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ZogG_lap1opVenemo_N9: btw i saw carddav app on android that supports even icloud, it might be good to make one for sync =)00:00
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Venemo_N9ZogG_lap1op, mhm00:03
ZogG_lap1opVenemo_N9: it works nice with google and icloud as i checked on new android nexus of my neightbour00:04
ZogG_lap1opVenemo_N9: btw how do you apply to bb10dev?00:04
Venemo_N9I have no clue00:04
Venemo_N9I don't have that bb device, so I can't test or port my app on it00:05
rzrhow cool is bb10dev ?00:09
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ZogG_lap1oprzr: Jaffa is one to tell but he is silent, maybe there is bb10 chan here?00:18
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ZogG_lap1oprzr: nope =(00:19
ZogG_lap1opDocScrutinizer: you can registr those =P00:19
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heymasterwhat to set flickable contentheight if i have bunch Items elements(with label and textfield) ? (qml)00:59
heymasterif it was image like in qml examples so everything clear, but if have bunch of elements01:00
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mrblueskyi assume you use row or column to position the items, just use the height or childrenRect.height of the positioners01:10
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heymastermrbluesky: I'm not using column or row :)01:12
trxheymaster i have no idea, but an idea comes to my mind if your items inside the flickable are not dynamicaly created(by that i dont mean lists)01:13
trxyou can create a dummy item01:13
heymastertrx: yes i tried it01:14
trxthat has its; anchors.bottom:lastitem.bottom01:14
trxand use its height01:14
trxyou tried this?01:14
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heymastertrx: i tried to set height and width of child element, but not tried to set top and bottom anchors01:16
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trxtry this... leave everything like you would, but add an additional Item01:16
trxthis Item has; anchors.bottom:yourLastItem.bottom01:17
trxthis way, this Item will always have the height of the content01:17
trxthen you can use that value for Flickable.contentHeight01:18
trxdo you understand what i mean?01:18
heymastertrx: yes01:18
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heymastertrx: QML Flickable: Cannot anchor to an item that isn't a parent or sibling.01:20
trxdont anchor the flickable to that item, set its contentHeight to dummyItem.height01:21
heymasterwill try01:23
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AlphaX2hi again01:44
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JaffaZogG_lap1op: rZr: pong09:33
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Corsachmhm, any idea how to make birthday events alarm ring on the actual day and not two days before?09:36
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Saviqhi all, anyone managed to make messageserver behave? every time I try to get my emails the messageserver process hogs the cpu until the battery dies...10:17
mgedminSaviq, I have seen that problem10:20
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mgedminI mostly ignore it and either kill messageserver from the terminal or reboot (or my phone's battery dies)10:20
mgedminI saw a workaround on a blog post by konttori once, I never tried it10:21
mgedminit involved rm'ing some ~/.qsomething directory and re-creating the email accounts by hand10:21
mgedminreformatted here for better readability:
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Saviqmgedmin, yeah, I'm killing ms, too, but I'm never getting the emails then...10:24
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Saviqmgedmin, and anyway I don't always notice10:24
Saviqand then it's too late10:24
mgedminthe problem seems to go away by itself, sometimes -- occasionally I was able to check my mail10:24
mgedmin(although last time I did so, my phone's battery died in a few hours, quite unexpectedly.  I didn't notice if messageserver was CPU-hogging or not)10:25
Saviqmgedmin, thanks for the links, let's try `rm -Rf ~/.qmf`10:25
Saviqso when is PR1.3 (that's supposedly has a fix for messageserver) expected?10:30
* mgedmin just hopes the devs who were working on PR1.3 weren't laid off recently10:31
Saviqwell, we do own a stillborn phone, after all...10:32
mgedmincall it an orphan, rather10:34
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* DocScrutinizer05 reads "konttori" and sighs10:42
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Saviqwell, removing ~/.qmf seems to have helped, I wonder how long will it stick10:48
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denismregarding PR1.3 - at least it is nice that there is no any leaks anymore :)11:09
ieatlintdon't let anyone ever tell you that you're anything other than optimistic11:14
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AlphaX2hi guys got strange problem11:28
AlphaX2yesterday I copied some image files from a friends PC to N9 ~10GB later I renamed the folder and today I found the folder empty! BUT my memory is nearly full - so the data must be there!? Any advice?!11:30
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sahib_AlphaX2: wonders of FAT32.12:04
sahib_were you able to retrieve the file(s)?12:05
AlphaX2it seems that only the "folder" was deleted all content is there so it was no problem to copy them12:05
AlphaX2I don't know how to delete the files12:06
AlphaX2I mean - very cool to have some "ultra hide" files^^12:06
AlphaX2but costs lot of memory :D12:06
sahib_AlphaX2: just run fsck on the device12:06
AlphaX2from terminal12:07
sahib_AlphaX2: yeah, or through mass storage mode12:07
AlphaX2is it in sbin?12:07
sahib_buuut, you should ideally unmount the device prior to running fsck12:08
sahib_or, remount it as read-only12:08
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AlphaX2hmm there seems to be something very wrong12:12
AlphaX2also GParted thinks it's not used spaced12:12
AlphaX2strange Ubuntu can use it like everytime12:14
AlphaX2sahib_ Is it maybe the best solution to backup all data and format that memory?12:21
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sahib_AlphaX2: that would ensure consistency in the filesystem, provided that the flash memory is still working properly12:28
AlphaX2hmm arg12:28
AlphaX2any chance to test it? TestDisk told me that the structure is good12:29
AlphaX2but some "boot" sector stuff wasn't but o idea if this is necessary on a memory for data12:30
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sahib_AlphaX2: boot sector is irrelevant12:32
AlphaX2so It would be interessting what caused this error12:33
sahib_it's only used if you're booting on a computer/device which utilises a BIOS12:33
sahib_but, format the device and see if the error(s) persists12:33
AlphaX2I thought this ... ;)12:33
AlphaX2was the first time ever12:34
AlphaX2don't know why12:34
AlphaX2normally I'm using it via sftp12:34
AlphaX2not as mass storage12:34
sahib_strange... an unproper unmount can generate weird fs artifacts, especially in non-redundant fs such as FAT12:35
AlphaX2hmm okay maybe my evil friend did not unmount it "save" in it's (stupid) Win^^12:35
AlphaX2Is it possible to format MyDocs in any other file system as well?12:36
sahib_yep. it's possible to format it in any of the fs that are compiled in to the kernel / available as modules12:38
sahib_but, I don't know if formatting it in a different FS will lead to other strange behaviour. haven't tried it myself as of yet12:38
AlphaX2Maybe I will investigate this a bit12:39
sahib_but it should work just fine12:39
AlphaX2a stable ext3 or something like this seems much better ;)12:39
sahib_as FAT32 really is a very very rudimentary FS.12:39
sahib_anything with journaling is nice in my book.12:39
AlphaX2only one aspect could be a problem - using under windows^^12:40
AlphaX2but okay for me it's not a big problem - everything is running Linux12:40
AlphaX2not sure12:40
AlphaX2okay just checking the FS12:40
sahib_also, there are ext2/3 drivers for windows, AFAIK12:40
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AlphaX2Reclaimed 85568 unused clusters (5607784448 bytes).12:42
AlphaX2Free cluster summary wrong (213752 vs. really 384870)12:42
AlphaX2could be the files12:42
sahib_yeah. did fsck or chkdsk report this?12:43
sahib_okay. so just remove the files that fsck generated, and the space should be reclaimed.12:44
AlphaX2but strange - if I am selecting correct he leaves without changes12:44
AlphaX2there are no files?12:45
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sahib_AlphaX2: what flags are you invoking fsck with?12:45
AlphaX2was just running fsck /dev/sdb from linux12:46
AlphaX2with unmounted N9 storage12:46
sahib_okay. /sbin/fsck.vfat -a -f -t -V /dev/sdb12:47
sahib_should do a thorough check and dump missing data to files12:47
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AlphaX2okay is running now and seems to take some time :)12:51
ZogG_lap1opJaffa: =(13:01
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sahib_AlphaX2: yeah, it'll take a while :-)13:12
AlphaX2got some of these messages: Orphaned long file name part "mythremote"13:13
AlphaX2  Auto-deleting.13:13
sahib_once fsck has completed you'll see whether there are any orphaned files.13:13
AlphaX2they can be deleted and than everything should be fine?13:18
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sahib_AlphaX2: in a perfect world, at any rate :-)13:29
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JaffaZogG_lap1op: Was something about BB10?13:42
JaffaZogG_lap1op: Ah, read scrollback.13:43
JaffarZr: BB10 Dev is quite cool. The Eclipse SDK is nice, and the BB10 platform (from the demos I've seen) looks quite nice. Could easily see it being a replacement for my N9, if it delivers on its promise.13:43
ZogG_lap1opJaffa: yes and i searched for you before as well13:43
ZogG_lap1opJaffa: how did you get one btw?13:44
* Jaffa is here during the day, but evenings/night will usually be picked up only during the next day13:44
JaffaZogG_lap1op: Attended the (free) BlackBerry 10 Dev Jam World Tour in London13:44
ZogG_lap1opJaffa: i wish i could13:45
ZogG_lap1opJaffa: i posted the howto, but i think it needs to be checked and maybe improved. would like you to see13:46
JaffaZogG_lap1op: Oh, I saw. Looked like a good next iteration13:46
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ZogG_lap1opJaffa: it's in the thread (not the pastebin)13:46
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ZogG_lap1opJaffa: and yes it took me a lot of times till i got there13:47
ZogG_lap1opstill few things are unclear13:47
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ZogG_lap1opbut the way you added about changing and adding rules in QtCreator may mess things up. i think phako's way to do it in script is better and to keep things still commented is good idea13:48
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* xarcass also got BB10 device yesterday..14:00
spenapxarcass: did you keep a copy of the agreement when they gave you the device?14:03
xarcassspenap: no, haven't thought about it. does it really matter? i haven't even read it, in fact14:04
spenapxarcass: that's something I'd like to know. I fast-read it, it was about they being able to ask the device back and that kind of things14:05
spenapbut I'd like to see a digital copy14:05
xarcassspenap: well, i can't even remember that there was such agreement. i've just signed up some application of a sort..14:05
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xarcassspenap: in my experience, vendors never call their devices back14:06
spenapxarcass: yes, it's not that I'm afraid of they calling it back, but rather that I'd like to see which other rights they keep for themselves14:06
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xarcassspenap: rights? these are not among things I usually care about.. It says on the back of the device that it's RIM property - not a big deal..14:08
ZogG_lap1opoh you talking about bb10 i thought u talk about n914:15
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AlphaX2sahib_ lol I went out and let it fsck run but it's not finished - 2,5h?^^15:20
sahib_AlphaX2: a shitload of data ;-)15:27
AlphaX2hehe it's a 64GB version with ~60% filled15:27
sahib_ohwell :-)15:29
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ZogG_lap1opAlphaX2: how is it even possible?15:36
ZogG_lap1opi have user data 28.6 gb15:37
ZogG_lap1opand i even don't knwo where it comes from — probably the music i listen in flac is related15:37
AlphaX2How to fill ~60%?15:37
AlphaX2first of all music, followed by pictures and vids (720p recorded)15:38
AlphaX2only while developing FotoShare I shot up to 100 pics per day^^15:38
ZogG_lap1opi never tried 720p video record, how is it?15:39
AlphaX2And I am a bit lazy :)15:39
ZogG_lap1opAlphaX2: you use webdab right?15:39
ZogG_lap1opAlphaX2: btw to share to dropbox and other oauth services what do you use?15:39
AlphaX2720p is set as standard in my camera application ;)15:39
AlphaX2Works well, but sometimes, if you move fast it "breaks" your pic, like there is no VSynch15:40
AlphaX2FotoShareN9 supports at the moment Dropbox, ftp, sftp and scp15:40
ZogG_lap1opAlphaX2: for dropbox you used what?15:41
AlphaX2for dropbox I am using standard Dropbox API Python package15:41
ZogG_lap1opAlphaX2: =\15:41
ZogG_lap1opfrals: ping15:41
sahib_ZogG_lap1op: having issues with OAuth or what?15:41
ZogG_lap1opsahib_: yes and yes15:41
sahib_ZogG_lap1op: okay. I'm using QOAuth atm, it gets the job done.15:42
AlphaX2Who have problems realted to oauth?15:42
AlphaX2For which application?15:42
ZogG_lap1opsahib_: i have two options, in one i use it from app with oauth2 plugin on harmattan and i get token and secret but got confused making signature for requests. and second option is to use accounts, and i did one but it doesn't keep token, so i need to know how to request it from the app and has no idea how to do, i mean account+app integration, all data i see in account is username15:43
ZogG_lap1opsahib_: i wanted to go native way but i think it wouldn't work15:44
sahib_okay. can't you just save the token and secrettoken locally, and load them when the application loads?15:44
sahib_ZogG_lap1op: been looking in to that lately too... but I don't have much time to develop for harmattan, unfortunately...15:44
ZogG_lap1opsahib_: i can but than i wouldn't be able to use account plugin =\15:44
ZogG_lap1opsahib_: so i think i need to learn to use extrenal lib in my app (for deployment with no deps, as COBS and i think ovi do not support it)15:45
ZogG_lap1opand than integrate it in my app15:45
AlphaX2For me the official sdk (python lib) allows to call a Methode which connects with a accesstoken15:46
AlphaX2the access token is saved localy15:46
sahib_ZogG_lap1op: I looked in to it a while back, but documentation was lacking when it comes to signon/accounts15:46
sahib_but I found some source code that exemplified it...15:47
AlphaX2sorry that I can't help you with this15:47
AlphaX2sahib_ YAY it finished! :D15:47
ZogG_lap1opsahib_: i managed to make an account, and call it from app, but i'm noobie and got a lot help. now i don't know how to use that account as it doesn't save token and related data in it15:47
AlphaX2which token?15:48
ZogG_lap1opsahib_: i may show you the code if you interested15:48
ZogG_lap1opAlphaX2: oauth token as we speak of it15:48
vi__how well does Easy debian run on Harmattan.15:48
AlphaX2YOU have to request a access token with the secret and bla Dropbox gives you15:48
ZogG_lap1opvi__: i think it's only works in openmode15:48
sahib_AlphaX2: yes, but the question is how to preserve the authentication token between restarts of the app, I believe15:48
infobotsomebody said open was illustrated instructions to open ipaq 38xx can be found at
ZogG_lap1opdoc with his bot =)15:49
AlphaX2you have to save the token in your apps cfg or something like that15:49
vi__what do you lose if you switch to open mode?15:49
ZogG_lap1opvi__: i think inception may let you, the one itsnotabigtruck wrote =)15:49
sahib_AlphaX2: that's what I do, but I use a third-party oauth lib15:49
vi__ZogG_lap1op: co-wrote.15:49
AlphaX2okay and?15:49
ZogG_lap1opvi__: it's not stable afaik and you can read a huge post on TMO15:50
sahib_AlphaX2: btw, did fsck find any inconsistencies? :)15:50
ZogG_lap1opvi__: what do you mean co-wrote? who else was involved?15:50
vi__Is there an article you can point me to that discusses the pros and cons of open mode?15:50
AlphaX2nope just "Unable to create unique name"15:50
AlphaX2in the end15:50
AlphaX2nothing else15:50
ZogG_lap1opvi__: first cons is that you get warning everytime and no warranty (but it think you may somehow get rid of it)15:51
AlphaX2ZogG_lap1op is the Dropbox part also an extern lib?15:51
vi__ZogG_lap1op: If I can get rid of N900 5 dots startup screen I think I can get rid of warning.15:51
ZogG_lap1opvi__: it's not that kind warnings and it's not maemo5 =)15:52
ZogG_lap1opvi__: i had few red messanges on the screen while boot like frequent reboots warning and corrupted firmware and other things, never paid attention to it. i think coderus got rid of them, i may ask him as i chat with him now15:53
ZogG_lap1opvi__: as you see in post there is discussing on inception, i think it's better way to go15:55
ZogG_lap1opvi__: i remember there was problem with flashing or something with openmode, but i heard a little of it here a long time ago so it might be different15:56
* vi__ ...reading15:56
vi__But what do you lose when you go to open mode?15:57
aard_vi__: secure credentials storing15:57
vi__What do you gain?15:57
ZogG_lap1opvi__: - this is sum up on open kernel itself - you might read it first15:57
vi__much obliged15:57
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan15:59
vi__Is the N9 unbrickable like the n900?  I.e. flashing will sove anything?16:02
AlphaX2So now my MyDocs storage is fixed I can work a bit on my code^^16:02
AlphaX2thanks sahib_16:02
AlphaX2thank you very much!16:02
sahib_AlphaX2: no worries, mate :-)16:02
ZogG_lap1opvi__: should be in idea, but you know.. ithere were cases here and there, anyway the best person to ask for help if you have problem is jonni16:02
AlphaX2But just same problem as yesterday - I don't know how to check if a data connection is active or not16:03
AlphaX2I'll try a bit...^^16:03
*** danielcbit has joined #harmattan16:03
vi__No problems, just asking questions.16:05
vi__As far as I can see there is no cost to using the openmode kernel.16:05
AlphaX2Passwords not saved16:05
vi__AlphaX2: including wifi keys?16:06
AlphaX2So you have to type them everytime16:06
AlphaX2Hmm not sure about wifi16:06
vi__AlphaX2: email passwords?16:06
AlphaX2but Facebook and all kinds of Accounts as far as I know16:06
* vi__ has no FB16:06
vi__what about skype and SIP?16:07
ZogG_lap1opsahib_: if you run from termianl and upload you'll see all data in account stored16:07
ZogG_lap1opvi__: all this is not saed16:07
ZogG_lap1opvi__: all native accounts use signon thing16:07
vi__aegis, your breaking my balls.16:07
ZogG_lap1opvi__: look into inception + opensh + and sudo from coderus16:08
*** sledges has quit IRC16:08
AlphaX2hehe everybody loves aegis16:08
sahib_ZogG_lap1op: I'll have a look in a bit, at work ATM :-)16:08
*** sledges has joined #harmattan16:09
vi__ZogG_lap1op: Apologies for being a jerk lately.  Hopefully we can collude in taking maemo 5/6 to the next level.16:10
ZogG_lap1opsahib_: btw i checked twitter and it has not token as well, i hope for example from frals of how to use account plugins with signon16:10
ZogG_lap1opvi__: i don't have anything personal to you, as there is no reason. but after that fight i have problems with 1 person personally and with council, but we wouldn't get into it, would we? =)16:11
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC16:11
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #harmattan16:11
ZogG_lap1opvi__: btw got your device already?16:11
vi__No, not yet.16:11
ZogG_lap1opvi__: still no mail here =\16:11
vi__ZogG_lap1op: You win one too?16:12
ZogG_lap1opi think i might not get it after all this mess =) but what can i say16:12
*** DocScrutinizer05 has quit IRC16:12
*** DocScrutinizer06 has joined #harmattan16:12
ZogG_lap1opvi__: yes, in other competition. i just saw how slow people apply and what other apps are, so i felt that i should try and what can you say - i got chosen =)16:13
vi__ZogG_lap1op: N950?16:13
AlphaX2No mail here too16:13
ZogG_lap1opvi__: for imgrup app, i deployed it to ovi and apps4meego, that was contest about - to promote to ovi apps you wrote16:13
ZogG_lap1opvi__: i don't think n950. i'm 25 of 25 and people before requested n950, so i think i would be left with n916:14
vi__ZogG_lap1op: But you have an N9?16:14
ZogG_lap1opon one hand i want n950 on other the pixel syndrome is scary =(16:14
ZogG_lap1opvi__: yes i do have, now my gf would have one16:15
vi__What is pixel syndrome?16:15
ZogG_lap1opvi__: i bought one even there is no in my country16:15
*** b3ll has quit IRC16:15
ZogG_lap1opvi__: it's when pixel is dead and than it spreads all over the screen =(16:15
vi__ZogG_lap1op: This happens to N950s?16:15
trxmine works perfectly, i found no problems with it except for poor cell signal reception16:16
ZogG_lap1opvi__: yes, it was few people who had it and than few more and i think it's like usb thing with n90016:16
ZogG_lap1optrx: give it a time16:17
ZogG_lap1opi think about 10 people had it =(16:17
trxwell, they had it soon after they received it16:17
trxi have it for a year now i think, no problems16:17
ZogG_lap1optrx: damagedspine got it now while he has n950 for a year too i think16:18
AlphaX2a friend also have n950 with pixel errors - he contacted nokia and they send him a new one!16:18
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan16:19
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan16:19
ZogG_lap1opAlphaX2: the problem is that at some point they'll get out of n95016:20
ZogG_lap1opi want n950 on one hand but on other it's scary16:20
AlphaX2sure but better to have a new one, and the old one ;) instead of having only a defect device16:20
ZogG_lap1opAlphaX2: they send you an extra? i don't think so, as people would lie16:21
AlphaX2They send a new one without any restrictions16:22
ZogG_lap1opsahib_: btw i would like to see your app with qouath if it's open source. i started tumblr client a while ago and stopped =(16:22
trxi wouldn't worry about dead pixels16:22
sahib_ZogG_lap1op: sure thing. just need to package it16:22
trxn950 is a great device and its worth having16:22
ZogG_lap1opi miss the keyboard feeling =)16:22
trxeven if it dies prematurely16:22
trxyou wont regret it :)16:23
ZogG_lap1opsahib_: it's for harmattan/freemantle?16:23
ZogG_lap1optrx: so i hope i get one, but for now i didn't get any mail at all and devices are sent, so it means i have less annd less chance for n95016:24
*** etrunko has joined #harmattan16:24
sahib_ZogG_lap1op: yes.16:25
*** mrmlz has quit IRC16:26
ZogG_lap1opsahib_: than i suggest yu to add it to harmattan repo on github or at least clone it there16:27
sahib_ZogG_lap1op: not on github, I believe... I'll just DCC it to you.16:29
sahib_mind you, the release I'm packaging is a bit borked, as it is WIP16:29
sahib_but OAuth parts are sold16:29
ZogG_lap1opsahib_: so you dont make it public or something against github?16:29
sahib_ZogG_lap1op: no, everything in its own time :-)16:30
sahib_release when ready, and so on16:30
*** xarcass has quit IRC16:30
ZogG_lap1opoh, it's respectable16:30
ZogG_lap1opsahib_: than better an email i think16:30
sahib_ok, PM addy16:30
sahib_as the IRC log is public and you'll get spam16:30
*** mrmlz has joined #harmattan16:32
*** lamikr has quit IRC16:38
*** tom_ has quit IRC16:39
*** AlphaX2 has left #harmattan16:39
*** tom_ has joined #harmattan16:39
vi__Did they figure out the N950 FM tranmitter yet?16:43
ZogG_lap1opdon't think so16:49
ZogG_lap1opreciver only AFAIK16:49
kimjuno antenna for transmitter.16:51
*** TMavica has joined #harmattan16:52
vi__kimju: connector on PCB?16:52
kimjuafaik no.16:53
SpeedEvilThere is likely required an antenna, and several additional components, in order to properly do a transmitter.16:55
SpeedEvilIt's unlikely these components have been placed.16:55
SpeedEvilSo even if the chip is technically capable of transmitting, it will do nothing if you turn it on.16:56
SpeedEvilEven if you were to connect an antenna somewhere.16:56
*** Shaan7 has quit IRC16:57
*** rcg has quit IRC16:57
*** Shaan7 has joined #harmattan16:58
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan17:00
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan17:05
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*** rcg has joined #harmattan17:13
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*** tbf has quit IRC17:19
TronicBtw, is there a separate chip for FM radio or does that come together with something else? It would seem strange for Nokia to put in the hardware if they are not going to use the feature.17:20
ElleoTronic: it's part of the bluetooth chipset iirc17:21
ZogG_lap1opElleo: sup man17:25
ZogG_lap1oplong time no see17:25
ElleoZogG_lap1op: hey17:25
Elleobeen rather distracted at work17:25
*** jreznik has joined #harmattan17:30
jonnivi__: only thing that you lose in open mode is access to CAL, ie lockcode query will not work. Everything else will work, including password (alphax was wrong).17:30
jonnivi__: and you gain ability to install anything as any origin, ie you can install your deb packages as nokia origin or ovi origin etc.17:32
jonnivi__: hopefully someday someone will release alternate lockscreend which works without CAL access. but untill that day openmode devices security is not that good.17:35
ZogG_lap1opElleo: at least you have work17:39
vi__jonni: I never use a code on lockscreen.  It sounds like open mode is all win.17:39
ZogG_lap1opElleo: i failed the test and it was stupid, only one part actually was hard and google didn't help me17:39
infobotcal is, like, a calendar. try $(cal 1752)17:39
jonnivi__: and there is the negative side, if there is ever a PR1.3 upgrade, then you cannot upgrade over the air, but need a reflash.17:40
vi__jonni: is that SIM lockcode query?17:40
jonnivi__: that is lockcode query, simlock query will works just fine.17:40
vi__Is openmode the same as developer mode?17:41
jonnivi__: nope, developer mode is just a bit relaxed mode in closed mode, but it doesnt allow you to install as nokia origin, only openmode will allow that.17:42
ZogG_lap1opjonni: i still think inception is better17:42
ZogG_lap1opit's like root17:42
ZogG_lap1opwhen you have almost full access17:42
vi__jonni: Does aegis stop me from editing files in /etc/ for example?17:43
jonnivi__: well yes, if you use exploits you can do all the same things as in openmode.17:43
jonnivi__: yes and no, aegis will stop you if you edit a file which is protected and you dont resign hash list. but if you edit and resign the haslist, aegis will not stop you.17:44
ZogG_lap1opvi__: inception + opensh17:44
*** dymaxion has quit IRC17:44
vi__Does harmattan use upstart17:45
*** rcg has quit IRC17:50
*** rnovacek has quit IRC17:52
*** DavidTalmage has joined #harmattan17:53
*** dymaxion has joined #harmattan17:56
jonniyou can easily see that it does, if you just ls /etc/init, so that goes under nonsense questions.17:57
vi__jonni: not really.18:07
vi__1. I do not have a harmattan device.18:07
vi__2. Upstart does not use the scripts in /etc/init18:07
jonni2. each upstart script are by default in /etc/init/<job>.conf, if your system has different upstart path, then its not using default paths.18:10
vi__... upstart scripts are in /etc/event.d not /etc/init.d18:12
vi__and many applications do not add their scritps to /etc/init.d18:12
jonnietc/init.d scripts has nothing to do with etc/init upstart path18:13
jonni  it will clearly say that upstart uses /etc/init as their default jobs.18:14
vi__well is N900 or Ubuntu paths canon?18:15
jonnivi__: if you use older version of upstart like in ubuntu 8.04 if still uses /etc/event.d, but that is the obsolete path, nowadays upstart uses /etc/init.18:17
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC18:17
jonniharmattan uses the new upstart, thus /etc/init/18:18
ZogG_lap1opbtw why they changed in new udev(i think it's udev related) form /media/mnt_point to /run/media/$username/mnt_point for media mount?18:20
jonni(like ununtu 10.04 and newer use also /etc/init/)18:20
ZogG_lap1opthough it's not harmattan related18:20
infobotjonni meant: (like ubuntu 10.04 and newer use also /etc/init/)18:21
jonniZogG_lap1op: still no email I presume, atleast no news still on my side.18:22
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC18:29
*** vi__ has quit IRC18:42
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*** rZr is now known as rzr19:58
*** snowpong has quit IRC20:16
rzrsome of my friends told me that n9 64GB behave differently than 16GB???20:25
phakolike when?20:27
aard_rzr: yes, you can put more pr0n on it20:30
rzrno idea, speed ?20:30
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan20:30
SpeedEvilI have no idea.20:30
SpeedEvilI have no n9.20:30
aard_it's exactly same, apart from the memory. the os and application partitions are exactly same on both versions, the only difference is the size of the fat partition20:31
SpeedEvilIt's not quite implausible emmc speed may differ20:31
rzrmay be different firmware20:32
aard_no, firmware is exactly the same20:32
rzri mean my friend have been compared 2 w/ different fw20:33
aard_ah, yes, that's possible20:33
*** DavidTalmage has left #harmattan20:36
*** rcg1 has joined #harmattan20:43
*** elldekaa has quit IRC20:47
denismemmc speed may differ even between different 16GB models20:47
*** arcean has joined #harmattan20:47
SpeedEvilThat too, of course.20:48
SpeedEvilI meant systematic differences.20:49
rzrthere are also the made in china vs finland20:49
denismyes, as there might be different EMMC manufacturer, like Numonyx / Samsung and so on20:49
*** tom_ has quit IRC20:51
rzrwhat are the main diff between the .fi and .cn ones ?20:51
*** jluisn has quit IRC20:51
*** tom_ has joined #harmattan20:54
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan20:56
*** tom_ has quit IRC21:01
*** tom_ has joined #harmattan21:01
*** beford has joined #harmattan21:02
*** beford has quit IRC21:03
jonnithere really shouldn't be any differences, sometimes components may vary though depending on manufacturing date.21:03
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan21:07
djszapiX-Fade: ping21:07
djszapiX-Fade: what is the licence for the source code of apps4meego ? I do not have find any such information in the codebase, nor in the projectroot.21:08
rzrit's in gitorious i think21:08
djszapifor the server side.21:08
djszapirzr: it is not21:08
djszapirzr: it is github, but I fail to find licence information. :/21:08
djszapiclient != server21:09
rzrthats what i guessed21:10
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan21:10
rzri guess you're thinking about the migration21:10
djszapiwell, money can migrate into my pocket.21:11
rzror out21:11
djszapihow is that possible with an empty pocket ? :D21:12
*** tom_ has quit IRC21:13
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*** ajalkane has joined #harmattan23:04
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*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan23:29
djszapisup ajalkane23:32
ajalkanehi dj23:33
ajalkaneWas it nice QtCS?23:33
djszapiyeah, and goto Tallinn on Friday morning for aKademy.23:33
ajalkaneCool. Tallinn is very nice during this time of year. Beatiful city.23:34
djszapiso not rainy like here every single day xD23:34
ajalkanehaha who knows... but the chances for non-rainy days are quite a lot bigger23:34
ajalkaneso you're hating the irish weather?23:35
djszapilol it is more like ocean'ish weather than Irish.23:35
ajalkanehaha... now you know whey they like to drink beer and hang in pubs23:36
djszapiwe have now this Volvo Ocean Race.23:37
ajalkaneVolvo racing in bottom of sea?23:38
*** jaywink has quit IRC23:41
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC23:49

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