IRC log of #harmattan for Sunday, 2012-07-01

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Kozziis it possible to get source from
Elleoof course, it's a git repository02:59
Elleojust do "git clone git://"03:00
KozziI'm using windows, how to add it to qtcreator ?03:00
ElleoI don't know, I don't use qtcreator03:01
Elleopresumably you should be able to just load in the .pro file though03:01
Elleoand there are plenty of git clients for windows03:01
Elleoeither normal command line ones or graphical ones03:01
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Kozziok, I have Git Gui installed now but can't paste the git link into it03:02
Elleocan't help you there03:03
ElleoI don't use really windows so don't know about any of its clients03:03
Elleolook for a tutorial on whatever client you're using I guess03:03
Kozziok, too bad03:03
jonniyou can just install commandline git to windows and do the git clone in it.03:10
KozziGitgui solved it03:10
Kozziyeah.. luckily it came with Bash for command line usage03:11
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jonniand ofcourse you could have just pressed the download tar.gz button in gitorious page :)03:13
Kozzithere is none for forum-qml03:13
jonniofcourse there is
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ZogG_laptopKozzi: github?05:44
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ZogG_laptopKozzi: if so they have app for github specifically05:55
Elleojust managed to get a Tizen web app running on meego :)05:59
ElleoI've only implemented a tiny bit of the tizen web api for now, but it works as a proof of concept05:59
Elleoand it shouldn't take long to implement most of the api, since it's mostly just a matter of mapping stuff to qtmobility calls now05:59
Elleostill need to write an automatic app loader/unpacker though, as at the moment you have to manually unpack them before my app can run them06:00
ZogG_laptopgood work06:05
ZogG_laptopbut i think there is project that makes it run on both =)06:06
Elleowhat do you mean?06:06
ZogG_laptopmy bad06:08
ZogG_laptopit is more qt5 related06:08
ElleoZogG_laptop: nah, cordova is available for qt4 as well06:09
Elleobut it supports the phonegap apis not the tizen apis06:09
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Elleoso it's useful for getting phonegap applications working on meego, but not for getting tizen applications06:09
Elleoalso my solution is actually based around cordova ;)06:09
ElleoI'm implementing the tizen apis as cordova plugins06:09
Elleoalthough I'm not sure why tizen decided to make an entirely new api06:11
Elleoit'd probably have made more sense to just extend the phonegap api to include the extra things they want to add06:11
Elleothat way they'd instantly have lots of developers already familiar with most of their api06:12
Elleoand lots of existing apps06:12
Elleobut nothing mobile platform steering committees do seems to make sense ;)06:13
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Elleoanyway I should get some sleep, I'll finish hacking this together tomorrow06:19
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ZogG_laptopnight man06:31
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djszapiHey! What can I do for debugging, if certain packages do not download from Ovi store?10:31
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djszapisomething like that "Download failed, try later", or something like that, but other applications can be fetched.10:32
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jonnifetching from commandline is always the option, since then it usually tells whats wrong.12:24
djszapijonni we already had the presentation12:42
djszapiI presented other application ... lol without any demo effect12:42
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azeemis it possible to modify the meta-data of some SMS using tracker-sparql?14:54
ZogG_laptopthp: ping14:59
petteri released version 2 of pinkit, with some small tweaks: http:/
ZogG_laptoppetteri: thanks15:07
azeemhrm, so I guess tracker-sparql can only insert/delete, not update, right?15:08
ZogG_laptoppetteri: is it on apps4meego already?15:08
ZogG_laptopazeem: if you can take out and insert, than you can take it out modify and insert new one?15:08
petteriZogG_laptop: not yet on apps4meego, but i think i got all the needed user accounts etc. to publish it. Just have to learn how to do it :P15:10
azeemZogG_laptop: yeah, but it's more complicated15:11
ZogG_laptoppetteri: is is oauth or plain account?15:12
ZogG_laptopazeem: i assume update does the same thing15:12
ZogG_laptoppetteri: i can help you a little bit15:12
ZogG_laptoppetteri: is your source open and is it online?15:12
petteriyes, and it is written with qml so the source is in the .deb15:13
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Velmontpetteri: Everything? The api-chitchat?15:14
ZogG_laptoppetteri: but you need Qt for acounts afaik15:14
petteriZogG_laptop: what do you mean?15:14
ZogG_laptoppetteri: you need the account in accounts menu right?15:15
petteritoday i don't have much time to put it to apps4meego, since it is the euro 2012 final15:15
VelmontI should really start looking into that. Need a city bike application. May do it as a website though.15:16
ZogG_laptopVelmont: city bike of bikes to rent or the tracks?15:16
VelmontZogG_laptop: Pay 80NOK (15:18
Velmont~12 USD) a year, and then you can just pick up and put down bikes all over the city.15:18
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VelmontBut a) I need to know what's the closest free bike, or if I'm on the bike, what's the closest free lock.15:18
ZogG_laptopVelmont: we have it too15:20
ZogG_laptopwhat city/country adn give me the website please15:20
VelmontZogG_laptop: Oslo Norway, called Oslo Bysykkel.  -- (they're status map page)15:22
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ZogG_laptopVelmont: ok i thought one is the same we use as it's same for few countries15:24
ZogG_laptopVelmont: i think there were several apps for that, check if there is one for Norway15:25
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VelmontZogG_laptop: Nah, not when I tried checking last time. But if there are any FOSS apps for something similar, I could rather use that.15:27
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ZogG_laptopVelmont: i know one with source for iphone that uses python to get the info from other site15:36
ZogG_laptopyou can check it15:36
VelmontAlso found this one:
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Pauly12anyone know if you can take pictures in RAW format on the n9?17:12
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mschlensPauly12: unlikely.17:24
mschlensand pretty pointless too, if you ask me.17:24
Pauly12isn't the Fcam API on there?17:25
Pauly12mschlens: ^^17:25
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Morpoganybody got an idea what i am doing wrong here:
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