IRC log of #harmattan for Tuesday, 2012-08-21

rzrdjszapi_, I am making a 0.0.YYYYMMDD version of automoc00:00
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rashm2kanyone around?02:50
rashm2kQDeclarativeExpression: Expression "(function $text() { return model.modelData.key })" depends on non-NOTIFYable properties:02:51
rashm2k    KeyValueListItem::key02:51
rashm2kwhat does the above error message mean and how do I get rid of it?02:51
rashm2kKeyValueListItem is used to add to Qobject based ListModel and has a QString property called KEY02:52
rashm2kkey does not emit keyChanged signal!02:53
rashm2kam I right?02:53
rashm2kQ_PROPERTY(QString value READ value) is in my header file02:54
rashm2kit's the same for propety key and value02:55
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rashm2kdamn wireless keeps dropping03:06
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chem|stgood morning11:06
Sfiet_Konstantinchem|st: morning11:07
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djszapi_chem|st: morning11:09
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chem|stI had another WTF moment lately... there is no network-specified smtp AND emails are limited to 5MB of attachements...11:28
chem|stwhat is the deal with that?11:28
chem|stwell the smtp stuff is not new to me, but I was emailing some picturtes one night an did not see the notification about size and sent an empty mail11:29
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fralsyeah the network specific smtp is annoying11:35
fralssolved it with setting up my own smtp with auth on my server so i can relay it that way :(11:35
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chem|stfrals: at uni I am forced to use the internal smtp11:43
chem|stfrals: what about the 5MB limit? is that hardcoded11:44
fralsdunno tbh, i would expect it to be in the settings11:44
fralsbecause the guys doing fenix were decent ppl ;D11:45
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fralsmaybe not in gui settings but might be defineable in the .cfg/.ini or whatever it is11:47
fralsmight be mentioned in the tmo thread11:48
chem|stfrals: [General]11:50
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fralsyeah that sounds about right11:51
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vladestok, updating n950 to 1.3 with n9 tweaks is bad idea12:30
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panokia  is really falling..12:38
paQA guy says there's no email on my support page, where the email is there..12:38
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fralschem|st: cool12:51
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chem|stfrals: I set it to 25 tried a movie "denied" file too large... tried a few mp3s (14MB) - accepted; however I did not try to send it...12:59
chem|stso next: how do I get birthdayreminders on the actual day and not 3 days ahead?13:00
Lava_Croftinput all birthdays by hand and set the reminder to 013:02
* Lava_Croft runs13:02
* chem|st throws a brick at Lava_Croft 13:03
* Lava_Croft ducks and watches the brick hit a plexiglass window13:04
Lava_Crofti suggest you duck too13:04
* chem|st is setting up a force field 5000H rrthhh13:06
* chem|st puts a rocket turret in his hand ready to deploy13:08
chem|styour turn!13:08
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Sfiet_KonstantinDear Harmattan hackers here13:13
Sfiet_Konstantindo anybody know how to check the screen state ? If it is powered, or off ?13:13
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phakoSfiet_Konstantin: there's a DBus interface (and maybe a library to go with it)13:15
phakoprobably also available through something in QtDBus13:15
phakoEr QtMobility13:15
Sfiet_Konstantinwhat dbus interface ?13:16
Sfiet_Konstantinnice :)13:16
vladestok, 1.2 flashed back13:16
vladestwith an errors, but phone is up and running it seems13:17
Sfiet_Konstantinthanks phako13:18
phakoSfiet_Konstantin: there might be some api for that in Qt, but I couldn't use it13:18
Sfiet_Konstantinphako: i'm doing "low level" hacking on lock screen13:19
Sfiet_Konstantini think that DBus should be enough13:19
Sfiet_Konstantinphako: do you know what is Nokia N9's low power mode ?13:19
Sfiet_Konstantinhow is it triggered ?13:19
phakono, sorry13:19
Sfiet_Konstantinphako: when I'm trying to access to, I got org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.AccessDenied, do you know what do that mean ?13:24
phakooh. hm13:25
phakoas user?13:25
Sfiet_KonstantinI hate aegis with passion13:27
deramany idea, why I can't get root certificate trusted for websites, but anything else it's ok in my N9?13:27
rashm2kI have created a custom component in a seperate QML file which has a mouseArea, this is then aliased as a property. If I do mouseArea.onClicked in another file will this overwrite the original mouseArea?13:32
rashm2kor will I now have two mouseAreas?13:32
Sfiet_Konstantinrashm2k: a bit of code ?13:33
Sfiet_Konstantinrashm2k: I did not understand13:33
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phakoSfiet_Konstantin: hm, that used to work13:34
djszapirzr: hi, got the automoc issue sorted?13:34
rashm2k my custom component13:35
rashm2kline 10 is the alias to the mouseArea13:35
rashm2kwhen I include this component in another QML file and do mouseArea.onClicked does the mouseArea in THIS file get overrriden?13:36
vladestwhat is cmt-mcusw in flash for n9/950?13:36
Sfiet_Konstantincan you do that ?13:36
vladestrashm2k: yes13:37
rashm2kokay I see13:37
rashm2kI ask this because i Use this component multiple times each time with a different model13:38
rashm2kdifferent ListModel that is13:38
rashm2kbut one instance of this has a special mouseArea action13:39
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rashm2kany got an example of sub lists13:42
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rashm2kWhat is the scope of the ID of a ListDelegate?13:46
rashm2ki.e. if I give my ListDelefate id: listDelegate - is this accessible from outside the ListView? Do all the ListDelegates have the same id?13:47
rashm2kAnd if so how does the framework know which listDelegate you are referring to?13:48
rashm2kI think it's scope is just the listDelegate itself.13:48
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rashm2kis there any quicker was of deploying to the n9? Each time a change something in the QML is bloody rebuilds the deb file and installs it!14:12
radiofreecan't you just copy the qml file over14:13
rashm2kit's a bit of a pain to copy it over each time and then start the app14:16
rashm2kmaybe i could create my own custom build?14:16
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radiofreeno i mean just copy of the .qml file14:20
radiofreenot the whole debian package14:20
radiofreescp myqmlfile.qml root@
rashm2kyeah but thats a pain - I need to mount the N9 over ssh, then copy it and then launch it14:21
radiofreethat's not really that much of a pain...14:21
rashm2kI think I can do it using QT custom depoyment14:21
radiofreeconsidering your question was <rashm2k> is there any quicker was of deploying to the n9? Each time a change something in the QML is bloody rebuilds the deb file and installs it!14:22
rashm2kwhen you have to do it 20/30 times an hour it is!14:22
radiofreessh onto the device and edit the qml file there14:22
rashm2kI think i've got it though14:22
mgedminIIRC I hacked something up with scp'ing the .qml file to my N9 and running it via a small Python script, also over ssh14:23
rashm2kany idea how I can remove the local path and remote path on the QT deployment page? Ther is no option to remove it14:23
rashm2k Upload of file 'xxxxxxxxx' failed: Permission denied14:24
radiofreemgedmin: yeah i hacked up some crappy script to do something similar, using spawn scp14:25
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rashm2kI'm working on it now two mins14:27
rashm2kokay developer user has no permissions to overwrite an /opt folder - how do I get around this?14:29
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rashm2khow do I login as root on the N9?14:30
rashm2kover ssh14:30
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trxits disabled by default, use "developer"14:32
rashm2kyes but how do I do that over ssh and prorive password?14:32
trxthen devel-su from there14:32
rashm2kprovide password?14:32
trxits in SDK app14:33
rashm2kI tried this ssh developer@ "devel-su << rootme"14:33
trxits not rootme14:33
mgedminthe password is either rootme, or you were asked to create one at some point14:33
mgedminthat will not work14:33
mgedmindevel-su really really wants interactive input14:33
trxuse passwd to chang it14:33
mgedminto get the password14:33
mgedminand there's no sudo, which annoys me a lot14:33
rashm2kthe password still is rootme14:33
rashm2kI haven't changed it14:34
mgedminyou can ssh root@, though14:34
trxrashm2k you can't log in with root14:34
trxuse developer14:34
trxdeveloper has a diffrent password14:34
mgedminor you can set things up so you can ssh to root@14:34
rashm2kI have a ssh key deployed so I don't need password14:34
trxuse passwd to set a new password for developer and then ssh :)14:34
rashm2kfor developer14:34
mgedmin(if you do so, don't leave the root password 'rootme', as that would be asking for your phone to be 0wn3d)14:34
mgedmintrx, see, rashm2k is trying to overwrite files in /opt, which are read-only for user developer14:35
rashm2kI will change it soon14:35
trxuse develsh and devel-su in ssh session14:35
rashm2kthey are permissioned for root as user and group14:35
trxor search tmo on how to allow ssh access for root14:36
rashm2kthats what I am doing - but I don't know how to push the password when devel-sh asks for it14:36
trxcan't you just type it?14:36
rashm2kI want to script it14:36
rashm2kmy steps will be as follws14:37
phakorashm2k: use sshpass14:37
mgedminrashm2k, use ssh pubkey auth14:37
phakoor pubkey auth14:37
rashm2kyeah that was gonna be my next step14:37
chem|stdoes anyone know how to reset facebooksharing plugin to use mobile-upload as folder again?14:37
rashm2kjust dump the ssh key to the root home foler14:37
mgedminthen scp newfile.qml root@192.168.x.x:/opt/whatever/14:38
deramgot this from syslog when applying my CA to websites: "certificate_install: aegis_storage.cpp(1935): ERROR commit: access denied, cannot commit '/var/lib/aegis/ps/Ss/certman.ssl-ca'"14:43
deramanything I can do, or is this reflash time?14:43
deramok.. fixed by deleting that file.. (had weird owner compared to other files in that place)14:50
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rashm2kfollowed theese instruction but can't login via root:14:59
rashm2kgetting a bit annoyed now14:59
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rashm2krootme password is not accepted via ssh15:01
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rashm2knobody can help me out?15:06
pais it often the case that US companies do not have working visa for hiring non-US citizens?15:10
mgedminrashm2k, IIRC when I first installed the openssh-server package, it asked me to set the root password15:14
rashm2kI've just done ps aux | grep ssh on my phone and it says /usr/sbin/sshd -o PermitRootLogin=no -D -415:15
rashm2ksomething is respawning sshd with PermitRootLogin=no and I need to change that15:16
mgedminI'm sorry, I forgot about that15:16
mgedminyeah, the init.d script is ... nice15:16
mgedminand it's protected with aegis, so you can't modify it (without bricking your n9)15:17
mgedminthere's a hackaround15:17
mgedminbut given the problem you're solving, I'd stop trying to automate root-level tasks15:17
mgedmindo devel-su manually, chown the /opt/ directory to your developer user, then use scp to developer@15:17
rashm2kyeah seems like thats the only option15:18
rashm2kbit shit really15:18
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merlin1991DocScrutinizer05: are you going to add the sources that were used for the pr1.3 open mode kernel like with ?16:06
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Lava_Crofthe better!17:15
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Arkenoi hmm, is it authentic?17:48
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fluxseems a bit small17:49
fluxah, never mind, I assumed it was the sources for the firmware17:49
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rashm2kchown -R developer xxxx give operation not permitted in /opt17:53
ZogG_laptoprashm2k: ?17:53
ZogG_laptoprashm2k: why would you do it?17:53
rashm2kI want to try and deploy the application manually without having to create a stupid deb file everytime17:54
rashm2kI can't login as root on the device17:54
rashm2kvia ssh17:54
rashm2kso someone suggested I chown the dir in opt to developer so I can deploy it17:55
*** vladest has quit IRC17:55
rashm2keverything is fucked beford17:55
trxrashm2k scp the file where you can eg. MyDocs17:55
rashm2kand then?17:55
*** vladest has joined #harmattan17:55
befordi'm not17:56
trxthen ssh via developer, cp /home/user/MyDocs/myexe /bin/myexe17:56
trxchmod +x /bin/myexe17:56
trxand you can run your application from anywhere17:56
rashm2kdeveloper does not have permission to overrite the files17:56
trxthats why you ssh via developer17:56
trxthen devel-su17:57
trxand you have perms..17:57
rashm2kI want to script it17:57
trxthen incept your phone and use ariadne sh17:57
trx(if possible)17:57
valdur55opensh ?17:58
trxanyways, its faster than creating a deb17:58
trxi use it all the time17:58
trxyou do have to have two terminals open, but who cares :)17:58
rashm2kI can't open mode it as I get exchange emails17:58
trxopen mode != incept17:58
rashm2kwhat is incept?17:59
trxsearch tmo17:59
ZogG_laptopbeford: sup dude18:00
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC18:00
befordhey ZogG_laptop18:01
*** rcg-work has quit IRC18:01
ZogG_laptopbeford: don't hey me :)18:01
befordhola <318:01
rashm2knah don't wanna do inception18:02
befordinception is cool18:02
befordthe movie18:02
ZogG_laptoprashm2k: you can't want all and do nothing18:02
rashm2kwhy does devel-su << rootme say password incorrect?18:02
befordZogG_laptop: do you have a account? its nice18:02
ZogG_laptopbeford: what is it?18:03
befordZogG_laptop: not sure xD but I use it like this, download torrents there (super fast) and then stream the content and watch it online18:03
ZogG_laptopit is probably re-encoding18:04
ZogG_laptopplus i like to watch on TV18:04
befordwell you can stream to VLC18:04
befordmplayer, boxee, and even xbmc18:04
ZogG_laptopmplayer FTW18:04
ZogG_laptopbut no thanks18:04
ZogG_laptopbeford: and it's illegal to pirate :P18:05
befordI just watched the elephants movie from blender18:05
ZogG_laptopbeford: oh did you see the one with girl and dragon?18:05
befordZogG_laptop: there's a free account though, you could give it a try anyway :p18:06
befordZogG_laptop: no idea :P18:06
ZogG_laptopbeford: sintel18:06
ZogG_laptopit's opensource18:06
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rashm2khow to make qmake do parallel builds and make use of my multicore CPU?18:58
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tommarashm2k, you dont, you have to tell make to use multiple jobs19:40
faenildoes anyone have experience with a qml video player?19:41
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rashm2khow would I tell make to use multiple jobs from qmake?20:32
*** Luke-Jr has quit IRC20:34
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rashm2khow can I override the mouseArea in another component?21:15
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piggzlo *22:16
djszapi_hey piggz22:16
*** lbt_away is now known as lbt22:25
djszapi_rzr: have you found a solution for the automoc issue?22:32
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ZogG_laptoprzr: found solution for peace in the world22:48
rzrdjszapi_, i suggested to make it depends on a fake lower version22:49
*** rashm2k has quit IRC22:58
*** NIN101 has quit IRC23:01
djszapi_rzr: what do you mean by fake lower version?23:20
djszapi_differently named than the one in the harmattan repository?23:20
rzrlet's assume repo has version n23:21
rzrwe'll put an updated one w/ version n-123:21
rzrand force depends on n-123:21
rzrok ?23:22
djszapi_why is that good?23:22
djszapi_you could still have a clash for the same package names.23:22
djszapi_I thought you would rename the package in the community repository.23:22
djszapi_ah, gotcha.23:23
djszapi_because everything will pick up the latest, I presume.23:23
djszapi_but our kdelibs will pack up the older forceably.23:24
rzrthats the idea23:24
rzrrenaming is a good alternative23:24
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC23:24
rzrlike automoc-snapshot23:24
djszapi_I just cannot tell a good new package name :)23:24
djszapi_yes, that works.23:24
djszapi_I like that idea.23:24
DocScrutinizer05merlin1991: there's already the cdrom.iso with all the sources23:24
DocScrutinizer05merlin1991: also please keep in mind I'm not author of the openmode kernel binaries, I'm only hosting them23:25
rzrdjszapi_, btw i am hacking something weird23:26
rzrI created a meta-harmattan package to workaround missing packages ...23:27
rzrthen no need to fix all existing package ...23:27
rzrwill tell more soon23:27
djszapi_ok =)23:28
rzron which topic are you now ? kde?23:30
djszapi_Windows XP and automotive.23:30
djszapi_graphics stack.23:30
djszapi_in my leisure time, I am organizing a Contributor Device Program at the moment.23:31
*** moha2 has joined #harmattan23:31
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rzrabout to finish a job and starting an other...23:33
rzrfed up w/ android :)23:33
rzrexited for new  linux embedded projects ..23:34
rzrfor leisure having fun w/ obs :)23:34
ZogG_laptoprzr: what job you had and what is future one?23:36
rzrcoder no more no less23:36
*** orfix has quit IRC23:38
*** orfix has joined #harmattan23:40
*** shanttu has quit IRC23:44
rzractually android is not that bad many of my workmates hates it23:47
rzrjni and so on can be fun ;)23:48
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