IRC log of #harmattan for Monday, 2012-08-20

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djszapi_ieatlint: ping?00:53
djszapi_radiofree__: ping?00:53
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jesuschrist_rzr : you here ?01:40
rzrmore or less why ?01:40
jesuschrist_i tried01:42
jesuschrist_doesnt install itself01:42
jesuschrist_and consequently ppptp01:42
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jesuschrist_rzr : need some pastebin stuff ?01:46
rzrwhats wrong ?01:46
rzrjesuschrist_, sure or post on tmo01:46
jesuschrist_head: invalid option -- '-'01:46
jesuschrist_i guess thats the problem01:46
jesuschrist_something in the script01:46
jesuschrist_of installation01:47
rzrrun that script w/ bash01:47
rzrsee what i mean ?01:47
jesuschrist_im trying01:47
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jesuschrist_same output installing via bash01:49
jesuschrist_and same end01:49
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jesuschrist_any advise ?01:50
rzrbash -x script01:51
jesuschrist_you mean i have to unpack the deb ?01:51
rzr-x will trace the running script01:52
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jesuschrist_im not following you01:53
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rzrwhat is the path  of the installed  script ?01:55
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jesuschrist_it fails to install rzr, it doesnt install01:56
jesuschrist_the message is given when i run apt-get install ppp01:56
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rzrdpkg -i *.deb will install it partially01:56
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jesuschrist_yeah it install it partially01:57
jesuschrist_already with apt-get01:57
jesuschrist_but it then fails when it comes to ppptp01:57
jesuschrist_because failed dep01:57
rzrwell i am leaving now , please send a message online or rzr(a)gna.org01:57
jesuschrist_see ya dude01:58
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HtheBdoes anybody knows something about hostmode for harmattan?05:27
HtheBmaybe with inception?05:27
HtheBguess everybody is still sleeping05:33
* HtheB should sleep aswell -_-05:33
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chem|stZogG_laptop: nope, I was on vacation12:02
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admiral0hello people12:10
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djszapiVenemo: ah you have holiday today in Hungary.13:45
Venemoindeed I do13:45
djszapiVenemo: good for you =)13:47
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WirtaCan I mount bricked phone trough terminal to save some shit before flashing?15:43
rashm2kI'm getting a seg fault in my code but I have no idea why - the stack trace after the segfault gives no hints whatsoever!15:43
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rashm2kaaaaaaaah fucking segfaults!!!!!!!!!!!1116:36
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bindiis there a heart rate app for the n9? (using camera and flash)18:34
bindiif not, someone should make it :p18:35
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faenildoes anyone know what's needed in a c++ model to make QML use the get() function on it?18:51
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rashm2kwhat do you mean?18:55
faenilyou have get() in qml models18:56
faenilhow can I make a c++ model that allows the use of get(index) ?18:56
faenilatm I have a c++ model but I get model.get [undefined]18:59
phakoadd a Q_INVOKABLE QVariant get(int index) ?19:01
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faenilphako, are you sure? I meant reimplementing models functions19:05
faenilI don't think I have to create a get function19:05
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grifaenil: no get() by default as far as I remember19:19
faenilhey gri! long time no talk eh? :D19:19
griyeah, I'm busy when its too hot outside19:20
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faenilmmm I see...I've tracked it down in the source, and I reached FlatNodeObjectData::value( ... )19:20
faenilwhich is probably calling something from QDeclarativeScriptClass::Object19:21
faenilbut that's too down I think19:21
faenilI could have missed some link19:21
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grimy n950 started to have screen problems :(19:22
ZogG_laptopgri: contact dpp19:22
ZogG_laptopit's pixel syndrom19:22
ZogG_laptopit would spread all over screen19:22
griyeah, gets more every day19:22
grihaven't they given up the n950 support completely? I either have to wait for a jolla phone or buy some android one :/19:23
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grifaenil: the qdeclarativelistmodel is not part of the public api, so you can't subclass it19:26
faenilI know19:26
faenilI was just trying to understand if it just uses QAbstractListModel's features, or get() is a private API only feature19:27
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faenilmaybe it's just enough to reimplement some function in QALM, you know what I mean19:28
griyou can't even copy the code since you don't get access to the engine if I remember that correctly19:28
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faenildidn't want to do that :D19:29
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ZogG_laptopto backup android you need root, to root you need to delete all data :P lol19:51
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Sfiet_Konstantinhi beford20:09
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befordhow is it going Sfiet_Konstantin20:12
Sfiet_Konstantinwell, very nicely, waiting for Jolla like everybody20:16
hiemanshuZogG_laptop: eh? what gave you such an idea lol?20:16
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mgrover_anybody around with scratchbox for harmattan and willing do build a package please?20:55
rzrmgoetz, i am the man20:59
mgrover_can you build these files21:01
mgrover_dpkg-buildpackage -sa -d -rfakeroot21:02
mgrover_that is essentially easy debian for hopefully the open kernel21:02
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mgoetzrzr: hilight fail :D21:04
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mgrover_ah bollocks21:04
rzri did built easy-deb already21:05
mgrover_ah great21:05
mgrover_thought i was randomly talking to nobody again :P21:06
rzrmgrover_, back21:15
rzrdo you use shared repo ?21:18
mgrover_nah not really21:19
mgrover_you mean the community repo?21:19
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mgrover_error 50021:24
rzrwhere does that rar come from ?21:30
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mgrover_the rar comes from me21:39
mgrover_its just the source code with a few changes21:39
mgrover_yea ive used the repo before for presencevnc21:39
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mgrover_ive gotta go21:57
mgrover_cheers anyway rzr21:57
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befordping jonni22:14
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jonnibeford: pong22:38
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jonnikernel hacking day, I updated my kernel to patch :)... a small project to see if I can make ├╝ber kernel for harmattan with nat and injection and works :). Just have to figure out easy enough instructions for normal people :)22:42
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befordjonni: hey i've compiled transmission-daemon for the n9 but i'm getting this behavior, after a while running the download rate stalls, and on the console I see errors about being unable to resolve trackers address (internet is working ok) if I close and restart it, it starts downloading again. Do you happen to know if there is any powersaving feature on the n9 that could be causing this?22:46
merlin1991jonni: did you get iptables back in?22:47
jonniare you on wifi or gprs? usually it just happens on roaming when /etc/resolv.conf is changing or points to non existant name servers.22:48
merlin1991when I wanted todo usbnet quick and dirty I didn't find anything iptables related22:48
jonnimerlin1991: even stock kernel has iptables, but you must mean custom modules22:48
befordjonni: on wifi but I'll ask ZogG_laptop test it for me to check if he has the same behavior22:49
merlin1991I mean those "iptables" which are controlled via the "iptables" binary where you usually do things along the lines of iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s -o tun0 -j MASQUERADE22:49
jonnibeford: usually its just wifi nameservers failing or pointing to wrong places. most likely accesspoint problem.22:49
befordping ZogG_laptop22:50
jonnimerlin1991: iptables alway have worked, you with masquarade you mean the NAT module, which is not compiled in my default.22:50
jonnibut yes, I'm compiling that in to my kernel22:51
merlin1991yeah I've been searching for the nat module in the kernel configs (and source) but didn't find it :$ was it there after all?22:51
jonniits a linux kernel source, so ofcourse its in there.22:52
* merlin1991 must be blind then22:52
merlin1991or too dumb to use grep properly22:52
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merlin1991jonni: any chance to build the module, sign it with inception and it works?22:54
merlin1991or are there other parts in the kernel missing?22:55
jonnifor stock kernel, no chance, as it needs changes in kernel, but for custom kernel yes.22:55
TronicI'm having trouble getting focused photographs. The camera app focuses correctly when I am not pressing the shutter button but goes badly out of focus as soon as I press and hold the button.22:58
TronicI can get OK photos by only quickly clicking the button but what the fuck?22:58
Tronic(this is on N9 with PR1.3)22:58
jonnimaybe you have macro state on?22:58
jonnior maybe worth to try the volumekey as shutter hack :)22:59
TronicI had landscape setting on, but switched to auto now.22:59
*** harbaum has quit IRC22:59
TronicWith landscape it wouldn't focus at all.22:59
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djszapi_jonni: isn't bb the future anyways? :P23:24
bindiso, anyone happening to develop a heart rate app for the N9 that uses the camera and the flash?23:24
jonnibindi: I'm developing levitation application, but unluckily my device does not hover on the air, so its still buggy :)23:25
merlin1991jonni: I'm sure you can to windows phone or a xray scanner ;)23:26
bindijonni: you know it works that way right?23:27
djszapi_bindi: is there such an application for iOS or Android, already?23:27
bindidjszapi_: does the discussion go somewhere from here then? :p23:34
djszapi_bindi: no, I got all the information I was interested in.23:35
jonnibindi: afaik nobody is developing such an app for N9, but feel free to download the SDK and do it yourself :)23:36
bindidon't think i have the skills23:36
djszapi_jonni: lol23:36
djszapi_jonni: how diplomatic..23:36
djszapi_bindi: what skills do you have?23:37
merlin1991djszapi_: I think jonni was backpedalling there at over 9000 backpedals per second ;)23:37
jonniofcourse you could ask tmo forums, since someone did that raw-camera hack, most likely it would be doable by using the same api's etc.23:38
bindidjszapi_: python, i haven't done anything like this though23:39
fluxjonni, appears my levitation app is further than yours.. it can levitate over objects, such as table, provided there is no air between the device and the table.23:40
merlin1991flux: whatabotu levitating in dense liquids?23:40
pabindi, why do you need the camera?23:40
bindiwhat else?23:40
pa(i mean on HR app)23:41
fluxmerlin1991, hmm, I must try!23:41
paand by the way what HR belt do you have?=23:41
pathen problem solved :)23:41
bindimeasurement done through the use of camera and the flash lighting your finger up23:41
bindiseems to work well on the android equivalent23:41
bindiand according to reviews, matches real equipment23:42
paand it's useful for..?23:42
bindimeasuring your heart rate..? :D23:42
merlin1991must use quite some interesting algorithms to determin the pulse23:42
merlin1991bindi: maybe you can find a scientific paper about this and start from there?23:42
paif you do that way,t hen you can as well do it with a finger on ur neck and a chronometer23:42
djszapi_any native English speaker available right now?23:42
pai go back to my plots23:43
* ZogG_laptop read log, lol23:43
rzrdjszapi_, hi ping me when you have a few minutes left23:44
djszapi_rzr: ping23:44
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rzrdjszapi_, I was trying to sort out the shared repo, and rebuild all23:52
rzrdjszapi_, can you explain
*** mschlens has quit IRC23:52
mlongdjszapi_: Still need a native English speaker?23:52
djszapi_mlong: yup!23:52
djszapi_rzr: checking23:52
mlongdjszapi_: You've got one here...23:53
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djszapi_rzr: is that built with the latest automoc I published?23:54
djszapi_I recall this issue earlier.23:54
djszapi_I believe the problem is automoc.23:54
djszapi_rzr: what exactly have you changed?23:54
rzrmakes sense23:54
rzrcant that one be supported
rzri feel this is risky to overide it23:55
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djszapi_rzr: nope23:56
djszapi_rzr: there is a fix for mobile in master23:56
djszapi_kdelibs does not build without that fix.23:56
rzrtoo bad23:56
djszapi_it is a must have for the kde stack.23:56
rzri wanted to avoid to overide those packages ...23:56
djszapi_I can understand that.23:57
rzrbecause I managed to build gtk23:57
djszapi_unfortunately, it is not so simply in this case.23:57
djszapi_we do need the patch from master.23:57
rzri wanted to have kde and gtk in the same repo23:57
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rzrbtw cant we create a lower version of automoc and force depends on it ?23:57
pai didnt remember how much bloody time encapsulating plotting stuff requires23:58
djszapi_see the last commit from David.23:58
djszapi_~14 months ago.23:58
rzri was reading
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