IRC log of #harmattan for Tuesday, 2012-07-17

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djszapi_jonni: that expensive for a dead phone ? :)00:00
jonniwell its cheap compared for launch prices :)00:01
jonniand newest pr release is pretty stable, so you get couple years of pretty decent phone experience. Yes, there is no successor, but if people like working email, chat and phonecalls with apps that cover most common usecases, then its pretty nice.00:03
* djszapi_ will wait for a new phone instead00:04
djszapi_unsure which phrase the ubuntu phone is for instance00:04
jonninew iPhone :)00:04
djszapi_how strong is the qt support on that?00:05
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ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: don't you have N9?00:05
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djszapi_ZogG_laptop: the answer is not public, sorry.00:10
djszapi_well, I do have one, but it is a bit scretchy so I need to look for a new phone soon unless I fall back to existing symbian, n900, old htc desire or other boring stuff which I will probably not.00:11
djszapi_though the phone is not for phoning to me, but more like surfing on the internet :D00:12
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ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: wait for what jolla can show you00:19
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djszapi_ZogG_laptop: keep shaking me up from the graveyard00:20
ZogG_laptopmeh, i think they are nt that stupid to open new company and bet everyithin just on something dead00:21
ZogG_laptopas well as zombie never dies00:21
djszapi_ZogG_laptop: this synonym how I could describe that waiting:
ieatlinti doubt they'll go beyond niche, but it could result in a buyout that does well for the employees00:22
jonnidjszapi_: well qt is in a rought times too, since if no company will start paying for qt developement or hire the developers when nokia cuts funding, then... atleast development will be quite much slower if devel changes to community based only.00:22
djszapi_jonni: that is incorrect00:22
jonniheh, that reminds me to update my CV :)00:22
djszapi_luckily enough00:22
djszapi_Qt is not the only one paying for Qt development00:22
ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: meh, no effects or anyhting00:23
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djszapi_I was also paid for that00:23
djszapi_without working in any sense for Nokia.00:23
djszapi_but there are tons of others.00:23
djszapi_and not just small subcontractors.00:24
ieatlintthe commit logs already show the majority of qt work comes from nokia.. a lot from elsewhere, but we're still talking more than 2/3rds from nokia00:24
ZogG_laptopjonni: be strong00:24
djszapi_ZogG_laptop: lol00:24
jonniyes there are tons of companies using qt and paying for devel, just saying that commit speed will decrease.00:24
djszapi_jonni: except that, if those people go to other companies00:24
ieatlintespecially since a lot of the other companies relied on nokia contracts that have since disappeared00:24
djszapi_but yeah, will decrease some, but oh well00:25
djszapi_it is more qt project'ish without a leader company anyways00:25
djszapi_I feel this much better.00:25
ieatlintthere's currently a scramble to see who gets the rights to qt, and that will be the real tell00:25
djszapi_few companies are recruiting Qt devs heavily fwiw00:25
ieatlinta lot are, from what i've seen00:25
djszapi_ieatlint: well, it is clear to me00:26
djszapi_Qt Foundation is the way to go00:26
djszapi_I did not see anything disagreeing00:26
ieatlinti know netflix was heavily courting the people out here in california00:26
djszapi_the Qt community at the summit agreed upon that00:26
azeemwell, Qt devs can be two things, (i) people who develop Qt, (ii) people who develop *with* Qt00:26
djszapi_same at aKademy I talked to.00:26
djszapi_azeem: no00:26
djszapi_kde devs are kde devs00:26
ieatlintdjszapi_: i don't recall a real consensus on that, and regardless, there's concern that there isn't enough time to form such a foundation00:26
djszapi_qt devs are qt devs00:27
azeemoh sorry00:27
djszapi_meego devs are meego devs00:27
azeemevery Qt developer is a Qt hacker00:27
djszapi_ieatlint: well, you have missed the Qt Foundation session00:27
djszapi_there was a real consensus there.00:27
ieatlintdjszapi_: then it's particularly funny i'm not too aware considering who proposed it :P00:28
jonniheh, and ofcourse Nokia can just decide that Qt is a danger to windows sales, and keep the rights and not give them out :)00:28
djszapi_jonni: they cannot00:28
djszapi_the stuff will go to KDE00:28
djszapi_with BSD00:29
djszapi_and fork will happen anyway00:29
djszapi_it is just details ...00:29
djszapi_the formality00:29
djszapi_the point is that, the community wanna have this under a foundation00:29
djszapi_just linux the linux foundation works.00:29
ieatlintthere's still a distant chance intel will take it, but yeah, most likely a fork00:29
ieatlintwell, no, the qt foundation wasn't supposed to be like the linux foundation00:29
ieatlintthe qt foundation was proposed to have real funding, and employ qt devs00:30
ieatlintwhereas the linux foundation doesn't employee devs00:30
djszapi_the linux foundation has real funding, and employ linux devs....00:30
djszapi_ofc it does00:30
djszapi_Thiago said I think 60000:30
djszapi_at the session00:30
djszapi_which is not a small amount00:30
ieatlintmy understanding is that companies like intel commit employees to working on linux, but they're still intel employees00:31
azeemthat's not the linux foundation00:31
azeemLinus and Morton work for the Linux Foundation, period00:31
azeemGreg KH as well now, I think00:31
azeemand others00:31
djszapi_ieatlint: well, the idea is that there would be of course companies around00:32
ieatlintwell, i may be wrong, but anyway, the foundation is moving too slow, and the assumption is that nokia will be making a decision in the next couple months00:32
djszapi_but there would also be a core team in one place.00:32
djszapi_and you would need to pay X percentages for commercial stuff00:32
djszapi_and would not be tight to Digia00:32
djszapi_or FooBar.00:32
djszapi_sounds fair model to me.00:32
djszapi_and way more open governed model than the Nokia stuff00:33
ieatlintsure... and the rumours say that digia's commercial licencing contract ends with qt500:33
djszapi_they keep saying it is open governance, but only Nokia guys own the sysadmin stuff etc00:33
djszapi_it is not fully yet...00:33
ptlMaybe they just separate companies and, like, make a new one just for Qt. It could have a name like - I don't know - trolltech?00:33
djszapi_ptl: that is what we would like to avoid00:34
djszapi_the community would like to avoid the company driven stuff00:34
* ieatlint shrugs00:34
djszapi_hence, qt foundation.00:34
ptlis it desirable?00:34
djszapi_yes, very00:34
ieatlintmy money is on digia getting it, and people getting angry and forking it00:34
djszapi_pretty much everybody agreed there at the contributor summit from what I can tell.00:34
ieatlintonly question is if digia sees the fallout that would occur and declines00:35
djszapi_even Digia00:35
ieatlintdigia was barely there00:35
djszapi_Tuukka saw the same way00:35
djszapi_sorry ?00:35
djszapi_the Qt Director was in the first row00:35
djszapi_right next to thiago iirc00:35
ieatlintyeah, about 5 people00:35
djszapi_yeah, the people who decide...00:35
ieatlintdunno about that00:36
djszapi_then you now know :)00:37
ieatlintwell, i know tuuka isn't going to decide what digia does :P00:37
djszapi_first, do not mispell his nme00:37
djszapi_second, he decides about the future of Qt in Digia00:37
djszapi_since he is the director00:37
ieatlintheh, you're impressively defensive.. my typo wasn't a slight on him00:38
ieatlintand i know him, he's local to me now, and i've seen him at countless meetups00:38
ieatlinthe's a great guy00:38
ieatlintbut my understanding of his position does not make him a director, something that indeed digia's own website confirms when i look him up on it00:39
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djszapi_whether it is fork or not, that is details00:40
djszapi_what matters to me here is, how the Qt Foundation can stand up and get mature00:40
djszapi_I have not seen much movement since aKademy, but oh well: this is summer time after all.00:41
ieatlintcrazy europeans taking the entire summer off :P00:41
djszapi_so I am not a "crazy european", yay :)00:42
ieatlintyeah, well, the average american can't locate your home country a map, so it doesn't count :P00:43
ieatlint(that's the advantage to unilaterally dictating such things to the world :)00:44
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djszapi_which country do they know in Europe?00:44
jonni"europe" the area above africa :)00:47
ieatlintwe can pretty much identify england (but not the uk), ireland, france, germany, italy and spain00:48
ieatlinta few people can identify amsterdam, but not the netherlands00:48
ieatlintyou think i'm kidding? :P00:50
djszapi_well, Europe is difficult continent :p00:52
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ptl"above" -> not if your globe has the north down.01:14
ptlthe developed countries are not "above" the developing countries. This is a culturally imposed convention.01:15
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jesuschrist^how is that nokia ppl are still answering on the nokia dev forum ?02:51
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itsnotabigtruckMohammadAG: what's up03:30
itsnotabigtruckalso did anyone figure out jesuschrist's libdevmapper problem?03:31
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admiral0hi itsnotabigtruck03:38
itsnotabigtruck'sup admiral003:39
itsnotabigtrucknot a lot03:39
itsnotabigtruckjust got home03:39
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admiral0i'm about to go to sleep lol03:39
admiral02:40 AM here03:39
befordhey admiral003:40
befordlong time no see03:40
admiral0life got fucked up...03:40
admiral0how are you beford?03:41
faeniladmiral0, 2.40 here too03:41
faenilI'm damn tired03:41
faenilcya people03:41
faenilgood night!03:42
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befordshit happened?03:43
admiral0got dumped by my now ex gf03:43
admiral0a lot of exams...03:43
befordthat sucks03:45
admiral0nvm, i met another girl03:48
admiral0and got friendzoned03:48
befordthat sucks even more03:51
admiral0i know03:52
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sigmaorionhi there!05:11
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djszapi_beford: hi05:23
befordhey djszapi_, how is it going05:23
djszapi_just waken up, but wanted to ask the same :)05:23
befordhehe, its 9pm here, so tired of working05:24
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sigmaorionI've been googling around but didn't find a solution to connect to my office WiFi using PEAP05:31
sigmaorionI loaded the certificate, I installed it, selected WiFi in the list05:31
sigmaorionbut when I create the connection I cannot select any certificate to use05:32
sigmaorionwhy? Am I doing something wrong?05:32
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* MohammadAG wants a metawatch11:34
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ArkanoiD_oops, seems that i get a cluster of dead pixels on my n950. i've heared it is a common problem?11:50
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dm8tbrArkanoiD_: yes, happens. at least for me it went away again after 1-2 months. but that seems to have been an isolated case.12:04
ArkanoiD_dm8tbr, how did yours look like? mine is a series of short vertical (from landscape point of view) black lines. And you may see it as black even on all-black screen when just backlight is on!12:06
ArkanoiD_so it is darker than "regular black"12:07
ArkanoiD_btw found this:
ArkanoiD_what is it? bullshit?12:07
dm8tbrit started out as a line across 2/3 of the screen. then pixels above the line started to flip to black12:07
dm8tbruntil that line was black too and it went to the next line12:08
dm8tbrat some point it was 4-6 lines and 4/5th across12:08
dm8tbrand then it suddenly faded away12:08
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pokk_hi all, where can I discuss the future of nokia n9/meego and jolla, which irc/twitter channel is appropriate :)14:56
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jabispokk_: #jollamobile #mer15:26
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tazzalthough i dont think jolla will do anything for n915:29
kevin_banyway to get google+ notifications in the common feeds view15:31
pokk_tazz: i dunno how "open" will be their os..15:32
pokk_tazz: but then if one can boot android on n9, why not jolla os too ?15:32
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tazzpokk_, because of licensing issues.15:33
chem|stso I moved from n900 to n9 and have some issues, someone may enlighten me:15:36
chem|stsmpt by wifi-connection?15:37
*** shanttu has joined #harmattan15:37
chem|stsync calendars from n900 to n9 without shifting starting times?15:37
chem|stis there a way to become root or alter files with root permission outside of devel-mode15:38
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Oni^does 'devel-su -' work?15:40
ZogG_laptopchem|st: got device?15:41
ZogG_laptopmazal tov15:41
chem|stOni^: nope15:41
chem|stZogG_laptop: yes.. the second to be precise, have to send one back though broken oled and buggy third of the TS15:42
faenildoes anyone of you use gnuplot?15:42
chem|stfaenil: define use15:43
faenilwell I'm looking for help :D15:43
chem|stZogG_laptop: you could guide me if you like... I am so darn lost... maemo has everything well documented for fremantle but not for harmattan15:43
chem|stah and last but not least move passwords from "password safe" to a program available for n9, tried MeePasswords but that didn't work out15:44
Oni^howto get ssh in to N9, I can get out from it but not in15:45
chem|stor is "password safe" available somewhere?15:45
chem|stOni^: there is only openssh-client installed by default you need a server and passwords set for user iirc15:45
chem|stnot even through with setting it up but already sitting at the front support desk ;)15:46
Oni^I have installed server but I how to get it run15:47
chem|stZogG_laptop: is harmattan-dev repo a must? seems like the installer does not work15:47
ZogG_laptopchem|st: is it n950 or n9?15:50
ZogG_laptopi just a second ago got n95015:50
ZogG_laptopdoes it come without charger?15:50
ZogG_laptopi only see device and usb cable15:51
ZogG_laptopit was just opened before (seems by customs)15:51
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divanhello. did anyone flash N950 with a pr1.3 firmware?15:53
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*** divan has joined #harmattan15:55
MohammadAGno, there's no image15:56
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divanMohammadAG, I saw an images for N9, are they such different?15:58
MohammadAGyes, they won't flash15:58
jonniZogG_laptop: it only comes with the usb cable15:58
ZogG_laptopjonni: so it's phone +usb cable only?15:58
MohammadAGand a quick start guide15:59
divanMohammadAG, ah, gracias15:59
jonniI've flasher my N950 with pr1.3 ;)15:59
jonniZogG_laptop: yep15:59
ZogG_laptopjonni: they oppened it in customs and opened in barvatian way =\15:59
MohammadAGjonni, with a public image?15:59
divanjonni, really? and it works?15:59
jonniMohammadAG: non-public :)15:59
arceaninternal :)15:59
MohammadAGthen stfu :p15:59
divanI just breaker N950 and need to reflash, so choosing an image.15:59
infobotdivan meant: I just broke N950 and need to reflash, so choosing an image.16:00
jonnidivan: you'll want to flash 2-616:00
arceanwhat if we would repack 1.2beta image with 1.3 content?16:00
divanjonni, PR2.6? o_016:00
divanjonni, yeah, I realized. thanks )16:01
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MohammadAGI wonder how one could hide a status menu widget16:01
jonniarcean: adventorous people install 1.2beta, then patch autoremove file, and update to N9 PR1.3 repo urls16:01
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arceanjonni: I know, I'm just wondering If simple exchaning image content would work16:03
arceanwithout touching the certs16:03
jonniZogG_laptop: congrats, at finally getting the device16:03
*** Guest70523 has quit IRC16:03
divanjonni, what is autoremove file?16:04
ZogG_laptopjonni: it was stuck in customs as they DHL are idiots16:04
jonniarcean: yes, most likely you can just first flash 1.2beta, then extrat rootfs from pr1.3 image, and use  -a pr12beta.algo -r rootfs -f   to flash the pr1.3 rootfs on top of beta216:04
MohammadAGNow you see why I bitch at Israel?16:04
MohammadAGdon't forget kernel16:04
jonniah yes -k kernel append :)16:05
jonnibut that will trigger open mode16:05
*** azeem has joined #harmattan16:05
*** rZr is now known as rzr16:05
jonniso if you want to remain in closed mode, you patch autoremove and switch repoes16:05
MohammadAGjonni, even if it's the PR1.3 kernel?16:05
arceanjonni: thanks :) We will have to write tutorial for the N950 owners :)16:06
jonniMohammadAG: hmm, I havent tested, but afaik there were no api breaks between pr1.2 and pr1.3 kernels. Maybe I have to start experimenting with one of my extra n950s :)16:07
ZogG_laptophmm N950 has apps out-of-box that n9 doesnt have16:07
*** mzanetti has quit IRC16:09
*** lildeimos has quit IRC16:10
ZogG_laptopi have 1.2011.15-7_PR_RM68016:10
*** admiral0 has joined #harmattan16:11
MohammadAGjonni, send me one? :P16:13
MohammadAGZogG_laptop, Beta 116:14
arceanBeta -1 :D16:14
MohammadAGI mean beta 1 has them16:14
*** rnovacek has quit IRC16:14
MohammadAGthey'll be removed later16:14
chem|stZogG_laptop: apps the n9 does not have?16:14
ZogG_laptopchem|st: Gig finder16:14
chem|stI had pr1.2beta on N916:14
*** e-yes has joined #harmattan16:14
MohammadAGthat's new16:15
chem|st28.2012 something16:15
*** rnovacek has joined #harmattan16:15
MohammadAG22-6 is beta116:15
MohammadAGZogG_laptop, what's gig finder?16:15
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG:  i have this app there16:15
*** tom___ has joined #harmattan16:15
ZogG_laptopand few aml examples16:15
chem|stMohammadAG: finding the next band gig in your area16:15
MohammadAGWe never had that in beta116:15
MohammadAGyou have something older16:15
MohammadAGZogG_laptop, check total storage16:16
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: yeah it looks wierd. icons different and the UI icons16:16
*** mzanetti has joined #harmattan16:16
MohammadAGZogG_laptop, screenshot?16:16
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: do we have scrot here?16:17
*** tom___ has quit IRC16:17
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: it's console app for screenshots16:18
MohammadAGno idea about that16:18
ZogG_laptopvirtual keyboard looks here totally different16:18
ZogG_laptopdon't special keys on keyboard should be different colour?16:19
ZogG_laptopi don't have ovi store16:21
*** lildeimos has joined #harmattan16:21
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: i don't have ovi store to install screenshots app =)16:22
jonnijust flash new version over the ancient one :)16:23
ZogG_laptopjonni: i want to check things first =)16:23
ZogG_laptopjonni: and why flash if i can use ota16:23
arceanZogG_laptop: try Ctrl+Shift+P to take a screenshot16:23
jonnithis is not the beta0 that you are looking for... move along :)16:24
ZogG_laptopjonni: and give me internal p1.3 for n950 so i can flash =)16:24
*** jreznik_ has joined #harmattan16:24
*** mzanetti has quit IRC16:24
*** jreznik has quit IRC16:25
jonniis that version offering ota update? :)16:25
*** jreznik__ has joined #harmattan16:25
*** mzanetti has joined #harmattan16:26
ZogG_laptopjonni: i don't think they invented OTA than =)16:26
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan16:27
*** aquarius has quit IRC16:29
*** roop has quit IRC16:29
*** jreznik_ has quit IRC16:29
*** aquarius has joined #harmattan16:29
*** ab has quit IRC16:29
*** aquarius has quit IRC16:30
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: are you interested in specific imgs?16:30
*** e-yes has quit IRC16:30
*** aquarius has joined #harmattan16:30
*** Shaan7 has joined #harmattan16:32
ZogG_laptophmm i have SDK files on it for linux/mac/win16:34
arceanZogG_laptop: take screenshot of everything which is different :P16:35
ZogG_laptoparcean: i don't know what is not different16:35
ZogG_laptopfirst n95016:35
ZogG_laptoparcean: and ctrl+shift+p works not everywhere (not inside all apps/screens) + i don't see them in gallery, where does it saves16:36
*** Shaan7 has quit IRC16:38
arceanZogG_laptop: the UI on the N950 should be the same as on N916:39
ZogG_laptoparcean: i added twitter account to upload pictures, but it doesn't have twitter app here =)16:40
ZogG_laptopand when mounting to comp i have ADK, cities and core-dumps folders =)16:41
ZogG_laptopno MyDocs thing16:41
*** ab has joined #harmattan16:42
arceanZogG_laptop: grab PR1.2beta and if you're brave try to update to 1.3 :D16:42
ZogG_laptoparcean: 1.2 first and than i think i'll go with open-mode so i can dual boot16:43
arceanZogG_laptop: also patches from Vesuri might be interesting
ZogG_laptopbb in 15 mins16:44
*** salout has joined #harmattan16:45
saloutWhich ffmpeg-command gives best video results on N9?16:45
saloutI want to convert some videos with respect to screen size and supported video formats.16:46
*** jreznik__ is now known as jreznik16:48
*** roop has joined #harmattan16:48
*** lmoura has joined #harmattan16:49
ZogG_laptopi have icons in browser for history16:50
ZogG_laptopand share button when pushing down page16:51
*** azeem has quit IRC16:51
*** azeem has joined #harmattan16:51
ZogG_laptoparcean: ^16:51
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan16:51
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan16:51
*** DocScrutinizer05 has quit IRC16:52
*** DocScrutinizer06 has joined #harmattan16:52
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC16:52
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #harmattan16:52
*** divan has quit IRC16:53
*** divan has joined #harmattan16:54
*** e-yes has joined #harmattan16:54
arceanZogG_laptop: what's the max resolution in Camera app?16:57
*** divan has quit IRC16:57
*** divan has joined #harmattan17:00
*** rnovacek has quit IRC17:00
*** xarcass has quit IRC17:00
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan17:00
djszapianybody good at perl thingy?17:00
*** roop has quit IRC17:02
ZogG_laptoparcean: wait a sec17:04
djszapiso do we know the big news about jolla?17:04
*** Shaan7 has joined #harmattan17:05
azeemdjszapi: what big news?17:05
ZogG_laptoparcean: 7,6 and 317:05
divanHmm.. when switching N950 on, it doesn't show "Nokia" logo and doesn't say nothing to the USB (at least dmesg shows nothing). Only white led appears, but disappears in a minute or so.17:06
divanThe same behavior when connecting to the wall charger.17:06
ZogG_laptoparcean: i can make short overview with  recording video with n9 if you want17:06
arceanahh, you know that the N950 has 12MPix sensor?17:06
arceanZogG_laptop: would be awesome:D17:06
djszapiazeem: no clue someone was telling that earlier here, there was going to be something17:07
azeemmaybe ?17:07
azeemthat's not super-recent though17:08
*** beford has joined #harmattan17:13
ZogG_laptoparcean: it would take some time to upload =)17:26
arceanZogG_laptop: np, and thanks :)17:26
djszapiZogG_laptop: sup17:26
*** roop has joined #harmattan17:28
ZogG_laptopdjszapi: just got my n95017:31
ZogG_laptoparcean: so n950 camera is better than n9?17:31
arceanZogG_laptop: I've never compared them, but n950 has also much larger sensor17:32
djszapiZogG_laptop: for 2k ?17:32
ZogG_laptopdjszapi: for free from nokia17:34
MohammadAGhow does one launch a settings applet?17:35
MohammadAGDBus I guess17:37
MohammadAGlike clicking the bluetooth applet opens the settings applet for bt17:37
*** thetet has joined #harmattan17:37
ladogaZogG_laptop: is there import command (from imagemagick)?17:40
ladogaZogG_laptop: I've used it for taking screenshots and I don't remember installing it17:41
*** astm has left #harmattan17:43
*** roop has quit IRC17:43
*** artemma has quit IRC17:45
ZogG_laptopladoga: i think imagemagick can make it, but i just went with making crappy video17:46
merlin1991MohammadAG: 2 sec I remember the docs17:46
shanttuhow to kill/restart desktop (using ssh) on n9?17:46
*** djszapi has left #harmattan17:47
*** thetet has quit IRC17:48
*** mschlens has quit IRC17:49
*** mschlens has joined #harmattan17:51
*** danielcbit has joined #harmattan17:58
*** vladest has quit IRC18:02
*** pokk_ has quit IRC18:02
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC18:06
*** beford has quit IRC18:06
ladogashanttu: killall meegotouchhome ?18:18
ladogaif you mean restarting the UI...that's what I do18:19
ladogathe process will restart automatically18:19
*** beford has joined #harmattan18:20
shanttuladoga, exactly that, thanks.18:22
*** divan has quit IRC18:27
*** rcg has quit IRC18:30
chem|stmerlin1991: T-?18:30
*** salout has quit IRC18:31
chem|stback in 20...18:31
merlin1991chem|st: somewhere around 19-20  I guess18:32
ladogashanttu: it's also useful if you change apps in the quick launch bar18:32
ladogachanges take effect only by restarting it18:32
ladogasave reboot ofcourse18:32
ladogabut who wants to reboot? :)18:33
*** e-yes has quit IRC18:34
shanttuladoga, =)18:39
*** beford has quit IRC18:45
MohammadAGmerlin1991, I already figured it out and released18:48
MohammadAGbut thanks :)18:48
MohammadAGforks caused a device to be bricked18:49
MohammadAGwell, needs a reflash18:49
*** lbt_away is now known as lbt18:49
*** vladest has joined #harmattan18:50
*** rlinfati has joined #harmattan18:52
rlinfatiHi, i had a problem with a n9 device, when i plug the usb to the laptop, the screen do not detect my touch, i unplug the usb and work fine again...18:53
*** rlinfati has quit IRC19:04
*** akbaar__ has quit IRC19:07
*** elldekaa has quit IRC19:12
*** Saviq_ has joined #harmattan19:14
*** Saviq_ has quit IRC19:14
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*** tom___ has quit IRC19:25
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*** azeem has joined #harmattan19:51
*** rzr is now known as rZr19:54
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*** Beineri_ has joined #harmattan20:09
*** shadeslayer_ is now known as evilshadeslayer20:10
*** Namek has joined #harmattan20:13
*** leio_ is now known as leio20:14
NamekDo you know how harmattan or maemo stores the icon position on the app grid?20:17
*** Jaya_the_Cat has joined #harmattan20:21
*** Jaya_the_Cat has joined #harmattan20:21
*** natunen has quit IRC20:23
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*** admiral0 has joined #harmattan20:32
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*** Jaya_the_Cat has joined #harmattan20:33
*** arcean_ has joined #harmattan20:38
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*** louisdk has joined #harmattan20:50
louisdkHi :P20:50
*** niwakame has quit IRC20:51
*** niwakame has joined #harmattan20:51
*** GeneralAntilles has quit IRC20:56
*** e-yes has joined #harmattan21:02
*** louisdk is now known as louisdk_launch21:02
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*** louisdk_launch is now known as louisdk21:26
louisdkAnyone alive? :P21:27
niwakameObviously not21:27
*** louisdk has quit IRC21:27
ZogG_laptopniwakame: sup21:28
niwakametoo much work atm :'(21:28
*** louisdk has joined #harmattan21:29
niwakameYou still happy with your unique facial hairstyle? :P21:30
louisdkDoes a case (not a cover) that designed for E7 fits the N950?21:30
*** Enforcer has joined #harmattan21:30
*** salout has quit IRC21:34
*** piggz has joined #harmattan21:41
MohammadAGshould, yes21:43
*** vladest_ has joined #harmattan21:45
piggzlo *21:46
*** vladest has quit IRC21:47
*** vladest_ is now known as vladest21:47
*** tom_ has joined #harmattan21:49
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan21:58
louisdkThen I don't get this:  Case for N950  (SIze M): - Case for E7 (Size XXXL):
louisdkwait 2 sec22:00
louisdkThe E7 case (Size XXXL):
*** antman8969 has left #harmattan22:04
*** louisdk has quit IRC22:07
*** divan has joined #harmattan22:09
*** louisdk has joined #harmattan22:09
*** djszapi|bus has joined #harmattan22:12
*** rdnzl has joined #harmattan22:19
*** harbaum_ has joined #harmattan22:20
ZogG_laptoparcean_: here?22:20
arcean_ZogG_laptop: yes22:21
*** louisdk has quit IRC22:27
*** Beineri_ has quit IRC22:27
*** Beineri_ has joined #harmattan22:27
*** ptl has joined #harmattan22:29
*** ptl has joined #harmattan22:29
*** eror has joined #harmattan22:35
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC22:35
*** buser has joined #harmattan22:39
ptlyeah yeah yeah yeah22:44
* ptl dancing o// \\o _o/ for no reason22:44
*** arcean has joined #harmattan22:46
*** arcean__ has joined #harmattan22:47
*** arcean has quit IRC22:47
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*** arcean has joined #harmattan22:48
*** GeneralAntilles has joined #harmattan22:48
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*** Teo` has joined #harmattan22:59
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*** azeem has joined #harmattan23:00
*** lfranchi__ is now known as lfranchi23:01
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*** lfranchi has joined #harmattan23:01
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*** eman has joined #harmattan23:02
*** Beineri_ has joined #harmattan23:02
*** Ariadeno has joined #harmattan23:03
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan23:04
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan23:05
*** Guest63761 has quit IRC23:05
ZogG_laptoparcean_: ping again23:07
*** arcean_ has quit IRC23:07
arceanZogG_laptop, thanks :)23:08
arceanwow, symbian-like icons23:09
*** Guest42409 has joined #harmattan23:11
*** mlong has quit IRC23:11
ZogG_laptopi think should i chheck more things or update23:12
*** lizardo has joined #harmattan23:12
arceanZogG_laptop, post the video on TMO :P23:12
arceanhmm, I like the status menu with that blue border on the bottom :D23:13
ZogG_laptoparcean: and orange for transfer23:13
ZogG_laptopshould i make new thread or just post on n950 club23:14
*** djszapi_ has joined #harmattan23:15
*** elldekaa has joined #harmattan23:15
arceancool & interesting video :)23:17
*** tom_ has quit IRC23:19
niwakameZogG_laptop: Congrats again!23:20
niwakameIs the display quality very different from the N9?23:20
djszapi_gz to?23:22
djszapi_gz for?23:22
*** tom_ has joined #harmattan23:23
arceanniwakame, javispedro wrote about n950 & n9 screens
djszapi_ieatlint: talked to an american who knew where Hungarian would reside on the map :)23:24
GeneralAntillesPenTile is pure evil.23:24
niwakameSo it's actually better, huh?23:24
arceanniwakame: for me, yes it's better :)23:25
niwakameSeems like I have to enter that coding competition :P23:25
arceanhaha, yeah23:25
ieatlintdjszapi_: impressive :P23:25
niwakameIF I'd win at a category, I will surely get ANOTHER N923:25
niwakameThat's how luck works in my life23:25
arceanso, welcome to the club :D23:26
niwakameAnd it's frustrating to see my N9 charge only up to 94%23:26
GeneralAntillesdjszapi_, can you point to Pennsylvania on a map?23:26
*** tomma_ is now known as tomma23:26
* RST38h can point PA on a map but isn't quite sure it is a good thing23:27
RST38hActually, same goes for .HU23:27
GeneralAntillesRST38h, you've lived in the area. Doesn't count. :P23:27
djszapi_GeneralAntilles: to be honest, just roughly.23:27
GeneralAntillesdjszapi_, it's got 3 million more people than Hungary.23:28
RST38hGeneral: Americans, not people. I do not think he counts those.23:28
djszapi_that is why I can do only roughly. I do not care about people :)23:28
* RST38h cackles23:29
GeneralAntillesMmm . . . yes.23:29
djszapi_so it is about the one third of Finland ...23:30
djszapi_in terms of area.23:30
djszapi_I personally dislike the high density..23:30
*** NIN101 has quit IRC23:31
GeneralAntillesHow about Wyoming?23:31
* ieatlint can23:32
ieatlintbut i'm not proud about it23:32
djszapi_can of wine ? :)23:32
niwakameI think you're comparing on the wrong level23:32
ieatlintthey have cans of wine here23:33
niwakamePoint to a state in Hungary / Finland (if they have)23:33
*** PaulePan1er is now known as PaulePanter23:33
ieatlintniwakame: no, it's the right level23:33
djszapi_GeneralAntilles: less clue23:33
ieatlintotherwise ask me to find the EU23:33
*** harbaum_ has quit IRC23:33
niwakameWell the EU isn't a country23:33
djszapi_ieatlint: you would not, right ?23:33
ieatlint(which is not to imply the US and EU are similar bodies)23:33
GeneralAntillesniwakame, Pennsylvania's GDP is, like, 4x that of Hungary.23:33
djszapi_GSPs are overrated23:33
ieatlintniwakame: yeah, but the land area and autonomy of US states rivals that of many countries23:34
* RST38h notes that once you compare PA GDP with Moldova, there bound to happen a floating point exception23:34
ieatlintmost americans never deal with the federal government, except for a handful of things like taxes23:34
GeneralAntillesIf we're playing equivalencies, though, then the EU is more equivalent to the US than the US is to Hungary.23:34
*** Ariadeno has quit IRC23:35
niwakameYeah, think it's still lacking somewhat, but you've got a point23:35
ieatlintwell, everyone can find my state on a map at least23:36
ieatlintcalifornia is easy23:36
GeneralAntillesI think understanding of Federalism outside of the US is probably pretty low.23:36
ieatlintbut try and find new york :P23:36
djszapi_well, I know Asia better than America23:36
RST38hEU is nothing more than Germany finally getting its wish of the Reich23:36
* niwakame tries to ignore the whole EU debate because niwakame doesn't like some aspects of it23:36
GeneralAntillesieatlint, the shape is too much of a giveaway.23:36
djszapi_RST38h: joking, right?23:36
ieatlintGeneralAntilles: of NY?23:36
RST38hAs all granted wishes go though, things ended up somewhat different from what they wished for23:37
GeneralAntillesieatlint, long island.23:37
ieatlintyeah, if you know to look for it23:37
GeneralAntillesRST38h, I always pictured it as more of a way for the rest of the continent to keep the germans from trying to blow everybody up a 3rd time. :D23:37
ieatlintalthough the northern part of the state is easier to find23:37
niwakameSaw a video recently about how bringing a certain kind of lobster is illegal because of some strange federal law in US, and the professor told there are around 10.000 of those23:37
GeneralAntillesThere are lots of stupid federal laws.23:38
RST38hGeneral: Actually, prehistory of this crap is pretty interesting23:38
ieatlintand state laws23:38
djszapi_hmm, my amercican acquaintance triggered a long discussion. Let us say, he did not know where Hungary would be. :p23:38
ieatlintand state laws often contradict federal laws23:38
djszapi_american, even23:38
GeneralAntillesdjszapi_, why should he?23:38
ieatlintbut the federal government can't force the local police to enforce federal law23:38
djszapi_I did not say, he should.23:38
RST38hGeneral: I think one of the first inventors of this nice idea was Immanuel Kant23:39
GeneralAntillesieatlint, they can certainly come in and enforce it themselves, though.23:39
ieatlintUS states have a lot more autonomy than people realize23:39
niwakameieatlint: it said it is illegal to get animals, plants, wildlife, etc when it's illegal in "any state or any country" - ON THE WHOLE PLANET23:39
ieatlintGeneralAntilles: yep, but bringing in the FBI is expensive23:39
RST38hGeneral: Wanted nice, organized Europe, united under wise German rule23:39
GeneralAntillesieatlint, I believe you guys are having some fun over there with that and the medical marijuana.23:39
*** artemma has joined #harmattan23:39
ieatlintGeneralAntilles: haha, yeah.. they're taking a different route now23:39
djszapi_so Amsterdam is Jamaica 2 for americans ? :D23:39
ieatlintthey're confiscating the land23:40
RST38hGeneral: There were a few incarnations of this idea after that, the last well known one by certain dictator23:40
niwakameRST38h: EU is all about lobbyism23:40
ieatlintdjszapi_: i'm not sure what jamaica is in this context23:40
RST38hGeneral: EU looks like the successful version though, except that Germany ended up paying for the whole thing =)23:40
*** ab[out] has joined #harmattan23:40
ieatlintbut to americans, amsterdam means pot and prostitutes23:40
GeneralAntillesieatlint, 10th amendment and the supremacy clause have gotten really messy with the broad interpretation of the commerce clause.23:41
djszapi_well, for me it means tomtom23:41
ieatlintjamaica to us means funny accents, a bobsled team, cheap beer and some awesome food23:41
RST38hieatlint: dunno about americans, amsterdam means Maemo convention to me =)23:41
niwakameieatlint: saw that movie, too23:41
ieatlintGeneralAntilles: pretty much23:41
ieatlintniwakame: not just a movie, there really is (was?) a jamaican bobsled team23:41
niwakamethink so, but it got popular because of the movie, I think23:42
*** hardaker has quit IRC23:42
* niwakame is out of verbs because of scientific writing marathon today23:42
GeneralAntillesRST38h, I really hate the US State Department. D:23:43
djszapi_writing scientific stuff while running?23:43
*** divan has quit IRC23:43
RST38hGeneral: Imagine US without US State Government, shudder.23:44
GeneralAntillesRST38h, i.e., Feds only?23:44
RST38hOh, shit, I misread23:44
RST38hYou mean the USSD, not the government23:45
ieatlintthe state dept handles the foreign affairs of the US gov23:45
*** divan has joined #harmattan23:45
GeneralAntillesYes, the ones that screwed me out of going to the Amsterdam conference.23:45
djszapi_ieatlint: to be honest, my friends from Brazil also know where Finland or Hungary is23:45
GeneralAntillesPassport showing up 8 hours late.23:45
djszapi_or latin america does not matter ?23:45
* RST38h 's passport is at the Russian embassy in DC23:45
ieatlintdjszapi_: yeah, but my criticism is of american schools and how most people in the US suck at geography23:45
niwakamedjszapi_: more like "marathon session" ?23:45
* niwakame isn't a native speaker23:46
ieatlintGeneralAntilles: ouch!23:46
MohammadAGZogG, cool N950 :p23:46
djszapi_niwakame: gotcha. was just joking :)23:46
MohammadAGit's pre beta 123:46
GeneralAntillesieatlint, public education is broken by design.23:46
ieatlinti bet after you paid all those expensive expedite fees23:46
GeneralAntillesYes, I paid the $140, too.23:46
MohammadAGtreasure it23:46
djszapi_ieatlint: just at geography ?23:46
GeneralAntillesand filled it about 1.5 months before the trip.23:46
ieatlintdjszapi_: and more, geography is just an often joke, because americans can't find the countries we're attacking on a map23:47
ieatlintGeneralAntilles: yeah, that's bad.. last time i renewed mine it took about 3 weeks without any expedite fees23:47
*** gambitrex has joined #harmattan23:47
djszapi_ieatlint: well, it is enough if the machines know :)23:47
niwakameGeneralAntilles: you do have international TV news, don't you?23:48
gambitrexHi, is it possible to declare a Q_PROPERTY of type QList<MyType> ?23:48
djszapi_gambitrex: yeah23:48
*** rcg1 has joined #harmattan23:48
niwakameGeneralAntilles: ...but I think it's the same in all countries...especially a certain part of the younger population doesn't care for anything...except...Justin Bieber and the likes23:49
RST38hieatlint: Why do you even NEED to find a country US is attacking on the map?23:49
*** Jaya_the_Cat has quit IRC23:49
gambitrexdjszapi_: is there anything else I need to do? Because I got the error: QMetaProperty::read: Unable to handle unregistered datatype 'QList<MyType>' for property 'MyClass::property_name'23:49
GeneralAntillesniwakame, I don't watch TV news.23:49
niwakameRST38h: It's important for military airplane pilots? :P23:49
ieatlintRST38h: because if you don't even know enough about a country to locate it, you don't know enough to think you should attack it23:49
*** nid0 has quit IRC23:50
djszapi_gambitrex: "For QMap, QList, and QValueList properties, the property value is a QVariant whose value is the entire list or map. Note that the Q_PROPERTY string cannot contain commas, because commas separate macro arguments. Therefore, you must use QMap as the property type instead of QMap<QString,QVariant>. For consistency, also use QList and QValueList instead of QList<QVariant> and QValueList<QVariant>."23:50
gambitrexdjszapi_: the scenario is the following: I need to send to QML a list of object, and each object has a list of another objects23:50
niwakamefish go moo ?23:50
MohammadAGZogG, nevermind, don't treasure it, just flash PR1.223:50
djszapi_gambitrex: no no23:51
RST38hieatlint: There are special people trained to know where each country is23:51
djszapi_your class needs to be known by the metaobject system23:51
RST38hieatlint: There are people trained to find and bomb geographics locations23:51
djszapi_as the documentation implies above...23:51
RST38hieatlint: Furthermore, there are people trained to document the carnage and destruction23:51
GeneralAntillesSpecializing is key.23:52
infobotGeneralAntilles meant: Specialization is key.23:52
RST38hieatlint: ALL you need to do is pay for your cable TV monthly and enjoy the show on CNN23:52
RST38hieatlint: Ain't you happy, punk? =)23:52
*** Sniper_swe has joined #harmattan23:53
ieatlintall i need to know is what the president and a major corporation tells me23:53
ieatlintdamn right! :P23:53
RST38hDon't even need that23:54
RST38hJust do what you are trained to do! =)23:54
RST38h[and save for a ticket out]23:54
ieatlinti am, i'm bitching on irc23:54
DocScrutinizer05all you need is longitude and latitude for the ICBM to program23:54
djszapi_it is still not clear to me that23:55
gambitrexdjszapi_: by "your class needs to be known by the metaobject system" you mean Q_DECLARE_METATYPE(QList<MyType>)?23:55
djszapi_this education thingy applies only on the US or also latin america23:55
MohammadAGRST38h, there are also people who use Google Maps23:55
gambitrexcan you provide me the link of that documentation?23:55
djszapi_gambitrex: no23:55
RST38hMohammadAG: Like NSA and CIA? Yes, and they are using other Google services too! Like GMail...23:56
gambitrexdjszapi_: sorry, I am kinda lost.23:56
*** Stskeepz has quit IRC23:56
djszapi_gambitrex: why would you register what is already registered?23:56
*** Stskeeps has joined #harmattan23:56
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: i need to check what repos they have23:57
djszapi_you need to register your type23:57
ZogG_laptopthe problem is that i don't have devel-sh23:57
MohammadAGZogG_laptop, it's just a beta1.5 version23:57
*** nid0 has joined #harmattan23:57
MohammadAGnothing special in it23:57
MohammadAGprobably still affected by unseal.ko23:57
djszapi_devel-sh is overrated23:57
GeneralAntillesieatlint, don't forget Congress!23:57
ieatlintGeneralAntilles: no one listens to congress23:58
MohammadAGand why do you need devel-sh for cat /etc/apt/sources.list23:58
ieatlintalthough my representatives in congress sing a similar tune to me23:58
djszapi_because devel-sh is overrated :p23:58
MohammadAGdevel-sh was actually useful in beta123:58
djszapi_ieatlint: what language do you learn in the big america?23:59
MohammadAGthen beta2 removed the token23:59
djszapi_foreign, that is23:59
ieatlintdjszapi_: ebonics23:59
*** lizardo has quit IRC23:59
djszapi_sounds cool. They learn gaelic here in Ireland which is as useful most likely.23:59
*** virtuald has joined #harmattan23:59

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