IRC log of #harmattan for Friday, 2012-07-06

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ZogG_laptopi thought encypted is s like secure like rtp and srtp00:04
aepany idea if the lockscreen can be disabled? like double tab to get to the menu directly? if not, is there an api for it?00:05
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KozziZogG_laptop: rtmpdump is made for this task, atleast downloading00:08
Kozzibut one need to digg out the url of the streawm first00:08
ZogG_laptopKozzi: srtp?00:09
ZogG_laptopif it's only RTP than use tcpdump00:09
ZogG_laptopand wireshark00:09
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KozziI used wireshark and filtered with rtmpt00:10
Kozzibut only get bunch of Unknown (0x0) packets00:10
ZogG_laptopso no audio?00:11
ZogG_laptopused Voip flow ?00:12
Kozzinope, one handshake c2 and bunch on unknown packets00:14
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niwakamestrange, after fastern9 installation the billboard doesn't work anymore oO00:33
niwakameah ok00:33
niwakameyou always have to wait in life for things to happen00:34
niwakameout for today!00:34
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Sniper_swehow do i get ssh root access after pr 1.301:29
Sniper_swethe old way from pr12 seems to not be working01:30
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koewhich way?01:32
koei use ssh developer@ and devel-su then if needed01:35
koenever fails01:35
Sniper_sweyeah used user now in putty01:41
Sniper_swethe devel-su01:41
Sniper_swehard in filezilla though01:41
jabisSniper_swe: you had the developer mode bug?01:43
jabisenabling it didn't work01:43
Sniper_swenope worked good01:43
jabiskk then it was someone else01:43
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Kozziwould this work on harmattan: ?02:57
Kozzidesperately need the swfVfy function but it's not available in rtmpdump v1.9 for harmattan02:58
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jabisreinstalling scratchbox - gahhh hd failures are a charm06:28
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infobotfrom memory, flashing is
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japhwhat? I have to install wine to flash my n950?08:56
befordI dont know08:57
befordI think you cant actually flash n950 with n9 firmwares08:57
virtualddon't think you do if you download the firmware with naviperl08:57
befordso just Oneclick flash08:57
japh but this?08:58
jabishrm - is there no way to cancel the default button actions, except freezing ui daemons - seems stupid09:06
jabisevent propagation / bubbling would be quite essential -.-09:07
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kimjubtw, does anyone know how to get url's for emmc images? naviperl only seems to find the system images? (and I don't have navifirm, nor even machine to run it with)10:56
JaffaZogG_laptop: pong10:58
dm8tbrkimju: I think someone mentioned you need to switch the server it talks to11:01
jabisok so I can patch into dbus and freeze qmkeyd2 manually, but what daemon controls the powerbutton?11:02
jabisor rather which daemons is the pb latched11:03
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Sniper_swehow can i gain ssh root access in pr 1.311:26
Sniper_sweecho -e 'mkdir -m 0755 -p /var/run/sshd\nexec /usr/sbin/sshd $SSHD_OPTS' >> /etc/default/ssh11:26
Sniper_swepkill -9 /usr/sbin/sshd wont work for me:/11:26
thpSniper_swe: why do you need root access? just set a password on 'user' and ssh into the device like that, then 'devel-su' your way to root-ness11:27
Sniper_sweyes a use it like that now and it works good with putty. want root access for filetranser true filezilla.11:29
Sniper_sweits not the end of the world if I cant get it. putty works good with devel-su11:30
Sniper_sweand usally i dont need to access root system in filezilla11:32
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jabisyou on windows?11:43
jabisyou can script some custom commands with wincscp to transfer the files from ex. MyDocs to root dir11:44
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trenchwonder when my device is gone give me 1.312:05
eman`Have any N950 users here upgraded via naviperl downloaded images?12:06
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vladesteman`: do you know how to download n950 image with navifirm?12:11
eman`vladest: Nope. I'm wondering if anyone knows if N9 images work on it..12:14
vladestnot sure12:14
Lava_Crofti think they do, but im not sure either12:14
Lava_Croftso better get conclusive answer from someone first12:14
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jabisgahhh - impossible to overload teh powerbutton - or then I just have teh dumbs12:32
jabistoo much stuff to include just to render a piece of hardware (or it's first event rather) useless, for the span of running the app12:34
jabiswere it js - it would've been global.addEvent('click',function(event) { event.stop(); dothisinstead(); }); and done12:36
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ZogGKozzi if you want audio check how14:50
ZogGCall Recorder do it14:50
fluxhmm, are the music I get with the music store app somehow protected from copying, should I ever choose to buy something there?15:04
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fluxapparently they are protected. perhaps even annoyingly so that inception won't automatically help..15:05
alteregoI thought Nokia store didn't use DRM, but maybe I'm wrong ..15:07
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ZogG_laptopflux: don't they copy them to storage?15:14
fluxzogg_laptop, they? storage?15:14
fluxthey are possibly .wma files with some encryption15:14
fluxprobably only the keys are aegis-protected15:15
ZogG_laptopi would buy if it ws mp3 in a bad case15:15
ZogG_laptopflac is my choise15:15
pokk_hi guys.. i was wondering if meego/maemo would run on x86 devices, harmattan for example15:16
SpeedEvilIn general, there are large binary components that are ARM only.15:18
pokk_aha, i see.. but your talking about drivers and other hw specific low-level system stuff or in general for the majority of the software, e.g. the UI and so on15:20
ZogG_laptoppokk_: it would if you get all source and recompile rewrite certain parts and drivers for x8615:22
mankeliwell, don't harmattan packages compile already on HARMATTAN_X86?15:23
pokk_probably nokia keeps big part of the code closed source, is that true ?15:23
mankeliand then you can use meegotouch thru xephyr15:23
alteregopokk_: why do you want Harmattan on x86?15:24
ZogG_laptoppokk_: yes15:24
ZogG_laptopmankeli: partly yes, but you not everything and what about drivers integration into closed parts?15:25
pokk_no i just wander what kind of alternatives are there ... alternatives to android/ios, recently intel released two handsets with atom and android-x8615:25
pokk_for the asian/indian market15:26
ZogG_laptoppokk_: i don't think atom would win this war15:26
ZogG_laptopand if you asking if you can run harmattan on other device - answer is no15:27
ZogG_laptoppokk_: if you want new phone check bb1015:27
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pokk_it's not about winning, but about being competitive15:27
pokk_haha, yes i do want new phone.. i had n810 in the past15:27
mankeliZogG_laptop: well yeah, not everything. dunno if harmattan talks to peripherials with standard linux interfaces or is there something propietary15:27
pokk_now, haven't tried n900/n9 it's said what happend15:27
pokk_ZogG_laptop: blackberry with proprietary os ?15:31
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ZogG_laptoppokk_: i was never against proprietary15:46
ZogG_laptopdepends on quality and user freedom15:46
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petteri if the scratchbox environment works like in maemo5, you could probably use that to create a setup for x8615:48
ZogG_laptoppetteri: i think it's the same scratchbox you use for both15:57
petteri nice15:59
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petteri by the way, does anyone know how I can open a specific localtion in maps16:00
rigostore it as favorite?16:01
petteri from outside of the maps app, something like maps://xpos,ypos16:01
ZogG_laptoppetteri: i think so, afaik some apps can use it16:04
ZogG_laptoppetteri: still waiting for your app om apps4meego and can try to help with building it there16:05
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petteri i thought that will use somekind of qml map component16:06
petteri i need to read it more carefully, thanks!16:06
ZogG_laptopeven if it uses qml component that component probably using maps16:07
ZogG_laptopas well as i think you can pass data to maps app16:07
ZogG_laptoppetteri: - i think this is inapp maps usage example16:08
petteriZogG_laptop: thanks!16:09
ZogG_laptoppetteri: it was good i searched for it for you, i may take few examples from there for my apps =)16:10
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faenilsup? :)17:20
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TMavicaanyone know how to free up the swap memory?17:36
TMavicawhen swap memory at 0, the phone so lag, only way is to reboot, can I free up under xterminal?17:37
azeemTMavica: how much regular memory is free?17:40
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TMavicait strange, when sway memory got 0, free memory got over 100, but if swap memory got nearly full, free memory is below 10017:42
TMavicabut i just found the phone got laggy when swap memory nearly use up17:43
TMavicathat moment i need to reboot to free it up17:44
azeemwhat unit is 100?17:44
azeemare you talking about percent?17:44
TMavicai tried swapoff swapon still cant free up the swap memory17:44
TMavicais MB17:44
azeembetter pastebin the output of free17:45
azeemas in, "free" the command17:45
TMavicai just a newbie...any way to free it up instead reboot?17:46
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azeemTMavica: no, you can't free up swap - either you are seriously out of memory and need to close applications, or the phone is swapping, i.e. loading/unloading swap17:47
azeemat least AIUI17:47
TMavicai totally closed all apps, same.17:48
azeemhow do you know how much memory is free?17:49
TMavicaby drop cache information17:49
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azeemTMavica: so how much swap is free?17:52
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TMavicanow my phone free is 190, swap is 017:54
TMavicavery lag now17:54
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TMavicai dont reboot now, see whether the swap will go up for not, now all apps is closed17:55
azeemso no swap is used at all?17:55
TMavicanow free is 190/985, swap is 0/25517:57
azeemused or free?17:57
azeemTMavica: what is drop cache saying exactly?17:59
azeem"Swap: free 0 of 255 mb"?17:59
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faenilguys, what do you think?
ZogG_laptopfaenil: master18:09
faenilkeep getting different answers :(18:09
faenil2:2 atm18:10
faenilcan you elaborate more?18:10
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Rakkenido both?18:12
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KozziZogG_laptop: I want both the audio and video live streamed to n918:13
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Kozziyeah using rtmpdump one can stream live tv streams to n918:21
Kozzioh lol I though it was for me18:21
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ZogG_laptop   what is the app that add setting for homescreenbackground in setting?21:20
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ajalkaneZogG_laptop: Home screen settings21:29
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rZrthp, #InterestingNews  = @selop witch is on burning platform ?22:51
thprZr: my personal wish would be OSS release of harmattan UI layer so we can customize it for cssu, but i'm not having high hopes ;)22:55
rZrmakes sense22:57
ajalkanemaybe we can buy it from @selop for 10€ once Nokia goes bankrupt in about 1.5 years22:57
tehdelyyeah let's put together a pool to buy NOK22:57
rZrthp, something like mozilla project ? like aol vs netscape ?22:57
ajalkaneWe can just buy the Maemo/Meltemi parts + assorted patents. Nokia has no use for them anymore. Should be worth about 10€ for Elop :).22:58
rZrthp, i know already one company who will fit on a such project ....22:58
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jesuschrist^anyone knows how is called the package of netview ?23:21
jesuschrist^cant download it from ovi23:21
jesuschrist^hey jonni sup =23:24
jesuschrist^cant download it as i said, i think i messed up with repos23:24
jesuschrist^cant download from browser either the buttons appear offline23:24
jesuschrist^"offline"23:24  or fix your repoes.23:25
jesuschrist^hey ty23:25
jesuschrist^i believe theres something wrong anyway23:26
jesuschrist^but i cant determine what23:26
jesuschrist^apt-cache search netview returns nothing23:27
jonniofcourse it does as it is only supposed to find if after you have installed it.23:27
jesuschrist^what ?23:28
jesuschrist^thats untrue23:28
jonniapt-cache does not search from ovi store.23:28
jonniyou cannot say apt-get install netview23:29
jesuschrist^deosnt it search from the same repos as the store ?23:29
jonninope, apt repo is different from ovi store repo23:29
jesuschrist^oh i see23:29
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jesuschrist^jonni : have you installed screen on n9/n950 ?23:31
jesuschrist^gnu screen23:31
jonniyes I have23:31
jesuschrist^where did you find the package23:31
rZri think its in my place23:32
jesuschrist^no its not rzr23:33
jesuschrist^already checked :)23:33
jonniI think that one version is in rzt23:33
jesuschrist^you do have tmux23:33
jonnirzr even23:33
jesuschrist^wich it seems i cant install either23:33
rZryes i have tmux too23:33
jesuschrist^missing deps23:34
rZrin pr1.3 ?23:34
rZrwell this need to be fixed ... no pr1.3 here23:34
rZri have to check this but I fear obs is not upgraded yet23:34
jesuschrist^and btw anyone has a screen package to pass ?23:34
jesuschrist^the n900 one doesnt work23:35
jesuschrist^they did that for webos too23:36
jesuschrist^didnt work well, i have a touchpad23:36
jesuschrist^at least it didnt work well YET23:36
jesuschrist^i have that23:37
jesuschrist^doesnt work23:37
jonniworks for me :)23:38
jonniand Im running pr1.323:38
jesuschrist^maybe you could help me23:38
rZrcd / && mkdir -p dev/pts/ # ToDo MAKEDEV23:38
rZrfor t in $(seq 0 9 ) ; do mknod  dev/pts/$t c 136 $t; done23:38
jesuschrist^thanks rZr23:38
jesuschrist^ill try it now :p23:38
jesuschrist^mknod: dev/pts/0: File exists23:40
jesuschrist^mknod: dev/pts/1: File exists23:41
jesuschrist^~ # screen23:41
jesuschrist^Cannot open your terminal '/dev/pts/1' - please check.23:41
jesuschrist^im not running inception23:43
jesuschrist^jonni : how did you make it work ?23:43
jesuschrist^oh found out, root cant23:46
jesuschrist^run screen23:47
jesuschrist^rZr any planning on porting pptp in your repo ?23:50
jonniIm root and I can run screen just fine23:50
jonnidepends what user/group you set to the device.23:50
jesuschrist^did you enable root login jonni via ssh ?23:50
jonnijesuschrist^: yes I have that enabled too23:50
jesuschrist^yeah that way would work23:50
jesuschrist^but i login via the user "user"23:50
jesuschrist^who is the actual terminal owner23:51
rZrjesuschrist^, it would requiere inception ?23:56
*** mlong has quit IRC23:57
jesuschrist^mknod: dev/pts/2: Operation not permitted23:57
jesuschrist^mknod: dev/pts/3: Operation not permitted23:57
jesuschrist^to run what you pasted before :)23:57
*** mlong has joined #harmattan23:57
rZrif it works as user it's enough isnt it ?23:58
jesuschrist^for me yes it is23:58
jesuschrist^dude what are we talking about23:58
jesuschrist^pptp ?23:58
jesuschrist^i have no damn idea, i believe user priviliges would be fair enough23:59
itsnotabigtruckjesuschrist^: the mknod needs to be done with ariadne23:59
itsnotabigtruck(that's part of inception)23:59

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