IRC log of #harmattan for Friday, 2012-08-17

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ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: stop jumping around01:23
ZogG_laptopand don't blame bezeq01:23
ZogG_laptopyua are all boring01:24
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javispedrowho is jumping and boring?01:27
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG is jumping, you are boring :P01:30
ZogG_laptopjavispedro: how are you?01:30
ZogG_laptopi miss lcuk sometimes, he was a good guy :(01:31
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pais it possible in qml to display a bitmap?01:32
pameaning an array like RGBA01:32
panot from file i mean. Stored in memory or something like that01:32
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ZogG_laptopheymaster: hey01:33
ZogG_laptopheymaster: how is it going with app?01:34
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heymasterZogG_laptop: hi01:34
heymasterhard to debug with emukator, but not problem, same how will find why aegis_crypt/decrypt don't work for me :)01:36
ZogG_laptopwhat you mean don't work?01:37
heymasterpassword storage01:37
ZogG_laptopit compailes?01:37
ZogG_laptopand you have no syslog to check :(01:38
javispedropa: I don't think you can do it in raw qml, but from C++ you can implement a declarativeimageprovider01:38
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heymasterZogG_laptop: yes, compiles01:39
heymasterZogG_laptop: no problem, i will fix some how01:39
ZogG_laptopjavispedro: he does with c++ and i think it doesn't work coz of permissions or tokens01:39
heymasterwon't do any fancy features just will left app as it is01:39
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pai dont know what would be best to plot graphs01:40
javispedroZogG_laptop: I was talking to pa :)01:40
paif i should use a graphing library, like matplotlib for example01:41
paor if i should do it in raw opengl01:41
paopengl would be faster, ofc01:41
javispedrofor a _plot_01:41
javispedrowell, maybe a surface plot =)01:41
pahmm.. gogle doesnt know about it :)01:42
pai need a line graph01:42
paor two, overlapping01:42
ZogG_laptoppa: making new app?01:42
pano still the same01:42
javispedropa: this to supply "dynamic" images to qml01:42
javispedroaka from QImage or QPixmap instead of a QUrl01:42
paah thanks01:42
pabut do you think it's better to use some library to raster the plot01:43
paor go opengl and plot it directly?01:43
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javispedroif this is for some math/calc app so you'll allow plotting arbitrary functions definitely go for the library01:43
pahm, probably i'll try opengl first01:43
javispedroit's not a trivial problem to do it properly01:43
pano, its for sampled data01:44
javispedroso it depends on whether you'll need smoothing, etc.01:44
payou mean line smoothing?01:45
pawell yes it would be good i guess01:45
paand i havent used opengl ES01:45
pabut i guess glEnable(GL_SMOOTH) for lines does not exist anymore01:46
ZogG_laptopthp: the "incomplete downloads..." menu in new qpodder version is native nokia component or yours?01:47
pajeez no more immediate..01:47
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MohammadAGjavispedro: That's actually neat01:52
MohammadAGIt's a problem I've faced with QML once01:53
javispedroI was considering using it today...01:53
javispedrobecause it seems that the "recommended" way to use sprites with Qt is to just load the entire atlas in a Image { } and use clip: true01:53
javispedrowhich seems .. gross ..... well.01:54
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: ping01:54
* javispedro keeps the rambling to himself01:54
ZogG_laptopnight to all than01:55
MohammadAGZogG_laptop: Pong01:55
MohammadAGjavispedro: I +1 your rambling01:56
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: do you have any idea how get the info?01:56
MohammadAGNo, want to make an egged app? :P01:56
ZogG_laptopall buses+ trin app as has it all01:57
ZogG_laptopand not that i want to make an app, i wonder if i can maek an app :P01:57
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MohammadAGEgged is a bus company in Israel02:00
MohammadAGIt's spelled A-GED02:00
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: i think it's AGE-D and spelled egged02:01
javispedroMohammadAG: btw which MW are you going to get?02:01
MohammadAGAge is age02:01
MohammadAGModern Warfare?02:01
javispedroI _knew_ you'd think that :)02:02
MohammadAGNot the strata or whatever it's called02:02
MohammadAGIt needs Bluetooth 4.002:02
MohammadAGBtw the N9 fell on concrete02:02
javispedroit doesn't need bt402:02
MohammadAGNothing happened02:02
MohammadAGNot a scratch02:03
javispedrodo you have the soft silicon case?02:03
javispedroI _love_ it02:03
MohammadAGIt amazingly helped02:03
ZogG_laptopbut AGE in like age, but like the steering wheel02:03
javispedroI just love how it feels, the better grip02:03
MohammadAGThe g in age is gee02:03
ZogG_laptopi don't have silicon case02:03
ZogG_laptopi took it off02:03
MohammadAGjavispedro: The lumia's feels better02:03
MohammadAGMuch much better02:03
javispedroMohammadAG: I couldn't notice any difference02:03
ZogG_laptopand it felt few times but nothing and i prefer not to drop it :P02:03
javispedro(I have (or _had_) l800 from launchpad)02:04
ZogG_laptopjavispedro: good phone it means, if you can't rememeber where you put it02:04
javispedromeh, I was just looking for my N9..02:04
MohammadAGjavispedro: What colour is the lumia and n9?02:05
javispedroboth black02:05
MohammadAGThat's why :P02:05
ZogG_laptopblack and ... black02:05
javispedroMohammadAG: so which colour should I avoid? :)02:05
MohammadAGThe N9 is black, lumia is cyan02:05
MohammadAGThe cyan casing is much better02:05
MohammadAGThe black feels cheap02:05
javispedroI should buy one02:05
MohammadAGIt looks more professional02:06
ZogG_laptopi'm lumia-free02:06
MohammadAGBut the feel is much better02:06
MohammadAGThe lumia is good02:06
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javispedroI think black N9 will actually look good in cyan softcase02:06
MohammadAGIt does02:06
javispedrowithout case swap..02:06
ZogG_laptopi found it's sexier naked02:06
MohammadAGI tweete a pic once02:06
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MohammadAGjavispedro: Find me one on eBay with shipping and I'll buy it now02:07
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: javispedro screen protectors02:07
MohammadAGNo, cyan casing02:07
ZogG_laptopi mean do you have02:07
MohammadAGThe silcon one02:07
javispedroMohammadAG: I am sure it'll eventually be > 10eur02:07
MohammadAGjavispedro: Sec02:07
javispedrosaw some shops selling it new02:07
MohammadAGI find it annoying they moved the flash02:08
MohammadAGLumia - N902:08
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: when you grow up, you'll get that silicon maybe first looks awesome but it's all about natural :P02:08
javispedroMohammadAG: stupid finger always get in the middle anyway =)02:08
javispedroZogG_laptop: weirdest analogy of the day02:08
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: in lumia it's right above camera right?02:09
javispedrobtw I always confuse silicon with silicone02:09
MohammadAGjavispedro: Not for me :P02:09
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: and what case on iphone?02:10
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ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: btw i got more score in fruit ninja that your friend :P02:11
javispedroLime green! :)02:11
MohammadAGjavispedro: Check twitter02:12
MohammadAGZogG_laptop: Heh, he's freaky at the game02:13
javispedroso, tonight's plan is to either play videogames or try to implement a neko cat-like app in qml02:15
MohammadAGNeko means fuck him in Arabic02:16
javispedroit's also an (uncommon) male name in spanish02:16
ZogG_laptopjavispedro: MohammadAG
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ZogG_laptopthat one is the best02:17
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javispedromy EYES02:18
javispedro13 sold? O.o02:18
ZogG_laptopit's lilo or what was the animated movies and than series name02:18
MohammadAGjavispedro: Yeah, saw that in fast five02:19
MohammadAGThat movie was awesome, till they ruined rio with the safe02:19
ZogG_laptopi don't rememer02:20
ZogG_laptopit was like 4 or more movies02:20
ZogG_laptopand than series i never saw02:20
ZogG_laptop - this looks original02:20
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javispedroyet another N950 on ebay02:21
javispedrostock photo, "condition: new"02:22
ZogG_laptopi heard vi wanted to sell, or maybe it's from other contests were held in internet, not related to TMO, lately02:23
ZogG_laptopWar Panda Case for Nokia N9 Cover looks nice02:24
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ZogG_laptophybrid case look not bad02:26
ZogG_laptopwhite housing for 36$02:27
javispedromust say, the construction orange color fits the "brick" aspect of the hybrid case quite nice.02:27
ZogG_laptopthey have few colors there02:31
ZogG_laptoplol they sell the lcd screen for n9 with win symbol ;) (lumia)02:31
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ZogG_laptopok night02:47
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MohammadAGI hate it when code doesn't work for no obvious reason07:51
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heymaster-laptopWhy after app was removed data in home directory was not removed ?08:26
djszapi_heymaster-laptop: because it was not a purge removal?08:27
heymaster-laptopdjszapi_: how to make purge removal on harmattan08:27
mgedminiirc according to the Debian Policy, package installs/removals are not allowed to touch anything inside your home directory08:28
heymaster-laptopmgedmin: ok08:28
djszapi_heymaster-laptop: dpkg -P08:31
djszapi_or apt-get --purge08:32
heymaster-laptopdjszapi_: where to store application data ? i'm now storing in home directory. is it good or bad ?08:32
djszapi_it is good08:32
heymaster-laptopI'm using: QFile file(QDir::homePath() + QDir::separator() + "servers.db") ;08:33
djszapi_uhhh, that is nasty...08:33
djszapi_you should never ever do that...08:33
MohammadAGneed, to, sleep....08:34
heymaster-laptopdjszapi_: why not ?08:34
MohammadAGuse QDesktopServices::storageLocation08:34
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MohammadAGalso, purge only deletes conffiles defined in package08:35
djszapi_that is incorrect08:35
djszapi_purge removes what is defined08:35
djszapi_to be removed08:35
djszapi_heymaster-laptop: you should use the data location08:37
heymaster-laptopdjszapi_: QFile file(QDesktopServices::storageLocation(QDesktopServices::DataLocation) + QDir::separator() + "servers.db") ;08:38
MohammadAG   The conffiles and any backup files (~-files, #*# files, %-files, .dpkg-{old,new,tmp}, etc.) are removed.08:38
heymaster-laptopdo i need to use qdir::seperator ?08:38
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MohammadAGalso, thanks for that08:38
MohammadAGI use "/"08:38
djszapi_heymaster-laptop: no, you do not need to08:38
djszapi_heymaster-laptop: please do not use08:38
djszapi_MohammadAG: I remove whatever I want to08:39
djszapi_I would suggest you taking a look at how the debian maintainer scripts work.08:39
djszapi_there are tons of examples out there for Harmattan how purge removals are customized, really.08:39
MohammadAGdjszapi_, I'm not asking for an explanation08:40
MohammadAGmost packages on Harmattan are shit08:40
djszapi_mgedmin: the debian policy does not really make sense here08:40
MohammadAGthe only thing purge will do on those is remove /etc files08:40
djszapi_mgedmin: it is harmattan, not debian08:40
djszapi_mgedmin: perfectly fine on Harmattan to clean up the mess for purge.08:40
MohammadAGit does make sense08:40
djszapi_and the recommended way IMO.08:40
MohammadAGdebian packaging policy makes sense wherever debian packaging is used08:41
mgedmindjszapi_, agreed08:41
mgedminiirc harmattan had a packaging policy based on debian's, with some changes?  but I read it a long time ago and don't remember08:41
djszapi_mgedmin: no clue, but the user will not come to just delete the mess08:42
djszapi_it is an end user phone08:42
djszapi_not a server distribution here08:42
djszapi_and since it is a "single-user" concept here, it is fine to clean up on purge08:42
djszapi_I would even make this mandatory when Ovi reviews packages.08:43
djszapi_otherwise the phone accumulates the mess from time to time.08:43
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ZogG_laptopheymaster-laptop: ping09:07
heymasterZogG_laptop: :)09:07
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ZogG_laptopheymaster: gonna email you some logs09:08
heymasterZogG_laptop: ok09:08
heymasterwhat is wrong ?09:09
ZogG_laptopsen you09:12
ZogG_laptopsent you*09:12
heymasterok. i see09:12
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heymasterZogG_laptop: << looks like same problem, but don't understand how to solve it09:22
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ZogG_laptopheymaster: aegis10:10
ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: can you help him?10:10
ZogG_laptopheymaster: last comment solves the problem10:11
heymasterZogG_laptop: i have << aegis manifest file, but haven't helped10:12
heymasterdid like in forum described10:13
ZogG_laptoptry to witch one line with id and without10:13
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heymasterZogG_laptop: what to do ?10:14
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ZogG_laptopput <for path="/opt/servermonitor/bin/servermonitor" id="servermonitor" /> this first10:15
heymasteryou think what would change anything ? :)10:16
ZogG_laptopworth trying10:17
heymasterok :)10:17
ZogG_laptopask djszapi_ or jonni, they may help10:18
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ZogG_laptopIn C++, the token I used was then "binary_name::encrypt".10:19
ZogG_laptopdid u do that too?10:19
heymasteraegis_crypto_result rc = aegis_crypto_encrypt(, clearData.length(), "testtoken", &cipherData, &cipherLength) ;10:20
heymaster"testtoken" :)10:20
ZogG_laptoptry with app name maybe i dunno10:26
ZogG_laptopany result?10:28
heymasterZogG_laptop: no10:40
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jonniatleast on quicklook it that aegis file has duplicate for paths, most likely breaks aegis functionality10:43
ZogG_laptopyou mean with id and without?10:44
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olmihi. is there a way to change the 'from' address to something else than the account's primary address when sending mail with N9? (other than having a second account with a different address)10:59
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olmi...whoops, perhaps #n9 is more suitable11:01
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thpZogG_laptop: the incomplete downloads is just a "normal" dialog11:10
thpZogG_laptop: however, that's a screenshot from my laptop with qt-components compiled from source11:10
thpZogG_laptop: apparently qt components from git includes the themeing fix where the affirmative button is colored (it's not colored on the device)11:10
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heymasterZogG_laptop: ping11:45
*** frals has joined #harmattan11:46
heymasteri send to to you11:48
Lava_Croftthp: any plans for the next Billboard update, if any?11:48
pathp: any plans to fix ipAddr? :)11:51
*** frals has quit IRC11:53
Lava_Croftits broken?11:54
pawell no, but its a bit buggy, coz if the ip is in the form of, then parts of it end out of the icon11:55
Lava_Croftisnt that related to the font size?11:55
payou mean the font size used to burn the ip into the icon?11:55
payes probably11:56
paor the ip could be split into two lines11:56
Lava_Croftit even displays 2 ips fine here11:56
Lava_Croftwhen i switched from mobile to wifi11:56
Lava_Crofton a single line11:56
pado you get a 12 digits ip?11:56
paheh u see11:57
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pais there an helloGL example for  harmattan?12:27
paapparently the one in sdk does not work on maemo platforms, or at least this is what the pro file says12:28
tommahellogl_es2 should work12:34
*** Tronic has quit IRC12:35
*** Tronic has joined #harmattan12:36
pain the sdk?12:37
palet me try to find it12:38
paits there indeed12:38
pathanks tomma!12:40
pawell more or less.. apparently it doesnt find the shaders12:42
pabut it shows something :)12:42
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tommapa, shader problem can be fixed by creating program1 and program2 QShaderPrograms in GLWidget::initializeGL()13:07
djszapi|winheymaster-laptop: jonni ZogG_laptop was the aegis-crypto issue solved?13:08
heymaster-laptopdjszapi|win: yes, i think i solved it13:08
heymaster-laptopdjszapi|win: I used NULL for token and used <for path="/opt/servermonitor/bin/servermonitor" />, <for path="applauncherd-launcher::/usr/bin/applauncherd.bin" id="" /> lines in manifest.aegis13:09
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wirwedoes anyone know where n9 mainboards can be bought?14:08
wirweexcept for nokia^^14:09
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thppa: what is there to fix? i haven't gotten any bug report14:24
thpLava_Croft: yes, nothing concrete yet, but there will be an update at some point :)14:24
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ZogG_laptopthp: it is colored on device i think, try to set alarm or was it calendar... i asked coz buttons are straight and not like on device, on device the shadow or let's say one of layers of button is displaced and makes it ugly15:36
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MohammadAGcan someone look at my code and tell my what's wrong?15:49
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*** tom___ has joined #harmattan15:58
*** deztructor has joined #harmattan15:59
*** cvaldemar has quit IRC16:01
*** divan has quit IRC16:01
*** divan has joined #harmattan16:03
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: i can look and not to understand it :P16:11
*** rcg-work has quit IRC16:11
*** pawky has joined #harmattan16:13
*** vladest has joined #harmattan16:16
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan16:20
*** tom___ has quit IRC16:22
*** achipa has quit IRC16:22
*** Pali has joined #harmattan16:23
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*** hardaker has joined #harmattan16:24
*** rcg-work has joined #harmattan16:24
*** khertan_ has quit IRC16:25
*** danielcbit has joined #harmattan16:27
ZogG_laptopMPEG H.265 :)16:32
*** mschlens has quit IRC16:42
*** mschlens has joined #harmattan16:43
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan16:44
pado you know whether aegis encryption functionalities are available also to python?16:47
infobotpa meant: do you know whether aegis encryption functionalities are available also in python?16:47
MohammadAGcan't figure out why my code's aborting16:52
jonnipa: only C and C++ api is avail for aegis crypto.16:53
paah ok. so i have to wrap it myself i guess16:53
*** njsf has joined #harmattan16:56
*** rcg-work has quit IRC16:56
*** hardaker has quit IRC16:56
*** divan has quit IRC16:56
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*** tehdely has quit IRC16:56
*** Katiska has quit IRC16:56
*** Tronic has joined #harmattan16:56
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: show it :P16:57
*** rcg-work has joined #harmattan16:57
*** chouchoune has joined #harmattan16:57
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan16:57
*** divan has joined #harmattan16:57
*** ecloud has joined #harmattan16:57
*** Enforcer has joined #harmattan16:57
*** fignew has joined #harmattan16:57
*** gri has joined #harmattan16:57
*** deram has joined #harmattan16:57
*** tehdely has joined #harmattan16:57
*** Jare_ has joined #harmattan16:57
*** Katiska has joined #harmattan16:57
MohammadAGall custom classes are fine16:57
ZogG_laptopgri: didn't heard of you for a while16:58
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: no other data?16:58
ZogG_laptopand when it crasshes?16:59
*** divan has quit IRC16:59
ZogG_laptoplike if it fall on specific place? does it have errors?16:59
*** divan has joined #harmattan16:59
MohammadAGafter looping about 10-20 times (depends on messages count)16:59
jonnilooking the code for 5 seconds, why do you connect to finished signal million times? (on each refresh) ? maybe I just dont understand your code though :)17:03
*** ecloud has quit IRC17:04
MohammadAGjonni, the QNetworkReply is destroyed after the data is read17:04
pais it only me who likes to keep the implementation in the header? :p17:04
MohammadAGpa, depends :P17:04
*** ecloud has joined #harmattan17:04
pai mean, in 2012 IDEs should be able to collapse function bodies17:05
*** ecloud has quit IRC17:06
*** ecloud has joined #harmattan17:06
*** ecloud has quit IRC17:06
MohammadAGI think "to" is empty17:07
*** ecloud has joined #harmattan17:07
*** rcg-work_ has joined #harmattan17:11
javispedrothis reminds me of my usual rant..17:12
javispedroWHERE.... ?17:12
* javispedro curses17:12
MohammadAGjavispedro, debugging is useless on Harmattan17:13
javispedrois useless BECAUSE of the lack of debug symbols17:13
*** rcg-work has quit IRC17:13
MohammadAGyou forgot to <rant>17:14
MohammadAGSyntax error!17:14
javispedrojonni: before you leave nokia (if you haven't yet :( ) , maybe you could figure out where could mortals fetch debug symbols for N9 PR1.3?17:14
*** djszapiN9 has joined #harmattan17:15
djszapiN9ZogG_laptop, ping17:15
paer... i dont understand what you are complaining about. tdont you have to printf your stuff to debug?17:15
javispedro~chase pa17:15
* infobot chases pa17:15
djszapiN9javispedro, sup17:15
javispedrohiya djszapiN917:16
djszapiN9ZogG_laptop, figured out the origin of the bot?17:16
*** rcg-work_ has quit IRC17:16
jonnijavispedro: well for opensource stuff you can ofcourse compile debug packages from dvd, for closed source, its a bit more difficult.17:17
javispedrojonni: I cannot make bit identical builds out of the dvd, so my only course of action is to replace packages with my own builds17:17
javispedro... which is what I've been doing with the N950. Up to the point I'm able to disable aegis in the kernel config, but that's another story.17:18
javispedrobut I'd prefer not to mess with N9.17:18
MohammadAGoh for fuck's sake17:19
javispedro(one of the reasons I got the N9 was that I supposed the SDK repo's symbols would match N9's releases, but they don't either...)17:19
MohammadAGwhy is developing for any other platform easier17:19
pais it?17:19
MohammadAGlook at the tools available from XCode17:20
pai havent tried, but after all doing it for N9 is its not hard17:20
pano idea.. i sold my ibook in 200617:20
javispedrojonni: to sum it up, even the -dbg packages from OSS packages alone would be "useful". maybe you know if there's anyone I could bother?17:21
jonnijavispedro: yep things are not that good, only hope would be that if Nokia would release 'final pr1.3 sdk with working repo' or if someone leaks the internal repo to public.17:21
pabut is there any more work done at all on harmattan in nokia? or is this an information non disclosable? :)17:23
jonniwell there is a small hope now that digia bough qt, that there will be qtsdk update someday, but time will tell.17:23
pai mean some "accepted" bugs were not fixed in 1.3. does it mean there will be 1.4, or does it mean they will never be fixed?17:23
palike battery % is the first that comes to my mind17:24
MohammadAGwhat about it?17:24
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC17:24
pait jumps from something around 10 to 417:24
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #harmattan17:24
javispedromeh, actual "work" I consider virtually impossible17:24
javispedrobut just scping *-dbg*.deb  =)17:25
*** DocScrutinizer05 has quit IRC17:25
*** DocScrutinizer05 has joined #harmattan17:25
javispedrobtw, the builtin twitter client might s top working in 6 months.17:26
jonnips: battery % is not critical bug and batteries dont report any values, so most likely its just beeing ignored. But if there is critical bugs then there might be fixes released some day. Or not :)17:26
javispedroas twitter "deprecates" their 1.0 API...17:26
MohammadAGqDebug-ging every line ftw17:27
pagood boy17:27
* javispedro grrrs17:27
MohammadAGQString latestMessage = messages.last().toMap().value("message").toString();17:27
jonnijavispedro: that is known, thats why twitter application was updated in PR1.3 so it would continue to work...17:27
javispedrohm? you will need to change its key when the new API ships17:28
javispedroadmiteddly a small update17:28
javispedroyou will need to make it point to "1.1" URLs, have a "1.1" key17:28
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #harmattan17:29
javispedroand neither are working as of today17:29
jonnithat would go under 'critical bug fix' and you would just see software upgreade on N917:29
javispedrothinking that probably "big clients" might already have special URLs17:30
jonnijavispedro: but afaik, that deprecation issue was already handled on pr1.3 release of twitter client.17:30
javispedrowell, good to know..17:31
*** tom_____1 has joined #harmattan17:31
MohammadAGjavispedro, can't find references to old URLs17:31
*** rcg-work has joined #harmattan17:36
*** jreznik has quit IRC17:37
*** sledges has quit IRC17:47
*** mike7b4_n9 has quit IRC17:51
*** sledges has joined #harmattan17:55
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC17:58
*** e-yes has quit IRC18:00
*** Enforcer has quit IRC18:02
*** Enforcer has joined #harmattan18:08
javispedrook, xmimd fixed for translucent keyboards18:09
javispedroshould make easydebian more glassssssssy18:09
*** Enforcer has quit IRC18:13
*** sledges is now known as sledge2irssiMosh18:15
*** mike7b4_n9 has joined #harmattan18:16
*** sledge2irssiMosh is now known as talk2sledges_not18:19
*** talk2sledges_not is now known as talk2sledgesnotM18:20
*** e-yes has joined #harmattan18:20
*** talk2sledgesnotM is now known as talk2sledges18:20
*** Enforcer has joined #harmattan18:21
ZogG_laptopthp: ping18:22
*** e-yes has quit IRC18:40
*** hardaker has quit IRC18:40
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan18:42
*** Enforcer has quit IRC18:49
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*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan18:56
*** aquarius has quit IRC18:57
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC19:01
*** Enforcer has joined #harmattan19:02
*** e-yes has joined #harmattan19:03
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan19:03
*** e-yes has quit IRC19:11
*** rashm2k has joined #harmattan19:20
rashm2kcreating guis is a loooooonbnnng process!!!!!!!!!!!!19:20
javispedroit is19:20
paespecially if one (me) does not have the patience to encapsulate components19:23
*** jpnurmi has joined #harmattan19:27
*** Pali has quit IRC19:28
*** clau has quit IRC19:31
*** rashm2k has quit IRC19:33
*** rashm2k has joined #harmattan19:33
*** mschlens_ has joined #harmattan19:33
*** ab has quit IRC19:34
*** mschlens has quit IRC19:36
rashm2ktrue dat19:36
rashm2kwhats even worse is that I don't even know what I'm creating should look like!19:39
pamaybe you want to draw it on paper19:39
rashm2kyeah done that to some extent19:40
*** mschlens_ is now known as mschlens19:40
*** lordross has quit IRC19:40
*** heymaster-laptop has joined #harmattan19:47
rashm2khow do you anchor to something thats defined in another QML file?19:47
rashm2ke.g. I have created a custom QML file which contains a single rectangle19:47
rashm2kand expands when clicked19:48
rashm2kif I put 2 rectangles 1 underneath the other then when expanded the second one does not move down19:49
*** jpnurmi has left #harmattan19:51
*** rcg-work has quit IRC19:51
*** divan has quit IRC19:54
ieatlintqml elements can only anchor to their parent or sybling19:55
ieatlintyour description of what you're trying to do is unclear19:55
ZogG_laptopieatlint: i don't think you are right19:58
ZogG_laptoprashm2k: care to show19:58
rashm2ktrying to put it on pastebin or something19:59
ZogG_laptopieatlint: i use pic and under it comments, first picture is not displayed and comments just under but when picture displayed it expands the height and comments do go down on y along with it19:59
Elleogot the amazon cloud reader mostly working on the n9 :)20:01
Elleojust need a few more usability tweaks20:01
*** orfix has quit IRC20:01
rashm2kI'm trying to add two ExpandingListViews20:02
rashm2kwhen top one expands the bottom one does not move down20:03
*** orfix has joined #harmattan20:03
*** suy has quit IRC20:08
rashm2kany ideas people?20:10
ieatlintZogG_laptop: i'm unclear what you're saying20:11
ZogG_laptopieatlint: it's coz i'm mystery :P20:12
ieatlintrashm2k: care to give a line number on where to look?20:12
ZogG_laptoprashm2k: show the problematic screenshot please20:13
ZogG_laptoprashm2k: i think i knwo what's the problem, just whant to be sure20:13
ZogG_laptopi think you need to add width\heigh and to add top bottom things :)20:14
*** snowpong has quit IRC20:14
rashm2kline 9320:16
rashm2kthe transition changes the height of the listContainer20:17
rashm2kwhich is my expanding list20:17
ieatlintyeah, looks correct20:18
ZogG_laptoprashm2k: you can use height for objects as for example parent.height-1stobj.heigh-2obj.heigh-10 just to make it proper =) and than 2ndobj.bottom20:19
* ieatlint hopes you really name objects like that :)20:19
javispedrodjszapiN9: btw, can you elaborate a bit on ?20:22
javispedrodjszapiN9: I mean, does this mean that the scratchbox devkit has the warning message removed?20:22
javispedrodjszapiN9: or is there something else to it?20:22
*** djszapiN9 has left #harmattan20:23
ZogG_laptoprashm2k: - look how i gave the anchors and sizes there20:23
*** danielcbit has quit IRC20:24
rashm2kgot it now20:26
rashm2kwrappeed the whole item in another container!20:26
*** djszapiN9 has joined #harmattan20:34
ZogG_laptoprashm2k: seen my example?20:36
*** vladest has quit IRC20:37
*** danielcbit has joined #harmattan20:38
*** djszapi_ has joined #harmattan20:42
djszapi_javispedro: sorry, no any time. Busy with the contributor device program..20:44
javispedrodjszapi_: no problem20:45
javispedrotrying to figure out some of the longstanding harm obs problems20:45
*** tom_____1 has quit IRC20:45
*** lbt is now known as lbt_at_tango20:45
djszapi_harm obs is perfect (TM) :)20:46
javispedroI know ;P20:46
*** vladest has joined #harmattan20:47
javispedroI think that we'll fix both aegis issues if the devkit dpkg-* stuff is used20:47
djszapi_there is no any real problem that warning apart from spammy.20:47
djszapi_it does not cause any real issues20:47
djszapi_the package installation is in wrong order in the project setup20:47
djszapi_but I take my hat off in front of a person who fixes that...20:47
javispedrowrong order? :o20:47
djszapi_with that warning*20:48
javispedrothere's an issue though, no automatic manifests.20:51
javispedroworkaroundable too. everything is...20:51
djszapi_that is not just an obs issue20:52
djszapi_in general, there are problems about that.20:52
rashm2koh some aegis experts are online!20:53
* javispedro hides20:53
rashm2kI need to store some specific user token for a web service20:54
rashm2kany pointers about whats the best way to do this?20:54
djszapi_javispedro: any specific reasons you are collecting those issues separately?20:54
javispedrothe two aegis ones? dunno, I suspect they are the same one indeed.20:55
javispedroas for the four two it's just the four I hit right now20:55
djszapi_no... let me ask differently: why have you created this page?20:55
javispedro*as for the other two20:55
javispedrotrying to understand obs better as noone seems to do =)20:56
djszapi_I have done :)20:56
djszapi_but nobody fixed my reports.20:56
djszapi_javispedro: there is a big pitfall about the harm c-obs.20:57
djszapi_perhaps the biggest20:57
djszapi_that is also reported20:58
ZogG_laptoppa: mazal tov with app announcement20:58
djszapi_it is integrating the dev repository.20:58
djszapi_making the packges risky on devices20:58
*** nieldk has joined #harmattan20:59
javispedrodjszapi_: what do you mean? there has been no newer dev repos..20:59
paZogG_laptop, hæ? whats mazal tov?21:00
djszapi_the dev repository is not meant for the device21:00
*** e-yes has joined #harmattan21:00
javispedrodjszapi_: but it has been always this way?21:01
djszapi_that is the problem21:01
ZogG_laptoppa: good luck in hebrew, it's mostly used as congrats, and even used in a lot of american movies21:01
djszapi_no any guarantee any packages will work on the device from the community repository21:01
djszapi_or from any repositories on the harm c-obs21:01
paah thanks :)21:01
javispedrodjszapi_: well, it's true, but there's nothing to be done as Nokia has not released anything newer than > 1.021:02
djszapi_javispedro: unsure what you mean?21:02
javispedroif a package does not work is because there were binary ABI differences between dev repo (which is stuck in PR1.0) and device (which might be 1.2, 1.3)21:02
djszapi_the dev repository were updated21:03
javispedrono :(21:03
javispedroI wish.21:03
ZogG_laptopi think it was upgraded to 1.1 or somthing21:03
javispedroa few packages were upgraded.21:03
djszapi_it was updated21:03
djszapi_it was harmattan21:03
djszapi_then harmattan221:03
djszapi_then harmattan321:03
djszapi_not it is back21:03
djszapi_but this is off topic anyway21:03
djszapi_the thing, Nokia does not guarantee that, the dev repo is working in non-dev environment as the device21:04
djszapi_so we built a stack (community repository) on this borked ground.21:04
javispedrobut you are not installing any packages from it into the device, aren't you? ;)21:04
djszapi_so if an app works on the device, that is pure luck.21:04
djszapi_why not?21:04
djszapi_from the community repository?21:04
djszapi_of course I do.21:04
javispedrofrom the _dev_ repository21:04
javispedroI mean, if you install gcc or similar from sdk/dev repository, you will break device21:05
djszapi_I do install from that21:05
javispedrothat does not mean any package built with that gcc will break device :)21:05
djszapi_but even if I was not, it would still break the entire goal of the community repository.21:05
patomma, but program1 and program2 are already created, in the default InitializeGL21:05
javispedrodjszapi_: I think you are exaggerating a bit here :/21:05
javispedrodjszapi_: see example above21:05
djszapi_to have guaranteed packages that do run on the device.21:05
javispedroabout gcc.21:05
djszapi_no, it is not exaggerating at all21:06
djszapi_some people bricked the device21:06
djszapi_due to signing issues etc21:06
djszapi_check out the forum21:06
ZogG_laptopwith gcc?21:06
djszapi_it is not something you can take lightly.21:06
javispedroinstalling packages _from the dev repo_ _will_ brick device, that is for sure.21:06
ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: let's say you dont have to be smart to brick the device :P21:06
javispedrobut that does not mean installing packages from obs, even if built using build-deps from dev repo will brick device.21:07
djszapi_javispedro: you are not getting the point. :)21:07
djszapi_the harmattan repository (dev) is a /dependency/ for c-obs harm21:07
djszapi_so is it for the community repository21:07
djszapi_packages may be pulled in from there.21:07
djszapi_brick is the worst case scenario21:07
javispedrothat is completely necessary21:07
djszapi_but there can be a lot of issues21:07
javispedrobecause you need to fetch gcc, binutils,21:07
javispedrobash, etc. from it21:07
djszapi_no, you do not.21:08
javispedrobut you should NEVER add the dev repository to the device21:08
djszapi_why would you ever need gcc for kanagram?21:08
djszapi_of course you should21:08
djszapi_since the community repository does have that as a dependency21:08
djszapi_for grabbing the dependencies from there...21:09
javispedroI think that what happened to you is that your package ended for some reason having a dependency21:09
javispedrothat was only in the sdk rep21:09
javispedrothat should most definitely "not happen" (TM) ;)21:09
javispedrobut I suspect it might happen...21:09
javispedrodjszapi_: do you have an example?21:10
djszapi_there are tons of example21:10
valdur55javispedro, irssi21:10
djszapi_just take a look at the repository21:10
djszapi_tons of libraries you need to have for an app runtime21:10
valdur55libperl5.10 issue.21:10
djszapi_and it happens a LOT.21:10
djszapi_that is the main problem.21:10
*** mike7b4_n9 has quit IRC21:10
djszapi_the harm c-obs got this very unfortunate decision21:11
javispedrolibperl is not on the device21:11
djszapi_so we were forced in the community repository (and everywhere else) to build on that broken decision21:11
djszapi_javispedro: you need perl in a perl app?21:11
djszapi_does that sound logical?21:11
javispedroperl is not on harmattan21:11
valdur55yes,. but irssi have dep21:11
*** mike7b4_n9 has joined #harmattan21:11
javispedrodjszapi_: that's sdk repo, and as said, it is not meant for device21:12
javispedrovaldur55: so you do what you have to do when porting a package and lack a dependency. you port perl to harmattan.21:12
djszapi_that is what I am saying all the way along...21:12
patomma, ok google helped me a little finding qmlvideofx21:12
djszapi_and have said tons of times in the past21:12
djszapi_nothing changed.21:13
javispedrodjszapi_: I see the problem, but I can say it is not a problem :)21:13
djszapi_javispedro: because you do not care certain packages do not work?21:13
javispedrodjszapi_: to put it simply: if your package ends up with a dep on a package that is on sdk repo only, consider it as a build failure21:13
djszapi_and certain packages brick the device?21:13
djszapi_and certain packages messes up?21:13
javispedrodjszapi_: it cannot happen unless you coax users into adding sdk repo to sources.list21:14
djszapi_why would you?21:14
djszapi_where else would you get the dependency from?21:14
djszapi_from collision?21:14
javispedronowhere unless you port it.21:14
djszapi_good luck!21:14
djszapi_so you say collision21:14
djszapi_thanks, but no thanks...21:15
djszapi_we have spent enormous amount of times with collision between repos21:15
javispedrowhich collision21:15
djszapi_to clean up, but thanks again, no thanks...21:15
javispedroyou are not supposed to enable sdk repo on device.21:15
djszapi_so the harm c-obs SHOULD NOT INTEGRATE.21:15
javispedroit should because it's the only way you can fetch BUILD tools.21:16
djszapi_ok, I give up.21:16
javispedroscratchbox does it too.21:16
*** tom____ has joined #harmattan21:16
djszapi_I recommend to get to know c-obs better.21:17
djszapi_you will see the problem yourself.21:17
djszapi_if you do not believe us.21:17
javispedroto simplify: there's a repo with BUILD tools. we call this the sdk or dev repo. you use this package to fetch _build_ dependencies, like gcc or bash. A package you built turns out with a dependency on bash.21:17
javispedroYour package is _broken_.21:17
javispedroIt is not obs fault.21:17
javispedroSame would have happened under Scratchbox.21:17
djszapi_bunchof people analyzed the situation21:17
javispedroor any other build system on the surface of this planet.21:17
djszapi_but our fault, sure21:18
djszapi_you clearly do not understand how it works21:18
djszapi_let me say again, and last. Perhaps there is a miracle you know understand:21:18
djszapi_the harm c-obs integrates the WHOLE developer repository21:18
djszapi_means, if you wanna repackage X% of it, you will have an uncool CLASH21:19
paso, i get QGLShaderProgram::addShader: Program and shader are not associated with same context.   , and i found that i have to Delay invocation of initializeGL until the event loop has started. how do i do that?21:19
pa(non in qml)21:19
djszapi_which we have spent ENORMOUS amount of time to fix for even one case.21:19
pajust wanna fix hellogl_es221:19
djszapi_so the clear fix is, c-obs ONLY integrates what is needed for BUILD.21:19
javispedrothis guy gets it -->
djszapi_you are misinterpreting Marcell.21:20
djszapi_but whatever, up to you.21:20
djszapi_Marcell is actually one of the people I discussed the issue wrt this about harm c-obs, and firmly agreed with us.21:21
*** Luke-Jr has quit IRC21:21
javispedroso yeah, let's fix it by removing the sdk repo from the autobuilder.21:22
djszapi_you clearly do not understand how the integration of the sdk repository works :)21:23
javispedroso, explain..21:23
djszapi_I would suggest you to understand the system better before criticizing the once who know.21:23
djszapi_no, sorry, I do not have more time for this topic. I need to progress with my other tasks.21:23
djszapi_write an email to Marcell, if you do not believe in us.21:24
*** vladest_ has joined #harmattan21:25
javispedroMarcell designed the policy I've explained, so your assertions quite surprise me to say the least.21:25
*** Pali has joined #harmattan21:25
djszapi_because you are unaware how the system works, and instead of asking, you offend.21:25
paok, this doesnt work:  . how would be right?21:26
pai mean, how do i set inittializeGL for queuedconnection?21:26
*** vladest has quit IRC21:26
*** vladest_ is now known as vladest21:26
javispedropa: invokeMethod's first argument should be a pointer to a QObject21:26
tommapa, is it still that hellogl_es2 example?21:26
djszapi_pa: why are you doing it that way?21:26
patomma, yes, and i found this:
pa(at the very bottom)21:27
djszapi_pa: why not initialize at another place?21:27
djszapi_javispedro: the packages are imported21:28
djszapi_javispedro: the harm c-obs does not use the dev repository21:28
djszapi_through source.list or a "linkage".21:28
padjszapi_, mh donno, im trying to get hellogl_es2 to work fine21:28
paso i have  an example to start from21:28
tommapa,  just ignore that... in hellogl_es2 make shaderprograms pointers and create them in initializeGL function21:28
djszapi_pa: I would recommend against that usage.21:28
*** deztructor has quit IRC21:28
patomma, it does that already21:28
javispedrodjszapi_: but it uses it to build them only. packages from the dev repository do not end up in the cobs repositories.21:28
pabut it says: QGLShaderProgram::addShader: Program and shader are not associated with same context21:29
djszapi_javispedro: can I ask you please to read the conversation again?21:29
djszapi_I believe I mentioned everything relevant by now with this last information, so a bit of puzzle should make this clear for you.21:29
djszapi_and if not, I will try to answer.21:29
valdur55Ok. But what additional repos should i use ?21:30
djszapi_valdur55: ideally just the community repository21:30
djszapi_but due to the b0rked design for the package integration, you need to use the dev repository as well21:30
tommapa, if you create those QShaderProgram instances inside initializeGL function then they are in same context21:31
javispedroback in diablo/fremantle days, there was a tools repo for on-device developer packages21:31
valdur55djszapi, can you lilk to community repository ?21:31
djszapi_valdur55: see the topic and the landing page21:31
javispedrodjszapi_: it is not due to "b0rked package integration"21:32
*** tom____ has quit IRC21:32
patomma, well, that's actually how it's done in hellogl_es221:32
djszapi_javispedro: yes, it is.21:32
pabut in harmattan i get that error, and then shaders dont bind21:32
javispedrodjszapi_: if his package ends up depending in libperl, how would you fix it by changing the autobuilder configuration?21:32
javispedrosurprise me, because I just don't see it.21:32
paand i found that comment in a qtmobility source, so i guess theres some bug somewhere in Harmattan21:32
djszapi_javispedro: packaging perl, and not integrating?21:33
tommapa, hellogl_es2 has QShaderProgram program1 and  QShaderProgram program2 in GLWidget header21:33
pahm.. not here..21:33
javispedrodjszapi_: packaging perl being the key act here. if you port perl to harmattan, then the problem disappears.21:33
javispedrowhich is what I suggested a few pages above.21:34
paah yes21:34
djszapi_you are clearly not a top packager for harmattan21:34
pai try21:34
djszapi_or have not spent enough time with c-obs21:34
djszapi_or in general with packaging for any systems21:34
djszapi_clashes are clashes21:34
javispedrodjszapi_: thank you for another gratuitous comment about my quality as packager.21:34
patomma, but i have to have them in the header, otherwise how do i bind them in paintgl()?21:35
djszapi_you are proposing integrating perl *AND* packaging21:35
djszapi_so we will have two perl versions21:35
djszapi_like I said in the very beginning21:35
djszapi_instead of what I proposed21:35
djszapi_to not integrate perl *at all*21:35
javispedroand they have to be binary compatible, because otherwise you'll break other in-device packages.21:35
djszapi_we had tons of problems and headaches about clashes on Harmattan.21:35
djszapi_you are still not getting...21:36
djszapi_apparently I need to explain little detail...21:36
djszapi_about packaging...21:36
paah right, pointers21:36
pai try21:36
djszapi_when you build your superfoo depending on perl, which perl will be used?21:36
djszapi_which version21:36
javispedrodjszapi_: when building, sdk's.21:36
javispedrodjszapi_: when running, device's.21:36
djszapi_ha ha ha21:36
javispedrosdk's might even be x86 perl.21:36
javispedroand not arm.21:36
djszapi_so you build a package with different library than using21:36
djszapi_just try it out, please.21:37
djszapi_with different qt version in scratchbox21:37
javispedroEVERY SINGLE harmattan package even scratchbox's are built with different libraries than used21:37
djszapi_what is on the device21:37
djszapi_just try it out...21:37
djszapi_I do not say more...21:37
javispedroTHANKS to Nokia not releasing PR1.3 sdk.21:37
djszapi_and come back.21:37
djszapi_surely, you build an app with perl221:38
djszapi_it will surely work with python321:38
djszapi_who dumbass we are.21:38
djszapi_all the dependency versions should just work always21:38
javispedrothat is an exaggeration21:38
djszapi_it is that simple...21:38
tommapa, changes i made to it21:38
tommaand it worked in harmattan... apart from using widgets etc which make it pretty unusable but still worked21:39
djszapi_not to mention tons of problems during the build like I mentioned zillion times21:39
javispedrodjszapi_: no. sdk contains libqt from 2011. device contains libqt from 2012. unless you copied device's libqt to your computer any day (doubtful)21:39
djszapi_even before just getting there to run.21:39
javispedrodjszapi_: you have been building packages linked with 2011's libqt and running them on a device with 2012's libqt21:39
djszapi_javispedro: try with newer Qt...21:39
javispedrodjszapi_: and hell didn't break loose.21:39
djszapi_you will see the problem21:39
djszapi_and qt is really not the only dependency in the world...21:40
javispedro<javispedro> and they have to be binary compatible, because otherwise you'll break other in-device packages.21:40
djszapi_we had *tons* of problem with different qt versions.21:40
patomma, i think theres also a mistake in the original code in the if(qtlogo) block around line 290 of glwidget.cpp21:40
djszapi_while developing for Harmattan21:40
pain the else21:40
djszapi_so you are proposing a workflow of *heavy* pain of building and hefty runtime issues21:40
djszapi_instead of me: proposing one library, and no issues at all.21:40
djszapi_sorry, I am off...21:41
javispedrono, I'm proposing a workflow that has been used ever since the early maemo days and is proven to work.21:41
djszapi_no it has not worked at all21:41
djszapi_packagers could speak up21:41
*** bef0rd has joined #harmattan21:41
javispedroit has its own share of problems.21:41
djszapi_I was cleaning up the redundancy for days21:41
djszapi_when people complaint packages did not work21:41
djszapi_due to the clashes21:41
djszapi_even the building21:41
djszapi_sure, the log also lies. :D21:41
patomma, yes now it's good :) many thanks!21:42
djszapi_where were you when the problems occured? Now saying, they did not exist, just because you have not faced?21:43
djszapi_just look through the log, it is all there.21:43
RST38hmoo javispedro21:43
javispedromoo RST38h21:43
djszapi_I really do not understand the point of discussion 1) Tons of build and runtime issues 2) No issues at all21:43
djszapi_it does not need to be discussed more.21:43
javispedrodjszapi_: "no issues at all" is false.21:43
djszapi_we do not have any issues when there is no clashes21:44
javispedrodjszapi_: besides, you still didn't propose the miraculous method that will prevent those issues.21:44
djszapi_I can bravely say that.21:44
djszapi_of course I did.21:44
djszapi_tons of times21:44
djszapi_just because you do not read, it does not mean I have not explained.21:44
djszapi_others got it earlier. I am sure you would also be able, if you read.21:44
DocScrutinizer05who opts for +q banning djszapi_ just for offensive arrogant speech?21:44
djszapi_it is just matter of nobody doing the work to make this nice.21:45
javispedrobecause it's impossible.21:45
DocScrutinizer05meh indeed21:45
RST38hah, djszapi is off his meds again21:45
DocScrutinizer05fsckng PITA21:46
javispedroso, let's change topic.21:46
djszapi_yes, it is impossible to get perl packaged21:46
djszapi_and then use that for everything21:46
djszapi_we impossibly managed to put libraries into the community repository this way21:46
djszapi_perhaps we dreamt21:46
DocScrutinizer05no, it's impossible to push a rope21:46
djszapi_and they are actually not there.21:46
*** nieldk has quit IRC21:49
*** Mag-en00b has joined #harmattan21:54
paby the way, no one knows anything about this, right?
pasorry if i bring this up every now and then :)21:55
DocScrutinizer05djszapi_: next time you utter shit like ""[2012-08-17 20:23:56] <djszapi_> no, sorry, I do not have more time for this topic. I need to progress with my other tasks."" when somebody asks you to explain what you accuse others alegedly don't undertsand, and if you then go on arguing for another 20++ lines and still don't bother to actually *explain* but rather insult people, you earn a few days ban21:55
pastill didnt give up with the idea of having maps api offline21:55
javispedropa: there's indeed a "undocumented" library for offline maps, but without headers et all it will be very hard to use21:56
javispedropa: about the map plugin I have no idea..21:56
paundocumented library already in harmattan?21:56
javispedroyeah, it's the one the maps application itself uses21:56
Mag-en00bdevice:nokia n9. few days ago the package manager flipped and wouldnt install packages. i googled it up and it was suggested a few files should be removed and have the package manager re-create them. i did remove them and now my device says "can't install package, installation package not found" for everything i try to install from the nokia store21:57
pabut yeah, no headers = no luck probably21:57
Mag-en00bis there a way to restore the firmware? "clear device" didnt work21:57
djszapi_Mag-en00b: can you install packages manually?21:57
Mag-en00bhaven't tried, don't know how to21:57
djszapi_pa: you can always use 'nm' ;)21:58
pai can try :p21:58
javispedropa: also there's a QML wrapper for it, which might be easier to use. it's an interesting project if you have the time :)21:58
djszapi_just joking.. speculating from symbols ... heh funny. :)21:58
pais there a qml wrapper for the undocumented offline maps library?21:58
palink? link? : ))21:59
javispedropa: also undocumented of course =)21:59
javispedrothe drive app uses it =)21:59
Mag-en00bi figured i could use navifirm and winflasher, but couldn't find downloadable firmware files for my n9's product code 059J6J321:59
pawell but qml is easier to read than binary files21:59
djszapi_pa: except if it is used as resource :P21:59
paso i should extract it rom the binary, right?21:59
pajonny was saying it's pretty easy to do21:59
panever done myself tho22:00
pajonni :p22:00
javispedroextracting qml from a binary? even GNU string will do that =)22:00
Mag-en00banything i can do except haul my ass to nokia care for a simple reflash? i couldnt find nokia's official firmware restore guide. nokia just suggests to update the device via it's own menus22:00
djszapi_Mag-en00b: have you tried to hack manually?22:00
javispedroMag-en00b: there's a certain risk if you do the reflash by yourself if you mess with the version to flash22:00
pathis is definitely something i would spend my time with, yeah.. :)22:01
djszapi_over ssh, pkgmgr etc?22:01
djszapi_to see what is going on?22:01
pai need offline maps !22:01
javispedropa: so, start by reading the maps & drive qml files ;)22:01
javispedroI'm interested too.22:01
Mag-en00bdjszapi_: umm. not exactly sure what do you mean, but i think i haven't done anything special to the device22:01
javispedropa: but note that from a license PoV it's dangerous as best, so be assured you won't get it published to nokia store22:01
djszapi_Mag-en00b: are you a simple user or hacker?22:01
Mag-en00bnever liked that term, but no, i'm not a basic user. i'm a programmer and know my way around22:02
djszapi_Mag-en00b: try to install a package over ssh then.22:03
ieatlintit's better than cracker, which is just a racial slur22:03
djszapi_with the developer mode enabled, and as a developer with devel-su etc22:03
pawell i dont care too much, my app is free anyway..22:03
paif nokia starts complaining, i''ll remove from the store22:03
javispedropa: btw, cityscape app is qml too, so it's another source for information.22:03
javispedro(just brainstorming here)22:04
pabut cityscape is not offline22:04
javispedrothe maps are :)22:04
javispedrothe panorama isn't :(22:04
paso i get the qml out with string?22:04
palet see what is possible to do in half hour22:05
Mag-en00bdjszapi_: enabling developer mode says "preparing for installation" and "can't install, installation package not found"22:05
DocScrutinizer05fry and eat a steak22:05
javispedropa: there are a bunch of .qml outside of the maps binary22:05
djszapi_Mag-en00b: what have you done previously?22:05
djszapi_have you tried to install something from the console with the pkgmgr, presumably a user package?22:05
*** furikku has quit IRC22:06
pajavispedro, u mean /usr/bin/maps?22:06
javispedropa: use dpkg -L to list files installed by a package22:06
javispedropa: in any case you are doing nothing in half an hour, this is probably a project for a week or a month...22:07
Mag-en00bi fucked up. and just because i'm lazy. when i deleted the file to get over the last package installation problem and it didn't work, i also removed another file in that folder and i'm assuming it was some repository database...22:07
pai will probably spend my weekend on it :)22:07
djszapi_Mag-en00b: can you recall which files?22:07
payeah quite a lot of stuff in that pkg22:08
pabut i thought maps were meegotouch22:08
pajavispedro, and by the way cityscape.. you meant city lens?22:09
javispedropa: no, cityscene22:10
Mag-en00bdjszapi_: i'll try to look it up. the error message was too similar to this current one. just a moment22:10
*** Luke-Jr has joined #harmattan22:10
pajavispedro, i see that cityscene contains a dir called "maps-plugin"22:12
Mag-en00bdjszapi_: it was these commands and i believe i removed the file besides sources.list.d directory as well
pawith some libnqtnmaa inside22:13
Mag-en00band the error message i was trying to tackle before was (not that it's of any use anymore, i believe): "Unable to start operation Refreshing cache. Please wait."22:13
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan22:14
pabut no qml inside, so i guess it has been embedded via qrc22:14
djszapi_Mag-en00b: if you have only deleted that file only from the console, and rebooted your phone, then it is weird.22:16
*** tbf has joined #harmattan22:16
Mag-en00band then i tried to reset the device via the menu and (ofcourse, dumb me) it didn't restore the file, but it did remove my console and disable developer mode ._.22:17
djszapi_have you tried to get the console from meecatalog?22:17
Mag-en00b*googles the name* it seems that's a program. i dont have it and i cannot install anything22:18
Mag-en00bi think it boils down to this question: can i flash file "DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_LEGACY_001-OEM1-958_ARM" to my device since my device says it's version is "PR1.3 (40.2012.21-3_PR_001)"22:19
djszapi_yep, that is a program which is usually the first I download after a (re-)flash22:19
djszapi_so you cannot switch to developer mode at all, can you22:20
Mag-en00bnope. clicking on it says the "searching..." "cannot install.."22:20
Mag-en00bdo you know the software "navifirm"?22:21
DocScrutinizer05sure, it's the only source for firmware images22:23
DocScrutinizer05another Nokia madness22:23
djszapi_this is a weird breakage... I am unsure what you could do apart from reflesh.22:24
djszapi_you had the latest public version?22:24
djszapi_is it N950 or N9?22:24
valdur55or from unoffical images file.22:24
Mag-en00bbecause it seems that in many variants only the emmc changes to include some things like country-specific maps or no maps at all. i'm assuming the part one they share could safely be flashed onto this device as well, Or do i have to flash emmc as well every time i flash?22:24
Mag-en00bn9 and latest public version that was updated via air22:25
DocScrutinizer05Mag-en00b: the problem is flasher will check for version and signature, and not allow any downgrade (or what it thinks is a downgrade22:25
Mag-en00bwhat about same version onto same version?22:26
DocScrutinizer05should work22:26
valdur55Yes. It works22:26
Mag-en00bwell here goes nothing :322:26
DocScrutinizer05but be careful, even subvariants count as higher version22:26
DocScrutinizer05that's the reason you can't go back to international from e.g. asian22:27
paby the way, is there a package containing all these?
valdur55but   it is possible to add 005 repos in other subversions22:28
*** decibyte has quit IRC22:28
javispedropa: I don't think that's the case, but if you have scratchbox you can build each of them easily22:28
javispedroI built the mappingdemo yesterday =)22:28
DocScrutinizer05anyway >>i flash file "DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_LEGACY_001-OEM1-958_ARM" to my device since my device says it's version is "PR1.3 (40.2012.21-3_PR_001)"<< doesn't sound like a brilliant idea22:29
*** decibyte has joined #harmattan22:29
valdur55DocScrutinizer, why not?22:29
DocScrutinizer05probably PR_LEGACY > PR_00122:29
javispedroI am not sure of that22:30
DocScrutinizer05I'd not go for any legacy shite anyway, sounds way too much like braqnding22:30
javispedroI think I flashed legacy =)22:30
DocScrutinizer05OEM1 even :-o22:31
DocScrutinizer05quite sure some carrier specific image22:31
pajavispedro, no i mean a tarball with the sources, or a git repo22:31
pathey are not in the sedk22:31
javispedrooh, now I will be useful.22:31
paaha! thanks : )))22:32
Mag-en00bi've gotten the understanding that pr_legacy is something that people call "generic" (whatever it means) and the flasher (now that i remember to check it out) said that my phone was "DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_001", thus i think the filename maches pretty well. though the OEM1-958 part is unknown. but thing flashed and nicely asks settings on boot22:33
valdur55I used DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_LEGACY_005-OEM1-958_ARM.bin and got DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_00522:33
* DocScrutinizer05 hands javispedro a candy22:33
*** heymaster has joined #harmattan22:33
padamn nx.. doesnt copy paste on linux22:33
javispedropa: actually it's
javispedromy mistake =)22:33
javispedro(above was qt-components, not mobility)22:33
javispedro(meh, I ruined the moment :P)22:34
DocScrutinizer05Mag-en00b: why don't you just flash the proper firmware rather than that OEM stuff?22:34
DocScrutinizer05well, why didn't you... now it's too late anyway22:35
valdur55DocScrutinizer, where can you download non OEM stuff?22:35
javispedroDocScrutinizer05: I think that all of the images are called legacy and OEM22:35
javispedroDocScrutinizer05: I only have the N950 one around atm and it says OEM1 for ex.22:35
DocScrutinizer05javispedro: duh!22:36
javispedroand it clearly isn't =)22:36
valdur55flasher don't know anything about OEM, Legacy etc22:36
* DocScrutinizer05 wonders how much Nokia paid to the madhouse to get that update policy concept written for them22:37
pajavispedro, why in your tarball theres no QML Video Shader Effects ?22:37
javispedropa: wha?22:37
javispedrowhat is that?22:37
pain Multimedia22:37
Mag-en00bDocScrutinizer05: because i cannot find my model number from the list. but now i flashed and it worked fine. after restart the device identified under the winflasher as the same exact model as it was before. also settings -> about also says it's the same model22:38
javispedropa: meh, seems you are right and qml examples are missing..22:38
DocScrutinizer05well, let's hope you're fine with it. I admit I haven't ever looked into that mess22:38
*** pinheiro has quit IRC22:39
pathere should be a git repo somewhere, right?22:39
Mag-en00bi'll report whether my store installations works now. hopefully it'll be of help to someone who searches these irc logs, if they are released22:39
DocScrutinizer05actually I felt a strange allergic reaction each time I touched the N9 after they came up with all that navifirm and no-downgrade mess22:39
pai found some -examples-fixup22:40
Mag-en00bi'm all allergic to this "nokia openness" :c22:40
DocScrutinizer05if I had paid for that coffin, I'd give it back and ask for my money22:40
*** javispedro has quit IRC22:42
*** pinheiro has joined #harmattan22:44
*** hardaker has quit IRC22:53
*** tbf has quit IRC23:00
*** divan has joined #harmattan23:03
Mag-en00bYay! package installations work again, even after resetting the phone via menu. ^^23:06
*** Pali has quit IRC23:07
djszapi_Mag-en00b: nice :)23:12
*** lordross has joined #harmattan23:24
valdur55i will brick rdc device :P23:30
valdur55apt-get purge meego* :)23:30
valdur55Damn.. my reservation was ended :P23:34
*** rcg has joined #harmattan23:35
*** djszapiN9 has quit IRC23:39
*** lordross has quit IRC23:42
*** lordross has joined #harmattan23:42
*** heymaster has quit IRC23:47
*** lizardo has quit IRC23:59

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