IRC log of #harmattan for Saturday, 2012-06-30

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SpeedEvilComedy error.03:25
SpeedEvilI got a text, and the vibrator hasn't properly shut off03:25
SpeedEvilit's pulsing03:25
SpeedEvilAh - seems to be acting as if the volume button was stuck - odd03:26
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ZogG_laptopSpeedEvil: call and hang up03:44
ZogG_laptopi think i had it once03:44
ZogG_laptopitsnotabigtruck: =\03:45
SpeedEvilIt's stopped now.03:45
itsnotabigtruckquite strange03:49
ZogG_laptopi think i had it once when i got call but it didn't brought the UI app and all i got was vibration but not sure03:50
ZogG_laptopwas riding bike and just saw it vibrating in pocket after 10 min ride with music. (music stopped). i called and hanged up and it fixed it03:51
SpeedEvilIt's possible I'd pushed it against something that kept the button down03:53
ZogG_laptopbut was t in vib only?03:54
ZogG_laptopanyway it's not that importaant03:55
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RichlvSpeedEvil, i get that every now and then07:32
Richlvhad it 3 times or so07:32
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ZogG_laptopM4rtinK: is the deb to check on github?13:49
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rzrZogG, it will never stop15:07
rzrZogG, btw we can make a list of n950club , and stop the innactive one ?15:08
macmaNwhat list?15:08
rzrn950 owners15:09
macmaNis there anything out there already?15:09
macmaNwhat is the "inactive" one15:09
rzrsomeone who did not contribute to the community15:10
macmaNit sounds like some kind of a n950club list exists, that has active and inactive people on it15:11
macmaNtrying to find out if i understand that correctly?15:12
SpeedEviln950 is a shit club. It's not heavy enough, and the corners aren't pointy enough.15:12
macmaNtrue. if you hit a baseball with it, it will break15:12
ZogG_laptopmacmaN: SpeedEvil i think he talked about the last CA and people who did not got devices while 4/4 councils got devices15:15
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SpeedEvilWell - yes.15:15
Lava_Croftis the issue with N9 camera not responding an issue that gets worse over time?15:15
Lava_Croftnow i havent been able to start the camera app for several days15:16
ZogG_laptopso he wants to keep people who were working and still working and new ones who would work after they get, but not those who just device so badly15:16
DocScrutinizerdafaq you don't put me on any list15:16
ZogG_laptopLava_Croft: restart wouldn't help?15:16
ZogG_laptopDocScrutinizer: you are first in all lists15:17
Lava_Croftrestart is not a solution to that problem at all15:17
Lava_Croftits a placebo15:17
Lava_Croftlike GPS settings orso15:17
ZogG_laptopLava_Croft: i have it few times lately and my mail is not working at all15:17
Lava_Croftmy mail works fine, its the camera that is broken, apparently in software15:17
Lava_Croftjust wondering if it deteriorates over time15:17
ZogG_laptopas i told i had it few times and restart solve the trick15:18
DocScrutinizerit seems like my /ignore hides some quite insane stuff in this chan from me15:18
Lava_Croftrestart doesnt fix the camera issue15:18
ZogG_laptopLava_Croft: do you have VeksuMaps?15:18
Lava_Crofti have a completele fresh flashed n9 right now15:18
ZogG_laptopit's really wierd15:19
ZogG_laptopLava_Croft: what pr?15:19
Lava_Croftits also a know issue, with the camera15:19
ZogG_laptopLava_Croft: i think there was some problem with flash not updating camera driver or something once but can't recall pr and if it was n90015:19
ZogG_laptoplemme check15:19
Lava_Crofti just wonder if there's any more info about it except that it doesnt work and there's a multitude of the usual 'get 2 eyeballs from a rooster, get a virgin's blood and pray to Linus' solution15:19
DocScrutinizerI announce I'll ruthlessly ban any user who propagates or supports actions aiming at segregating community15:20
Lava_CroftMaybe begin with yourself and your own ideas of wanting to overthrow the council15:21
DocScrutinizerwhat a kind of idiot are you, sir?15:21
Lava_Croftkeep insulting, works great15:22
DocScrutinizerwith your ideas of badmouthing cahnops to make yourself feel less useless and retarded15:22
Lava_Croftim just stating what you said to me yourself15:22
Lava_Croftif that badmouthing, then im sorry for repeating your own words15:23
DocScrutinizerquote or instant ban15:23
Lava_CroftZogG_laptop: hmm, let me see15:23
Lava_CroftDocScrutinizer: look at your logs, we were in a privmshg15:23
Lava_Croftshouldnt be hard to find at all15:23
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*** Lava_Croft was kicked by DocScrutinizer (WTF?!)15:24
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godofwar424Any devs online take a look at this :
godofwar424Need some developer help on getting this to work15:24
ZogG_laptopgodofwar424: i think developer told you all already15:28
ZogG_laptopcheck if module is built and than check what module15:28
godofwar424any advice on how to check if the module is built to support the HID profile?15:29
ZogG_laptopgodofwar424: do you know the name?15:30
ZogG_laptopls -l /lib/modules/current/15:30
ZogG_laptopbut those are modules and not built in15:31
jonnibtinput installs the hidd module to system, so basicly your problem just with your bt keyboard going into sleep.15:31
ZogG_laptopjonni: sup =)15:31
godofwar424Yeah but btinput doesnt dynamically deal with the pairing, it doesnt store the pair so when the keyboards reconnects, the N9 doesn't know what to do15:32
ZogG_laptopM4rtinK: on COBS15:32
ZogG_laptopand the command?15:32
jonnigodofwar424: you can always pair the keyboard from the N9 ui first and set it trusted, that way N9 always remembers it and you dont need to repair? ;-)15:33
godofwar424Have tried that :(15:33
godofwar424The N9 asks if I want to allow the keyboard to connect15:33
ZogG_laptopM4rtinK: you don't mind i'll as well give the link to other my russia friend to check on translation?15:33
M4rtinKto run with a Russian locale python /opt/mieru/ -u QML -p harmattan  --locale ru15:33
mankelii have noticed something similar, that the bluetooth keyboard connection drops randomly15:33
ZogG_laptopM4rtinK: \o/15:33
M4rtinKno problem :)15:33
godofwar424then goes nothing happens, the bluetooth icon goes blue for a second then back to white, and then process repeats :(15:33
jonniatleast that way my bluetooth kb works and it doesnt ask repairing.15:33
jonniwhat kind of bt keyboard do you have?15:34
M4rtinKbtw, this is my bleeding edge repository, feel free to add it to your sources list to test my pre-release packages :)15:34
godofwar424NUU Minkey15:34
ZogG_laptopgodofwar424: do you have options for device in bluetooth setting and did you try the same keyboard with n900?15:34
godofwar424I dont have an N900 anymore, mine broke hence why I have an N915:35
ZogG_laptoprzr: multiple choice in votes =)15:35
godofwar424No options for the device at all15:35
rzrZogG, in case of ..15:35
ZogG_laptopgodofwar424: any swetting on keyboard?15:35
godofwar424I can activate pairing mode, but its not practical to have to do this every time I leave my device alone for a lil bit15:36
jonnimaybe you should get some working bt keyboard which pairs automaticly :)15:37
rzrZogG, i must edit again my post to add if user had a n9 or not15:37
jonniminkey seems to be optimized for iphone15:37
godofwar424Its a bluetooth keyboard case, there must be a way to fix this15:38
godofwar424but it just uses basic HID15:38
rzrZogG, too late15:38
godofwar424all it needs to do is be recognised by the N9 and then the N9 needs to reconnect15:38
ZogG_laptoprzr: too late what?15:38
rzrto add other answers15:39
rzrit's ok the way it is15:39
ZogG_laptoprzr: i said i would like to get one. as mine on the way, and i'm not that contributor, as my knowledge is not that rich, but i want to experiment with multiboot and maybe gentoo on n950 =)15:39
rzru'll get one15:40
rzrthen you not deserve one15:40
rzrextra one15:40
godofwar424jonni: btinput is isntalled but I cannot type hidd into terminal, it just says that its not found :s So it must not install the hidd15:41
mankeliit does15:42
mankeliit's in /opt/btinput/bin/15:42
godofwar424Lemme look into maybe getting some kind of console command that could be activated using profilematic15:42
godofwar424I think the main issue, is that the N9 DOESNT reconnect even if its paired, you have to repair the keyboards :(15:43
godofwar424When I connect using hidd through terminal, and then type hidd --show15:45
godofwar424the result is BT ADDRESS Bluetooth HID Boot Protocol Device [0000:0000] connected [boot-protocol]15:46
jonnigodofwar424: its in /opt/btinput/bin/hidd   ie its not in the path.15:46
jonniah I didnt read mankelis response... too slow eyes15:47
ZogG_laptoprzr: i have one on the way to me and n9 i boought15:47
ZogG_laptoprzr: thinking of getting funtoo running on it15:47
rzrZogG, 2 n9 ?15:47
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mankeliso what happens when your kbd wakes up?15:48
rzrZogG, my secret goal is to find out those inactive n950 :)15:48
mankelin9 pops up a pairing dialog or what15:48
ZogG_laptoprzr: 1 n9 i bought and i won n950 in apps to ovi thing15:49
ZogG_laptoprzr: you wouldn't15:49
rzrok then you should change to contributor15:49
ZogG_laptoprzr: people who got them not deserve would lie to you or wouldn't vote15:49
rzrif they dont vote we will force them to :)15:50
ZogG_laptoprzr: i can't call myself contributor, as most my cotributions are low level ones =\15:50
rzrof steal them , since they dont say they got one , they wont complain then :)15:50
ZogG_laptoplike translations and testing and stuff like that =\15:50
rzrZogG, no problem even a bug report is a contrib15:50
rzrZogG, user or contributor is what would describe you most15:51
rzrZogG, u release a app thats a contrib15:51
rzrif u dedicate time for the project15:51
godofwar424So my keyboard as well as another random one I bought, use boot-protocol, is this why they do not auto pair? :s15:51
rzrthis mean you're a contributor15:51
ZogG_laptopi feel like those things should be normal in any opensource or community society. as it's not contributing but is more helping others to help yourself15:51
rzranyway your not a deserver15:55
ZogG_laptoprzr: we wouldn't argue about it man, it's just something with my personal life now, it when you feel you want to master or be good at something and it goes really slow15:55
rzryou deserved that n950 on the way15:57
rzrnot an other one15:57
*** arcean has joined #harmattan15:57
rzrthat's why now u belong to the 1st or 2d case15:58
ZogG_laptopi don't want another one15:58
rzrso that's way i told you u're not in the right entry15:58
rzr* deserver : of course you should not have one , if you have a n9 and no use for a n950 then it would nice to report it too ..15:58
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ZogG_laptoprzr: i can't change16:04
ZogG_laptopfreemangordon: =)16:04
freemangordonhi :)16:04
ZogG_laptopsup? got a device already?16:04
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ZogG_laptopfreemangordon: luke was on list who self submitted and i got confused of him winning. i would need hist and slonopotamus help to run funtoo on n950 =\16:07
japhwhere do you live?16:07
ZogG_laptopjaph: who?16:07
DocScrutinizerrzr: I pretty much don't like any discussion in here along the line of "I know better who deserves whatever, than those who did the decision"16:07
japhno one seemed to care 3 weeks ago when I offered a n950 just so people could dev stuff16:08
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freemangordonjaph: but how all the drama would've happened then?16:09
ZogG_laptopjaph: you are welcome to give to e-yes who left now or switch with n9 donated to itsnotabigtruck16:09
japhit's too late today unless you happen to live in sweden16:09
japhI've been starting to hate the device a little less16:10
ZogG_laptopjaph: and we pay you for sending it?16:10
japhmm, is there that many differences n9 <=> n950 you can't use the n9 as a testbed? If I were going to hand this away I wouldn't accept a n916:11
japhI'd rather have n900s16:12
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rzrjaph, i wish i got one too16:13
japhwell maybe you could convince me if it's something I'd have a use for...16:14
rzrDocScrutinizer, the idea is to make sure that the inactive n950 will be used  :)16:14
japhare you two devving on the same thing or should you get one half each?16:14
DocScrutinizerthis is a BS idea in my book16:15
DocScrutinizersince there's no proper definition of "inactive", if not any other points that show the idea is insane16:16
japhwell fsck I don't know what to do. th hardware is really nice, but I really do hate this UI which I can't navigate because my finger being incompatible to this hitech touchscreen thing16:17
japhI've thought about trying to install maemo5 but since the device is so rare I didn't want to brick it the first thing I do16:18
Elleojaph: have you considered using a capacitive stylus?16:18
japhelleo, I have the n900 stylus, is that the wrong one?16:19
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Elleojaph: yeah, the n900 screen is resistive so anything pressing on it will work, the n9/n950 is capacitive so you need a stylus that conducts a little16:19
DocScrutinizerrzr: ooh, and btw what makes you think there's any justification for anybody (except the original donor of those N950) to want and "make sure any inactive N950 will be used"?16:20
japhthat's what I like about the n900 screen, I don't have to take my oily dirty work gloves off :)16:20
rzrwell in a perfect world , some one who dont use would be happy to help some one who need it ....16:20
rzrbut maybe that world is not ours ...16:21
DocScrutinizerrzr: au contraire aiui the CA been to award contributors for past contributions and definitely not been backed by any requirements regarding future use of the award/device16:21
japhas docscrutinizer maybe remembers I came in here pretty pissed and I wanted to hand it over to someone who would make $awesome_software available for it/n9x16:21
japhbut people wasn't interested, too bad16:22
Elleojaph: asking on might get you more of a response (although probably also lots of people just desperate to have one for the sake of having one)16:22
japhyes since I'm a dev myself I wanted to give it to someone that'd earn it16:23
DocScrutinizerElleo: (c-ts) even worse: you need a certain minimum touch area for c-ts digitizers to work, since capacitive is related to area and distance16:23
japhanyway we'll see. I'm going to look for n900s i the meantimme16:23
japhso is that why I have to smash the screen 5-6 times on every button before anything happens16:24
Elleoa very light touch should be all that's really needed on a capacitive screen; if you're pressing it hard it might be that it's detecting it as a motion instead as more of your skin comes into contact over the time of the press and alters the perceived point of contact16:25
DocScrutinizerElleo: well, almost correct16:26
japhscreens wasnt made for typing with jelly fingers16:26
DocScrutinizercorrect as pressure actually doesn't matter with c-ts. it's just conductivity of the touching object, area of touchpoint, and "distance" between "touch"point screen and object16:27
DocScrutinizerthe issue about moving/jitter of touch coords existing anyway16:28
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godofwar424Anybody got any idea how to get majority of these bleutooth keyboards auto reconnecting?16:45
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ZogG_laptopM4rtinK: my friend found one mistypo and also thinks few things sound wierd17:13
ZogG_laptopM4rtinK: i want to make him more involved so i'll explain to him how to fix and push requests17:14
M4rtinKZogG_laptop: ok :)17:16
shanttuM4rtinK, thanks for your postcard ~ a month back=) I was veru amused. Keep up the good work.17:19
shanttuI made a donation to Modrana and Martin thanked old-school-way17:20
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o DocScrutinizer17:23
M4rtinKshanttu: I'm glad you liked it. :)17:23
*** DocScrutinizer sets mode: -b Lava_Croft!*@*17:23
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o DocScrutinizer17:23
ZogG_laptopthan i need to donate myself17:24
*** buser has joined #harmattan17:24
ZogG_laptopthough now i'm jobless for 2 months so from first new job saulery17:24
*** kevin_b has quit IRC17:32
rzrsome pple seems to take that survey seriously , we got one waster :)17:33
rzrthat's honnest17:33
*** chouchoune has quit IRC17:33
*** rzr is now known as rZr17:34
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*** decibyte has joined #harmattan17:36
M4rtinKyou can donate to either modRana or Mieru :)17:38
M4rtinKBTW, about 5000 downloads from Ovi for Mieru (mainly from China) and not a single donation (since Ovi publication) :)17:38
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*** bambee has joined #harmattan17:39
rZrthen they should ask in that thread ...17:39
rZrM4rtinK, how to donate ?17:39
M4rtinKthe donation button on the About page is a bit hidden though (menu->Info->About) :)17:39
M4rtinKrZr: modRana:
rZrtry to make it appear on the 1st run to maje sure17:40
rZrmake ..17:40
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M4rtinKPaypal & Flattr :)17:41
*** chouchoune1 has joined #harmattan17:41
M4rtinKrZr: I'll do something like that - an update screen17:42
M4rtinKas Ovi doesn't show a changelog17:42
M4rtinKit will show whats now + a donation button17:42
M4rtinKon major updates17:42
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ZogG_laptopM4rtinK: i never used flattr btw, how is it? do they accept credit card and works like paypal, they keep history and info and i need aprove or what?17:43
M4rtinKnot really sure17:44
ElleoM4rtinK: there is an area in the ovi store package date for describing recent changes that gets displayed17:44
M4rtinKI've been using it as an author so far17:44
Elleounfortunately it just doesn't do anything smart like automatically pulling the info from the debian changelog17:44
M4rtinKnot sure how to load money on it, but it should be similar to Paypal I guess17:44
ElleoZogG_laptop: you can use paypal to load money on to it17:44
Elleoyou basically put a little money in your account and say how much of it to use up each month17:45
ZogG_laptopElleo: it's monthly and not once donation?17:45
Elleothere's also things like aflattr which'll add money to your account based on amazon purchases (basically setting you up as your own affiliate)17:45
ZogG_laptopi dont have amazon17:46
ElleoZogG_laptop: hang on, there's a video that explains it better17:46
ZogG_laptopthey don;t send most things to israel only books as far as i know or n900's =) and they taking a fee17:46
ZogG_laptopi used ebay few times17:47
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ZogG_laptopas we have troubles with post here17:47
ZogG_laptopi didn't get few things17:47
ZogG_laptopand got resends but i don't feel buying it like that as i pay for one and if i don't get person need to send second and it's unfair for them17:47
ZogG_laptopi even didn't aksed no resend and n money back for last one17:48
ZogG_laptopi decided only to buy with tracking but somethings would be cheaper than shipment money17:49
Elleoperhaps another approach would be to make it clear to the seller that post is unreliable there and that you're willing to pay a little extra for postal insurance17:49
Elleothen if it doesn't get delivered they can send another and reclaim the cost from the insurance17:49
Elleoalthough i guess if post is known to be really unreliable there insurance might end up costing a lot17:49
ZogG_laptopM4rtinK: did you got pull request?17:52
M4rtinKZogG_laptop: I'll check it out once I'm done with dinner :)17:52
ZogG_laptopbon appetite17:53
ZogG_laptopand do not eat in front of comp =)17:53
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*** Enforcer has joined #harmattan18:55
shanttuwhat is the best way keep a (music)folder synced automatically between pc (ubuntu) and n9?19:00
*** jaywink has joined #harmattan19:00
mankelirsync if you like terminal :-)19:00
shanttui like terminal, but not on n9 even if fingerterm is not that bad19:04
*** godofwar424 has quit IRC19:06
ZogG_laptopshanttu: all you need to make script and make the rule for automounting of n919:09
M4rtinKor you can run the script from the N919:13
shanttuZogG, maybe take that as a project. Using cron?19:13
M4rtinKif you exchange SSH keys, you can even run it over network automatically19:14
M4rtinKI basically use exactly this for debugging :)19:14
ZogG_laptopshanttu: the better solution can be git-ftp19:15
ZogG_laptopbut you need to set git server i think on n9 =)19:15
ZogG_laptopand that wuld be nicer project19:15
shanttuSomething for rainy days =)19:16
ZogG_laptopwe don't have rain except winter19:16
mankelishanttu: well, i was thinking about running rsync on a pc, and transfer data via ssh :)19:20
mankelior via usb mass storage mode if the speed is too slow19:20
shanttumankeli, will study for that method. Thanks19:22
mankelithe git method suggested by zorg sounds interesting19:22
ZogG_laptopnot zorg and not a zerg19:24
mankelioops, sorry :)19:24
mankelibut the git method of course works over ssh too19:24
mankelii'd guess the main point is using git to detect changed files19:25
*** amppa has quit IRC19:25
mankelior did i misunderstood?19:26
mankelioh, aha19:26
ZogG_laptopi think it just need to be changed to transfer thru other protocol than ftp19:27
ZogG_laptopmaybe add some gui19:27
mankeliwouldn't that create a repo, which basicly duplicates your whole music collection?19:28
ZogG_laptopyou can use ignore list to change folders and you can set only certain directories19:31
ZogG_laptopsounds like a great idea btw19:31
mankeliwell repo would be perfect if you have several mobile players19:32
mankeliso you could just have a local branch with only songs you want19:33
mankelibut just for normal synching..a bit overkill :P19:33
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC19:34
ZogG_laptopyou are looking into different problems19:34
mankelii wonder if there's some special mode in git where you can only have file hashes in the repo19:34
ZogG_laptopthat what gitftp does19:35
ZogG_laptopyou are looking on user experience and i'm talking about tech solution19:35
ZogG_laptopyou can combine two19:36
ZogG_laptopwhen user doesn't need to know how it works19:36
ZogG_laptophe just plug in and has it19:36
mankelii see19:39
ZogG_laptopit would be probably server client thing19:40
*** beford has quit IRC19:41
ZogG_laptopmankeli: the question is how to transfer files20:24
*** beford has joined #harmattan20:32
rZrthis makes me remind i have to update gitftp package20:34
*** Sniper_swe has joined #harmattan20:38
*** bef0rd has joined #harmattan20:40
*** beford has quit IRC20:40
ZogG_laptoprZr: i saw your input, can be the way files send changes easily?20:41
ZogG_laptopi didn't see the code yet20:42
*** bef0rd has quit IRC20:44
rZrgitftp ?20:45
rZrbtw can anyone explain ?20:45
rZri dont undersand20:45
ZogG_laptoprZr: i don't too, just ask to explain. btw you are over using tags, it's hard to read and it looks like ceo promotion20:48
*** naee has joined #harmattan20:49
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rZrlol @
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan21:29
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ZogG_laptoprZr: here is photo of one n950 users =)
*** leinir_ has joined #harmattan21:55
*** leinir has quit IRC21:56
*** leinir_ is now known as leinir21:56
ZogG_laptopit's stupid that n9 uses diffrent sim format thatn n95021:57
DocScrutinizerrZr: not hard to understand - n9(50) being considered the least free maemo (if maemo at all) ever, by those who are used to maemo4/522:05
DocScrutinizerthanks to... (who will say it?)22:05
leinirthe board of directors?22:07
DocScrutinizermore like this ancient french neck ornament cloth ;-D22:10
ZogG_laptop nice Mozilla Boot2Gecko/Gaia on N95022:12
*** beford has joined #harmattan22:13
ZogG_laptop mother of maemo, but lumia ruining it22:16
*** liar has quit IRC22:18
*** liar has joined #harmattan22:21
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M4rtinKthp: you there ? :)23:28
thpM4rtinK: i am23:28
M4rtinKthp: would you mind to come to #pyside ? :)23:29
M4rtinKwe are having some issues with your PySide port for Android and would like to ask a few questions :)23:29
thpM4rtinK: ok23:45
*** liar has quit IRC23:50
*** liar has joined #harmattan23:53
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*** godofwar424 has joined #harmattan23:57
godofwar424Anybody know how to fix this error "Method "Connect" with signature "" on interface "org.bluez.Input" does not exist."??23:58

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