IRC log of #harmattan for Monday, 2012-08-27

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crevetor_ZogG_laptop: where in canada are you ?00:13
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ZogG_laptopcrevetor_: in israel :P00:14
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ZogG_laptopcrevetor_: are you from canada or france?00:15
paisrael... is that close to toronto? :D00:18
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RzRZogG_laptop, from quebec i guess01:15
ZogG_laptopalmost same way from core01:15
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RzRdjszapi, what about rpi version ?10:06
djszapi_same, broken10:08
djszapi_since the all use neon as far as I know.10:08
RzRcant it be bypassed ?10:10
djszapi_yes, I wrote in the email how.10:11
RzRthat pch10:11
RzRwhat does pch stands for ?10:12
djszapi_precompiled header10:12
RzRok thats what i said yesterday10:12
djszapi_the build will be slower in scratchbox and OBS.10:13
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djszapi_RzR: it would be nice if you could package the embedded arm version of the java interpreter provided by Oracle.10:17
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RzRdjszapi, yes it would be nice but  i wont do that until months10:20
RzRdjszapi, btw we can workaround missing packages , see meta-harmattan package10:21
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alteregolbt: ping10:51
alteregolbt: was wondering about maybe start packaging qt-creator for mer.10:52
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chem|stgood morning!11:16
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khertani ve strange problem, using an QML with a fixed height (854px) and Image.PreserveAspectCrop give me a different with than the same image in a QImage and scaledToWidth (854)12:03
khertanany advice ?12:03
faenilkhertan, if I understood correctly you should use PreserveAspectFit12:05
khertanyes indeed ... :)12:05
khertanfaenil: thx12:06
faenilnp ;)12:06
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khertanfaenil: need more coffee12:07
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ZogG_laptopis it me or client apps4meego fails login and loading?13:11
Sfiet_Konstantinnot you13:14
Sfiet_Konstantinme too13:14
ZogG_laptopX-Fade: ^13:17
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ZogG_laptopPali: ping13:27
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Arkenoiah, Nokia promised to repair (replace) my rotten screen. Hope to get 1.3 as well.14:09
ZogG_laptopArkenoi: n950?14:10
ZogG_laptopif so, no :P14:10
ZogG_laptopyou wouldn't get pr1.314:10
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ArkenoiZogG_laptop, yep14:17
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ZogG_laptopArkenoi: because you wouldn't get it, mostly it wouldn't be 1.2 :P14:18
TheBootrooZogG_laptop: really no way we get PR1.3 on N950 one day ?14:18
ZogG_laptopi think they'll send you new n950 and ask(or maybe not) the old one back14:18
ArkenoiZogG_laptop, i used to get "inofficial" firmwares before14:19
Arkenoiso why not this time?14:19
ZogG_laptopArkenoi: how did you get it?14:19
PaliZogG_laptop, pong14:19
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ArkenoiZogG_laptop, actually they told be they have a n950 with working screen for parts and asked me to bring mine to the office and they will try to assemble it14:20
ArkenoiZogG_laptop, just asked politely14:20
ArkenoiZogG_laptop, but they did not provide me a distributable image, they just flashed my phone14:20
ZogG_laptopwhy do you care about pr1.3?14:21
ZogG_laptopyou don't have n9 and you use it as main phone?14:21
ArkenoiZogG_laptop, hope some ugly bugs to get fixed14:21
jonnileaked pr1.3 is still avail in internet, but I doubt that official will be released anytime soon.14:22
Arkenoiyes, i cannot live without physical keyboard14:22
Arkenoijonni, 0 seeders for that torrent :-(14:22
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ZogG_laptopArkenoi: it is on torrents :P ?14:22
ZogG_laptopjonni: sup :)14:23
ArkenoiZogG_laptop, yes, but no seeders at the moment14:23
Arkenoiah, no!14:23
Arkenoithere are14:23
Arkenoithere weren't any last week, but looks like my unattended client downloaded the whole file during the weekend14:24
Arkenoiso i have a copy14:24
Pali2012.21-3 is pr1.3?14:28
TheBootroois it safe to flash a N950 with it ?14:28
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ArkenoiI hope so.14:29
ArkenoiIt is the "leaked" firmware.14:29
ArkenoiWell, I am going to ask for the latest "internally distributed" one and will see if it is the same.14:30
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ZogG_laptopyes leaked is 40.2012.21-314:34
ZogG_laptopand it's pr1.3 internal14:34
ZogG_laptopit is also the official pr1.3 on n9 ( just checked)14:35
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Arkenoithe problem is i am 100% sure that google sync is still unusable and 80% sure tracker is still buggy :-(14:39
ZogG_laptopyeap :P14:41
ZogG_laptopI'm so poor i opened gmail account so i can eat spam :)14:44
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lucidohello, is the boos library installed by deafult on the n9?14:48
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RzRlucido, i dont think so why ?14:49
phakolucido: no14:50
lucidomy app uses it and I dont want to statically link boost in my app because its 50mb14:50
phakolucido: also it's not available14:50
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RzRnokia provides boost14:53
RzRdo its safe to link against it14:54
phakoRzR: interesting. my device says there's no boost14:54
lucidoin fact I only need it for armadillo. Do you know any other linear algebra library that you have used on harmattan?14:59
RzRcan you help to rebuild it ?15:00
phakoRzR: hm?15:01
ZogG_laptopphako: sup man15:02
phakohi ZogG_laptop15:02
Elleo <- if anyone's interested in reading kindle stuff on the n9 :)15:06
ZogG_laptopElleo: i saw it somewhere already :P15:07
ZogG_laptopi think it was on apps4meego or ovi15:07
ElleoZogG_laptop: yeah, it's in apps for meego for people who support FOSS stuff15:07
Elleoit only just got accepted into Ovi15:07
RzRElleo, awsome as ever15:09
Elleoheh, thanks :)15:09
ZogG_laptopElleo is awesome15:10
ZogG_laptophe is robot king :P15:10
lucidoRzR, unresolvable?15:10
RzRneed to downgrade the versions15:11
RzRit will build15:11
RzRlucido, is ur app opensource ?15:11
lucidonot really15:11
RzRi could help and host it else15:11
lucidoRzR, it's just my senior project at the uni15:12
RzRask ur boss15:12
ZogG_laptopbe like a boss15:12
lucidoRzR, I guess I could open source it but it was also in the tap that app program and I don't know the terms15:13
RzRi am gone15:13
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lucidocan't install libboost with apt15:16
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ZogG_laptoplucido: what does it says?15:40
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lucidoZogG_laptop, no package of that name, I couldn't find anyhing sumilar with dpkg -l either15:45
lucidomaybe I have to include a source, but I don't think I can do that since aegis is still active on my device15:46
ZogG_laptoplucido: apt-cache search boost ?15:48
ZogG_laptoplucido: apt-get install libboost1.42-dev ?15:48
ZogG_laptopor libboost1.42-all-dev15:49
ZogG_laptopjust checked on phone it's there15:49
lucidoI'll try it in a min, updating firmware15:49
ZogG_laptoplucido: to pr1.5 ? :P15:50
phakoZogG_laptop: which repos do you have enabled? It's not there on stock PR1.3 here15:51
ZogG_laptopphako: i don't have any repos i enabled i think15:52
valdur55apt-cache policy libboost1.42-all-dev15:52
valdur55ZogG_laptop, ^15:53
ZogG_laptop500 harmattan/sdk/free Packages15:53
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Kozziphako: do you have v2.2 of PushUp ?16:03
phakoKozzi: er - what's the current version?16:04
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phakoKozzi: why do you need the old one?16:05
KozziI saw my comment in a4m for v2.2 where I stated it worked perfectly with my LG tv16:05
phakoI can build you one16:05
Kozzithe current version (3.0) doesn't accept sending video recorded by N9 to the tv16:05
phakothat's weird16:05
Kozziyup, just wonder if the problem is the TV16:06
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phakowell could be the tv doesn't like the file extension16:06
KozziLG push firmware updates quite regularly16:06
phakoah, wait16:07
Kozziok, thanks16:07
Kozzi"Format not supported"16:11
phakoKozzi: hm?16:11
phakodid you uninstall 0.3?16:11
Kozziyes I did before installing 2.216:12
phakocan you try to install using pkgmgr on console? It tells a bit more details what it doesn't like16:13
Kozzioh well using Helium works though16:14
Kozzisure, can I pm you for instructions ?16:14
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phakoKozzi: if helium works it points to the fact that your TV does not like the file extensions16:18
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lucidoZogG_laptop, just pr1.3. libboost1.42-dev isn't there. Can you add repositiories with aegis enabled?16:38
ZogG_laptopi think you can16:39
ZogG_laptopnot sure16:39
lucidoZogG_laptop, you installed inceptioni?16:42
Sfiet_Konstantinlucido: inceptioni ? Is that a type of pasta like Macaroni ? :D16:44
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lucidoSfiet_Konstantin, no, that's carpal tunnel syndrome16:44
ZogG_laptoplucido: i do have it but not related16:54
pai think carpal tunnel is caused by bloody crappy mouse design16:54
pai think most of those crappy mouses should be banned by FDA16:55
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GeneralAntillesI don't know if it's AT&T or if it's my phone, but I keep having to restart to get cellular connectivity back.19:09
SpeedEvilair plane mode on/off?19:13
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rZrX-Fade, hi19:17
rZrX-Fade, I have a question w/ nasm on obs19:17
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rZrX-Fade, only x86 is built
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parZr, does it mean no more coding competition?19:32
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faenil:O :/19:46
GeneralAntillesSpeedEvil, ah, does that work?19:47
SpeedEvilmay do.19:47
SpeedEvilit makes the modem reregister. which may be almost the same thing.19:48
SpeedEvilwfm when something odd is happening19:48
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* rZr Please upload #deb into #MeeGo #HarmattaN shared repo h:r:h:unstable / AfK during upcoming weeks !n950club20:20
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lucidoZogG_laptop, in which .list file should I put the "deb harmattan/sdk/free Packages" line?20:30
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djszapiI will fork the qt-components project.20:43
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djszapiperhaps we can use the gitorious harmattan group for that.20:43
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jesuschrist_guys im going mad trying to make colin stephane gps patch working21:24
jesuschrist_anyone succeded with it ?21:24
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ZogG_laptopCreamyG31337: \o/21:55
rZrApple is suing the family of Sir Isaac Newton. On the grounds he had no right using the apple to prove the theory of gravit #lol21:58
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djszapiN9rZr, it would be nice if I can get the bandwidth tonight for the Qt5 packaging on the COBS.22:01
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rZrdjszapiN9, i wont build anymore ok22:01
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jesuschrist_rZr : hey man22:04
ZogG_laptopbef0rd: got it?22:05
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bef0rdcan't open the dhl box22:09
bef0rdthey could have send another phone on that dhl package :p22:11
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ZogG_laptopwhy can't open?22:19
bef0rdit was hard to open22:21
bef0rdalready got the device out of it22:21
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*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #harmattan22:36
*** lucido has joined #harmattan22:39
pais there boost for harmattan?22:46
pais it in qtsdk?22:46
djszapi_apt-cache search22:47
paok :)22:47
*** Sviox has quit IRC22:48
*** lamikr has joined #harmattan22:48
ZogG_laptoppa: i wanted to ask you something and forgot22:48
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: ping22:50
*** tom___ has joined #harmattan22:58
pawell im here, if u remember..22:58
*** rubdos has quit IRC22:59
*** lucido has quit IRC23:01
djszapi_jonni: how much have you worked for Nokia?23:04
jonnidjszapi_: I started in 1997.23:05
jonniso for a while :)23:05
jonnialmost 15 years23:05
djszapi_jonni: did you manage the quit with the redundancy money?23:05
ZogG_laptopjonni: what are the plans if it's not personal23:06
*** lamikr has quit IRC23:07
jonninot announcing my plans yet in public, still 3 weeks untill my last day at nokia :)23:09
jonnibut I can say that I dont need to register to unemployment office :)23:11
pajesus christ, what is this? /home/paolo/ error: in C++98 'WorkoutRecord::m_mapCSVHandlers' must be initialized by constructor, not by '{...}'23:12
paheh.. i probably do..23:13
djszapi_isn't that clear enough?23:13
padjszapi_, does qtcreator use c¨9823:13
jonnipa: simulator is obsolete built over pre-pr1.0, use pr1.2 emulator instead :)23:13
pawell right now im trying to compile23:13
pado i have to upgrade qtcreator?23:15
paQt4.8 i need23:16
pai guess23:16
pahm.. this issue will slow me down :(23:17
pajonni, besides, trying out stuff with the emulator is even slower than trying on device ..23:23
paunless one knows how to write correct code, and correct qml UIs, emulator is  a killer23:24
*** DavidTalmage has joined #harmattan23:24
DavidTalmageWhere can I get the header files for my N9's libnfnetlink?23:25
pajonni, by the way i wanted to ask you something, once you wrote you often extract qrc resources from the binaries.. how? (if it can be revealed)23:25
*** tbf has joined #harmattan23:27
*** tbf has quit IRC23:27
*** tonyoy has joined #harmattan23:29
jonnipa: basicly I just binary patch filename which is loaded 1st, and that qml file happens to load qrc extractor plugin that I wrote. 99.9% apps have the qrc://main.qml in cleartext inside binary, and not encrypted.23:30
pai see..23:34
paso if i would like to do the same.. how could i?23:35
jonniactually maybe I should release the sources if that would be usefull for people....23:35
pawell it would be useful for me :)23:35
jesuschrist_hey jonni23:36
paby the way, i succeded to cause an internal compiler error in qtcreator, somehow :)23:36
jonnijesuschrist_: hi :)23:36
jesuschrist_did you manage to make pptp on rzr repo work ? i saw you mentioned it on talkmaemo23:36
jesuschrist_hello dude :)23:36
jonniah, personally I've just use vpnc to work, most likely against cisco backend. I've havent tested pptp that much, most likely rzr knows better about pptp.23:41
jesuschrist_does vpnc just support cisco right ?23:42
jesuschrist_the c stands for cisco ?23:42
djszapi_jonni: no23:43
djszapi_c as in client.23:43
djszapi_or console23:43
djszapi_cannot recall, but not cisco23:43
jesuschrist_so does actually vpnc support pptp too ? huh ?23:43
*** Craig_Mabbitt has joined #harmattan23:44
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC23:45
jesuschrist_djszapi_ :?23:45
*** Craig_Mabbitt has left #harmattan23:45
pajonni, yes, actually i have quite some qml cleartext to extract.. :)23:47
paand probably know the name of the main file23:48
pahow do i binary patch an exe to add a string to a qml?23:49
pai mean i guess i cant just add a line in the exe23:50
*** tonyoy has quit IRC23:53
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