IRC log of #harmattan for Saturday, 2012-08-18

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PaulePanterThe N9’s battery is dead. Any experience or hints on how to replace it. Nokia would change it for 60 €, but I found one on Ebay for 13 €.08:30
tommaPaulePanter, use google to find N9 service manual08:35
PaulePantertomma: Thanks. Could you elaborate, please? To check if the battery fits or to know how to change it?08:38
tommaservice manual has instructions on how to open and change parts from phone08:39
PaulePantertomma: Yeah. I also saw some video on YouTube on how to do that. So I am set.08:39
PaulePantertomma: My only doubt is, if they really sell original Nokia batteries on Ebeay.08:40
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djszapi_beford: sup10:01
befordtrying to package my app10:04
befordwell I've got a package already with psa build-deb, but those packages are not optified10:05
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pabeford, i can share with you my script if u want11:18
pait works outside scratchbox11:18
paPaulePanter, did you find it on ebay? some months ago i was looking for it but couldnt find anywhere..11:19
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corecodei'm trying to build a package for harmattan, but i'm fairly lost13:08
corecodethis one13:08
corecodei installed the qt sdk with harmattan support, but now what?13:08
corecodesomehow i need a chroot to do the packaging, no?13:09
djszapi_qt creator should do that for you.13:09
djszapi_unless you meant the platform SDK.13:11
corecodehm, how do i go about doing this?13:13
djszapi_doing what exactly?13:13
djszapi_you have still clarified what development environment you have chosen.13:14
corecodei have not chosen anything13:14
corecodei downloaded the qt sdk13:15
djszapi_Would you like to work with Qt Creator or scratchbox?13:15
corecodeqt creator, i suppose13:15
corecodescratchbox was a lot of pain last time i tried13:15
corecodei just found something about madde13:16
corecodeno idea how that plays with that package13:17
corecodei should clarify, this is not my package13:17
corecodei'm just trying to build it, since it is lacking a deb i can install13:17
djszapi_read the page above, please.13:18
corecodeit keeps talking about qt creator13:21
corecodei don't think that app is done with qt creator13:21
djszapi_You have said, you would like to use QtCreator..13:22
corecodeok, let me start over13:22
corecodethere is this application, which i did not write, which i'd like to build for my n913:23
corecodei've downloaded the QtSDK from nokia13:23
corecodenow i wonder what to do13:23
djszapi_read the manual.13:25
corecodewell, the manual talks about using qt creator to create your own app13:26
djszapi_and come back later, if you have /specific/ trouble with something, or the manual is not understandable.13:26
corecodeessentially, i just need a shell environment where i can run debbuild13:26
corecodethat's really it13:26
djszapi_have you actually looked into the manual?13:27
corecodeit talks about madde13:27
djszapi_there is a search at the top left...13:27
djszapi_please, start using the manual..13:27
djszapi_it was written for exactly this purpose, to introduce the development process to the developers.13:28
djszapi_if you have specific questions, people are keen on help, but they are not on repeating the whole manual.13:28
corecodei did have a secific question:13:29
* djszapi_ is bailing out13:29
corecodehow do i get a shell environment which is set up so that i can use the debian packaging tools that come with the qt sdk13:30
corecodei just need a prompt where i can run debuild13:30
djszapi_seriously, if you do not wanna help for yourself, you make others' life hard.13:31
corecodei'm reading this13:31
djszapi_no, you are just flooding here.13:31
djszapi_but perhaps someone will have the time to repeat or paste the manual here, if that makes you happy...13:31
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corecodedebuild does not come with qtsdk13:37
corecodethat explains things13:37
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rashm2kelo elo14:03
rashm2khow can a list delegate know what index it is at?14:04
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ZogG_laptopwith magic14:06
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corecodeto follow up to my earlier question:14:08
corecodethe answer is "you don't need any special setup"14:08
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heymaster-laptophow to submit app to contest?14:13
ZogG_laptopbetter to get help at thread14:16
ZogG_laptopthere is official thread on TMO14:16
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heymaster-laptopok will check14:17
ZogG_laptopthan do it please14:19
rashm2kany ideas on how you can get the index of a list delegate?14:22
ZogG_laptopthere is var for index14:23
rashm2kis this available within the delegate it self?14:23
ZogG_laptopi think14:24
rashm2kso the var is called index?14:25
ZogG_laptopi don't rememeber14:26
ZogG_laptopi think there is index var14:27
rashm2kI'm not sure that will be available within the delegate itself14:28
ZogG_laptopbut anyway you can make global var and count on every delegation14:28
rashm2ksorry yes14:29
rashm2kit says The index is exposed as an accessible index property.14:29
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djszapi_Hi! Can I overcome the limitation of being unable to download maps over mobile internet connection?14:37
djszapi_I do not unfortunately have a wired connection, nor wifi.14:37
rashm2kDoes it not download the maps dynamically as you are travelling?14:38
djszapi_that is not quite what I wish...14:39
djszapi_I would like to download entire maps in one step.14:39
ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: hotspot for laptop and download from laptop :P14:39
djszapi_ZogG_laptop: how?14:39
djszapi_rashm2k: traveling in China means hefty roaming...14:40
djszapi_and no, I would not like to move around in a big city by hand.14:40
rashm2kI tried this wireless hotspot using a laptop14:40
djszapi_I would like to download it in one step, and then I have everyting in that city.14:40
rashm2kit works14:40
rashm2kgive me 2 mins to check it out14:40
ZogG_laptopthere is builtin app for hotspot14:41
ZogG_laptopyou enable it and it gives u pasword14:41
ZogG_laptopsimple as is14:41
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rashm2kthats it14:43
djszapi_simple what?14:43
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rashm2ka linux utility14:43
djszapi_I do not still know how to download a map for the phone.l14:43
rashm2kit'll giv eyou a wireless hotspot14:43
djszapi_congratulation for reinveting joikuspot14:44
djszapi_but as you can see, this is not my problem14:44
djszapi_since I have been using this irc via the hotspot for weeks...14:44
djszapi_the problem is that I do not know where these maps originate from.14:44
djszapi_and how I could feed the maps application with those explicitely.14:44
rashm2kYou have a wired connection?14:44
rashm2kSo create a wirelesss hotspot and download the maps14:45
djszapi_I would appreciate avoiding two-way hotspot, if possible.14:45
rashm2ktwo way?14:46
djszapi_how would you call that if youhave hotspot on both ends?14:46
djszapi_three-way, one-way?14:46
djszapi_you have*14:46
djszapi_12:44 < djszapi_> the problem is that I do not know where these maps originate from.14:46
djszapi_12:44 < djszapi_> and how I could feed the maps application with those explicitely.14:47
djszapi_I believe this is the real question.14:47
djszapi_so I need 1) Url 2) device location.14:47
rashm2ksorry I don't understand14:47
djszapi_do not worry, others will.14:47
ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: you use drive?14:49
djszapi_ZogG_laptop: like I said, no, maps.14:49
ZogG_laptopi think those use same maps, don't they?14:50
ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: check TMO than14:50
djszapi_no clue, but I do not even care.14:50
ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: if you don't care, why would we care to help you?14:50
djszapi_all I need is where to download those maps from manually, if possible, and where exactly to put on the device.14:50
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rashm2kdjszapi_ why would you want to do that?14:50
djszapi_you should not really care about helping whether drive or maps use the same.14:50
djszapi_rashm2k: to get the maps?14:51
ZogG_laptopsometimes i dont get how people ask question and when u try to help they answer like that14:51
rashm2kcreate a wirless hotspot14:51
rashm2kusing laptop14:51
rashm2kthen go into settings on phone and click download maps14:51
djszapi_rashm2k: why don't you read what I mean?14:51
djszapi_I have said few times, I would appreciate avoiding the two-way hotspotting.14:51
djszapi_if possible.14:51
ZogG_laptopwhy is it 2 way?14:52
ZogG_laptopyou have bluetooth14:52
ZogG_laptopor cable14:52
djszapi_huh ?14:52
ZogG_laptopyou need internet on latop to download14:52
ZogG_laptopwhy is it 2 way?14:52
djszapi_because like I wrote many times already, I have a hotspot from my phone to the laptop...14:52
rashm2kbut you said you have wired connection?14:53
djszapi_aka. joikuspot14:53
ZogG_laptopso your laptop or phone has internet??14:53
djszapi_rashm2k: 12:37 < djszapi_> I do not unfortunately have a wired connection, nor wifi.14:53
djszapi_ZogG_laptop: both14:53
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djszapi_rashm2k: the line right after my question14:54
djszapi_why I had the question at all14:54
rashm2kdo you have a cheap android phone?14:54
djszapi_you did not bother to read my second line :)14:54
rashm2kor one you can borrow14:54
djszapi_unfortunately no14:54
rashm2k3g dongle?14:54
djszapi_again, an 1) Url 2) Location - would help.14:54
rashm2kyes but other options would be so much easier14:55
djszapi_(if that way is possible, if not I need proves as well)14:55
djszapi_buying an android phone?14:55
djszapi_no, thanks14:55
djszapi_surely, everybody should buy an android phone for solving such issues :D14:55
djszapi_how clever..14:55
rashm2k3g dongle?14:55
djszapi_not for this provider, no.14:56
rashm2kthey are easy to unlock14:56
djszapi_I have a vodafone, but that is not compatible with another provider's sim card.14:56
rashm2kwhich model number is it?14:56
djszapi_I can do this at home in few minutes?14:57
djszapi_to unlock the usb modem?14:57
djszapi_without breaking it, so no any risks?14:57
rashm2kI done it plenty of times14:57
rashm2keven if it breaks they are only £10 brand new14:57
djszapi_HSPA USB Stick.14:57
djszapi_it was something like 40-50 EUR14:58
djszapi_also, I do not really know how this unlocking and then sim card move, back, hotspot from laptop etc is simpler14:59
djszapi_than ssh+cd+wget14:59
djszapi_if I know the url for wget, and the location for cd15:00
ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: what maps you need?15:00
djszapi_could be done even with one ssh command, and just wget15:00
rashm2ktry this15:00
djszapi_ZogG_laptop: right now Galway city, but could have a need for any in the future...15:00
ZogG_laptopwhat country?15:00
rashm2kgrep the qml files on the device for http15:00
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djszapi_ZogG_laptop: lol, afganistan15:01
ZogG_laptopfuck it15:01
ZogG_laptopi wanted to download for you on device and upload to dropbox15:01
ZogG_laptopbut your attitude is kiling15:01
ZogG_laptopdo it yourself15:01
ZogG_laptopnice day15:01
djszapi_rashm2k: qml files where?15:02
djszapi_and why qml files only?15:02
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rashm2kbe easier to read troi try and understand15:04
djszapi_I wonder nobody faced this issue yet15:04
djszapi_perhaps the map dowloading is not a wanted feature.15:05
djszapi_otherwise everybody would face this with mobile internet connection.15:05
djszapi_but it is really useful when you go abroad, and you would like to avoid the roaming.15:05
djszapi_and still having proper map for the place.15:05
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rashm2kyes but nearly everyone has wireless15:06
djszapi_on mobile phones on the way?15:06
djszapi_I highly doubt that.15:06
djszapi_most people rather have mobile internet15:06
djszapi_actually an N9 without a mobile internet is weird to be honest :)15:07
ZogG_laptoppeople are smart enuf to download maps before they go15:07
ZogG_laptopand wifi in hotels is fine15:07
djszapi_I doubt that to be honest15:07
djszapi_most geeks I talked to prefer wired internet for speed, and mobile internet for the phone.15:08
djszapi_either way, my question about url and location are still valid.15:08
ZogG_laptopif i go to other country i pack bag and i prepare all i may need, documents, chargers, MAPS :P15:08
ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: google is your friend15:08
djszapi_so if anybody knows how the maps application handles the maps, please speak up.15:09
infobotfrom memory, google is http://google.com15:09
infobotmaps are at
ZogG_laptopgri: sup15:10
ZogG_laptopwhy kickstar pay thru amazon only15:13
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djszapi_pa: cannot stand not irc'ing while biking :P16:11
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djszapi_rashm2k: have you heard of stories that broke the 3g dongle with those unlockings?16:16
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rashm2kit's generally quite saf17:07
djszapi_what can cause issues?17:08
rashm2kif you dont follow instructions17:08
rashm2kbest to di=sable av scan17:08
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rashm2khow do you remove an item from a QML list?17:30
djszapi_remove from the model?17:30
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hedayatHi! I'd  like to know how can I use localized numbers in QML?18:01
hedayatI have find Qt.formatDate/formatDateTime/formatTime for date and time; but nothing for numbers18:01
hedayatAnd it seems that there are no "Localize" objects available in QML in harmattan, while I found some pointers about it but it seems that it is not available in N918:03
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djszapi_so which application is recommended now for getting from one place to another? The drive?18:03
djszapi_by bike.18:03
hedayatdjszapi_: probably yes. :P18:05
djszapi_I presume maps and drives do not use internet once the maps are downloaded?18:06
djszapi_so they all work offline with gps?18:06
djszapi_making sure =)18:07
hedayatdjszapi_: They can, but IIRC they also have an "online" mode too. You can check their settings (probably in Maps).18:07
djszapi_"Sorry, something went wrong connecting to the server."18:08
djszapi_I have just tried to type the destination.18:08
dm8tbrdjszapi_: acquiring position is faster if you are online. also if you want to search for destinations it is faster if it can offload to the nokia servers.18:08
djszapi_it requires the city, address format18:09
djszapi_"address city" did not work18:09
djszapi_how much does it consume the battery while biking?18:10
dm8tbras much as while walking or driving a car18:11
djszapi_which is?18:12
djszapi_great, it has battery saving while being in the background.18:12
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paer.. afternoon18:31
djszapi_pa: hey dude!18:36
pahey djszapi_ :)18:36
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djszapi_pa: just about to off to a bike tour18:40
djszapi_80 km18:40
djszapi_I am weak this weekend, no more 100+ :P18:40
panight one, as you like ;)18:40
djszapi_we do not have dark until 10 pm here.18:40
paah cool18:40
djszapi_80 km is viable in three hours18:40
djszapi_16:41 :)18:41
pai thought it was getting dark earlier these days in southern europe :)18:41
paah right18:41
djszapi_well, I am in Ireland18:41
pathe time zone is also different18:41
djszapi_that is not quite south :)18:41
djszapi_I should really buy a mounter18:41
padid i convince you? :p18:41
djszapi_the time is better spent on the bike with a smart phone in front of me18:41
djszapi_well I can read18:41
djszapi_I can chat etc18:42
pathats true18:42
djszapi_listen to a movie etc18:42
djszapi_the question is the battery18:42
pabut with plastic on the screen it doesnt swipe well18:42
djszapi_perhaps I could hook up a dynamo along with the lights18:42
djszapi_to charge my N918:42
paand without it might be a bit exposed18:42
payes i was thinking about some sort of bike charger18:42
paim sure it exist18:42
djszapi_"bike charger" ?18:42
djszapi_for smart phones, you mean?18:43
pait shouldnt be a big deal to generate 500mw 5V18:43
djszapi_in general bike charger is dynamo :P18:43
djszapi_it depends how much it consumes18:43
payes a dynamo, bu tyou probably need something a bit more advanced18:43
djszapi_I would not like to get slowed down too much either...18:43
pacoz you probably have to stabilize the current18:43
paat least.. if you care about your N9 :)18:43
djszapi_actually I was the fan of the lights chargeable from USB18:44
djszapi_but I reconsidered that18:44
djszapi_dynamo with batteries work better18:44
djszapi_there are dynamos you can turn off18:44
djszapi_so no matter what happens, you will always have current18:44
djszapi_and charging a led when your battery is off, it is not much energy anyways18:45
pahehe :)18:45
djszapi_it is not like 10-15+ years ago when you had those consuming lights...18:45
djszapi_led should not consume too much18:45
djszapi_how visible you would be, that is another question...18:45
paanyway you could in principle also get one of those battery based usb chargers18:46
pathey would extend life of the N9 quite a bit18:46
pasure enough to cycle 100km18:46
*** hardaker has quit IRC18:46
pai mean in theory 1450mA should be enough for 3 hours with screen on18:47
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan18:47
paor does N9 consume more than 500mA on active/screen on?18:47
djszapi_well, if you watch a video, I am unsure.18:49
djszapi_document reading probably not.18:50
djszapi_right now, I need to have the phone in one hand, that is a must have.18:50
djszapi_if I wanna use it.18:50
djszapi_means, I can either make actions very roughly with one hand18:51
djszapi_or I would need to use both hands, which sucks :)18:51
djszapi_although, with a mounter that should be an extension for drive or a separate alarm app18:51
djszapi_"remove your smart phone, dude"18:51
pathats a good idea18:52
pabut i mean18:52
*** hardaker has quit IRC18:52
paif you stop for a moment it cant bug your life18:52
djszapi_well you need to lock your bike18:53
djszapi_so there could be a reasonable time18:53
djszapi_and dismissable.18:53
djszapi_I would even consider noisy alarm18:53
djszapi_until you dismiss18:53
djszapi_and the feature could be optional to not disturb others not using mounter18:53
*** heymaster has joined #harmattan18:58
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC19:03
*** SpeedEvil has joined #harmattan19:04
*** djszapi_ has quit IRC19:06
*** DrGrov has joined #harmattan19:12
*** DrGrov has left #harmattan19:12
*** rcg has quit IRC19:14
*** rcg has joined #harmattan19:14
*** rcg has quit IRC19:15
*** rcg has joined #harmattan19:16
*** rcg has quit IRC19:26
paok, question: Im trying to create a qdeclarativeitem19:35
paand i somehow need to pass a pointer to a qqueue to the item19:36
paor a pointer of an object that contains it19:36
pahow should i do that from QML?19:36
*** mschlens has quit IRC19:36
palike i have MyShinyItem { id: whatever; object: ? }19:37
*** pinheiro has joined #harmattan19:38
*** mschlens has joined #harmattan19:38
faenilset the qqueue with setContextProperty19:38
faenilso you have it on the qml side19:38
pathanks :)19:40
faenilnp :)19:41
pawhats the right way to share such stuff (qqueues, qlists) between objects, or even qml?20:01
pasome sort of qt shared pointers?20:01
paah no, QObject *20:02
pabut then how do i declare the Q_PROPERTY associated to a QObject *?20:04
pa(in the qdeclarativeitem i mean)20:04
*** crevetor_ has joined #harmattan20:05
*** Enforcer has quit IRC20:12
*** Enforcer has joined #harmattan20:16
*** NIN101 has quit IRC20:19
*** djszapi_ has joined #harmattan20:50
djszapi_pa: reached 49.5 km / h :)20:50
pauhu.. thats quite impressive :) on the flat?20:51
djszapi_nope :P20:51
djszapi_but still20:51
djszapi_it is my record so far :)20:51
pado u have citybike?20:51
djszapi_last record was 42.820:51
djszapi_on the same way20:51
paor mountain?20:51
djszapi_but not so thin wheel20:51
djszapi_it is something like 27 mm20:51
djszapi_my friend has 22 mm :P20:52
pa27.. well it+s not so thick20:52
djszapi_he usually bikes 70 km / h :)20:52
djszapi_his record was 78 km / h, I think.20:53
paim instead sitting and struggling about how to pass data to plot to my qdeclarativeitem plotter20:53
paon a racebike once i reached 105, on a pretty steep street20:53
djszapi_would this all be measured fine by gps by the way?20:53
djszapi_how much precisity does it have?20:53
djszapi_ah yeah, my friend dislikes the racebikes, so do I.20:53
djszapi_it is not healthy...20:53
pawell im sure that it would work fine, if you keep the speed for at least 5-10 secs20:54
paactually it seems that gps gets more accurate the faster you go20:54
pa(it seems to me)20:54
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan20:54
djszapi_105 on a bike is .... I need to take my hat off... I believe ...20:55
payeah i agree its not healthy, thats also why i stopped using it, and now when i bike, i go on my mountain bike with gel seat :)20:55
djszapi_hmm, I see.20:56
djszapi_I should probably also get a mountain bike in Helsinki.20:56
djszapi_do not suppose city bike would be fine for the winter.20:56
pahere people use nails on the tyres, when it's cold20:57
paspikes i mean20:57
*** divan has quit IRC20:57
djszapi_interesting solution.20:58
paheh :)20:59
paso to pass data to a qdeclarative item i have to use qdeclarativelistproperties?20:59
djszapi_could you please say the region again?20:59
pajeez.. a more inefficient way no hah..20:59
paits norway21:00
djszapi_I know21:00
djszapi_it is the west21:00
pacalled hordaland21:00
djszapi_that might resemble Helsinki21:00
paim sure there's some norwegian in here that can tell you more21:00
djszapi_though probably more wet.21:00
djszapi_and less snowy.21:00
paoh definitely :)21:01
djszapi_so less problem with bikes.21:01
djszapi_during the winter, that is.21:01
pabut you need to be fine biking with the rain21:01
pai'd prefer to bike with the snow21:01
djszapi_falling snow is better than falling rain if it is not snow storm21:01
djszapi_however the road is awkward if not cleaned. :)21:02
djszapi_in that cold (-20/30), the smart phone would work better than the cycling computer I guess.21:02
djszapi_read somewhere that, the cycling computer may stop working at that cold.21:02
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC21:03
pai also read that N9 doesnt work so good with -stuff :)21:03
djszapi_my N9 was fine, except when I dropped accidentally into the snow, and I had to find it in the big snow bomb...21:03
*** crevetor_ has quit IRC21:03
djszapi_N9 was fine in -20/30 for me.21:04
djszapi_irc-chatter and everything.21:04
djszapi_I even used that in the snow fall.21:04
djszapi_wondering if I was riding with 105 km/h, I would probably fall off with this road quality...21:06
paso it sucks in IE?21:06
pai thought roads were nice21:06
pano eh21:06
djszapi_perhaps it is in and around Dublin.21:06
djszapi_but not on the countryside where I live. :-)21:06
*** koe has joined #harmattan21:10
pai dont get whats wrong with my code.. probably this is just not possible..
pawhen i try to set the property "data" from qml, everything crashes21:30
paand it doesnt even enter the setData() method21:31
*** Enforcer has quit IRC21:39
*** Enforcer has joined #harmattan21:41
djszapi_pa: black magic, shall I remove it? :P21:44
payeah, without that it always help :)21:45
*** rashm2k has joined #harmattan21:46
*** pinheiro has quit IRC21:47
*** Scifig has joined #harmattan21:48
*** pinheiro has joined #harmattan21:50
*** hedayat has left #harmattan21:50
padjszapi, essentially i need to pass some data to a qdeclarative item. At the moment im binding a (QObject *) myqqueue to the rootContext, but it seens that inside qml, when i try to assign this qobject * to the property qobject *data in my Curve item, everything explodes21:51
pai was wondering if there is any way to avoid qdeclarativelistproperties21:51
djszapi_sorry, I do not have time for investigation. :)21:52
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC21:56
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #harmattan21:57
djszapi_pa: do you use spotify while biking?21:58
pai stopped using it at all since it restricted the free usage22:01
djszapi_how do you listen to music while biking?22:03
*** Scifig has quit IRC22:03
pamp3? :)22:05
djszapi_that is not an application22:06
pawell with the player22:06
padoes anyone recall an app that does some graphing of something for N9, that is not in python and that is free and could be open source?22:07
djszapi_hmm, I do not have a pocket on my biking trouser though...22:08
djszapi_unsure where I would store the n9, even for listening to music...22:08
djszapi_perhaps a bluetooth headset could help, but that would consume the battery a lot, I believe.22:08
djszapi_that could work.22:09
djszapi_although, then I would not be able to suddenly browser the internet once I have a mounter and so forth. :)22:09
djszapi_so really better to get the mounter.22:09
pawith the mount, you probably need bluetooth earphones tho22:10
pawell i would feel weird with the cable hooked to the phone on the mount22:10
djszapi_do not understand why.22:11
*** Venemo_N9 has joined #harmattan22:11
djszapi_you would just do the same as with other cable stuff, like cycling computer, etc22:11
pawell because the phone in the armband moves with you, the phone on the bike mount moves with the bike22:11
djszapi_surround the frame etc22:11
patherefore you would have a cable that hooks your ears to the bike :)22:12
paits probably fine22:12
pabut i would feel uncomf22:12
djszapi_why is that problematic?22:12
djszapi_have not ever tried, but most likely I would hear too much from the music directly on the mounter22:13
djszapi_would not*22:13
payeah, n9 is so quiet22:13
djszapi_when vehicles pass me.22:13
djszapi_with 80-100 :)22:14
djszapi_even with earphones, there would be most likely problems in that case22:14
*** rashm2k has quit IRC22:15
*** rashm2k has joined #harmattan22:15
*** DrGrov has joined #harmattan22:18
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*** DrGrov has joined #harmattan22:19
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*** rashm2k has quit IRC22:20
paok so i found an example using qvariantlist22:22
pait sucks that to plot data, it has to be copied into an appropriate container22:22
paim frustrated.22:23
pai go home22:23
*** Scifig has joined #harmattan22:37
ScifigHi, is there a way to start "All Songs" playlist of Harmattan Music Player from command line? I have tried invoking MusicSuiteInterface using dbus command line but so far I could only get individual songs to play.22:38
*** lordross has quit IRC22:59
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*** Venemo_ is now known as Venemo23:44
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