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sigmaorionjonni, yeap... well, it works great!!!!00:02
sigmaorionthanks for your help!00:02
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rigojonni, did the backup as root and have a tracker.db that is more than zero bytes, but playing it back doesn't work. It gets overwritten (probably by some akonadi-equivalent)00:12
rigowill try to do the backup as root00:13
rigoI mean the restore00:13
rigogood night00:13
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jonniit wont work either, root cannot read tracker.db either :)00:13
jonniah I was too slow00:13
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Pieplayis there any known bug why the N900 maemo's photo's appear clean on the device but noisy on the computer (jpeg)00:33
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Lava_Croftlankku returned15:21
Lava_Croftseems nokia care took my original shell and just smacked new HW inside it15:21
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Lava_Crofttoo bad that this time around they didnt feel the need to some me some more headphones and usb cables15:22
Lava_Croftsend me some*15:22
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Lava_Croftboy i missed my cute lankku15:42
Lava_Croftprettiest smartphone ever15:42
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rashm2khey guys16:00
rashm2kanyone got the source code for the tab bar like the one in the Store app on the Nokia n9?16:00
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jonnirashm2k: if you have small hacker living in your heart you could just extract the qrc from the binary itself ;). I made a qrc extractor a while back for myself :)16:34
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Lava_Croftso, this problem is probably covered elsewhere, but im having trouble to find it17:05
Lava_Croftim getting the usual 'download error' shit from ovi17:05
Lava_Croftdirectly downloading debs from a browser works fine, except for Billboard, a paid app17:05
Lava_Crofthow would i go about to get that working17:05
Lava_Croftyes, i actually paid for it17:05
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Venemo_N9Lava_Croft, a few retries sometimes help17:10
Venemo_N9Lava_Croft, if it doesn't, checking apt may help too17:10
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javispedrothe N9 is injecting IPv6 traffic in my network17:22
* javispedro ponders how's that even possible17:22
RST38hMoo, javispedro17:22
javispedroMoo RST38h17:22
javispedrotoo much magic and impossible thinks these days17:23
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Lava_Croftheh Venemo_N9, thanks17:52
Lava_Croftretrying 9 times helped17:52
Venemo_N9Lava_Croft, on one occasion, installing the package manually from apt helped17:56
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rashm2kIf I set a value using the rootContext()->setContextProperty what is the lifespan of this?18:17
rashm2kDoes it get removed if I open up a different QML file?18:17
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RST38hYes, I Broke Your Network, Your Audio and Your Boot"18:30
RST38hYes, I Broke Your Network, Your Audio and Your Boot"18:30
RST38hshit, why is it doing that?18:30
javispedroRST38h: clearly lennart involved somehow :)18:34
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rashm2kstrip:debian/meebay/opt/meebay/lib/.svn/text-base/ File format not recognized19:00
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rashm2kI'm getting the above error from Qt creator19:01
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rashm2kwhen packaging the deb file - how do I force it to ignore dot svn folders?19:01
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HtheBMohammadAG, sup19:52
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sigmaorionhi there!20:27
sigmaorionI'd like to publish a QML app I did for N9 on ovi store, as a free app, of course20:27
sigmaorionanybody has experience doing that?20:28
sigmaorionI'd like some shortcuts in the proccess...20:28
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rashm2kin Qt creator parent.width gets set to 36020:38
rashm2kany idea how to change that to 480?20:38
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HtheBis anybody even alive?!22:17
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ajalkaneHarmattan is alive kicking22:25
heymaster-laptopAnybody knows why signal is emitted twice. Using QML Connection element ?22:27
heymaster-laptopi'm crying ;(22:28
ajalkaneDon't you cry tonight hamster!22:28
ajalkaneWe'll help you, right fellas?22:28
* HtheB hears grashoppers22:32
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piggzrzr: any joy with the pi?22:48
piggzgonna put my Qt skills to use on my new playbook!22:49
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paare you aware of a nx client for harmattan?23:14
pathere's one for n900 afaik..23:14
clauhmm, I wonder why I didn't get an OTA update to pr1.3 yet23:15
clauanybody else in this situation?23:15
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Velmontclau: I had to connect to Wifi, and then push the "check for updates" thingy. And then I got it.23:17
clauI did it23:17
clauI tried nokia software updater too, but unfortunately it doesn't work on win7 64bit23:18
clauit complains about having a usb hub, although it is not true23:18
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rzrpiggz, not yet ...23:22
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