IRC log of #harmattan for Thursday, 2012-07-19

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rzris any of you runs pr1.3 on n9 ? i wanna u to test redak-0.6.0 ?00:39
ZogG_laptoprzr: i have pr1.300:40
rzri guess you have shared repo ?00:40
ZogG_laptopi have apps for meego version installed though00:41
rzrok well uninstall redak00:41
rzrand direct link to deb should also work00:41
itsnotabigtruckbtw it turns out that shell meme generator thread on reddit (>3000 uv) is a greenpeace hoax00:41
ZogG_laptopitsnotabigtruck: veeery interesting =)00:42
ZogG_laptoprzr: btw why in load it shows all types of files including jpg and it would be nice to have title with filename or something and maybe line numbers00:43
rzri not this a feat request00:45
rzrbut i am putting portability as 1st priority00:45
rzrsupporting nemo now00:45
rzrZogG_laptop, so i guess there are not major regressions now00:46
ZogG_laptopstill didn't check00:47
ZogG_laptopchecked apps4meego version00:47
rzrthat one is outdated please uninstall00:47
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ZogG_laptoprzr: it works00:49
rzrok thx00:50
qwazixrzr: ping00:50
ZogG_laptoprzr: do you have nemo on n950?00:50
rzrqwazix, pong00:50
qwazixIf you didn't see the thread, I imported rawcam to anf forked it to harmattan organization00:51
qwazixYou should be able to push, if not tell me to check it out00:52
rzri will do that in a couple of days00:52
ZogG_laptopqwazix: oh you building it for apps4meego?00:52
ZogG_laptopqwazix: do you have n9 or n950?00:53
qwazixZogG_laptop: both, I just posted the deb on tmo, and rzr was kind enough to add it to his repo00:54
ZogG_laptopas i understood n950 camera is better than n9 one? just wonder if you can use all the power of n95000:54
ZogG_laptopqwazix: what about apps4meego?00:54
qwazixN950 camera is better than N9, even @8MP. With rawcam you can also take 12MP pics, but the sensor has a different arrangement of colours and I haven't fixed that yet. Also the viewfinder doesn't work00:56
qwazixPriorities are as follows: add features and simple settings for N9, fix N950 operation, upload to apps4meego or ovi00:57
qwazixbut I can't promise anything as time is limited, (and I hate packaging)00:57
rzri'll help you00:58
qwazixrzr: thanks :)00:58
qwazixrzr: you are very welcome to help00:59
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qwazixI'm hoping this weekend to be able to devote some time to it01:00
rzri wont have too much time this week01:00
rzrbut we'll do it soon or later01:00
ZogG_laptopqwazix: did you use scratchbox or qtcreator?01:01
arcean_qwazix, maybe I'll find some time to fix issues with n95001:01
ZogG_laptoparcean_: hey01:01
qwazixthat's ok, won't be ready this week anyway, will just try to release a beta 201:01
arcean_hey ZogG_laptop01:01
ZogG_laptoparcean_: your led thing, can you just commit patch to unrestricted-system-ui of MohammadAG's version on github?01:02
ZogG_laptopqwazix: if it's qtcreator i can try to package it for OBS01:02
qwazixarcean_: In fcam_dev package there is some function to set color arrangement for sensor01:02
arcean_ZogG_laptop: the question is, if we want to have led notifications in unrestricted system-ui :)01:03
ZogG_laptoparcean_: make it optional01:03
qwazixit has a comment about N9 being RGGB or something and old N9 sth else. No hint for N950 but I suppose brute force is our friend01:03
ZogG_laptoparcean_: as i understand it's on/off or settings for led?01:04
arcean_qwazix, that's not a problem, bigger issue is with the viewfinder :P01:04
ZogG_laptopwhat is viewfinder, sorry for noob question01:05
qwazixZogG_laptop: I use qt creator for development, but sb for release as the qtcreator binary refuses to run as user01:05
arcean_ZogG_laptop, no, it works as in the n90001:05
arcean_so if you have missed a call, led blinks01:05
ZogG_laptopqwazix: refuse coz of aegis settings or permissions?01:05
qwazixarcean_: there is a slight possibility that they are related01:06
ZogG_laptoparcean_: but how is it than related to system-ui - it's just a part of it right? so can't you make it as toggle when it turns on/off this in system ui?01:06
arcean_qwazix, wow, interesting :)01:06
qwazixZogG_laptop: don't know really, throws unable to open /dev/fb2 (framebuffer) and then segfaults. Works ok as developer and as root01:07
ZogG_laptopqwazix: i think it's aegis thing01:07
qwazixif i build the same thing in sb it works as user too01:07
ZogG_laptopqwazix: i would check try to check it01:08
qwazixmy manifest.aegis is ok, as is the syspart.conf01:08
ZogG_laptopqwazix: but not sure if i can resolve it01:08
arcean_ZogG_laptop, we can make it checks a gconf key after reboot01:08
qwazixalso it does the same thing in open mode01:08
arcean_but the proper way would be to create Settings applet01:08
qwazixZogG_laptop: viewfinder is the live preview of photo before you snap. Shows black on N95001:09
ZogG_laptoparcean_: i think toggle would be enuf for on/off now. but setting can be useful to add settings as frequacy and other options. and i think MohammadAG got it working with long press on toggles to open settings =P so i think it should be toggle like for unrestricted-system-ui01:10
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ZogG_laptopqwazix: oh, i have it in qml with camera component in qml as well, but i think it' irrelevant01:11
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arcean_ZogG_laptop, sure, but there's also another thing - do we want system-ui to check a gconf key after receiving a new message or after the screen changes state?01:13
ZogG_laptoparcean_: he has system-ui settings so you can use it i think01:14
ZogG_laptopand than it truiggers the msg icon right?01:14
ZogG_laptopjust add to function to check the led setting as well or something01:14
arcean_yeah, we can start making cssu for harmattan :)01:16
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qwazixZogG_laptop: Maybe it is, probably they have coded the camera element specifically for the N9. By the way I tried to couple qml with fcam drivers (framebuffer overlay) for some hours but I got nowhere so I reverted to plain qt with custom themed widgets.01:18
arcean_qwazix, repo is somewhere on gitorious or github?01:19 and forked to harmattan organization01:19
qwazixnot sure if that is the right thing to do01:19
qwazixbeware the code is a bit of a mess, but it was late and wanted to release something so I didn't do much cleaning or commenting. Promise that I will do though, especially since I see there is interest01:21
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qwazixtwo questions: 1.does led notifier work on N950?01:23
arcean_the package was built for PR 1.301:23
arcean_but should work on 1.2 also01:23
qwazix2. does anybody have working dead keys for hwkb in qt apps in N95001:23
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arcean_hmm dunno01:24
qwazixPR1.3 maybe? I read this was a qt bug01:24
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arcean_I'm using qt-components or MTF01:24
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qwazixYeap I mean in standard apps01:25
arcean_If you have an app or smth to test, I can check later01:25
qwazixI just loaded the Greek keyboard layout from the N900 to the N950 and the accent chatracter doesn't work as expected in any of the built in applications01:27
qwazixTried also french to make sure it's not the layout thats wrong01:27
qwazixit prints the accent and then the character01:28
arcean_hmm, in Polish kbd I just press SYM + character01:28
qwazixNot optimal but maybe good enough01:28
qwazixlemme check01:28
arcean_but again, I've not tried this on Qt apps01:28
qwazixnot working...01:29
arcean_for me it worked out of the box01:30
qwazixrzr: your're using dead keys in french don't you?01:30
qwazixIt's the two things I need to switch to N950 as main phone01:30
arcean_btw If you would want to have better haptic feedback on the n950:
qwazixarcean_: nice, I did think haptic is a bit washed-out01:33
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qwazixgoodnight people, see you tomorrow01:38
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* RST38h moos at Mohammad02:29
RST38hMohammadAG: How is suffering tonight?02:29
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MohammadAGRST38h: How'd you know I just logged on?02:29
RST38hMohammadAG: The old good IRCII shows join/leave messages =)02:30
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virtualddo ircii do ssl? or do you have to go through stunnel or somesuch if need be?02:32
RST38hDunno: never write anything to irc that is of any value =)02:33
MohammadAGRST38h: I wasn't here? Weird, I guess my bouncer's acting up02:39
MohammadAGOh well02:39
MohammadAGNot a lot of suffering, just need to get up in 5 hours02:39
MohammadAGShould get my iPad car mount tomorrow02:40
MohammadAGWonder how cool/ridiculous it'll look02:40
MohammadAGTbh at first I wanted to build a pandaboard / touchscreen car pc02:40
MohammadAGWith integration to car engine and starter to start it up over 3G02:41
MohammadAGFor the heck of it02:41
MohammadAGBut it proved to be hard cause Linux doesn't have good car TS drivers02:41
merlin1991hm how can I do something like onOrientationChanged in qml?02:56
ljpdepends on if you want deivce or gui orientation03:06
Namekmerlin1991: I don't now what are you trying to do but you can access the current orientation with this screen.orientationString, so if you bind this to a property you can do something like onPropertyChanged03:06
merlin1991Namek: I did almost the same03:07
Namekproperty string orientationString: screen.orientationString03:07
merlin1991I bound (screen.currentOrientation == Screen.Portrait ? screen.displayHeight: screen.displayWidth) to a property in order to resize stuff :)03:07
Namekthen check for "Portrait" or "Landscape"03:07
Namekwhat are you trying to achieve?03:07
merlin1991resize the width of a column depending on the orientation03:08
merlin1991for some reason when I do it with parent.width I end up with -40 oO03:08
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Namekyou can try something like this, creating a "Landscape" and "Portrait" state and bind the state to screen.orientationString03:10
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merlin1991Namek: thanks, that works03:11
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merlin1991perfect, sdk-connectivity-tool is now working in landscape :)03:21
mtdArkenoi: if you find a replacement n950 LCD, I would love one too03:26
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ZogG_laptopanyone here who chrooted to other systems from harmattan?06:29
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ZogG_laptopi'm now with inception and in full root mod and i still get error : chroot /mnt/funtoo/ /bin/sh06:38
ZogG_laptopchroot: can't execute '/bin/sh': Operation not permitted06:38
befordqole should know06:40
ZogG_laptopqole is not here =)06:42
ZogG_laptopand he uses open-mode06:43
ZogG_laptopi'm downloading kernel sources for harmattan06:44
ZogG_laptopi want to chroot into funtoo in harmattan to compile the kernel06:44
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* ZogG_laptop compiles harmattan's kernel for funtoo in chroot of funtoo on harmattan on the phone =P07:41
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befordZogG_laptop, what specs is th n950?07:55
ZogG_laptopbeford: what exactly?07:55
befordram? and cam ? I read they are not the same from n907:56
befordI suppose the cpu is the same07:58
ZogG_laptopyeap same cpu08:03
ZogG_laptopafaik less ram08:03
ZogG_laptopbetter cam08:03
ZogG_laptopit fails to boot into funtoo on loading kernel08:04
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anthony_devhi guys. just bought n9 and wondering if there any chance to get patches from community (after pr1.3)?08:10
befordhah not so easy ZogG_laptop ? :p08:13
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JackaLXDidn't /etc/refhashlist used to be a list of all the files that are "aegis protected" (if you changed any of the files in this list you'd end up MALF'ing your device)? Now it seems to just contain "Aegis3.0".09:06
JackaLXWhere's the list these days?09:06
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JackaLXah, found it!  /var/lib/aegis/refhashlist09:13
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gabriel9|worki have one page in which i included js file, in that js file i calculate something and push new page to PageStack. But that JS file can't modify fields in that new page12:32
gabriel9|workis there some way that js can see stuff in that other page(pushed)?12:33
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jonnigabriel9|work: you should really prefer c++ and not use js. You could play with global js variables, but you really shoudn't.
gabriel9|workyes i know there is some restrictions12:49
gabriel9|workbut i am not so good in C++12:50
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louis__No PR1.3 available  for N950?14:36
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ZogG_laptoplouis__: not public14:38
ZogG_laptopchem|st: sup14:38
chem|stZogG_laptop: is CalDAV pull only?14:43
chem|stZogG_laptop: where the hell do I set smtp wifi based?14:43
ZogG_laptopchem|st: smtp wifi based?14:43
ZogG_laptopi dunno14:43
ZogG_laptopi dunno anything14:43
ZogG_laptop =(14:43
chem|stZogG_laptop: :)14:44
* ZogG_laptop cries and runs away14:44
ZogG_laptopchem|st: caldav is pain in the ass14:44
ZogG_laptopon n914:44
ZogG_laptopchem|st: what ya trying to set there? gmail?14:44
*** faenil has joined #harmattan14:44
ZogG_laptopfaenil: sup14:44
chem|stcommunigate I just setup14:45
faenilyo :) studying :(14:45
faenilo/ everyone14:45
chem|stZogG_laptop: gmail comes later...14:45
ZogG_laptopfaenil: what ya studing?14:45
ZogG_laptopchem|st: there is huge, huge thread on TMO about it14:45
ZogG_laptopchem|st: btw n9 or n950?14:45
chem|stif it is pull only where is the point in having caldav?14:46
louis__ZogG_laptop: Do you know why14:46
faenilZogG_laptop,  exam name: "Distributed systems: Paradigms and Models"14:46
chem|stlouis__: there is now why there is only when14:46
ZogG_laptopchem|st: there is option to set sync with google to sync accounts, so i think it might be two way14:46
ZogG_laptoplouis__: why what?14:46
chem|stMfE that is then?14:46
ZogG_laptopfaenil: you are finishing soon right?14:47
faenilZogG_laptop, you mean the exam or the degree?14:47
ZogG_laptopchem|st: yes, but i don't use it, i think it's a mess14:47
ZogG_laptopfaenil: degree14:47
faenilZogG_laptop, got the bachelor in CS in february, this is the first exam of the master degree :)14:48
ZogG_laptopfaenil: so you decided to go, good!!!!14:48
faenilno I did not :(14:48
faenilI'm sending the CV to Jolla this afternoon  :P14:49
ZogG_laptopfaenil: good luck with that too btw14:49
ZogG_laptopfaenil: but you need to study too, you can do both14:49
faenilbut since I have no working experience they'll probably skip me, so I'm studying in the meanwhile14:49
faenilboth? how can you14:49
ZogG_laptopfaenil: i did for few years. somebody needs to pay rent and buy food you know14:50
ZogG_laptopfirst few months i'm without job14:50
faeniloh well yeah...14:50
faenilnothing is impossible if you need to do it :)14:50
ZogG_laptopbut i wear off myself =)14:51
ZogG_laptoptht's why i barely was as school last year14:51
*** imunsie has quit IRC14:51
ZogG_laptopthouugh today i got 85 for exam i studied few days for and was at 3 lessons =P14:52
*** akbaar__ has joined #harmattan14:52
ZogG_laptopproogramming is easier than math and physics =)14:52
faenileh :P14:52
louis__ZogG_laptop: Do you know why PR1.3 is not public avaible for N950?14:53
faenilwe only have 1-2 programming exams in the master degree unfortunately14:53
faenilrest is math and semantics14:53
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ZogG_laptoplouis__: coz Nokia doesnt care anymore =)14:54
louis__ZogG_laptop: Crap :/14:55
ZogG_laptopfaenil: we have C, C++, asm, programming systems (basicly little bit advanced C) and i  think we have more after. now btw they switched C to java and you can choose to learn more for mobile development (but i think it's less embedded but more app's for iphone and shit like that)14:55
azeemwas there ever an official PR1.2 for N950?14:55
ZogG_laptopazeem: nope - only beta14:56
louis__PR 1.2 beta (3.2012.02-6) - released 2012-01-2514:56
azeemok, thought so14:56
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*** rzr is now known as rZr14:58
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arceanand the beta is so slow and laggy :/14:59
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faenilZogG_laptop, but you're talking about the bachelor degree, right?15:04
louis__How do I install N9tweak. What to do with the ...deb.bin file?15:04
faenilZogG_laptop, we have those subjects too in the bachelor15:04
ZogG_laptopfaenil: yeap that's whay i learn15:05
faenilZogG_laptop, ok, I was talking about the master ;) which is boring15:07
faenilhere at least15:07
ZogG_laptopfaenil: afaik i know it's more freedom, more srs projects and more interesting15:08
ZogG_laptoparcean: that's why i'm trying to boot into funtoo here =P15:09
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paa way to backup wifi network infos?15:29
pa(like password and settings)15:29
pain order to make them survive resets and reflashs15:29
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan15:30
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC15:32
*** lordross has quit IRC15:32
*** lordross has joined #harmattan15:32
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan15:33
jonnipa: yes, you can use forexample gconftool-2 to dump gconf and restore it after reset or reflash.15:35
paah great, i didnt know it was stored in gconf15:41
pajonni, by the way, no news for the api call to disable the light sensor? :  ))15:41
ZogG_laptopjonni: did you play with nemo/mer?15:41
*** decibyte has quit IRC15:42
*** decibyte has joined #harmattan15:43
louis__There's no wallpapers on N950 bedefault right?15:43
jonniZogG_laptop: I did a quickplay, installed nemo dualboot to one of my N950's. Nemo looked quite similar to one of my previous projects. And I installed sb2/sdk, which looked quite similar to my harmattan sb2 env few year ago, but really didnt have to dig anywhere deep yet.15:44
ZogG_laptopjonni: when dual boot with moslo it uses kernel on nemo rootfs?15:46
*** divan has joined #harmattan15:50
jonniI'm still coding my couple Harmattan project, so I'm keeping mer stuff on backburner for now. afaik its not using it from rootfs, but from the nand device where you flashed it. but I didnt check15:51
ZogG_laptopjonni: i didn't flash, i flashed moslo to dual boot and i have mmc...0p4 with rootfs15:53
jonnihave to start learning coding of gles shaders for qt5 :)15:53
jonniZogG_laptop: yep mmc has rootfs15:54
ZogG_laptopjonni: i need to start learning "hello world" =)15:55
jonniZogG_laptop: someone had stolen my "OpenGL ES 2.0 Programming Guide"-book from my work bookshelf, so I had to order another copy.15:56
jonninice collegues who 'forget' to return the books they load from me :)15:57
ZogG_laptopjonni: or tyou can track him and kill him15:57
jonniloan even15:57
ZogG_laptopwhy did i write boobooo?16:02
gabriel9|workjonni, can you share some nice read(online) for  gles shaders for qt516:02
ZogG_laptopi think i messed with wrong terminal =)16:02
ZogG_laptopgabriel9|work: the book he mentioned above i think16:02
gabriel9|workit will take some time to get it16:02
gabriel9|work3rd country world :/16:02
*** gagamel has joined #harmattan16:03
ZogG_laptopgabriel9|work: buy the ebook16:03
jonnigabriel9|work: most of the people in out office that are doing qt4/5 shaders are using the above book as bibble.16:03
*** Sniper_swe has quit IRC16:03
gabriel9|workchecking price...16:04
gabriel9|work45$ damn16:04
jonniamazon delivers to finland with £24+4(postage).16:05
paisnt gles 2.0 essentially gl 4.x?16:06
jonniwith google you can always find a pdf of the same book. But I prefer paper.16:06
ZogG_laptopgabriel9|work: *khhhm* khhhhm* pirate it *khhhm* *khhhm*16:06
ZogG_laptopknowledge is free16:06
pafor reference paper >> pdf, except the grepping :)16:07
gabriel9|workyea, but i like to support dudes who write it16:07
gabriel9|workso i buying books now, even it is a pain to get them16:07
gabriel9|workthe only thing when i support piracy is: when you don't have money, and you can't find book in any other way16:08
*** minimec has joined #harmattan16:11
*** tom___ has quit IRC16:18
*** Sniper_swe has joined #harmattan16:22
*** Hurrian has quit IRC16:25
*** danielcbit has joined #harmattan16:27
*** minimec has quit IRC16:31
*** Sniper_swe has quit IRC16:35
*** vladest has quit IRC16:40
louis__Does anyone know the location of the default wallpapers on the N9?16:44
azeemlouis__: dpkg -L content-wallpaper-files16:45
*** Sniper_swe has joined #harmattan16:48
louis__azeem: Thanks.16:49
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC16:55
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #harmattan16:55
*** DocScrutinizer05 has quit IRC16:55
*** DocScrutinizer06 has joined #harmattan16:55
*** tom___ has joined #harmattan16:59
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan17:06
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan17:06
azeemis there any recommended disassembler for harmattan binaries?17:07
admiral0azeem:  objdump17:15
admiral0azeem: IDA Pro17:15
*** jabis has quit IRC17:18
ladogai find it quite suprising how many processes N9 has running when idle17:19
ladoga202..while my debian desktop has 8317:19
*** jabis has joined #harmattan17:19
ladogaor well not running, but alive. or how should i say that?17:20
*** tom___ has quit IRC17:22
paladoga, PR1.3?17:28
pai noticed that during "idle" there are also more processes with >0.0% cpu in top17:29
panow my n9 is 95% idle when idle17:29
pabefore it was 97/98%17:29
*** liar has joined #harmattan17:29
*** rnovacek has quit IRC17:31
*** artemma has quit IRC17:32
ladogayes pr1.317:33
louis__I would like to have fullsceen image for lockscreen in landscape mode, but N9 QTwaek is only supported for PR1.3, and my N950 runs PR1.2. What to do?17:35
ladogathose prestarted apps seem to hog most memory17:35
itsnotabigtruckthe inception website is down for the moment17:35
itsnotabigtruckif any of you guys need it ASAP grab it from
ladogawhat is /usr/bin/fenix ?17:36
ladoga fenix -prestart eats 200M17:37
admiral0how many accounts?17:38
ladogabig price for quicker startup time17:38
ladogaone account17:38
admiral0offline imap?17:39
admiral0or pop?17:39
admiral0hmm, maybe you've got too many messages stored17:40
ladoga20 or so17:41
ladogai don't think it matters17:41
ladogait probably always takes that much17:41
admiral0then i have no idea17:42
ladogawas looking at the wrong column17:42
*** xarcass has quit IRC17:50
*** mschlens has quit IRC17:50
*** mschlens has joined #harmattan17:52
*** divan has quit IRC17:56
*** elldekaa has joined #harmattan17:56
*** divan has joined #harmattan17:56
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC18:01
ladogaor semi right one...what VSZ in top/ps even means?18:04
ladogaand how to get accurate per process memory info18:04
*** lfrb` is now known as lfrb18:06
*** natunen has quit IRC18:06
*** mehranMicro has quit IRC18:10
*** natunen has joined #harmattan18:10
*** lildeimos has joined #harmattan18:11
*** natunen has quit IRC18:11
ladogaso VSZ is virtual size18:11
*** Natunen has joined #harmattan18:14
*** rcg-work has quit IRC18:15
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC18:15
*** elldekaa has quit IRC18:17
ladogapa: according to top my n9 seems to be over 99% idle when idle...only sshd (0.1%) and top itself (1%) using the cpu actively. and some random processes 0.1% now and then18:17
*** Enforcer has quit IRC18:21
*** Ariadeno has joined #harmattan18:22
*** teleshoes has joined #harmattan18:25
*** Sniper_swe has quit IRC18:26
*** artemma has joined #harmattan18:27
*** Enforcer has joined #harmattan18:27
*** jreznik has quit IRC18:27
paladoga, PR1.3?18:28
*** tom___ has joined #harmattan18:32
*** rcg has joined #harmattan18:36
*** divan has quit IRC18:40
*** kralor_ is now known as kralor18:40
ZogG_laptopyesterday i had about 30% after 1d usage with always connected to internets18:45
*** susundberg has quit IRC18:47
pamaybe i have to reflash18:49
pai will try18:49
ZogG_laptoppa: what's the problem?18:50
pawell, idle consumption at about 15mA18:50
ZogG_laptopmaybe you need to optimize things and give a battery time to drain till almost 0 and than fully charge without disconnects18:50
paonly radio on18:50
teleshoesi idle at 2-4 mA on pr1.218:50
pabefore (1.2) i was at 4mA18:50
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan18:51
teleshoesyoure scaring me18:51
teleshoesi wanna update18:51
ZogG_laptopright now it's says 12 mA on avg idle18:51
teleshoesthats nightmarish18:51
teleshoes3x less offline battery life18:51
ZogG_laptopbut it still longs at least 16-20 hours18:51
ZogG_laptopsometimes more18:51
pateleshoes, indeeed18:52
teleshoesi took my n9 on a vacation, no electricity, for 3 days18:52
paon pr1.2 it was great battery life18:53
pa* on battery life18:53
teleshoesidled the whole time, just in case someone needed to get in touch18:53
teleshoes3 days18:53
teleshoes=> 1 day18:53
teleshoesthats a pretty big fucking deal18:53
pa3 days is not much18:53
paidle all the time on 1.2 i was on 4-5 days18:54
pa<20% per day18:54
teleshoesi made a few calls18:54
paone night was tipically -2%18:54
teleshoeswhats the battery again?18:54
teleshoesin mAh?18:54
pa1450 i think18:54
teleshoesshould be two weeks18:55
teleshoesat 4mA18:55
teleshoesZogG_laptop how do you feel battery life has changed for 1.3?18:55
ZogG_laptopteleshoes: i think it's better, but i can't say for sure18:57
ZogG_laptopand you know it's one of the things that may differ not due version but flash18:57
ZogG_laptoplike it works ok, and you flash and it worse18:58
ZogG_laptopit's like random i never got why?18:58
ZogG_laptopas it's illogical18:58
panokia: 926 million operating loss19:00
pago go lumia19:00
pa826, sorry19:01
leiniri'll repeat what i said on twitter earlier: Jolla is the biggest and most thorough restructuring Nokia's ever undergone ;)19:02
paonly 4 million lumias sold19:02
leinirfaenil: considering the marketing budget, yes, that is an only19:02
pawasnt it 20 or 30 million SGS3?19:02
faenilpa what kind of comparison is that19:03
faenilpeople buy all the shit android gives just because of its name19:03
*** piggz_ has quit IRC19:03
paapparently windows is not a good name then ;)19:03
pano offense19:03
faenilcome on, you know what I mean :P19:04
pawell as a matter of fact android works pretty decently, lately19:04
painterface wise is not great19:04
paits laggish19:04
faenilI android wasn't from Google, it would have died long long time ago19:04
pabut sgs2 lasts way longer than my n919:04
faenilAndroid's UI is nothing comparing to WP's metro ui19:05
faeniland do we want to talk about social networks integrations?19:05
faenilthat's another + 1000 for WP...19:05
pai honestly dont like metro ui19:05
faenilit's just that people don't trust Windows...19:05
*** rcg has quit IRC19:05
paand believe swipe is far better19:05
faeniland laggier19:05
pain fact i would try to buy it, if i were google19:05
paits dead anyway19:06
ZogG_laptopfaenil: i hate windows anyway. i would prefer iphone19:06
*** w00t_nemo has joined #harmattan19:06
ZogG_laptopjust coz it's windows19:06
* ZogG_laptop is fanatic19:06
faenilyou see?19:07
faenilthat's why Lumia is struggling...19:07
ZogG_laptopfaenil: but it's coz of history and there is basis there19:07
faenilpeople don't even want to try WP, and when they try it they think about BSODs19:07
pafaenil, i tried, i think metro ui sucks19:07
faenilZogG_laptop, yeah19:07
faenilpa sure that's your taste ;)19:07
faenilno point in arguing about that :)19:07
faenilsome people like it, some don't, as everything19:07
paand what else does it offer me besides the ui?19:08
ZogG_laptopfaenil: it doesn't matter why, but Nokia taking it over MeeGo is stupid. why to support struggling OS, when u have Os popular without promoton =)19:08
*** rcg has joined #harmattan19:08
faeniltight social network integration19:08
paandroid offers me integration with every google service19:08
ZogG_laptopfaenil: exactly wanted to ask, does it have BDOS?19:08
faenilZogG_laptop, never had a single reboot/freeze19:08
pai dont like tight social network integration. i dont want my facebook contacts ending in my phone book like in n919:08
faenilstable as hell since october19:08
ZogG_laptopfaenil: let's say i never saw picture of any public screen with kernel panic =)))19:08
faenildecember sorry19:08
faenilpa I only get contacts from gmail19:10
faeniland then let it add details from facebook, so that it joins them in the same contact19:10
faeniland I can write on walls19:10
faenilsee news feeds19:10
faenilabout singel persons19:10
faenilin one single click19:10
faenilwithout opening 10 thousand apps19:11
faeniland waiting for them to load and such19:11
*** w00t_nemo has quit IRC19:11
pabesides the fact you can do that with n9 too, i dont like it. i want my phone to be a phone, not something for some social freak19:11
faenilthen buy a Nokia 3310 :)19:12
ZogG_laptopspace invaders is the best19:13
paandroid works pretty well. what i dont like is all the java part (which i understand, tho), the ui that is ok, but no more than that, and the not being a linux (but well, many wouldnt care)19:13
faenilin what is android better than wp? (just curious :) )19:14
paallowing more than 800x480? ;)19:15
faenilmy opinion is: 1) it is WAAAY less responsive and smooth, and that's enough, don't need to go on :D19:15
paor than  one core? ;)19:15
faenilpa no I mean comparing two phones19:15
faenilok core thing19:15
*** tom___ has quit IRC19:15
faenilmore? :)19:15
ZogG_laptopi never had lumia19:16
ZogG_laptopi tryed to request one on nokia-developers19:16
ZogG_laptopnot gonna buy one for sure19:16
pamaybe i coudl do the same19:16
pafor free, i could consider it ;)19:16
ZogG_laptopfaenil: android is not real linux but linux and you have terminal and options to hack in19:16
ZogG_laptopwe are more geeks here19:17
faenilI think it all depends on what you want to use the phone for19:17
faenilAndroid is a good balance between harmattan and WP, I'd say19:17
*** gagamel has quit IRC19:17
faenilI use WP as my main PHONE19:17
ZogG_laptopit doesn't matter what i use it, as it has more options i would like it more19:17
faeniland N950 as my "geek" phone19:17
faenilZogG_laptop, it does matter19:17
faenilbecause it is frustrating when the UI answers tens of ms after you give the input19:18
pai have never experience what you say on sgs219:18
ZogG_laptopi use n9 as main phone and now i have n950 and want to boot real linux on it19:18
faenilif I just need to see a little thing on a webpage or something19:18
faenilI don't want to keep clicking on the browser bar 4-5 times19:18
faenilbefore it understands I'm trying to open that freaking bar :P19:18
ZogG_laptopfaenil: on n9 it works fine19:18
ZogG_laptopfaenil: and you need compare all the work was made on n9 and lumia19:19
teleshoesanyone else have touchscreen problems when usb is connected?19:19
faenilZogG_laptop, oh come on, VKB is soo less responsive and precise comparing to WP's19:19
faenilit doesn't pop up at time19:19
faeniland such...19:19
ZogG_laptopif n9 had this attention as lumia it would be way better from what we have19:19
faenilI hated that part of the N9..19:19
ZogG_laptopfaenil: it wokrs fine here and popups when needed. always19:20
ZogG_laptopno problem19:20
faenilok so I got all defective android and N9 units xD19:20
faenilI've been waiting for a smooth android since 1.6...19:21
faenillooks like quad-cores + 4.1 will reach that point...19:21
faenil(it only needed a quad-core? :D)19:21
ZogG_laptophow would n9 would work with quadro19:22
*** Ariadeno has quit IRC19:22
teleshoesblahblahblah, lumia sucks19:22
ladogacan you manage files on WP over wifi?19:22
faenilteleshoes, :D19:22
ladogasomething like mounting sshfs in linux19:22
*** ab is now known as ab[out]19:23
faenilladoga, you don't need to do that when using it as your "phone"19:23
teleshoesonly with 'solutions'19:23
faenili.e. non-geek people don't need that19:23
teleshoesyou mean, non-geek people dont know you CAN do that19:23
faenilexactly :)19:23
teleshoesno reason whatsoever that they SHOULDNT know,19:24
teleshoesor that they wouldnt want to if they did19:24
ladoganon geeks don't copy files to/from their phones?19:24
teleshoesactually ladoga19:24
faenilladoga, they use what's given19:24
teleshoesthey use the software on the phone19:24
faenilif it's skydrive or wifi, it's the same19:24
faeniljust give me a way to put content on my phone :)19:24
teleshoesand are pleased with whatever miracles it does19:24
ladogai open file browser on my desktop and drag&drop stuff to my phone19:25
teleshoesi use rsync19:25
teleshoesid die without it19:25
faenil:) eh, rsync <319:25
*** w00t_nemo has joined #harmattan19:25
teleshoessshfs is a bit overkill19:26
ladogait's just nice that i don't have to fetch the phone...make bluetooth connection or attach cables for it19:26
teleshoesi dont even pick it up to answer calls anymore19:26
ladoga :)19:26
teleshoesit rings, i vnc in, push answer, and shout19:27
*** denism has joined #harmattan19:27
ladogayou're funny19:27
teleshoessometimes i leave it upstairs by mistake and dont even realize it til i go to leave19:27
teleshoesbecause ive been using it for hours19:28
teleshoesit really is nice19:28
*** rZr is now known as rzr19:28
teleshoesi seriously doubt i could setup anything near as sweet as ive got with a 'solution' instead of a tool chain like ssh and vnc19:28
ladogabut yes..i think wp ui (atleast on l800) is smoother. less stuttering19:28
ladogatho it lacks many things that harmattan has19:29
teleshoeslike a real OS19:29
teleshoesor any cool features whatsoever19:29
teleshoesor any ram19:29
faenilteleshoes, you need RAM if you need it.19:30
faenilyou don't need ram just to have it...19:30
teleshoesrecording videos19:30
*** xipp2 has joined #harmattan19:30
faenilanything non working in WP?19:30
*** Ariadeno has joined #harmattan19:31
faenil:D come on...please stop talking about such things, I was talking about a non-geek phone...a mass consumer phone19:31
faenilwhich is Lumia's target19:31
teleshoesidiots will buy whatever the wealthiest corporations tell them to19:31
Ariadenothe n950 is a far more polished product19:31
teleshoesthe best phone19:31
teleshoesis the one with the best advertising19:32
Ariadenoi meant n919:32
teleshoesif theres one thing the n9 doesnt have19:32
teleshoesits polish19:32
faenilteleshoes, right, that's what I said about android :)19:32
Ariadenothe n950 feels unfinished19:32
teleshoeswere talking lumia vs n919:32
teleshoesnot n950 vs n919:32
Ariadenoi see19:32
faenilteleshoes, I was just saying what people SHOULD buy imho...for their NON-GEEK needs. In that case, WP is the best OS, imho19:32
Ariadenomy apologies19:33
teleshoesand faenil, i disagree19:33
ladogahow to switch between running apps in WP..I have tried it only briefly19:33
faenilkeep back button pressed19:33
Ariadenoi tought zogg was mentioning the n950 but whatever19:33
faenil(I have never needed to switch between apps, on the Lumia)19:33
*** Enforcer has quit IRC19:34
teleshoesas far as technical capabilities, useful features, and practical usability go, the lumia is almost strictly worse than the n919:34
teleshoeswhat it has is a mountain of advertising dollars19:35
teleshoesand a marketing campaign19:35
*** Enforcer has joined #harmattan19:35
Ariadenoand a huge phone company backing up19:35
teleshoesand the warm fluffy feeling people get from words like MicroSoft and Proprietary19:35
teleshoesjust so19:35
*** heymaster-laptop has joined #harmattan19:35
faenilteleshoes, N9's smoothnees is nowhere near WP's19:35
ladogait's not bad. just not for me..but for average joe I'm sure WP is fine19:35
faenilthat's what N9 doesn't have19:36
faeniland the reason I'm only using N950 as dev phone19:36
teleshoesyou mean the animations19:36
ladogafaenil: true19:36
faenilteleshoes, I mean smoothness, in everything19:36
teleshoesspeed, then?19:36
faenilyou never have to wait19:36
faenilspeed + animations19:36
faenilfixed 60fps19:36
faenilnot a lag even in heavy webpages19:36
ladogabut they are so different one can't real multitasking etc.19:36
faenilladoga, sure19:36
faenildifference choices19:37
*** salout has quit IRC19:37
faenilif only Jolla could bring us a smooth phone with linux underneath :D19:37
faenilthere's no such thing afaik up to now :D19:37
ladogaWP is fine, it's just not fine for Nokia19:37
teleshoesi dont think i understand the concept youre calling smoothness19:37
teleshoesstartup lag for apps?19:38
faenilteleshoes, scrolling lists without lag19:38
ladogaextremely stupid to lose control of own OS development19:38
xipp2guys anyone is using web2sms with betamax ?19:38
faenilscrolling webpages without lag19:38
teleshoescapacitive touchscreen responsiveness?19:38
AriadenoIMO Nokia should have gone Android if they would want to make profit19:38
faenilgoing from a screen to another without lag19:38
teleshoesgot it19:38
faenilyes :)19:38
GeneralAntillesNo tearing, either!19:38
faenilGeneralAntilles, :D19:38
GeneralAntillesEither way, WP sucks compared to my N950.19:38
GeneralAntillesLag or no.19:38
faenilteleshoes, and, generally speaking, responsiveness of the UI19:39
ladogajust today Elops answered question about Nokia future that they wait for WP8 to save them19:39
faenilI never had to touch a button twice on WP..19:39
faenilcan't say the same for the N9/N950, unfortunately .(19:39
Ariadenocan't say the same for WP either19:39
ladogafirst wait lumia, then wait WP8...they have no control over features or timetables themselves19:39
faenilGeneralAntilles, oh please don't join at this point :) we're talking about non-geek phones :D19:39
faenilladoga, xD19:39
Ariadenoif there's one thing that can save Nokia it's Android19:39
GeneralAntillesWhy would we talk about non-geek phones?19:39
ladogathey simply can not innovate at all19:39
faenilGeneralAntilles, don't know, it popped out :D19:40
teleshoesyou know, thats a real good question19:40
ladogaMS does it, or doesn't. Nokia is at their mercy19:40
faenilGeneralAntilles, oh, because pa talked about Lumia's sales :)19:40
teleshoesim curious to know if theres objective evidence of the claim that lumia starts up apps faster vs n9, or that the browser loads pages faster19:41
*** Namek has quit IRC19:42
teleshoesnot because im considering buying one, but because the hardware is basically the same with less ram as i understand it19:42
xipp2lumia has a faster cpu19:42
teleshoesthanks xipp219:42
teleshoesthis conversation is a waste of time19:42
teleshoessorry about that19:42
xipp2i forgive you son19:42
Ariadenohonestly, I have to say that MS did a great job to encourage developers to make apps for WP8 but that doesn't cahnge the fact that WP is utter garbage19:43
faenilteleshoes, lol :D19:43
teleshoesi just didnt know ;)19:43
ladogaAriadeno: no android. I wan't a phone with real linux :)19:43
faenilteleshoes, try with Omnia 7 then, do you think it will change things?19:43
faenilthat one has got old-gen 1ghz cpu19:43
faenilLumia800 has 1.419:44
faenilmost WP phones don't :)19:44
xipp2btw the clock is faster19:44
faenilteleshoes, same hw19:44
xipp2this doesnt mean the cpu is faster19:44
xipp2anyway i suspect it is19:44
teleshoesbut it probably is19:44
faenilxipp2, yeah19:44
teleshoeswith that high a clock rate19:44
xipp2btw windows phone 7 is quite snappy yep19:45
faenilxipp2, thanks man, I feel alone in here XD19:45
petteri maybe continue the wp conversation somewhere else?19:45
xipp2anyway i wouldnt buy a phone with the windows logo as home19:45
faenilright let's stop the OT :)19:45
teleshoesfaenil youd feel less alone, i think19:45
ladogaN9 is almost perfect for me...just little with lighter apps/ui or more oopmh it would be perfect19:45
ladogabut it's very close19:45
teleshoesif the channel werent called harmattan19:46
faenilteleshoes, good point, yeah :D19:46
faenilteleshoes, but it's not fun if all people agree :D19:46
teleshoesn9 is almost perfect for me19:46
Ariadenofaenil: You know that trojans written for windows wouldn't work on linux don't you?19:46
faenilAriadeno, what do you want to say? :)19:46
teleshoesexcept the battery, the keyboard, the microsd ...19:47
teleshoesand nearly everything else19:47
faenilanyway yeah, I have a bachelor in CS, can understand that, thanks to god XD19:47
Ariadenofaenil you know exactly what I meant ^^19:47
faenilAriadeno, :P19:47
*** tom___ has joined #harmattan19:48
faenilnow talking about harmattan then, my main problems with N9 were19:48
faenil1) vkb19:48
faenil2) sluggishness of the UI19:48
faenilbuttons on the vkb are too small imho19:48
teleshoeseasy to change19:49
teleshoesone liner19:49
faeniland the intelligent keyboard isn't intelligent enough :)19:49
teleshoestry it19:49
faenilteleshoes, sure, you can change the graphics19:49
faenilteleshoes, oh I love swype :D19:49
teleshoesyou should use it on the n919:49
teleshoesworks great19:49
teleshoesi hate it19:49
faenilteleshoes, but the dicts didn't know really EASY words of the italian dictionary :)19:49
faenilteleshoes, I used it on the n9 ofc :D19:49
teleshoesi do believe you can replace them19:49
teleshoeswhats ofc mean?19:50
faenilteleshoes, of course19:50
ladogahey, is there a way to answer the phone from command line in harmattan?19:50
ladogabonus points from enabling the speaker19:50
teleshoesdid you try the dbus cmd from maemo?19:50
teleshoesthat might work still19:50
ladogai'd like to try shouting method, but without vnc:)19:51
teleshoesi should really like to do that19:51
teleshoesi was just thinking about that19:51
teleshoesvnc is easy and really fast to do19:51
teleshoesi have three or four kb shortcuts19:51
teleshoeslandscape/portrait, and highres/lowres19:51
ladogayes, i've used it. I just usually have command line open on my desktop19:52
teleshoesto answer the phone, i do landscape, lowres, click19:52
ladogaso thought that would be faster for me19:52
teleshoesyep me too19:52
teleshoesdunno why i havent bothered with it19:52
teleshoesyou know what i DID get working?19:52
teleshoesrotating the sound around to my computer19:52
teleshoesover ssh19:52
teleshoeswith gstreamer19:52
teleshoesunfortunately, i couldnt route the microphone to the n919:53
*** heymaster has joined #harmattan19:53
teleshoesmaybe someone else has done this?19:53
teleshoesbut not me19:53
teleshoesif i could solve that, i could just make/receive calls without getting off my ass19:53
teleshoesor shouting myself hoarse19:53
ladogawould be nice19:54
teleshoesi wish people would stop talking about jolla19:56
teleshoesmeego is a great operating system, and in all probability, it will one day see decent hardware19:57
teleshoesjolla wants to make a worse phone than the n9, and simply market it succesfully19:57
faenilworse? why?19:57
GeneralAntillesteleshoes, what are you smoking?19:57
GeneralAntillesMeeGo's dead and gone without Jolla.19:57
*** heymaster has quit IRC19:58
teleshoesharmattan had a nokia endorsed open mode19:58
Ariadenoi have to agree with teleshoes on that19:58
teleshoesand with the n950 specifically targeted the linux/geek/developer crowd19:58
*** hardaker has quit IRC19:59
faenilteleshoes, why should it be worse..19:59
teleshoesjolla has made it clear that they have no intention of supporting even the modest amount of openness that harmattan had19:59
Ariadenonow according to the news recently, the anticipated Jolla phone turns out to be a closed-source project19:59
GeneralAntillesAriadeno, the news got it wrong.19:59
teleshoesuh, of course its gonna be closed source19:59
GeneralAntillesAriadeno, they mistranslated from English to Finnish.20:00
GeneralAntillesteleshoes, see the @JollaMobile feed.20:00
faenilwhat did you guys smoke? :D20:00
faenilJolla is going to be as open as possible...20:00
GeneralAntillesSee the update at the bottom of that story.20:00
teleshoes"Jolla Mobile has been in touch to clarify the company's commitment to a developer version of the MeeGo smartphone. "20:00
*** wmarone_ has joined #harmattan20:00
faenilit's a developer mode, not version20:01
GeneralAntillesJust goes to show: Don't trust the press.20:01
teleshoesthanks, you are the very model of a modern20:02
teleshoesive just had my heart broken so many times20:02
GeneralAntillesWell, as we really don't have much to work with, we can only draw so many conclusions20:02
Ariadenohell yea that clarifies everything20:02
GeneralAntillesHowever, really, it's based on the Mer core20:02
teleshoesif JollaOS was straight meego, id just die20:02
teleshoesoh thats fucking AWESOME20:03
teleshoesthats SO COOL20:03
GeneralAntillesI think you can extrapolate some pretty good things based on who's involved. :)20:03
teleshoesSOOOOO COOOOL20:03
teleshoesWHOS INVOLVED?20:03
*** e-yes has quit IRC20:03
faenilteleshoes, nice people :D20:03
*** lordross has quit IRC20:03
teleshoesmy information has not been coming from very good sources, it turns out20:03
teleshoestwitter is a non-anonymous service right?20:03
GeneralAntillesteleshoes, join #jollamobile20:04
faenilteleshoes -> Sage_, Stskeeps, jussi, Aard...20:04
teleshoesdoes someone know if i can get rss feeds of twitter20:04
teleshoesoh SNAPPPPP20:04
teleshoesim so excited20:04
ladogaheh...i just figured i can record my laptop's mic by cat /dev/dsp > file20:05
teleshoeseven freakier than that20:05
teleshoesyou can take a speaker wire20:05
ladogathen play it with cat file > /dev/dsp20:05
teleshoesand vibrate aluminum foil20:05
teleshoesmuch the same principle20:05
faenilladoga, holy crap :D20:05
teleshoesthe process for making vinyl records is pretty much the same as the process for playing sounds with them20:06
*** wmarone_ has left #harmattan20:06
teleshoesneither of which really requires electricity or magic20:06
teleshoes=> analog signal processing is cool and interesting20:07
ladogacat /dev/mem > /dev/dsp20:09
ladogalisten to RAM20:09
ladogatry's freaky20:10
admiral0dudes, i think i have faulty RAM on my N920:10
teleshoesi think not20:10
teleshoesadmiral0 oh?!20:10
admiral0too many crashes20:10
admiral0random crashes20:10
teleshoesyou dont oc, do you?20:10
admiral0i live with this....20:11
admiral0have to go to nokia care20:11
teleshoeswhere they will confiscate it and give you a lumia 90020:12
admiral0but i'm worried i'll get a shitty lumia20:12
teleshoesdont do it, bro20:12
*** Necrosporus has joined #harmattan20:12
teleshoeswhy ram?20:12
admiral0is there a memtest for the n9?20:12
teleshoesi mean, why do you suspect ram?20:12
admiral0because there is NO explanation20:12
infobotadmiral0 meant: never20:12
Ariadenoohh shit there is this lumia subject again20:12
ladogamemtest would be nice20:13
ladoga :( no /dev/dsp or /dev/audio in N920:14
teleshoestheres not20:14
admiral0let's give it a tryù20:14
admiral0i was compiling it20:18
ladogaand done, now trying to figure how to use it20:21
teleshoesthe arm binary will probably just work20:22
ladogacompiles and works in scratchbox atleast20:22
*** faenil has quit IRC20:22
*** faenil has joined #harmattan20:23
NecrosporusI want a GNU/Linux based pocket device with built-in GPRS/EDGE access and full-functional and usable console20:25
teleshoesoh god20:25
teleshoesdont talk like that20:25
NecrosporusWhat's better, to buy N9 while it's still available or wait for Tizen, Jolla or something?20:26
teleshoesNecrosporus, this is what we ALL want20:26
NecrosporusIt's dead :(20:26
teleshoesopenmoko is dead20:26
teleshoesi promise you, you will love the n920:26
ladogawe do:)20:26
teleshoesit has a closed ux20:26
teleshoesand aegis20:26
teleshoesbut you can safely ignore them20:26
Necrosporusteleshoes, I have tried it, it's overall fine, but lack hardware keyboard20:27
NecrosporusConsole is not very usable20:27
teleshoesthe worst things20:27
teleshoesin decreasing awfulness:20:27
teleshoes1) no hw kb20:27
teleshoes2) no removable battery20:27
teleshoes3) no external storage20:27
teleshoeseverything else is perfect20:27
Necrosporus2) No free drivers for SGX20:27
ladoga2) you just lack skill20:27
teleshoesthat too20:27
teleshoeson my n90020:28
teleshoesi had a bay of batteries20:28
Necrosporus4) microSIM20:28
teleshoesmicrosim, big deal20:28
ladogayes. true20:28
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan20:28
Necrosporus5) not removable battery20:28
teleshoes2) == 5)20:28
teleshoesoh, i see what you mean20:28
NecrosporusI think the worst is closeness of some parts20:28
teleshoesim inclined to agree,20:29
teleshoesexcept that the no keyboard is so much worse20:29
ladogano hw keyboard doesn't really bother me20:29
NecrosporusWell, it would be tolerable if it was fine otherwise20:29
*** louisdk has joined #harmattan20:30
NecrosporusSo I wonder should I buy an N9 or there's upcoming GNU/Linux device which has open UI and doesn't require proprietary graphic drivers?20:30
ladogaat home i use full sized keyboard and ssh anyway (in the phones console)20:30
teleshoesthere are not going to be any such devices20:30
teleshoesfor a dozen years20:30
teleshoesif you want a gpl v3 phone20:30
teleshoesbottom up20:30
teleshoesopenmoko is your best bet20:30
ladogaand fingerterm is ok with irssi and occasional CLI use when on the run20:30
NecrosporusIt's dead20:31
teleshoessee what i mean?20:31
NecrosporusI want something like OpenMoko, but alive20:31
teleshoesjollamobile is going to be much much more open than harmattan20:31
teleshoesit turns out20:31
ladogadoes their first model have hw keyboard?20:31
petteriNecrosporus: are you trollng here?20:31
NecrosporusI hope it will produce something20:31
louisdkNice. Trying to sync between N9 and N950 over bluetooth  which is failing.20:32
petterisaw that you already had N920:32
petterifrom the log20:32
teleshoesoh snaaap20:32
NecrosporusI owned N9, yes20:32
petteriand all the same questions also?20:32
teleshoescaught YOU20:32
admiral0triggered a reboot20:32
teleshoesjust running memtest?20:32
Necrosporuspetteri, my N9 have had defective screen20:32
NecrosporusSo I refunded money20:32
NecrosporusI wonder should I buy N9 again from other supplier or wait for other device which would be better20:33
*** beford has joined #harmattan20:33
Necrosporusfor example Tizen or Jolla20:33
teleshoesim going to go with !tizen20:33
teleshoesjolla or bust20:33
petteriNecrosporus: ok, i guess with phones you can always wait for the next one20:33
teleshoesthe n9 is the best phone20:34
teleshoesthat actually exists20:34
teleshoesn950 is probably better20:34
teleshoesbut everyone says NOOOO20:34
ladogaadmiral what argument you used for amount of memory in memtester?20:34
teleshoesand ive never even held one20:34
* dm8tbr just bought a white-unicorn today here in .fi at gigantti for 319€20:34
NecrosporusBut what if new devices would be worse than N9 and it would be out of stock when I see that20:34
ladogaadmiral0: I'm running it on n9 right now20:34
teleshoesout of stock?20:34
teleshoesstop worrying20:34
teleshoesn9 will be obtainable20:34
teleshoesyou can still buy an n90020:34
teleshoesfor godsake20:35
dm8tbrteleshoes: having used both, the N950 antennas suck, but the keyboard rocks.20:35
admiral0ladoga: 1G20:35
teleshoesyea thats what i hear20:35
teleshoesantenna trouble..20:35
teleshoesthe worst thing a phone can have20:35
GeneralAntillesN900 keyboard is better than N95020:35
teleshoesi get literally nauseated and dizzy20:35
teleshoesthinking about the n95020:35
Shaan7GeneralAntilles: +120:35
teleshoesn900 keyboard kinda sucked20:35
teleshoesn950 has more keys20:35
GeneralAntillesN900 keyboard was actually tactile, though.20:36
GeneralAntillesThe N950's keys are all flat and shitty20:36
teleshoesoh i see20:36
teleshoesthis is flat20:36
GeneralAntillesMakes it a PITA to type on.20:36
ladogaadmiral0: maybe too much?20:36
Necrosporusteleshoes, maybe I should buy N900, yes... but it's only 256 MiB of memory, which is extremely low for modern GNU/Linux, which require at lest 2G20:36
teleshoeshadnt thought of that20:36
admiral0it allocated 88020:36
GeneralAntillesI mean, it's nice having a HW keyboard20:36
teleshoesmaemo5 doesnt require that much20:36
teleshoesn900 is arguably better than the n920:37
teleshoesits more open20:37
teleshoesbut slow as hell20:37
GeneralAntillesbut the N900 keyboard is better.20:37
teleshoeswith a kb20:37
teleshoesand a microsd20:37
GeneralAntillesHarmattan is so tasty, though.20:37
teleshoesits not so slow really20:37
admiral0i want a n900 with n9's hardware20:37
Necrosporusteleshoes, it's what I'm talking about... slow20:37
GeneralAntillesSwipe to the left, swipe to the right. . . .20:37
admiral0CPU GPU and so on20:37
Necrosporusadmiral0, I want N900 with Mali CPU and 2GiB ram20:37
teleshoesi want an n9, with a keyboard20:37
louisdkadmiral0: N950 <320:37
Necrosporus* GPU20:37
admiral0louisdk: i wish i had one20:38
ladogamemtester runs fine here so far20:38
teleshoesnot as much as i do20:38
admiral0allocating 600Mb=reboot20:38
NecrosporusI want something like N900, but using GPU which has open source driver and having at least one GiB but better 2 or more of memory20:38
ladogaalso my phone hasn't crashed once since i bought it20:38
ladogasome apps have though..but nothing that killall wouldn't cure20:38
ladogano segfaults or stuff like that20:39
ladogaso if you have random crashes then something is surely wrong20:39
admiral0allocating 500=kaboom20:41
*** arcean has quit IRC20:42
*** arcean has joined #harmattan20:42
*** elldekaa has joined #harmattan20:43
ladoga900mb 3000 loops ok20:43
*** qwazix has joined #harmattan20:46
*** Brownout_ is now known as Brownout20:49
*** heymaster has joined #harmattan20:49
ladogaadmiral0: time to use warranty20:50
teleshoesthis is so sad20:53
*** faenil has quit IRC20:53
teleshoesim sorry for your loss20:53
teleshoesand im sorrier still for lpsmagic20:54
admiral0i've lived with this since i got it20:54
admiral0if they offer me to change to another phone i ask for a refund20:55
admiral0NO error in syslog20:55
admiral0just plain reboot20:55
admiral0talking of lpsmagic20:56
admiral0github time20:56
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan20:59
*** faenil has joined #harmattan21:00
teleshoesforked and cloned21:03
teleshoesmerci, admiral021:04
qwazixhas anyone tried this with the N9/50?
admiral0my N921:06
japhif you want n950 someone upped on on ebay. :p21:08
teleshoescant find!21:09
japhnot afaics21:09
teleshoes2000 euro21:09
teleshoesbit stepp21:09
japhno shit :p21:10
teleshoesi woulda done 100021:10
teleshoestwice the price of an n921:10
arceanqwazix: regarding N950 and FCam21:10
japhyou would? :)21:10
arceanqwazix: values in FCam/Lens.h are for N9 not for N95021:10
ArkanoiD-a, again21:10
arceanso I'm tunning them :)21:10
ArkanoiD-prices are constantly rising21:11
ArkanoiD-first one was $60021:11
ArkanoiD-second one was eur 120021:11
teleshoesheh, exponential21:11
japhI've been considering exchanging n950 for a neo geo21:11
arceanwhich makes captured images even more sharper21:11
japhseems I can get two neogeos, or three21:11
japhor a dozen21:11
qwazixarcean, wow that looks interesting21:11
teleshoesill give you three21:11
qwazixby the way I have to correct the link to the pic @tmo21:12
teleshoesheh, i like neogeos as a unit of currency21:12
ArkanoiD-it was not sold for 1200 eur, the seller _asked_ 120021:12
teleshoeswhat was it sold for?21:12
ArkanoiD-it makes some difference21:12
ArkanoiD-don't know, probably off ebay21:12
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan21:16
louisdkSync N9 -> N950 keeps failing! :(21:22
*** salout_ has joined #harmattan21:28
*** admiral0 has quit IRC21:29
*** hardaker has quit IRC21:32
ladogahere n9 was 299€ for a while21:32
ladoganow sold out everywhere21:32
ladogaand no new ones coming, even if people are actively asking for them:(21:33
ladogasmart move nokia21:34
*** admiral0 has joined #harmattan21:34
*** Enforcer has quit IRC21:45
*** Enforcer has joined #harmattan21:46
*** salout_ has quit IRC21:57
*** tom___ has quit IRC22:01
*** tom___ has joined #harmattan22:08
*** lmoura has quit IRC22:09
*** lmoura has joined #harmattan22:11
*** tonyoy has joined #harmattan22:12
*** lmoura has joined #harmattan22:13
*** lmoura has joined #harmattan22:15
*** artemma has quit IRC22:16
*** tom___ has quit IRC22:17
*** tom___ has joined #harmattan22:20
*** shanttu has joined #harmattan22:26
*** jesuschrist^ has joined #harmattan22:28
*** qwazix has quit IRC22:29
*** xipp2 has quit IRC22:30
*** xipp2 has joined #harmattan22:33
*** jesuschrist^ has quit IRC22:35
heymaster-laptopanybody can help me with memory mannagment22:44
heymaster-laptopQStandardItem *item = new QStandardItem() ;22:44
heymaster-laptophow to delete them ?22:44
*** faenil has quit IRC22:47
*** DocScrutinizer06 is now known as DocScrutinizer0522:49
ieatlintwhoever gets the m_listmodel needs to delete them22:55
ieatlintsince you're appending the pointer, and deleting it there would cause the items in the m_listmodel to be erased22:55
*** wicket64 has joined #harmattan22:55
*** tonyoy has quit IRC22:56
ieatlintif the RoleItemModel::appendRow() method is copying the QStandardItem instead of storing the pointer, then you shouldn't be using a pointer in your function at all22:57
heymaster-laptopieatlint: thanks22:57
heymaster-laptopieatlint: that's the problem what I get error if using stack allocation22:58
heymaster-laptopSo now I'm using new operator22:58
heymaster-laptopieatlint: so i need only to delete my model and that's all ?22:59
ieatlintyour model needs to delete the items in it23:01
ieatlintso its deconstructor should go through the rows it has and delete each one23:01
heymaster-laptopI coped code from this page:
heymaster-laptopAnd i don't see any destructor in RoleItemModel23:02
*** beford has quit IRC23:03
ieatlintuh, yeah, that's a memory leak23:04
ieatlintit'll run fine though :P23:04
heymaster-laptopso how to fix it ?23:05
ieatlintis it a QList in RoleItemModel?23:05
ieatlintholding a QStandardItem*23:06
*** denism has quit IRC23:07
heymaster-laptopieatlint: code don't have any holding value. it just subclass QStandartItem. So maybe there's no memory leak ?23:07
*** denism has joined #harmattan23:07
heymaster-laptopat least i don't see :)23:08
*** tonyoy has joined #harmattan23:08
ieatlintoooh, i'm misunderstanding how this is supposed to be handled23:09
*** Ariadeno has quit IRC23:09
ieatlintin fact, your class should keep a copy of the m_listmodel and in its deconstructor delete the data23:09
ieatlintRoleItemModel is intended to be a helper class to give different access to the same data23:10
heymaster-laptopieatlint: yes23:10
heymaster-laptopieatlint: thanks :)23:10
ieatlintthat's more complicated than just subclassing QAbstractListModel in my opinion23:10
heymaster-laptopieatlint: but you need to write less code in this way .. :)23:11
ieatlinti don't like how that does it.. as it runs the risk of deleting the data while RoleItemModel still is being used23:11
*** NIN101 has quit IRC23:11
heymaster-laptopieatlint: just using official examples :)23:11
ieatlintalso, RoleItemModel doesn't get a parent in that example23:12
ieatlintit's a wiki, you can add stuff23:12
heymaster-laptopieatlint: it's not problem, I'm deleting m_listmodel in my destructor.23:14
ieatlintthat won't do it23:14
ieatlintunless you're deleting all the items in the listmodel23:14
ieatlintand i'm wondering who's deleting the RoleItemModel23:14
*** machia_ has quit IRC23:15
heymaster-laptopieatlint: haven't understood you. but i have ~ServerModel() {delete m_listmodel ;} in my class.23:16
*** divan has joined #harmattan23:21
ieatlintyeah, that won't delete the QStandardItem objects you created23:28
ieatlintalso, you should call m_listmodel->deleteLater() instead of just using delete on it23:29
*** ZogG_N950 has joined #harmattan23:31
*** ZogG_N950 is now known as ZogG_N923:31
*** ZogG_N9 is now known as ZogG_N95023:32
heymaster-laptopieatlint: so what to do ? :)23:32
heymaster-laptopcall  m_listmodel->deleteLater()  ?23:32
ieatlintyes, that, but that won't delete the QStandardItem stuff23:33
ieatlintas to how to do that... dunno, i'm not unpacking a zip file to find out what this RoleItemModel does, but you need a way to traverse the list of QStandardItem objects you created on the heap and use the delete keyword on them23:34
heymaster-laptopieatlint: ok thanks will check23:34
ieatlintthe deleteLater() call works on any QObject, and is a safer way to delete them without as much risk of deleting a QObject that is in use23:34
heymaster-laptopieatlint: in which place i need to write  deleteLater() ?23:35
ZogG_N950is it me or N950 colours are not that bright as N9 ?23:35
*** tom___ has quit IRC23:36
ZogG_N950sup guys23:37
*** tonyoy has quit IRC23:37
ZogG_N950what ya doing (Cartman's voice)23:38
heymaster-laptoptrying to make app for contest :)23:39
ZogG_N950i just wonder if my N950 screen is weird or all of them like that23:41
*** tom___ has joined #harmattan23:41
ZogG_N950heymaster-laptop, oh right. without phone right23:41
heymaster-laptopZogG_N950: yes23:41
*** shanttu has quit IRC23:41
ZogG_N950heymaster-laptop, and what app if it's not a secret23:42
*** tbf__ has quit IRC23:45
heymaster-laptopZogG_N950: very tiny app23:45
rzrhi is any of you boot mer as alt os ?23:45
ZogG_N950rzr, nope, why?23:46
heymaster-laptopI think i will make only basic functionality23:46
heymaster-laptopif I :)23:47
*** petteri has quit IRC23:47
*** petteri has joined #harmattan23:50
rzrZogG_N950, i just ported redak to nemomobile .. i wanted to find some testes23:52
rzrwell an other time23:52
*** rzr is now known as rZr23:52
ZogG_laptoprzr: w00t_nemo ?23:52
* rZr VideO of #RedaK LibrE TexT EditoR #Qt #QmL running on #MeeGo / #MeR / #NemoMobile on #LenovO #s103t x86 #TableT23:52
*** w00t_nemo has quit IRC23:52
ZogG_N950rzr, u should stop with those tags23:53
*** rZr has quit IRC23:55
ZogG_N950rzr, he tried and it crashed his device ^ =)23:55
*** ZogG_N950 has quit IRC23:55
ZogG_laptoptime to sleep23:56
*** tom___ has quit IRC23:57

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