IRC log of #harmattan for Tuesday, 2012-06-26

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HtheBdoes anyone know if I can flash my device without removing anything that is already in the device?00:42
jonniHtheB: no you cant. You can use flasher to append stuff, but only if you have R&D certificate.00:44
HtheBjust flash rootfs shouldnt that do the job?00:45
HtheBflasher-3.5 -F <FIASCO image> -u00:45
jonnithat wipes refhashlist, ie all your apps are invalidated.00:45
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jonniand if you dont have R&D cert, anyways if you flash only parts, it triggers open mode, only way to avoid it is R&D cert.00:46
HtheBalready have open mode :p00:46
jonniwell then the question is what data you want to save? if you only need to save emmc content, then its safe to flash rootfs image.00:47
HtheByes, although actually00:48
HtheBthere were some pictures within /user/private ¬_¬00:48
jonnior you can just make backup using rsync, and flash and restore.00:48
HtheBdevice doesnt turn on anymore :P00:49
HtheBstays on the Nokia logo00:49
HtheBthe damn device autoremoved everything00:49
HtheBsince I've updated to the N9 repositories00:49
HtheB(using N950)00:49
HtheBI did manually install the packages, but it still somehow autoremoved it everything00:49
HtheBit wiped litterly everything from the device, lol00:49
HtheBso ended up with an unbootable device now00:50
jonniah, so you didnt fully followed n9 tweak that removes that autoremove feature :)00:50
HtheBthe thing from yesterday00:50
HtheBshould have listened to you ¬_¬00:50
HtheBbut I did try it out last night to autoremove anything, but it didn't remove anything.. so I dont know what happened now O_o00:51
HtheBI just figured out that the harmattan flasher doesnt have the -u option?00:51
jonnias you are already openmode, you can use malf rescue wiki instructions to backup your data00:51
jonniie. mount the device in linux and tar the stuff as backup, and then reflash.00:52
jonni-u option was never the right one, you can say --flash-only=rootfs, but if you have pics in /user/private, then you 1st need to use malf instructions to backup date, before flashing rootfs, as it will nuke your private dir00:53
HtheBgot a link for me?00:53
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jonnibasicly follow untill 7, and mount the partitions that you want and backup your data. and then reflash the device00:55
HtheBill be rebooting now00:55
HtheBinto linux00:55
HtheBbrb :D00:55
HtheB(you made my day already! _00:56
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ZogG_laptopjonni: tell me more about R&D certificate?01:00
jonniunfortunately the topic in this channel limits in going into details about that.01:12
jonnimakes internal development so much easier, is the short answer.01:13
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HtheBCouldnt get it to work  :(01:14
jonniat which step you got stuck?01:15
HtheBit flashed everything right on step 201:15
HtheB(step 3)01:15
HtheBIt doesnt show any new device :/01:16
jonniand flasher command said successfull?01:16
HtheBVersion of 'sw-release': DFL61_HARMATTAN_3.2012.02-6_PR_RM680 Sending kernel image (2497 kB)... 100% (2497 of 2497 kB, avg. 3206 kB/s) Sending initfs image (1920 kB)... 100% (1920 of 1920 kB, avg. 1026 kB/s) Success01:16
jonnihmm, and linux dmesg didnt show any device appearing?01:16
jonniand hopefully you have native linux and not virtualbox.01:17
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HtheBI should try that out -_-01:17
HtheBcouldnt find my live cd01:17
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* HtheB kicks his own ass for not having linux (anymore) on his laptop01:18
HtheBok, im going to search for the cd -_-01:18
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jonniyeah that slows things down a bit, since usually that malf wiki only works on native ones, as vmware and virtualbox has troubles detecting the device mode.01:19
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jonnior your lucky if you manage to map the new usbdevice to virtual side :)01:19
HtheBfound a live cd :)01:20
HtheBtime to boot into ubuntu natively01:20
HtheBhope this one will help01:20
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ZogG_laptopjonni: you mean no nda?01:39
ZogG_laptopwe can talk #n9 =)01:40
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rzrhi thp may u have a couple of minute to help on ovi symbian ?01:58
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HtheBjonni, you still there by any chance?02:53
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ZogG_laptopgri: i didn't seen you talking here for a while03:47
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trip0why can't i ever go online with my google accounts?04:12
befordhappened to me04:14
befordhad to remove account and read04:14
trip0i'll try to remove and readd04:15
ZogG_laptopand if mail never syncs and re-add and reboots never help?04:17
trip0works after readd04:18
trip0didn't try a reboot04:19
befordI tried reboot for me04:19
beforddid not work04:19
befordtried setting the status several times, so just removing and adding them again worked.04:20
befordshouldn't be the right way04:20
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griZogG_laptop: Yep, busy times - and summer. When it's getting colder, I will be more around here :)10:16
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sledgeshello; if I wanted to enhance the Nokia's Facebook App, where do I start?13:30
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petteristart from scratch, it is closed source13:31
* sledges shoots itself in a head13:31
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koehey scratchbox users, maybe someone got this error too? "gzip: unrecognized option --rsyncable" and the "tar: cannot write: broken pipe"13:52
koeit appears everytime i try to build any packahe13:52
koeso as i understand, gzip doesn't provide this --rsyncable  option, but i cannot upgrade it or anything13:54
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sledgeshas anyone ever had any luck with writing to ?14:00
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petteri there is iso image somewhere14:59
petteri from the CD that nokia sent or something15:00
petteri maybe it was this:
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heymasterhow to convert parent.bottom to int value ? (qml) ?15:08
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heymasterI want to get my last item offset from view beginning :)15:10
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koereinstalled scratchbox and all gone well. permanent solution for any problem.17:37
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ZogG_lap1opgri: missed you, my app in ovi and apps4meego =P18:16
chem|stanyone up for porting columbus to harmattan? IIRC its qt4 already18:23
chem|stor help with qml for fuelpad?18:23
djszapi|stufffor free ?18:24
chem|stfor the sake of harmattan?18:24
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ZogG_lap1opchem|st: i might look into fuelpad, but i'm noobie, give me sources and screenshots18:25
chem|stcolumbus navigation toolkit is exporting GPS to various streams18:25
djszapi|stuffwell, I do not have time for free.18:25
ZogG_lap1opchem|st: but i'm noobie and it might take time18:25
ZogG_lap1opchem|st: gpl ?18:25
chem|stZogG_lap1op: for fuelpad you need to talk to the devel as the harmattan one is a total rewrite18:25
chem|sthe asked for help18:26
ZogG_lap1opchem|st: and rewrit is bad? or it need rewrite18:26
chem|stno idea he needs help with qml18:26
ZogG_lap1opchem|st: who is it? tell him to put it in harmattan repo on github18:26
chem|sthe said lmc if I find you the tmo link18:26
ZogG_lap1opchem|st: TMO right now is bad idea18:27
chem|st~seen alterego18:27
infobotalterego is currently on #harmattan. Has said a total of 3 messages. Is idling for 2d 5h 36m 45s, last said: 'If I had millions I'd do it ..'.18:27
ZogG_lap1opchem|st: he left you an answer =)18:27
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chem|stI see18:28
ZogG_lap1opchem|st: but harmattan repo on github is good idea as it also may interest more people there18:28
djszapi|stuffit depends on a lot on the project18:28
djszapi|stufffor kde projects, github is a total no go.18:29
chem|stZogG_lap1op: was on another topic18:29
djszapi|stuffdepends a lot*18:29
chem|stalterego: you could promote columbus to extras18:29
ZogG_lap1opdjszapi|stuff: i think the gitorious part for harmattan is more for more exp and those who has less time18:29
chem|stalterego: I'd like to see it in harmattan as well, what is left needed for it?18:29
ZogG_lap1opcolombus had a very nice UI18:30
djszapi|stuffZogG_lap1op: well, github and gitorious suck in general.18:30
chem|stZogG_lap1op: has, and is a missing essential in terms of plugins in harmattan18:30
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ZogG_lap1opchem|st: i didn't get the plugins you talk about18:39
ZogG_lap1opor we are thinking about different plugins18:39
ZogG_lap1opis he talking about UI one for qml?18:39
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chem|stZogG_lap1op: not sharing, it is export of gps to telnet and stuff19:57
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ZogG_lap1opi just know how to transport info from Qt by emiting signls and recieve data in qml. i think there is also qml component for gps19:59
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AlphaX2Hi people21:41
AlphaX2A little question: how can I check if N9 is in 2G or 3G Mode?21:42
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jonnilook the icon on the top bar? :)21:49
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AlphaX2jonni: ahhahahah okay thats right, but I mean with Qt21:54
AlphaX2so how can I ask it with my code21:54
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AlphaX2QtMobility will not help because there you can check which connection is online, Wlan or Data but not the exact one21:55
jonniAlphaX2: ah, you can use QSystemNetworkInfo to check it.21:57
AlphaX2It's exactly what I tried...21:57
AlphaX22G is GSM ?21:58
AlphaX2and 3G WCdma21:58
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AlphaX2Okay got it22:00
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AlphaX2was trying in the moment I ask22:00
AlphaX22G is Gsm, 3G is Wcdma if anyone needs this feature also! ;)22:00
AlphaX2thanks jonni22:00
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leszekwhere to get the qmlviewer package for the n9 ?22:12
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jonnileszek: you can just use qt sdk and make helloworld app, it will generate you the viewer.22:36
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leszekjonni: thx22:46
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leszekjonni: its not working23:01
leszekit only creates a qmlviewer.o file23:01
f15hhello, I wrote my first Harmattan application for my N9: searching the schedule of the West-Swedish VastTrafik public transport system23:01
f15hanyone interested in having a look at it and giving me some comments/feedback?23:02
*** e-yes has joined #harmattan23:02
*** stroughtonsmith has quit IRC23:02
ZogG_lap1optrx: is paid app and one in apps4meego same version?23:02
*** tom___ has quit IRC23:05
*** elldekaa has joined #harmattan23:07
*** leszek has quit IRC23:09
*** hardaker has quit IRC23:09
*** leszek has joined #harmattan23:10
*** piggz has joined #harmattan23:11
leszeklol kde crashed the xserver xD. So no qmlviewer for harmattan then ? So I am supposed to create a new qtcreator project & compile it everytime I want to test out a qml file on the device (n9) ?23:12
*** jaywink has joined #harmattan23:12
*** Milhouse has joined #harmattan23:12
petteri not that hard actually23:12
leszekthat's ridiculous23:13
petteri you could also probably just edit the qml files at device23:13
petteri they will be in /opt/project_name/qml/23:13
petteri but at least for me it just easier deploy from the qtcreator23:14
ZogG_lap1opi deploy too23:15
leszeksry I don't get it23:15
petteri what part?23:16
leszekI just compiled my qml file now I have a binary in a folder23:16
ZogG_lap1opleszek: you can as well ssh and edit aml on phone from computer23:16
leszekwhen I copy that to my n9 how can I execute it ? ./demo just does say no permission no matter if I have +x set23:16
petterileszek: you need to deploy it from the qmlcreator, it will create .deb package and install it to the device23:17
petteri then you can edit the files if you wish23:17
ZogG_lap1opleszek: do you use qtcreator?23:18
leszekZogG_lap1op: yes23:18
leszekpetteri: no way. Then I also need to connect my n9 to my pc for this xD23:19
petteri heheh, there is the easy way and then there is the...23:20
*** jaywink has quit IRC23:20
leszekdamn, much more complicated then on the n900 xD23:21
ZogG_lap1opleszek: do you have wifi?23:23
ZogG_lap1opleszek: you can use incption but it way not kosher way23:23
*** denism has quit IRC23:23
ZogG_lap1opleszek: i deploy over wifi23:23
ZogG_lap1opleszek: i'm glad to explain you if you make screenshots of your movies and write howto =)))23:24
ZogG_lap1oplet's help each other23:24
leszekZogG_lap1op: hmm...23:24
leszekI think I will just write a short little python script xD. that is a lot easier and faster xD23:25
ZogG_lap1opleszek: i'll tell you every step you do it and write down with screenshot =)23:25
ZogG_lap1opleszek: once you config it would deploy any project in qt in matter of seconds and start app on n9 automagicaly and make deb file you can share with anyone =)23:25
ZogG_lap1opleszek: Tools-> options-> linux device -> add -> fremantle/harmattan/meego-> enter ip. than on device enable developer mode, it would install sdk in sdk -> wlan — chek ip and password, than enter it in qtcreator and press deploy keys =)23:28
leszekZogG_lap1op: yeah but this is not my point. I just want to test a simple qml file on a differnet resolution and I don't want a ready to ship application23:28
leszekbtw. the is already finished :)23:30
leszekbut thanks for your help anyway23:30
*** arcean has joined #harmattan23:32
*** arcean_ has quit IRC23:33
leszekmight also be useful is someone else is asking for qmlviewer on n9, here is the script:
*** lmoura has joined #harmattan23:34
*** jaywink has joined #harmattan23:36
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*** mschlens has joined #harmattan23:38
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan23:40
trxZogG_lap1op yes23:41
ZogG_lap1optrx: good idea23:42
ZogG_lap1optrx: btw i didn't find the way to hide keyboard23:42
ZogG_lap1opand i would review things i paid attention to23:42
trxits "paid" in store as thats my only way of creating donation system23:42
ZogG_lap1optrx: i'm thinking the same way, but my app is not ready to be paid yet =\23:43
trxyou hide it by clicking again on the "pen" button and taping on the editor23:43
trxor just swipe down the keyborad23:44
trxalso people seem to forget about the proximity sensor23:44
trxwhich activates the selection mode23:44
trxZogG_lap1op what are you coding?23:47
ZogG_lap1optrx: nothing serious — imgrup and thinking to make tumblr app, i even had half working with open authorization23:48
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan23:49
*** Venemo_N9 has joined #harmattan23:49
piggzVenemo_N9: lo...did you get sorted with an mfe account?23:49
Venemo_N9piggz, I decided not to care about hotmail23:50
Venemo_N9I'm now using hotmail with pop3 (it doesn't support imap...)23:51
Venemo_N9and I'm syncing my contacts to my nokia account23:51
Venemo_N9for the time being, this's okay :)23:52
piggzpop3, quaint23:52
Venemo_N9it's crap anyway23:52
*** etrunko has quit IRC23:53
*** zanoni has quit IRC23:57

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