IRC log of #harmattan for Wednesday, 2012-07-25

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pacan i hook to nokia offline maps on my qt (+qml) app?00:50
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chem|stpa: I think so01:01
padoes anyone know how?01:03
chem|stpa: have a look at the api reference...01:03
pai was checking01:03
pamaybe i have to recheck01:03
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chem|stI am pretty sure that uses nokia maps offline01:05
paah that one, i have it installed01:05
pabut it doesnt work very well01:05
chem|stit was last updated in PR1.1 I think01:06
paah thats why maybe01:06
chem|stsome stuff is not working anymore iirc01:06
chem|stas the framework updated, but in general you should get an impression of how to build your own maps enhanced app, or phonebook or sms-tool dadadadada01:07
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pai will check it out better thanks :)01:08
chem|stI was looking for bootreason yesterday and a tool using the framework to find where it is (/proc/cmdline) and found it there01:08
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chem|stit is in a lighter version in stores01:09
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chem|stthat one reads fmtx and irda capable hardware^^01:10
chem|stthe one on ovi does show what is truely available01:10
chem|stsad they did not attach an antenna to the fmtx module01:10
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DocScrutinizer05chem|st: selling radio is prohibitively expensive tax-wise, in some countries01:26
DocScrutinizer05selling FMTX might even be forbidden in some countries01:27
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louisdkIs it just me or does the N950 have a bad battery life?01:33
chem|stif there is no transmitter software included it is fine...01:34
chem|stin terms of there is no firmware for the transmitter for that region01:35
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louisdkMy N9 can lasts nearly 2 days, while my N950 just lasts about 12 hours.01:35
arceanlouisdk: define 'bad battery life' :P01:35
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arceanwow, then something's wrong01:36
jonnithen you should most likely just replace the battery01:36
arceanlouisdk: you can always use BV-4D battery from 808 pureview01:36
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DocScrutinizer05chem|st: they don't buy that sort of story anymore01:38
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qwazixZogG, ping01:39
chem|stqwazix: rawcam...01:41
qwazixyep, do we have any clue why the permission error?01:41
chem|stnope, but I did not have a further look into anything but zogg did01:42
qwazixsyspart.conf and manifest.aegis are the same and seem correct01:42
louisdkarcean: does that fit and works in my N950?01:42
ZogG_laptopqwazix: pong01:42
arceanlouisdk: without problem, battery has 1400mAh01:42
qwazixsame as in qtc_packaging and debian/01:42
ZogG_laptopqwazix: i may timeout as i'm from sim card i borrowed from friend and or it's my laptop or it's shitty reception but it disconnects everytime01:43
ZogG_laptopqwazix: i'm trying to build it btw01:43
qwazixZogG_laptop, saw in the log you asked for me01:43
ZogG_laptopqwazix: i still didn't check syspart.conf part though yet01:44
qwazixand Im slow because Ive not got used to N810 kb yet, and 8 dont know where the apostrophe is :)01:45
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ZogG_laptopqwazix: haha i built it on OBS with qtcreator but forgot to add aegis as dependency, gonna rebuild01:46
ZogG_laptopqwazix: lol01:46
qwazixwhy does it run as developer?01:46
qwazixand not as user? arent they the same (same UID)01:47
ZogG_laptopqwazix: deeloper is like develsh01:47
qwazixoh, didnt know01:48
ZogG_laptopqwazix: i'm trying to make it easier for you to build and building on OBS right now01:48
qwazixthanks, appreciated01:48
ZogG_laptopqwazix: it would take sometime though, just did "osc commit"01:48
ZogG_laptopit would take few mins01:49
ZogG_laptopjonni: i liked how you are asking for nexus 7 =P01:51
qwazixthink its gonna be ok with permissions now?01:51
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qwazixarcean, did you find anything re rawcam and N950?01:53
arceanqwazix: I'm afraid it's something deeper broken01:53
louisdkarcean: thanks01:53
qwazixarcean, could we possibly use a qml camera element for viewfinder and fcam for capture?01:54
arceanqwazix: but with modified libfcam images taken with n950 are ultra-sharp01:54
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ZogG_laptopqwazix: btw jonni is specialist in permissions =)01:55
arceanqwazix: no idea01:55
qwazixoh, so deep... did you fix the colors?01:55
arceanqwazix: nope :( I've tried many combinations and all of them ends with green image01:57
ZogG_laptoparcean: it;s not a bug, it's a feature01:58
louisdkDoes anyone know how to fix this:
qwazixjonni, our problem has like this, I used one of fcam libraries examples as base to make a camera app, when built through sb all is well. When built through obs or qtcreator it requires develsh to run. syspart.conf and manifest seem to be ok. any ideas?01:58
arceanZogG_laptop: :)01:58
ZogG_laptopchem|st: can you try this deb?01:58
ZogG_laptopchem|st: ^ one in link above01:58
qwazixZogG_laptop, going to try now01:58
ZogG_laptopqwazix: i was just in middle of installing something else, gonna try too01:59
qwazixwaiting for povbot to htmlize the log to avoid typing the url on N902:00
jonniqwazix: my quess is that its missing the manifest on qtcreator build, since there is currently a 'feature' in qtcreator that it doesnt include aegis manifest in to the deb package by default.. :), have you checked with ar that there really is aegis manifest on the package that you create with creator?02:00
qwazixhmm, no... but why obs fails too?02:01
jonnimaybe it has the same feature? :)02:01
ZogG_laptopqwazix: i used qrcode02:01
ZogG_laptopqwazix: installing it02:01
jonniqwazix: atleast I would first check if there is even manifest in deb, and then go from there :)02:01
ZogG_laptopqwazix: opens for me02:02
qwazixZogG_laptop, installing here too02:02
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ZogG_laptopqwazix: i just opened app and i works02:02
jonniqwazix: atleast I noticed that on latest qtcreator it doesnt install manifest, unless you specially force it into deb02:02
ZogG_laptopjonni: it installs but it's all commented in there. and he has manifest but i think he had to add more things.02:03
qwazixjonni, I didnt have such problems till recently but I admit I hadnt updated qtc, so youre prolly right02:03
jonniqwazix: but yes, if there is aegis file and it installs, then you can start looking into dmesg about aegis errors.02:04
ZogG_laptopqwazix: so?02:04
qwazixZogG_laptop, video and audio not enough?02:04
ZogG_laptopqwazix: i added tracker and pulse and i added user group and user uid.02:05
qwazixworks here too02:05
ZogG_laptopmaybe too much but better have it working =P02:05
qwazixyeah, but why did it work in sb without those02:05
ZogG_laptopqwazix: =P02:05
jonniqwazix: and if sb package works and qtcreator doesnt, then just extract both packages with ar and tar, and do a diff to dir structure to see the differences02:05
ZogG_laptopqwazix: or, your qtcreator's version doesn't work?02:06
qwazixjonni, right, that is a nice way to do a postmortem, and understand why it fails02:06
ZogG_laptopqwazix: i'm confused. is it qtcreator or obs version fails?02:07
qwazixZogG, please clarify the qn02:07
ZogG_laptopqwazix: wich version doesn't work as user. one u build in qtcreator or sb?02:08
ZogG_laptopor OBS?02:08
qwazixsb build works, my qtc version fails, rzr obs version failed, your obs version worked02:08
ZogG_laptopqwazix: my qtcreator version would work too btw02:09
ZogG_laptopqwazix: you use most sb or qtcreator for build?02:09
qwazixok then please push your changes to git and ill merge tomorrow02:10
qwazixi use qtc mostly02:10
qwazixbut I used sb to make the debs on tmo because of this problem02:10
ZogG_laptopqwazix: it's tricky. u need to comment one line in control file if you build in qtcreator as it fails to recognize libfcam-dev as dependency in qtcreator =)02:10
qwazixnot if hou install libfcam-dev with madadmin02:11
chem|stZogG_laptop: still need testing?02:11
ZogG_laptopqwazix: i'll push changes. it's mostly the way i explained in howto i linkd you02:11
ZogG_laptopqwazix: i did install but it fails for control file02:11
ZogG_laptopchem|st: it's working02:11
chem|stfine, what was it?02:12
qwazixhmm, i dont remember to have this problem, or libfcam-dev wasnt at all in my control?02:12
ZogG_laptopqwazix: lemme check few things, and i'll push it.02:12
ZogG_laptopqwazix: it wasn't in qtc_packaging02:12
ZogG_laptopqwazix: as i said i don't use debian dir02:13
qwazixaha and I had that dual folder thing02:13
qwazixnow I get it02:13
ZogG_laptopi use script for convering between both. the one phako wrote02:13
ZogG_laptopqwazix: so i just used deps from rzr's control merged there02:14
ZogG_laptoplemme check something02:14
qwazixok, lets see what happens when I merge... I still wonder if it would work with less capas, not that there is a point anyway in asking for less02:15
qwazixprolly tracker will be needed anyway later on for capture review02:16
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ZogG_laptopqwazix: metadata and GID i think not needed02:17
qwazixirrelevant, but using the N810 makes me a bit sad. Too much potential and hours of work wasted. Some things are so much more usable if you throw thumbability out the window02:20
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ZogG_laptopon n810?02:21
ZogG_laptopyeah i want to buy one02:21
qwazixwe could have a hildon mode and run all those awesome applications in harmattan with a capacitive stylus02:21
qwazixgnumeric on 810 is like on pc02:22
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qwazixI mean wasted potential on harmattan, and in a lesser extent on fremantle02:23
qwazixwhy reinvent the wheel so many times?02:23
qwazixI d kill to have hildon run on harmattan. I must resume that project once rawcam reaches a good state.02:24
qwazixand that menu button is awesome. True fullscreen. switcher and menu are hardware buttons02:26
qwazix\me just realized how similar is unity to diablo hildon02:29
* qwazix just realized how similar is unity to diablo hildon02:29
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qwazixanyway, gtg. Gnight.02:30
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ZogG_laptopqwazix: pulled request02:32
ZogG_laptopqwazix: damn i pulled it in harmattan repo and not your repo. i hope it's okay, as i forked from there02:33
qwazixZogG_laptop, yep thats right02:33
qwazixharmattan repo is the "upstream" one02:34
ZogG_laptopqwazix: the script would help you for OBS (hint - apps4meego)02:34
qwazixok, will try to merge tomorrow, now its too late02:35
ZogG_laptopqwazix: ok, i may ruin deb on obs now, as i want to test it without libfcam-dev in control02:35
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ZogG_laptopqwazix: though it would fail to build if there is error, so it's safe =)02:36
qwazixZogG_laptop, Im off to bed, talk tomorrow02:41
qwazixthanks again02:42
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Estel_MohammadAG, well, after all, it turned out that in every documentation, those 4 screws in back of N950 are T4... No wonder, that I finally managed to unscrew them via T4, though ;)03:02
Estel_it seems that, all after all, I had correctly shaped Torx'es, and if You managed to unscrew it with T5, Your T5 is little too big :D03:03
Estel_funny, as rest of N950 disassembling is a piece of cake (which cannot be said about assembling screen tilt mechanism again, due to springs)03:03
ZogG_laptophe is asleep prob, he mentioned he has few exams this week03:04
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ZogG_laptopand i'm gonna go to sleep too, as i'm sure i don't want to see again you talking to yourself. describing every movement you do with so uninteresting details, while refusing to understand it was made and described before on TMO and FMC, but you call them .... i don't rememeber the word you used yesterday03:06
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Estel_ZogG, feeling all-right? It's nothing new that You try to troll me, but You've never tried in monologues between going to sleep ;)03:09
infobotEstel_ meant: ZogG, feeling all-right? It's nothing new that You try to troll me, but You've never tried in monologues before going to sleep ;)03:09
Estel_May I suggest that you tunnel Your energy into more productive things? Thanks.03:10
ZogG_laptopmore productive like what?03:10
* ZogG_laptop listens03:10
* ZogG_laptop erased long answer and goes to sleep03:12
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njsfHi all05:14
njsfDoes anyone know where the last positioning location is saved ?05:14
njsfI keep getting it set a very old one05:14
njsfand while the GPS works, when it does not have a direct GPS line, the location reverts to that location, it does not even try A-GPS05:15
njsfthis is PR 1.305:15
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ArkenoiEstel_, what do you think if it is possible to make frankenstein device like n9+keyboard any better with custom case -- not like those ugly projects that are about attaching keyboard over the existing case?10:29
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thpArkenoi: why do you want to do that? the resulting device is very likely not smaller than the n900, anyway10:57
Arkenoithp, it would be way better that what you can do without removing the original case10:58
thphave you used the n9 vkb already?10:59
thpit's not that bad, actually10:59
Arkenoii hate virtual keyboards :-( i tried hard and it seems to be definite failure11:02
clauI use it all the time11:02
claufor emails/chat/etc I use swype, it works like a charm11:03
clauthe default vkb isn't that great for the terminal, so I use FingerTerm now11:03
clauthis: , it's also in the store11:04
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deramsince when it has been GPLv3?11:07
* Arkenoi is using qwerty smartphone for 14 years (and used qwerty pda for 4 years before that), almost all that time I occasionally tried to find a way to use touchscreen text input instead (yes, since grafitti and newton handwriting recognition) and all that attempts failed miserably, everything just sucks compared to real keyboard11:08
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thpArkenoi: have you used the n9's vkb?11:10
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thp(on a n9)11:10
clauArkenoi, I used a Nokia E71 for several years before N9. I had to switch back to it for a while and I must say I found it a pain to work with it, compared to N9's vkb.11:11
clauso, just give it a try for a couple of weeks and complain afterwards11:11
Arkenoithp, i use it on n950 occasionally just to see if it is possible to get used to it. no, it is definitely impossible11:11
thpArkenoi: it's better on the n9 - the tactile feedback is much better on the n911:12
thpand yes, the tactile feedback does make a difference! a lot, actually11:12
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thpArkenoi: of course, there are real downsides of a vkb like the reduced screen space11:15
thpbut all in all, i'd say give the n9 vkb a try before judging it, even if you have used maliit on the n950. it's better on the n9 ;)11:16
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macmaNanyone got an idea why the systemui failed transfer dialog doesnt provide a retry button? it's so totally fun to do the whole sharing procedure again every fail11:24
thpmacmaN: i guess the sharing plug-in doesn't set the retry button callback? at least with mails i've seen that there's a "retry" button11:31
macmaNhm. for some reason sharing via bluetooth to my laptop doesnt seem to succeed.11:32
macmaNand that def doesnt have it :/11:32
pagps question: i wrote a very simple class, basically like this:
pai didnt set any update interval11:39
pai see on my phone that the gps sync is obtained (icon doesnt blink anymore)11:39
pabut the slot is never called..11:39
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pahow high is an N9 page? or, from the other side, how thick is the top bar?12:00
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jpnurmipa: status bar is 36px high12:19
jonnibut you shouldn't hardcode it as it might vary depending on theme or country variant :)12:21
jonnior depends what are you trying to do in the 1st place12:22
jpnurmican it? it's hardcoded in mdeclarativestatusbar.cpp12:22
jonniwell you can hide it, then 36px turns into 0px ;)12:23
pawell i was just trying to count in how many rows i can divide the screen12:23
paoh, and i have another question: i want to have a button, that when i press, transforms into two buttons12:24
pahow do i do that? hide that one and show the others?12:24
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jonnior reuse the existing one and transform/animate a second button into the view12:26
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pacan the N9 actually host more than one bluetooth device?14:14
MohammadAGIt should14:14
pathats cool!14:14
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chem|stdoes the n9 come with nikon d3000 pictures? I think I have some folders and files from internal testings too14:15
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Hurrianchem|st, unlikely that they took sample images with the phone14:28
Hurrianalso, on a clean PR1.3 and Global eMMC flash, I have a pvr_hwrec folder in MyDocs14:28
Hurrianno clue what it's for, but I'm assuming it's for SGX drivers14:29
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chem|stHurrian: I had masses of pictures shot with a nikon on my device14:53
Hurrianmasses of pictures?14:53
chem|sttesting protocols eg some xls files14:53
HurrianI'm pretty sure those don't come standard with N9s.14:53
HurrianThat'd all be interesting.14:54
chem|stI have some files I do not know if I may delete, in MyDocs I have cyan-rectangle* files "may I delete?"14:55
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Hurrianeverything in MyDocs is disposable14:55
HurrianCould you perhaps upload them somewhere?14:55
chem|stPDFPerformance.xls <- that is one of the testing files14:56
chem|stRWWeb3.0.ppt <- web3.0 presentation14:57
chem|stTest report.xls14:57
chem|stand a ._$chinese_character file14:58
Hurrianthe chinese character file is part of the regular eMMC image, for no reason at all.14:58
* Hurrian thinks those N9s were hand-packed, and someone's N9 was sent instead of a fresh device14:59
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chem|stoh those are no fresh devices, they are all from develdepartment15:00
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chem|stah the ._file is for OSx15:00
chem|stQt for Mobile Developers Ex book.pdf15:01
Hurrianyours seems to be not a fresh device.15:01
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan15:01
Hurrianmine still came with PR1.115:01
chem|stthe one I had before wasn't either15:02
*** mehranMicro has joined #harmattan15:02
Hurrianman, I bet someone at Nokia had a really bad day.15:02
Hurrianeverything else was cleared though, contacts and all?15:02
chem|styeah, that one had a fresh rootfs flash and contacts and calendar was gone15:03
chem|stbut I have folders spare in /home/user/ and Mydocs15:04
chem|stlike those nikon d3000 pictures15:04
chem|stlooked like a worldtour to me15:04
chem|stand .feed/enclosures ?15:07
*** Jaya_El_Gato has quit IRC15:08
chem|stroute picture san fran to santa clara...15:11
*** Shaan7 has quit IRC15:15
*** Shaan7 has joined #harmattan15:15
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC15:26
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan15:33
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan15:37
*** louisdk has quit IRC15:43
*** ab has quit IRC15:43
*** lizardo has joined #harmattan15:48
ZogG_laptopchem|st: got someone's phone?15:56
chem|stZogG_laptop: my CA device...15:57
ZogG_laptopchem|st: but does it have scratches?15:57
chem|stnot a single one15:57
*** rcg has quit IRC15:57
ZogG_laptopso outside it looks new?15:57
chem|stbut my n900 would look kinda brand new if you clean it properly15:58
chem|stand replacing a scratched screen is a matter of minutes15:58
ZogG_laptopchem|st: post pictures on TMO and ask who is it, maybe you'll find prev owner =P15:58
chem|stI am not very interested15:59
chem|stwas impressed how many pictures nokia puts on their phones nowadays at first15:59
MohammadAGarcean, ping16:03
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC16:04
*** lfranchi has quit IRC16:05
arceanMohammadAG, povbot_16:06
*** lfranchi has joined #harmattan16:06
MohammadAGarcean, users saying LED notifications aren't working16:07
MohammadAGthey're not working for me either16:08
arceancrap, forgot about mce in aegis file16:09
MohammadAGoh, that makes sense16:09
*** vladest has quit IRC16:14
MohammadAGarcean, fixed and pushed,16:14
* MohammadAG tests16:14
arceanMohammadAG, thanks and sorry for problems :)16:15
MohammadAGarcean, it wasn't your fault, I should've checked :p16:15
arceanI've completely forgotten about aegis manifest :P16:17
MohammadAGworks fine16:18
MohammadAGme too :D16:18
*** tom___ has joined #harmattan16:28
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan16:35
*** rm_work has quit IRC16:35
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan16:35
chem|stare there mpeg decoder plugins somewhere?16:36
chem|stsry, I am looking for additional codecs for videoplayer16:37
*** natunen has joined #harmattan16:40
*** jreznik_ is now known as jreznik16:40
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Palido you know if there is (leather) case for n950? maybe something like cp-408?17:37
*** tbf_ has quit IRC17:41
*** tbf_ has joined #harmattan17:42
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Palido you know if CP-501 pass for N950?19:50
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan19:52
*** Venemo_N9 has quit IRC19:52
ZogG_laptoparcean: ping19:54
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: ping you too19:54
*** jaywink has quit IRC19:55
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qwazixrzr, ping21:26
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*** faenil is now known as faenil_dinner21:59
paquestion: is it normal that this code does not trigger the slot on N9? (first snippet)22:00
*** Enforcer has quit IRC22:02
*** admiral0 has joined #harmattan22:05
rzrqwazix, ping22:07
*** Enforcer has joined #harmattan22:08
qwazixrzr, yesterday ZogG_laptop fixed rawcam on obs to be able to run as user and made a pull request. I didn't find the time yet to merge but I will do it as soon as possible22:09
*** faenil_dinner has quit IRC22:09
qwazixmeanwile I wanted to up the N950 to pr1.3 but I'm curious if that would make flashing impossible afterwards (stupid downgrade protection)22:09
rzrgood question for itsnotabigtruck22:10
qwazixi'll ask him then, I thought it was you that first made the upgrade possible22:11
*** heymaster has quit IRC22:12
qwazixok going to hit the green merge button on github22:13
* qwazix crossing fingers22:13
qwazixok seems to have merged ok. rzr please try adding to your repo again22:16
*** tbf_ has quit IRC22:16
qwazixitsnotabigtruck, ping22:17
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC22:19
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan22:19
arcean_qwazix, scroll the page a little,
ZogG_laptoparcean_: qwazix sup guys22:20
arcean_as long as you won't update cert-sw you're safe22:20
arcean_hi ZogG_laptop22:20
ZogG_laptoparcean_: MohammadAG merged yout LED patch in his system-ui22:20
arcean_yes, it was a looong night, yesterday :)22:21
ZogG_laptoparcean_: but what about your settings )22:21
ZogG_laptopi want your settings22:21
arcean_they're in MAGs repository22:22
*** qwazix has quit IRC22:22
ZogG_laptoparcean_: settings as well?22:23
ZogG_laptoparcean_: so i need to install his LED22:24
ZogG_laptopi thought it's part of system-ui22:24
*** tonyoy has joined #harmattan22:24
arcean_apt-get install duicontrolpanel-ledapplet duicontrolpanel-ledapplet-l10n-engineering-english22:24
arcean_if you have MAG's repo enabled22:25
ZogG_laptoparcean_: i may have it, or may not22:29
*** tonyoy has quit IRC22:30
paarcean_, you made camdrive, right?22:30
arcean_ZogG_laptop, then install the applet from this post:
ZogG_laptoparcean_: btw why do i need polish =)22:31
paarcean_, i think i cloned the git sources, but why cant i find any reference to QGeo*?22:32
arcean_ZogG_laptop, hmm did you install l10n-polish package?22:33
ZogG_laptoparcean_: it installs it with duicontrolpanel-ledapplet22:33
arcean_pa, Your SDk/QtCreator is missing QtMobility?22:33
arcean_ZogG_laptop, hmm, from MAGs repo?22:34
pano, i mean why cant i find any reference in your source code?22:34
ZogG_laptoparcean_: yeap22:34
arcean_ZogG_laptop, then try this:
ZogG_laptoparcean_: and i have his system-ui so no need on your's right22:34
pathats why22:35
arcean_ZogG_laptop, you can install only applet  from this post22:35
ZogG_laptoparcean_: and LED from his repo?22:35
ZogG_laptopso it works your way and not separete like it was?22:35
arcean_pa: I'm using import QtMobility.location 1.2 in QML22:36
arcean_ZogG_laptop, yes, by default LEDs are disabled in unrestricted-system-ui22:36
arcean_and you can enable them only by toggling a switch in the leds applet22:37
ZogG_laptoparcean_: you added it inside system-ui22:37
ZogG_laptopand he has led-event-notifier22:37
paarcean_, ok, in ur gps.cpp u have exactly the same code as me22:37
pabut for some reason, in my case the slot is not called..22:37
ZogG_laptopthe question is if i install led-event wouuld it be separete and in system-ui?22:38
ZogG_laptoparcean_: as i want all other changes to system-ui he did22:38
arcean_ZogG_laptop, wait hmm, the latest system-ui from MAG contains my LED thing22:38
ZogG_laptoparcean_: than i think i'm okay22:39
arcean_you just need the led applet to turn it on22:39
ZogG_laptoparcean_: installed it22:40
ZogG_laptopit works22:40
arcean_np :)22:40
ZogG_laptoparcean_: thank's for your help, there is nothing anymore to do here22:40
ZogG_laptoparcean_: :P22:40
*** Enforcer has quit IRC22:41
ZogG_laptopOffice is a cool TV show22:42
*** tonyoy has joined #harmattan22:42
*** qwazix has joined #harmattan22:43
ZogG_laptopqwazix: i have more commits there i did22:43
ZogG_laptopqwazix: i could apply them as i'm at harmattan repo, but waited for you =)22:43
qwazixgo ahead :)22:44
qwazixwhat did you fix?22:45
ZogG_laptoparcean_: btw the green colour is awesome, make setting for it too =)22:45
ZogG_laptopqwazix: i made so you don't need to change anything for qtcreator build22:45
*** clau has joined #harmattan22:46
* qwazix is happy :)22:46
*** Enforcer has joined #harmattan22:46
ZogG_laptopqwazix:  the script changes with sed debian/rules file and uncomments all lines with "##OBS "22:46
ZogG_laptopi made to do the same with control22:46
ZogG_laptopso there is no problem with libfcam-dev. you have it on OBS and on qtreator it's commented22:47
ZogG_laptopphako: btw ^ i made sed on debian/* instead of debian/rules22:47
qwazixgtg now, I'll be back in ~2h22:48
ZogG_laptopqwazix: i may be here22:48
ZogG_laptopqwazix: all changes are there, try to build with qtcreator and try to build in OBS in your repo (if need help ping me, you'll need it for app4meego)22:49
*** qwazix has quit IRC22:52
paok now it works. N9 positioning really sucks tho22:54
*** tobb has quit IRC22:57
*** DocScrutinizer05 has quit IRC22:57
*** DocScrutinizer06 has joined #harmattan22:59
*** DocScrutinizer06 has quit IRC22:59
*** DocScrutinizer06 has joined #harmattan22:59
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*** Sazpaimon has joined #harmattan23:02
*** ab has quit IRC23:03
*** HtheB has joined #harmattan23:04
*** faenil has joined #harmattan23:06
ZogG_laptopHtheB: faenil sup =)23:07
ZogG_laptopDocScrutinizer06: \o23:07
faenilhey ZogG_laptop  :)23:08
faenilgetting to learn something about OBS on #nemomobile :)23:09
HtheBfine thnx how about you?23:10
*** ArkanoiD- has quit IRC23:16
*** ArkanoiD- has joined #harmattan23:23
*** HtheB has quit IRC23:24
*** NIN101 has quit IRC23:24
ZogG_laptopfaenil: what exactly23:34
faenileverything :D23:34
faenilbasics :P23:34
*** HtheB has joined #harmattan23:37
pais using font size the only way to control the size of a label?23:40
ZogG_laptopfaenil: ok, i need to learn too, gonna read log later, so ask smart questions for me too =)23:44
faenilZogG_laptop, we haven't started yet...still setting up SDK and SB223:44
*** Estel_ has quit IRC23:45
*** Estel_ has joined #harmattan23:45
phakowhere's the refhashlist again?23:45
*** clau has quit IRC23:47
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