IRC log of #harmattan for Saturday, 2012-08-25

n9appscomdjszapi_: have time to test the app?00:01
n9appscomor someone else?00:02
djszapi_nope, sorry00:03
djszapi_building qt5 for your guys :)00:03
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pahello n9appscom00:47
paso theres someone behind the website :)00:47
n9appscomyeah, definitely someone :)00:47
n9appscomyou have time for betatest?00:47
pacool, even syncgcontacts got into n9apps :)00:47
pawell.. i might have some time, but i lack a device .. :)00:48
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pai hope to win one with the contest, let see00:48
n9appscomIs it your app?00:48
n9appscomI just posted on TMO:
n9appscomNowadays, I put everything straight from Ovi Store to n9-apps00:49
paah cool :)00:49
n9appscomDo you have account on n9-apps? I could connect you with the dev account00:49
n9appscomBefore I waited for developers to submit apps, but that didn't happen unfortunately for most of the apps00:50
pawhat do you mean "push notifications are enabled"?00:50
n9appscomThere's that thing in settings where you can disable/enable notifications00:51
n9appscomIt's are enabled on default00:52
paah okay yes i know what you mean00:52
payour app is pretty cool actually00:53
pait was something missing00:53
paill try to find some time to try it :)00:53
Venemowhat app is that?00:55
pacheck the tmo thread00:56
paan app installer for n900:56
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n9appscomyep, it's definitely very useful00:56
n9appscomI've been using it myself for sometime00:57
payou know what would be cool00:58
paif it could also gather information about what user apps you have installed from the store by hand00:59
pa(i mean, via the store app)00:59
paor from a4m00:59
paand list them in your profile in n9apps00:59
paso that if you reflash00:59
payou could automatically reinstall everything via n9apps00:59
n9appscomyep, that might be useful if you are heavy reflasher01:00
n9appscomI haven't reflashed once :)01:01
pawell also if you would like to pass ur list to a friend01:02
paor if u get a new device01:02
pai mean, even having to do it just once can be a pain, if you have 30"apps01:02
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n9appscomWell, you can favorite apps on n9-apps so that solves most of the problem01:03
n9appscomOn user's profile, there's a list of apps you have liked or favorited01:04
paah colol01:04
pacool :)01:04
n9appscomhave you signed up yet? If you sign up, I can connect your account to your app, so you can edit it01:05
pano, but i can do01:12
djszapi_seems I forgot how to get the network work in scratchbox :)01:13
djszapi_anybody got a clue?01:13
djszapi_-> /etc/resolv.conf was already copied.01:13
pathe registration prompt is a little weird, i must admit :)01:14
n9appscomOf well, I messed it up in latest update01:15
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n9appscomDid you get through registration?01:24
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payes eventually01:44
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djszapi_which devel package installs include files defining GLchar on Harmattan?02:25
pamesa-something? no idea..02:25
djszapi_[sbox-HARMATTAN_ARMEL: ~/qt5/qtbase/qt5-base] > apt-cache search mesa02:26
djszapi_[sbox-HARMATTAN_ARMEL: ~/qt5/qtbase/qt5-base] >02:26
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pacan you ask apt to tell you which package contains GL/gl.h?02:27
pait should be defined there02:27
ieatlintso apparently harmattan violates apple patents02:29
djszapi_[sbox-HARMATTAN_ARMEL: ~/qt5/qtbase/qt5-base] > apt-cache search GL/gl.h02:29
djszapi_[sbox-HARMATTAN_ARMEL: ~/qt5/qtbase/qt5-base] >02:29
paieatlint, which ones?02:29
ieatlintas does qt02:29
djszapi_qtcore built fine02:29
djszapi_qtnetwork built fine02:29
djszapi_qtxml built fine02:29
djszapi_qtconcurrent built fine02:29
ieatlintspecifically noticed, pinch to zoom, and the "bounce back" at the end of scrolling02:29
djszapi_qttest built fine02:30
djszapi_etc from qt502:30
djszapi_I have this left-over opengl issue02:30
djszapi_and then I could integrate this stuff into c-obs02:30
pais pinch to zoom apple patent?02:30
pai see02:30
ieatlintthey just successfully sued samsung for it, and a few dozen other things02:30
pawell i wouldnt mind to have the  "spiral to zoom" that older maemos had02:30
djszapi_pa: 00:27 < pa> can you ask apt to tell you which package contains GL/gl.h? -> how?02:30
padjszapi, i think apt-file02:30
pabut i dont remember how to use it02:31
djszapi_there is no such a command02:31
ieatlintyeah, the spiral thing wasn't bad02:31
paas for the bounce, who cares02:31
ieatlintand it could still be done with one hand on the phone, instead of one to hold it and one to make the gesture with pinch to zoom02:31
paits probably better without02:31
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ieatlinti disagree, but you can disable it on flickables in qml if you desire02:32
padjszapi, on ubuntu: /usr/include/GL/gl.h mesa-common-dev02:33
paon harmattan no idea02:33
djszapi_there is no any mesa on Harmattan02:34
pahm then im not sure how to search02:35
pais there some way to say toolBar: NULL ?02:36
pahm, nevermind, it wouldnt work anyway02:36
pai wanted to declare a toolbar in my main.qml, to use in other pages. but how can i avoid letting it appear somewhere in the first page?02:37
pashowToolbar: false seems not to work02:37
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ghjgfjghjbn2i was running N9 QuickTweak on PR 1.204:50
ghjgfjghjbn2oops wrong chan04:50
djszapi_beford: hi05:17
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djszapi_ -> anybody got a clue with graphics expertise?13:01
djszapi_hmm, libgles2-sgx-img-dev does not seem to bring GLchar declaration with itself..13:18
faenildjszapi, I had the same problem with Android's NDK r6, it did not have GLChar declaration!13:19
faenilI just added it of course13:19
pabut technically shouldnt it be GLbyte?13:19
faeniltypedef GLChar char;13:20
paand GLubyte13:20
faenilshould be that13:20
djszapi_on harmattan, it should be GLbyte yes13:20
djszapi_on my desktop, there is GLchar13:20
faeniloh don't know about harmattan, sorry :)13:20
djszapi_faenil: I am uninterested in hacks :)13:20
djszapi_I am looking for a proper solution upstream13:20
djszapi_it is most likely a wrong qt ifdeffing.13:21
pano i mean, stock opengl technically does not define GLchar13:21
djszapi_pa: yes, the specification does not support13:21
djszapi_however certain implementations do support that.13:21
paah okay13:22
djszapi_and the qt header file, as far as I understand, is making branches13:22
djszapi_for various versions.13:22
djszapi_I am just clearly speculating :-)13:22
pathe simplest way would be aliasing it to GLbyte13:22
djszapi_faenil: can you reply to that thread?13:22
djszapi_for your android case?13:22
djszapi_so that others take this more important. :)13:22
djszapi_to fix upstream.13:22
faenildjszapi_, I don't know if it's already fixed in Android's NDK though, so I don't see how my experience would help :/13:24
djszapi_faenil: it is about Qt.13:24
djszapi_but if you had not had problems with Qt, then never mind.13:24
*** shanttu has joined #harmattan13:24
djszapi_pa: that header seems to be hard wired a lot to GLchar.13:25
faenilyes problems with Qt, but did not depend on Qt, it was google's fault13:25
djszapi_so it does not seem to be just fixing one or two ifdefs to me.13:25
djszapi_the weird issue is that, it works with a tarball from May.13:25
* djszapi_ is git blaming13:26
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padjszapi, so yeah, maybe you want to alias GLchar to GLbyte so that you will be spec compliant13:35
paand the code will compile everywhere13:35
*** shanttu has joined #harmattan13:36
djszapi_I do not.13:36
djszapi_I will leave the correct architectural decision to the people who know the architecture.13:36
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Lava_CroftMohammadAG: Any chance we will see some Sociality update anytime soon?13:53
Lava_CroftI need a sibling for Qneptunea13:54
MohammadAGLava_Croft: It's actually done and stable13:56
MohammadAGBut I found a way to speed up the friends list by loading 10 images at a time13:56
MohammadAGBut it fails after 20 avatars13:56
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paso samsung condemned to pay $1billion14:22
panot bad :)14:22
Lava_Croftdepends on your view of things14:22
djszapi_can anybody please install the "libgles2-dev"?14:24
djszapi_and check what files that installs?14:24
*** rmy has joined #harmattan14:25
rmyI need some very specific help related to Aegis and
rmyI've a connection problem.14:25
rmyIt's the same that described here :14:26
palet see14:26
rmyI'm not a dev, but advanced linux user. I try to find a solution to fix and solve this bug.14:26
rmyI'd like to avoid factory reset....14:27
padjszapi, no such package says apt14:27
djszapi_pa: heh14:28
djszapi_perhaps it is a left-over then on my system from Nokia times. ;014:28
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paanyway i wonder why gps consumes so much battery14:57
pashouldnt itjust receive?14:58
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #harmattan15:01
payou knwo whats missing15:03
paa toggle to set/remove the device lock to the current orientation15:03
paafaik there+s javispedro tool to lock on commandline15:03
pabut no button, right?15:04
djszapi_what was the harmattan define?15:05
djszapi_I mentioned that several times on this channel, but cannot find it now :D15:05
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djszapi_interesting that they have used that.15:08
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ZogG_laptopn9appscom: ping15:16
ZogG_laptoppa: why your terminal is still default green?15:18
rmygasp :/15:19
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ZogG_laptoprmy: ?15:24
*** mschlens has joined #harmattan15:24
rmysorry for "gasp" it was for another room. But "gasp :/" remains : I killed all my mail accounts + possibility of creating new ones....15:25
rmymy .accounts/account.db-wal has been reseted with size 0.15:25
rmygasp :/15:25
ZogG_laptoprmy: just re-create one15:25
ZogG_laptopdelete them and add from fresh'15:25
*** dm8tbr has joined #harmattan15:26
rmyaccounts is not a problem, but accounts.db-wal seems to be the database of icons on the page "create new account"15:26
rmywhan i try to create a new account I now have a black screen15:27
ZogG_laptopafaik icon is in account setting15:27
rmyK I'll check.15:27
ZogG_laptopi don't think it's related15:27
ZogG_laptoptry to reboot and try to move accounts.db-wal to accounts.db-wal.bck15:27
ZogG_laptopwould it create new file or not15:27
rmyZogG, you seems to have great knowledge. May you please check the initial problem :15:28
*** suy has joined #harmattan15:29
rmy"try to reboot and try to move accounts.db-wal to accounts.db-wal.bck" -> No need to reboot, just mv accounts.db and accounts.db-wal to accounts.db.back and accounts.db-wal.back and try to configure new mail solve this last issue.15:32
rmyBut not the first one ;)15:32
*** arcean_ has joined #harmattan15:32
ZogG_laptoprmy: just wild guesses15:32
ZogG_laptoprmy: what's the second one(solved) and frist one not solved?15:33
rmysolved : I have now again the icons to crate new accounts15:33
rmynot solved, as explain in link, problem related to aegis and that does not permitt to launch signond deamon and thus causes problem15:34
rmyI'm not able to retreive or send mails and not able to create new accounts.15:34
ZogG_laptopand reflash is not an option right?15:37
rmymay you all please check something for me, I'm trying to identify bug : what is your md5sum of /usr/lib/
rmyZogG : not for the while.15:38
rmyTryning to solve yes, but trying to identify bug, and trying to solve too.15:38
rmyWill reflash after full rsync + md5sum to check what files changed in Aegis, and i'm not at home now15:39
ZogG_laptoprmy: maybe you should find part of what package llibdevmapper and reinstall it?15:39
rmylibdevmapper is include with phone and aegis (security related) is checking this.15:39
ZogG_laptoprmy: it is from some package15:40
rmyI think (but not sure) that my may have been corrupted while trying to install gnu parted on my N915:40
ZogG_laptoprmy: wait15:40
rmymy md5sum is is 1cce85e30f9c779d9048a3e54719211c15:41
rmyyou have the same md5sum that another user on #N915:42
rmyhe sent me his file15:43
rmyI'll try again to replace and reboot (that was the cause of accounts.db-wal reset) and then re-mv the account.db and account.db-wal15:44
rmywill let you know15:44
ZogG_laptopnot a solution i think15:44
rmywhy ?15:44
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #harmattan15:46
ZogG_laptopyou need to find package that has it in harmattan and reinstall it15:47
rmyOk. I'll try your solution. Replacing didn't work.15:47
ZogG_laptopit seems rzr failed on building apt-file on harmattan :)15:48
ZogG_laptopjonni: around?15:52
ZogG_laptoprmy: it's one of the accounts packages have it15:55
ZogG_laptopbut wich one15:55
n9appscomZogG_laptop: pong15:56
rmyI'm searching what apps include this lib, else gparted, but don't know where to look....15:56
ZogG_laptoprmy: i think someone had this problem here as well as logs on google saying it15:56
rmyI just unistall gparted via meecatalog, will try to reinstall and see...15:56
ZogG_laptoprmy: what package ruined it and where did you get it?15:57
ZogG_laptopn9appscom: i already asked it on thread on TMO15:57
rmyI bet, but not sure it was gnu-parted 2.3.1, download and installed via MeeCatalog15:57
n9appscomZogG_laptop: I put also answer in there15:58
rmywill have a look on logs after this try.15:58
ZogG_laptopn9appscom: thanks15:59
ZogG_laptopn9appscom: btw for notification you use nokia's push notification servers? or how does it work?16:00
*** niqt has joined #harmattan16:09
rmyStill the same after reinstallation of gnu-parted, but I don't think it was the cause : this time the md5sum of my remains the same16:22
rmyI saw that easy-chroot also install this lib.16:22
rmyIf i install it, will it replace the previous one ? How may I force lib replacement ?16:23
*** lizardo has joined #harmattan16:41
n9appscomZogG_laptop: Yes, Nokia Notifications API is used16:49
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan16:50
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*** Venemo has joined #harmattan16:55
rmy@ZogG : got to go. Will try to install easychroot and easydebian, as far as it install and also because i'm intersted with. Will see if that changes something with the aegis problem and let you know there and on N9 forum.16:55
djszapi_Venemo: o/16:55
djszapi_Venemo: got a nice sleep?16:55
Venemodjszapi_, yeah, pretty nice, considering the night16:55
djszapi_Venemo: I got closer to the opengl issue16:56
Venemodjszapi_, I came to the conclusion that there are still things which are hard to do in QML16:57
Venemowhich then drew me to another conclusion: I should either return to C++, or I should do things a bit differently in QML17:01
Venemoeg. moving some more logic into the shader program could be a solution to make it more efficient17:01
Venemoalso, lack of ability to declare enum types in QML is frustrating17:02
djszapi_Venemo: I had a workaround for that :D17:03
djszapi_in both of my games.17:03
Venemodjszapi_, really? show me.17:03
djszapi_Venemo: but hackish :)17:04
djszapi_but the best I could come up with wrt not so much maintainance.17:04
pais there a way to define multiple toolbarlayouts somewhere in main.qml, to reuse in some pages?17:07
pa(without letting them show up in the mainpage)17:08
djszapi_what do you mean by multiple toolbarlayouts?17:08
djszapi_more toolbar instances?17:08
paand say in page1 you set toolbarFoo, while on page2 you set toolbarBar17:09
djszapi_you could still write the enum, but that is how it is anyways with the least maintenance.17:10
Venemodjszapi_, ok, but you know too that it's not really an enum17:10
djszapi_Venemo: oh really? I have never seen an enum. ;)17:10
djszapi_pa: what is your problem exactly?17:11
panothing, actually i solved it right now17:12
patools: otherpage.tools17:12
paso i can define themin just one place17:12
djszapi_it is a simple element17:12
djszapi_you can do whatever with them.17:12
djszapi_it is not any different from another items.17:12
djszapi_you can assign an id, and done.17:12
pano well17:12
pai was defining these tools in the main.qml17:12
pajust defining it17:13
paand it was showing up in the middle of some pages17:13
djszapi_also, you should not define them in the main page17:13
djszapi_people usually define this in the main.qml17:13
djszapi_that is also how the documentation writes.17:14
djszapi_so you should essentially define in the stack window, not the main page.17:14
djszapi_Venemo: otoh, it works, so why bother.17:14
djszapi_I did not have to use an even uglier C++ expose for a simple enum.17:14
Venemothat's true.17:15
padjszapi, yes thats where i was defining tis toolbarlayout17:16
paand thats the problem it was causing17:16
pain main.qml = pagestackwindow17:17
pabut then the tools were showing up in my main page17:17
pawithout me even defining tools: whatever17:17
djszapi_visible: false;17:18
pathat looks like an hack17:19
paand btw yes17:19
pai was setting showToobar: false17:19
*** jaywink has joined #harmattan17:19
pa(i am)17:19
djszapi_it is not hack, if you would like to have a toolbarlayout visible by default17:22
djszapi_would not*17:23
djszapi_it is the proper way.17:23
djszapi_that is what the visible is for after all.17:23
djszapi_it is more hackish to define what you wrote above, everywhere17:24
djszapi_in case more pages.17:24
*** lucido has quit IRC17:24
*** jaywink has quit IRC17:26
*** rmy has quit IRC17:30
shanttui already posted my issue on tmo, but coould someone tell me how to restart the 'Messages' app. I don't want to reboot to get my vkb back.17:32
shanttukillall x17:32
paby the way is it possible to have an alias for an item id?17:32
palike a component with two id17:32
djszapi_because id is not a property.17:33
djszapi_shanttu: killall will not work17:33
djszapi_why cannot you just close as you regularly close applications?17:33
djszapi_MohammadAG: do you have an N900 around with Fremantle?17:33
djszapi_faenil: do you have nemo at hand?17:34
shanttuif i close (swipe down) and go back problem exists: not possible to input text on any chat-protocol or sms17:34
*** e-yes has quit IRC17:35
djszapi_shanttu: you can close from the thumbnail view17:35
djszapi_and restart the application.17:35
djszapi_you can close any applications from the thumbnail view17:36
djszapi_perhaps you can make an introduction tutorial17:36
djszapi_this beginner tour or how it is called17:36
*** lucido has joined #harmattan17:36
shanttudjszapi, good idea, but no success17:37
faenildjszapi, yes17:37
djszapi_faenil: I would need the output of this: grep -rn glBindAttribLocation /usr/include/17:38
faenildjszapi_, empty17:39
faenilit doesn't print anything17:39
djszapi_do you have gles2-dev installed?17:39
djszapi_unsure how that is called on Nemo.17:40
faenilon phone? I don't know17:40
djszapi_in the development environment17:40
faenilI was using that command on phone17:40
faenildjszapi_, /usr/include/GLES2/gl2.h:476:GL_APICALL void         GL_APIENTRY glBindAttribLocation (GLuint program, GLuint index, const GLchar* name17:41
djszapi_faenil: wow, thanks.17:41
faeniland many others17:41
djszapi_which package provides that?17:42
faenildon't know :/17:42
*** DocScrutinizer05 has quit IRC17:42
*** DocScrutinizer05 has joined #harmattan17:42
faenilthe devel packages I have installed are from qt (qt-devel and qt-mobility-devel) and gstreamer-devel stuff17:42
djszapi_faenil: lolz17:43
djszapi_isn't there a dpkg -S /usr/include/GLES2/gl2.h -like command on Nemo?17:43
faenildon't know actually :/17:43
djszapi_lol, can you ask your dudes?17:44
faenilyup w817:44
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan17:45
faenildjszapi_,  asked17:46
*** niqt has quit IRC17:47
faenildjszapi_, mesa-llvmpipe-libGLESv2-devel-8.0.1-1.26.armv7hl17:51
*** furikku has joined #harmattan17:52
djszapi_ok, so mesa, great.17:53
faenildjszapi, here's what Sage told me: "faenil: mesa-llvmpipe-libGLESv2-devel should provide that but you should depend on libGLESv2-devel if you need it not from the mesa."18:01
djszapi_faenil: ok18:01
*** lizardo has quit IRC18:02
*** iDont has joined #harmattan18:17
*** Venemo has quit IRC18:22
*** kralor has left #harmattan18:25
javispedroGeneralAntilles: there?18:25
djszapi_ok, the Qt5 port to Harmattan turned out much more difficult than I thought.18:40
*** natunen has quit IRC18:46
pajavispedro, question: if glol is running, and i kill it (kill/killall), should the orientation go back to normal?18:56
javispedropa: via SIGTERM, yes18:57
javispedrokilling it via SIGKILL will not cause orientation to revert until app restarts18:58
pashouldnt killall send sigterm by default?19:00
pai mean, at least on normal linuxes it does19:01
pai dont know if the harmattan one comes from busybox and does something else19:01
javispedroyes, it should send sigterm19:02
paah actually it works19:03
pabut not for the terminal where glol was invoked19:04
pathat one remains stuck with the orientation set by glol19:04
pajavispedro, do you mind if i make a toggle for glol, and repack the binary with it? free, ofc19:05
javispedroand gpl19:05
javispedroseveral people have done it already19:05
pawell i+ve seen one19:05
paare you aware of more?19:05
javispedroat least three people told me over here they were doing one19:06
paok, but i found only one available19:06
pa(that is not so good)19:06
*** iDont has quit IRC19:10
*** Enforcer has quit IRC19:12
*** Enforcer has joined #harmattan19:14
javispedroGeneralAntilles: when you come, just leave here a message with the meecast weather provider you are using and whether the issue is that sowatch shows Celsius instead of F despite saying F in the watch.19:19
*** NIN101 has quit IRC19:21
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan19:23
*** Natunen has joined #harmattan19:24
*** tom____ has joined #harmattan19:28
*** shanttu has quit IRC19:28
*** e-yes has joined #harmattan19:30
*** NIN101 has quit IRC19:31
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan19:38
*** jaywink has joined #harmattan19:43
*** jaywink_ has joined #harmattan19:46
*** jaywink_ has quit IRC19:46
ZogG_laptopn9appscom: still around?19:53
faenilhow would you read the metadata of an image using Qt?19:55
*** SK_mobile has joined #harmattan19:56
ZogG_laptopfaenil: i bet there is something ready for use out-of-box... so i bet on google19:57
faenilZogG_laptop, I'm not that lazy :P19:57
ZogG_laptopso you didn't find?19:58
*** pinheiro_ has quit IRC19:58
*** SK_mobile_ has joined #harmattan19:59
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC20:00
ZogG_laptopfaenil: ?20:00
*** SK_mobile has quit IRC20:01
faenilZogG_laptop, of course I did find..20:01
faenilI was asking for opinions... ;)20:01
*** SK_mobile_ is now known as SK_Mobile20:02
ZogG_laptopfaenil: is it related to taking photos or just getting info?20:02
faeniljust getting info20:02
faenilZogG_laptop, QMeta is an external thing, QImageIO doesn't give you info, and MetaData is just an enum :)20:03
faenilZogG_laptop, QImageReader::size() is the only useful bit I've found so far...20:05
faenilI want to avoid building a whole model using things like DocumentGalleryModel qml20:05
ZogG_laptopfaenil: i found for video qml example20:06
faenilthat probably uses documentgallery with video rootType set20:06
faenilI'm using file RootType, because I want to show both videos and images20:06
faeniland qml doesn't suppport that out of the box20:06
faenilso this is causing a mess20:06
faenilbecause I don't have media metadata available using File rootType20:07
n9appscomZogG_laptop: yep20:09
ZogG_laptopfaenil: ?20:09
faenildocumentgalleryitem is a nice thing20:10
faenilI haven't understood how that works20:10
faenilit seems it requires a model to be built...because it needs an "item" id20:10
faenilI haven't found any piece of code using DocumentGalleryItem, only a music player which already has a model built20:11
faenilZogG_laptop, about qml video, I'm already using it, I need info for images in fact ;)20:11
ZogG_laptopdid you try to use same for image as for video20:11
befordZogG_laptop: got a tracking number :D20:13
*** tom____ has quit IRC20:13
*** SK_Mobile has quit IRC20:13
ZogG_laptopbeford: i got one for rpi :P20:15
ZogG_laptopbeford: mazal tov20:15
befordyou bought one too?20:15
befordI got one still no tracking number20:15
ZogG_laptopbeford: it would be in 2 weeks here :P20:16
ZogG_laptopi hope if customs wouldn't fuck it up as they always do20:16
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: ^20:16
befordmine was sent from Canada yesterday, its in Miami already20:17
ZogG_laptopmine from USA i think20:18
faenilZogG_laptop, you can't invent properties :D20:19
faenilqml video has metdata, qml image doesn't :)20:19
faenildinner ready, back later :)20:19
ZogG_laptopfaenil: i mean if you treat image as video20:19
ZogG_laptopbon appetite20:20
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #harmattan20:23
*** ghjgfjghjbn2 has quit IRC20:29
*** ghjgfjghjbn has joined #harmattan20:30
*** Enforcer has quit IRC20:31
*** Enforcer has joined #harmattan20:32
befordhah Whatsapp actually added an error message to their server that says "wazapp-not-supported"20:33
javispedrotheir attitude towards 3rd party clients was already know20:35
befordmm just typed 123 on the sms activation code and it worked, not sure if it worked because I used wazapp once20:38
*** tom____ has joined #harmattan20:40
*** tom____ has quit IRC20:48
pajesus christ, the animation of pagestack.replace() gives me headache20:50
ZogG_laptopbeford: where?20:51
javispedropa: I think there's an overload that does not do the animation20:51
javispedropa: check the docs20:51
ZogG_laptopbeford: add me to jabber and wazapp. i want to send you bug reports at lonely nights20:52
paah thanks20:52
pahm cant see overloads20:53
javispedroit's a parameter =)20:54
ZogG_laptopjavispedro: i wanted to ask how is metawatch and how is it recharging it once a week?20:54
paaha, thanks :) i feel so newbie now :p20:55
javispedroZogG_laptop: recharging it once a week is nasty, but kind of works for me20:55
javispedroZogG_laptop: problem is recharging daily or even more often -- that I won't do20:55
ZogG_laptopjavispedro: i'm thinking to buy after it would be avilable for customers20:55
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan20:55
ZogG_laptopjavispedro: if you use them 24/7 how many days it can handle?20:55
javispedroyou are not going to press buttons on it for 24/7, aren't you? ;P20:56
javispedroexpect around 4 days20:56
javispedrothat is what I get.20:56
*** jaywink has quit IRC20:56
ZogG_laptopis it good as a normal watch as well(like is it watch + gadget ) or it gadget on hand more20:56
javispedroit is said the strata one has bigger battery, but I have no idea if it will improve lifespan or what20:56
javispedroZogG_laptop: it is very bad as standalone watch, even the UI to set date/time is horrible20:57
ZogG_laptopjavispedro: did you get one on kickstart? isn;t it strata?20:57
javispedrono, I got dev units a year ago20:57
ZogG_laptopjavispedro: can be main soft updated edited easly or only addons for features?20:58
javispedrothe watch's actually very stupid20:58
ZogG_laptopi thought kickstart is kinda de thing20:58
javispedroit mostly just shows whatever the phone tells it to show20:58
javispedroso all of the logic is actually on the phone app20:58
ZogG_laptopi think it should be watch first of all + features :P20:59
javispedrowell, it's good enough as a watch for me but do consider that without a phone it will be basically useless21:00
ZogG_laptopthan i'll give some time for market to get more and more firms to pop-up so it would use better technology21:00
javispedrowill keep on updating the hour but that's about it21:00
javispedro(oth without a phone it'll last for more than a week =) )21:00
*** jaywink has joined #harmattan21:00
ZogG_laptopi want it with phone otherwise i'll buy e-ink watch21:02
ZogG_laptopso it would last more21:02
ZogG_laptopor digital that would last years :P21:02
javispedroe-ink on a watch is currently $1500 or more21:02
javispedroprobably won't reach your hands for a few years21:03
javispedroI give it ~5 years21:03
befordpebble is supposed to be "e-paper" or so I understood from their video21:04
ZogG_laptopjavispedro: not until i rob the bank21:04
javispedro(ignore that "other" watch who says it has an "e-paper" screen. that's not actually e-ink rather it is the same screen as used on the metawatch)21:04
javispedrobeford: see above21:04
javispedroscreen on the metawatch is rather nice and quite low power21:04
javispedroonly problem is the mirrorish effect21:04
ZogG_laptopthats why they call it e-ink and not e-paper21:04
javispedroI think you meant the opposite ;P21:05
ZogG_laptopjavispedro: true :P21:05
ZogG_laptopjavispedro: once i went to buy mp3 player and wanted cowon, but they didn't have and they tried to sell me mp5 player :P21:06
ZogG_laptopthey said it's better quality and shit like that21:06
ZogG_laptopi know only mp5 guns :P21:06
javispedrothis marketing works21:06
javispedrocompare pebble's & metawatch's kickstarter projects21:06
ZogG_laptopbut i almost believed how he told me about it, i even checked wiki if i was missing the new revolutioning21:07
javispedroone got a few million, the later $300,00021:07
ZogG_laptopwhich one was first21:07
javispedroon kickstarter, pebble21:07
javispedrowhich one had actually been shipping prototypes to devs and released the firmware on github?21:07
ZogG_laptopjavispedro: i saw about pebble in some huge russian It site, while i learned about metawatch from you :P21:07
ZogG_laptopjavispedro: metawatch :P21:08
javispedroGeneralAntilles put it best, MetaWatch's marketing has been awful so far.21:08
javispedroor non-existing21:08
ZogG_laptopthat's the problem with FOSS21:08
javispedrothey have quite a team on board (e.g. bill geiser susan kare even) and no one heards about them21:08
ZogG_laptopas FOSS belivers and open source iea guys sucks in managing things like that21:08
ZogG_laptoppeople think if they do something awesome everyonne would like it and share it. while it's easier to spread a word with ads and internet even without creating anything at all21:09
ZogG_laptopjust my thouhgts21:10
befordI think the ui on the metawatch needs somework..
ZogG_laptopbeford: i think you need some work :P21:11
ZogG_laptopbeford: what was about "123" activate code?21:11
javispedronote though that the metawatch has two binary blobs, so it's not entirely foss21:12
javispedrothe bluetooth stack (replacement project is btstack, which kinda works if only wastes more power and ROM space)21:13
befordyea, to start using whatsapp they send an sms with the activation code, I just typed 123 and it worked for me, maybe because I had used wazapp before on this phone21:13
javispedroand the compiler (replacement project is gcc , but it does not compile programs larger > 16KB )21:13
ZogG_laptopbeford: nope, i don't think it's related :P21:14
ZogG_laptopjavispedro: why wouldn't it compile apps more that 16 KB and why they have closed source one in first place?21:15
ZogG_laptopjavispedro: is it SDK? or you compile on watch?21:15
javispedroZogG_laptop: "compile on watch" are you crazy? =) it's just a microcontroller21:16
javispedroit's a current gcc limitation for the msp430 port21:16
javispedromsp430's have up to 20 bits program addresses21:16
javispedrobut gcc msp430 will only support 16bits21:16
faenilhas anyone ever used DocumentGalleryItem?21:16
javispedroZogG_laptop: the closed source compiler is TI's, the give it for free along with the metawatch21:17
ZogG_laptopor, than it's not that bad21:17
ZogG_laptopfaenil: btw you can try to search in github, i do that if i want examples21:22
*** lucido has quit IRC21:25
ZogG_laptopi like it when they have badass quality computer parts in movie but you still can see that this is not real human21:25
faenilZogG_laptop, thanks ;) no useful results though :/21:28
ZogG_laptopfaenil: i'll ask my friend maybe he know21:29
faenilthanks ;)21:29
faenilnone answered there :/21:30
ZogG_laptopfaenil: we'll know in few seconds if he knows :P21:32
faenil:) I'm sure that it requires a document gallery...but I don't understand how to use it from QML21:32
faenilI mean, if I have a document gallery I can get info with gallerymodel.get(intex).property21:33
faenildon't see why I should use a DocumentGalleryItem21:33
faenilthat's what's not clear to me21:33
*** lucido has joined #harmattan21:38
GeneralAntillesjavispedro, I kind of get why their marketing is weak, since it's still mostly a product for developers.21:40
ZogG_laptophe doesn't know that class so no help21:40
ZogG_laptophe said to use C++21:40
GeneralAntillesBut I don't see why they haven't been pushing it in open source circles.21:40
djszapi_any native English speakers around?21:40
javispedroGeneralAntilles: compared to what? =)21:41
javispedrothe other products do talk about wonderful features for the iphone but they are subject to the same limitations MW is21:42
faenilZogG_laptop, ok :/21:43
faenilZogG_laptop, thanks ;)21:43
GeneralAntillesWell, they don't have a friendly way to update the watch, the watch firmware is still in active development, the MWM is still maturing, etc.21:43
GeneralAntillesTheir competitors are perhaps more invested in hype.21:43
*** Pali has quit IRC21:44
javispedromore hype21:44
javispedrothis one says 1year battery life, but does not even say anything about the phone side21:44
javispedrobecause it doesn't have a phone side :/21:44
GeneralAntillesDid you see David Rosales' video with him wearing two STRATAs?21:45
GeneralAntillesWhat the hell purpose does that serve?21:45
ZogG_laptopGeneralAntilles: i think he tests it with 2 phones he has21:45
ZogG_laptopGeneralAntilles: i know one guy who has 2 regular watches :P21:46
GeneralAntillesI got really excited about wearing two watches (with 1 phone) and having different sets of information on each.21:46
GeneralAntillesThen realized what a dork that'd make me look like.21:46
javispedroI am old enough to remember the day having a smartphone was dork.21:46
ZogG_laptopas he got from Argentina so he keeps one for Argentina Timezone. Don't ask why :P21:46
ZogG_laptopGeneralAntilles: do you have 2 metawatch?21:46
ZogG_laptopjavispedro: old like?21:47
javispedroold like 10 years =)21:47
GeneralAntillesZogG_laptop, when I get my STRATA in November.21:48
*** Shaan7 has quit IRC21:49
GeneralAntillesAlright. Back to work. D:21:49
*** crevetor_ has joined #harmattan21:49
ZogG_laptopGeneralAntilles: and other is normal one? or other one??21:50
ZogG_laptopyou probably had one that is not strata21:50
ZogG_laptopGeneralAntilles: ok, nice day21:50
*** tgalal has joined #harmattan21:53
ZogG_laptoptgalal: sup21:56
ZogG_laptopbeford: ^21:56
ZogG_laptopbeford: what error you had ?21:56
beford<beford> hah Whatsapp actually added an error message to their server that says "wazapp-not-supported"21:57
befordwhen trying to register that's it21:57
ZogG_laptoptgalal: but for some reaon code 123 worked for him21:57
tgalali wonder how they know its wazapp, i suppose its user agent?21:58
ZogG_laptoptgalal: i think it's coz we keep getting to update for new version21:58
ZogG_laptopand they may changed the way to get token(or how you get and approve secret)21:59
ZogG_laptoptgalal: try the version that u used as base for registration22:00
tgalali see, i know they're doing major changes22:00
*** Milhouse has joined #harmattan22:00
tgalaland btw, i'm expecting current wazapp to be blocked soon22:01
tgalali've been working on reversing the new protocol version though22:01
befordoh yea, I just used 123 as sms activaction code and it "worked" but maybe it was because I used it (when registration worked ok) before reflashing?22:01
ZogG_laptopbeford: i dont think so. but who knows22:02
tgalalbeford: yeah thats how "magic button" works actually22:03
ZogG_laptoptgalal: we need to block whatsapp before they block us :P22:03
tgalalZogG_laptop: exactly :D22:04
ZogG_laptoptgalal: :P22:05
ZogG_laptoptgalal: the funny think how many resources they use instead of just make harmattan's client :P22:05
*** jaywink has quit IRC22:08
tgalalZogG_laptop: yeah well, I have to admit though they were right about it, given the path nokia recently took22:08
*** shanttu has joined #harmattan22:09
ZogG_laptoptgalal: i don't think it would be hard to make an app. it would cost less and you'll get all money back with 1$ for use or what is the cost today?22:10
djszapi_anybody interested in testing my qt5 packages?22:12
ZogG_laptoptgalal: send them that we are using iphone7 prototype client :P22:12
*** lucido has quit IRC22:19
ZogG_laptoptgalal: but after all i think they'll win the war22:20
ZogG_laptopbtw i think as well TMO would be full of BS while they block it :P22:20
Kozzior "N9 user here, you can't stop us, mwahaha"22:20
ZogG_laptopKozzi: would it come with solutions?22:21
Kozzinah, I don't use whatsapp so it doesn't really matter22:22
Kozziwith whatsapp blocking wazapp, wzapp thread in tmo will surpass all those PR1.* threads22:24
*** khertan_ has quit IRC22:25
ZogG_laptopbtw is Chucknorris on it?22:27
ZogG_laptopone of the most epic threads i think was PR1.2 on n900 or was it Pr1.3?22:27
ZogG_laptopthe first one of the epic threads22:28
ZogG_laptopit was few of them i even think22:28
*** lucido has joined #harmattan22:31
Kozzican't remember those but it was quite funny reading the N9 Nokia Worlds announcement thread.22:38
javispedroit's not the first time whatsapp blocks a third party client22:42
javispedrothey have quite a violent stance against them22:42
javispedro(half of the reason I would never use any of their crap services...)22:43
ZogG_laptopjavispedro: what clients were out there ?22:45
ZogG_laptopi think it was WIP app for droid and wazapp only22:45
javispedronot for N90022:46
tgalaljavispedro: they are actually changing ther protocol in a major way, and fron22:49
tgalaland from currenyprogress22:49
tgalalcurrent progress*22:49
tgalali'm expecting old one to be deprecated real soon22:49
javispedromeh, agps doesn't work without SIM on n9/5022:50
tgalalso its not about blocking third party on purpose22:50
tgalalat leasy this time22:50
javispedrotgalal: major? it's still jabber?22:50
*** Milhouse has quit IRC22:50
tgalaljavispedro, yeah but it is encoded by whatsapp, and they changed authentication22:51
tgalalon all platforms22:52
tgalaltheir encoding method changed a bit as well22:52
*** Milhouse has joined #harmattan22:53
javispedrothis is interesting22:53
javispedroso they tune a bit the authentication and obfuscation layers, and quickly force the change upon every of their clients instead of doing it the slow way?22:54
javispedroeither they want to get rid of 3rd parties or something big security wise happened22:54
payeah interesting22:55
pamaybe it's time of an openwhatsapp22:55
paone cant rely on some commercial company that decides to make the app for this or that platform onlny22:56
ZogG_laptoptgalal: and any progress on decryption? any help noobs like me can provide?22:58
ZogG_laptopi think next error can be "you-got-the-balls,ah?"22:59
*** javispedro has quit IRC22:59
*** furikku has quit IRC23:00
Kozziphako: ping23:01
tgalalZogG_laptop: auth is only remaining, ill soon put the obfuscated  code chunk in the thread23:02
ZogG_laptoptgalal: do not hurry up23:02
ZogG_laptoptgalal: i think you should do like itsnotabigtruck. he wayted for pr1.3 to release new inception23:03
ZogG_laptopas re-write is still in progress23:03
KozziI don't think tgalal should wait for pr1.4... it might take some time23:03
Kozzijk ;)23:04
ZogG_laptopi mean to wait till whatsapp finish major update23:04
pado you know whether current screen orientation is being wrtten also in gconf or /proc?23:05
ZogG_laptoppa: what do you want to do??23:05
*** Enforcer has quit IRC23:06
paneed to make a better toggle for glol23:07
pathe one i found sucks23:07
paand if it would be possible, i'd do it in bash :)23:08
ZogG_laptopuse in qml option?23:08
ZogG_laptopwhat is glol?23:08
payes javispedro screen lock tool23:08
ZogG_laptoppa: ask MohammadAG how he did toggle or chekc if source is there23:10
pacool, echo 0 >/sys/devices/omapdss/display0/rotate freezes the gui :)23:10
*** harbaum has quit IRC23:10
paah cool.. but i dont want to incept to use those cool toggles23:10
Kozziany idea how coderus managed to add extensions to statusbar without inception ?23:11
pai was just wondering if i can detect the orientation without going through QmSystem/QtWhatever23:11
Kozzithe orientation lock doesn't work with apps like firefox or opera though23:11
paif it would be written in gconf or /proc, i could make a bash toggle23:12
ZogG_laptopKozzi: ask him23:13
pawhere is he? only on twitter?23:13
pawell ok i can make a python tool for that i guess23:14
*** Enforcer has joined #harmattan23:14
ZogG_laptoppa: jabber23:15
ZogG_laptopnot lately though but you can catch him their23:15
ZogG_laptopbut why not talk to MohammadAG, you was one to affraid about him23:16
pathats true :)23:16
pabut i mean i know how to lock the orientation23:16
paand probably also how to detect the orientation in qt23:16
pa(via api)23:16
pathats probably what MohammadAG uses23:17
ZogG_laptophe has option to auto/portrati/ladnscape23:17
jonniand my baby lock app also has options for auto/portraid/landscape ;)23:19
ZogG_laptopjonni: i think he wants system wide23:20
jonniwell my app was system wide just like glol, but does he want wider?23:21
pajonni, yes but its not free ;)23:21
pachecked that one23:21
paand since i have no kids, i dont wanna pay yet for that :p23:21
jonnipa: heh, well there is free trial ;), ofcourse if 1e bankrupts then glol is better option23:22
ZogG_laptoppa: you can install babylock and lock with it your app :P23:22
djszapi_I am the one of those few people with free applications? :P23:22
pawell, it+s mostly i dont want to bother setting up payment ont he store23:22
ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: you are pirate :P23:22
djszapi_jonni: well, if I was paying 1 EUR for everything I try.23:22
djszapi_then I would certainly get down after a while. :D23:23
ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: free trial is a FREE trial23:23
djszapi_I am providing free applications, and I also prefer those.23:23
paZogG_laptop, trial is also a trial23:23
djszapi_indeed, trial is a trial23:23
*** NIN101 has quit IRC23:24
djszapi_we could say this the other way around:23:24
ZogG_laptoppa: you try it and if you like you pay23:24
djszapi_if 1 EUR makes you millionaire. :-)23:24
paZogG_laptop, lets put it this way: there is free alternative, and also a free alternative toggle, that kinda works, but kinda sucks too23:24
ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: if you job doesn't make you millionaire why u work?23:25
djszapi_ZogG_laptop: because I am an open source free software hacker23:25
djszapi_I provide free applications, and I also prefer those.23:25
djszapi_I see no problems with that.23:25
djszapi_especially if the situation is as pa says: there is a free alternative.23:25
pano but the api showcase do that23:25
ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: but on other hand if app worth it — it worth it.23:25
pai just have to understand how to do it in qt/python23:26
djszapi_ZogG_laptop: why would it be worth it, if there is a free alternative?23:26
djszapi_if you dislike the money, I can send you my bank account. :-D23:26
djszapi_and likely that, people like me will rather create a free alternative for paid stuff23:27
djszapi_if needed.23:27
ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: not always there is free alternative and it not always good as original23:27
djszapi_if you wanna get by applications, you should not target Harmattan anyways. :D23:27
paah so.. qtmobility uses euler angles?23:27
painteresting :)23:27
ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: i bought few games on harmattan actually23:27
djszapi_ZogG_laptop: there has always been for my use cases, I am sorry to discourage you.23:27
paprobably they thought it+s not a problem to put n9 in gimbal lock :)23:28
ZogG_laptopSpeedX for example23:28
paZogG_laptop, im still looking for another N9 to unlock those free levels on angry birds :p23:28
ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: i prefer free and even open source, but i always respect dev work and time.23:28
jonnipa: just put your N9 against your passport :)23:28
ZogG_laptoppa: there is app that does that, lol23:29
paaha! thanks for the tip! that might wort 1€ :)23:29
befordI used bus' card from my city23:29
djszapi_ZogG_laptop: please do not intentionally misinterpret me23:29
djszapi_ZogG_laptop: into a bad person who do not respect the developers.23:29
djszapi_it is really not about that.23:29
ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: i didn't say that. i just see you as little bit extreme in this23:29
djszapi_so what?23:30
djszapi_preferring free applications is extreme?23:30
djszapi_especially if I provide free applications?23:30
ZogG_laptopi don't like extreme on any side23:30
ZogG_laptopit's OBV everyone prefer free apps23:30
ZogG_laptopyou was talking about always searching for alternatives23:31
djszapi_has never had any need for paid applications, really.23:31
pamy pass is chipped, but it doesnt work23:31
palets try bus card23:31
befordmake sure nfc is enabled23:31
djszapi_ZogG_laptop: please donate then for my games you paid23:31
djszapi_show you prefer my developer time. :)23:31
payea just turned it on23:32
djszapi_you played*23:32
djszapi_and respect ;)23:32
pabus card works: )23:33
pabeford, thanks for the tip :)23:33
befordheh nice23:33
pamaybe i have some single use one to unlock last level23:34
befordoh yea, I had to use different cards for each set of free levels23:34
djszapi_21:30 < ZogG_laptop> it's OBV everyone prefer free apps -> no, it is not obvious23:36
djszapi_someone prefers to pay, if there are more features available etc.23:36
djszapi_someone prefers to build one for the need as a free application, and then publish23:37
djszapi_people vary, there is no obvious about this. It is healthy that way.23:37
faenilZogG_laptop, DocumentGalleryItem did it...awesome component :D23:38
djszapi_not to mention, you are not even getting the source code in certain cases for the paid applications.23:42
ZogG_laptopfaenil: now you can paste examples :P23:43
faenilyup :D23:43
djszapi_in fact, that is the majority.23:43
ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: true but i don't play your games :)23:44
djszapi_you have done..23:44
ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: all i care is how app made and support23:44
djszapi_well, I do care about open sources.23:45
djszapi_especially if I pay for the applications...23:45
ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: i played your game to test it and reported you problems i saw. not more than that :P23:45
djszapi_so you do not respect the developer time then? :P23:45
djszapi_anyways, my applications are free and open source. I do not need any donation.23:46
djszapi_one of them is even localized to many languages which I cannot really say about the vast majority of the Ovi applications.23:46
ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: your apps are cool and nice, but not the level of paid once. let's say speedX or gravityguy vs yours. it's not about yours are bad or something, they are cool. and i believe that FOSS is better in improvement and stuff. but still some cases are just need that. like for example games or movies or music23:48
*** arcean__ has joined #harmattan23:48
ZogG_laptoparcean__: sup my man :P23:49
djszapi_ZogG_laptop: orange and apple are not comparable, true...23:49
djszapi_ask a person who would like to play hangman game23:49
djszapi_whether he prefers hangman or speedX23:49
djszapi_I believe, your comment above was rude.23:49
djszapi_like russians where the hangman game is traditional.23:50
djszapi_and they were dying for one.23:50
*** arcean_ has quit IRC23:50
*** tom_____ has joined #harmattan23:50
*** tom_____ has quit IRC23:55
ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: i'm russian23:58
ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: it's not about that. my point if you was working on making games (i mean like your real job) you would make them not free and you could have more time to make them better23:58
ZogG_laptopsimple like that23:58
djszapi_like I said above, some people prefers features, some people prefer applications.23:59

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