djszapirZr: please add siva886 to the harmattan group21:08
*** orfix has quit IRC21:09
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC21:10
*** n9appscom has left #harmattan21:10
*** jaywink has joined #harmattan21:11
*** mschlens has joined #harmattan21:13
*** mschlens_ has quit IRC21:14
*** rashm2k has joined #harmattan21:16
djszapirZr: perhaps it would help if we knew there are other packages using this X "ar".21:17
djszapiso that we could take a look why those work, if at all.21:17
*** rashm2k has quit IRC21:18
*** rashm2k has joined #harmattan21:18
*** crevetor_ has quit IRC21:26
djszapiyep, saw that21:26
djszapilet us check it in an hour.21:26
rZrmerlin1991, hi, yes I added you in case u want to hack our packages ... since i am going on holydays :)21:27
rZrdjszapi,  who is siva88621:27
*** aquarius_ has joined #harmattan21:27
rZrdjszapi, added
*** aquarius has quit IRC21:29
rZrdjszapi, can i del testing:qt5 into21:31
rZrdjszapi, can i del testing:qt521:31
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #harmattan21:35
*** furikku has quit IRC21:36
djszapirZr: siva886 is my friend21:38
djszapithe author of translateall and the route planner as well.21:38
*** mounir_ has joined #harmattan21:43
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC21:44
rZrmake[4]: arm-linux-gnueabi-ar: Command not found21:45
rZrcan u rm testing:qt5 ?21:45
*** mounir has quit IRC21:46
djszapi -> it is not there.21:48
*** Ssmario2 has joined #harmattan21:52
*** dymaxion has quit IRC21:52
*** mounir_ has quit IRC21:55
*** Shaan7 has quit IRC21:57
djszapirZr: history22:00
*** f15h has joined #harmattan22:00
djszapiok, I am leaving, see you.22:01
*** Shaan7 has joined #harmattan22:02
rZrdjszapi, btw just create a wrapper script in /usr/local/bin22:02
rZrthis can be done into meta-harmattan22:02
*** heymaster has quit IRC22:04
*** heymaster has joined #harmattan22:04
*** orfix has joined #harmattan22:05
*** snowpong has quit IRC22:07
*** SK_mobile has joined #harmattan22:07
jpwhitinghey all, is there a decent way to get a good looking dialog that I can add my own content to?22:07
*** mzanetti has quit IRC22:07
jpwhitingor is copying CommonDialog.qml into my project the best/most used way to do that?22:07
*** Ssmario2 has quit IRC22:08
rashm2kanybody any idea or clue why I'm getting random segfaults in function rmdir I get no stack trace22:08
rashm2kjust this line:22:09
rashm2k0x3aee6d14  <+0x0000>         ldrbr0, [r5]22:09
*** jesuschrist_ has joined #harmattan22:10
*** mzanetti has joined #harmattan22:11
*** Shaan7 has quit IRC22:11
*** Shaan7 has joined #harmattan22:12
*** tom__ has quit IRC22:13
*** sahib__ has joined #harmattan22:14
*** mzanetti has quit IRC22:16
*** mzanetti has joined #harmattan22:17
*** nwoki is now known as nwoki_off22:20
jktrashm2k: you might want to install the libc6-dbg to get proper symbols. Unfortunately, it isn't available officially anywhere22:21
*** antero has joined #harmattan22:22
rashm2kany ideas how I can get  libc6-dbg22:23
jktrashm2k:, but I've got that file from a random, untrusted source22:23
jktrashm2k: the symbols appear to match, though22:23
jktnow someone could help me find out why I get an unhandled std::bad_alloc when poping a Page which contains a QDeclarativeWebView subclass showing some Korean characters22:24
jktthat std::bad_alloc is caused by qBadAlloc, and therefore likely by Q_CHECK_PTR and not by a failed memory allocation22:25
rZrI thought Apple has patented rectangle with rounded corners, so maybe add some s&m spikes to the four corners.22:25
*** jreznik has quit IRC22:26
*** macmaN has quit IRC22:26
*** mounir has joined #harmattan22:32
*** rubdos has joined #harmattan22:32
*** aquarius_ has quit IRC22:34
*** aquarius has joined #harmattan22:34
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*** djszapi_ has joined #harmattan22:35
*** macmaN has joined #harmattan22:35
*** arcean_ has quit IRC22:35
*** arcean has joined #harmattan22:36
djszapi_jpwhiting: I believe, it depends on the content you would like to put into.22:41
djszapi_but there are no dialogs widely available as far as I know apart from the Harmattan components.22:41
jpwhitingdjszapi_: I've got a TextArea is all22:41
jpwhitingbut put it into a Dialog here, which is ok22:42
djszapi_perhaps someone made a "modern" date and time picker dialog as far as I know, out there.22:42
jpwhitingwould be nice if something nicer were out there, but this will work22:42
rZrhey djszapi could a symlink to ar  fix it all ?22:42
Elleois there something I can do to manually request the virtual keyboard?22:43
Elleoand by manually I mean programmatically22:43
djszapi_rZr: I think the best would be to package ar for now22:44
djszapi_and make qt5 depend on that.22:45
djszapi_Elleo: yep, something like requestInputPanel22:51
rZrdjszapi, custom binutils  ?22:51
djszapi_rZr: qt4 has these dependencies: Depends: libc6 (>= 2.9), libgcc1 (>= 1:4.1.1), libglib2.0-0 (>= 2.22.0), libstdc++6 (>= 4.4.0), zlib1g (>= 1:1.1.4)22:52
djszapi_I wonder, if I add those, it works.22:52
djszapi_it would work*22:52
djszapi_I would need to test.22:53
djszapi_custom binutils is dangerous22:53
Elleodjszapi_: ah, great thanks :)22:53
djszapi_it can break the system.22:53
*** jaywink has quit IRC22:53
*** Free-MG has joined #harmattan22:54
rZri am sure you have ar22:54
rZrso just create a symlink and put it in path22:54
rZron configure strep22:54
Elleodjszapi_: thanks, I was looking in the QT docs :)22:55
Elleoseems there's something similar introduced in qt5 (showInputPanel())22:55
djszapi_we do not have qt5 yet properly on Harmattan22:55
Elleoyeah, I realise22:56
Elleowhich is why I'm so glad you pointed me to the MTF version22:56
djszapi_unfortunately Qt5 is not enough itself.22:56
djszapi_we also need to port the qtquick2 components.22:56
*** Surbiks has quit IRC22:57
djszapi_rZr: I will take a look at the issue again, once I have at least read access to the Harmattan OBS instance.22:57
djszapi_if we cannot get, I would say good bye to this instance.22:57
Sazpaimongoogle's calculator/converter thing really needs to add unix time support22:58
djszapi_Elleo: you can also create a SoftwareInputPanelRequest event and put that onto the event queue.22:59
Elleodjszapi_: requestSoftwareInputPanel has solved my problem nicely, thanks :)22:59
*** macmaN has quit IRC23:00
djszapi_rZr: have you ever tried to build qt4 with c-obs?23:01
djszapi_should be the same issue for that, I would guess so.23:01
rZr<djszapi_> rZr: have you ever tried to build qt4 with c-obs?23:01
rZrbut i am sure i used ar :)23:02
djszapi_rZr: x ar?23:02
*** thetet has quit IRC23:03
rZrmost libs do that23:04
djszapi_rZr: perhaps you used binutils.23:04
djszapi_which is not the x ar version.23:04
*** machia has quit IRC23:05
rZr  CCLD   libjpeg.la23:05
rZrthis is libtool23:06
*** machia has joined #harmattan23:06
*** macmaN has joined #harmattan23:06
djszapi_rZr: it pesters me that we do not anything what is under the community repository23:06
djszapi_it is some "imported" variant of the Nokia development repository.23:07
djszapi_but I do not know what packages and which versions that means. This should be understandably documented software. It is not any better than a closed source software this way, aka. sandbox.23:07
djszapi_understanably documented.*23:08
*** antero has quit IRC23:14
*** lucido has quit IRC23:20
*** Free-MG has quit IRC23:21
*** mounir is now known as orfix23:24
*** diverse_izzue has joined #harmattan23:24
rZrdjszapi, one i will try to setup my own obs23:26
rZri know a couple of persons who can help to setup a such infrastructure23:27
djszapi_that would be great23:27
rZrwe'll talk about that the day our cobs is shut down23:27
djszapi_well, nope.23:28
djszapi_I will talk about this in few weeks, if we cannot access to the current one.23:28
djszapi_I will not wait that long, for sure.23:28
djszapi_it is just blocking the community efforts.23:28
djszapi_it needs a replacement, if cannot be fixed soon.23:28
rZr<djszapi_> I will talk about this in few weeks23:29
rZr<rZr> we'll talk about that the day our cobs is shut down23:29
rZrboth statements are not exclusive23:30
djszapi_rZr: they are unfortunately.23:30
djszapi_the c-obs is not down this year23:31
djszapi_and backed up for next year as well.23:31
djszapi_but this unfortunately does not mean, this is accessible.23:32
*** tom___ has joined #harmattan23:32
*** messerting has quit IRC23:33
*** f15h has quit IRC23:34
*** SK_mobile has quit IRC23:36
*** Beineri has quit IRC23:40
*** Beineri has joined #harmattan23:40
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan23:42
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*** Sniper_swe has joined #harmattan23:51
*** NIN101 has quit IRC23:52
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*** lizardo has quit IRC23:59
*** crevetor_ has joined #harmattan23:59

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