IRC log of #harmattan for Thursday, 2012-08-02

Khertan_n950but yeah clearly more difficult now :)00:00
Khertan_n950but i think we are still near the begin00:00
Khertan_n950and yeah still no converging device00:00
djszapi_that is luckily enough incorrect00:00
Khertan_n950i think the future is here. Many devices same data everywhere00:01
djszapi_people are quite happy with androids and iphones here00:01
djszapi_tons of apps, etc00:01
djszapi_they do not care about the background technology, if it is Qt or not.00:01
Khertan_n950djszapi_: funny as i always has the feeling that there is missing apps or not well done in iphone00:02
djszapi_a cool device with an excellent platform is good for developers00:02
djszapi_but that does not bring money itself to the platform vendor00:02
Khertan_n950and i think it s require some year to catch some market share00:02
djszapi_what brings money from customers, if there are *tons* of *useful* apps00:02
Khertan_n950djszapi try to look at a source code editor for iphone00:03
djszapi_no, thanks =)00:03
Khertan_n950djszapi: app store didn t have all possible apps :)00:04
Khertan_n950there is many case where we clearly can see the apple store is for 'casual' users00:04
Khertan_n950and android suffer a bad reputation today00:05
Khertan_n950i just hope that this users will not go to bought winphone00:06
heymaster-laptopdjszapi_: can you help me ?00:07
heymaster-laptopdon't know how to engineer app structure00:08
heymaster-laptopI need to set context of property in main.cpp ?00:08
heymaster-laptopok i will try rewrite my app :)00:09
djszapi_not atm00:09
djszapi_am busy with qt patches and reviews.00:09
heymaster-laptopdjszapi_: ok. thanks00:09
rzrKhertan_n950, hi did you see quim gil pres at akademy ?00:13
djszapi_rzr: I had a question at the end. Have you heard of that00:13
djszapi_Nokia does not care about my request though ;)00:14
rzr 8Mhz cpu and 512kb of memory00:15
rzramiga ?00:15
rzrdjszapi_, yea i thought you were there too, but remind me what was the question about ? meego?00:16
djszapi_rzr: just check out the last few minutes of the recording00:16
djszapi_you will realize.00:17
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rzrno time now :)00:17
djszapi_take your time00:17
rzri am taking mine :)00:18
rzrand you not taking mine00:18
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djszapi_rzr: let me know when you will have received your rpi.00:26
djszapi_rzr: if nobody maintains a separate app repository, then it is perhaps better to move screen and others back.00:30
rzrlet's do that yes00:32
*** rzr is now known as rZr00:33
djszapi_rZr: have you tried to call UPS to track your package, even if there is actually no tracking number. Perhaps according to the name, and so forth?00:37
jonniIm not that hopefull that rpi would arrive to finland this week...00:45
rZrdjszapi_, then what ?00:45
rZrjonni, waiting for one ? maybe 50 qtonpi have it now00:46
djszapi_jonni: I am not in Finland. :-)00:46
djszapi_rZr: how do you know?00:46
jonnirZr: yep still waiting, seems that all other countries are getting them :)00:46
rZrpple uk recieved them00:46
djszapi_rZr: well, not really.00:48
djszapi_you may mean "England", and especially "London". :)00:48
djszapi_have not heard of Irish, Scottish, or Wales receives. :)00:49
rZrmy statement is still true00:50
rZras i could have said pple of planet earth did00:50
djszapi_well, not really...00:51
djszapi_since your statement should mean that our dude in Northern Ireland got it.00:51
rZryou should return to kindergarden00:52
rZrwell anyway  , are there owners around ?00:55
admiral0rZr: i'm waiting for minr00:56
rZrdjszapi_, some good news (or not) about the future :
* djszapi_ hates good news00:57
rZrnok will not screw the community00:57
rZrwe can do it ourselves :)00:57
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admiral0hi :)00:58
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djszapi_rZr: who cares :)01:00
djszapi_beford: sup01:00
befordsup djszapi_01:00
befordhow is your android going01:01
admiral0android? Lol01:01
admiral0poor guy01:01
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admiral0my n9 is being repaired and i'm with an android phone atm01:02
befordI need to get one though01:02
admiral0it sucks ...01:02
*** arcean_ is now known as arcean01:03
befordwhat do you use?01:03
admiral0LG P-35001:03
djszapi_beford: it is ok01:03
djszapi_beford: trying to get a blackberry.01:04
befordoh yea I saw the logs01:04
befordget me one too01:04
befordI would like to try qt development on that01:04
admiral0not for me...01:04
admiral0i had an openmoko freerunner. Openmoko is bankrupt01:04
admiral0had a palm pre 201:05
admiral0palm bought and destroyed by HP01:05
admiral0then nokia n900 and n9. soon.01:05
befordget an iphone and help destroy apple01:05
ieatlintwell, i know where my next vacation is going to be
djszapi_ieatlint: does not sound like a plan :)01:07
admiral0ieatlint: interesting01:08
ieatlintif it didn't involve giving 3k EUR to a country that runs death camps, it'd be incredibly tempting01:11
ieatlintbut alas, it's now only "pretty tempting"01:11
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ieatlintnot just 3k, 3k plus the flight to beijing01:16
ieatlint2.4k for the trip (all expenses covered but booze), 500 EUR for the flight from beijing to north korea and back01:17
ieatlintand you get your own ticket to beijing01:17
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nibbler bef0rd: you don't get an iphone... in apple world, iphone gets you.01:52
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ZogG_laptopjonni: found other qt app ported to N9. we had argument with guys. i said that in my opinion KDE can't continue develop Qt as it will ruin it02:03
ZogG_laptopbef0rd: sup man02:03
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rZrZogG_laptop, what's up w/ rawcam ?02:07
ZogG_laptoprZr: it works from OBS, i helped him to build in OBS, he'll be back in few days and submit it to apps4meego =P02:08
ZogG_laptopok i need to go sleepy sleepy =)02:09
rZrok good02:09
ZogG_laptopnight everyone02:09
ZogG_laptopok 5 mins more02:09
ZogG_laptoplast cig02:09
rZrZogG_laptop, is n950  supported ?02:09
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ZogG_laptoprZr: what do you mean if it's supported? i think he had colours problem. you wanna try it? i can build last version if you want02:10
ZogG_laptopor even better if we find his build02:10
rZrpush it to my place i'll install it02:10
ZogG_laptoprZr: btw there is tread of icons making, ask for new for redak02:11
ZogG_laptopbef0rd: and you for transmission02:11
rZri wanted a svg one02:12
ZogG_laptoprZr: ^ ask there02:12
rZronce i port it to bb10 and others ..02:13
bef0rdhavent worked on it, I fell asleep yesterday02:15
ZogG_laptopi'm going to sleep now =)02:15
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khertanrZr, thx for the video09:56
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gabriel9|worki have gtalk on my N916:25
gabriel9|workbut i also have other gtalk acc16:26
gabriel9|workis there a way to set itup with jabber?16:26
gabriel9|workanyone tried that16:26
dm8tbrshould work16:27
*** felipexil_ has joined #harmattan16:38
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gabriel9|workany guide?17:04
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan17:05
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*** vladest_ is now known as vladest17:11
Lava_Croftgabriel9|work: or easier: There are extra account plugins in OVI store17:15
*** Rajesh_ has quit IRC17:17
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Lava_Croftsips fighting honeydew inc17:22
*** felipexil_ has quit IRC17:24
*** felipexil_ has joined #harmattan17:24
padoes someone know how to get  the data stored inside a QBluetoothServiceInfo::Sequence ?17:25
khertan_ouch just testing to rewrite KhtNotes without qt component for desktop ... it s a real pain !17:32
*** jaywink has joined #harmattan17:33
*** vladest has quit IRC17:45
Lava_Croftseems Nokia Netherlands has no idea about it's own online repair service17:47
Lava_Croftsince they dont know what the status messages on the website mean17:48
*** IcanCU has joined #harmattan17:50
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Sazpaimonnokia FINALLY got back to me with my PR1.3 source code request18:11
Sazpaimonafter a month18:11
Sazpaimondid anyone else get the DVD yet18:11
*** hardaker has quit IRC18:11
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CorsacYour sources have been sent.18:55
CorsacWe apologize for the delay caused by vacations.18:55
CorsacThank you for your interest towards our products!18:55
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan18:55
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whatsaCorsac, is it PR1.3 GPL dvd?19:20
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan19:21
infobotYo djszapi, how's it going eh?19:21
padjszapi, question (to you that are an intern, and that might be interested in having it as a feature)19:23
pais it now possible to have offline nokia maps accessible from qtmobility.location?19:23
djszapiI am unsure why you are asking this from me...19:24
paaccording to this guy: , the plugin should be available somewhere19:24
pa(nov 2011)19:24
*** jabis has joined #harmattan19:25
paand maybe with pr1.2 and 1.3, it even ended in the phone?19:26
*** Venemo_N9 has quit IRC19:29
*** messerting has quit IRC19:33
*** tom___ has joined #harmattan19:51
*** pinheiro has quit IRC20:00
djszapiwow, the gentoo guys fixed an issue I reported four years ago...20:04
djszapipa: sorry, I am not involved with mobility.20:07
djszapiso really the wrong person to ask.20:07
*** mike7b4 has joined #harmattan20:08
*** e-yes has quit IRC20:09
*** jaywink has quit IRC20:10
paok. maybe you knew something :)20:10
rzrdjszapi, not today20:12
djszapirzr: huh?20:13
*** rcg has joined #harmattan20:14
*** jaywink has joined #harmattan20:14
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*** piggz has joined #harmattan20:36
rzrdjszapi, qtonpi20:43
djszapirzr: unsure what you mean ...20:44
rzrno rpi for me in my today's mailbox... you asked me to report that20:46
befordmine still have around 4 weeks20:49
*** vladest has joined #harmattan20:49
djszapibeford: ?20:51
befordI bought one20:51
djszapirzr: perhaps you will get a charger alone20:51
djszapiafter a long waiting20:51
befordthere is no charger for rpi :P20:53
djszapihuh ?20:53
befordat least not included in the package20:53
djszapipower supply, what I meant.20:53
befordyea I know, it's not included you have to use your own20:53
djszapihuh ?20:53
befordso rzr won't get anything :P20:54
djszapiit *should* be in the box sent out.20:54
rzrso what is today news ?20:55
djszapiI will go home in few minutes.20:55
*** jaywink has quit IRC20:55
*** jaywink has joined #harmattan20:56
*** cvaldemar has joined #harmattan21:01
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khertan_some do desktop apps with qml ? did you use qt component ? not available in debian stable for example, and on many os, did you have pure qml components ?21:45
*** rashm2k has joined #harmattan21:45
djszapi_khertan_: yeah, many ...21:46
khertan_djszapi_: did you know some of this qt components ? i prefer to not reinvent the wheel21:46
khertan_colibri look like unmaintained21:46
khertan_i didn't know any other21:47
djszapi_ofc ...21:47
*** rigo has joined #harmattan21:47
khertan_ofc ?21:48
admiral0khertan_: colibri?21:53
khertan_admiral0: look like unmaintained and unfinished21:53
admiral0colibri? what is that?21:54
rashm2kwhat does this error mean?21:57
rashm2kqmetatype.h:169: error: 'qt_metatype_id' is not a member of 'QMetaTypeId<std::basic_string<char> >'21:57
djszapi_rashm2k: isn't that obvious?21:58
djszapi_perhaps, just for me :p21:58
djszapi_show your code21:58
djszapi_and the problem where it is triggered21:58
rashm2kreturn QVariant::fromValue(property_GlobalId);21:59
rashm2kproperty_GlobalId is of type std::string21:59
djszapi_and where did you read that std::string is a qvariant type?22:00
djszapi_also, why don't you use the Qt string classes?22:00
rashm2kI'm trying to interact with a SOAP service22:01
djszapi_that is fine, but why are you not using qt string classes for the qt api?22:02
rashm2kwhich I have generated XML bindings for using Axis2c/WSF2 C++22:02
rashm2kand those bindings return std::string22:02
djszapi_that is a poor reasining22:02
rashm2kbecuase axis2c is not Qt based22:02
djszapi_you do not listen ;)22:02
djszapi_why are you not using qt string classes for the qt api?22:02
rashm2kI'm not that good at c++ thats why ;-)22:03
djszapi_both are C++ ...22:03
djszapi_stl and qt, too...22:03
rashm2kI'm not good at either...22:03
rashm2kShall I explain my issue - perhaps you can help me come up with a better solution?22:04
djszapi_just read the link above22:05
rashm2kI still think I could get some useful insight from you. Do you mind?22:05
*** piggz_ has quit IRC22:06
rashm2kthat fixed it thanks22:07
rashm2kWell let me explain22:07
rashm2kI have a number of classes that interact with a SOAP web serivce.22:07
rashm2konce I make a call I get back objects instead of xml ofcourse (I'm sure you know this)22:08
djszapi_yes, I know soap very well22:08
djszapi_I wrote such services myself.22:08
rashm2kOne particular class contains a list of elements I would like to expose to a ListView in QML22:09
rashm2kI'm talking to the right person then!!!!22:09
*** tom___ has quit IRC22:09
*** e-yes has joined #harmattan22:10
rashm2kthe snippet of code is the ::data(int) method of QAbstractListModel22:10
rashm2kits the switch statement here:22:10
rashm2kso my question is22:10
ZogG_laptopkhertan_: fixed utf-8?22:11
rashm2kwhat is the best way of acheiving integration between the QML and my C++ code.22:11
rashm2kFor example each time a perform a getXXX which returns std::string22:11
rashm2kI need to convert it to a QString22:12
rashm2kwhich is inefficient???22:12
rashm2kCan I just return std::string?22:12
rashm2kfeel free to write the comments - I'm about to leave in 10 mins. I will read when I get back. Thanks!22:13
khertan_ZogG_laptop: yep22:14
ZogG_laptopkhertan_: works fine22:14
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan22:14
khertan_ZogG_laptop: it should22:14
ZogG_laptopand i think autorefresh works22:14
khertan_1.9 improve a bit sync conflict resolution22:14
khertan_i was a bit too strict while using a time delta22:15
khertan_ZogG_laptop: now, trying to do a desktop client22:15
khertan_ZogG_laptop: in qml22:15
khertan_ZogG_laptop: and i ve the feeling i'm reinventing a squared wheel22:16
khertan_ZogG_laptop: didn't find any qml desktop component correct22:16
khertan_they are unfinished, or unmaitained ... or just horrible22:17
khertan_ZogG_laptop: but maybe i miss one22:17
*** jaywink has joined #harmattan22:17
khertan_i'm currently reinventing a scrollbar on text field22:18
khertan_what a pain !22:18
ZogG_laptopwhy not pure qt+python22:18
ZogG_laptopwithout qml22:18
khertan_ZogG_laptop: because ...22:18
djszapi_this does not make a copy22:18
djszapi_or this according to your will ...22:19
khertan_ZogG_laptop: i ll like to try to have qml on desktop22:19
khertan_ZogG_laptop: because qwidget has no future in qt522:19
djszapi_khertan_ huh?22:19
djszapi_which planet have you looked for qt desktop components in?22:19
khertan_djszapi_: gniƩ ?22:19
djszapi_Three are at least two very usable sets.22:19
djszapi_but sure, go ahead, and reinvent the squared wheel ...22:19
khertan_djszapi_: maybe i look at the right planet with too much closed eyes with baby which didn't won't to sleep22:20
ZogG_laptopkhertan_: not usre if qt5 has future as well :P22:20
khertan_djszapi_: have you a name ? i didn't find any in qt project.org22:20
khertan_djszapi_: propably because i don't use right search term22:21
djszapi_no, I did not get one from my parents22:21
khertan_djszapi_: lol i mean of a qt lib :) haha22:21
khertan_qt qml components22:21
* khertan_ is really tired22:21
djszapi_1) Plasma Components22:21
djszapi_2) Qt Desktop Components22:21
khertan_djszapi_: thx22:21
khertan_will be better than loosing time to reinvent wheel with a stone22:22
khertan_ <<< there are for qt522:23
djszapi_the qt5 branch is for qt5 yes...22:23
djszapi_even if it does not sound logical...22:24
*** javispedro has quit IRC22:25
ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: why are you mean? =)22:25
khertan_djszapi_: ah ... indeed... tired22:25
khertan_djszapi_: thx22:25
djszapi_just sleep then :)22:26
djszapi_or make bhakti yoga22:26
* djszapi_ is back to polishing the patches22:27
*** Sniper_swe has joined #harmattan22:28
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC22:31
khertan_djszapi_: both component aren't pure qml, they require that i compile them and package them for each target desktop (win, osx, debian, ubuntu, suse)22:33
djszapi_huh ?22:34
djszapi_no, they do not.22:34
djszapi_1) officially released stuff with available packages for any distributions, plus Windows22:35
djszapi_2) There are tons of people packaged them including me22:35
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan22:50
*** jaywink has quit IRC22:54
*** koe has quit IRC22:59
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*** Enforcer has joined #harmattan23:12
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*** Brownout_ is now known as Brownout23:25
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*** whatsa has quit IRC23:28
*** whatsa has joined #harmattan23:29
khertan_djszapi_: just an example still not in debian testing :)23:33
khertan_djszapi_: i think i ll do a quick ui with qwidget for desktop, and then make a qml one ready for qt523:34
*** Sniper_swe has joined #harmattan23:35
djszapi_it /is/ in debian testing23:39
khertan_djszapi_: really ?23:40
khertan_ah talking of plasma23:40
*** Sniper_swe has quit IRC23:40
djszapi_no, it is not23:40
khertan_was talking of qtdesktopcomponent23:40
khertan_but yes plasma is23:40
khertan_so lets go for plasma one23:41
djszapi_just because something is not in testing, it does not make your reinvention in debian testing even earlier than that...23:41
khertan_djszapi_: yep23:41
khertan_djszapi_: but it can focus on devel and package only of my apps23:42
*** NIN101 has quit IRC23:42
*** shanttu has quit IRC23:44
djszapi_yes, sure taking an already packaged project which is not in debian testing is more difficult than reinventing the whole wheel from scratch that many people have made for months...23:44
djszapi_good job !23:44
*** rigo has quit IRC23:53
*** HtheB has joined #harmattan23:56
*** Sniper_swe has joined #harmattan23:57

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