IRC log of #harmattan for Sunday, 2012-08-05

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piggzis it possible to add extra spacing above a specific item in a QML column?01:18
ajalkanepiggz: My instinct claims that the column's height is sized to fit all the items in it01:20
ajalkaneSorry... misunderstood01:21
ajalkaneYou can just put an intermediate item in there to have any spacing you want. An otherwise invisible Item element for example01:22
piggzajalkane: yes, thats what ive done...feels more like a workaround though01:24
ajalkanepiggz: I know of no better way. You can of course try to play with anchor's margins if you want to.01:25
ajalkaneBut if I remember correctly that approach doesn't work well with Columns/Rows... but might remember wrong so let me know, I'm interested too :)01:26
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piggzyeah, but i dont think items in a column can have top or bottom anchors01:26
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ajalkaneI was thinking about topMargin for example, doesn't work of course. In theory topMargin could work, but like I said my memory seems to claim there was problems with that...01:28
piggzi tried otp margin, and it was ignored01:28
ajalkaneah... so... behold the ugly solution, it be your only salvation.01:29
ajalkaneI swear, that's the last coding poem I'll write tonight.01:30
ajalkaneDamn flu is hitting me down with a hammer.01:30
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pawhats wrong with onPressedChanged: { if (pressed) console.log("pressed"); else console.log("released"); } ?03:12
pai get "pressed" printed twice..03:12
pabut on another button this works..03:16
paapparently it+s the name of the function03:16
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rashm2ki keep getting seg faults on Qlist.h append method any ideas?03:33
rashm2ktemplate <typename T>03:33
rashm2kQ_OUTOFLINE_TEMPLATE void QList<T>::append(const T &t)03:33
rashm2k    if (d->ref != 1) {03:33
rashm2k        Node *n = detach_helper_grow(INT_MAX, 1);03:33
rashm2k        QT_TRY {03:33
rashm2k            node_construct(n, t);03:33
rashm2k        } QT_CATCH(...) {03:33
rashm2k            --d->end;03:33
rashm2k            QT_RETHROW;03:33
rashm2k        }03:33
rashm2k    }03:33
rashm2kat line:  if (d->ref != 1) {03:34
ieatlintuh, first, use something like pastebin03:35
ieatlintand second.. it's not QList's fault that there's a segfault, so posting a code snippet from it will tell people nothing03:35
rashm2kQList<SearchResult*> *searchResultList;03:36
rashm2kvoid ListModel::appendRows(SearchResult *items) {03:36
rashm2k    searchResultList->append(items);03:36
itsnotabigtruckrashm2k: don't paste that much text into irc03:37
itsnotabigtruckwhat happens is that one line goes through at a time for minutes03:37
ieatlintuh, in your second code snippet, searchResultList is undefined03:37
ieatlintyou should actually be getting a compile warning telling you that03:37
itsnotabigtruckah, that must be it03:38
itsnotabigtruckthis == NULL03:38
rashm2khow do I instantiate a Qlist? It tells me it's static03:38
itsnotabigtruckwell, the quick fix is to take out the * before searchResultList03:39
ieatlintwell, you can put it on the stack03:39
itsnotabigtruckand change the -> to .03:39
itsnotabigtruckthough using global variables like that isn't considered a very good idea03:39
itsnotabigtruckso you might want to restructure your code a bit03:39
ieatlintalthough i think QList<Type> list = new QList<Type>; also works03:39
itsnotabigtrucki'd suggest you go through some c++ tutorials before you dive in with complicated qt stuff03:39
itsnotabigtruckc++ is complicated, going in head first is a bad idea03:39
itsnotabigtruckieatlint: only if list is changed to *list03:39
ieatlinterg, yes03:40
ieatlinttypo :P03:40
rashm2ktrying it now03:41
Sazpaimon_has anyone gotten the PR1.3 sources dvd yet?03:41
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rashm2kI didn't initialise the model backing the listview03:57
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ladogais there youtube-dl for harmattan?09:52
ladogaif not maybe i should package it09:52
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Elleohaven't tried it myself10:43
Elleono problem :)10:44
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ZogG_laptoparcean: thanks for comment on my app, reviewing would be appriciated too14:02
djszapi_Venemo: sup14:04
Venemodjszapi_, fine, thanks :) you? :)14:05
djszapi_preparing for my italian and swiss trip..14:05
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djszapi_admiral0: are you from Italy?14:54
djszapi_which city14:54
admiral0and still no qtonpi14:54
admiral0that's bear Milano14:54
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djszapi_yep, I see on the map...14:55
djszapi_hmm, what about pm?14:55
djszapi_query =)14:56
* admiral0 is confused14:56
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rashm2kin QAbstractItemModel::beginInsertRows ( const QModelIndex & parent, int first, int last )14:59
rashm2kwhat exactly is the parent?14:59
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rashm2khow do I get qml listview to load new items once it reaches the end?15:25
djszapi_rashm2k: what do you mean by "reached the end" ?15:27
djszapi_re: -> what is not clear from the description?15:27
djszapi_"The parent index corresponds to the parent into which the new rows are inserted;"15:28
rashm2kI need to know once the user has scrolled to the bottom of the listview so I can load more items15:28
rashm2kI don't need begineInsertRows15:29
rashm2kOr rather I already use it - but I don't see how it can help me with this?15:29
djszapi_I do not understand15:29
djszapi_it is managed by the framework...15:29
djszapi_you just add as many items as you wish, and all the scrolling will be automatic...15:30
djszapi_well, you asked about the parent, and I gave you description. :-)15:30
rashm2kSorry I add 100 items - then when the user gets to the 100th item I make a web service call to get the next 10015:30
djszapi_I do not understand why that is useful15:31
rashm2kso I dont need buttons for next15:31
djszapi_you can fetch all those at once, and the user interface will be much smoother while scrolling.15:31
rashm2kI can fetch maximum 200 items at a time15:32
rashm2krestriction on the web api15:33
rashm2knot under my control15:33
djszapi_that does not make sense to me15:33
djszapi_you can fetch as many times as you wish in advance.15:33
djszapi_it is an implementation details how you get all the items at once/.15:34
rashm2kI am interacting with the ebay web service - I don't want to fetch all items at once! There are thousands!15:34
djszapi_so instead, you would like to slow down the user interface for /all the time/ while scrolling over?15:35
rashm2kIt will be in batches of 100 or so - so it shouldn't be a big delay, plus I will have a loading screen15:36
djszapi_I do not understand15:36
djszapi_but I think it is a bad usability design15:36
djszapi_go for the next button, if you think, it is cool15:36
djszapi_the vast majority of the people do the hard job while launching the application, or in a separate thread after that, but surely not for user interaction15:37
rashm2kthis is a user interaction15:37
rashm2kthe user enters terms to search not me15:38
djszapi_I wonder if you have ever seen facebook15:38
djszapi_and how they handle this.15:38
djszapi_They have a "next button" concept.15:38
djszapi_what is the problem?15:38
rashm2knot really15:38
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djszapi_ok, I am out. =15:39
rashm2kI dont have space on the screen for it15:39
rashm2kmaybe a footer instead - like in the email app15:39
djszapi_you mean toolbar, not footer15:39
rashm2kno footer15:39
djszapi_ok, if you know better, then I am afraid I cannot help, or needless to try. :15:41
rashm2kif you go into folders in the email app then scroll al the way down there is a button for get more messages15:41
rashm2kthanks for your input much appreciated as always ;-)15:41
djszapi_which I said like quite a while ago, you can do a next button?15:41
djszapi_I am still unsure what you expect.15:42
djszapi_everything has been said.15:42
rashm2kmaybe the auto fetch is too much15:42
rashm2kI'll stick with the get more button15:43
djszapi_yes, it is totally nonsense15:43
djszapi_what If I accidentally scroll over?15:43
djszapi_I need to wait for the load?15:43
rashm2kI have seen it though15:43
djszapi_it is really one swipe to scroll15:43
djszapi_I would really not like to hang.15:43
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djszapi_in addition, if you lost the internet connection with a flaky ISP, you would not be able to browse further on, etc15:44
rashm2kyeah dont handle any errors yet15:44
djszapi_fetch in a bunch is a good idea15:44
djszapi_if the list is long, filter it.15:44
rashm2kthats the plan15:45
rashm2kget 2515:45
rashm2kthen let user filter15:45
djszapi_no need for any automatic fetching further on15:45
rashm2kthen load more15:45
rashm2kquck question15:46
rashm2kwhat is currentIndex set when I am scrlling in the listview15:46
djszapi_it may sound weird, but the current index?15:47
rashm2kset to15:47
rashm2kyes but I have 5 items visible on my screen - which of the 5 is it?15:47
djszapi_I do not understand the question15:48
djszapi_the current index is the current index.15:48
rashm2kOh it's only for highlight15:48
djszapi_whichever is selected.15:48
djszapi_I am unsure what you mean by highlight15:49
djszapi_there is a currently selected item, and that index is contained in the variable.15:49
djszapi_what is the problem?15:49
djszapi_even when you scroll your finger is selected something15:49
djszapi_finger selected*15:50
rashm2kah right I see15:50
rashm2kqml is the tricky bit15:53
rashm2kgetting everything just right takes long.......15:53
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Corsachhm, is there a way to use third party google calendars in n9?16:42
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jonniCorsac: hmm, thats the difference with google calendars and 3rd party google calendars?17:17
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jonniheh, maybe I have to google the answer :)17:17
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Corsacjonni: I'm not sure it's the right term17:23
Corsacbut basically some people publish those calendars on the web17:23
Corsacis it possible to subscribe to them when I have no google account?17:23
jonniyou need to have google account in order to sync, but multiple cals should work just fine17:24
Corsacok, so that won't work17:24
Corsacand any way to add a link to an ics file?17:24
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jonnisdk has example of calendar demo that can import ics files, but if you mean web browser, then most likely it doesnt have mime handler by default, but you can ofcourse make custom imported and install mime handler yourself.17:27
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Corsacwhat do you mean?17:28
jonniwhere do you want to add the link to an ics file, in your toilets wall with qr code?17:29
CorsacI already have an ics link, I want to put that in my calendar17:29
jonniusing commandline?17:29
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CorsacI don't really care17:30
Corsacbut I'd like it to be kept updated17:30
CorsacI just tried from the browser17:30
Corsacit'll download the ics, then you can import it to your calendar17:30
Corsacbut that won't really help17:30
jonniCorsac:, just make some crontab/wget script, that polls the file and imports it every hour or something. But in reality its just easier if you make google account and sync it there.17:31
CorsacI'll rather take that as “it's not possible” :)17:32
jonniits only software so everything is possible :)17:32
jonnioh and if you want to use 3rd party apps, then you can use SyncEvolution, I think that has option for random .ics url, and you get full automatic sync17:34
CorsacI already use syncevolution to sync with evolution on my laptop17:36
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djszapi___ieatlint: sup, might to California soon.17:42
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pago or move? :)17:58
pais there a way to make it so that a "Page" is always opened with  showStatusBar: false, without having to set it when the parent pushes it on the stack?18:00
pafor example, if i have Page a which is Page { ... showStatusBar: true ... }, and page b that is Page { ... showstatusbar: false ... }18:01
padoes it work like every time i push b, the status bar disappear, and when i pop it, it reappears?18:01
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paor do i have to do it by hand before/after i push/pop?18:02
pa(at the moment im doing by hand)18:02
djszapi___unsure what you mean ...18:03
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djszapi___when you push a page, it is a different page18:05
djszapi___it has nothing to do with the previous18:05
djszapi___so ... means, if you push a page, you will have stuff as it is set18:05
djszapi___and when you pop, you will get the next page in the stack ...18:05
djszapi___so ... it ought to work without any explicit setttings ...18:05
djszapi___but, the statusbar is a different thing18:06
paso every time i go back and forth, it+s always a new page of the same type?18:06
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palike back and forth between 2 pages18:06
djszapi___cuz the status bar is application wise thingie18:07
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djszapi___PSW, to be precise ...18:08
djszapi___means ...18:08
djszapi___you cannot set it per page differently ...18:08
djszapi___once, it is set, it is always like that ...18:08
djszapi___so yes, you do need to set explicitely if you would like to get the global setting different for each page ...18:08
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paso, let put the case we have a page, a, that has to be shown with the toolbar, and a page, b, that has to be shown without, and from both a and b there is a button to go to c, that has to be shown with the toolbar.18:30
pawhen we press the button back from c, how can we check if we should show the toolbar or not, depending on what we are popping?18:31
*** heymaster-laptop has joined #harmattan18:37
pamaybe  by just checking "currentPage" after having called pop(), and looking, e.g., for a property that tells what to do?18:48
djszapi___why are you making his complex?18:51
djszapi___1) There is a currentPage page18:55
djszapi___2) You can always store and restore the previous status18:56
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djszapi___anybody know what the latest and greatest Qt version available on Symbian?22:22
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djszapi___heh, newer than on Harmattan22:30
djszapi___Harmattan had 4.7.4 iirc back then22:31
djszapi___still the best22:31
jonniwell 4.8.2 is only avail if you compile it yourself, smart installer for Anna installs 4.7.4 by default most likely22:32
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djszapi___and Bella?22:33
djszapi___we got last october at the Qt Dev Days?22:34
jonniBelle has 4.7.4 by default22:34
djszapi___jonni: thanks :)22:37
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pai cant do pageStack().currentPage().id == something, right?23:51
jpnurmipa: no, id is not a property23:54
djszapi___pa: in addition you should not really ever do that for your need23:56
djszapi___you should really just do what I recommended23:56
pabut i could specify a property and do the comparison on that property?23:56
djszapi___as in, storing the stuff, and revert23:56
padidnt read23:56
djszapi___it is not a complex logic.23:56
pawhat do you mean with "previous status"?23:57
djszapi___previous status23:57
paok, so say page 1 push page 2 , and shows toolbar23:57
pahow can i pop, and decide whether to show toolbar or not, depending whether the toolbar was visible or not at the time?23:58
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