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ieatlintlooks like i missed more aegis ranting00:09
djszapi_ieatlint: you cannot miss since it is always ongoing. :P00:10
ieatlintnokia sure is on a winning streak these days00:12
jonniwell atleast nokia stock is +51.3% up in the last 30 days... so people who bought the stock when it was down are smiling00:16
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djszapi_well, it is certainly not a big investment...00:18
djszapi_from that low-amount..00:18
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ieatlintjonni: i was almost one of them00:20
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ieatlintbut it only got as low as $1.69, and i wasn't prepared to invest enough to make the payout worthwhile00:21
ieatlintnot unless it jumps to like $5 when microsoft announces a buyout00:21
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robertjwdjszapi_: I have already searched the repos which I know about and did not find squid.  Also I'm in  a location this weekend without good connectivity.  My N9 is all I've got.00:34
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robertjwrzr: what's wrong with openldap?  build issues?00:38
djszapi_robertjw: usually apt-cache search and c-obs search what others would do as well00:39
djszapi_robertjw: look at the state and buildlog, if needed00:39
djszapi_and you will see yourself.00:39
ieatlintis there a reason to not just use ssh socks proxy instead of squid?00:40
robertjwi tried socks5 and the n9 did not forward out the packets00:41
rZroffline ?00:41
robertjwnotebook -> usb networking -> n9 -> network00:41
rZrrobertjw, do you have scratchbox o?00:43
befordsup ZogG_laptop00:43
robertjwunfortunately, i have no browser in this limited network configuration right now, so i'm running a bit blind00:44
rZrrobertjw, ask me later i will fix ldap and build it , unless someone want to help here00:44
robertjwlynx will only get you so far :)00:44
DocScrutinizer05ieatlint: the rant was basically about state of things is like >18months ago, nothing changed and neither did my arguments. Only that they proved true meanwhile, but also futile for dead meego. Maybe they help for jolla / mer though, and that's basically why I still continue on them00:48
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ieatlintrobertjw: i've previously used the ssh socks proxy for tethering.. dunno01:07
ieatlintDocScrutinizer05: hopefully we see something worthwhile from jolla.. at the moment, i'm expecting a corporate version of openmok :/01:08
DocScrutinizer05tbh I have no idea what to expect01:10
DocScrutinizer05and that's a tad annoying01:10
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DocScrutinizer05since it again starts like Nokia: NFC about FOSS, finalize things behind closed walls then throw over the wall01:11
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DocScrutinizer05you'd think meanwhile they could've learned01:13
ieatlintwell, it is nokia peoples01:13
DocScrutinizer05basically I consider all that hijacking linux01:15
DocScrutinizer05and the FOSS idea01:15
DocScrutinizer05only a small difference between Nokia not publishing some GPLed code until you ask in stern voice, and other companies not publishing any code at all until sued by Harald Welte01:16
* rZr <3 fingerterm01:18
DocScrutinizer05and even when publishing, they do by sending out DVD 8 weeks after binaries rolled out - that's pretty insane01:19
DocScrutinizer05every single line of code says "we might obey to GPL, but that doesn't mean we like it, and we'll find ways to mess it up nevertheless"01:21
DocScrutinizer05they did for maemo (you can't update to any newer kernel version, not to mention userland) and they did again for meego01:22
DocScrutinizer05hell they even kept datasheets closed, of chips they got custom made like LP552301:24
faeniland the battery gauge?01:25
DocScrutinizer05nah, that one been public (on N900, not though on N9)01:25
faenilnot on N9, exactly01:26
DocScrutinizer05actually N9 looks like another example of the LP5523 DS-brainfart01:26
faenilshould be a bq27521, but there is nothing known about that one01:26
DocScrutinizer05yep, I know. I evaluated it01:26
faenilI know because we were trying to get the battery level working on nemomobile01:27
faenil(w00t did then, with openbme)01:27
DocScrutinizer05and I already wonder to again use my contacts (*NOT* to Nokia this time) to get a copy of the DS under NDA01:27
DocScrutinizer05I did with LP5523, can do again with bq2752101:28
DocScrutinizer05btw LP5523 datasheet is public meanwhile ;-P01:29
DocScrutinizer05bottom line: Nokia is nuts with their NDA policy at large01:31
DocScrutinizer05and not only in their public policy, as I can tell from my job01:32
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DocScrutinizer05probably for designing bq27521 the TI engineers had to wear black sunglasses so they don't see what they're working on01:33
djszapi_wow, there is a cmd line frontend for facebook01:36
djszapi_although not in qtcore.01:36
rZrwho cares of fb01:36
djszapi_many, including me01:37
rZrwho needs this ?01:37
rZrfb needs you ...01:37
djszapi_that is not what I said, but sure... you are entitled to misinterpret me.01:38
rZrwell i am gine01:41
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paanyone still awake?02:15
pai have some packaging/aegis troubles02:15
paim trying to package a python project without the help of pyside-assistant02:15
pafollowing this:02:15
paso i have my _aegis file that i add to the deb with ar02:16
pathe problem is that i dont get the credentials on the files i specify02:16
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pamaybe something about signatures missing?02:23
M4rtinKpa: I'm also doing my Python packaging without PySide-Assistant, but with sdist_maemo (see
M4rtinKpa: so net really sure what might have went wrong in your case02:32
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ZogG_laptopitsnotabigtruck: are you alive02:34
paM4rtinK, thanks i'll have  alook now02:41
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paim cehcking sdist_maemo in ur zip, but its not xtra easy to decode the whole think02:45
M4rtinKZogG_laptop: congratulation to your new N950 :)02:45
ZogG_laptopM4rtinK: have it for a while02:45
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M4rtinKpa: there are basically two important files02:46 that generates the package itself and does the signing02:47
M4rtinKand a shell script that does the rest (gets source from git, runs, pushes the source package to OBS)02:47
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ZogG_laptopM4rtinK: and makes a coffee02:48
paM4rtinK, in my case the problem is the aegis manifest02:48
pathat in your case seems empty02:48
paand what i need to understand is how to add it02:49
robertjwieatlint: i'll try socks again, if that works i'll be happy.  did you have to set any kernel parameters to enable it?02:49
pai mean, if i do a rgrep aegis * it doesnt find anything02:49
pai guess u dont need credentials for your app02:50
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ZogG_laptoprobertjw: playing with kernel?02:51
M4rtinKpa: this is a more up to date example + uses Aegis credentials:
pamaybe i got it.. is it possible that the reason is that i rename the .deb?02:54
palet se02:54
robertjwZogG_laptop: trying to get socks5 to work.  when i tried ssh socks earlier, i was seeing incoming packets to the n9 but no outgoing packets.02:57
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paneed to try tomorrow02:58
panow i must sleep02:58
M4rtinKpa: good point :)02:58
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ZogG_laptoprobertjw: open-mode?03:06
robertjwieatlint: socks5 over ssh is working for me now, just had to fiddle with it.  thanks for encouraging meto go  down this path.03:06
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djszapi_pa: why would you ever rename the deb ??09:50
djszapi_also, your problem description is a bit vague, to say the least.09:52
djszapi_at least, I am getting what the actual symptom is...09:52
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ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: sup11:10
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ZogG_laptopHurrian: morning11:17
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HurrianZogG_laptop, afternoon ;)12:14
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ZogG_laptopkhertan: how are you?12:20
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khertanZogG_laptop: fine12:40
khertanZogG_laptop: and you ?12:41
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djszapiHi! Is there a way of figuring out the number of my new sim card, I have just bought, without calling anybody, but visiting the settings, or an identification page, etc?13:09
trxin the settings nope13:17
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trxmaybe there is a */# code13:18
djszapitoo bad. :/13:20
djszapiI would have the impression, such a "command" towards the SIM should be standardized, so handsets could handle directly for any cards.13:20
djszapior at least for "standard compliants".13:20
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SpeedEvilthen sim may not know its number.13:21
djszapiit must know13:21
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SpeedEvilor it may not even be allocated until you register it.13:22
djszapiotherwise it would not be able to send its number to the callee13:22
djszapiunless the remote network figures that bit out.13:22
SpeedEvilthe network knows the number.13:22
SpeedEvilyou can't just send random numbers. the sim merelyis a 'Mac number. it requires the network to allocate it a number when it connects13:23
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SpeedEvilsome sims have an own phone number memory13:24
SpeedEvilat+cnum=? from memory.13:24
djszapiright, so it should be at least a "try and get" method.13:24
SpeedEvilbut this only works with one of my sims.13:24
djszapiwith a warning, if there is no such a memory available.13:24
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djszapiisn't there such an application in Ovi, already to give it a try?13:25
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SpeedEvilI've never seen a phone that can reliablgn figure out own number. markets will vary, some may have number set always.13:26
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djszapiwhat do you mean by number set?13:27
djszapimore precisely, what is the problem with figuring out the "number set" with such an application? Nothing, as far as I see.13:27
SpeedEvilthe 'own number' entry in the sim set before you purchase it.13:27
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djszapiif it cannot be, warning, if can be, happyness.13:27
SpeedEvilthe above at command can work. but I have no idea how to access this through at13:29
trxis the number stored in the sim?13:29
SpeedEvilI note that my n950 did not display own number anywhere on ui13:29
trxi taught that its in operators db13:30
SpeedEvilit is.13:30
SpeedEvilthey may also add it to a memory in the sim though13:30
SpeedEvilin the case of UK, quite often not.13:31
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djszapiSpeedEvil: I am now in Ireland, so the practice is probably not all that distinct over here.13:31
djszapiright, you have three in the UK as well.13:32
djszapiso do you have vodafone, et cetera.13:32
djszapiwhich sim was (not) okay for you?13:34
djszapidoes that depend on the provider in your case, or on the given sim card?13:34
SpeedEvilt-mobile, 3, voda have both given me SIMs with no embedded number13:35
SpeedEvilThis may be different for non PAYG13:35
djszapiI also use prepay.13:35
SpeedEvilwhat does at+cnum=? return?13:35
djszapinot sure how to get that work exactly.13:36
djszapiminicom, gserial, command?13:36
djszapiis that it?13:36
djszapior some ppp stuff?13:36
SpeedEvilhmm - is pnatd on the n95013:36
djszapiI cannot use the terminal directly on the N9 screen I guess.13:37
djszapidepends on what delay they tolerate.13:38
djszapiPerhaps, it is wiser to do over ssh13:38
djszapiand copy paste13:38
SpeedEvildelay is fine13:38
*** lizardo has joined #harmattan13:38
djszapithey tolerate such a big delay like typing?13:38
djszapimeh, I am using archlinux in the vbox guest13:38
djszapiand it is not all that simple to get ssh work that way13:39
djszapiPerhaps, I could use putty on Windows.13:39
SpeedEvilit's not realtime13:39
djszapibut I do not have time for that as of now13:39
djszapiright, so it is not like modems, I worked with.13:39
SpeedEvilYou will either get a response "ok" bare - which means no stored number.13:39
djszapidoes it require an cr at the end?13:39
SpeedEvilMost modems have no timeout13:39
djszapiof lf13:39
SpeedEviljust enter in keypad works13:39
SpeedEvilor you get a number13:39
djszapireply: OK13:40
djszapiperhaps '=' is a scam in there...13:40
djszapiyou sure that is needed?13:40
djszapiusually ? is the query13:40
djszapiwithout the '='13:40
djszapiat least for modems, I worked with.13:40
SpeedEviltry it13:40
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djszapiit is basically returning "OK" for almost everything.13:41
SpeedEvilIt is in fact at+cnum13:42
djszapiyeah, "OK"13:42
djszapitried that, too, already.13:42
djszapiit is a three sim card right now13:43
djszapiI ahve two vodafone ones, too13:43
SpeedEvilthe above page lists it working with my tmobile PAYG SIM13:43
djszapiright, I do not have t-mobile sim card.13:43
djszapiI had 2 vodafone: one for calling, one for mobile broadband13:43
djszapiand now one three since I switched to three from vodafone due to the unlimited internet13:44
djszapiand not 5 GB stupid limit :)13:44
djszapibtw, can I use the vodafone usb modem (stick) in any vodafone countries?13:44
djszapior are they usually tied to the resident country where purchased?13:44
SpeedEvilI dropped from 10G to 1G for mobile, on 3, as I'm not using that as much.13:44
SpeedEvilYou can use it. If you're very, very rich.13:44
SpeedEvilI don't think it will even roam over from ireland cheaply.13:45
SpeedEvilBut check that, I suppose it might.13:45
SpeedEvilIn general, if they can charge you insane amounts of money, they will.13:45
djszapino no13:46
djszapiwhat I mean is that if I can use the same stick with for instance Finnish or Hungarian vodafone sim card13:46
djszapiin Finland or Hungary13:46
djszapiwell, there is no vodafone in Finland, but you are getting the point.13:46
djszapiso what I would like to avoid is to buy a stick again.13:46
djszapibecause it is something like 50 EUR.13:46
djszapiat least what I purchased.13:46
djszapiso the question is more like, if the modem can handle vodafone sim card from all over the world where they operate.13:47
SpeedEvilIn principle, but you need a non SIM-locked modem.13:48
SpeedEvilI don't know if they simlock. If they do, you'd need to unlock it13:48
SpeedEvilPlus, there is the issue of frequency band.13:48
djszapican you elaborate?13:49
SpeedEvilA device can have eitehr a provider, or a simlock set.13:49
*** mschlens has quit IRC13:49
SpeedEvilThis means it will not accept cards from a different provider, or a different SIM to the one shipped with it.13:49
djszapiok, sorry...13:50
SpeedEvilAnd differnet countries have different 3G frequencies, which means that the hardware may not work13:50
djszapiI meant elaborate in case the freqband...13:50
SpeedEvilgenerally, you can pay them to unlocak13:50
SpeedEvilbut they may not have this setup13:50
*** mschlens has joined #harmattan13:50
djszapiI have just written an email to them about this; thank you.13:56
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ZogG_laptopi'm back :)14:11
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djszapiSpeedEvil: what exactly is the modem manufacturer?14:33
djszapiIt returns Nokia for my irish sim card...14:34
djszapithe modem is the handset in case of sim card data plan without the mobile broadband stick?14:34
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC14:39
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djszapiSpeedEvil: and there is no "#foobar" number either I can query my number with, frm the network?15:00
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SpeedEvilas I understand it, no.15:26
djszapino what?15:32
djszapiI had two questions. =)15:32
SpeedEvilthere is no magic number15:32
SpeedEvilthere seems to be a sim toolkit way, but it doesn't work on the n95015:33
* khertan hate regex15:42
*** valdur55 has joined #harmattan15:42
djszapiI wonder why regex got so widely known and common15:45
djszapiit should be hidden in a shelter. :)15:45
ZogG_laptopwhy would it?15:53
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan15:53
Venemo~seen ajalkane15:54
infobotajalkane <> was last seen on IRC in channel #harmattan, 18h 9m 30s ago, saying: 'djszapi_: o/'.15:54
ZogG_laptop~poke Venemo15:56
* infobot cuts down a small tree, sneaks up behind Venemo, pokes Venemo repeatedly, hilarity ensues.15:56
Venemohey ZogG_laptop15:56
Venemowhat's up?15:56
ZogG_laptopnot bad15:56
ZogG_laptopcan be better15:56
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Rantwolfhi. is there anyone who installed the syncevolutions package on the nokia n9?16:14
*** lizardo has quit IRC16:15
Rantwolfi get errors while installing the package16:15
khertanhum somewhat maybe can help me fighting with regex ... i'm trying to replace all text contained between ** and all text contain between * ... and the problem is that the second regex match the first **test** it saw16:15
khertan[^_*](\*)(?=\S)(.+?)(?=\S)(\*|)[^_*] > **test** should do it16:16
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djszapikhertan: why do you use regex for that?16:27
*** tom__ has quit IRC16:33
djszapikhertan: I dislike dealing with regex, but that regex seems broken altogether16:34
djszapieven though I am unsure what you are trying to accomplush.16:35
infobotdjszapi meant: s/accomplishaccomplish/16:35
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khertan(?<!\*|_)(\*|_)(?!\*)(\s?)(.+?)(\s?)(?<!\*|_)(\*|_)(?!\*|_) <<<< perfectly readable16:41
*** lizardo has joined #harmattan16:41
khertanoh my god16:41
SpeedEvilI once wrote send mail.CD16:42
SpeedEvilnow, that's scary. and not the m4 version16:42
Arkenoii once wrote a script that creates without m416:43
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SpeedEvilThere are syntactically valid invalid postcodes17:03
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djszapiZogG_laptop: got your rpi?17:11
khertanfucking bloody hell ! I lost 1 day trying to create fucking styled text for Qml TextArea ... and it s completely useless as it s completely unusable due to fucking keyboard bugs !!!17:12
khertanwhen you text got focus and vkb opens it s insert random shitty caracters17:12
djszapifucking who cares? : P17:12
ZogG_laptopdjszapi: nope17:13
djszapiZogG_laptop: sounds like nothing was delivered except the UK and America.17:13
djszapioh few people got also in Asia (India)./17:13
djszapiI do not believe it will arrive...17:15
djszapiand Tom is not working for Nokia anymore.17:15
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC17:19
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*** DocScrutinizer05 has joined #harmattan17:19
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*** pinheiro has joined #harmattan17:24
*** khertan has quit IRC17:24
djszapiZogG_laptop: got a reply from Tom17:30
ZogG_laptopdjszapi: nope17:32
ZogG_laptopwho is Tom?17:32
djszapiyou do not follow the qt on pi mailing list?17:33
djszapihe was one of the guys pushing Farnell hard about this17:33
djszapibut he has left Nokia as well anyways17:33
*** rnovacek has quit IRC17:34
*** orfix has joined #harmattan17:36
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*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan18:02
trxdid anyone follow this?18:09
trxStatus: REOPENED18:09
trxand assigned18:10
trxdoes that mean that someone is actually working on this?18:10
djszapiin the fabule :P18:10
javispedroI think anyone can reopen a bug.18:11
khertanjedi.theone                  2012-03-12 09:16:38 EET                                       Status             REOPENED18:12
trxsoumya.3.bijjal2012-06-21 13:44:24 EEST Assigneeext-risto.lahtiext-ville-pekka.karhu18:13
trxi didint know that anyone can reopen :)18:14
trxso a fake :/18:14
djszapino, Soumya is not fake18:15
djszapishe was a front person for public relation like that18:15
trxso is it a fake or not? (sarcasm? :))18:16
*** ab has quit IRC18:16
trxdo you think that it will be implemented really or not?18:18
djszapiI would not really take my breath.18:20
trxok, thanks18:21
djszapithey even dropped Qt.18:22
djszapiso why would they even care about Harmattan.18:22
djszapiharmattan pretty much means what we have, I speculate so.18:23
*** vladest has joined #harmattan18:23
SazpaimonI like how after all the trouble I went through getting ipv6 working in fremantle, on harmattan it's literally just 2 switches18:24
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan18:28
PaliSazpaimon, I created metapckage for fremantle which install and configure ipv6 for wifi - it used old diablo icd2 plugin...18:33
Sazpaimonyeah for wifi18:36
Sazpaimonwhat about GPRS?18:36
PaliSazpaimon, my operator does not have ipv6 so I cannot test anything...18:36
Sazpaimonon harmattan you just enable developer mode, press the ipv6 button and, assuming your APN is the same for both v4 and v6, you're good to go18:37
Paliyes, I saw ipv6 button in developer mode18:37
Palibut I do not think that ipv6 will be supported in Slovak operators...18:38
Paliso I do not care about ipv6 via gsm/3g18:38
Sazpaimonthey'll have to support it at some point18:39
Sazpaimonblindly ignoring ipv6 will just lead to a world of hurt18:39
Palithere are plans for (big) ipv4 NAT which (operators think) fix this problem :D:D18:40
Sazpaimonwhat happens when more ipv6-only sites start popping up18:41
Paliit will not be in Slovakia - so operators will ignore it...18:41
Paliit is really good joke that in my country will be (more) ipv6 only sites/server :D18:43
Palioperators do not care about customers... they only want to see money18:44
Paliand building ipv6 infrastructure is not cheap (at least operators do not get money from that)...18:45
Sazpaimonwell when people stop paying their operator because they can no longer access content, then we'll see what happens18:47
djszapiaaaaaaaaaaaaaarmageddon !18:48
Palithis will not happen in near future... a lot of people using mobile internet only for emails, chat, facebook, ... and I do not think that gmail or facebook will turn off ipv4 servers18:50
*** shanttu has joined #harmattan18:51
*** tom__ has quit IRC18:51
shanttuweird bug. vkb doesn't pop up on 'messages' anymore.18:52
*** deztructor has quit IRC18:52
*** hardaker has quit IRC18:52
*** djszapi has left #harmattan18:53
Palialso I looked for normal *home* (adsl) routers with ipv6 support which is possible to buy in slovakia... no router with ipv6 support yet (some has flag: ipv6 upgrade support in future)18:54
*** mike7b4 has quit IRC18:57
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*** hardaker has joined #harmattan19:21
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan19:21
djszapiany graphics master here with 3D stuff?19:22
pawhat kind of 3d stuff?19:23
djszapigraphics in general19:25
djszapimostly theoritical.19:25
djszapiI am a kinda n00b about this, and would have some questions, preferrably in private.19:26
*** astm has joined #harmattan19:26
pai've done something, but im not sure im master enough on the specific, but you can ask sure :)19:28
*** lordross has quit IRC19:29
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djszapibeford: sup19:53
*** bef0rd has joined #harmattan19:54
befordhey djszapi, not much, working working19:54
befordnot enough time to finish my app for the coding competition19:55
*** Venemo_N9 has joined #harmattan19:57
Venemobeford: what app is that?19:57
befordtransmission remote controller19:57
*** liar has quit IRC19:57
*** Pali has joined #harmattan19:58
befordtransmission torrent client :P also got tranmission daemon compiled i'll try to bundle it19:59
Venemowhat's missing?19:59
djszapibeford: to be honest20:00
djszapiI have not even begun20:00
djszapibut the UI draft is almost ready.20:00
Venemobegun what?20:00
djszapiminor adjustments needed20:00
djszapithen I need to start coding the library20:00
djszapiand then the application. ;)20:00
djszapiVenemo: app for coding competition.20:01
Venemodjszapi: and what app will that be?20:01
*** Venemo has quit IRC20:01
befordwhat are you working on djszapi20:01
*** Venemo_N9 has quit IRC20:01
djszapibeford: dictionary and translator.20:04
djszapiwith speech support of course.20:04
djszapi(perhaps trainer integration later as well)20:04
*** liar has joined #harmattan20:11
*** Venemo_N9 has joined #harmattan20:11
Venemo_N9hey again :)20:12
*** Venemo_N9 has quit IRC20:14
*** pinheiro has quit IRC20:14
paM4rtinK, by the way i found the bug in my building chain :) but thanks for your template, maybe i will switch to sdist-maemo one day20:14
*** Pali has quit IRC20:15
*** Pali has joined #harmattan20:17
*** Venemo_N9 has joined #harmattan20:24
*** djszapiN9 has joined #harmattan20:24
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*** lfranchi has joined #harmattan20:24
djszapiN9Venemo_N9, w-h-e-n w-i-l-l b-e a n-e-w c-h-a-t-t-e-r r-e-l-e-a-s-e?20:25
djszapiN9available in ovi, ofc.20:25
Venemo_N9djszapi, the day after tomorrow20:25
Venemo_N9if it's good enough, it'll go to ovi20:26
*** Venemo_N9 has quit IRC20:26
*** Venemo_N9 has joined #harmattan20:27
Venemo_N9sorry, my ISP is making me crazy today20:27
Venemo_N9either them or freenode disconnects me...20:28
befordI tried communi from ovi, its nice too, but I prefer chatter20:28
Venemo_N9thank you beford20:29
*** Venemo_N9 has quit IRC20:29
*** Venemo_N9 has joined #harmattan20:33
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*** valdur55_ has joined #harmattan21:01
valdur55_I am having problems with QT SDK installing: "Error during installation process ( failed(Unexpected exit code: 1): "/home/valdur55/QtSDK/Madde/postinstall/"21:02
valdur55_lol... my home disk is full21:04
valdur55_I ignored this error and then got Segmentation fault (core dumped)21:05
Venemo_N9lol valdur5521:07
*** tom__ has joined #harmattan21:07
valdur55_:) So.. do i need download all items again?21:07
*** jreznik has quit IRC21:08
Venemo_N9maybe, I'm unsure21:08
befordI think it will just redownload the missing items21:09
valdur55_All items are downloaded. Problem is with installing :P21:09
*** liar has quit IRC21:10
valdur55_Damn..  I need download all items again :/21:10
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan21:11
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*** Shaan7 has joined #harmattan22:02
valdur55_On this thime, i download offline version..22:05
*** djszapi_ has left #harmattan22:05
*** ab has joined #harmattan22:13
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*** valdur55_ has joined #harmattan22:27
ZogG_laptopbeford: sup :)22:29
ZogG_laptophow ya doing?22:34
M4rtinKpa: thanks ! :) I'll have to finally clean it up a properly publish it somewhere22:36
*** Lede- has joined #harmattan22:38
*** valdur55_ has quit IRC22:45
*** DrGrov has joined #harmattan22:45
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*** magog has joined #harmattan22:49
befordi'll send you a deb later to see if you find it faster than the previous version22:52
ZogG_laptopbeford: problematic23:10
befordwhy :|23:10
ZogG_laptopbeford: i have more torrents now :P23:11
befordi'll put a "please wait" message just for you23:11
befordthat will solve the slowdown problem23:11
ZogG_laptop1000+ is not much23:13
*** tom___ has joined #harmattan23:22
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*** Rajesh_ has joined #harmattan23:56
ZogG_laptopn950 pr1.3 leaked :)23:56

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