IRC log of #harmattan for Monday, 2012-07-16

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djszapi__beford: o/00:34
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ptlis there any way to play music in the N9? Maybe via some command-line utility (there's no mpg321 / mpg123) or dbus call?00:48
ptlI mean, via ssh00:48
ptlffmpeg maybe?00:49
djszapi_aplay ?00:49
djszapi_I have used that for simple stuff on my pandaboard.00:49
djszapi_should be available once alsa-utils are installed.00:49
ptlyes, aplay is available00:49
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ptlPlaying raw data '10-Jean-Roch-Can you feel it.mp3' : Unsigned 8 bit, Rate 8000 Hz, Mono00:51
ptlraw data00:51
ptlit does not recognize the mp3 format00:51
ptlwill try ffplay00:51
djszapi_yeah, aplay is not good for that00:52
djszapi_mp3 has its own caveat00:52
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befordhey djszapi_00:55
ptlDescription: Multimedia player, server, encoder and transcoder This package contains the ffplay multimedia player, the ffserver streaming00:57
ptlbut it has no ffplay00:57
ptl[user@n9 Top Hits Vol 1]$ dpkg -L ffmpeg | grep ffplay00:57
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ptldoes this rawcam work on the N9?01:06
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djszapi_ptl: not with 12 MP at least.01:08
DocScrutinizer05djszapi_: what does that mean?01:09
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DocScrutinizer05djszapi_: if you're trying to say that N9 has no 12MP camera then thanks, we already knew01:10
djszapi_ptl: but you can always try out.01:11
djszapi_the debian is there after all.01:11
DocScrutinizer05thanks captain obvious01:11
djszapi_if it works with 8 MP at all.01:11
DocScrutinizer05answering a rather nonsensical question with an even more nonsensical flood of answers isn't really helping01:12
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DocScrutinizer05a simple "I don't know" was already too much, but still better than "<djszapi_> ptl: not with 12 MP at least."01:14
djszapi_considering that it is a fresh application from today, and night time in Europe, plus it is basically an apt-get install stuff after rzr added to the repository, self-try would be the fastest option to check out.01:15
DocScrutinizer05obviously, that's why the question been nonsensical first instance, and rzr probably wouldn't have put it there and linked it here if he wouldn't think it works01:16
* alterego yawns01:16
DocScrutinizer05alterego: indeed01:16
rzri have no idea if it works or not01:17
rzri built it before some one do01:17
alteregoIn theory, my new voice call dialer solution should be mostly working.01:17
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djszapi_rzr: now you can build ocaml ^^01:25
rzri am sure the summer in ireland is boring enough to do a such thing01:29
rzrhere it's time for sandy beaches , bikinis and rainsuits ! damn cancelled summer !01:29
alteregoWell, that's the dbus bridge done, client and servicing code.01:31
alteregoNow to test ..01:32
alteregoWell, now to write some test scripts.01:33
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alteregoIt's weird, I was working on the Qml meego-handset-dialer project for about 4 months, and it still wasn't anyway finished.01:34
alteregoI've been working on this for probably 3 days and it's basically at the same state as the meego-handset-dialer is/was.01:34
alteregoCompletely written from scratch01:35
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ptlanyone know a good text-based mp3 mplayer for the N9?01:37
ptlffmpeg does not come with ffplay01:37
rzrptl, this is a job for me :-)01:38
GeneralAntillesWhat are the big regressions with PR1.3 that people are all complaining about?01:38
rzrptl,  mplayer did built isnt it ?01:38
rzrGeneralAntilles, good question01:38
GeneralAntillesI'm too goddamn lazy to try to dig through Talk to figure it out01:38
GeneralAntillesand don't have an N9 here.01:38
ptlhuh... I forgot mplayer. lemme try01:38
ptlinstalling mplayer, thanks, rzr01:39
djszapi_why not mplayer2?01:43
ptlnot on the repository01:47
djszapi_ptl: if you need mp3 only, I would probably suggest porting mpg12301:47
djszapi_if it is not already available in a way.01:47
ptlyes. I tried it01:48
ptlI installed n9 scratchbox on my desktop, but it was yesterday01:48
ptlI didn't have time to mess with it yet01:48
ptlI plan to compile a few things.01:49
rzrthere is vlc to fix too01:49
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rzrptl, i just rebuilt madplay02:01
rzrptl, can you test it ? please02:01
DocScrutinizer51rzr: you're awesome02:01
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faenilcan you suggest a computationally expensive function in one variable?02:02
rzrDocScrutinizer, thx thx but let me tell again , obs is awesome so we need to ensure it wont go down02:03
rzrfaenil, div0  ?02:03
rzrfaenil, sqrt is said to be slow ?02:04
rzrDocScrutinizer, i guess he meant into one instruction02:04
DocScrutinizer51so arctan02:04
DocScrutinizer51or ln02:05
faenilsomething which can work on random generated numbers02:05
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faenilwithout incurring into overflows :P02:05
faenilso avoiding pow()02:05
faeniland such things02:05
DocScrutinizer51or madelbrot function02:05
djszapi_faenil: why do you need that?02:06
DocScrutinizer51iteration depth 10E802:06
faenildjszapi_, long story ;)02:06
faenilDocScrutinizer51, ln? ok02:06
rzrextraterestrial technology ...02:07
djszapi_faenil: but at least some reinventing, right ? :)02:08
faenildjszapi_, aahha :)02:08
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djszapi_faenil: you can tell at the next non-existing Qt Developer Days ^^02:10
faenilyeah :(02:11
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faenilsomething like sqrt(sqrt(sqrt(x))) + log(log(log(x))) will probably do, unless you know something better :)02:13
faenilmmm no that won't do, I need functions which are defined everywhere02:14
rzrthis is not a single operation ...02:15
faenilrzr, one line :)02:15
faenilrzr, I wrote one variable as in you only have one variable "x"02:15
djszapi_never mind, rzr is just busy with ocaml packaging :p02:16
DocScrutinizer51faenil: so mandelbrot is the function for you02:16
* djszapi_ hides02:16
rzrdjszapi_, :)02:17
rzrfaenil, i have a very long op for u , try to make your variable convice that djszapi_ 's aegis is crap :)02:17
DocScrutinizer51faenil: easily scales to whatever complexity you need02:18
rzrsqrt(cos(sqrt(sin(x))) n times ...02:19
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faenilDocScrutinizer51, but it uses complexes..02:20
faenilrzr, that is undefined on negative numbers02:20
rzrjust add 2 then02:20
DocScrutinizer05faenil: you can set the imaginary component to a constant, or i = r02:23
DocScrutinizer05or I = fn(r)02:23
faenilFc(z)  = z*z + c02:23
faenilis that what you're talkign about?02:23
DocScrutinizer05~wiki fractal02:25
infobotAt (URL), Wikipedia explains: "{{Other uses}} {{Spoken Wikipedia|Fractal.ogg|2005-06-16}} {{anchor|Mandelbrot zooms}} {{multiple image | align = right | direction = vertical | width = 200 | image1 = Mandelbrot-similar-x1.jpg | caption1 = Figure 1a. The Mandelbrot set illustrates self-similarity. As you zoom in on the image at finer and finer scales, the same pattern re-appears so that it is virtually impossible to ...02:25
faenilDocScrutinizer05, it's very late here, no time for learning new things :) I'll just go to bed...thanks guys anyway :)02:28
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DocScrutinizer05Zn+1 = Zn^2 + c02:31
faenilI see..02:31
faeniloh no please my eyes are selfclosing02:32
DocScrutinizer05maybe this is more what you like: use your random seed as initial value, define you want to get result of 100000 shifts02:35
DocScrutinizer05or 10E902:36
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DocScrutinizer05or, even better: the md5sum of the results of 10E9 shifts from your random starting value02:36
DocScrutinizer05a LFSR is easily written in one line of c02:37
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faenilDocScrutinizer05, nah I've seen cos and sin are heavy enough ;)02:45
DocScrutinizer05you should use 47.$random degrees for input of sin, cos (tan), as many implemetations use lookup tables for integer degrees, and anyway any degrees >360 are modulo 360 in the end02:46
faenil47.$ ?02:48
DocScrutinizer05~pi * 202:49
faeniloh,ok :)02:49
DocScrutinizer05duh, she's out for shopping once again02:50
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faenilgood night people02:56
faenilI'm dead tired02:56
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DocScrutinizer05faenil: Y^X or Y**X, Y**0.5 == sqrt(Y)03:05
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DocScrutinizer05faenil: so (pi**6)**(1/(5+(1/${seed}))) should result in something pi < $result < pi**203:10
DocScrutinizer05no warranty for the result range upper limit03:11
DocScrutinizer05since it's late here too03:11
DocScrutinizer05but generally Y**X is a rather ehavy function03:12
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DocScrutinizer05st like Y**X == e**(ln(Y)*ln(X))03:14
DocScrutinizer05since I guess that's again not exactly correct, I wave ans say "n8"03:16
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ptlwhy is it that I cannot install bsdutils or bsdmainutils on my N9 without removal of hundreds of base packages???03:43
ptlI badly need them03:43
RST38hYou badly WANT them, not need03:43
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ptlI badly want them. I stand corrected.03:44
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ptlCan you tell me how to install them without wreaking havoc?03:45
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ptlit conflicts with busybox...03:51
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ptlDo I really really really really need to use busybox on my N9? If I simply substitute it for the real utilities (maybe apt-getting bash etc.), what would happen?03:52
* ptl googling on to see if someone else has asked this03:52
RST38hMaemo is based on busybox. Removing busybox will break Maemo.03:53
RST38hYou *can* install tcsh side by side with busybox though, if you are careful03:53
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ptlI hate tcsh...03:54
ptlwould install zsh03:54
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ptlOk, how do I get out from pnatd?04:02
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japhsalt to taste04:24
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ptljaph: hmmmm... good solution, I will try with apt-get -d and moving them to where I want. Thanks.04:31
ptlworked :D04:42
ptlused bsdutils, bsdmainutils, coreutils and the likes04:42
ptlfor user developer only04:42
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ptlnow gawk sed grep04:46
japh'good' in the sense that it stopped me from having another heartattack trying to use busybox ;/04:51
ptlsed requires libselinux04:54
ptlI am trying to override LD_LIBRARY_PATH or LIBPATH but these variables do not seem to work as they should04:54
ptlI don't want to modify /etc/
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ptl*removed sed805:08
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guviHi, can anyone help with me this:
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antman8969what are you trying to store?07:28
guvibinary data in files07:29
antman8969I assume you're using qt?07:29
antman8969My instinct is to store them as blobs in a sqlite database07:30
guvi3rd part could copy the db file07:31
antman89693rd part?07:31
guvianother app07:31
guviif i store sensitive data in db07:31
guvione could just copy the db...07:32
antman8969oh I see07:32
guviis there something like symbian private folders?07:32
guvijust owner app can read/write07:32
antman8969nah, anyone can access the database07:32
antman8969its tricky on harmattan07:33
antman8969I know with inception installed you can actually treat harmattan like Linux07:33
antman8969and use permissions07:33
antman8969but if you want to put it on the store...07:33
antman8969The private folder stuff is really an operating system feature07:34
antman8969Android does something like that too07:34
guvior here:
antman8969do those not work for you?07:36
guvithat is why I'm here :)07:36
guvicreated files can be read by any process07:37
antman8969it claims that each file is encrypted07:39
antman8969how well it works I cant say07:39
antman8969but if it actually was encrypted, and you couldn't just make an app with the same name to access it07:40
guvino the file was not encrypted, you could even list the content with the terminal app.07:42
antman8969ooh you tested it out07:42
antman8969thats unfortunate07:42
antman8969You could always encrypt it yourself in code but thats kind of lame07:43
jonniguvi: and if you do df, can you see aegisfs                4128448   1740436   2178300  44% /home/user/private -line?07:45
jonniguvi: and app was installed with dpkg -i, so you didnt run it with aegis-exec?07:45
jonniguvi: and you created the file under that dir?07:46
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guviapp was deployed with qtcreator, and it installs it with dpkg -i07:47
guviso it is supposed to work if executed with aegis-exec ?07:49
jonniguvi: no its not07:49
jonniguvi: and have you added the aegis.manifest for-tag which is required?07:49
jonniguvi: if you create 2 different apps with for-tags, which write to same path, to they overwrite the contents, or are they seperate. or have you tested that yet.07:50
jonniguvi: and are you sure that you have started the app from the application grid? vs qt creator use aegis-exec which would fail to make unique store?07:52
guvifile created by one app is readable by other07:53
guvii started the apps from terminal app07:53
guviand remotely via ssh07:53
guvisame result07:53
guvicould that be it?07:54
jonnican you pastebin your aegis.manifest file?07:55
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guviHi jonni, I have tested starting app from the grid and:08:30
guvithe same result if second app is started from the grid08:31
guvibut files are not visible in console or remotely via SSh08:32
guvimy guess is that if started from the grid, stored files will be available to all other apps started from the grid08:33
guvisame as if started from console or remotely08:33
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jonnihmm, maybe I have to do test app, one thing that you might want ti test us <for path="/opt/tprivate/bin/tprivate" id="unique"/>08:42
jonnito test is even08:42
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guvisame result08:46
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jonniguvi: just did some testing, seems that qtcreator doesnt include the manifest file to deb package by default, thats why you are seeing the effect09:34
jonniguvi: I've usually used sb. so I havent notived that before, since in sb manifest is automaticly included09:34
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jonniatleast the AID lines seems to be missing from restok... I09:38
jonniI'll see if there is some way to kludge around09:39
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mf2hdany1 else having more than usual disconnecting calls after 1.3 update?11:05
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marsjedidn't notice11:19
* vladest dont have 1.3 at all.11:24
* vladest lucky n950 user11:24
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vladestit seems, TextInput in QtQuick 1.1 on harmattan quite buggy12:12
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jonnifull of features :)12:15
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tommavladest, use meego components input element12:17
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kozzihow to set default application for a file extension? ie .torrent12:25
kozziI want to have it launch aria2c -T filepath when I tap on a torrent file or link12:26
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tommakozzi, application should define mimetypes it can handle in .desktop file12:27
kozzitomma: nice, thanks alot12:32
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radiofreekozzi: might be of interest as well12:44
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khertandid you got any problems with utf-8 and qml qt textarea component ?12:57
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khertanit didn't display document as it shoulds on KhtSimpleText12:58
vladesttomma: TextField based on TextInput13:01
vladestthe problem was in predicted text input13:01
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jesuschrist^jonni you here ? :p14:09
mf2hdhmh, now i had my n9 in pocket and it had lost whole gsm connectivity for undetermined time...14:26
mf2hdnot good14:26
jesuschrist^guys there must something to be done fo14:26
jesuschrist^the account login issue14:26
jesuschrist^i flashed the device one week ago, and now i have the same issue again14:26
azeemyou didn't say which issue you were having14:28
jesuschrist^cant login anymore14:28
jesuschrist^to my accounts14:28
jesuschrist^nokia store, skype14:28
jesuschrist^etc etc14:28
jesuschrist^"error unknown"14:29
jesuschrist^or "the account wont be saved"14:29
jesuschrist^had the issue, flashed, thing gone away14:29
jesuschrist^and now represented itself14:29
azeemdid you edit stuff directly on the device, or the sqlite dbs etc.?14:29
jesuschrist^no i didint14:29
jesuschrist^i must say i never had this with 1.214:30
jesuschrist^i found this14:30
jussiis there a 1.3 for hammattan already?14:30
jussifor n95014:30
jesuschrist^but it doesnt work14:30
jussimind is messed up today14:30
jussinope, still not here: -
jesuschrist^any idea azeem ?14:31
jesuschrist^i dont want to flash again :(14:33
azeemuh, are there no curly  brackets on the german maalit layout?14:33
jesuschrist^anyone else had the same issue and solved it ?14:35
jesuschrist^i cant believe im the only one14:35
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jonniif the normal delete all accounts, reboot, readd all the accounts doesnt work, then yes reflash is your only option.14:42
jesuschrist^i tried14:42
jesuschrist^the aspcli command14:43
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jesuschrist^(btw hello)14:43
jesuschrist^and it didnt do anything14:43
jonniit doesnt to anything with default permissions14:43
jesuschrist^what you mean ?14:43
jonniit only does something with all capa opensh14:44
jesuschrist^i used it with inception14:44
jonniif your not running it from all capa opensh, it doesnt do anything14:44
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*** magog has joined #harmattan14:44
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan14:44
*** juhaj has joined #harmattan14:44
*** jkk_ has joined #harmattan14:44
*** mgoetz has joined #harmattan14:44
*** MikaT has joined #harmattan14:44
*** tobb has joined #harmattan14:44
*** yb0t has joined #harmattan14:44
jesuschrist^and it said "storage private" removed or something like that14:44
jonniI dont know about inception, since I havent installed that to my device.14:44
jesuschrist^then i rebooted but nothing changed14:44
jonniI only said that all capa shell can run that command.14:44
jesuschrist^well it gives the permissions to run it since it returned me a message saying the thing has been done14:45
jonnibut anyways, if remove accounts, reboot, readd doesnt work for you, then you can only reflash.14:45
jesuschrist^btw flashing isnt a real solution since in a week ill end at the same point :(14:46
jonniwell maybe you have installed some non-ovi store software which screws up the accounts?14:46
azeemjesuschrist^: did you have your mobile connected to your desktop while you rebooted?14:46
jesuschrist^yeah but wich one ?14:46
jonnilike inception and stuff.14:46
*** gelusz has joined #harmattan14:47
jesuschrist^i installed inception AFTER the thing happened14:47
jesuschrist^but its seems hard to recognize what messes up the phone14:47
jonniwell I dont know what sw you have installed. Your the only one with PR1.3 who has been in this channel with account problems14:47
*** gelusz has quit IRC14:47
jesuschrist^the fact is noone knows how the accounts stuff gets saved14:48
jonniif your really unlucky then your flash has hardware problems. Ie if after next reflash, accounts get corrupted, you might want to take your device to nokia care for replacement.14:48
jesuschrist^it may be an option14:49
azeemdid you fully flash it, i.e. wiped the user data as well?14:49
jesuschrist^no i didnt, but it worked after14:49
jesuschrist^just OS flash14:49
jesuschrist^then suddendly, yesterday BAM14:49
jesuschrist^same thing14:50
jonniwell I know how accounts stuff get saved, but that doesnt seem to help on your case.    for best nuke you should sudo flasher -f -F image.bin --erase-user-data=secure -R14:50
jesuschrist^well the fact is, that for example14:50
jesuschrist^i see under .Skype14:51
jesuschrist^that he writes some files14:51
jesuschrist^it gets stuck14:51
jesuschrist^(when i try to readd)14:51
jesuschrist^im doing a  backup now14:51
jesuschrist^ill reflash14:52
jonnibut if you have out of the blue reboots, and your sure that you havent installer fasternn9 etc, then it might be hardware problem.   well you can always try rm -rf .Skype before adding the account14:52
jesuschrist^i tried it jonni14:52
jonnidoing a backup doesnt help you, since you really shouldnt restore corrupted database '14:52
jonniie you need to enter everything by hand after the reflash14:52
jesuschrist^yeah but i need to save my sms somewhere14:52
jesuschrist^and my calls14:52
jesuschrist^not saying im restoring them14:53
jonniah roger14:53
jesuschrist^btw this sucks a lot14:53
jesuschrist^anyway the skype plugin seems unable to recreate .Skype afterward you delete it14:53
jesuschrist^you need to create the dir14:53
jonni(or you need just to reinstall the plugin)14:54
jesuschrist^the first time before i reflashed i also tried to remove the signon.db14:54
jesuschrist^but this didnt help14:54
azeem13:29 < azeem> did you edit stuff directly on the device, or the sqlite dbs etc.?14:55
azeem13:29 < jesuschrist^> no i didint14:55
jesuschrist^its true i didnt14:55
azeem13:49 < azeem> did you fully flash it, i.e. wiped the user data as well?14:55
azeem13:49 < jesuschrist^> no i didnt, but it worked after14:55
azeemjust saying14:55
jesuschrist^just saying what ? i didnt dude14:55
azeemyou messed around with it, and then didn't wipe it14:56
azeemso it's still there after the flash14:56
jesuschrist^well, i though the signon.db was part of the OS14:56
jesuschrist^or not ?14:56
azeemwell dunno14:56
azeembut I'd be surprised if a OS flash does stuff below /home/user14:57
azeemno idea14:57
azeembtw, 13:46 < azeem> jesuschrist^: did you have your mobile connected to your desktop while you rebooted?14:57
azeemI read a usb-connected device doesn't fully reboot14:57
jesuschrist^yep i did14:57
jesuschrist^ill just buy an iphone14:58
azeemwait a bit, the iPhone5 might be early, and I guess they will cut prices for the 4 and 4S then14:59
jesuschrist^plus its magical14:59
*** elldekaa has joined #harmattan14:59
jesuschrist^never breaks15:00
*** heymaster has joined #harmattan15:01
jesuschrist^seriously this thing is crazy, if only it was clear only how to reset the account part without reflashing the whole device15:02
jesuschrist^btw there are others ppl having this issue with 1.3 on the forum15:02
azeemtry a proper reboot first?15:02
jesuschrist^i read someone having the same thing with the linkedn app15:03
jesuschrist^yeah i will try once it finishes the backup15:03
jesuschrist^the backup returned me an error!15:03
jesuschrist^"partial backup done, the following application reported an error : singlesignon"15:04
*** vladest has quit IRC15:07
*** vladest has joined #harmattan15:07
jesuschrist^its the fucking signon.db15:08
jesuschrist^the only thing is missing from the backup15:08
jesuschrist^ill take it from an older backup15:08
jonnijust reflash with secure wipe then15:08
jesuschrist^wont be a good try to take it from an older backup ?15:08
jesuschrist^and replace it ?15:08
jonnimost likely doesnt work, since it would use different signing key and would fail.15:09
jesuschrist^oh damn15:09
jonniif you delete and reboot, it should be generated on the boot though, if it doesnt then you should just give up and reflash with secure wipe15:09
jesuschrist^nah it doesnt get auto regen15:10
jesuschrist^i tried it15:10
jesuschrist^the first time15:10
jesuschrist^ill try with an older backup15:10
jesuschrist^if it fails15:10
jesuschrist^ill reflash15:10
jonniofcourse if autorefens, since that file doenst exit on 1st boot after the reflash and is autogened15:10
jesuschrist^it doesnt get autoregen if i simply remove it15:11
jesuschrist^without flashing15:11
jesuschrist^i mean15:11
jonniit should15:11
jesuschrist^ill try15:11
jonniif it doesnt, then you phone is just messed up and secure reflash is the right way to go. and if problem continues then nokia care.15:12
*** akbaar has quit IRC15:13
*** tom___ has quit IRC15:15
jesuschrist^jonni as far as you know15:17
jesuschrist^the signlesignon the backup says he cant backup15:17
jesuschrist^its just that db15:17
jesuschrist^or there is something else15:17
jonnihave no idea without seeing the state of the filesystem.15:18
*** Saviq_ has joined #harmattan15:18
jesuschrist^what you mean ? isnt the same for all the devices?15:18
*** Saviq_ has quit IRC15:19
jesuschrist^azeem : just to let you know, the proper reboot didnt fix anything15:19
jesuschrist^jonni : i see signon.db, signonfs and signonfs-mnt15:20
jonniusually singon database consists of 3 different aegis files,  so hard to say whats the state in your filesystem, secure reflashing takes 10+mins + few hours to reinstall all the apps, vs you can spend a week trying to solve the issue and never to solve it15:20
*** akbaar__ has joined #harmattan15:21
jesuschrist^i see your point15:21
jesuschrist^it this happens again ? i would like to find a quick solution15:21
jesuschrist^instead of forever reflashing15:21
jesuschrist^i believe this to be software anyway15:21
jonnipeople who arent really familiar with apscli should just refhash with secure, and when they have everything up and running, then take a full backup and store that in a safe place15:22
jonnithat way if its corrupted again you can restore pr1.3 backup15:22
jesuschrist^i did a backup15:22
jesuschrist^once i reflashed15:22
jesuschrist^you think i should try to restore that ?15:23
jonniyou didnt secure reflash, so most likely that backup isnt clean, but you can always try15:23
jesuschrist^anyway how to erase the signon database with aspcli ?15:23
*** lfranchi has quit IRC15:23
jonnijesuschrist^: as you are not familiar howto use the command, my answer to you is no.15:23
jesuschrist^anywya i moved it from the dir and now im rebooting15:24
*** lfranchi has joined #harmattan15:24
jesuschrist^exactly as before15:26
jesuschrist^no has been created15:26
jesuschrist^trying with an old backup15:27
jesuschrist^not working15:32
jesuschrist^ill reflash15:33
*** Jaya_the_Cat has quit IRC15:38
*** akbaar__ has quit IRC15:39
jesuschrist^ok now if i open the ovi store my phone reboots :D15:47
*** surbiks has joined #harmattan15:49
jesuschrist^cant reflash now, im waiting for phone calls15:50
*** mehranMicro has joined #harmattan15:55
mehranMicroi am begginer please help me how can i install .deb in n9?15:56
azeemusually, I just download it with the browser and tap on it to install15:57
azeemyou need to change the settings so unofficial .debs can be installed15:58
jesuschrist^Jul 16 14:59:05 (2012) DSME: Got Validator message [ Fail: 1 (source origin check) Method: 2 Process: signond File: /lib/ ]15:59
mehranMicroazeem:thank you but i want install by terminal?16:00
jesuschrist^azeem : could you check what version of libdevmapper you have installed ?16:02
azeemnot right now, sorry16:02
azeemjesuschrist^: really, start asking questions to the channel16:02
azeemnot individuals16:02
jesuschrist^no reason to be rude, you seemed active thats all16:03
azeemsorry, I didn't mean to be rude16:03
azeemit's just long-term experience - if you ask question to people who seem to be active, all the lurkers will disregard them16:04
mehranMicroi want create .deb package for n9 can i do it?16:04
azeemwho might be able to help you otherwise16:04
jesuschrist^ah i see16:04
mehranMicroromaxa:i want create .deb package for n9 can i do it?16:05
azeemmehranMicro: are you hightlighting people randomly?16:06
mehranMicroexcusme i am begginer16:07
surbiksmehranMicro : you most searching in google16:07
mehranMicroazeem:surbiks is my friend we have joke16:08
*** ab has joined #harmattan16:09
mehranMicroplease help how can i build .deb package from my application for n9?16:09
radiofreemehranMicro: dpkg-buildpackage, assuming you have the relevant files in buildroot/debian16:10
mehranMicroplease type dir again16:11
mehranMicroradiofree:what do you mean buildroot/debian16:12
mehranMicrois there diffrence creating package for ubuntu with for n9?16:15
mehranMicrobecuse buildroot/debian is for creating package for ubuntu16:15
*** mehranMicro has left #harmattan16:16
*** mehranMicro has joined #harmattan16:16
surbiksmeranMicro :
mehranMicrosurbik do you hilight any one randomly?16:18
*** surbiks has left #harmattan16:18
*** elldekaa has quit IRC16:18
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan16:20
mehranMicroradiofree:i thing i must use madde for bulding package for harmattan am i right?16:22
*** mehranMicro has quit IRC16:26
*** mehranMicro has joined #harmattan16:26
mehranMicrohow can i be root in n9 i type root@localhost but  i dont know password and "rootme"16:29
mehranMicrodoesnt works16:30
*** e-yes has quit IRC16:30
*** akbaar__ has joined #harmattan16:32
dm8tbrmehranMicro: devel-su16:33
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan16:34
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan16:34
*** faenil has joined #harmattan16:39
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC16:42
*** MohammadAG has joined #harmattan16:42
*** Sniper_swe has joined #harmattan16:43
*** Sniper_swe has quit IRC16:44
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC16:52
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #harmattan16:52
*** DocScrutinizer05 has quit IRC16:52
*** DocScrutinizer06 has joined #harmattan16:52
*** e-yes has joined #harmattan16:56
*** ArkanoiD_ has joined #harmattan16:58
*** Jaya_the_Cat has joined #harmattan17:02
*** auenf has quit IRC17:02
mehranMicrodm8tbr:can ask you why normally i cannot become root and by devel-su i can do all commands?17:05
dm8tbrbecause 'devel-su' is the /only/ supported way to 'become root'17:06
mehranMicrocan i install packages by this root17:06
*** auenf has joined #harmattan17:07
*** luke-jr has quit IRC17:08
*** luke-jr_ has joined #harmattan17:08
mehranMicroand do you know how i can create package for n9 ?17:08
*** danielcbit has joined #harmattan17:09
mehranMicro dpkg-deb on ubuntu can do it or not?17:09
*** e-yes has quit IRC17:10
dm8tbrmehranMicro: sorry, I'm not your personal google person. kindly refer to the existing developer documentation for harmattan / the n917:13
*** salout_ has quit IRC17:16
itsnotabigtruckmehranMicro: if you want to do ALL commands, install inception17:22
itsnotabigtruckand use 'ariadne sh' instead of 'devel-su'17:22
*** vladest has quit IRC17:23
*** akbaar__ has quit IRC17:33
*** denism has joined #harmattan17:43
*** rnovacek has quit IRC17:46
*** artemma has quit IRC17:48
*** mschlens has quit IRC17:50
*** mschlens has joined #harmattan17:51
*** artemma has joined #harmattan17:55
*** pokk_ has joined #harmattan17:56
*** xarcass has quit IRC17:57
mehranMicroitsnotabigtruck:what kin of job can be do by ariadne that cannot be do by devel-su?17:57
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan17:57
djszapiis it possible in a webpage to get the authentication creds re-requested?17:58
djszapifor instance, I made a typo in my password, and I am now getting 403.17:58
pokk_hei ZogG_laptop :) now this week we have news.. about jollamobile17:58
djszapiwithout closing the browser and open again.17:58
RST38hwhat news?18:00
*** artemma has quit IRC18:06
*** sahib_ has quit IRC18:06
*** infobot has joined #harmattan18:10
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v infobot18:10
*** mlong_away is now known as mlong18:11
romaxamehranMicro: make -C obj-build deb18:12
romaxamehranMicro: do you mean FF deb package?18:12
*** djszapi has left #harmattan18:15
*** beford has joined #harmattan18:15
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan18:16
* RST38h moos at romaxa evilly18:18
*** mike7b4 has joined #harmattan18:23
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC18:24
*** shadeslayer_ has joined #harmattan18:26
*** shadeslayer has quit IRC18:26
*** Teo` has quit IRC18:27
*** lfranchi has quit IRC18:27
*** Teo` has joined #harmattan18:28
*** Teo` has joined #harmattan18:28
*** clau has joined #harmattan18:29
*** lfranchi has joined #harmattan18:29
*** heymaster has quit IRC18:29
*** heymaster has joined #harmattan18:29
*** vladest has joined #harmattan18:29
*** Jaya_the_Cat has quit IRC18:31
DocScrutinizer51hola dm8tbr18:34
*** Jaya_the_Cat has joined #harmattan18:35
*** Jaya_the_Cat has joined #harmattan18:35
azeemmehranMicro: unless you run armel Ubuntu (and even then it would be a bad idea), you cannot just build packages on Ubuntu for your N9; you need scratchbox18:36
dm8tbrDocScrutinizer51: moo18:36
mehranMicroazeem: ok can i build by madde?18:37
DocScrutinizer51dm8tbr: 855018:37
azeemmehranMicro: what's madde?18:37
mehranMicromadde is a tools that have toolchain for cross compiling18:38
dm8tbrDocScrutinizer51: a pnp transistor?18:39
mehranMicrobut i dont know how use it and connot find its commands18:39
azeemI see, no idea whether that would be appropriate, but possibly it is18:39
javispedroheya DocScrutinizer5118:39
RST38hMoo javispedro, how are things?18:39
javispedroand heya RST38h18:39
mehranMicroit is with QtSDK18:39
DocScrutinizer51holaAAA javispedro18:40
javispedroRST38h: happier than usual because of recent experimental results that actually make some sense :)18:40
DocScrutinizer51dm8tbr: more like a billion mosfets18:40
dm8tbrDocScrutinizer51: ah, your stuff is now shipping as a product?18:41
DocScrutinizer51 dm8tbr just I read these digits a lot lately18:41
javispedroDocScrutinizer51: btw, I'm getting a N9 (out of my own money), do you know if the USB ID pin is connected on it?18:42
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan18:42
mehranMicroazeem:i think i found it ,url:
DocScrutinizer51javispedro: sorry not for sure off top of my head18:42
DocScrutinizer51but... yes18:42
azeemmehranMicro: cool18:43
javispedrothe schematic seemingly says so18:43
javispedroi'm thinking that a trivial hw mod at connector/plug level might make usbh work.18:43
javispedroon the n9, not on the n950.18:43
DocScrutinizer51I think I tried18:44
javispedrooh :(18:44
DocScrutinizer51but with old kernel18:44
DocScrutinizer51or even on 95018:45
DocScrutinizer51javispedro: n 4 h I can check18:46
javispedrono hurries, just thinking of stuff to test when my vacations start next month :)18:46
*** pokk_ has quit IRC18:46
DocScrutinizer51I doubt they pull up ID18:47
RST38hjavispedro: unusual (about the results), yes18:47
DocScrutinizer51no pullup -: no pulldown18:47
*** sahib_ has joined #harmattan18:48
DocScrutinizer51dm8tbr: any commonly known problems with IRQ detection on OMAP4?18:49
DocScrutinizer51dm8tbr: SiErr or sth?18:49
*** tazz has quit IRC18:51
DocScrutinizer51afk, bbl18:52
*** clau has quit IRC18:55
*** e-yes has joined #harmattan19:01
Sazpaimonso I'm seeing "not enough power to charge" messages when I plug my N9 into a 2.1amp usb port19:03
Sazpaimonis this normal?19:03
*** Ariadeno has joined #harmattan19:03
Sazpaimonwhat's the N9 rated for?19:03
Sazpaimonwill it actually charge at 2.1 amps?19:03
*** cityLights has quit IRC19:07
DocScrutinizer51Sazpaimon: D+- short missing19:07
*** liar has joined #harmattan19:07
DocScrutinizer51and no it won't ever charge with 2.119:08
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan19:08
jonnibut with that dongle you can atleast get 1A19:08
*** mike7b4 has quit IRC19:18
jesuschrist^guys how to reuse a backup you made before you flashed ?19:19
jesuschrist^i moved the dirs under /home/user/.backup19:19
jesuschrist^but it doesnt work19:19
*** e-yes has quit IRC19:19
SazpaimonDocScrutinizer, so if the USB plug actually pretends to enumerate a device, the N9 won't properly charge?19:21
*** bef0rd has joined #harmattan19:23
Sazpaimoni assume the port here does doesn't short data so it'll support iphone19:24
jesuschrist^anyone alive ?19:25
*** beford has quit IRC19:26
azeemjesuschrist^: IIRC it is MyDocs/.backups19:29
azeemor MyDocs/.backup19:29
*** bef0rd has quit IRC19:31
*** Crnkoj has joined #harmattan19:32
*** aquarius has quit IRC19:33
Crnkojdoes anyone know how to enable pbap over bluetooth on harmattan/n9 ?19:33
Sazpaimoni may just get something like this:
Sazpaimonalso what is the max power the N9 will draw from microusb?19:35
*** b3ll has quit IRC19:38
*** Jaya_the_Cat has quit IRC19:38
*** mike7b4 has joined #harmattan19:42
*** Jaya_the_Cat has joined #harmattan19:43
*** Jaya_the_Cat has joined #harmattan19:43
*** Ariadeno has quit IRC19:48
*** hdjdjd has joined #harmattan20:02
*** Krewh has joined #harmattan20:03
*** tom___ has joined #harmattan20:08
*** Krewh has quit IRC20:08
chem|sthow do I upgrade 1.2beta?20:10
Sazpaimonchem|st, you can change your repository to the PR1.3 one20:10
Sazpaimonas long as you dont flash sw-cert20:10
*** faenil has quit IRC20:11
Sazpaimonbecause then you'll permanently brick your N95020:11
ptlis it possible? to permanently brick N9 or N950?20:11
MohammadAGyes, upgrade to a newer version that has no flashing image :D20:11
chem|stSazpaimon: n9 and it shows the upgrade to 40.2012.21-320:11
ptlthere is a flashing image for PR1.3, isn't it?20:12
SazpaimonN9, PR1.2 beta?20:13
chem|stdevel device20:13
MohammadAGptl, not on the N95020:14
ptlah, ok20:15
ptlIt seems that if the N9 was a second-class citizen to Nokia, N950 was a third-class citizen...Before being expelled of course20:16
*** DeusIX has joined #harmattan20:19
DocScrutinizer51Sazpaimon: (pretend to enumerate) funny way to say 'looks like connected to a host that's simply not doing anything' - but yes20:20
DocScrutinizer51Sazpaimon: in that case any peripheral according to usb specs isn't supposed to draw more than IIRC 100mA20:22
*** tom___ has quit IRC20:22
DocScrutinizer51Sazpaimon: max an N9 can draw from fastcharger is 1000some mA20:22
DocScrutinizer51the charger chip in N9 can't handle more20:23
*** rzr is now known as rZr20:23
SazpaimonDocScrutinizer, I assume the reason my power strip does this is to support iDevices20:24
Sazpaimonwhich iirc use the data voltage to negotiate charging power20:24
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan20:24
DocScrutinizer51Sazpaimon: 1000mA should suffice for most cases20:24
Sazpaimonso I20:25
infobotmayIedit () { grep "`basename $1`" /var/lib/aegis/refhashlist && echo "probably not" && return; echo "edit if you feel venturous"; }20:25
DocScrutinizer51iPhone and USB cert fastcharging is not exactly compatible20:25
DocScrutinizer51there are USB adapters with a switch (labeled Ncharging") that short D+-20:26
Sazpaimonso I'll either need to butcher a microusb cable, or buy something like
Sazpaimonwerid that my friend's android phone picks it up as a charger no problem20:27
DocScrutinizer51nokia is very obedient to usb ig specs20:30
Sazpaimonfor better or for worse it seems20:30
DocScrutinizer51for the safer20:30
DocScrutinizer51if you plug a mugwarmer to zour laptop, it pulls 800mA and fries your laptop, you can sue a hongkong backyard company20:31
DocScrutinizer51if same happens with N9  :-(((20:32
mehranMicroi typed "ariadne apt-get install libpkcs11-helper1" in N9 teminal why cannot find package what is solution?20:32
DocScrutinizer51actually you *could* ue your laptop manuf as well as all USB SHALL have shortcircuit protection20:34
MohammadAG<DocScrutinizer51> if you plug a mugwarmer to zour laptop, it pulls 800mA and fries your laptop, you can sue a hongkong backyard company20:35
MohammadAG<DocScrutinizer51> if same happens with N9  :-(((20:35
MohammadAGget host mode working so I can sue!20:35
MohammadAGI need teh moneys20:35
DocScrutinizer51you got it wrong20:35
DocScrutinizer51N9 periph/B here20:35
DocScrutinizer51not host/A20:36
*** arcean_ has joined #harmattan20:37
DocScrutinizer51bbl afk20:37
*** arcean has quit IRC20:38
*** Sniper_swe has joined #harmattan20:38
*** Sniper_swe has quit IRC20:39
*** beford has joined #harmattan20:39
*** luke-jr_ is now known as luke-jr20:39
*** Shaan7 has joined #harmattan20:41
*** denism has quit IRC20:43
Crnkojguys does anyone know how i coudl get pbabp to work between the n9 on pr 1.3 and a nokia bh-221 headset ?20:47
befordwhat is pbabp20:47
Crnkojpbabp with the headset works with android phones... and apparently the n9 should support pbap as well (at least obexd gets started with the pbap plugin)20:47
Crnkojphone book acces protocol20:47
chem|stI guess I have to setup some old repo to upgrade to 1.2 first and then revert back and upgrade to 1.3... right?20:47
Crnkojits when people call you, on teh headset display you get their name instead of the number20:48
Crnkojchem|st you ahve a n9 or a n950 ?20:48
befordah ok, no idea sorry20:48
chem|stCrnkoj: n920:48
chem|stn9 with pr1.2beta on it20:48
Crnkojchem|st cant you jsut use flasher to flash a pr1.3 001?20:48
Crnkoji belive this shoudl work20:49
Crnkojbut you might loose your persona data than20:49
chem|stbelieving is not a good word in that case20:49
Crnkojif thats not an issue i would think its the easiest way20:49
Crnkojwell i dont have a n9 with pr 1.2 beta20:49
Crnkojso i cant speak out of own experience20:49
Crnkojbut as long as your n9 uses the same signatures and stuff as the otehr n9's flashing a central european 001 variant of 1.3 should work fine20:50
befordchem|st, i'm not sure what you are asking but you can't downgrade to 1.2 if you already flashed 1.320:50
Crnkojno, hes on pr 1.2 beta and wants to upgrade to pr 1.320:51
befordn9 has no "beta" for 1.2 afaik20:51
Crnkoji cant comment on that20:52
Crnkojbut flashing 1.3 with flasher should do it20:52
chem|stbeford: UPGRADING...20:52
MohammadAGitsnotabigtruck, ping20:52
chem|stbeford: I have an N9 with PR1.2beta 28.2012.03-1_PR_00120:53
befordchem|st, you want to upgrade? just flash 1.3 yea20:54
Crnkojye just go to navifirm, dl the images for your phone code and flash with flasher20:54
*** artemma has joined #harmattan20:59
MohammadAGis there a known way to run apps on Harmattan as root?20:59
*** tom___ has joined #harmattan21:02
javispedroMohammadAG: request UID::root using Aegis21:05
MohammadAGjavispedro remote theme daemon is unavailable, -local-theme -> segfault21:05
javispedronot the same thing but kinda works21:05
MohammadAG~ # echo $DISPLAY21:06
MohammadAG~ # /usr/bin/application-manager21:06
MohammadAG"/usr/bin/application-manager" Failed to connect to remote themedaemon. Retrying in one second.21:06
MohammadAG~ # /usr/bin/application-manager -local-theme21:06
MohammadAGSegmentation fault21:06
javispedronot here, so it is aegis.21:07
MohammadAGjavispedro, it's an MTF app21:08
javispedrofile under /var/run/ is owned by user, so it will fail under aegis unless you also have UID::user21:08
MohammadAGso how does one write a package manager?21:09
javispedroUI as user, daemon as root21:09
MohammadAGthe fuck21:09
javispedrouse d-bus or favourite IPC to talk21:09
MohammadAGbut that slows shit down21:09
javispedronot necessarily21:10
javispedrobut what do you want to do? maybe you can actually query pkgmgrd directly21:10
javispedro(it's a d-bus daemon after all)21:10
*** Siosm has quit IRC21:10
javispedro(whatever you can do on the command line via pkmgr, you can do using d-bus to call pkgmgrd)21:11
VenemoMohammadAG: what is that?21:11
MohammadAGVenemo, UI for app manager21:12
VenemoMohammadAG: ha! nice. are you doing it?21:12
MohammadAGthere's no proper app manager on Harmattan21:12
VenemoMohammadAG: you are awesome :)21:12
Venemojust please make it fast and responsive21:12
MohammadAGsave that till I get it working :p21:12
MohammadAGI can't make it fast if it doesn't run as root21:13
Venemoyes you can.21:13
Venemoor why couldn't you?21:13
MohammadAGread some lines up21:13
MohammadAGIn other non-Harmattan news, iOS 6 beta 3 up21:14
javispedroreading frm disk will be around a billion times slower than transferring the entire package list, including icons, via a d-bus array.21:14
VenemoI don't think dbus would slow it down THAT much if you use it in a smart way.21:14
Crnkojguys whats teh command to see bluetooth devices in the terminal on harmattan ?21:16
MohammadAGjavispedro, so how do I get a full list of apps?21:16
Crnkojlike tehre is bluez for other linux distros?21:16
MohammadAGerr, packages21:16
MohammadAGafaik Harmattan uses bluez21:16
javispedroMohammadAG: that is the hard part I'd say :)21:16
javispedroMohammadAG: investigate what F-A-P used, or even H-A-M.21:16
VenemoMohammadAG: I think you can safely use dpkg -l even if you're not root21:16
Crnkojhmm cant seem to find bluez21:16
VenemoMohammadAG: or you could read the dpkg db manually21:17
javispedroMohammadAG: pkgmgr seems to list user/* packages21:17
MohammadAGjavispedro, fapman uses apt through libs21:17
MohammadAGjavispedro, yes, that's why I want to use apt directly21:17
VenemoMohammadAG: so. use apt through libs21:17
MohammadAGVenemo, I can't run it as root21:17
Venemoyou don't have to run it as root21:17
MohammadAGand the fact I have to use a DBus daemon makes this not worth the trouble for me21:17
MohammadAG~ $ apt-get update21:18
MohammadAGE: Could not open lock file /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (13: Permission denied)21:18
MohammadAGE: Unable to lock the list directory21:18
* javispedro kind of understands the aversion to d-bus, but it will not be as bad as you think.21:18
VenemoMohammadAG: 'dpkg -l' works as user for me21:18
MohammadAGVenemo, that's for listing21:19
VenemoMohammadAG: obviously, you will need to be root for update/remove/install21:19
MohammadAGinstalling requires root privs21:19
MohammadAGjavispedro, the only thing it saves me is not having to use threads21:19
VenemoI recommend making a daemon that runs as root, and communication with that daemon through d-bus or something else.21:19
MohammadAGbut it probably requires double the coding time21:19
MohammadAGsometimes I wonder if it's even worth it21:20
Venemowell, that's up to you.21:20
*** rZr is now known as rzr21:21
MohammadAGoh nice21:22
MohammadAGthemedaemon went down21:22
VenemoMohammadAG: have you got your N9 yet?21:24
MohammadAGyes, and the SIM slot pins on the N950 broke the same day21:24
Venemohow did you do that?21:24
MohammadAGmicroSIM adapter got stuck21:25
MohammadAGDDP haven't replied yet21:25
hiemanshuyeah same here21:25
hiemanshuI was just going to re-ping quim about it21:26
hiemanshuabout my N95021:26
hiemanshuI hope I can get one without having mine shipped out there21:26
hiemanshutoo muhc of a pain to send it back :(21:26
MohammadAGthey only ship after they get it21:26
hiemanshuI did hear something getting theirs without shipping it back21:27
hiemanshucant recall where21:27
MohammadAGtechnically it was stuck in customs21:27
MohammadAGso they shipped a third one till the second was cleared and sent back21:28
hiemanshuno I mean, contacted DDP, told its broken, new one shipped21:28
MohammadAGno idea21:28
MohammadAGbut that was probably when Joan was there21:28
hiemanshuis it new people now?21:30
MohammadAGI'm guessing there are no people now :p21:30
hiemanshuI pinged quim again, last contact with him was 2 weeks ago to reemail DDP21:31
hiemanshuhe said DDP agreed to replace mine21:31
hiemanshuMohammadAG: who sent your N9 then? I heard it was different this time21:31
MohammadAGthis is my 2nd replacement21:31
MohammadAGVille Moisio21:31
hiemanshunot via DDP right?21:31
hiemanshuthought so, all DDP interns must have been asked to leave :P21:32
*** tom___ has quit IRC21:32
*** Shaan7 has quit IRC21:32
*** e-yes has joined #harmattan21:34
*** tonyoy has joined #harmattan21:39
*** hardaker has quit IRC21:39
*** javispedro has quit IRC21:42
*** vladest has quit IRC21:44
*** vladest has joined #harmattan21:45
*** mehranMicro has quit IRC21:48
*** Jaya_the_Cat has quit IRC21:53
*** antman8969 has joined #harmattan22:00
*** Sniper_swe has joined #harmattan22:03
*** tonyoy has quit IRC22:04
Sniper_sweovi store down?22:15
Crnkojseems so22:15
*** tonyoy has joined #harmattan22:16
jesuschrist^its becoming outlook express store :(22:17
Sniper_sweok thx for confimation22:23
*** Crnkoj has left #harmattan22:23
*** Jaya_the_Cat has joined #harmattan22:23
*** Jaya_the_Cat has joined #harmattan22:23
ZogG_laptopdoes WP have bluescreen?22:35
*** antman8969 has quit IRC22:38
*** Arie has joined #harmattan22:41
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan22:42
*** rzr is now known as rZr22:43
*** Arie has quit IRC22:47
*** b3ll has quit IRC22:50
*** b3ll_ has joined #harmattan22:50
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan22:50
hiemanshuMohammadAG: quim asked me to re email and cc him22:51
*** hardaker has quit IRC22:51
hiemanshuyou should ask him too22:51
*** aquarius has joined #harmattan22:52
*** rcg1 has joined #harmattan22:52
*** wirwe has joined #harmattan22:56
*** Venemo has quit IRC22:58
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan23:00
lbtso my N9 is stuck on "Updating Library" in music... which is sad because there's no music on the device23:03
lbtany clues?23:03
lbt(no music other than the pre-loaded stuff)23:03
phakoprobably tracker busy with sth else23:04
lbtI did take some pics this afternoon and accidentally left it recording video for a fair few minutes - and non of the pics or the video appeared in the gallery - so I wonder about tracker23:04
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan23:05
ZogG_laptoplbt: reboot?23:06
lbtZogG_laptop: not always the best thing if it just restarts - but if that's the solution....23:06
lbtif it just restarts an index I meant :)23:06
ZogG_laptopit starts everyreboot i think23:07
ZogG_laptoplbt: i had problm with tracker not seeing some pictures in gallery23:07
lbtZogG_laptop: restart fixed?23:07
ZogG_laptoplbt: do not use any command suggestions from forum till you read a lot abou it - i used one and it cleaned my contacts23:08
ZogG_laptopso better you backup btw23:08
ZogG_laptoplbt: not fixed, but the problem was different23:08
ZogG_laptoplbt: and check syslog btw23:08
lbtty :)23:09
ZogG_laptopthere are tracker commands simuliar to n900, but not sure all of them safe23:10
ZogG_laptopi think jonni or MohammadAG might know few things about23:10
ZogG_laptoptomorrow i'm getting my N95023:11
jonni "tracker-control --help-all" for all the manual cli tracker commands.23:15
jonniyou can pause/resume/restart miners as you like23:16
*** tom has joined #harmattan23:16
ZogG_laptoplbt: ^23:17
lbtOK, ta23:17
ZogG_laptopjonni — helpful as always23:17
* lbt tries to ssh in23:18
*** NIN101 has quit IRC23:18
merlin1991never ever reset the tracker db on harm though23:21
merlin1991sms, emails and whatnot are stored *ONLY* in the tracker db23:22
*** Sniper_swe has quit IRC23:22
merlin1991on maemo5 the tracker store was only an index now it is an important db aswell :/23:22
ZogG_laptopmerlin1991: where is CSSU, ah? =)23:23
merlin1991don't think we could fix that mess easily23:23
merlin1991I bet tons of closed stuff depend on that tracker weirdness23:23
merlin1991though I'd be the first to replace the backend db with something less volatile23:24
*** b3ll_ has quit IRC23:27
*** Sniper_swe has joined #harmattan23:28
ieatlintwell, i'm all ready to buy nokia stock on friday :)23:32
*** valdur55 has joined #harmattan23:34
lbtjonni: merlin1991: thanks too - useful23:34
lbtit has come back now ... but nice being able to see the tracker stuff23:35
*** valdur55 has quit IRC23:36
*** valdur55 has joined #harmattan23:36
*** valdur55 has quit IRC23:39
*** teleshoes1 has joined #harmattan23:39
teleshoes1does anyone have trouble with vim and backspace?23:39
teleshoes1when sshing in, or using meego-terminal on the device, or vnc-ing in and using meego-terminal,23:40
teleshoes1in gnome-terminal, urxvt, and xterm23:40
teleshoes1with no .vimrc, or with my default23:40
ZogG_laptopwhat problem exactly?23:41
teleshoes1i find that i can only backspace when the terminal thinks ive queued up character inserts23:41
teleshoes1vim some_file23:41
teleshoes1backspace, nothing23:41
teleshoes1type three characters23:41
teleshoes1then three backspaces work23:41
teleshoes1more backspaces do nothing23:41
ZogG_laptopdunno than23:42
teleshoes1im having trouble writing a map for backspace to <ESC>hd or something23:42
teleshoes1to get around this23:42
deramteleshoes1: sounds like standard vi behviour (on some versions of it at least)23:43
*** djszapi_ has joined #harmattan23:43
teleshoes1not vi23:43
ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: sup23:43
teleshoes1and its totally not standard on any version of vim23:43
deramin some versions you can only backspace parts of the line you have written at same insert mode23:44
*** Jaya_the_Cat has quit IRC23:44
deramvim is vi improved, some versions are just not that improved...23:44
teleshoes1vim and vi share little codebase23:45
deramyep, and a lot of history23:45
teleshoes1vi, btw, works fine23:45
teleshoes1i find this problem only in vim23:45
djszapi_joe ftw :)23:45
ZogG_laptopteleshoes1: try to find othe version23:46
djszapi_that is quite old...23:46
ZogG_laptop7.3.515 is last i have on comp23:47
djszapi_7.3.547 here23:47
teleshoes1me too23:47
ZogG_laptopnot harmattan23:47
teleshoes17.3.515 on my laptop23:47
teleshoes1im not talking about on my laptop tho23:47
teleshoes1i dont think anyones compiled anything later23:47
*** artemma has quit IRC23:47
djszapi_wow, and even my vim is quite old23:48
djszapi_7.3.600 in my repository :D23:48
djszapi_stable, that is23:48
teleshoes1am i the only person who uses vim on my n9?23:48
djszapi_ofc not23:49
djszapi_it is even packaged, and used my by many users23:49
teleshoes1i cant imagine why it doesnt work, only for me23:49
djszapi_though I packaged this very long ago23:49
djszapi_define does not work23:49
teleshoes1backspace trouble23:49
teleshoes1(04:41:07 PM) teleshoes1: i find that i can only backspace when the terminal thinks ive queued up character inserts23:50
teleshoes1(04:41:20 PM) teleshoes1: vim some_file23:50
teleshoes1(04:41:22 PM) teleshoes1: i23:50
teleshoes1(04:41:28 PM) teleshoes1: backspace, nothing23:50
teleshoes1(04:41:34 PM) teleshoes1: type three characters23:50
teleshoes1(04:41:39 PM) teleshoes1: then three backspaces work23:50
teleshoes1(04:41:48 PM) teleshoes1: more backspaces do nothing23:50
teleshoes1sshd with: xterm, rxvt, gnome-terminal23:50
teleshoes1and on meego-terminal23:50
teleshoes1identical behaviour23:50
deramthat seems to me to be how that version of vim is supposed to work by design23:50
deramthat has hitted me many times23:51
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC23:51
teleshoes1no wai23:51
deramon different computers23:51
teleshoes1holy shit23:51
teleshoes1you seem to be right23:51
teleshoes1thanks deram23:51
ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: i don't think there is that big difference23:51
deramno problem..23:51
teleshoes1just found an article23:51
teleshoes1set backspace=2 is the magical incantation23:52
djszapi_ZogG_laptop: ... between ?23:52
teleshoes1fuck me, that was easy to fix. ive been coping for like a year23:52
djszapi_RST38h: so what was this news about the jolla thingy ?23:54
ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: 515 and 60023:54
djszapi_ZogG_laptop: yeah, not much ... just 85 changes :)23:54
teleshoes1thanks again deram23:55
*** teleshoes1 has left #harmattan23:55
ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: it's not about it23:55
ZogG_laptopdjszapi_: i wouldn't see those23:55
djszapi_ZogG_laptop: it is about it. It can make a huge difference for anybody liking that were added in the meantime.23:56
*** akbaar__ has joined #harmattan23:58
jonnigigantti is selling white 64GB N9 for 319e, that is pretty cheap.23:59

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