IRC log of #harmattan for Wednesday, 2012-08-22

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faenilhi guys00:10
faenilhas anyone already compiled qtgstreamer on harmattan?00:11
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rzrfaenil, have you tried ?00:18
djszapi_faenil: why do you need that?00:20
faenilrzr, I built qtgstreamer, now I'm building the qmlplayer example00:21
djszapi_There are projects wrapping gstreamer already.00:21
faeniland I get undefined reference :/00:21
faenildjszapi_, i.e?00:21
befordcan i join your device program djszapi_?00:21
faenilqtgstreamer is the official wrapper, don't know what you mean00:21
djszapi_faenil: ie Phonon00:21
djszapi_unsure about QtMultiMedia00:21
djszapi_but Phonon for sure00:21
faenilQtMultimedia is also built on gstreamer00:22
djszapi_beford: I will send you the link once it enters the public.00:22
faenilbut since it isn't bugfree at all (to say the least)00:22
faenilI wanted to try with qtgstreamer, which is the official qt wrapper, and already has a qml plugin00:22
faenilbetter than that? :)00:22
rzr<djszapi_> beford: I will send you the link once it enters the public.00:25
rzrping me too , it may arrive before my rpi :)00:25
djszapi_rzr: ok =)00:26
faenildjszapi_, device program? :D00:26
befordfaenil: its full already00:26
faenilwhat was it about?00:26
befordno idea00:26
djszapi_it is about kittens00:27
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faenilyesss qtgstreamer's qmlplayer example now starting! :D01:01
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rzrfaenil, let me rebuild it on obs :)01:04
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djszapi_faenil: "official qt wrapper"?01:04
djszapi_so what is phonon, non official?01:04
rubdosHi everyone. I'm using QML quick stuff, experimenting. Looks cool. Now I want to add a 'header' like the Settings app has on top with the Settings string in it.Is it a standard component?01:05
djszapi_because you said so ? :)01:05
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djszapi_rubdos: nope01:05
djszapi_it is a label01:05
djszapi_let me find my application for an example01:05
rubdosdjszapi_: Thanks!01:06
faenildjszapi_, I did not talk about phonon, I just reported what I read on a news posted by qtgstreamer's guy01:07
faenilrzr, have to play with it a bit and go to bed, can we talk about it tomorrow? ;)01:07
djszapi_rubdos: my internet is slow unfortunately. :(01:08
djszapi_but it is just a label01:08
rubdosdjszapi_: I already tried a rectangle with a label :P But I can't get it the same way as the 'Settings' app and the 'SDK connector' App etc01:08
djszapi_rubdos: you can check out kanagram/khangman in kde edu01:08
djszapi_if you look for that on the internet01:08
djszapi_and then harmattan folder01:08
djszapi_there is a settings page in there01:08
djszapi_perhaps you could copy and paste01:09
djszapi_and then customize01:09
rubdosokay, many thanks01:09
djszapi_you can see screenshots in ovi how it looks like01:09
rzrfaenil, sure take your time01:09
djszapi_even with MTF01:09
djszapi_it is not possible without a label unfortunately.01:09
djszapi_faenil: unsure why that person reinvented the wheel :D01:10
djszapi_but if he feels it is cool, I am happy for him.01:10
djszapi_the point is to be happy for everybody after all.01:10
djszapi_rubdos: it is just the matter of styling.01:11
djszapi_you can style the label that way.01:11
pa if i want to draw vertical text with a qpainter, and i want to do it in a rectangle, after i rotate the qpainter, how do i have to specify the rectangle? vertical or horizontal? :)01:12
faenilI guess there 's a reason why that became gstreamer's official qt wrapper, don't you think?01:12
rubdosdjszapi_: I'm searching the edu repositories :p01:12
rubdosdjszapi_: Yeh, already found it, just in need to find the right file :P It's midnight and my English is veeery bad :)01:13
rubdosBTW, what's a 'Flickable' component? :P (I'm quite new :p01:14
rubdos(Already had that one, sorry. My internet was faster ;) )01:15
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rubdosAlready recompiling ;)01:16
rubdosdjszapi_: A big big thank you!!01:16
djszapi_you do not need that for qml.01:16
rubdosno, I meant installing on device with Qt Creator01:17
rubdosI'm getting close to the result with that...01:17
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djszapi_you could consider a simpler workflow01:20
djszapi_simply just modifying the qml file and test.01:20
djszapi_you would not need to rebuild, package, and so forth.01:20
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rubdosI'll have a look at that another time :p work tomorrow :p01:31
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rubdostomorrow = today, actually01:32
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HtheByou there?02:40
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Estel_HtheB, pong03:08
HtheBcheck #maemo03:08
tehdelywho hangs out in #maemo vs. #harmattan03:08
tehdelymostly N900 users?03:08
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Estel_tehdely, mostly geeks that talk about replacing chips on devices, instead of flash games :P03:36
* Estel_ hides03:36
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HtheBdafuq with ptl?04:30
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jussiis there a way to migrate all my settings and text messages and phonebook from my n950 to my new N9?09:52
TheBootroohi ! which dbus service can i call from Qt to get missed calls count ? and voicemail count ?09:53
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TheBootrooanyone ?11:02
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djszapi_TheBootroo: sup11:08
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TheBootroodjszapi_: hi11:18
TheBootroodjszapi_: i'm looking for a way to get missed calls count and voicemail count for C++/Qt in Harmattan, eventually using DBus calls, i can't find any documentation or example for it11:19
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djszapi_TheBootroo: yep, it is not too well documented.11:26
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clauany clue if I can send a system wide notification equivalent to a network connection event?11:42
clauI want to do it after openvpn connects11:42
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clauright now the notification is sent only when the network connection comes up and mail check fails before openvpn is connected11:43
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TheBootrooAard: oh you're here too ! thanks for the link11:46
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HtheBdamn it ptl, check ur connection13:08
ZogG_laptopu can hide those if you have problems seeing it13:10
ZogG_laptopcheck config of our client13:10
valdur55Damn... i have problems with mp4 videos13:14
valdur55Video is to slow and sound is OK13:15
HtheBZogG_laptop, using communi, doesn't have any options13:15
HtheBvaldur55, convert it13:16
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djszapiN9valdur55, can verify that on my n913:17
djszapiN9also with oyher formats.13:18
djszapiN9HtheB, leave a review13:18
HtheBuse kmplayer13:18
HtheBor ovp13:18
HtheBkmplayer works great with all my videos13:19
valdur55videosheetplayer can't plau13:19
valdur55and kmplayer have this issue13:19
valdur55with mplayer13:19
HtheBdid you select your player?13:19
HtheBor UPDATED mplayer?13:20
valdur55mplayer: Installed: 2:1.0svn20111001-13:20
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valdur55with gstreamer -same issue13:21
HtheByoure using an old version13:21
HtheBthats the new one13:22
HtheBuse it ;)13:22
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HtheB 1_armel.deb13:23
ZogG_laptopuse proper config for it13:23
ZogG_laptopHtheB: use irc-chatter and ask Venemo for feature :P13:23
HtheBfor n950?13:23
HtheBhow is the ui :p13:23
HtheBi really love the minimalist ui on communi13:24
djszapiN9HtheB, well, you can leave a review or tolerate it.13:25
djszapiN9you cannot really expect those people  acting according to your wish.13:25
HtheBa review where?13:25
djszapiN9wherever you got from13:26
HtheBi didnt get you djszapiN913:26
HtheBim happy with communi ;)13:26
djszapiN9what is the problem then? You seem contradictory.13:26
pa3rd app published :)13:26
HtheBI wasn't having a problem at all :p13:27
djszapiN9You are trying to address a problem from a wrong angle.13:27
HtheBi was just telling ptl that he should check his connection13:27
HtheBkeeps rejoining every couple minutes13:27
djszapiN9please do not.13:27
HtheBso ZogG_laptop told me that i could disable it13:27
djszapiN9tons of people do that, for instance from India.13:28
HtheBbut I cant because communi doesnt support it :p13:28
HtheBthats all13:28
djszapiN9like I said, tolerate or leave a review.13:28
HtheBugh, I guess you just fail at understanding13:28
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patho i honestly i doubt that this app will have many users :D13:36
paonly me and some other crazy people13:36
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paad i already see i will receive complaints coz users dont know how to use it13:37
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valdur55pa, what app?13:38
rzrM4rtinK, around ?13:38
pavaldur55, a downloader for google contacts13:39
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phakopa: welcome to ovi hell13:40
valdur55ID_VIDEO_CODEC=ffh264 - to big?13:42
rzrdjszapi, i need some obs psychiatric help13:42
rzrwhats wrong w/13:43
louisdkHi. When I plug in my headset from my Nokia N9 into my Thinkpad T61p running Ubuntu 12.04 x64 the sound is pretty low untill I press a button on my headset (where the mic is). Does anyone had a similar problem and does anyone know how I can get louder sound without pressing that button? I had a similar problem with my headset form my Nokia N900.13:43
rzrdpkg: libgtk2.0-bin: dependency problems, but configuring anyway as you requested:13:43
HtheBlouisdk, thats normal13:45
HtheBbecause it has a mic in it. the plug is different13:45
HtheByou need a special cable to rearrange the plugouts13:45
djszapiN9pa expect some funny reviews.13:45
HtheBotherwise,just use a rubberband to hold the button :D13:45
djszapiN9pa there is switcher app for the chat without ui13:46
djszapiN9the icon jist switches you on and off13:46
djszapiN9very cool13:46
djszapiN9and people left reviews it does not even launch :p13:46
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djszapiN9rzr, I am on my phone. Cannot unfortunately check atm.13:47
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djszapiN9rzr, my N9 does not load the page for reasons in grob.13:52
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djszapirzr: that link does not load even on my desktop PC. Wonder, if it works for others?14:55
rzrwell the problem is w/ dpkg14:55
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rzrdpkg: libgtk2.0-bin: dependency problems, but configuring anyway as you requested:14:56
rzr libgtk2.0-bin depends on libgtk2.0-0 (>= 2:2.12.9-0osso1); however:14:56
rzr  Package libgtk2.0-0 is not installed.14:56
rzrYou don't have immodules directory for version
rzrUse default version instead.14:56
rzrUpdating the IM modules list for GTK+-2.14.0.../usr/bin/find: `/usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.14.0/immodules': No such file or directory14:56
*** rashm2k has joined #harmattan14:56
rzrwhile that package is available14:56
rzri might miss something14:56
*** rashm2k has quit IRC14:57
*** rashm2k has joined #harmattan14:57
*** rcg-work has joined #harmattan14:58
*** ptl has quit IRC14:59
djszapi"You don't have immodules directory for version 2.4.0." -> ?15:02
djszapiit is mentioning 2.14 below.15:02
djszapinot 2.415:02
rzrbut <rzr>   Package libgtk2.0-0 is not installed.15:02
rzrwhy ?15:02
djszapi -> this is segfaulted by the way.15:06
*** achipa has joined #harmattan15:06
rzri am not on that repo15:07
rzrharmattan:testing is building gtk15:07
*** ptl has joined #harmattan15:09
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rashm2kwhat does this mean?16:04
rashm2kpassing const xxxxx as this argument of xxxxx discards qualifiers?16:04
rashm2kI'm just calling a c++ function from Qt16:04
rashm2konce i add const keyword onto the end of the method this fixes this error16:05
*** niqt has quit IRC16:06
Sfiet_Konstantinrashm2k: it is about methods that let the object constant or not16:06
*** ptl has quit IRC16:07
djszapirashm2k: do you understand what const means?16:07
djszapifor a method?16:07
rashm2kI think so16:07
rashm2kit means the returned value cannot be changed16:07
rashm2kthe pointer address cannot be changed16:07
njsfDoes anyone know how to add pauses and digits to send after call is established on the N9 ? Contacts will not allow , to be entered. I don't even know if the telephony supports it16:08
djszapiit means what Sfiet_Konstantin wrote above16:08
djszapirashm2k: it means the method does not change the object16:08
djszapiwhat you call teh method on.16:08
djszapirashm2k: you can have a void return value for a const method as well.16:08
njsfrashm2k: NO, const qualifier for a method means the object state is not changed16:09
njsfie, no data member (unless marked mutable) can be changed16:09
*** ptl has joined #harmattan16:09
*** ptl has quit IRC16:09
*** ptl has joined #harmattan16:09
njsfthis means that a const object pointer can only be used to invoke const methods16:10
njsfand the this pointer on a const method is also by definition a const pointer16:10
rashm2kah I see16:11
rashm2klet me try to explain it in my own terms and you can tell me if I am correct16:11
rashm2kthese methods I am calling are called from the ListModel data(int role) const method16:13
rashm2kso since the data(...) method is CONST16:13
*** ptl has quit IRC16:13
rashm2kANY methods it calls must ALSO be const16:14
djszapiand logical.16:14
rashm2kand CONST means the state of the class is not changed by calling this method16:14
*** phako has joined #harmattan16:15
*** Wnt has joined #harmattan16:15
djszapimake sure you understand what "state" means.16:15
djszapinjsf described that above.16:15
djszapirashm2k: are you new to C++?16:15
djszapirashm2k: I have some good books describing these things.16:16
djszapiif you are interested in.16:16
rashm2kI have read the books16:16
rashm2kbut until you do it in real life16:16
*** kralor_ is now known as kralor16:16
rashm2kyou don't really understand it16:16
*** ptl has joined #harmattan16:16
*** ptl has quit IRC16:16
*** ptl has joined #harmattan16:16
djszapiwell, it is not a rocket science :)16:16
djszapiand books are good for looking up a topic like this.16:17
rashm2kisn't that what this channel is for ;-)16:17
djszapifor C++ support?16:18
rashm2kI've got quite a few books myself16:18
rashm2kit's just finding the time to read them16:18
rashm2kI don't use c++ as my daily programming language16:18
rashm2kmostly SQL, C# etc.16:18
djszapireading books are really a good thing, and worth the time.16:19
djszapirather reading an article about a topic than struggling many times with the same in practice.16:20
rashm2kI have read part of the bjourne strap book16:20
djszapithat is your problem. ;)16:20
djszapiit is not too hefty..16:20
djszapiit is too hefty..*16:20
djszapifor a newcomer.16:20
djszapiUsually, newcomers read a more newcomer-friendly material.16:21
*** ptl has quit IRC16:21
djszapilike you do not read the opengl API directly while learning graphics. :)16:21
*** Estel_ has joined #harmattan16:21
rashm2kI like to understand the workings properly and how it works underneath the hood16:22
*** Arie has joined #harmattan16:22
rashm2kif I can understand what the assembly language would look like then I'm good16:22
*** HtheB has joined #harmattan16:23
djszapiI believe, this causes the troubles for you.16:23
djszapiyou should first understand the basics from a book, that is written directly for newcomers.16:23
djszapionce everything is clear in there, you can dive in more.16:23
rashm2kI was too busy doing wireless netoworks, optics, VHDL etc at uni only did one c++ course16:23
*** Arie has quit IRC16:24
*** xiaosage has joined #harmattan16:24
rashm2kany good book recommendations?16:24
mgedmina c++ book?  stroustroup16:24
djszapirashm2k: you can even grab one of the Qt books.16:26
rashm2kgot the stroustroup book16:27
djszapiI have read all of those. Some of them are quite hefty.16:30
djszapibut soem of them should be alright'ish, and fine for Qt application development.16:30
*** ptl has joined #harmattan16:32
*** Arie has joined #harmattan16:34
*** xiaosage has quit IRC16:35
*** ptl has quit IRC16:36
*** Arie has quit IRC16:36
njsfFor introductory material, Lippman's C++ Primer is the standard IMO16:37
*** ptl has joined #harmattan16:39
djszapirzr: unsure about testing. It may be dangerous to work with more than one repository though on OBS.16:39
djszapiI would be happy if I got one work at times. :)16:39
*** rzr is now known as rZr16:41
*** ptl has quit IRC16:43
*** vladest has quit IRC16:51
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rashm2kanyone know of a QML (or Qt) countdown example? I need to show the time remaning in days, hours minutes and seconds and possibly months18:32
*** JION_a has quit IRC18:33
Sfiet_Konstantinrashm2k: should be easy18:34
Sfiet_Konstantinrashm2k: wait a sec I'm gonna write one18:34
*** ptl has quit IRC18:34
*** JION_a has joined #harmattan18:35
djszapirashm2k: I wrote that18:36
djszapiand works fine for both of my apps18:36
djszapiyou need two timers unfortunately.18:38
djszapiI have extended the qelapsedtimer in Qt5, so there will be a need only for one.18:38
djszapibut that is it for Qt4.18:38
*** elldekaa has quit IRC18:38
*** JION_a has quit IRC18:39
Arkenoihmm, my skype client just stopped working, "wrong username or password", ok on desktop18:40
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan18:41
*** ptl has joined #harmattan18:44
*** ptl has quit IRC18:44
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*** ptl has quit IRC18:49
rashm2kthat was quick18:49
rashm2kyou wrote that in 60 seconds18:49
Arkenoiworks now18:51
* Arkenoi wonders what happened18:51
*** rashm2k has quit IRC18:53
*** rashm2k has joined #harmattan18:53
Arkenoiagain, now18:53
*** mike7b4_n9 has quit IRC18:53
djszapirashm2k: sorry?18:54
*** ptl has joined #harmattan19:00
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*** ptl has joined #harmattan19:00
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*** ptl has quit IRC19:05
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #harmattan19:05
rashm2kjust kidding19:06
djszapidid not get the joke, but ok :)19:06
rashm2kin QML why is qsTr("xxxxx") used for text: rather than just "xxxxx"???19:07
djszapiI would suggest reading the qml introduction.19:07
deramwhy would one want to use translations..19:08
djszapideram: to localize the software..19:09
deramoh my..19:09
djszapias the users actually request in Ovi.19:09
*** aquarius has quit IRC19:09
*** aquarius has joined #harmattan19:10
*** lordross has quit IRC19:13
*** ptl has joined #harmattan19:15
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*** ptl has joined #harmattan19:15
rashm2kI've never looked at i8n, never needed it19:15
*** mike7b4_work has quit IRC19:16
*** elldekaa has joined #harmattan19:18
*** ptl has quit IRC19:20
aquariusElleo, ping about tizmee19:21
*** rashm2k has quit IRC19:21
Elleoaquarius: pong?19:22
aquariusElleo, would it be very very hard to put tizmee apps on the front screen directly? So you didn't necessarily know that they were TizMee-powered?19:23
Elleoaquarius: yeah, I'm planning on doing that in a future version19:24
*** rashm2k has joined #harmattan19:24
aquariusElleo, cool19:24
Elleoaquarius: at the moment the launcher applies some hacks directly in to the html files at start up19:24
aquariusit feels like tizmee could be very cool indeed. :)19:24
Elleobut I'm rewriting some of the underlying stuff so that that can be handled more neatly within the main webkit process19:24
aquariusthere is obviously a bunch of prior art on ways to do that, since everyone does it :)19:25
aquariusaddJavaScriptInterface and whatnot19:25
Elleoafter that it's just a matter of spitting out .desktop files for each app19:25
Elleoaquarius: yeah, that's what I wanted to do originally but realised it'd need some rewriting of the cordova core stuff first unfortunately19:26
aquariuscan an app install itself as a handler for downloaded files? So you'd download a .wgt on the n9 and the "tizmee installer" would start up and add it to front screen?19:26
Elleosince they've used the qml webview component, whereas I need to be able to implement a qgraphicswebview subclass that overrides some bits and pieces to handle everything neatly19:26
*** jreznik has quit IRC19:27
Elleoaquarius: hopefully, I'm hoping I can just register it as a mime type handler and have it launch when you click a .wgt in the download screen19:27
Elleohaven't really looked in to that side of things though19:27
aquariusElleo, superb19:27
*** jreznik has joined #harmattan19:27
*** LuPo has joined #harmattan19:28
*** thetet has quit IRC19:28
Elleoif I'm quick the next version will support more stuff than the official tizen runtime :P19:28
aquariusis there a tizen app store? and does it have open APIs? :)19:28
*** djszapi has left #harmattan19:29
Elleo(the released tizen versions don't do geolocation or webgl yet)19:29
*** vladest has joined #harmattan19:29
Elleoaquarius: that's a bit of a problematic issue at the moment; no one in the tizen consortium seems willing to really talk about what app stores are going to be like19:29
aquariusadd tizen apps to apps-for-meego? :)19:30
Elleothe consortium is basically leaving it to OEMs to implement whatever stores they like19:30
LuPonot sure whether this is right channel for my question: a friend of mine mis-erased the partition table on his harmattan N9 phone. Would it be possible for anybody to share with me a N9 Harmattan partition table so that I can restore it?19:30
ElleoLuPo: would doing a full reflash not work?19:30
LuPoI wanted to save data19:30
*** ptl has joined #harmattan19:30
*** ptl has quit IRC19:30
*** ptl has joined #harmattan19:30
LuPohe's got photo and stuff on that partition19:31
Elleoaquarius: and no OEMs are saying anything (not even Samsung), and not even on really important topics like whether or not they'll be permitting native EFL apps in their stores or not19:31
LuPojust the first 512B could do the job19:31
javispedroLuPo: the N9 will not boot without a valid partition table, so how are you going to fix it? :P19:31
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC19:32
LuPowell, the phone boots and recognizes all partitions (cache, system, userdata, etc) but not the user partition19:32
LuPoit says it's free19:32
LuPoand by looking at the first 512B of the table it looks like empty19:32
Elleoaquarius: I also need to add support for the Symbian web runtime style of packaging while I'm at it, since they're basically the same deal only storing metadata in json instead of xml19:33
LuPoMy guess is that it's using some kind of failsafe partition for booting19:34
LuPoso I thought that by restoring the original partition table, would do the job19:34
Elleoaquarius: also, if you were willing to package a .wgt up in a deb and depend on tizmee then add a quick line to the postinst to run the tizmee app installer you could probably package things up nicely for apps for meego19:34
aquariusElleo, ya: there are about fourteen formats which are "html + css + js files, + a metadata file, in a zip"19:35
Elleooh, except apps for meego doesn't support dependencies properly yet19:35
*** ptl has quit IRC19:35
Elleothat might be more doable on Nemo where it could sit in the shared middleware repository though19:35
aquariusElleo, that (packaging a deb) would be wonderful if it could be done without a harmattan dev environment (that is: you provide precompiled files and something just plugs them together)19:35
*** rZr is now known as rzr19:36
Elleoaquarius: yeah, it'd probably be fairly easy to make a little webservice to do it for you19:36
javispedroaquarius: Madde does it19:36
ElleoI'm not volunteering to right now though ;)19:36
aquariusElleo, if you need a harmattan dev env to make the debs then you lose half the benefit of getting to write apps in HTML which is that you do not have to care about compiling things ;)19:36
aquariusjavispedro, does it? without a harmattan dev env? QtSDK is a huge great big thing; I thought MADDE relied on you having installed all that?19:37
*** ptl has joined #harmattan19:37
*** ptl has quit IRC19:37
*** ptl has joined #harmattan19:37
javispedroaquarius: the full environment is used for building stuff (headers, etc.)19:38
aquariusElleo, how big is tizmee? It seemed rather small to me (which is great) -- could just include it in every app rather than depending (which means that you can add newer versions, patches, etc; this is useful for phonegap)19:39
aquariuser, cordova :)19:39
Elleoaquarius: the next version is going to be *much* bigger19:40
aquariusElleo, oh. darn :)19:40
Elleothe next version will be about 20mb since I'm including my own build of qtwebkit in it19:40
Elleoonly way to get webgl support unfortunately19:41
*** vladest_ has joined #harmattan19:41
Elleoalong with some other smaller improvement19:41
aquariusI don't care anything like enough about webgl to ship a whole browser with my app, but I suppose others do ;-)19:41
*** vladest has quit IRC19:42
*** vladest_ is now known as vladest19:42
*** ptl has quit IRC19:42
Elleoaquarius: at least one good side-effect came out of that though, I learnt enough about webkit to put together a tiny app that allows you to use the amazon cloud reader :)19:43
Elleoand even managed to port it to symbian since its pretty much all pure Qt+QtWebkit stuff19:43
aquariusElleo, man, that's annoying, that it needs a whole webkit and it can't just use the system one. That makes TizMee less attractive, in my opinion (not that my opinion matters more than a fart in a hurricane since I'm not lifting a finger here to help ;))19:43
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC19:44
Elleoaquarius: well it only needs it on Harmattan, hopefully future platforms will have webgl support built-in ;)19:44
aquariusheh, "future platforms"19:44
ElleoI have faith in Jolla19:45
Elleos/faith/desperate hope/19:45
infobotElleo meant: I have desperate hope in Jolla19:45
aquariusI don't suppose you'd consider having tizmee-with-system-webkit (tiny) and tizmee-with-new-webkit (large, extra features) as separate things? :)19:45
*** vladest_ has joined #harmattan19:45
Elleoaquarius: maybe19:45
aquariusI have a lot less faith in Jolla since I found out that they're not targeting the N9 :(19:45
aquariussince I consider it unlikely that anyone else will make hardware as nice, given that no-one else has managed it up to now. :(19:46
ElleoI expect there's not too much commercial future in trying to target another manufacturer's phone though19:46
Elleobut certainly the n9 has some of the nicest aesthetics of any phone19:47
*** vladest has quit IRC19:47
*** vladest_ is now known as vladest19:47
Elleoaquarius: also just because the Jolla folks aren't officially supporting the N9 doesn't mean there isn't some benefit, since a number of them contribute to Nemo which can be installed on the N9 if you're feeling adventurous19:48
aquariusElleo, oh, I understand the reasoning, I just think that Nokia's investment in industrial design is unlikely to be met by a project with less money (since it hasn't been met by many projects with more money, up to now); it won design awards, etc :)19:49
ElleoI doubt they'll be contributing whatever they're new UI idea is back to Nemo though19:49
aquariusalso, I'm already out on a pretty thin limb running my N9 at all. Running a Jolla port to Nemo on the N9 is a bit too far out onto the cracked ice even for me ;)19:50
ElleoI'm running Nemo on my old n900 now for testing bits and pieces19:50
Elleoand its shaping up quite nicely19:50
Elleoplatform-wise that is, in terms of apps there isn't much19:51
Elleosince its mostly only odd people like me that bother porting anything to it at the moment19:52
aquariusit does seem that way, indeed, but I've only got one phone, so I can't afford to sod it up, and after being burned alive by Cyanogen I'm loath to be too experimental :)19:52
Elleoheh, yeah19:52
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rzrM4rtinK, hi again21:16
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pais it normal that ugrading an app completely erase the QSettins?21:35
*** ptl has joined #harmattan21:40
pai dont know why it happens with my app then..21:43
paneed to investigate21:43
*** HtheB has joined #harmattan21:44
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Venemo_N9pa, perhaps the parameters to access the settings changed?21:47
Venemo_N9like company name or app name or something21:47
*** djszapi_ has joined #harmattan21:53
djszapi_pa: what do you mean by completely erase the QSettings?21:54
djszapi_you mean the setting files are gone?21:55
*** ptl has joined #harmattan21:55
pahm, i havent checked that exactly, but htey get resetted to default in the app21:56
pai should check if the file is gone, next time21:56
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faenilvladest, ping22:14
*** ptl has quit IRC22:15
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Arkenoidamn phone just dropped the whole tracker database on the floor. no contacts, no messages.22:25
*** Venemo_N9 has quit IRC22:25
* Arkenoi wishes that idiot who invented storing it there altogether gets gangrene22:26
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djszapi_Venemo: hi, how are you today?23:00
*** djszapi__ has left #harmattan23:00
Venemodjszapi_, better, thanks.23:00
vladestfaenil: pong23:00
*** mgedmin has quit IRC23:01
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djszapi_Sfiet_Konstantin: cannot check youtube from mobile internet :/23:01
*** shanttu has joined #harmattan23:02
Sfiet_Konstantinwell, it was just "Wing stock", by Ashley Macisaac, on the album "Hi, how are you today" :)23:03
*** harbaum has quit IRC23:03
*** mgedmin has joined #harmattan23:05
faenilvladest, here's better23:08
faenilguys, does anyone know how to get rid of "QGLWindowSurface: Flushing to native child widget, may lead to significant performance loss" ?23:08
faenilit's coming from QML Video23:08
*** jreznik has joined #harmattan23:09
*** ptl has joined #harmattan23:12
faenilmm no idea I guess :D23:16
*** ptl has quit IRC23:17
vladestfaenil: trying to recall23:18
*** shanttu has quit IRC23:18
vladestfaenil: ok, graphicssystem is default23:19
vladestfaenil: main class is child of QDeclarativeView23:19
vladestfaenil: and for harmattan called: setViewport(new QGLWidget);23:20
vladestthats it, afaik23:20
faenilvladest, so you had to call setViewport with QGLWidget23:22
*** HtheB has joined #harmattan23:23
*** luke-jr_ is now known as Luke-Jr23:23
Arkenoihmm. i copied meta.db to a desktop and sqlite3 says it is "encrypted or not a database". wtf?23:24
vladestfaenil: right23:24
faenilvladest, ok thanks, I'll give it a try ;)23:25
*** ptl has joined #harmattan23:27
*** ptl has quit IRC23:32
*** Sniper_swe has joined #harmattan23:33
Sniper_sweanyone know what the name is of an app that lets you manage top visited sites in default browser?23:34
*** NIN101 has quit IRC23:37
*** piggz has joined #harmattan23:37
pahi Sniper_swe23:37
Sniper_swehi pa23:38
pawere you saying you were interested in multiple gmail accounts for contacts?23:38
Sniper_swehmm dunno where i said it:p might be in a week or two. can sync gf contacts to my phone to;p23:40
pawell in any case, my tool now passed qa, you may try it if you want:
paSniper_swe, what do you mean?23:41
*** ChanServ has joined #harmattan23:41
*** sets mode: +o ChanServ23:41
*** trx is now known as Guest9345823:42
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*** liar is now known as Guest321123:42
Sniper_swesynv girlfriends to contacs from google. she has a lot thst i need but to lazy to add them manually23:42
*** ptl has joined #harmattan23:42
Arkenoidamn phone just dropped the whole tracker database on the floor. no contacts, no messages.23:43
* Arkenoi wishes that idiot who invented storing it there altogether gets gangrene23:43
*** Estel_ has quit IRC23:44
Sniper_swepa installing it now. will try it:)23:44
pacool, let me know if it works for you :)23:45
*** HtheB has quit IRC23:46
Sniper_swewill do:)23:46
*** ptl has quit IRC23:47
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