IRC log of #harmattan for Sunday, 2012-08-19

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pafinally i think i found the way00:57
padamn sometimes qml i soo ugly00:57
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pastupid questions: are there line images that are not flat color but that have some sort of gradient falloff towards the edges?01:46
pain the phone, i mean01:46
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djszapi_pa: of course02:59
djszapi_unless I misunderstand what you mean by "line image", so could you please clarify?03:00
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ZogG_laptopheymaster: nope10:05
ZogG_laptopnew version doesn't work10:05
ZogG_laptope-yes_: re10:06
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heymasterZogG_laptop: ping10:45
heymastermaybe try to delete host and add ?10:45
heymastero try to delete and install app10:46
heymaster << works for me .. rda10:51
ZogG_laptopheymaster: doesn't work. when i uninstall the user data stays on phone, waybe coz of it10:57
ZogG_laptopnothing in syslog10:57
ZogG_laptopi don't have time to check it now10:58
ZogG_laptopi'll check it later10:58
ZogG_laptopheymaster: last email doesn't work as well11:04
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jesuschrist_anyone applied the traffic patch here ?13:47
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javispedroany Madde expert around?17:04
javispedrocommand line arguments path rewriting seems to have stopped working on mine (e.g. -I/usr/include/foo -> -I$SYSROOT_DIR/usr/include/foo)17:05
javispedrowell, it works for gcc, but doesn't for Qt's moc, and I was wondering where exactly this path conversion is done17:05
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Lava_Croftlaziness question17:12
Lava_Croft:does the n9 music player play flac17:12
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jesuschrist_guys anyone17:20
jesuschrist_the maps traffic patch ?17:20
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javispedroLava_Croft: yes, I think it plays FLAC OoB.17:22
Lava_Croftjavispedro: thanks!17:23
Lava_Croftyou even answer my laziness question \o/17:23
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javispedroand I workarounded my Madde issue by just adding INCLUDEPATH += $$(SYSROOT_DIR)/usr/include/foo to .pro file17:29
javispedrothough /me doesn't feel good to just keep adding workaround over workaround as this platform's toolchains fall down and break17:29
djszapi_that should be a wrong decision ideally17:35
djszapi_why do you need to even do that?17:35
javispedrodjszapi_: Madde no longers does that for the MOC for me17:36
javispedroI learnt how the "rewriting" is done for Gcc, with the --sysroot binary patching et al17:37
javispedrobut couldn't figure it out for MOC, so I suspect it either was accidentally removed in a update, or it was just never done.17:37
Elleo <-- video demoing my amazon cloud reader app :)17:38
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javispedroElleo: interesting!17:48
djszapi_javispedro: should work17:48
djszapi_QtCreator also uses madde17:48
djszapi_in addition, people built qt applications "by hand".17:49
javispedrodjszapi_: this only shows up if MOC needs to parse a non-Qt include from the sysroot17:50
djszapi_well, there is a --sysroot option for this.17:51
djszapi_if you specify the sysroot, the other things should just work.17:51
javispedrowhere, in moc?17:51
djszapi_no of course; for qmake.17:52
javispedronah, qmake only talks in terms of qmakespecs17:52
djszapi_I am not even sure, what you mean...17:53
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javispedrowhatever it is, it was introduced with the 1.2 target indeed:!-errors-of-build-project-targeting-Harmattan17:55
javispedrodjszapi_: the problem as you can see is that gcc in Madde is patched to convert -I/usr/include/foo into -I$SYSROOT_DIR/usr/include/foo17:55
javispedrodjszapi_: but moc in Madde is not patched that way since the 1.2 target (it must have been in 1.0 and 1.1)17:56
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javispedroso as you can see on that poor gentleman's build log, -I/usr/include/meegoimframework works for gcc but moc gives errors17:56
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javispedroactually, s/gcc/g++/17:57
djszapi_I do not understand why g++ should be patched17:59
djszapi_if qmake generates the proper Makefile for the given platform, it should just work (TM)18:00
djszapi_that is the reason why qmake has an option --sysroot, which we sadly lack for cmake.18:00
javispedroqmake will not rewrite INCLUDEPATHs, and there 's no such option at least in my qmake18:00
djszapi_what do you think the --sysroot option was designed for ... ignoring?18:00
javispedro$ grep -i sysroot /usr/bin/qmake18:01
javispedroreturns nothing18:01
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djszapi_sorry, configure18:02
djszapi_weird, I thought this option was available for qmake.18:03
javispedroI do think it has a configure-time sysroot option indeed18:03
djszapi_sounds like a bugreport against qmake18:03
javispedrobut madde cannot use it because sysroot changes at runtime18:04
djszapi_build suites /should/ have sysroot18:04
djszapi_and manage everything automagically.18:04
djszapi_this was accepted by the cmake developers as well18:04
djszapi_not that I would ever touch the qmake codebase, but still18:05
djszapi_well, yes building qmake, you cannot expect using qmake's options18:05
djszapi_for bootstrapping reasons.18:05
djszapi_but yes, qmake definitely should have this, and I am certain it is reported already since it is a must have feature for cross building.18:06
djszapi_others hacks keep coming like "patching g++".18:06
javispedroI just noticed that qmake does indeed fix the library paths18:06
javispedroso this requires more examination18:06
javispedroit doesn't, sorry =)18:07
javispedroit's patched gcc again.18:07
djszapi_well, you can always manually fix the broken qmake generation. :)18:08
javispedroor just add the above workaround to the .pro ;P18:08
djszapi_might be that you need to be a makefile expert though18:08
djszapi_now I wonder, why qt guys told me cmake is a crap18:09
djszapi_it does not have a sysroot option18:09
djszapi_but qmake has, so it is shiny18:09
djszapi_I accepted cmake is a crap with this, but apparently so is qmake...18:09
javispedroI wouldn't add such option to a build system anyway unless you want to make it very coupled to a specifc language18:09
javispedroif you want to rewrite include paths you would need to know the correct syntax, and that depends on the language; qmake might assume c++ and do it, but cmake cannot assume C++ AFAIK.18:10
djszapi_sorry, you have lost me.18:11
javispedroit's not important, just an opinion.18:12
djszapi_I do not even understand your opinion18:12
djszapi_cmake is for native code accepeting makefiles18:12
djszapi_and sysroot would not give any additional vulnerability since you can already use include paths anyways18:12
javispedrocmake can be used for anything other than C/C++?18:13
djszapi_it is just that it gives a prefix automagically.18:13
djszapi_cmake is a cross platform make18:13
djszapi_it generates a makefile18:13
javispedroso you cannot really create a cross platform, language universal sysroot option :)18:13
djszapi_makefile is used for native languages18:13
djszapi_well, you could use the install target18:14
javispedronot every compiler uses -I and -L for example.18:14
djszapi_but then you would not have problems with include anyways18:14
djszapi_I really do not know what additional risk you are talking about.18:14
djszapi_who cares about -l -L ?18:14
djszapi_that is an internal to cmake...18:14
djszapi_sysroot *is* an universal prefix for cross builds.18:15
djszapi_like madde etc18:15
djszapi_I am really not getting the problem, so did the cmake developers not either.18:15
djszapi_and yes, qmake should have the same feature in place, but18:15
djszapi_short life to qmake! :-)18:15
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heymasteranyone want to test my little app?18:36
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rashm2khow can you set a value from a ListView which is backed by a Qobject based list?18:44
rashm2kQObject based ListModel18:44
heymasterrashm2k: just add method to you model and context property18:46
rashm2kbecause of the way my code works18:47
heymasteryou can expose object to qml ..18:47
rashm2kI expose the class that generates the model18:47
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rashm2kI expose the class that generates the model to my QML objects using setCOntextProperty18:48
heymasterso you can add method in your class to change model18:48
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rashm2kthat will require a private variable to store the qobject list - I wish to avoid that18:50
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rashm2kI have use the above code QObjectList-based model section to create my list model18:50
rashm2kand in my ListView I have model: myClass.getListModel18:51
rashm2kand in my ListView I have model: myClass.getListModel()18:51
heymasteryes, i did this in my app too18:51
rashm2kIf you look at the example in the code above - how would I call setColor from QML?18:53
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heymasteri'm not expert. but you need call exposed object method (which depends of row number) and maybe generate string of hex color18:58
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rashm2kWhat I mean is do I say list.model.color = "green"?19:01
rashm2kor do I use list.model.setColor("green")?19:01
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heymasterrashm2k: sorry, don't know :/ maybe someone else on channel can help you19:07
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heymasteri did with qml more simpler things19:08
Venemo_N9hey everyone19:08
Venemo_N9what's up heymaster?19:09
heymastermaybe you want to test my app?19:09
Venemo_N9what app is it? :)19:09
rashm2kit's okay I got it!19:09
rashm2kmodel.modelData.selected = true;19:10
rashm2ksets the value!19:10
heymastervery simple19:10
heymasterrashm2k: good19:10
heymasterit connects to servers and fetch some data19:10
heymasteruses ssh protocol to connect19:12
heymastervery simple app19:12
heymasterjust want to know if it works on real device19:12
Venemo_N9what does the app do?19:13
Venemo_N9ok, I read it19:13
heymasterbut you can test local server19:13
heymasterapp really don't steal any passwords19:14
Venemo_N9I don't have servers to connect to, but I can try with my laptop when I get home19:14
heymasteri have more advanced iphone version of my app19:15
heymasterVenemo_N9: thanks19:15
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djszapi_faenil: hey there man :)19:28
djszapi_Do you know a RIM news url for this announcement back then: I would like to show to certain people, but an official RIM announcement site would be more official. Like this as well, but for instance from the site:
faenildjszapi_, read that, no idea sorry19:29
djszapi_ahh you are also lurking everywhere. :P19:29
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javispedroargh, argh, arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh19:42
* javispedro curses whoever decided to omit the "heading" field when designing QML PositionSource19:42
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ZogG_laptopi missed javispedro20:15
befordhey ZogG_laptop20:17
befordI built transmission daemon20:17
befordI will probably bundle it with my package and allow to start/stop it from the gui20:17
befordand then control it20:17
ZogG_laptopbeford: nice20:22
ZogG_laptopbeford: :P20:23
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ZogG_laptopVenemo_N9: sup20:45
ZogG_laptopVenemo_N9: so gonna buy metawatch?20:45
Venemo_N9probably not20:48
dm8tbrVenemo_N9: I'll try to get around to reencoding those. let's see when I find the time20:50
Venemo_N9dm8tbr, ok :)20:53
djszapi_Venemo_N9: hello, how are you?20:53
ZogG_laptopVenemo_N9: why not?21:03
ZogG_laptopVenemo_N9: what scaries me is 5 days usage only on a single battery21:04
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* dm8tbr will wait for the metawatch to also be available in the classic housing21:17
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Venemo_N9ZogG_laptop, it's to bulky for my liking and I don't like watches21:30
Venemo_N9djszapi, I've been better21:30
Venemo_N9djszapi, you?21:30
djszapi_Venemo_N9: it is ok. :)21:31
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jesuschrist_guys anyone21:44
jesuschrist_anyone applied the traffic patch here ?21:44
Elleojesuschrist_: I did a while back21:48
Elleomostly out of curiosity21:48
Elleoseemed to work okay from what little I saw of it21:48
Elleodon't really use it though since I don't drive21:48
jesuschrist_the fact im unable to make it work :\21:48
jesuschrist_which one you installed ?21:48
Elleojesuschrist_: I used the little script someone put together for it21:49
jesuschrist_what place did you went with maps to test the patch ?21:49
Elleojesuschrist_: just browsing around the UK21:49
jesuschrist_could you point me out the script ?21:50
jesuschrist_im checking atm london21:51
jesuschrist_i see nothing21:51
Elleoonce you've applied the patch you have to also enable the traffic stuff in settings21:51
jesuschrist_maybe this is the problem :D21:52
Elleoif you press the menu key you should see a new option that says "Show traffic"21:52
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*** Estel_ has joined #harmattan21:52
jesuschrist_where exactly is it21:52
jesuschrist_this option21:52
jesuschrist_in Maps ?21:52
Elleoin drive21:52
jesuschrist_theres no option in maps '21:53
Elleoalso in the settings part there's a "Traffic settings" section21:53
Elleono, it's only for drive iirc21:53
jesuschrist_sadly i already checked21:53
jesuschrist_but im checking again21:53
jesuschrist_and in my drive app no traffic option21:53
jesuschrist_nor section21:53
Elleothen it sounds like you didn't apply the patch correctly, try with that script since it'll automate everything for you21:54
Elleoyou might want to reinstall nokia-drive-qml first though to undo any changes you might have made21:54
jesuschrist_under wich tab the option should be21:54
jesuschrist_"settings" ? and then ?21:54
Elleo"Traffic settings"21:54
jesuschrist_nothing at all21:54
Elleoyou have to scroll down a little21:54
jesuschrist_ill try the script21:55
jesuschrist_btw elleo any new version of eyrie coming ? :>21:55
*** tom______ has quit IRC21:56
Elleojesuschrist_: at some point, the echoprint folks are making some server side changes which should improve things soon21:56
Elleoand there'll be an update to the fingerprinting algorithm around the same time which I'll make a new release for21:57
jesuschrist_thats good news21:57
jesuschrist_thanks for your work21:57
Elleono worries :)21:57
ZogG_laptopElleo: \o21:57
Elleohey ZogG_laptop :)21:57
jesuschrist_anyone is using gmail as a mail for exchange account ?21:59
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ElleoFirestarter (Amazon kindle reader) is in apps for meego testing now if anyone fancies doing some QA: :)22:37
*** liar has joined #harmattan22:37
Elleodoesn't seem to be appearing in the "Recent" list in the a4m installer, but if you search for it it'll show up22:37
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Elleothat link should be now (changed category)22:53
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pahei Elleo!23:23
paby the way, are you still developing eyrie?23:23
Elleohey pa :)23:23
Elleopa: yep, mostly waiting on server-side changes from the echoprint people though23:24
pasuch an app is soo needed :)23:24
pai see..23:24
*** rZr is now known as rzr23:24
pacan it already save recordings to check them when you get online?23:24
Elleonope, that's a good feature idea23:24
paneeded, rather :)23:24
ElleoI'll add it to my todo list ;)23:24
pabut echoprint.. is it getting any better?23:25
palike is it easy to find recent songs in there?23:25
Elleopa: the database won't be expanding until the new serverside changes are made23:26
pai see23:26
*** Mag-en00b has quit IRC23:26
Elleoonce those are done the echoprint people are going to be adding more songs themselves, but also part of the server modification is to make it possible for other people to submit songs to the database too23:26
Elleoso once that functionality is available I'll write a little MAFW plugin to submit everything in every willing eyrie user's phone's music collection23:27
pabut shouldnt it be almost automatic to add fingerprints?23:28
Elleowhat do you mean?23:28
pawell get mp3s of all the music you can find , and process them23:29
Elleothat's what the MAFW plugin would do23:29
Elleobut it's no use to do that until the server actually accepts submissions23:29
payes, but the point is, shouldnt it be automatic for them already?23:29
Elleowell presumably at some point they'll run it on the echonest music collection23:30
Elleowhich has about 30 million tracks in it23:30
Elleobut I have no idea when they'll get around to it23:30
palet see.. if they will be too lazy, we'll make our own web app :)23:31
Elleowell we can setup our own server now if we really wanted to23:31
Elleothe echoprint server is all open source23:31
Elleobut I'd rather not have to maintain something like that myself when we can just wait a little while and they'll do it for us23:31
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